Directory of sysutil

007spysetup.exe   07/15/03  1.46M Secretly track user's activities on computer.
007ssinstall.exe  08/12/03  2.32M Track user activity and send logs via email.
020.exe           08/20/03  2.64M Zip, UnZip, Email, and FTP all in one !
123c.exe          12/11/03  1.62M Erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs       02/25/04  1.31M Prevent unauthorized access to your PC    01/07/04   267K Keep your computer clean and safe!
4DKeeper.exe      01/31/04  1.08M Time adjustment never was easier synchronize clock automatically.
7max302.exe       12/22/03   294K A memory acceleration tool
7pm_demo.exe      10/24/03  3.44M Universal tool for partitions!
7z230b28.exe      02/24/03  1.08M 7-Zip is a powerful file archiver
ADJanitorSetup1.0. 03/03/04   512K Find and delete old AD computer accounts
APPPATHS.ZIP      05/22/03    39K Modify MS Windows Startup settings
APSetup.exe       07/23/04  1.81M Automatically batch print many file types    10/31/03  1.40M The most advanced Auto ShutDown application.
ATro55en.exe      05/22/03  5.20M Anti-Trojan detects and deletes trojan horses
AbsoluteProtectPro 08/10/03   326K Lost stolen computer world-wide tracing software
Active-Keys-2_03.e 07/06/04   781K Turn your keyboard into a remote controller!
AdFree2_2-0-0-12T. 03/10/03  3.05M Net Nanny's Ad-Free stops disruptive online advertisements
AliveFileEncryptio 06/29/04  1.06M Secure your files and folders.
AliveInternetErase 03/14/04  1.09M Erase the tracks of your activities.
AltoMBsetup.exe   05/13/03  1.03M This program improves PC speed.
Anti-H30.exe      02/28/04  5.85M Anti-Hack will protect your computer
AssociateThis_Setu 07/30/03  1.60M Say goodbye to hijacked file associations.
AtomicClockSetup.e 07/10/03  1.61M Set your PC clock automatically.
AtomicServiceInst. 08/17/04   625K PC clock synchronizer with useful features.
Babya_bFile_Instal 01/19/03   272K File manager
BackLi11.exe      05/12/03  1.02M A powerful and easy-to-use backup tool
BootSkinBootScreen 05/24/04   399K Boot screens for the program BootSkin.
CDNToolSetupCDN.ex 01/11/04  3.94M The CDN WinTool, Windows optimization!      05/03/04  2.12M A powerful, easy-to-use and low cost toolset for CD and DVD data
CDSnapshot1.exe   07/30/04  1.01M Creating local snapshots for CD, floppy disk, removable hard disk
CIPHER.ZIP        09/09/04   253K Easy to use yet effective file encryption utility
CLEANUP.ZIP       09/05/04   574K cmd and gui to clear IE cache, history, cookies, temp. files etc.
CS.exe            06/07/03  1.35M Cache Speed makes your computer go faster   08/01/03  1.17M A launcher designed to make the Start Menu obsolete.
Casper_RAM_Cleaner 06/18/03   637K Increases your system performance by cleaning the content of RAM. 02/09/04   169K Utilities to Change Directories within Command-line Windows
CleanCache.exe    04/13/04   396K Clean IE6/WinXP tracks
ComparatorFast_set 01/19/04  3.25M Accurate comparison / verification / synch. 04/11/04     3K Utility to display how fast a PC will run .NET applications.
Completely_Gone_De 04/07/03   537K Secure file deletion software that delete multiple files at once.
Computer_Low_Jack_ 07/05/04   623K Computer Low Jack anti-theft, tracking and security software      08/24/03    89K Handy hotkeys that improve the way Windows works.  11/03/03   137K Transfer Images from your digital camera.  04/13/03   578K Files encryption software with secret file hiding utility. 03/24/03   517K Copy/Paste by Drag
CyScrb_E.exe      07/02/03  2.39M CyberScrub erases traces of online activity,overwrites files
DRIVEMON_SERVER_TR 07/12/03  3.43M Disk space monitor. View statistics via a web browser
DSD.EXE           08/07/03   738K Play DivX movie with well displayed subtitle
DefineFTrial.exe  09/07/04   805K Let your function keys cut, copy, paste and more
DesBlast.exe      08/13/03    47K Virus MS-BLASTER destroyer
DirectoryClassifie 07/23/04  1.35M View a customizable listing of folders. 04/13/03   556K Files encryption software using dual-keys, multi-stage algorithm.  03/06/04   643K Create a disk summary and a file/folder index.
DiskView.msi      04/02/04  2.78M Visually see disk space usage from Explorer!
DistantPlanetsSetu 03/18/04   336K generates beautiful scenery of imaginary planets
DzMUSetup.exe     08/12/03   833K Utility to uncompress multiple zip files in one click.
ENFORCEI.ZIP      03/22/03  1.50M System security by restricting system access.
EXELocker.exe     03/19/03   665K protect any executable file from non-authoriz  03/03/04   117K Help the environment and save up to $50 per year with EZ GPO
EmailSaverSetup.ex 06/18/03   998K Backup email data from top 9 Email Clients.
Encrypt.exe       04/16/04   717K Xiaoli Encryption -- reliable and convenient encrpytion software
ExplorerPlusEval.e 10/23/03 18.43M Manage all your files easily!
FDProV12.exe      01/20/03  6.57M File de-duplication program for Mp3's, Roms, Pictures, Documents
FILESPY.EXE       05/20/03  1.47M File Spy allows you to spy on yourself!
FKinst.exe        04/21/04  8.01M Directory Printer
FMP1.exe          07/06/04  6.81M Automatical file and folder handling
FMS1.exe          07/06/04  6.63M Automatical file and folder handling
FavShortcutSetup.e 06/04/04   783K Quick access to favorite files and folders  07/28/03   298K This shareware allows you to encrypt/lock, decrypt/unlock files a   09/21/03  1.25M FileLock Pro is a software program to restrict access folders
FireLogXP_Setup.zi 01/08/04   616K Read Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) in Windows XP.
FoldMonk.exe      03/04/04  1.33M Monitor rename create and move files folders 01/04/04    47K A .NET Assembly with a class to browsing folders
FreRAM32.exe      09/04/04   722K FreeRAM frees up RAM and tunes system cache.
GA.exe            08/22/04  1.67M This superprogram is the best Program Manager for Windows!
GBManagerV4_setup. 06/04/03  5.44M Backs up all your data as easy as 1-2-3
GEM2003Installatio 04/07/03  2.78M GEM 2003 is powerful 1024 Bit file protection encryption software           01/23/03   247K This will change the second website in the IE location bar  08/03/03  1.02M A collection of time related utilities.
HWAccessSetup.EXE 02/02/04  3.64M Silicon Access and Configuration Tool
Habt_ins.exe      01/08/04  1.67M Auto backup data to  local, network, or FTP
HostsEditor1_10.zi 06/29/03   131K Utility that manages IP <-> name mapping
HotCryptSetup.exe 04/25/03   848K HotCrypt is one touch text encryption softwar   08/15/04   339K Windows port of the Unix tail -f utility.
IHateThisKeyDeluxe 05/27/04   681K Block Win,Caps Lock,Num Lock,Power,Sleep keys
INIED2K1.ZIP      11/09/03  1.48M Edit, create .ini files with ease!
IPSniffer.exe     07/01/03   922K IP Convert,ping,whois,tracert,country from IP 02/02/04   353K ISOMagic is a powerful and easy CD image file edit tool.
ImagePDFCreator180 08/26/04   986K Converts image to PDF format.
InstallSpy_Setup.z 01/08/04  1.20M Track any and all changes to the registry and file system.
Install_StopRun_3. 02/24/04   785K Control StartUp Programs
KMCS_DSS.EXE      09/05/04  2.35M Powerful system for enhancement, automation, privacy and more  07/23/04  3.54M Secure, peer-to-peer network backup system for corporate LANs       10/20/03    55K Monitoring of work Windows.
MDBSe102.exe      11/26/03  2.50M Makes Access database more secure, SECFAQ
MSWINERR.ZIP      05/22/03    61K Look up MS Windows error codes.
MUND2EN.exe       07/21/04  7.91M Recover right now your lost data
MultiScheduler1_0_ 03/22/04   551K User your computer as an alarm clock/scheduler.
MultipointFTPServe 12/02/03  2.02M Connect serveral Server to a Serverfarm.  12/23/03  1.44M RADIUS Server Testing Tool
NR.exe            06/03/03  1.12M NitroRAM can make your computer go faster!      10/25/03  3.14M Removes invalid entries in Registry      10/25/03  3.35M DLL version conflict checker
NetworkFavorites.e 02/09/03  1.49M Take favorites backup on your lan.
NetworkSearcher.zi 07/20/04   698K New generation of network searching tools      05/27/03  4.86M Removes invalid entries in Registry
OEBackup65_setup.e 07/04/03  3.58M Backup and restore all your Outlook Express
OVERTIME.ZIP      08/11/04   457K Administer your overtime hours
PASSWO_1.EXE      03/14/04  1.12M Shortcut links security password protection
PAction11.exe     02/29/04   300K Powerful and useful toolbar on your desktop
PC2AM.exe         04/02/04  1.61M Turn your PC into an Answering Machine.
PCAlarm_v2_00_09.e 08/07/03  2.25M Transforms PC into a burglar and fire alarm          12/13/03  1.68M Tracks and Locates Missing Computers
PDinstall.exe     06/04/03 30.37M PlexDomain: Domain Analysis Tool
PF3_TRL.EXE       08/06/03  1.84M Rock-Solid, Personal Firewall protection.
PGinstall.exe     06/04/03 31.13M World Clock/Calendar
PPAT.ZIP          08/16/04    11K CD-ROM Autoplay disabling tool
PSSe.exe          11/19/03  1.82M Securely store and manage all your passwords.
PackIt101.exe     06/27/04   577K Identical / duplicate file finder utility
PasswordOfficer.zi 06/08/03  1.05M Ultimate Password Management Tool
PodSetup.exe      08/28/04  2.85M Pod Secret allows one to store encrypted data
PrD.exe           12/10/03   422K Powerful Evidence Eliminator.
PremiumClock11.exe 02/29/04  2.51M Powerful clock, alarm and action system       05/25/03   454K Program launcher that pops up a user message before it's started.
PrimediusFirewallL 08/13/03   689K Guard against snoop ware, spy ware 09/03/04   235K This little program will help you to make many screenshots.
PrivacySetup.exe  11/01/03   636K Clear History, Clean Internet Tracks, Protect     02/20/04   197K Logs programs' start and finish      02/24/04  2.47M A security password auditing system.
QRav.exe          09/06/03  1.20M QRav makes it easy to backup important e-mail
QU3.exe           08/08/04  6.91M Quemix Utilities The All-in-one package!
QuickFoldersSetup. 01/27/03   850K Handle the same documents with different apps
REG2.ZIP          04/21/03  2.01M Registers system files in one click
RESXP.exe         06/04/03  1.53M Select randomize sounds screensaver wallpaper
RMF2.exe          03/28/03  1.90M Recover deleted files. FREE Preview!
RSUSetup.exe      12/25/03  1.71M Quick, highly secure reboot of computer triggered by web browser       03/18/04   868K Complete registry management solution 06/04/04    11K A virus removal tool for the HTML.Redlof.A virus
RegistryWorkshop.e 06/19/04   431K An advanced registry editor.         05/27/03  1.59M Stop email viruses before they can run
Restorator2004_Tri 01/27/04  3.60M Windows applications resource viewer  editor
SC_TRIAL_SER_1_WEB 10/10/03 28.99M AD and NT4 domain management system         05/31/03  1.58M Detects/Logs new drives added to the system - can prevent access
SGLLOCKI.ZIP      03/22/03  1.20M Password security for user specified programs   05/22/03   810K Enhances Windows Explorer context menu
SPwdGuard.exe     03/14/04  2.00M The secure solution for storing all your passwords!
ST2.exe           11/04/03  2.02M With Trojan Shield you can easily protect yourself from hackers
STTsetup.exe      02/02/04  3.23M save your privacy on windows xp for free
ServicesManager.ex 11/05/03    52K Easy way to manage windows services (also to turn of messaging)      05/27/03  1.58M Automatically set system restore points
Setup.exe         01/31/03  3.05M Need to speed up that machine? Check out PC Zylix Deluxe 2003!
SetupClipSafe.exe 05/03/04   633K Backup data copied to the clipboard.
SetupFRP.exe      01/20/03   385K Send raw PRN files directly to a printer
SetupPrivacySolver 08/13/04   555K Removes traces of computer and Internet use.
SetupSFF_trial_.ex 10/14/03   328K descriptions you files
SetupShredXP.exe  04/15/03  3.00M Securely delete all traces of current files.
Setup_VNCAC.exe   08/05/04  1.67M Manage your VNC Connections with ease
SilentPrintSetup.e 08/16/04   558K Batch Print
SimpleBackup-insta 08/25/03  5.83M SimpleBackup is a designed-for-simplicity file backup tool.Creat
Simpli-File_Backup 06/03/04   602K Schedule Backups in Zip Format and Restore!
SpWiz.exe         01/24/03  1.27M Speed upInternet connection by200% 08/13/04  1.08M Highly accurate spam filter plugin for Outlook.     08/12/03    14K Speed Up your PC to the MAX
StartupS.exe      05/05/04   921K Startup manager removes harmful programs
StatsNow.exe      04/28/03  8.48M Ultimate Real-Time Website Tracking System
StrongArm_1.0.0u1. 05/06/04  1.22M Digitally encrypts invisible data into files
SuperUtilstd.exe  11/19/03  3.18M Fix, speed up, maintain and Ptotect your PC!
SysGrd.exe        09/22/03  3.00M Total freedom from Hackers,Trojans,Keyloggers
SysInfoMyWork_v13. 01/15/04   195K Tray icon CPU and RAM load monitor.
SysMon.exe        02/06/04   942K Monitors various system resources and usage statistics.
SysSweepV1-0Setup. 07/23/03   387K Recover Hard Drive space by removing Junk.       05/05/04   291K A cross-over between ms spy  and taskmanager.
SystemCop.exe     07/08/04   718K Tune and optimize your system !
SystemMechanic4.ex 03/08/04  5.31M Fix errors, speed up downloads, zap popups, and spyware, defrag..      04/15/03     2K Updated System 7.exe
TU2003TrialEN.exe 06/05/03  5.85M The swiss army knife for your PC
Tamper_Proof.exe  09/07/04   485K Tamper Proof locks down programs to they cant be used.
The_Be11.exe      07/25/04  1.13M The Beetle Alarm can wake up your computer.
TimeIntervalReport 05/26/04   758K Query any periods of IP statistics data      02/10/03   942K Minimize any Windows application to the system tray..effortlessly
TrueSpeed-1_4.exe 08/26/03   536K Ultra high-precision CPU speed detector ( /- 0.001 MHz).
UCSetup.exe       04/16/04   481K Duplicate files finder
Undelete-Demo-Full 06/19/04  1.84M Data Recovery Software. Undelete utility.
Uninstal.exe      04/05/04   664K Remove programs from Add/Remove Programs list
Unix2Win2_0Free.zi 07/05/04   333K Converts text files from Unix to Windows or vice versa. 06/12/03   392K Find out what those unknown devices in Device Manager really are
UserFinder.msi    03/10/03  2.26M User is logged onto which computer
VisualCron_NET.exe 08/30/04 24.54M A free visual cron/task scheduler for Windows
WALLGN10.exe      04/06/04   245K Create quick visual IDs for Windows desktops.
WESetup.exe       04/26/04  2.34M Erase traces of Internet
WINnerTweakSetup.e 06/13/04  1.81M WINner Tweak - powerful tuning software
WXT2.exe          06/09/04  6.73M Your PC running at top efficiency and speed
Wim.exe           08/08/03  1.29M system optimize and setting and maintenance
WinClean_Eval.exe 01/29/03  1.15M WinClean is a smart power application that gives windows a power
WinNc41.exe       05/07/04  7.37M WinNc.Net: Norton Commander for Windows
WinOFF421.exe     06/04/04   489K An utility to shut down Windows automatically
WinRetEn3.8.exe   05/28/03   178K Tuning Windows and Internet Explorer. Backup - restore manager.
XPCSpy            01/15/03  1.18M XPCSpy is a powerful keylogger spy software.
XTM-Setup-1_00.exe 02/24/04  2.10M Extended task monitoring tool
XizzoSetup.exe    04/30/04   729K Xizzo is a secure password manager.
XoftSpySetup341.ex 06/27/04   852K XoftSpy Detects Spyware, Adware, Hijackers
XpressProps.exe   03/04/04  4.28M Tool to edit extended properties in SQL 2000
XprideTakeIt_v1_0_ 04/17/04  1005K Download Web site for offline browsing.
ZDeleteNETSetup.ex 10/23/03  1.21M Destroy Internet Traces and Stop Popups
a32we_setup.exe   05/11/04  2.25M A32 WipeErase Professional secure file eraser.
aaw6.exe          02/04/03  1.45M Ad-aware is an award winning, free multi adware removal utility        07/02/04   963K ABF Outlook Express Backup
abmsetup.exe      04/24/03  1.24M A highly configurable backup program.         04/06/04   753K Restrict access to a PC basing on time factor
absolutebackupsetu 02/14/03  5.48M The handy one stop personal backup utility.      03/17/04   922K Protect files and folders
acbplus.exe       07/19/04  1.12M Powerful, multi window File Manager        02/25/04   913K Restrict access to to key features of Windows
acspsetup.exe     11/06/03   721K Updates computer clock to official atomic time in any time zone!      05/22/04   829K Hotkey utility, running app/folders,much more
adkiller.exe      02/05/04   630K No Popups,No Flash Ads,Protect Your Privacy!      03/17/04   913K Restrict access to key features of Windows      09/29/03   854K The best computer security application!
adutils.exe       08/12/03   622K A unique set of handy tools
advanced-anti-spy. 10/08/03   481K Easy to use powerful internet privacy tool        07/25/04  1.35M Build public access PCs or internet kiosk      04/18/03   697K Decrypt files from Windows 2000 NTFS/EFS           12/17/03  1.13M Password protection for your EXE files!          08/26/03   554K Remove I-Worm.Sobig viruses from mailboxes!
aexit-wst.exe     07/02/03   341K Useful tools to control Windows exit options        05/07/03   649K Search files with queries and batch replace!
agentreader.exe   10/22/03   711K All-in-one Macro, Ads Killer, Text-to-Speech
ah2setup.exe      06/11/04   822K Unicode-enabled checksum tool for Windows
almerbackup.exe   06/07/03  1.02M Fully automatic feature-rich backup software.
almplus.exe       12/17/03   631K Notify users about events from event log         08/19/04  1.31M Lock your system with a password
alwa_1.exe        03/18/03  1004K Be notified of file changes via email
ams.exe           07/19/04  2.00M Copying, moving and deleting file service.   06/25/04  2.12M Online Privacy and Disk Cleanup tool      08/04/03  2.61M Turns any program into a service
apgsetup.exe      01/04/04  1.26M 448-bits encryption with compression, built-in file shredder      07/21/04  1.78M The best tool for creating autoplay cd menu      03/21/03   284K AppToService: Run apps as Windows services.           12/19/03   644K Personal password manager.           07/05/04   660K Hide your private windows from strangers!
armorwall312.exe  02/04/04  3.53M Spyware Killer is the complete package. Firewall, Spyware Killer      02/05/03   747K Program for replacing in the text files, rename files.       06/07/04   828K Advanced Windows startup manager.         06/01/04   760K Windows startup manager.
as_setup.exe      08/08/04   457K change windows speed     03/17/04   913K Protect your privacy and control access to PC
asmweras.exe      09/09/03   771K Protect your privacy.
asmwtwek.exe      09/09/03   648K Power Tools To Keep Your PC Running Smoothly
aspsetup.exe      04/09/04  1.29M Manage your startup folder and more...
assd.exe          05/28/03   910K Quickly and auto shutdown and cleanup of PC.
astart10.exe      02/26/04   811K View/Remove items from your registry startup.
astra32setup.exe  06/24/04  1023K This program performs computer configuration analysis.
aswclnr.exe       04/23/04   330K avast! Cleaner - remove viruses from your PC
atcinst.exe       04/09/04  1.38M Protect children against common PC dangers           06/04/03   941K a powerful launch & shutdown tool          09/30/03   751K Easy-use macro recorder record all operation and replay      07/17/04  3.75M Total Automation Program for Windows
automate5_eval_set 05/18/04 19.28M AutoMate 5 is the leading software for Windows Automation
autopilot_xp_trial 02/12/03  7.37M Breaktrough Automatic Tuner for Windows XP
awbackupsetup.exe 10/04/03   627K Data vulnerability scares you? This will help          12/30/03   722K Recover Windows passwords: PWL, asterisks etc     05/20/03  8.10M A powerful backup utility zip file compatible
azip11.exe        08/31/04  2.85M The friendly zip file utility
b4win.exe         05/01/04   895K Many features, easy to use Backup program
b4winxp.exe       09/14/03  1.00M Easy to use Backup program with CD burner.
b_syspr5.exe      01/05/04   570K System information ultlity
backup_cdrw_50.exe 10/07/03  2.95M Back up your valuable data to a CD-RW drive   06/26/03   200K Allows to copy files from bad CD or HDD.
batchren2.exe     08/29/04  1.06M Batch rename files freely        07/26/03   556K Keep your passwords with this effective tool.
bcrypt7.exe       02/24/04  3.63M BestCrypt protects your secret data
bcwipe3.exe       03/22/04  2.04M Deletes files from computer forever
beagleremover.exe 01/22/04   383K Detect and Remove Beagle Worm      11/06/03   158K Increases file dialog box dimensions and customizes them
bmarksetup.exe    02/06/03   323K XMark.NET is a new all-in-one system diagnosis utility for .NET
bminfo10.exe      10/25/03  1.14M Shows you nearly everything about your computer.
bookmark-master.ex 12/17/03  1.24M bookmark masterkeep your favorite organized
bootskin_free.exe 05/24/04   943K Changes your boot screen in XP.
bpsds1.exe        01/26/04  2.90M Shred Files, Folders and Entire disk Securely
bpspcs30.exe      10/08/03  2.71M Popup Shield - Stop Pop-Ups
bpspcs4204.exe    05/25/04  4.31M Popup Shield - Stop Pop-Ups
bpssr80.exe       12/24/03  7.10M Scan and Remove Spyware / Adware Components
bswitcher_setup.ex 03/21/04   666K Boot Switcher boots Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP on the fly
bz113.exe         02/25/04   715K Detect spyware, adware, trojan, keyloggers
cPWD.exe          06/11/03   733K Maintain multiple, local account passwords.      02/10/04   810K Starts programs with the help of 'hot keys'
cb_setup.exe      04/19/04  1.14M It allows you compare before backup.       01/30/04   227K Advanced AMD processor recognition utility
cc3401setup.exe   09/09/03  1.30M The Powerful encryption/decryption system.(AES,MARS,RC6,IDEA....)      04/24/03   147K CDBFinfo is a DBF Shell Extension.     04/24/03   190K CDBFShell is a DBF Shell extension
cdl.exe           02/13/03   476K Create 'Instant Access' Encrypted CD/DVD/etc.
cds_pro_setup.exe 09/26/03  4.28M Manage and exchange complete CD/DVD disc info
cdstdmy5.exe      09/09/04  1.07M CDStartDummy! - Create autorun CD ROMs HTML       03/17/04   775K Hide drives from viewing or lock access
cexpertlite_setup. 08/31/04  1.13M Virtual encrypted hard drive
chatbk18.exe      04/01/04   974K Block and record chat conversations with ease
chrono.exe        02/07/04  1.70M Keeps your computer's clock accurate.       08/04/04  1.53M Powerful desktop speaking clock/alarm
cleaner41.exe     03/20/04  4.40M The Cleaner Professional protects against and removes malware.
cleanupinstall.exe 03/17/04  1.76M Remove history information that clutters your computer
clipboardsaver.exe 03/25/04   675K Windows Clipboard controller.
clipmngr.exe      02/25/03  1.24M Insert commonly used text into anything.         10/04/03  2.04M WinOne - Super Command Shell for Win32
cmxp101.exe       01/23/04  1.23M Improves Windows performance.
colinfo.exe       08/21/03 11.87M System Info, Analysis, Auditing and Inventory
computerstatusinst 03/17/04  2.13M Monitor CPU usage, memory, resources, disk space, laptop battery    04/29/03  1.38M Quicky Control IIS Services with the push of a button
copixp32e.exe     07/12/03   541K Multiple clipboards and password recovery
cpmtrial.exe      08/12/04   653K Monitor startup and running processes.
crcdemo.exe       06/15/04   645K Registry cleaner software.
cryle.exe         09/11/03  2.06M Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software
crype3122.exe     04/09/03  1.95M Cypherix: Encryption for the Networked World
cryptoexpert2004pr 08/23/04  1.20M Encrypted virtual hard drive
cryptoexpert2004st 08/25/04  1.20M Restrict access by password to hard drives
cs39ice1.exe      12/09/03  8.53M Automated and simple to use AntiVirus software for home PC's
dapasrecpro.exe   04/15/03   656K See the password behind the asterisks.
datepicker_setup.e 05/15/03   218K A very simple way to change computer date.
db55_demo.exe     03/11/03  4.15M Hard Disk Image and Disk Copy solution        11/01/03  2.59M GiPo@DB_Utilities Version: 3.3
dcwizard.exe      11/26/03   777K Keep your disks clean!   03/30/04   859K An auto-tracing tool of software.
defaultprinter.exe 01/16/04   834K Choose your default printer     03/24/04   834K Protect, backup, restore your desktop layout.      06/18/04  1.22M Desktop Security Manager      06/18/04  1.03M Desktop Security Manager    02/25/04   833K Protect public access PCs, stop users from
desktopscout-setup 01/04/04  1.25M Spy on users remotely and see what they do on the computer.
df-l.exe          05/16/03  1.84M Program launches apps before shut down.
dfprn.exe         11/25/03   411K Automatic Default Printer check.
dfsetup.exe       12/13/03   251K Duplicated files scanner       08/18/04  1.65M Safely remove TRUE Duplicate files and run your system smothly.   06/19/03  4.12M Search fast and powerful duplicates of files.       06/19/03  4.12M Search fast and powerful duplicates of files.       06/19/03  4.12M Search fast and powerful duplicates of files.
diagnose.exe      04/28/04   831K Diagnostic tool to remove adware,spyware,hijacker,trojan and more  03/17/04   102K Calculate or verify a hash by right-clicking on the file  08/04/04    21K Shows specific size of files in a directory.
dirtree20bsetup.ex 04/23/03  1.51M CD Indexing software
dl_cgi_afi        06/18/03  4.49M Speed up your whole PC with this package!
dprdemo.exe       02/26/04   857K Digital Photo Recovery         08/22/04  1.61M Tool for starting computers in lan.
drh2004e.exe      08/03/04  2.50M Hardware analyzer for Windows 9x, Me, NT4, 2000, 2003 and XP
drivesitter.exe   06/12/04   968K IDE HDD diagnostic and monitoring tool.       05/18/04  1.93M Secure Remote Administration
ea10.exe          05/28/04   681K Easy uninstaller is a fast, advanced, powerfu
easypro.exe       05/18/04  3.09M 4 Utility tools in 1 program.     05/04/04   267K A program that puts your most used programs,etc. in the SysTray.
ebpsetup.exe      04/21/04  1.77M Encrypt files on-the-fly and hide folders.
ecipher5.exe      01/20/03   514K PDF Encryption command line tool
ee610.exe         02/19/04  1.29M Check system faults and explore executables.      07/14/04   205K Shows which modules/processes have opened         08/04/04   938K Control what programs run at the system start
eltssetup.exe     06/11/04  1.62M EventLog Translation Service
em61dl.exe        05/14/03  3.54M Network Monitoring Software
eraser-demo.exe   05/04/03   745K Ultimate Data Destruction Tool        03/24/04  1.02M Stop your computer spying.
essetupen.exe     11/14/03  1.59M Easy-Shutdown allows you to shutdown your computer ...      03/17/04  1.02M Destroy all evidence and temporary files.   02/25/04  1.02M Cleans all tracks left by you while using PC      01/28/03   788K Erase Your Files Completely From Disk.
exelock.exe       08/24/03   935K It is an exe locker and a file protecter.
exensetup.exe     05/02/03  4.04M Protect your executable file
exsetup.exe       06/15/04   343K MMD Explorer is designed to manage files      09/17/03   420K File extensions management utility 09/05/04   454K Creating Extra drives on your computer.
ezb5_en.exe       07/18/04  2.36M Easily Make You Own Bootable CDs and DVDs
ezmon_setup.exe   08/22/03    69K System Resource Meter
familykeylogger.zi 02/23/04   519K Do people have secrets? Find out now!      01/15/04   989K Folder backup and archive utility        06/29/03   217K Easy-to-sue and performs strong and fast file encryption
fctrsetup.exe     01/29/04  2.80M Shows everything Windows runs upon startup -and I mean EVERYTHING       04/25/03    28K Small and very fast utility for cutting big files into small.
fdown-l.exe       05/16/03  1.16M Fast and Smart Shutdown Windows.           03/17/04   799K Password-protect files and folders.
fgpro.exe         01/23/03   632K Powerful Security Utility
fgxp70.exe        08/06/04  1.14M Powerful Security Utility
fhrinst.exe       02/17/04  1.30M File Securer Software    12/26/03   721K Advanced context search tool and graphic files search plugin      04/17/03   126K Copying files from the damaged carriers       02/25/04   921K Password protect files and folders      02/25/04   920K Password protect files and folders
filerecovery-demo. 03/15/03   520K Hard Drives, Flash Cards - Data Recovery Tool      11/01/03   908K GiPo@FileUtilities Version: 2.9
findback_setup.exe 07/22/03   505K Recover system, data and files in seconds;      03/16/03   299K Create a second name for an existing file.
fmansetup.exe     02/23/04  1.82M File Manager can help you manage your more and more files.
fmsetup.exe       04/24/03  2.13M Useful file and disk management and reporting toolbox 02/21/04  5.28M Determine folders that are taking up the most space on a machine
fontviewerinstall. 03/17/04  1.79M View, print, test, and compare the fonts on your computer            03/17/04   922K Stop unwanted access to your data.     09/21/03    35K Displays UTC and Local Times and Dates.
frui.exe          11/08/03   742K Configuring
fsav2003n.exe     10/31/03  6.12M An award-winning antivirus program
fsis2003n.exe     10/31/03  6.12M Easy-to-use antivirus and firewall software       03/17/04   914K Lock your desktop with a password.
ftedit2.exe       07/02/04   825K Edit all the file attribute freely.
ftweak13.exe      04/04/04   356K Change file date, time and attributes
fwiw_setup.exe    10/15/03   652K Comprehensive cleaning of your PC.
getback.exe       08/19/03   566K Instant backup and restore utility
gkl374.exe        03/22/04   611K Monitor keystrokes on your computer.
gkl380.exe        03/22/04   611K Monitor keystrokes on your computer.       05/18/03   228K File/Folder/Link Loading Application       05/08/03   639K The powerful          01/23/03   251K This Program will disable the windows Key on your keyboard.
handyrecovery.exe 07/16/04   694K File undelete and data recovery utility.
hbpro11.exe       07/29/03  2.40M Backup to CD-RW, FTP or LAN.
hfbackup.exe      09/19/03   642K Your computer will make Automatic BACKUP.           02/25/04   795K Hide Files          09/07/04   895K Hide folders containing your private information with just a clic       04/01/04   775K Protect Hard drive, CD, DVD, floppy and flash
hidefold.exe      06/14/03  1.74M Hide folder from other users of your computer on Windows 2000/XP
hidefolder.exe    12/25/03  1.78M Hide folders, files, disks with encryption.    01/08/04  2.34M Popup blocker, tracks eraser and windows hotkey
hostev_setup.exe  07/22/03   393K Test and compare web hosting companies.
hsmonitor.exe     10/08/03   986K Get information about installed hardware, software and processes. 11/22/03  3.27M Password protect HTML, encrypt html web pages          01/20/04    54K Window manipulation program
i_xplogger.exe    07/19/03   128K Records keystrokes at Windows 2000/XP logon        11/30/03   712K Enables multiple desktops (screens).       11/15/03  1.16M Maintain accurate time on your PCs.       08/11/04  1.50M ID_Bank,Password protection manager    03/17/04   915K Customize and secure the Internet Explorer
illusion201_demo.z 07/20/03   544K A secure file hiding software that protect your valuable files.   02/20/04  1.23M Image To PDF,Image2PDF, create,append.
inst_antispy.exe  03/13/03   399K Finds and removes keyloggers and trojans
internet-eraser-se 03/21/04   872K Protects your Internet surfing privacy!
internetc100.exe  04/02/03  1.30M Fix Internet Explorer after hijacking.
invsecr.exe       04/19/04  2.52M Secure your files and communications
jasf.exe          06/06/04  8.85M SFtp client designed for automation
jmacro.exe        06/16/04   904K Create macros to automate repetitive tasks
keyboardsounder.ex 08/27/04  2.35M Can your keyboard sound?
keyinjectorinstall 09/11/03  1.33M Serial Port To Keyboard Stuffer
keyloggerpro-setup 12/10/03   886K Record keystrokes typed in total stealth!        04/07/03   439K Quick launch your applications using its name.
lanselm.exe       12/19/03 11.80M Performs event log based Intrusion detection and network wide eve
lansim.exe        11/25/03  6.00M A utility that provides intrusion detection.
launcher.exe      09/29/03   535K Launch programs and documents in a flash!          03/17/04  1.31M Lock your system with a password
lockfldr.exe      09/01/04  1.22M Protect your important data with a password.      09/03/03  1.70M Icon Lock-iT XP, file encryption and security
log_analyzerv212.e 05/17/03    67K Analyzes Linux/Unix Proxy Server logs on a PC
lviewtrial.exe    05/02/03  3.42M Liquid View scales icons, menus, and application tools
lvltlabp.exe      07/01/04  1.14M Data encryption utility.      06/24/04 13.99M Windows access control and system security.
macro.exe         11/07/03   376K Record and play keystrokes and mouse clicks.    05/17/03  4.73M An advanced automation utility      03/20/04   611K Magic HotKey is a keyboard utility
mailstor.exe      03/24/03   679K Create and manage multiple e-mail storages in Outlook express
masaieditor.exe   08/20/04 10.30M Software Packager and Windows Installer Editor      07/10/04    91K Extract icons and bitmaps from resources
mddemo.exe        10/31/03   452K Software to free up wasted RAM.
mfsSetup.exe      01/31/03  1.85M Need to get rid of files for good? You need MyFile Shredder!
mgutil_310.exe    06/29/04  1.03M Magic Utilities is a cute program designed to make your computer
mienet_computer_tp 03/06/03   478K computer, software, network, devices, media: TreePad add-on icons
mize.exe          06/06/04  8.83M Automation and task scheduler       05/20/03  1.48M MemoKeys is a shortcuts generator.          01/06/04  1.40M Manage Computer Memory Based on Your System's Hardware/Software!
mpfsetup445.exe   12/01/03  1.02M Secure and organize your private information        03/09/04  2.16M Automate Windows. Build Scripts and Macros.
msksetup.exe      08/07/03  2.20M Hide files and folders, encrypt and protect.
mstDefrag10We.exe 06/23/04  1.69M mst Defrag - first proactive Windows defragmentation software
mstMD510e.exe     06/23/04   556K mst MD5 calculates MD5 checksums of files dropped on his surface.
mstPW1620B67e.exe 11/13/03  1.19M mst Password changes forgotten/lost passwords.
mstRDel20B76e.exe 11/17/03  1.01M mst RealDelete deletes files for ever.
mstTADsk108B166e.e 08/15/03  1.01M mst TotalAcces Disk grants you access to all data on a disk.
mutinstl.exe      03/28/04   828K delete sensitive files / wipe free space
mybootdisk.exe    11/10/03   568K Create a boot disk for recovery from crashes.
mydrivers.exe     07/12/03   939K Backup, restore and update device drivers.
myspace-WS.exe    05/29/03   990K Clean up your hard drive and system memory in seconds 05/18/04  8.94M Track and locate your laptop pc if it is ever lost or stolen.      03/17/04   895K Changes settings upon available networks.       06/27/04   879K Grant per-application Privileges
netmaps20_setup.zi 02/14/03   592K A multi-purpose Internet graphical tool.
network-serial-por 06/14/04   790K Connects serial devices over TCP/IP network      03/17/04   913K Restrict access to key features of Windows       07/18/04  1.21M Easy to use, fully skinnable program launcher
nmrcsetup.exe     10/07/03  9.85M Perform remote support and management on multiple systems.       03/17/04   510K Stop lowlevel access to your PC
nsksetup.exe      08/30/04  1.86M Monitor your computer           08/02/03  5.14M Monitor Novell Server utilization, NLMs, Set commands, open/lock
nspysetup.exe     06/25/04   480K a powerful monitor tool for windows
nssetup.exe       08/30/04  1.40M Monitor your computer
ntshred.exe       08/20/04   291K Securly Delete Files with Government Standards
nutsetup.exe      06/08/04   433K Handy Windows Utilities for various tasks
obackup.exe       03/26/04  1.68M Backup your documents and important files.
oebackup.exe      05/14/03   927K Backup utility for Outlook Express      03/17/04   874K Backup restore and move your Outlook Express     02/25/04   874K Backup and restore your Outlook Express data.    09/02/04  2.60M Advanced OEM Branding management utility.
oemrsetup.exe     05/26/03   696K Recovery Outlook Express Folders.       01/15/04   138K Automatic message (dialog) boxes closing
optimumxp.exe     05/07/04   960K Easily tweak XP with powerful hidden settings
optishutdown.exe  02/11/04 20.10M Optimizes hard drive performance
ossisb3000.exe    09/01/04  4.75M Boost            02/03/04   761K Print Censor - eliminate excessive printing.
pcLog52.exe       02/03/03   751K pcLog can record anything including keystokes and visited web si      07/26/04  2.82M Most powerful monitoring program.       04/23/04  2.85M Most powerful monitoring program.
pcboo03.exe       08/17/04   916K Boost your computer speed and performance          05/12/03  1.27M Cover your Internet Tracks with Secure History Deletion
pcde2_tr.exe      03/11/03  4.28M The virtual high-speed CD-ROM machine!
pcmed06.exe       08/17/04   775K Fix and boost your computer speed
pcpset.exe        04/16/03  1.54M Erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs
pcpsetup.exe      12/16/03  2.52M Secret keylogger and Internet monitor
pcspyt.exe        09/06/04   690K Secretly monitor your pc while you are away      03/21/03  1.77M Diagnose, monitor and repair Windows XP
pcttsetup.exe     02/29/04   224K Parental control of what children do and see.        08/19/03   1003 Erase the secrets your computer is keeping about you.
pdfstamp.exe      02/20/04  1.27M pdf stamp ( pdf watermark )
pedemosetup.exe   08/04/04  1.17M Port Explorer is a graphical port to process mapper.
pestblocksetup.exe 08/30/04  2.51M The best solution to find and destroy spyware
pftplabp.exe      11/08/03  2.42M FTP client for windows 95/NT/2000
pinspector.exe    07/03/04  1016K Powerful print manager for corporate networks
pivotTBYB.exe     05/02/03  2.70M Pivot Pro enables monitors to pivot        02/08/04   932K Complete solution for your online and PC privacy protection.
pmsetup.exe       06/15/04  2.08M Advanced Printer Monitor        08/28/04  5.23M PopFilter
popup-be-gone.exe 02/25/03   519K Kill those adrware/spyware programs         03/27/03  2.12M It blocks the popup windows in IE
portsetup.exe     06/05/03  1.08M reports all open TCP/IP and UDP ports and maps them to the owning
power-13.exe      09/02/04  1.07M Make computer resume from power-off state
powerrestrictor020 08/21/03   738K Take control of your computers settings today 02/14/03  2.78M Advanced Search Utility. Find files by any means available
ppexg.exe         10/08/03  2.51M Protector Plus antivirus for Exchange.        04/03/03   724K Protect and control access to your computer!
ppriv.exe         03/01/04   975K Eliminate all your computer usage traces.
pprotect2.exe     07/09/04  1.29M Allows to password protect any program.       09/20/03  1.19M It can scan IP address , scan your TCP/UDP ports , scan service.       07/06/04    63K Advances Process Manager for Win
privacy-eraser-pro 06/22/04  1.37M Protects your Internet privacy!
privacy-protector. 05/10/03   677K Protect your online privacy
privacy.exe       03/16/04  1.60M Erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs.      01/14/04  1.12M O
proteg31.exe      07/10/04  2.07M Use USB storage device for Windows logon.        01/20/04  1.07M Protection against any types of keyloggers.       02/03/04  4.83M Protection against any types of keyloggers.
psb1_4.exe        01/19/04  1.57M Secure professional remote backup software        06/30/04  1.35M Setup an Internet kiosk or a public access PC
puc3_1.exe        01/19/04   566K Share a unique clipboard with your computers.
purge.exe         04/22/03   688K Purge searches and removes unwanted junk files.       03/04/04   312K Will shutdown and power off with one click.
pwsetup.exe       05/01/04  1.74M Real powerful watch pc tool...
qcl.exe           10/16/03  2.72M Indexes shortcuts and allows quick launching
qspelltrial35.exe 05/14/03  2.10M QuickSpell is a unique desktop spell checking utility
qsrvce26.exe      07/24/03  2.18M Service/Process availability monitor/alerter
queit_setup.exe   03/07/04  2.99M Easy to use but powerful scheduling utility.
rambst.exe        07/22/03  1.48M Free up your RAM, boost your PC's speed now!
ramcln35.exe      02/05/04   707K BOOST Your Computer's Speed      02/25/03   658K Smart Memory Optimizer !
ramturbo.exe      01/18/04   701K Windows performance booster
raul_install_102.e 05/23/04  2.43M Run As User Launchpad
rc.exe            01/30/04  1.01M Defragment and compact the Windows registry   01/15/03   305K access Recent Files, Directories, Programs and Websites.
recorder.exe      03/23/04   761K Secretly record and view all keys typed on your pc
regcomp.exe       09/08/04  1.64M Defragment and compress the Windows registry      06/06/04   267K Repair corrupt WinNT/2K/XP/W2003 registry files      05/25/03   353K Quickly and powerfully works with .REG files.
registry-clean-exp 07/21/03   696K Clean registry
registry-clean-pro 03/19/03   951K A utility to fix errors in the registry.
registry-cleaner.e 09/01/03   986K Clean registry
registrymedic-ws.e 08/27/04  2.10M New Version 3.0 Gives you more control, new features, and a new l
regmech.exe       03/02/03   444K Safely clean and repair the Windows registry.
regxx.exe         08/12/04    40K Registry Console Tools 03/10/03  2.36M Install and uninstall software remotely      03/18/04    38K Powerful Add/Remove Programs list replacement
rename_ex_en.exe  09/12/03  2.87M Rename files
replicator.exe    03/10/04    60K Component for zipping and unzipping files.   03/06/04   416K ultimate solution for file protection!
rmaplabp.exe      11/08/03  2.33M Connect to TCP/IP network via COM port
rmtSHUTDOWN.exe   06/11/03   763K Shutdown, Restart, Ping and Wakeup.
rsmon10.exe       09/01/04   525K RS-232 communication tool.
runasp_setup.exe  08/18/04   114K RunAs Professional is runas with more features
runfast.exe       04/14/04    70K Program launcher/command tool for Windows.
safe6int.exe      11/07/03 11.44M For users who need strong data encryption for their laptops/PCs
safebit10.exe     06/30/04  2.07M On-the-fly military strength disk encryption
saminside21demo.zi 04/26/03    25K Recovering passwords from SAM files of ALL Windows       08/15/04  8.58M System information, benchmarker, diagnostics
sapcspy.exe       11/05/03  1.48M Secretly record user activity on computer.
savermaster_setup. 04/12/04   240K Use your mouse to perform some task fast!
scansetup.exe     10/07/03   663K Detect File or Folder changes in selected directories.
sd.exe            02/20/03  1.64M Protect data using encrypted virtual drives.
sdsbV6.exe        02/05/04    55K File encryption software w/CD mastering.      05/27/04   913K Protect PC, restrict access to Windows      03/17/04   913K Protect your privacy and control access to PC
secdirsetup.exe   10/01/03  1.79M Hide folder and restrict access to devices.        08/19/04  1.04M Password protect PC with access restrictions
secureit131.exe   04/09/03  1.55M Password protects all your files or folders
serial-port-mapper 09/01/04   557K Program allows you to map any serial ports
sermon.exe        01/16/04  2.39M Monitor, test, analyze serial ports
servicescontrolcen 12/02/03   967K Monitor and Manage your Services
setuengpro.exe    04/23/04  7.72M Complete antivirus package for your company 04/19/03  1.96M Hybrid encrypts and decrypts Windows files.
setup-tw.exe      07/14/04  1.47M TweakWindow - more Windows choices!
setup-wsxp.exe    05/14/03   560K The ultimate skinable tool to monitor hundreds of system data.
setup105.exe      04/01/03   717K new generation software protection system
setup_adsm_v1_0.ex 07/27/04   542K This program split and unsplit files. Easy and fast.
setupdobackup.exe 02/10/04  1.50M Back up and synchronize your important files
setupeng.exe      04/23/04  7.51M Free antivirus for home noncommercial use
sfldr.exe         08/04/03   515K Hide and protect files, folders and drives!        01/08/04  4.28M Encryption / Decryption and a bitlevel analyzer
shufflersetupv1.zi 08/15/03   750K Organizer that manages Cascaded Windows      08/22/04   264K Quickly local and remote ShutDown Windows
shutdownexpert435. 03/16/04  1.17M The best way to shut down your computer.
shutdowninstall.ex 04/03/04  2.55M Automatically shut down or restart your computer anytime you want
sit303.exe        03/01/04  1.85M Secure IT File and Folder Encryption Software       09/09/04  2.56M Network monitoring, recovery and notification
sm10036.exe       01/22/04  1.95M Shutdown Manager and Tools !
smartsd_wi.exe    03/03/03   279K Shut down your computer, or hibernate manually or automatically.
smash_12.exe      02/02/03  1.06M Encryption, decryption, file wiping utility.
smp.exe           06/11/03   761K Dynamically document your Windows systems.
smsfx25.exe       06/02/03  1.43M Smart SFX is a high-quality packager tool.
spamchoke10setup.e 04/09/04  1.04M SpamChoke Antispam Software 03/09/04    32K File Splitter software with lots of features
sprint32.exe      01/30/03  2.69M Print, capture to disk or clipboard, a user selected screen area.     01/18/03  1.81M Powerful Monitoring and Spy Software
spybdy30.exe      09/09/04  1.70M Record all computer activity and usage.      01/08/04  3.34M SpyBlocs searches out installed spyware.
spyrem.exe        09/06/04   754K Scan and remove any spyware programs on your PC.      06/04/04  1.92M SpyVest scans and removes spyware and Adware
spywareannihilator 04/11/03   326K Finds      12/04/03  3.54M A Remote,compressed, encrypted backup app.       02/20/03   320K Utility allow You to do many amazing things with Your Epson.
ssdotnet.exe      06/25/03  8.30M Computer Location Monitoring and Tracking
ssfsetup445.exe   08/09/04  6.53M Halt spam before it reaches your inbox!
ssinst10.exe      02/19/03   139K Password management utility.
sss6int.exe       11/07/03 14.16M Comprehensive, easy-to-use encryption software
ssyncpro.exe      06/25/03  1.45M Easily backup and synchronize your files.    05/18/03  1.70M Windows security program.
startupcontrol.exe 12/25/03   849K Take control over your computer.
sted410.exe       06/23/03  1.08M Startup manager
stopit_setup.exe  07/11/04   305K This is a  Porn Website/Program Blocker made for your computer!      08/10/04  1.34M Cetus StormWindow Desktop and system security for Windows XP
su_2_00_23_net.exe 04/28/04  4.77M ShadowUser provides disaster prevention by creating a virtual twi
superutilities.exe 05/29/04  3.37M Fix, speed up, maintain and Ptotect your PC!
supram05.exe      08/17/04   929K Manage your computer's memory       09/09/04  2.42M Run any application as Windows Service       09/09/04  2.34M Windows NT Services administration utility
swiftad3.exe      09/03/04 10.45M Active Directory Usermanagement Solution
swu.exe           05/04/04  1.01M A complete collection of windows utilities
synchro.exe       05/25/04  1.30M FTP enabled File Synchronizer
syp100.exe        12/27/03   727K Windows Network Passwords Synchronizer
sysinf02.exe      10/24/03   819K System resource monitor - CPU, RAM, etc.
syssnap_setup.exe 01/05/04  1.05M System Snapshot creates restore points for XP's System Restore.
systechpro_install 05/06/04 66.39M SysTech Pro is designed to help keep your computer running smooth
systemsherlocklite 07/10/03   179K Analyse registry and file system changes.
sysutil           09/03/04    17K Password Recovery Tool Password Recovery Tool
taskmanager10.exe 11/14/03   815K Advanced Process Viewer that protects your PC
tc_setup.exe      05/24/04   288K Take applications performance under your full monitoring !
tie31en.exe       02/18/03 12.30M The ultimate utility for IE and OE!
timedshutdown.exe 08/29/04  1.94M Shutdown your computer based on time, CPU usage or internet state
tinyspyagent.exe  11/28/03  1.27M Organize, view,Generate your web album
titanin.exe       04/30/03 15.49M Antivirus for those who want maximum security
titlechanger.exe  11/23/03  1.02M A tool that is able to change any window icon and title with ant
tlsetup.exe       11/23/03  1.53M Powerful file launcher with menu interface.
tphmanager_v126.ex 08/01/03   422K Powerful and handy Windows assistant         08/22/03   486K Utility that shows you traces made by IE
tracks20.exe      02/05/04   568K Protect your privacy from prying eyes
tram.exe          02/19/03  1.17M TweakRAM is a Advanced RAM optimization tool.
ts.exe            03/21/04   737K Free Computer Help delivered via email within 24-hours.
tslpro.exe        08/03/04   713K Password protect your workstation or server.
tt35.exe          08/18/04  1.27M A user-friendly taskbar management tool.
turbocrypt_pmc_en. 07/23/04  8.00M Transparent, On-The-Fly Disk Encryption
tweaking_toolbox_x 11/26/03   954K Improve appearance and performance of WinXP.      08/08/04   867K File and folder synchronizer.       06/12/04  3.11M A powerfulAnti-virus and trojan software      02/12/04  5.60M Tweaki FPU bundled with FileName Pro
tzsar7300.exe     12/24/03  5.27M Remove spyware and adware safely from your PC
tzsar7404.exe     04/07/04  4.75M Remove spyware and adware safely from your PC
tzshred40.exe     02/24/04  2.81M Securely shred files, folders      03/03/03  1.93M Clean up your hard drive easily and quickly!
uiso7_me.exe      06/26/04  1.90M Handle CD and DVD Image Files with Ease!
una32.exe         08/11/03  6.46M Ukrainian National Antivirus
uninstaller_v1.2.e 02/07/03  2.43M Tenebril Uninstaller will clean your computer
uptv1.8.exe       08/07/04   863K Remove any traces of uninstalled programs.
us_dk80_admtr.exe 06/07/04 19.65M True “Set It and Forget It”® Defragmentation
us_dk80_protr.exe 10/16/03 18.32M Set It and Forget It Disk Defragmenter
us_dk80_srv_stdtr. 06/07/04 15.10M Set It and Forget It Disk Defragmenter
us_sk_tr.exe      10/16/03 33.75M Systems Management Simplified
us_ud40_srvtr.exe 11/24/03 11.98M Critical Data Protection
ushield.exe       11/12/03  1.95M Universal Shield - protection plus encryption
vavwssetup.exe    08/18/04 13.70M Reliable Virus Protection
vfsetup.exe       01/19/04  2.96M Intrusion protection for Windows O/S
vidres.msi        03/21/04   182K Interactive/command line resolution switcher
vlsetup.exe       08/02/03   135K The Ultimate Windows Log Solution    07/13/04  1.47M Terminal service via VPN
vqcl.exe          12/05/03   689K Faster and better way to give programs command lines.
vr.exe            11/17/03  2.20M Secretly record your PC; watch from anywhere
vwn2k3eb.exe      06/18/03 15.48M Its a content security and antivirus software   03/27/03   300K Try to open a file with exclusive access      07/14/04  1.32M Start command when folder/directory changes.
wc3setup.exe      05/28/03   913K File compare and merge utility.       02/16/04  1.11M Keep your system safe from unauthorized eyes.
wclean.exe        01/24/04   118K Remove unused files, make your system running like new
webdow12.exe      04/02/04   666K Powerful tool to get tons of pictures
webmon.exe        11/25/03  1.32M Monitor all current connections active on ISA Server.
websync.exe       07/07/03   906K Synchronize, backup, and mirror your data.  05/18/03   237K Internet usage timer and logging system.
webtranslator.exe 11/27/03  1.26M Translate Web pages and web site up to 10 languages
wgpsetup.exe      03/19/04  1.66M Password protect your programs, files and web pages.
windrvghost.exe   11/10/03  1.10M Driver backup and install utility for your Windows devices
windrvghostent.exe 11/10/03  1.16M Backup, restore and update hardware drivers.   12/28/03  1.69M A Windows scripting extension for testing...
winhelp.exe       03/07/03   983K Hard drive/Registry/Memory tools  system info
wininstallle.exe  04/14/03 12.17M Free MSI Packaging and Software Distribution
winmasetup34.exe  10/29/03  1.99M More Control of the Windows? 's 'Window'!
winperfect1.exe   01/16/04  1.72M System, disk, memory, cpu improver
wintricks_v4-0b.ex 08/26/04  1.55M Windows Tips, Tricks, and Secrets         03/17/04   846K Secure your PC while you are away
wnst7052.exe      01/24/03 152.81M MSI Packaging and Software Distribution
wnt.exe           10/08/03  4.07M Antivirus software for Windows
womc10.exe        04/16/03   817K Identify any file or program on your PC
wpro.exe          01/20/04  1.29M Powerful security solution.        11/21/03  1.26M Stop unwanted access to your PC       07/14/03  1.58M Network security solution.
wrar320.exe       06/09/03   965K File Compression and Archiver supporting all popular file formats
wso.exe           02/11/03  1.16M Optimize your system six different ways to increase performance.
wtailsetup1_0_0_0. 03/16/04   353K GUI version of the UNIX Tail command
wundel2.exe       06/03/04   872K Professional undelete software for MS Windows
xfbtrial.exe      02/11/03  1.49M An utility for managing and backuping files.   04/25/03   108K Realize Emacs like-useability on all windows applications
xliplabp.exe      07/01/04 11.43M X-Server for windows. PC to UNIX connectivity
xmark.exe         08/04/03  4.21M Test and optimize your computer
xpmanager.exe     06/22/03  1.26M The complete solution to optimize, tweak, clean up Windows XP.
xpsecurity_setup.e 08/11/04   753K Have a Secure WinXP with SP2 and XPSecurity
xpsmoker0626.exe  07/28/04  2.79M Windows XP Tweaking Utility
xpttsetup.exe     02/05/04  2.66M XP-Tweaking Tools can improve your system's performance
xseplabp.exe      07/01/04 15.81M Secure X-Server for windows. SSH encryption.
zipwiz10.exe      02/21/04  1.08M ZIPping up files is now as easy as 1-2-3!

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