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Workshop 2015: "Photon and fast Ion induced Processes in Atoms, MOlecules and Nanostructures” (PIPAMON), Hotel Aquaticum, Debrecen, 24-26 March, 2015

General Information

Organized by the Institute for Nuclear Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA ATOMKI) and the Extreme Light Infrastructure - Attosecond Light Pulse Source (ELI-ALPS), the Workshop will focus on the fundamental photon and fast ion induced processes taking place in free atoms, molecules and solid nanostructures, as well as on related novel applications.

The aim of the Workshop is to bring together outstanding experts of various fields with similar physical backgrounds, however, usually discussed in separated scientific forums.


Among the scientific topics of the Workshop are photoionization induced by attosecond light pulses, Free Electron Lasers and hard X-rays, observation of photoemission using electron spectroscopy with high energy, angular and temporal resolution, coherence and electronic correlation in photon and fast charged particle induced processes, collective excitations by photons and charged particles in nanostructured solids, as well as acceleration of charged particles using lasers.

The better understanding of these phenomena, processes and possibilities for their applications has a crucial significance for today's science and cutting edge technology. In addition, this Workshop intends to contribute to the preparation for novel experiments at the new Extreme Light Infrastructure - Attosecond Light Pulse Source (ELI-ALPS) under development in Szeged, Hungary.



Attendance of the Workshop will include the Keynote and Invited Speakers invited from the best experts-in-the-field. In addition, the scientific program is planned to contain brief oral and poster presentations related to the different topics covered by the Workshop.

The presentations will be followed by extended discussions. The workshop language will be English. No translation facilities will be provided.

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