Directory of programr/vbasic/vblib     10/04/03    32K Transparent/Colored Scroll Bar ActivX Control
ASRectColorButton. 10/04/03    17K Color Button ActiveX Control
ColoPick.exe      08/26/04  2.44M Ideal for Picking true color ActiveX Control.
ComboPro.exe      08/26/04  6.07M Pick picture,color,font,pattern line,pattern.
CryptoTextTrial.zi 05/06/04   750K Encryption component for PocketPC and desktop
NTierSlamTrialVers 05/25/03  1.25M VB6 TCP/IP N-Tier application server library
RoboPrn6.exe      03/27/03   316K Roboprint Automatic Prints and Reports in VB.
RsizeVB6.exe      03/27/03   377K Adapts sizes to the user screen resolution.
SQLCoder.exe      02/20/03  5.15M Code generation tool for MS SQL Server
Server4312.exe    04/21/03  4.46M Manage your Internet cafe's needs / Administra su cybercafe
autoerror_setup.ex 04/24/03  4.62M Complete VB Error handling solution     02/04/03   378K Your own Windows Explorer menu with icon...
gpsdemo_setup.exe 03/20/03   305K Decode NMEA-0183 GPS receiver navigation data         03/20/03   325K An ActiveX DLL that allows secure, real-time payment processing.
mailbee.exe       08/20/04   753K COM for creating, sending and queuing email
mtsetup.exe       08/17/04   750K Control to show hierarchical info- graph tree
mxsetup.exe       08/17/04   745K Control to show hierarchical info- graph tree      09/28/03   396K ActiveX DLL - print preview RichTextBox
skfree.exe        11/29/03  1.10M vbSkinner is an ActiveX to skin VB6 forms
skpro.exe         11/12/03  2.43M vbSkinner Pro is an ActiveX to skin VB6 forms
smsdemo_setup.exe 03/20/03   300K Send/Receive SMS (serial port) Siemens, Nokia         07/10/03  1.58M Add Zip Code Lookup Functionality To Your App

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