SimTelnet Win 3.1 Program Directories

00_info     Simtel.Net Win3 collection docs and indexes
bible       Bible-Related and Religious Programs
business    Business-related Programs
cad         Computer-Aided Design Programs
calc        Calculators
calend      Calendars
chem        Chemistry Programs
clocks      Clocks and Time-related Utilities
compnote    CompuNotes E-zine
compress    File Compression Utilities
database    Database Programs
delphi      Delphi-Related Files
deskenh     Desktop Enhancements and Replacements
desktop     Programs for the Win3 Desktop
diskutl     Disk Utilities
dll         Dynamic Link Libraries for Windows
editor      Editors/Word Processors
edu         Educational Programs and Utilities
elec        Electronics
email       E-mail Programs and Utilities
encode      Encoding / Decoding Programs
engin       Engineering
fax         Fax Programs
fileutl     File Utilities
finance     Finance Programs
font        Fonts and Font Utilities
food        Programs about Food
forms       Form Generators and Forms Entry Programs
fortune     Fortune telling - Astrology, Biorhythms, etc.
genealgy    Genealogy Programs
gis         Geographic Information Systems
graphics    Graphics Programs and Utilities
ham         Ham Radio Programs
health      Health, Fitness, and Medical
hobby       Hobbies
homeent     Home and Home Entertainment
html        HTML Tools
icon        Icon Editors and Managers
imaging     Document Imaging Programs
inet        Programs for Using the Internet
info        General Information
install     Installation/Uninstall Programs
lang        Language-Related Programs
math        Math-related Programs
mmedia      Multimedia Programs
music       Music Programs
network     Network Utilities
neural      Neural Network Programs
news        Usenet News Programs
novell      Novell Netware Utilities
pim         Personal Information Managers
print       Printer and Printing-related Utilities
prog        Programming Utilities
proj        Project Management Programs
religion    Religion Programs
sched       Scheduling Programs
science     Science-related Programs
scrsave     Screen Savers and Wallpaper
security    Security Programs
sound       Sound and Audio Programs
sports      Sports Programs
ssheet      Spreadsheet Utilities
telecomm    Telecommunications Programs and Utilities
torah       Torah-Related Programs
txtutl      Text Utilities
util        Miscellaneous Utilities
virus       Virus Checking / Removing Programs
visbasic    Visual Basic Programming Language
webbrows    Web Page / Browser Utilities
winhelp     Programs for Working with Windows Help
winsock     Winsock Programs
winword     Utilities for Word for Windows
wpwin       Utilities for Word Perfect for Windows
x10         X10 Control Programs

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