Directory of sounds

123tag11.exe      12/13/03  1.56M MP3 Tag advanced edit 08/30/04  1.62M A special Multimedia Audio and Video Player    02/09/03  1.41M Multifunction Playlist Editor with ID3 Tag Editor, Renamer, etc..
FTS_Setup.exe     06/14/03  3.57M Create beautiful snowflake like fractal music
FlexiMusic_Compose 03/23/03  4.40M Music composing / mixing software - with unlimited no of tracks
FlexiMusic_WaveEdi 08/26/04  3.12M Audio wave and MP3 editing utility, Generate, draw, record, edit
Install%20VW%20AAA 01/23/03  3.33M Correct the noise in music from old records
Juke-3.8.3.exe    07/12/04  1.42M Audio and video player with playlists
LoopRecorder204.ex 04/15/03  4.49M Captures songs from the radio. Saves as MP3, OGG, ASF.
MMans.exe         02/23/03    69K Splits your MIDI keyboard into two manuals
MP3Cutter.EXE     08/07/03   787K Cut mp3 piece from big MP3 WAV file directly.
MP3OPRO3.exe      06/04/03  3.68M MP3 Observer is an MP3 file-manager.
MP3Rec.EXE        08/07/03  1.05M record mp3 directly
MP3_-_AlbumMaker_v 01/24/03  2.46M MP3 Albums-lyrics-pics/ extract AlbumWrap/wav2mp3/winamp2 plugin
MusShell310Setup.e 07/27/04 10.99M Music collection organizer software
Muzys_Win.Zip     05/07/03  3.74M Muzys is an alternative virtual music studio for Windows
NW11.exe          01/20/03   642K DirectX plugins for noise reduction
OrganizerMp3.exe  08/31/03  1.48M The most user friendly music organizer for Mp3s
PowerConvertor.EXE 08/08/03  1.18M Convert audio format easily and quickly.
PowerRecordTrial.e 09/08/04  2.60M Streaming audio and internet radio recording!
RipEditBurnTrial.e 09/08/04  4.83M Your complete and easy custom CD system.         01/17/04  1.58M Real time FFT analyzer for audio and sound signal
WMARecorder.EXE   08/07/03  1.22M record WMA directly
aadcb12.exe       01/23/03  1.54M Burn audio and data CDs easily and quickly          10/28/03   398K Encodes your WAV files into MP3 files.        01/26/04   608K Audio Compact Disc Reader
aplussetup.exe    03/25/03  1.06M MP3 audio player sound equalizer. 03/15/03  3.74M Audio Converter and CD Ripping
audslm11.exe      12/13/03  2.78M Converts MP3 and WAV to Windows Media Audio 8
cdripper.exe      03/05/04  4.01M Extract CD tracks to MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, RAW, VOX, G.723, or G.72
coolmp3.exe       01/20/03   299K Play your favorite music on small player.
coolrecorder.exe  01/30/03  1.19M A powerful sound recorder, record your favorite sounds.
dp2rc3.exe        07/25/03  3.78M mp3/multi-format music player with a very powerful playlist
easyrecorder.exe  01/30/03  1020K It is a sound recording program,and can convert wav to mp3 .          04/29/04    31K Splits sound into basic frequencies
fsondo10.exe      01/31/03  2.95M The Fatsondo Synthesizer is a VSTi plugin.
funnyvoice.exe    03/20/04    41K  Changes the pitch of your voice, very funny.   09/01/04   607K Converts (written) text and wav into midi and midi to text.
imp3e.exe         01/23/03   750K Batch WAV to MP3 conversion utility         02/12/03  2.58M Pub Style MP3 Based Jukebox System
jbsy3210.exe      06/10/04  3.33M Portable Jukebox Synchronizer and Playlists creator         04/13/04   864K Retrieves lyrics from karaoke files and determines chords
mbmetronome120.exe 06/25/03  6.45M Have the tempo traced or beaten on your PC!
mbtuner220.exe    06/25/03  6.90M Real-time Pitch Detection Tuning Software
mdrnr13.exe       11/09/03  3.15M MIDI/MP3/CD Player with Keyb.Track edit,Lyric        03/14/04  2.43M Music score editor: transpose, play, print.       08/17/03   897K MIDI to WAVE converter      06/11/03  3.56M Fully Automatic Midi Accompaniment Software       08/06/03  6.23M A CDDB-enabled MP3 and audio cataloging utility
mm21.exe          08/17/03   698K A MIDI Jukebox with separate volume controls for each song.      08/21/04  1.28M Frontend for Lame, OggVorbis, Monkey's Audio, tooLame         08/06/03  3.72M Mp3 Tag Editor,Renamer,Playlister Converter.
mp3finder.exe     04/14/03   473K Fast and easy mp3 files search utility for your PC
mp3tunes.exe      04/14/03   887K Free and fast dual MP3 player with database, pitch, cue and more.
mtt-v1_2.exe      10/09/03   281K free intutive ID3v1.1 and ID3v2.x, lyrics, picture mp3 tag editor 06/24/03    17K Small (only 16 kb) soundplayer        01/13/03  5.25M NewPlay 4, a hi-fi media player, plays every major media type!
pianitostudio.exe 01/29/03   272K Piano and drum machine with Wave/MIDI saving.
preq_sw.exe       06/04/03   647K Equalizer Directx plugin      12/18/03  2.82M 12-channel music creation tool, synthesizer, and recording studio
setup.exe         01/19/04   715K MP3 Splitter
setupcdripper.exe 04/30/03  1.68M Rip CDs to MP3 or WAV digital audio easily.
text-wav.exe      09/06/03   690K Convert text, web pages or text copied to clipboard to WAV or MP3
tr45pe.exe        04/27/04  1.36M Audio recorder for streaming audio and mic-in        05/15/03   102K A tool to transfer audio streams between apps
virtuosa.exe      02/21/03 11.19M Virtuosa all-in-one mp3 and divx jukebox. 02/12/04   432K Extract sound from AVI-files.       08/03/04   504K MP3 player add-on for WireFusion          09/18/03  4.54M CD quality MIDI to WAV renderer

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