SimTelnet MS-DOS Program Directories

00_info     Simtel.Net MS-DOS documentation, indexes
00_start    Essential info and utilities for beginners
4dos        4DOS shell - replacement for COMMAND.COM
ada         Ada programming language
ai          Artificial Intelligence programs
animate     Animation programs
apl         The APL mathematics programming language
arcers      Archiving and compressing programs
arcutils    Utilities for using archives
asm_mag     The Assembly Language 'magazine'
asmutl      Assembly language utilities
astronmy    Astronomical programs
autocad     Programs for Auto-CAD
basic       BASIC programming language
batchutl    Batch utilities
bbs         BBS systems and support programs
bbsdoors    BBS 'door' interfaces
bbslists    BBS lists
bible       Bible and searching tools
binaryed    Binary file editors
biology     Biology programs
bootutil    Controlling the booting process
borland     Borland product support
business    Business-related Programs
c           C programming language
cad         Computer Aided Design
calculte    Calculators for math, finance, etc.
catalog     Disk catalog utilities
cdrom       CD-ROM utilities
chemstry    Chemistry programs
clipper     Clipper programming language
clocks      Computer time utilities
commprog    Terminal and file transfer programs
compress    Compression utilities
cpluspls    C++ programming language
crossasm    Cross-Assemblers
database    Databases and programs to create them
dayo        DAYO business and accounting software
decode      Encode/decode binary files to/from text
deskaces    Handy Desk-Top utilities and programs
deskpub     Desktop publishing
desqview    DESQview utilities and programs
dirutl      Directory utilities
disasm      Disassemblers: Convert executables to ASM
diskutil    Disk utilities
dv_x        Programs and utilities for DESQview-X
editor      Text editors
educate     Programs for education
eel         Epsilon editor EEL extensions
electrcl    Electrical engineering programs
emulate     Emulators
engin       Engineering Programs
envutil     Manipulating environment variables
execomp     Compress EXE and COM files to save disk space
fileutil    File management and conversion utils
finance     Financial software
flowchrt    Flowchart Generators
foods       Food recipes
forms       Form Generators and Forms Entry Programs
forth       Forth programming language
fortran     FORTRAN programming language
fossil      FOSSIL drivers and utilities
freemacs    Emacs-like editor (small)
genealgy    Genealogy programs
geogrphy    Geography programs
geology     Geology programs
gif         Programs to make/view/print/convert GIF files
graph       Graphing programs
graphics    Graphics programs
hamradio    Ham Radio programs and information
handicap    Programs for the handicapped
health      Health, Fitness, and Medical
html        HTML Tools
hypertxt    Hyper-Text files and programs
imail       IMAIL FidoNet echomail processor
info        Information and documentation files
install     Program installation utilities
internet    Programs and utils for use on the Internet
io_utils    I/O Utilities
irit        Polygonal solid modeler & C++ source
keyboard    Keyboard utilities
lan         Programs for use on Local Area Networks
langtutr    Tutorials on foreign languages
laser       Laser printer utilities and fonts
legal       Law-related programs
lingstcs    Linguistics
literatr    Teach/learn literature
mailnews    E-mail and Usenet News programs
mapping     Map programs
math        Mathematics programs
mcintosh    Convert Macintosh files to DOS format
memutil     Computer memory info and management utils
menu        Creating and using menus
microsft    Microsoft product support
misclang    Misc. program languages
mmedia      Multimedia Programs
mormon      The Book of Mormon
mouse       Utilities for the mouse
music       Programs for writing and playing music
muslum      The Holy Book of Muslum
naplps      NAPLPS drawing program
ncsatlnt    NCSA Telnet TCP/IP package
nettamer    Net-Tamer DOS PPP dial up access program
network     Utilities for computer networks
neurlnet    Neural Networks
nfs         Network File System utilities
notabene    Notabene word processor utils
novell      Novell LAN utilities
packet      Programs for Packet Radio
pascal      Pascal programming language
pcboard     PC Board BBS software
pcmag       'PC Magazine' listings and utilities
pctech      'PC Tech Journal' listings and utilities
perl        Perl programming language
pgmtips     Programming Tips & Tricks Magazine
pgmutl      Programming utilities
pktdrvr     TCP/IP/IPX/ODI packet drivers
plot        Programs for plotters
postscrp    PostScript view/print utilities
printer     Printer utilities
progjorn    Programmers Journal
projmgmt    Project Management programs
qbasic      Quick BASIC and QBasic programming language
qmodem      Qmodem comm program & utilities
qtrdeck     Quarterdeck utilities and technical notes
ramdisk     Memory resident disks
rbbs        RBBS-PC BBS and support utilities
recreatn    Recreation and passtime-related programs
satelite    Communication satellite programs and listings
schedule    Schedule automatic program runs (like cron)
science     Miscellaneous science related material
screen      Video screen utilities
security    Improve computer security
semware     SemWare editors, utilities and support files
simulatn    Simulation programs
sound       Computer sound programs
sports      Sports programs
spredsht    Spreadsheet programs
statstcs    Statistics programs
surfmodl    Surface modeling programs
swap        Free working memory by swaping to high mem
sysinfo     Computer system information display programs
sysutl      System utilities
tcpip       TCP/IP programs (ka9q, etc.)
teaching    Programs to assist teachers
telegard    Telegard BBS program & utilities
telix       Telix communications program
termnate    Terminate Terminal/Communications program
tex         TeX type setting program
tiff        TIFF graphics format programs and information
torah       Torah-related programs
travel      Travel planning and information
tsrutil     Terminate and stay resident utilities
turbo_c     Borland Turbo C programming language
turbobas    Borland's Turbo Basic programming language
turbopas    Borland Turbo Pascal programming language
turbovis    Turbo Vision programming language
txtutl      Text utilities
ubasic      UBASIC: Ultra high-precision BASIC for math
uemacs      MicroEmacs text editor
uucp        Unix to Unix Copy for MS-DOS
vga         VGA monitor utilities
virus       Virus detection and removal programs
visbasic    Visual Basic programming language
viscii      Vietnamese character programs
waffle      Waffle bulletin board system
weather     Weather forecasting
wordperf    WordPerfect word processing
worldmap    A digitized map of the world
wwiv        WWIV BBS
x_10        X-10 Powerhouse computer programs
xwindows    X Windows Server and Support Programs
zmodem      Zmodem file transfer protocol

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