Directory of programr/vbasic       07/12/04  1.84M The fastest VB form resizer control    07/12/04  1.84M An intelligent VB form resizer control 01/11/04  6.15M Schedule Automatic Access Database Compact
AheadStudioSuite12 05/27/04  3.34M 20+ benefit controls and function/object library (ActiveX OCX)
AviProcessorTrial. 05/14/03  1.56M ActiveX component for working with AVI files
CTMessengerLite.ex 09/29/03  5.42M Easy to use TAPI ActiveX - telephony, paging and SMS!  10/17/03   280K Add your clickable icons to window title bar
CheckBoxEx115.exe 07/08/04  2.93M You may be tired of all this XP CheckBox's.
ClearImageSDK.exe 10/04/03  2.69M Develop fast Barcode Recognition Applications
ColorDialogTrial.z 05/14/03  1.42M Build powerful color selector into your app.   03/14/04   390K Pick RGB colors from any place of the screen
CompInsp_1_1_10_3. 01/16/03   284K Inspect any ActiveX/COM type lib or class.
DF_ProtectionKit.m 09/03/04  2.15M Protect your software against piracy
DT_Codepage_Conver 10/23/03    14K DT Codepage Convertor Program (1256 <-> UTF8)
DT_Javascript_Menu 10/28/03    24K DT Javascript Menu Builder Program
DT_Phone_Book_Ver_ 10/29/03    41K DT Phone Book 1.0.7, With VB6 Source Code!
Demo_Instant_CShar 06/09/04   135K Easily Convert VB.NET to C#      06/29/03  1.48M Frames separated by a splitter bar.      06/29/03  1.44M Spy's on keyboard and mouse activity.
EdelwiseVBf.exe   03/05/04  2.05M Visual Basic inter process communication        10/23/03  1.44M history eraser , popup killer , spyware checker
FileConservator165 04/11/04  4.35M Encrypt-Decrypt any file format easier and faster than ever.
FlashChartTrial.zi 05/14/03  2.95M Amazing ASP.NET component for creating charts 11/24/03  5.26M A set of powerful imaging ActiveX components
GraphicsProcessorT 04/01/03  3.92M Powerfull imaging ActiveX component 05/14/03   673K ActiveX control for uploading images from IE    07/01/03   255K A Pop3 control with decryption and TTS  07/01/03   749K A surveillance control w/motion    07/01/03   278K A SMTP control with encryption/compression 07/01/03   232K An OCXto support SysTray icons and events
KeyMakerPRO215.exe 08/18/04  2.45M Create a trial,shareware,... application with this ActiveX. 07/07/04  2.35M This OCX simulates a real LCD / LED Display. 03/28/03    11K Adding multiline balloon tooltips to ListView column headers
MediaProcessorTria 05/14/03   617K Grab thumbnails from misc video/image formats
MobileSecretCodeX_ 05/27/03  2.83M View Secret Code For Any Mobile Model
NET_BarGraph_Compo 07/14/04   500K Bar Graph Instrumentation .NET Component
NET_OPC_Client_Com 09/06/04   700K .NET OPC Client Instrumentation Component
Nebula1.26.1000.0. 01/23/03   158K Feature-rich control library written in
PhotoV80.ZIP      07/30/04 15.28M Create album to manager your photos, movies MP3, and other media      12/10/03  1.96M Reports on VBasic Publics which are Private
ProgressBarEx115.e 07/04/04  3.05M Emulate the Windows Xp Progress Bar Control With Color Customize. 09/02/03    18K PvatINFO (Print Variable Any Type Info) ActiveX DLL
RobosizeV5.exe    03/27/03   286K Adapts sizes to the user screen resolution.
Rprint5.exe       03/27/03   271K Roboprint Automatic Prints and Reports in VB.      04/14/04   586K #Calculation -Powerful Calculation Engine.      01/02/04  1.96M Easily print reports and text files in VB.
Setup.exe         08/26/03 38.74M Help Magician is the complete stand-alone Help Authoring Tool         02/10/03  1.87M A properties browser on steroids  04/26/03  1.44M Generating vb code for msgbox 06/14/03    80K Truly Skinnable Buttons and Applications
SotDoc_beta_200310 10/16/03   176K Tool for personal KNOWLEDGE FORMALIZATION with example.       03/14/04  2.17M 'Build SWF Screen Saver' feature for your app
StudyPlanner1_0.ex 07/06/03 10.07M StudyPlanner enables students to study efficiently.     10/09/03   748K A small in-place edit listview control.       01/11/04    27K Protect Your software against piracy and unauthorized usage       02/12/04  2.00M TurboVB V3.1 is an add-in tool for VB6.   02/12/04  1.74M TurboVBLite V3.1 is a freeware tool for MS VB 6
TurboVBMiniApps.zi 02/12/04   270K A set of 4 useful code tools.   06/20/03    36K VB6/VB5 add-in matches parentheses, doublequotes and VB keywords.
VisualASP501.exe  12/05/03  1.59M VisualASP Component Pack v5.1 Classic ASP
VisualASP_NET2002. 12/05/03   576K VisualASP Component Pack .NET 2002
VisualASP_NET2003. 12/05/03   580K VisualASP Component Pack .NET 2003
VisualButtonEx115. 04/11/04  3.06M It's the ideal button any developer, WinXp,OfficeXp,... style.
VisualMenuEx116.ex 08/09/04  2.26M MenuBar with 20 benefit Skin (WinXP,Office2003,XP,2000,...)
WebSchedule102.exe 12/05/03  1.46M VisualASP WebSchedule v1.2 Classic ASP
WebSchedule_NET200 12/05/03   459K VisualASP WebSchedule .NET 2002
WebSchedule_NET200 12/05/03   468K VisualASP WebSchedule .NET 2003      03/27/03  3.49M Fast, powerful Find and Replace tool for VB
aupdate.exe       08/21/04   477K Add Online Update feature for your software.
autoerror_setup.ex 04/23/03  4.53M Complete VB Error handling solution
bAtTM.exe         10/10/03  1.22M Much more than a database grid!        06/18/03  1.35M The easiest way to check and manage your emails before you downlo  02/11/04  1.89M Meters, scales, dials, other .NET components.
dba.exe           04/21/04    36K Digital Bug Analyzer 406 version detect and kill DVCRAU soft  02/07/03 27.38M Convert VB 6.0
errorguy.exe      10/10/03    73K No more error mines! Make VB error handling
excelocx.exe      06/16/03   585K ActiveX control for VB and MS Excel.      06/03/04   268K FTP library component for Visual Basic programmers     08/23/04  3.45M Flowcharting and diagramming ActiveX control.      06/24/04  2.28M A flexible and easy to use grid control.       08/24/04   953K Converts HTML to PDF using PDF Creator Pilot
imagethumbnaildemo 06/08/04  1.91M Image Thumbnail CP ActiveX Control        11/28/03   196K Create MS Agent scripts for you website.        06/24/04   379K Handle menus in Visual Basic projects.      02/08/03   289K GPS library component for VB programmers
printforminstaller 07/06/04   751K Add powerful Form printing to your .NET app.       08/31/03  4.33M Visual Basic source code analyzer 02/29/04   604K Packet Sniffer SDK for Windows ActiveX
psssc101.exe      09/08/03   322K A debug safe subclass control for VB apps.
pssst101.exe      09/08/03   324K A simple to use System Tray Icon control
pssuc101.exe      09/08/03   307K Let your app check online for new versions.            01/09/04  1.15M Tool for handling tasks of a VB project
quran30.exe       08/19/04  9.48M Advanced Al-Quran for Muslim      08/14/04   369K ActiveX OCX to compress files      03/13/04   364K ActiveX to compress files in the Bzip2 format      08/14/04   359K ActiveX OCX to extract audio from cds       12/17/03   339K ActiveX to computeAdler32 , CRC32 , MD5      03/13/04   363K ActiveX OCX to encrypt files with AES and RC4      03/13/04   605K ActiveX to convert wav to MP3 and OGG Vorbis      03/13/04   453K ActiveX OCX to play or decode MP3 files      08/14/04    57K .Net library to encrypt files with AES 256      08/14/04    66K .Net library to compress gzip files      03/13/04   394K ActiveX OCX to play OGG Vorbis media files      08/14/04   369K OCX to transfer files using the parallel port      03/13/04   361K ActiveX to compress files in the gzip format
rssxpevl2-67-0_uv_ 05/15/03  1.98M ActiveX expression evaluation component.      03/13/04   375K ActiveX OCX to list and extract tar files      03/13/04   521K ActiveX to zip , unzip , and list zip files      11/27/03   333K SCML 3D FRAME OCX      12/14/03   392K VB6 DLL- Print and preview DBGRID controls      12/06/03   399K VB6 DLL- Print and preview MSFlexGrid       10/07/03   597K Complete mail merge solution.
simplechart2_0.msi 07/07/03  1.44M Easy To Use ActiveX Charting Components         11/03/03   183K Multilingual VB6 Setup program with skin      01/14/03   130K SoftLock is a encrypt ActiveX DLL control      07/24/03  3.13M High-Level Reporting Control for VB6 TanDB    08/28/03  1.70M ActiveX controls for Unicode development in Visual Basic.
updatenow.exe     12/24/03   452K Add Online Update feature for your software.
videoocxe.exe     12/05/03  1.51M VideoOCX - Easy integration of live video.     03/07/04   275K ActiveX control for work with Twain devices.
wmvprofiledemosetu 08/13/04  4.76M Create WMV Profile in run time.      08/18/04   384K VB serial communication component library.  03/13/03   135K Enumerates files/folders in subfolders using filter criteria
xlew_asp_latest.ex 11/16/03  1.45M Good-looking calculating ASP-page from Excel
xstandard.exe     02/05/04  4.31M WYSIWYG editor generates clean XHTML 1.1 with no deprecated tags.

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