Directory of txtutil

32exam.exe        07/25/04   629K A fast and versatile text search utility     05/20/03    50K Text editor with NTFS streams support     09/09/03   142K Text editor for programmers
AllInOne.exe      04/23/04   594K News pages without CGI, scripts or database
AquaSetup.exe     07/01/04  1.43M Capture text from anywhere on the screen 07/27/04   751K BitCrypt Free hides text inside an image.        01/02/04   518K Coastal Clips is a clipboard text caching program.     07/13/03   492K Character Clips is a static character pasteing program.
FileTreePrinter.ex 06/21/04   418K Display, print directory or CD/DVD listings.
GetReuse.exe      03/15/04  1.88M GetReuse identifies reused text.
InstallFreeSpell.e 02/22/04  2.72M Universal Spell Checker for all applications
LowerCaseSwitcher. 08/06/04   449K Switch between lower case and upper case
MagicEditor.exe   04/06/04  4.01M Editor for text, rtf and xls files        01/02/04   516K Perpetual Clips is a static text pasteing program.        07/14/03   586K PointCrypt is used to quickly encrypt and decrypt email messages     09/07/04  3.42M Unicode text editor with syntax highlighting, strong encryption..
RM_editor_de_texto 02/28/04   283K Small program to create and to edit texts...
Reader.exe        03/14/03  1.48M ICE Book Reader Professional is an ultimate e-book reader     06/16/04  6.76M ReadThis Is A Text Reader With Load Of Features     08/29/04   686K Several text manipulation tools with an easy to use interface.
SetupEditPadLite.e 09/09/03   974K Convenient basic text editor
SetupEditPadProDem 09/14/03  1.75M Convenient, powerful and flexible text editor
Sm.exe            09/03/03   107K Powerful Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 DOS batch plain text encrypter        03/14/03    21K Small Text Editor written in Assembly
SnaptureSetup.exe 07/11/03  2.13M Capture information from your computer to your Palm with one keys
TEXT2EXE.ZIP      03/01/04   258K Convert plain text or RTF document into tiny standalone .exe Win
TextSpotlightTrial 07/12/03   451K Highlight all search terms and search faster
WebNotepadSetup.ex 09/10/04   941K Web Notepad is a web editor for real HTML coders.
WinPTE.EXE        04/16/04 19.59M Fully customizable programmer's editor w/ VBA
Writer.exe        12/01/03    65K Computer generated words, sentences - like in natural languages!  07/15/03  3.39M XMLwriter is a powerful award-winning XML editor for Windows.      04/23/04  1.53M super-fast structured text search utility
aks3200.exe       02/10/04  1.51M Easy store and insert text into any program.
angelwriter.exe   03/30/04  1.23M Angel Writer is a light popular text editor.
anote95.exe       02/28/04   751K Another Notepad - What Notepad should be!       04/18/03   572K Decrypt password-protected Word/Excel 97/2000 files, guaranteed
arch3000.exe      07/18/04  1.93M Full-featured documents and e-mail searcher
asuread-setup.exe 08/15/04  4.76M Quick one-click dictionary for online reading
boxertexteditor.ex 08/13/03  2.68M Powerful, versatile text editor for Windows            03/17/04   739K Make your text operations easier
cdd3setup.exe     03/10/04   469K Log/backup clipboard; convert to plain text.     08/05/04   712K Adjustable check writing and envelope printing program    04/19/03  4.77M Build right-click menu from XML file to paste text into any app
clk2pdf.exe       07/11/03  3.91M Turn any files into virus-free, portable, non-editable PDFs        04/24/04   611K Columnizer is a program for working with column and row data.
cutehtmlpro.exe   12/12/03 10.19M Create, manage, and validate your website with this editor.
ddfcat10.exe      04/27/03  1.18M Drag and drop files and turn them into text
de487.exe         11/16/03  4.14M Organize all documents as you want!
de49.exe          03/06/04  4.72M Organize all documents as you want!       05/09/04  1.02M HTML to text converter and tag markup remover
diff_ext-1_3.exe  05/02/04   415K Windows explorer context menu extension
dk-setup.exe      09/07/04   221K Stores and manages your collection of notes.
docuquest.exe     09/15/03  2.11M DocuQuest Personal Search Utility.
ec_setup.exe      11/19/03  2.08M Email Cleanser restores messages effortlessly            12/15/03  2.16M Syntax highlighting text editor and ActiveX   04/17/03   163K Adds drop-down lists with history to all edit fields
ep2setup.exe      09/18/03  1.02M EditPlus Text and HTML Editor for Windows    03/19/03  1.17M An intuitive ASCII tablature editor
examxml.exe       12/01/03   405K Visual tool for comparison XML files          07/13/04  1.09M Monitor for Caps Lock, Num Lock and Insert key
fisetup.exe       08/25/04   588K Accelerate typing speed, avoid spelling error   11/04/03   112K Leave very tiny notes in folders/desktop
fpubeval.exe      11/21/03  9.02M Authoring Tool For Digital Publication
getdiz30.exe      03/21/04   453K text viewer designed for diz and nfo file
getpdf.exe        09/05/04  1.20M Convert anything printable to Adobe PDF files
gm_v1_install.exe 06/23/03   243K Glossary Manager is a fully featured Glossary creation, managemen
go2pdf.exe        11/02/03   261K Instantly convert any document into PDF      03/11/04  1.29M Highlighting more than 45 formats of files! (HTML, Perl, PHP...)           06/06/04   504K Revolutionary autosaving mini text editor.
hpad5pro.exe      07/09/04  3.20M Quick, convenient, powerful HTML, CSS editor.     02/07/03   445K Convert HTML files into good-looking RTF 03/22/04   478K Lightning transformation HTML in RTF files.
install.exe       06/19/03  1.32M FontKiller will give you control to copy and paste raw text           08/30/04  1.20M Plain text editor and notepad clone
m9PEditor.exe     08/16/04   432K m9P Editor is a text editor
magictranslator.ex 11/27/03  1.30M Online translate anything up to 11 languages
mlestp_s.exe      08/07/04  2.05M Professional multi-language editor, GBK/Big5 transfer,sticky note
mlpstp_n.exe      04/24/04  1.21M Professional multi-language editor, GBK/Big5 transfer,sticky note           10/09/03  1.94M HTML/ASP/CSS/JS/TXT editor
nm_CutReplace.exe 10/01/03   455K Tool for processing very large text files.
notecentral.exe   10/01/03   379K 1 click document copy       01/05/04   189K Very comfortable text editor  11/04/03   116K A tiny, simple note organizer.        06/08/03    45K PADPDF is a TXT2PDF maker with an easy to use
pdf2txt_setup.exe 08/28/03   551K PDF2TXT software can convert pdf to txt file.
pdf4free.exe      01/16/04  1.36M Free PDF creator, PDF writer and PDF converter for Windows NT4/20
pdfff200.exe      06/04/04  1.02M Fill in PDF forms without Adobe Acrobat       09/06/04  1.41M Convert files to PDF and send them by email
pdfr101.exe       02/10/04   910K Extract image, text, chart, formula from PDF.         04/03/03   200K View and extract all text information from PDF documents.
pgrep23.exe       06/16/04  2.18M Regular expression search and replace tool
phraseexpress.exe 12/16/03  1.03M Instant access to all your often used phrases
pse2_1.exe        01/19/04   755K A customizable text editor with a multiple document interface.     12/14/03   610K Richview: Embedded RTF data viewer
rpdcss5.exe       07/09/04  3.13M Quick, convenient and powerful CSS editor.         07/14/04   996K Search and replace utility for text and html
search_replace_358 11/07/03  1.30M Locate all occurrences of a specific text string and replace it
searchgunsetup.exe 09/30/03  1.81M SearchGun is a full-text search utility
setup_addc_v1_0.ex 08/06/04   554K Reduce the size of your documents
sknnts.exe        01/24/03  1.19M SkinNotes is easy and fast text editor and no
sleuth.exe        04/03/04  1.85M Document search Tool
spike_installer.ex 09/16/03   592K Spike is a text based management tool
textpipeweb-ws.exe 08/03/04  3.94M Search and replace web sites FAST!
trayword_setup.exe 02/16/03  6.68M Spell checking, a dictionary       05/19/04   686K Convert text files to PDF on the fly!
txt2pdf11.exe     08/05/03   671K Convert plain text file to PDF file.
txt2pdf73.exe     04/26/04  1.03M text files to PDF format files converter
txttopdf.exe      12/23/03   616K convert ASCII texts into PDF
typsetup.exe      10/24/03   335K Learns and suggests text continuations.
virtualpdfprinter. 09/29/03  1.38M Convert anything printable to PDF document
webPADsetup.exe   08/16/04   543K A tabbed Notepad replacement program.            09/09/03    47K archive Yahoo mail in HTML on local harddisk with attachments

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