Directory of screensaver

100sun30.exe      06/07/03  4.53M 50 high resolution photos of of sunsets and sunrises ...
10Points.exe      08/15/03  1.25M 10 Principles of Yang Chen-fu Screen Saver  01/03/04   395K You may end up with a '10 Beer Beauty'.
1nuttySanta.exe   11/11/03   803K Watch Santa perform outrageous antics from his sleigh
1stp20.exe        04/19/03  1.40M a make-your-own photo slide show screen saver
1stppt20.exe      05/02/03  1.86M create screensaver using PowerPoint file
2004electiongolfse 07/23/04   758K The 2004 election is full of irony. This screensaver shows both G
2004electionsetup. 07/19/04   730K The 2004 election is full of irony. This screensaver shows both G
2SCR_setup.exe    02/13/03  3.20M 2SCR is an easy and powerful Flash
3DAdamantiumStream 06/03/04  1.53M Unbelievable 3D effects in this screensaver
3DLightMixInst.exe 08/11/04  1.29M Amazing rainbow patterns whirling around
3DLiquidPlasmaTunI 06/25/04  1.79M Colourful space plasma spinning around
3DMFD.exe         02/13/04   900K Enjoy magic fireworks above the 3D realistic cordillera and water
3DMatrixCommunicat 06/22/04  1.46M Bring your consciousness to the higher levels
3D_Custom_Clocks.e 05/29/04   662K Custom 3D Clocks exe.
3Dbri03.exe       05/04/03  6.63M A Beautiful screen saver of covered bridges,
3Dlihou03.exe     06/03/03  4.62M A Slide show screen saver of 3D lighthouses
3_Wishes.EXE      07/08/04  2.05M An inspirational message meant for every american since 9/11/01
3d-photo-album-scr 09/04/04  1020K Turn your photos into 3D photo album.    02/18/04 12.27M Full 3D screen saver of Yosemite.
3dEggs.exe        02/29/04  1.19M Brighten up your desktop with 3D Easter egg screen saver!    11/30/03 11.06M Three Screen Savers that spoof four movies.       03/04/03  5.19M 3D amazing saver
3dfictv0.exe      09/02/04  2.88M 3d art screensaver
3dlasca03.exe     05/06/03  6.32M 3D Art Work of Beautiful Landscapes
3dlavaflowsetup.ex 07/20/04   914K This screensaver shows the lava flow from one of a volcano's inte
3dmtetnavolcanoset 07/08/04   320K See this famous Mt. Etna volcano. See all the fire, smoke and mol
3dpcs_11.exe      10/27/03  1.00M Your pictures on a 3D cube. Plays your music!
3drfireplaced12.ex 02/13/04   946K Download a real wood fire for Windows Desktop        01/05/04   255K This unique optical illusion screensaver depicts someone's view i          10/30/03   427K Numerous alien space ships, fly, swoop.
AFPlanesV1Setup.ex 02/19/03 13.14M Air Force Planes Volume 1
AFPlanesV2Setup.ex 02/19/03 11.84M Air Force Planes Volume 2
AMAZING_SUNSET.exe 04/05/03   919K The Amazing Sunset animated screensaver features realistic sights      06/25/03   140K A small album screensaver
AlpineLoop.exe    06/19/04  2.93M This is 'God's Country'.  Beautiful Colorado! 02/06/04  4.77M Dazzling Musical Full Effect Animated Valentine Slide Show
AlysonSetup.exe   11/02/03  5.10M Screensaver featuring 70 high quality pictures of Alyson Hannigan
AmericaTheBeautifu 04/05/03  4.77M Beautiful 113-effects America The Beautiful Musical Slide Show
AmericanFlagEagle. 04/26/03  1.40M Artist's hand draws American Flag with Eagle.
Animals_Songs.exe 09/04/03  2.74M Photographs of animals, great for children, schools with music.
AnnaSetup.exe     12/06/03  4.86M Screensaver featuring 70 high quality photos of Anna Kournikova
Aquarium.exe      07/22/03  2.52M The best Aquarium screensaver on the net.
Athens2004Inst.exe 08/26/04  5.59M Athens 2004 Olympic Games highlights
Aurora.exe        07/22/03   103K Geometrical colour effects inspired by the northern lights.
AuroraeVisions.exe 08/27/03  2.85M Images created using a process called Aurorae
B1Setup.exe       04/01/03  2.65M This screen saver rotates photos of the B-1B Lancer       09/19/03  2.27M Display Binary, Hex, Roman Numeral, or Standard time.
BakedInst.exe     09/10/03  2.44M Enjoy cakes, pastry, cookies and biscuits!
BeachView.exe     11/12/03   959K Have a feeling of being near a beach with this screen saver
BearsInst.exe     09/10/03  2.30M Enjoy white and brown bears from your desktop
BirdsInst.exe     11/20/03  6.40M Amazing 7art slideshow with 49 fabulous birds
Birds_eval.exe    04/01/03  2.10M Protect your monitor with amazing Bird Images
BoneYard.exe      08/27/03  5.36M Cemetery Screensaver-J Barnhurst photographer
BowTravelInst.exe 02/27/04   376K Air bows whirling in the space and morphing
BritneySetup.exe  11/18/03  4.44M Screensaver with 70 high quality pictures of Britney Spears
BugsInst.exe      11/20/03  4.70M Outstanding slide show with colourfull bugs
ButterflyInst.exe 09/10/03  1.92M Be enchanted with colourful Butterflyes !
CFrogsInst.exe    06/16/03  5.42M Magnificent Frogs croaking in the bogs...
CJ_Screensaver.exe 05/02/04  3.95M Slide show showing CJ 5s, 7s
CLFrogsInst.exe   08/21/03  3.63M Look at careless frogs living in the bogs
CRABCL10.EXE      08/11/04   568K A breakout style screensaver and game in one!
CameronSetup.exe  11/18/03  4.64M Screensaver featuring 70 high quality pictures of Cameron Diaz
Canopy.exe        08/27/03  5.64M A forest screensaver-J Barnhurst photographer
CaribbeanNights.ex 08/09/04  3.55M Fully Animated Beach Scene.
CelticScreenSaver. 07/06/03  3.36M Slideshow Screensaver showcasing original Celtic Art
ChangerFSScreensav 04/08/04   385K Screen Saver. Wallpaper changer
ChristmasSnow.exe 06/19/04  6.14M Christmas card-like backgrounds and big snowflakes fall
Christmas_Snow_XP. 06/19/04  2.78M Christmas card-like backgrounds and big snowflakes fall
Cliente4312.exe   04/21/03  4.95M Manage your Internet cafe's needs.
CoastsInst.exe    08/21/03  3.32M 36 beatiful shots of the amazing Coasts.
ColourStormSetup.e 05/01/03  2.71M View full-motion colorful clouds and nebulas in dazzling 3D!
Coming_Home_Now.EX 02/05/04  4.87M A Marine Screen Saver for Marine's
Coming_home.EXE   09/24/03  3.99M This is a fun Screen Saver for Marine's
CommercialJets.exe 07/20/04  3.45M Watch as 15 different jets fly across your screen.
CommercialJetsXP.e 07/20/04  2.70M Commercial jet aircraft randomly fly across your screen   08/30/03  7.54M ALL New Coral Reef Images, now with SEAHORSES
CosmicCaterpillarI 02/25/04  1.11M Colorful caterpillar crawling on the desktop
CosmicVoyageSetup. 01/29/03   869K Take a trip through the Cosmos in stunning 3D
Ctrlpark2.6..exe  05/06/03  4.53M A slide show screen saver
DEMODOWNLOAD_EXE.z 02/25/04  2.97M Demo features images from the Cancun,Mexico region.
DMBest13.exe      07/20/04  3.61M Wildlife Screen Savers With Personality(tm)         03/30/04    40K lock your system to prevent others accesing.    03/03/03  1.39M Romantic fountain from the Fantasy world   01/23/03  1.26M The cool of the night enter in your room with DVNight Lake     03/31/04  2.41M Fresh breath of morning on the lost island.      06/26/04  2.09M The quiet lagoon with running waves.   10/18/03  2.07M Live waterfall with the real saving screen.
Dakota-Tours3mbp.z 05/30/03  3.21M Dakota Tours Screen Saver. North Dakota
DancingGalaxyInst. 09/05/03  2.42M Mandala like ever changing patterns
Dancing_Melody.exe 02/08/04  1.68M The Dancing Melody show characters dancing with the melody.
Decorative_Vase.ex 06/29/04   985K A Colorful rotating vase with excellent classical music...
DeepSpaceVideoSetu 05/31/04   671K Live NASA video from Deep Space.
DmAKWd13.exe      02/06/03  3.41M Wildlife Screen Savers With Personality™
DmBabe13.exe      02/06/03  3.72M Wildlife Screen Savers With Personality™
DmBear13.exe      02/06/03  3.68M Wildlife Screen Savers With Personality™
DmDWlf13.exe      02/06/03  3.24M Wildlife Screen Savers With Personality™
DmEgls13.exe      02/06/03  2.57M Wildlife Screen Savers With Personality™
DmMoos13.exe      02/06/03  3.57M Wildlife Screen Savers With Personality™
DmNAWd13.exe      02/06/03  3.41M Wildlife Screen Savers With Personality™
DmShow13.exe      02/06/03  3.30M Wildlife Screen Savers With Personality™
DmVisn13.exe      02/06/03  3.72M Wildlife Screen Savers With Personality™
DmWolf13.exe      02/06/03  3.22M Wildlife Screen Savers With Personality™
DogBreedz1.exe    08/15/04   642K Exciting Dog Breed Screensaver.
DogBreedz2.exe    08/17/04   642K Exciting Dog Breed Screensaver.
DogBreedz3.exe    08/15/04   642K Exciting Dog Breed Screensaver.
DogBreedz4.exe    08/15/04   642K Exciting Dog Breed Screensaver.
DogBreedz5.exe    08/15/04   642K Exciting Dog Breed Screensaver.         11/13/03   585K Animated Easter Screensaver.
ElectricArtTrial.e 09/20/03   136K The Electric Art Screen Saver draws complex images.
ElephantsInst.exe 09/10/03  2.93M Enjoy lovely elephants at your desktop
EndlessStarryCurve 05/10/04   386K Stars gathering together to find their Way      09/12/04   185K Strands of color on a dark background in fluid motion         07/07/03  1.72M This is a cool freeware screen-saver / game of f16 flying around         07/10/04   428K The most unique and talked about screensaver     03/10/03  4.55M Dazzling Musical SlideShow ScreenSaver for Fathers
Fighter2try.exe   04/22/03  1.66M Air Force Series - Fighters screen saver and wallpaper
FireDeptPatchesSet 09/13/03 13.21M Fire Dept. Patches ScreenSaver
FishInst.exe      09/10/03  3.18M Wish on a Fish and take Deligth in its Light!
Flashback         02/20/03  1.02M A funny tool which can play Flash files
FlightNAVIGATORIns 07/01/04  1.28M Colourful space plasma tunnel in alien space
FlowersFreeInst.ex 09/10/03  1.86M Enjoy 7art flowers and be in a cheerful mood!
FlowersProInst.exe 09/10/03  3.23M Put the beautiful flowers onto your desktop!
Flowers_Songs.exe 09/04/03  3.63M A display of beautiful flowers with relaxing music.
ForestInst.exe    09/10/03  2.82M Get rest with the images of the green forest.
FractalMorphingIns 07/26/04   231K Very beautiful morphing of fractals.
FruitsInst.exe    09/10/03  1.65M Download these Juicy Fruits and bon appetite!   10/10/03   479K watch and enjoy beatiful animation of water falls with sound
GalaxyInst.exe    09/10/03  2.91M Look in the deep of the Universe.
GhostForest01.exe 03/31/03  1.23M A beautiful collection of screen savers
GhostForest02.exe 03/31/03  1.29M The second member of the Ghost Forest family
GhostForest03.exe 03/31/03  1.07M The third member of the Ghost Forest family
GhostForest04.exe 03/31/03  1.25M The fourth member of the Ghost Forest family
GhostForest05.exe 03/31/03  1.21M The fifth member of the Ghost Forest family
GhostForest06.exe 03/31/03  1.19M The sixth member of the Ghost Forest family     06/27/04    99K Amazing hi - tech graphics and effects... 04/05/03  5.02M Patriotic 113-effects 'God Bless The USA' Musical Slide Show
God_sColoringBook. 03/10/03  4.81M The Wonders of GOd's Creation set to music and dazzling effects. 09/29/03   431K Small saver with some nices efects.
Halloween_Dance_XP 06/19/04  2.57M A great screensaver for the small goblins around your house
Hands_76.exe      03/10/03  1.61M Drawing of Praying Hands  08/19/04 159.62M A real Haunted Mill presentation slideshow/ screensaver      09/12/04   359K From GizmoZone
HellsGate.exe     09/24/03  2.39M The scariest screensaver on the internet!
HieroglyphsInst.ex 02/03/04   872K 17 magical hieroglyphs bring ancient wisdom
HorsesInst.exe    08/11/04  2.31M Enjoy the running Horses in amazing slideshow
HowGreatThouArt.zi 04/05/03  4.81M Musical Full-Effect Slideshow in memory of Space Shuttle Columbia
Hypcurve.exe      06/22/03   527K Rainbow curves and kaleidoscopes swirl about
IMS_ScreenSaver_Ma 04/25/03  2.87M IMS ScreenSaver Maker is the multimedia screen saver making tool   03/10/03  4.74M Musical Full Effect Slideshow - A Poetic Reflection on Life   03/10/03  3.62M Dazzling 113-Effect Musical Animated Valentine Slide Show
India.exe         08/27/04   879K High quality images of all the interesting places in India.
InsectsInst.exe   09/10/03  2.63M Incredible Insects slideshow !
JBirdsInst.exe    11/19/03  4.34M Beautiful birds will rise your spirits high
JLoSetup.exe      11/01/03  5.33M Screensaver featuring 70 high quality pictures of Jennifer Lopez.
JennyScr.exe      08/03/03  1.50M This saver will arouse your unlimited imagination and inspiration
KSS_v2_Setup.exe  12/05/03  9.47M All the fascination of a real kaleidoscope.
KaleidoCaptures.ex 07/02/04  3.32M Art designs with Midi Jethro Tull Music Theme.
KaleidoMorphTrial. 05/15/03   201K Be mesmerised by a never-ending kaleidoscope of morphing patterns
KittensInst.exe   11/22/03  2.03M Look at lovely kittens and have a high times!
LRInst.exe        09/10/03  4.03M Fantastic photos of Lakes and Rivers 08/15/03  5.73M Dazzling Musical Full Effect Romantic Slide Show
LavaSaverSetup.exe 12/19/03  1.95M Put a virtual lava lamp on your desktop.
LeoInst.exe       09/10/03  3.07M Enjoy charming Lions and their manes!
LevitanInst.exe   09/10/03  6.56M Paintings of Russia's best landscape painter
LiquidClockInst.ex 04/20/04   759K Originally designed clock to rise our spirits
Lissajous_3D_Setup 06/14/03   755K Swirly animations screen saver with music
LonesomeCalvary.zi 04/05/03  4.34M Soul Touching Good Friday Easter Slide Show Screen Saver
LoveSetup.exe     12/05/03  4.40M ScreenSaver with 70 high quality pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt
LovelyCarInst.exe 11/20/03   659K Lovely Car drives to the joy and happiness !
MCInst.exe        11/28/03  2.64M Christmas pictures in amazing slide show
MCatsInst.exe     09/10/03  2.55M Delight in tenderness of beautiful Cats
MYSCRN20.EXE      02/21/04  1.13M Create your own personalized screen saver.
MalyakaInst.exe   09/24/03  3.33M 30 insane computer generated pictures
Mandala3DInst.exe 01/19/04  1.26M Rotating 3D figures with magical Mandalas.
MariahSetup.exe   11/27/03  5.00M Screensaver with 70 high quality pictures of Mariah Carey        02/19/03    84K Display your own messages in this screensaver
MaskInst.exe      08/21/03  2.06M 23 images of bizarre masquerade masks
Matrix_Reloaded.ex 09/21/03  1022K Freeware saver featuring Matrix Reloaded images,clock,code,mp3
MegSetup.exe      11/23/03  4.95M Screensaver with 70 high quality pictures of Meg Ryan
MindsEYEInst.exe  03/13/03  1.30M Moving patterns changing in unpredictable way
MonkeysInst.exe   09/10/03  2.48M Laugh at Monkeys and enjoy their intelligence
Monster_Dance.ZIP 08/02/03   253K Monsters dance across your screen to the tune of 'Monster Mash'.
MountainsfreeInst. 09/10/03  2.41M Enjoy the majestic views of the Mountains
MusicCardEn.exe   06/20/04  3.79M Loy Music-Card Maker is a powerful tool to create greeting card.
MustangScreensaver 05/29/04 29.61M High-quality, high-resolution mustang screensaver 12/10/03  3.00M This is a North American box turtle photo's screensaver
NYC_Screensaver.zi 03/04/04  5.37M 101 beautiful color and black
Nancy_screensaver. 03/26/04  3.14M Screensaver of Nancy the model.
NatureInst.exe    09/10/03  3.30M Delight in colourful images of the Nature
NeoMatrix3DInst.ex 08/27/04  1.43M Bring your consciousness to the higher levels
NeonClockScreensav 09/03/04   218K Neon Clock - beautiful 3D ScreenSaver
OceanInst.exe     09/10/03  2.50M Ocean Life amazing slideshow
Optic_Indentations 08/17/04  2.01M The revamped version of 3D optic screensaver...  08/30/03  7.81M Over 70 HiRes Images of the most beautiful Orchids around!  08/30/03  9.66M Orchids screensaver #2, over 65 more images of orchids
PHANTOM.ZIP       05/22/03    35K Try this free Graphics Screen Saver
PTPInst.exe       09/10/03  2.87M Colourful photos from live goa trance parties
PUMPKN10.EXE      08/04/04   420K Watch pumpkins fall and cover your desktop.
Paradise_Island.ex 06/19/04  6.06M Listen to cool beach music and watch the dolphins and waterfalls
Paradise_IslandXP. 06/19/04  4.43M Listen to cool beach music and watch the dolphins and waterfalls
Patriot_Eagle_2001 03/20/03  3.34M Patriotic American Bald Eagle Screen Saver. With USAflags, etc
Petals.exe        08/27/03  7.23M A floral screensaver-J Barnhurst photographer
Phil_s_3D_Theatre_ 05/29/04   662K Phil's 3D Cyber Theatre (Redo) .EXE
Phil_s_Art_Capture 06/27/04  1.91M Incredible chrome structured patterns captured w/ music
Phil_s_Metalic_Col 07/22/04 13.64M Metalic Colors New and Improved by Phil Sassone
Phil_s_Picture_Gal 08/15/04  5.29M This is a collection of Colorful Captures W/ music
Phils_Electric_Sce 06/15/04  1.78M A spinoff of the 'Bit Blitz' screensaver with music...
Phils_Sight__Sound 08/10/04 10.44M One of my earlier inspirations featuring an abstract story board.
PhoFlowr.exe      11/30/03  3.35M Displays a slide show of Flowers using the Phota Screensaver.
PlanetsInst.exe   09/10/03  1.59M See Planets from your desktop illuminator
PolyMorph3DTrial.e 04/17/03   132K Be relaxed by an ever-changing display of swirling 3D images.
Polymorf3DSetup10. 07/18/04   234K Watch as 3D Objects Spin and morph one into another...        09/12/04    60K A floating ball with rotating text using your own color settings.
RadarSaver-Install 09/19/03  2.91M Live weather radar screensaver
RavenhurstSampler. 08/27/03  1.56M Sampler featuring 10 random photos.
RetropolisScreenSa 07/06/03  2.40M Retro Space slideshow-style screensaver by Bradley W. Schenck
RippleScreensaver. 09/06/04   713K A screensaver which can make your screen look like rippling.
RoundAboutInst.exe 02/21/04  1.01M Lively circles forming amazing patterns
SAILING_v_11_.exe 10/08/03  1.40M Sailing ScreenSaver
SFallScreenSaver.e 10/07/03   559K Winter theme screensaver: snow falling, etc.
SOLARWINDS.ZIP    09/12/04    32K Colorful sprites that mix and drift on your desktop (Freeware)          11/18/03   704K Leprechauns move around, Shamrocks float.
SacralMonkeyInst.e 05/14/04  6.49M Mysterious slideshow to bring fortune in 2004
SarahSetup.exe    12/06/03  4.97M Screensaver featuring 70 pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar      01/10/04   746K A Make-Your-Own Photo Slide Show Screen Saver
ScreensaverChristm 12/10/03  4.72M Free Christmas Screensavers
SeaInst.exe       09/10/03  2.35M Sea Creatures beautiful slideshow
Setup.exe         02/25/03    84K This screen saver shows a snowy view
ShortcutScreensave 06/27/04   197K Another GizmoZone Screensaver...
Shorts.ZIP        08/02/03   184K This is a comical screensaver of shorts dancing.
SilentNight-MST.zi 12/12/03  4.86M Animated 'Silent Night' Musical Full-Effect Slide Show
SimAQUARIUM-V2.05_ 04/13/03  2.32M SimAQUARIUM2 Screensaver
Sky.exe           08/09/03  6.60M Beatiful skys
Snowflake-3D.exe  12/25/03  1.53M Relax with a soothing snowy landscape.
SnowyChristmasDemo 11/23/03   618K A 3D christmas screensaver about a beautifull snowy landscape ...
SpaceTrianglesInst 05/15/04  1.02M Amazing whirling triangles megadrive
SpaceWeatherSetup. 05/09/03  1.74M View magnificent, near real-time solar images
Spinning_Ring.exe 07/01/04   793K A simple but interesting screensaver for your desktop FREE...
StarSkyInst.exe   02/25/03   481K Rotating Star Sky with dynamic constellations
StarWayMillenniumI 09/17/03  2.30M Mandala like patterns screen saver
StarryWhirligigIns 02/28/04   376K Happy colorful stars falling away the sky
StellarSnowInst.ex 03/11/04   376K Charming snow flakes in amazing cosmic dance
SunClockInst.exe  07/20/04  1.21M Clock that use shadows as its hands
SunFlowersInst.exe 05/15/04  1.32M Tender soap bubbles fly above the Sun Flowers
SunMusicClockInst. 07/08/04  4.07M Clock devoted to ancient Egyptian Sun God Ra
TAtumnInst.exe    09/04/03  4.32M Vivid autumn colors in amazing slide show !
TM3DInst.exe      09/10/03   886K Rotating 3D figures with amazing pictures from the world of Maya
The_Wizard.exe    07/25/04 17.65M Another SuperSaver by Phil Sassone...
TigersInst.exe    09/10/03  2.80M Feel the Power of wild freedom!
TimesOfYourLife.zi 03/10/03  4.51M Dazzling Musical SlideShow - 'Times Of Your Life'
ToadsFrogsInst.exe 06/24/03  3.71M 22 superb images of the lovely magic creature
Tranquillity_Sky_d 03/17/04  1.67M Beautiful soothing images of clouds
True_Colors.exe   07/01/04  1.52M Colorful art effects with midi music  (Insense Peppermints)
UFObjectsInst.exe 02/29/04  1014K Winged flying creatures radiating Love
USS.exe           11/13/03   519K A beautiful underwater lamdscape.
V1_1.exe          07/14/03   394K Screensaver delivering News stories
VividScr.exe      01/03/04  1.23M show your favorite videos onto 1000
WHR_ScreenSaver.ex 04/23/04  3.41M FREE slide show screensaver for Witch Hunter Robin fans
WICreatorPro.exe  09/13/03  4.19M Create animated water screensavers for sell
WILite.exe        06/29/04  2.05M Escape to nature with this screensaver.
WISetup.exe       06/29/04  3.42M Watch and enjoy beautiful animation and sound of nature.
WITNWI20.EXE      02/21/04   678K Famous quotations screen saver
WaterLifeSetup.exe 06/29/04  2.72M Water life - 3D Screensaver
WaterfallsInst.exe 11/20/03  5.92M 7art Waterfalls brings you amazing photoshots
WatersMoods.exe   10/21/03  1.48M A few pics with some nice efects.
Waves.exe         10/02/03  1.27M Beautiful screen saver with visual and sound efect.   11/08/03  4.00M Soothing 113-effect 'We Thank Thee' Musical SlideShow ScreenSaver
WhiteFlowerClock.e 08/10/04   888K Natural Flower Clock found in fairy tale
Winter1.exe       03/10/04  3.17M Screen Saver with Winter Snow Scenes
WinterInst.exe    09/10/03  2.13M Want to know what the real winter is like?
WolvesInst.exe    09/10/03  2.68M Enjoy these lovely ancestors of Dogs! 03/10/03  4.01M Soothing 'Wonderful World' Musical Slide Show
Yin_or_Yang.exe   07/01/04  1.07M A spinning yin or Yang with a bright color display.
Yosemite-nm.exe   06/19/04  6.34M Enjoy 52 photos of Yosemite along with 23 transition effects
ZodiacInst.exe    09/10/03  1.03M Enjoy signs of the zodiac at your desktop
achrtree.exe      12/09/03   710K Decorate a Christmas tree 101 ways.
activate.exe      06/06/03  4.00M An eye catching and meaningful screen saver for any desktop.
adinod78.exe      02/14/04  2.79M 3D World of Dinosaurs for You and Your Kids
aerialviewsus.exe 06/21/04  3.26M 36 NASA photos taken from the high in the sky
aerialviewsworld.e 06/21/04  2.94M 55 NASA photos taken from the high in the sky
africananimals.exe 06/18/04  2.08M No time or money for an African safari? Use this saver
airforce.exe      08/12/04  3.67M Images of USA Air Force and NATO
airpowe3.exe      02/11/04  3.31M Military Aircraft
airspace.exe      10/22/03  8.64M 75 Air and Space Themed Images
alarmclocksetup.ex 07/06/04   739K This screensaver is an old fashioned alarm clock. It's just like
albania.exe       05/16/04 23.38M See the astonishing sites of Albania.   01/29/04  1.23M Yes, aliens have babies too. This screensaver gives you a glimpse 07/11/04   248K It is an original OpenGL screensaver.
alienufo.exe      07/08/04  3.27M UFOs invade Earth!  Quality sound and graphics      05/21/03   133K Screen Saver. Maps on a screen short phrases.  05/13/04   511K This screensaver shows a spring fed rippling lake amidst beautifu    02/03/04   559K This animated screensaver is complete the Rugrats 'All Grown Up',
alliedforces2try.e 05/30/03  1.86M Protect your monitor with photos from Operation Allied Force
aloha1.exe        02/14/04  2.05M Aloha View Screen saver
alpss.exe         08/10/03  2.15M Make screensavers(SCR) and slideshows(EXE).      02/04/04  1.59M Image and Multimedia Screen Saver
amazing210.exe    07/27/03  3.07M 32 hi-quality images, inst/uninst, freeware.
amazingaircraft_ev 04/01/03  2.32M This screen saver rotates amazing photos of Air Force aircrafts
amazinganimals_tv. 01/25/04  1.68M Protect your monitor with amazing images of Animals
america.exe       03/19/03  8.39M Our America screensavers w/free wallpaper, music, and effects. 08/21/04  1.85M American state symbols, patriotic saver
amored2try.exe    05/30/03  1.89M Protect your monitor with photos from Military Tanks
angelcollage.ZIP  08/06/03  1.19M You will enjoy this inspirational collage of neverending angels.
angelfi1.exe      02/16/04 15.30M Angel Fish Aquarium
animalsa.exe      08/14/04  5.17M Beautiful African Animals, images  sounds
annakournikova-v12 03/14/04  2.21M Anna Kournikova Screensaver
annakournikovasetu 08/06/04  2.52M As a special request we present this photo slide show of Anna Kou
anotherfishsaverse 08/08/04   621K Yes, this is just another fish saver but it is kinda cool.
anssaver.exe      05/29/03  3.55M Beautiful nature scenes with realistic animation
aoutbac2.exe      02/14/04  2.17M Scenic Australia Screen Saver
ap-arctic.exe     06/21/04  2.83M Enjoy the beauty of the Artic from the warmth of your home
ap-austria.exe    06/21/04  3.65M 41 photos from the beautiful country of Austria
ap-bali.exe       06/21/04  3.03M Take a relaxing break from reality in Bali.
ap-hawaii.exe     01/20/04  3.61M Enjoy the beauty of Hawaii right from your desktop with 40 photos
ap-newzealand.exe 06/21/04  3.63M Visit one of the most beautiful places in the world: New Zealand      03/30/04  1.02M It is an easy to use automatic backup utility
apollo2try.exe    05/30/03  3.21M Protect your monitor with photos of different Apollo Moon Mission  04/13/04    62K It isn't raining rain you know. It's raining violets and many oth        09/18/03   830K easy to build a fully customizable screensaver
aq3d.exe          09/09/03  4.50M Aquarium 3D fish screen saver
aquadeluxe.exe    06/19/04  3.77M photographic quality fish swim across your screen
aquadeluxexp.exe  06/19/04  3.57M Watch as fish swim across your screen
aquafishxp.exe    06/19/04  3.35M Have a maintenance-free aquarium right on your desktop.
aquariumfish.exe  06/19/04  4.06M Have a maintenance-free aquarium right on your desktop.
aquasupreme.exe   06/18/04  4.11M Colorful and real photos of fish in a pc aquarium
aquasupremexp.exe 06/18/04  5.43M Amaze everyone with this beautiful ocean-like aquarium screensave
arabianhorses.exe 06/19/04  3.63M 35 photos of beautiful Arabian Horses galloping, eating + playing
armfor.exe        08/14/04  3.79M The images of Army of the USA and NATO      08/17/04  3.46M Art Gallery - Drawn images of animals
asbsetup12.exe    06/30/03   577K Create dynamic and bright flash screen savers
ascrmaker.exe     08/21/04  3.03M Easily Make your own Professional Screensaver          03/09/04  2.13M Make screen savers like a pro, fast and easy
assorted.exe      01/25/04   208K Smoothly varying abstract forms.
atomicclocksetup.e 07/05/04   767K This screensaver is for the most modern amongst us. It shows a nu
australianss.exe  05/27/04  1.06M Australia Flag Australian States Flags Anthem Songs Screen Saver      08/21/04  3.27M The Collection of Powerful and Beautiful Cars
autodesk.exe      06/27/03  4.21M To change your wallpaper and screensaver automatically.   08/21/04  4.14M Detroit 2001 a car-show, cars of future
autumnbl.exe      08/10/04  5.60M Autumn pictures as your slideshow screensaver or wallpaper
autumndeluxesetup. 09/03/04   935K This screensaver has a little more graphics for those who like mo
autumndesktopsetup 08/09/04   186K See realistic falling leaves on your desktop.    09/30/03   466K A rippling lake in the midst of autumn.
autumnleaves.ZIP  08/07/03  1.42M Beautiful Autumn photographs
autumnleaves.exe  10/08/03   727K Brighten your desktop with colorful autumn leaves!
autumnleavesii.ZIP 08/07/03  3.16M Version II of Autumn Leaves is different and more detailed
autumnmo.exe      08/17/04  5.16M Seasonal Screensaver for the autumn mood
avphotos.exe      06/19/04  2.17M 33 professional aviation photos
awvss.exe         08/05/04   771K View a personalized newscast on your desktop.
azores.exe        08/16/04  3.39M The Azores: mountains, lakes, cliffs, fields
b52Setup.exe      04/01/03  2.58M This screensaver rotates photos of the famous B-52 Stratofortress   01/04/04   483K This unique cartoon shows that it doesn't matter what your idea.
balloons.exe      06/19/04  5.04M Colorful hot air balloons float over 7 backgrounds
balloonsxp.exe    06/19/04  4.03M 15 colorful hot air balloons float over 7 magnificent  scenes
balls.ZIP         08/04/03   179K Simple but entertaining. Colored balls float and bounce.
ballzsetup.exe    07/21/04    10K Balls of all colors, speed and sizes seem to be coming towards yo
baseballcards1909. 04/20/04  1.73M This screensaver displays the best baseball cards from 1909. 01/23/04   612K See those slick Battlebots on six spinning cubes.
bbridges.exe      06/19/04  3.36M Rotate 38 images of beautiful bridges
beach4.exe        02/13/04  1.92M Beach Scenes Screen Saver featuresbeautiful      07/08/03  2.16M Dive into fantastic world of furious space battles
beaniebabydesksetu 08/16/04   753K You will be see 26 different Beanie Babies floating across your d     09/30/03   460K See the wonderous beauty of nature.
beautcoast.exe    06/19/04  3.01M Take a trip to worlds best coastlines
beautfish.exe     06/19/04  2.59M Go scuba diving without getting wet with this screensav
beautsunsets.exe  06/21/04  2.47M Sparkling water, colorful skies, romance in the air! 05/05/04   831K This screensaver shows a crackling, blazing fire at the Beaver Da        11/05/03   398K Bee's swarm and crawl around, Yellow Jackets
bemyval.exe       07/19/04  2.28M A heart-felt valentine screensaver
bemyvalxp.exe     07/19/04  2.28M Show your valentine you care       02/16/04  2.07M Beyonce is singing
bf.exe            08/10/04  7.08M Beautiful images of Butterflies and Moths
bftwo.exe         08/14/04  5.72M Amazed images of Butterflies and plump Moths
bigbirds.exe      08/17/04  3.23M beautiful images of big birds, 40 images
bigcats.exe       08/16/04  4.56M Beautiful images of wild cats
birds.exe         03/19/03  8.41M Birds & Hummingbirds Screensaver w/wallpaper & Music.
birds21.exe       08/10/04  4.26M Beautiful images of nice birds, 40 HQ images
birdsnesting.exe  06/21/04  4.18M See 40 birds caring for their young.
bittersweetcandyhe 01/15/04   174K Candy hearts rain on your desktop with messages like 'Die'
blackbird.exe     05/27/04  4.85M Blackbird SR-71 USA Air Force Reconnaissance Jet Screen Saver      09/30/03   369K This is a very peaceful scene of a lonely boat dock with gently r
bom_waterworks.exe 09/07/04  4.81M 21 HighQuality AnimatedSavers(Living Waterfalls, Rivers, Beaches,  12/31/03  1.08M See beautiful bonsai Azaleas burst upon your screen in this uniqu
bouncinggolfballs. 02/17/04    12K Hundreds of golf balls will bounce all over your screen.       01/27/04  1.97M As a special request we present this photo slide show of Britney
britneyspears-v13. 03/14/04  2.28M Britney Spears Screensaver
brp2.exe          05/23/04  4.37M More photographs from the Blue Ridge Parkway
bsSetup.exe       07/30/03   713K Multimedia screensaver with graphical visualizations
bubblebobsetup.exe 07/22/04   247K SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Gary, Sandy Squirrel and Squ   03/27/04   298K This screensaver shows a silhouetted bunny blowing colorful egg b
bubblemachinesetup 07/27/04  1.13M This screensaver is a ficticious bubble machine. It constantly pr    05/16/04   471K Many floating bubbles accentuate this screensaver.  This screensa
bubbleupsetup.exe 08/12/04   703K Bubbles continually rise from the depths of somewhere. It can be
budturtlessetup.ex 09/04/04  6.65M This screensaver is from the famous Budweiser turtles. It's hilar 02/04/04   303K This screensaver shows floating buffalo head nickels floating acr
buffy.exe         03/18/03  3.08M Buffy the Vampire Slayer Screensaver with wallpaper.
bulletholessetup.e 08/17/04   372K Watch your desktop as it gets riddled by bullets. This transparen    04/01/04   390K This screensaver has a cute bunny with a rose in a large sparklin
burnbaby.exe      06/19/04  3.80M Set your PC on fire or use it as a stone fireplace.
burnbabyXP.exe    06/19/04  3.45M Set your PC ablaze   04/16/04   941K See this spectacular waterfall right on your desktop. It's realis
bus02.exe         06/09/04  4.81M Screensaver 'Bus Stop 2'
butterflys.exe    04/11/04  7.09M Butterflys and flowers
bwaterfalls.exe   06/21/04  4.18M Nothing is more enchanting and calming then a waterfall
bywater1.exe      04/01/04  2.02M Animated lake scenes with ducks and geese.       06/26/03  3.71M View the natural beauty of Cades Cove.  09/22/03   117K Electrifying animated stormy scenes.
canadas-parks.exe 06/21/04  3.58M See 35 beautiful photos of Canada's pristine areas such as Banff, 01/12/04   223K This colorful animated screensaver includes candy hearts, roses a   02/04/04   246K This transparent screensaver gives you messages from your childho
canneddrinksetup.e 07/20/04  1.29M This screensaver shows a rain of over 75 different canned drink?
canyon3d.exe      04/01/03  1.17M Realistic 3D Flight
carebearsdesktopse 08/27/04   640K American Greetings' lovable stuffed bears and cartoon characters   01/14/04  1.12M See your favorite Hollywood stars drawn in caricature amongst a g      04/28/04  1.36M Lights Out let you turn computer's monitor off.
cars-exotic1.exe  06/21/04  2.72M rotate 35 exotic cars on your screen, Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc..
castles1.exe      06/19/04  3.35M See the castles of the world in the first of two Castle savers
castles2.exe      06/19/04  3.87M See the castles of the world with 37 full screen photos
catquote.exe      10/23/03  9.15M 55 Images of Cats with Feline Related Quotes
catsandkittens.exe 06/19/04  2.98M Huggable and snuggable cats and kittens. Enjoy 41 cute photos
catskittens.exe   03/18/03  5.06M Cats & Kittens Screensaver with wallpaper.
cccs10.exe        01/23/04   565K CyberCubes on your screen and in your hands
ccssSETUP.exe     02/25/03   279K Quick, easy, and affordable screen saver maker.
ccssetup.exe      05/01/03   630K Screen Saver Builder MP3 player,relax tool.
cfsaver.exe       09/20/03   142K Tiny critters wage a war for the screen space
charlizetheronsetu 08/10/04  4.52M This actress is certainly no monster. She is very lovely and eleg      02/19/04   746K Cute anime girls run and play
chen,1.exe        09/09/04 20.55M chen style tai chi chuan screensaver
christmasmorning.z 08/12/03   600K This animated screensaver is complete with loads of presents
christmastreepond. 09/30/03   405K Christmas is exemplified in this scenic snow scene of an outdoor
churches.exe      06/19/04  3.12M See beautiful churches from across the lands
chutessetup.exe   07/01/04  1.10M This beautiful 3D waterfall screensaver has water almost covering
cirkusclocksetup.e 07/18/04   782K It too is completely accurate and includes mutable music.
cityfireworkssetup 07/01/04  1.64M This screensaver shows beautiful fireworks bursting over a major
clockbarsetup.exe 07/28/04  1.13M This screensaver is of a unique clock. It shows a bar with slidin
clockuniversesetup 07/07/04   749K This screensaver is of a clock whose a background appears to be t
clrsautm.exe      10/23/03  9.86M 60 Beautiful Colors of Autumn Images
coast.exe         05/18/04  3.04M Screen saver with original photography from Outer Banks
collision.exe     06/10/04  3.09M An animated screensaver with colliding spheres and a moving Ball
commemorativequart 01/26/04   242K This screensaver stars the new commemorative quarters floating an
confederatess.exe 03/15/03  1007K Historic Confederate States Flag Images and Sounds of the south.
coolsc40.exe      10/13/03  1.05M A fun Halloween Screensaver with skeletons dancing to music.   08/30/03  7.22M HiRes Coral Reef images, Saltwater Fish, Coral, Invertabrates etc
correggio.exe     06/20/04  2.19M Rotate 21 works of art from the great artist Correggio
countdown.exe     07/08/04  2.35M You are inside a spaceship's cockpit as the timer counts down       01/30/04    29K It looks like the surface of the moon is being blasted by meteors
crossesandangels.z 03/31/04   190K This screensaver has crosses and angels that float all over your            01/26/04  5.12M This is the most unique Screensaver around.
cuckooclocksetup.e 07/04/04   940K This screensaver is exactly what you would expect. Not only is it
cudgeldemo.exe    08/12/03  8.08M The most beautiful video chinese kungfu screensaver.
czetajonessetup.ex 08/09/04  5.37M This screensaver is of the wonderfully talented Catherine Zeta-Jo      01/14/04   769K You've seen one. Now you can see a screen full of dancing babies.
dancingbabysetup.e 08/04/04  1.39M The original 'Dancing Baby' was the screensaver that got the 'Bab   02/03/04   800K It was destined to happen! The 'Dancing Baby' the Rugrat's 'Tommy  02/02/04   616K The Rugrats wouldn't let themselves be outdone by the original 'D
deepspacenm.exe   06/21/04  2.58M 33 photos taken from the Hubble Space Telescope
deepwoodssetup.exe 08/16/04   587K See the waterfall that was found in the deep woods.
degas.exe         06/20/04  3.48M Rotate 40 of some of Degas’s greatest works.
designerclocksetup 08/02/04  1.13M This clock screensaver has three concentric rings. One for hours,
designerfishsetup. 06/24/04   743K Three wonderfully designed fish feather their way around your scr
deskroller.exe    01/16/04   304K Screensaver that scrolls your desktop
dinofly.exe       10/06/03  3.82M 3D Dinosaurs fly through photo-realistic 3D scene, Plus a 3DClock
disneybeautiessetu 08/16/04   753K This transparent screensaver features the Disney beauties. Ariel,
divingdeep.exe    06/19/04  3.17M Get your SCUBA vacation right on your PC
dmb.exe           03/18/03  4.09M Dave Matthews Band Screensaver with wallpaper.
dogdsw10.exe      12/31/03   123K Dog Days screensaver.
dogs.exe          03/30/04   677K Bring Dogs and Puppies directly into your living room!
dolfdrms.exe      10/13/03   809K Playful dolphins jumping on your desktop with sound.
doloms1.exe       02/23/04  3.62M Screen Saver with pictures of Dolomites
dolphindesktopsetu 08/03/04   758K Just imagine that your desktop is an ocean. Dolphins jump out of
dolphins.exe      10/06/03  3.74M 3D Dolphins swimming n playing on your screen
dolphinsunderwater 04/03/04  2.21M Dolphins underwater animated screensaver with real moving water.   11/18/03  1.03M This screen saver pulses 'DO NOT TOUCH MY COMPUTER'.   01/04/04   265K This has a heart flipping and flowers floating.
dpsm.exe          10/11/03  2.12M Slideshow screensaver from your own photos
dragontalesdesktop 05/12/04   241K See all your favorite characters (Ord, Cassie, Zak & Wheezie, Max
dreamity_setup_v1_ 12/19/03  6.54M A multimedia screensaver generator.
drinkingquotessetu 07/22/04   979K From the flying sea gull to the moving waves to the bobbing bird,     01/17/04   604K This baby has a bottle, a cigarette and more. Maybe he's growing           03/05/04     2K Easy screensaver launcher on demand.       03/08/04   189K This is another screensaver for the young at heart. The duckling
e-images.exe      02/26/04  1.57M Create screensaver:JPEG,GIF,BMP images  MP3
eMOMA_Music.exe   04/02/04  1.16M Fine Art Imagery of Music
eMOMA_Nudes.exe   10/08/03  1.24M A selection of Nude paintings by Artists
eagle.exe         10/23/03  8.69M 95 Beautiful Images of American Bald Eagles
eagle3.exe        02/14/04  1.52M Bald Eagle Screen Saver
earth3dsetup.exe  08/03/04  1.22M This screensaver is a very detailed picture of the Earth as viewe
earthmoon.exe     06/21/04  2.02M 21 different photos Earth and lunar shots.
easter.exe        04/04/04   640K Easter web page, screen saver 03/31/04   234K This screensaver has Easter baskets that float all over your desk  03/30/04   100K This screensaver has Easter eggs and candy bunnies that bounce al    03/08/04   175K This screensaver is for the young at heart. The Easter duck float    03/19/04    99K It's raining Easter eggs. OK, it's raining bunnies , too. This sc
easterxp.exe      07/22/04  2.42M Here's an 'egg-stra' special screen saver for Easter
eclecticangels.ZIP 08/06/03   736K You will enjoy this eclectic collection of angels
efc.exe           08/12/04  2.88M Earth from Cosmos. A images of our planet      03/23/04   173K This transparent screensaver gives you cute animated 'Eggheads' f
esexp.exe         08/26/03  3.52M Create and distribute your own Screensaver
esstd.exe         08/26/03  4.62M Create share screensavers and resell it          08/15/04  2.28M A currency of Europe on your display
europe_eval.exe   05/01/03  1.97M Satellite-eye views of different parts of Europe    01/20/03  4.70M Girls from Europe
eyeof13.exe       02/10/04  2.60M Screen Saver from The Twilight Zone television series
eyessetup.exe     09/06/04   758K This screensaver shows two large comical eyes as they look around
ezsss3.exe        05/18/04  1.39M Software to make your own ScreenSaver easily.
f14tomcat_ev.exe  05/01/03  1.91M Protect your monitor with photos of the F-14 Tomcat
fancyfishbowlsetup 08/23/04  2.06M This screensaver features a very fancy goldfish swimming in a ver 04/04/04   269K Wallpaper, icons and windows on your desktop will burn.     01/10/04  3.80M Did you ever wonder what an alien does for pleasure?
fields.exe        08/20/04  4.40M A beauty of the fields and rivers.
fighterjets.exe   06/19/04  2.57M 25 professional photos of fighter jets
findingnemopictori 07/22/04  2.24M It is complete with animated bubbles and appropriate music. 02/19/04  3.99M See a soft and gentle fire in your very own fireplace. The firelo
fireonthelakesetup 07/23/04   708K This blazing fire with it's reflection in a lake makes you feel t
fireplaceXP.exe   06/19/04  4.53M Cozy up to the fireplace on your PC
fireplacedeluxeset 06/28/04   514K See a blazing fire in your very own fireplace.
fireworks-nm.exe  06/19/04  5.98M Hear the crackles and see the explosions
fireworks.ZIP     08/04/03  1.56M What could be better for the 4th of July than a fireworks screen?
fireworks.exe     05/31/04  1.34M Watch an impressive fireworks display right on your desktop.
fireworks3d.exe   07/21/04  5.79M 3D screensaver has sparkles and booms.
fireworks3dsetup.e 06/30/04    18K This screensaver is by far the best fireworks display ever. It is
fireworks3dxp.exe 07/21/04  2.42M 3D screensaver has sparkles and booms.
fireworksXP.exe   06/19/04  2.74M Watch as fireworks explode over a night lit city       03/10/04  1.70M aquarium with a modern 3D graphics
fishwithstandsetup 06/28/04  1.22M This screensaver features a very fancy goldfish swimming in a bow
flagdesktopsetup.e 06/30/04   578K This screensaver is for any patriot American, anyone celebrating
float1.exe        06/19/04  2.71M 25 professional photos of float planes, series 1
float2.exe        06/19/04  2.40M 25 professional float plane photos
floatingcarebears. 08/24/03   182K This screensaver shows the Care Bears softly and slowly floating        02/01/04    36K This 3D screensaver produces chasing bands of light that seem to
floodeddesktopsetu 07/30/04   493K your desktop floods and fish begin swimming       10/14/03  7.49M Best flower series Vol.1
flowerpower2setup. 06/30/04  7.71M This is another great selection of 100% resolution flowers. They
flowerpowersetup.e 06/18/04  7.00M This is a great selection of 100% quality flowers. They are up cl
flowers.exe       08/17/04  5.22M Beautiful flowers: roses, tulips, viols
forestfallssetup.e 08/31/04   596K See this beautiful waterfall deep in the middle of the forest. It
four13.exe        02/09/04  9.47M Screen Saver from The Twilight Zone television series.
frankenkerrysetup. 07/21/04  1.39M It may not be Halloween but it is always time to spoof a politici
freewaymalfunction 04/13/04    52K The freeway looks like a raceway. as cars zoom down your desktop.
frenchart.exe     06/20/04  4.01M Put a little culture on your screen.  Rotate 40 works or art
frontw40.exe      02/28/04   739K Inspirational Bible verses screen saver
frostyski.exe     11/11/03  1003K A christmas screen saver that lets you throw snowballs at Frosty        08/16/04  4.25M Excellent collection of the appetizing fruits          03/17/04  2.37M Make screensavers with Flash, images and text
fssetup.exe       08/21/04  1.14M Build screensavers with Flash movies
fsstd.exe         08/26/03  4.14M Create share screen saver and resell
fssv20.exe        06/16/04   628K Make your own screensavers with Flash movies   05/17/04    58K Many floating, bouncing furbys decorate your desktop.  This scree
galleonsetup.exe  07/06/04   994K This is a silhouetted Spanish Galleon docked in a mystical bay. T   09/30/03   487K See the peaceful Ganges River at sunset as residents use the flow   02/03/04   453K The blazing fires of eternal damnation awaits those who stay. Thi
gatineau.exe      01/14/04  3.52M Five panoramic 360 degrees movies of Gatineau
gcanyon.exe       10/23/03  8.87M 75 Grand Images of the Grand Canyon
genav1.exe        06/19/04  2.74M 25 Professional photos of GA aircraft
genav2.exe        06/19/04  3.09M 25 professional photos of GA aircraft, series 2
genav3.exe        06/19/04  2.92M 25 professional general aviation photos
georgebush.exe    08/16/04  1.81M Watch George W. Bush campaign for the presidential election
ggss.exe          01/21/03  2.96M Display sexy video game girls on your desktop
gllight.exe       10/23/03  7.21M 50 Beautiful Great Lakes Lighthouses Images
goldensunsetsetup. 09/02/04  1.32M This beautiful golden sunset over a rippling body of water not on
golfpaintings1.ZIP 08/04/03  1.22M This screen saver has been especially designed for golf addicts
goofbirdssetup.exe 08/11/04   992K Animated colorful, but goofy, birds fly over your desktop. It's t
goya.exe          06/20/04  2.35M Rotate 27 works of art from Impressionist painter Goya
gradient.exe      01/25/04   208K Smoothly varying colors on the screen...
grail10.exe       03/12/04  9.77M Screen Saver from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
grandcanyon-nm.exe 06/19/04  4.70M Enjoy 50 photos of the Grand Canyon and all its splendor
greece.exe        09/22/03  8.53M Greece series Volume .2  09/19/03   435K See the beautiful green forrest with continuously flowing stream
greensaver.exe    04/26/03  2.05M Enchanting screensaver with a spring flowers
grg.exe           02/10/04  1.79M Spinning Globe Screen Saver     05/20/04   454K This is a beautiful screensaver of a gristmill. It's falling wate
gw.exe            07/28/03   866K Take a trip to another reality - GlowingWorld
halloween1.exe    06/19/04  2.75M A haunted house filled with scary things and sounds
halloween1xp.exe  06/19/04  2.80M A haunted house filled with scary things like Dracula ,bats,witch
halloween_glow.exe 06/19/04  6.58M Different carved pumpkins move about the screen and glowing
halloween_glow_xp. 06/19/04  3.21M Watch as different carved pumpkins move about the screen and glow
halloweenhaunt.exe 10/08/03  1.01M Halloween themed screen saver
halloweenhaunts.ex 06/19/04  7.81M Explore the spooky cemetery as animated creatures fill the screen
halloweenhauntsxp. 06/19/04  4.44M Explore the spooky cemetery as animated creatures fill the screen
halloweentoday.ZIP 08/04/03   905K Be scared, be very scared.
hamstervision.ZIP 08/04/03   269K You'll be seeing hamsters everywhere.  12/28/03   173K Join the celebration. Champagne, confetti, and more.
hauntedhouse.exe  10/08/03  1.60M Watch ghosts and other surprises appear around a haunted house!
hawaii-trial.exe  02/23/04   921K Beautiful scenes of Hawaii
hawaii2.exe       02/10/04  3.13M Hawaii Screen saver
hbverses.exe      01/24/04  2.91M A free screen saver, magnificently displaying Bible Verses        01/22/04   278K This fully animated screensaver is perfect for Valentine's Day or
heartsInLove.exe  01/19/04   706K A Valentine's Day Screen Saver that displays 3D floating hearts!
heartsandkisses.zi 01/11/04   177K The gradient screen fills with beautiful hearts and kisses.        03/03/03  2.43M FREE screensaver with 3 cherubic babies
helicopters2_ev.ex 05/30/03  1.99M Protect your monitor with photos of Military Helicopters.
hellokittyparty.zi 04/21/04   163K Many floating, bouncing and sailing 'Hello Kitty' icons accentuat     01/25/04  4.22M This animated screensaver has changing backgrounds, mutable music 01/28/04   382K See those lovable Hey Arnold! characters on a spinning cube.
hfssetup.exe      06/24/03   210K Remove your screensaver hands free  10/10/03   117K Take a nighttime stroll through this haunted.
highfallssetup.exe 08/05/04   753K This beautiful waterfall screensaver shows a large waterfall amid      12/11/03  2.44M Cool FREE Holiday Screen Saver.      08/20/04  5.69M The Religious Symbols and Architecture      02/05/04   123K An interactive daily horoscope screensaver.
horrorclassics.ZIP 08/04/03  1.40M Various posters that promoted the great classic horror movies.
horrormovietribute 12/30/03  1.51M Classic horror movie posters and flyers with additional blazing
hotrods.exe       10/23/03 10.56M 75 High-Quality Images of Hot Rod Cars     09/19/03   392K This screen saver is exactly what it sounds like.
hsnowm40.exe      02/08/03  2.06M Enchanting screensaver with a little snowman
hugeclock10.exe   05/13/04  4.13M Huge Clock covers entire screen
hurricanes.exe    06/21/04  3.16M Rotate 30 images of hurricane storms (satallite views)
hypnotic_effect_1_ 06/13/04  1.80M Explosive fractal animation, hypnotic side effects    11/22/03   609K This screen saver pulses the message - 'I AM NOT HERE'.    09/30/03   376K This screensaver depicts a beautiful iceberg glistening off the c
icy-christmas-scre 07/29/04   388K Realistic ice patterns over your desktop!       12/31/03   376K A snow storm on a icy cold river. What could be colder?
ijfireworkssetup.e 07/02/04  2.59M This screensaver shows the Iwo Jima Memorial with it's flag wavin
ijlitefireworksset 07/02/04   964K Everyone doesn't have a fast computer. This lite version of allow
ijrwbfireworkssetu 07/01/04  1.73M This screensaver shows the Iwo Jima Memorial with it's flag wavin
ikebana.exe       01/24/04   244K Magic flowers giving pleasure to your eyes...
imagediveclocksetu 06/25/04   766K This stylish and accurate working clock makes an excellent screen
impressionist1.exe 06/20/04  3.32M Rotate 33 works of art from the master Impressionist
impressionist2.exe 06/20/04  3.55M Rotate 35 works of art from the master Impressionist
inspirations.exe  10/19/03  7.12M Beautiful animated screensaver to inspire Christians.
inspirationsinglas 08/05/03   654K View the sparkling examples of stained glass windows.
inspirationsinglas 08/05/03   752K View the sparkling examples of stained glass windows.
inspirationsinglas 08/04/03  1.35M stained glass windows around the windows by designed by Tiffany
inspirationsinglas 08/04/03   759K View the sparkling examples of stained glass windows
inspirationsinglas 08/04/03  5.75M View the sparkling examples of stained glass windows
install.exe       09/06/04   409K Screensaver showing a 3D model of the Independence arch of Ghana
installWinterCastl 03/04/03 11.58M An animated screen saver shows a picture of a fairy castle.
installer.exe     07/26/03  2.07M provides cool 3D animated graphics 02/01/04  1.01M Travel through an endless world of 3D linked rings. You can choos
intlight.exe      10/23/03  8.32M 45 Images of International Lighthouses
irish.exe         02/29/04  1.10M St. Patrick's Day Screen Saver
irispowersetup.exe 07/25/04  5.46M This is a great selection of 100% resolution irises. They are up
itsflowers.exe    03/10/03  7.88M See 48 Hi Resolution Flower Images On Your desktop.
iw.exe            08/14/04  3.79M Nice images of animals living in the woods
iwillsurvivesetup. 08/24/04  3.74M This humorous screensaver will always be good for a laugh. The al
jaungfrau_mountain 03/17/04   625K The jaungfrau mountain ScreenSaver
johnkerry.exe     08/16/04  2.59M Witness a comical John Kerry on stage during the election        03/24/03  3.57M 43 images of Jungle Cats. 01/25/04   880K Enjoy these beautiful sunsets from all points on Key West. This b      01/10/04  1.65M A collection photos of the Scottish kitten
lakes.exe         10/24/03  2.02M Lakes screensaver with water illusion effects
lakesriv.exe      10/23/03  9.56M 66 Beautiful Images of Lakes and Rivers
landscape.exe     08/12/04  3.11M Earth's landscapes - islands, mountains     09/09/03  3.99M Landscape slide show 'screen saver
lanternsetup.exe  08/19/04  1.25M This is a beautiful screensaver of a lantern with a gently flicke
lasershow.exe     07/22/04  6.57M A laser show paints your pictures on the screen
lasershowxp.exe   07/22/04  3.20M A laser light paints pictures on your screen      08/28/04  1.71M Let fall autumn leaves on your desktop! 01/27/04   548K See the acknowledged legends of golf including Arnold Palmer, Jac   02/25/04   194K See leprechauns and shamrocks on  your desktop.     12/15/03   924K Cool FREE Holiday Screen Saver.
lgardenriss.ZIP   02/27/04   123K Beautiful garden scenery and flowers blooming
lgthousetwo.exe   09/07/03 10.51M Experience the mystery splendor and tranquility of the lighthouse
lightart.exe      10/23/03 12.27M 100 Beautiful Images of Lighthouse Art
lighteddialclockse 08/25/04  1.12M This clock shows a lighted dial for all of us who like the idea o
lightg1.exe       02/16/04  2.67M Animated Lightening Globe
lighthouse_point.e 08/07/03   450K LightHouse Point screensaver features a lighthouse on a tropical
lindsaylohansetup. 07/13/04  3.64M This screensaver contains over 40 photographs of the sexy teen se
lipsticksetup.exe 06/21/04   727K This screensaver shows a rain if lipstick onto your desktop. Four     09/18/03  5.86M Beautiful lite houses and waterfalls
lordsw10.exe      12/31/03   123K Lord of the Rings parody screensaver.     02/05/04   123K beautiful scenes and love quotes
lssbsetup.exe     03/05/03  1.86M Powerful and easy screensaver tool. 02/24/04   217K This fully animated St. Patrick's Day screensaver has shamrocks,
mafancyguppiessetu 06/22/04  1.59M This is certainly a different kind of fish screensaver. It shows
manet.exe         06/20/04  3.28M Rotate 38 of some of Manet’s greatest works
mariasharapovasetu 07/13/04  2.47M As a special request we present this photo slide show of the newe
marsscreensaver.zi 06/18/03  9.25M View the mars in 3D
massetup.exe      04/26/04  2.36M 5 steps to build a professional picture screensaver
matetrassetup.exe 07/01/04  1.31M This is another a different kind of fish screensaver. This one sh        01/17/03   105K Excellent Matrix Screensaver , Displays falling characters
matrixemulatorsetu 07/18/04    95K This is an emulation of the various computer code visualization s
matrixworld3d.exe 02/20/04   648K The Matrix movie based 3D Screensaver      09/30/03   358K See famous Hawaiian volcano in all it's glory.
mediaclocksetup.ex 08/04/04  1.14M This is a very stylish clock that includes the date. It's classic
meditation.exe    01/24/04   245K Fantastic birds, the fantastic flowers...  02/01/04    39K This is a simulation of electric field between charged particles.        04/23/03  1.21M meteor shower screensaver - Freeware
mfssetup.exe      04/26/04  2.30M 5 steps to build a professional flash screensaver
midnightcastlesetu 08/06/04   375K Complete with pouring rain, rippling water, rising fog and a dist
milair.exe        06/21/04  2.16M 25 photos of our military's aircraft
miljets.exe       07/21/04  3.30M Watch as 15 different jets fly across your screen.
miljetsxp.exe     07/21/04  2.67M Military jet aircraft randomly fly across your screen.     11/29/03   216K See the lovable M and M characters float across your desktop
mmpartysetup.exe  07/28/04   445K Blue, Crispy, Yellow, Green and Red are having a party including   08/29/03  2.19M See the lovable M and M characters         08/29/03   216K See the lovable M and M characters float across your screen.       08/13/04  3.17M This screensaver show the beautiful Nature          05/24/04   168K A ScreenSaver showing a flight in 3D through mountains. 01/20/04   494K This fully animated screensaver shows Monopoly in a whole new lig 01/19/04   330K See that lovable Monopoly guy in different poses on all 6 sides
monst13.exe       02/10/04  3.38M Screen Saver from The Twilight Zone television series      07/31/04   582K FREE screensaver with pictures of Juan Pablo Montoya
motmes12.exe      10/23/03  9.44M 80 Stunning Images With Motivational Quotes
mountains.exe     08/12/04  4.19M Colorful images of Mountains, 33 images
mtnsnow.exe       06/21/04  2.60M Come in from the cold but still enjoy the scenery!
mtrushmoresetup.ex 07/01/04  3.15M This screensaver shows beautiful fireworks bursting over magnific
mtrxsw10.exe      12/31/03   123K Matrix Recital parody screensaver.
mushroomspoppin.zi 01/16/04   183K This transparent screensaver shows many and various mushrooms.
my_scr.exe        08/25/03  4.22M Adjustable picture
myartsetup.exe    08/24/04  1.03M Help Blue, Salt, Pepper and Paprika color and print their favorit
mydog.exe         08/12/04  4.97M Gallery of the dogs, 37 images        09/14/03  4.01M 54 paintings of Native Americans from the early 1800s
natlight.exe      06/21/04  3.03M Photos of lightening, sun pillars, rainbows and more.
natureloverssetup. 06/30/04   756K This screensaver is truly for the nature lovers among us. It's gr   01/17/04   246K See the college logos of nearly 100 schools bounce around
ncmscrsv.exe      10/14/03  1.44M A free multimedia interactrive screensaver.
nebula1nm.exe     06/21/04  1.96M 25 photos taken from the NASA Hubble Space Telescope
nebula2nm.exe     06/21/04  2.05M 25 photos taken from the NASA Hubble Space Telescope
neonladybugssetup. 07/15/04   687K Beautiful neon ladybugs crawl all over your desktop. These colorf
newyear.exe       12/13/03   780K Happy New Year screen saver
newyork.exe       10/23/03  9.40M 60 Beautiful Images of New York City
nightskyclocksetup 08/16/04  1.13M This clock is a beautiful example of a clock designed to feature
nm-xmas.exe       06/19/04  2.59M Spend Christmas with Santa and his friends
nmxmas-xp.exe     06/19/04  1.75M Christmas at the North Pole and all the Christmas characters      12/30/03    18K This screen saver renders a snowy television signal.
nostalgia1.exe    04/11/04  3.71M A screensaver offering 53 photos from history
novelflashscreensa 06/16/03   309K Use your Flash movies as screen savers.
ntcdtmc2.exe      09/02/04  2.21M Put our cyber guard dog to work.
ntcxmas1.exe      12/18/03  2.18M Share the Christmas cheer for the Holidays.
nudes.exe         06/20/04  2.65M Rotate 28 works from the master artist such as Manet, Renoir
oceanlife.exe     06/21/04  2.96M See the creatures of the sea on your desktop
officemesssetup.ex 09/09/04  1.15M Most offices are messy but do they have flashing computer screens
ogle.exe          03/18/03   839K Ever changing, countless effects
oldmaps-CO.exe    06/21/04  3.75M See old-time maps from the late 1800s and early 1900s      01/26/04   376K This screensaver shows many examples of old and rare coins.
om-centcities.exe 06/21/04  3.36M 25 old maps of big cities with artistic 'worn' borders
om-necities.exe   06/21/04  3.42M 27 old maps of big cities with artistic 'worn' borders
om-secities.exe   06/21/04  3.08M 20 old maps of big cities with artistic 'worn' borders
om-westcities.exe 06/21/04  2.75M 20 old maps of big cities with artistic 'worn' borders
onlinews.exe      08/27/04  1.72M Get the news delivered right to your screen.
otherworlds.exe   11/10/03  2.04M Dramatic Space-themed Screensaver
paintingpictures.e 07/08/04  7.13M A picture graphic is displayed, then starts to paint the picture
paintingpicturesxp 07/08/04  3.76M A picture graphic is displayed, then starts to paint the picture
paintings.exe     02/02/04  4.69M Paintings screen saver
pansypowersetup.ex 06/19/04  4.72M This is a great selection of 100% resolution pansies. They are up
paradis1.exe      02/14/04  1.78M Paradise View Screen saver
parishiltonsetup.e 07/30/04  5.22M As a special request we present this photo slide show of over 40
parkway.exe       05/18/04  4.02M Original photography from Blue Ridge Parkway
particle_fountain. 07/21/04  5.49M A 3D screensaver sprinkles particles across your screen
particle_fountainx 07/21/04  2.12M A 3D screensaver sprinkles particles across your screen         01/22/04   192K This fully animated transparent screensaver gives your desktop th
passageoftimesetup 07/20/04   543K Cool 3D screensaver that shows Time passing.
passer13.exe      02/05/04  5.98M Screen Saver from The Twilight Zone television series.
passionofthechrist 02/27/04  2.54M View over 40 posters and trailers that have promoted this controv
patriot.exe       10/23/03 11.28M 73 Beautiful and Patriotic Images of America
pavins.exe        04/22/03   862K View screen savers while using your computer!
peaceofferingsetup 08/05/04   768K This screensaver offers you an olive branch flown by doves. It's
pedcats.exe       10/23/03 10.22M 95 Elegant and Prescious Pedigree Cats
peddogs.exe       10/23/03 10.20M 85 High-Quality Images of Pedigree Dogs
photo_gallery.exe 04/28/04  1.94M Do you want to see your photos in 3D ?
photofunsetup.exe 08/12/04  2.76M This is a collection of the 50 funniest photos that you have ever
pictureriver.exe  03/03/04  1.15M Slideshow screensaver with special effects.
pinkrosesnowglobes 04/14/04   267K This screensaver has a beautiful pink rose encased in a floating
pinkyandthebrain.z 01/22/04  3.20M Pinky and the Brain float across your screen while scenes from th
planet2try.exe    05/30/03  1.52M Displays color images of different planets as your screen saver      02/01/04    29K This screensaver produces sliding light in various media. This 3D
pobear2.exe       02/13/04  8.07M Polar Bears Screen Saver
points.exe        01/25/04   104K Represents association abstract the 3D-object 01/25/04  1.04M See Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup fly across your screen
ppbandbuddiessetup 07/29/04  1.23M You can see and hear Polly and all her friends sing the Polly Poc
ppgdesktopsetup.ex 08/06/04   714K See the action characters Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup fly acro   02/29/04   388K See a prairie fire come to life on your desktop. It is complete w
quickmpg.exe      05/09/04   617K Media Player and Screensaver for MPEG/AVI.
rain3dsetup.exe   09/10/04  1.10M This screensaver shows rain falling, splashing and gently bouncin
raindrop.exe      04/24/03   392K It shows raindrops rippling your desktop.
raindrops.exe     02/25/03  7.40M Raindrops ripple on your desktop
raindrops_xp.exe  02/25/03  4.03M Raindrops ripple on your desktop    01/25/04   298K Gold coins rain on your desktop in this transparent screensaver.      05/09/03  2.05M Subtly animated tropical rainforest.
rainy.exe         09/30/03   684K Wet desktop?... Amazing? Impossible?... Try it yourself!   08/15/04  3.45M A rare animals on your display.
rediffusionclockse 07/08/04   749K This screensaver combines both an analog and a digital clocks. It
redreapersetup.exe 08/30/04   959K The Red Reaper leers over the surroundings. This screensaver is c
redrosesnowglobes. 04/15/04   365K This screensaver has a beautiful red rose encased in a gold based
rembrandt.exe     06/20/04  2.69M Rotate 35 of some of Rembrandt's greatest works
renoir.exe        06/20/04  3.54M Rotate 36 of some of Renoir’s greatest works
returnoftheking.zi 02/29/04  5.29M View over 80 posters and trailers that have promoted this award-        03/17/04  1.03M So nice pictures of the river in southern usa.
rm20.exe          02/28/04  1.37M Enter the matrix with your computer.   08/20/03   167K Roaches escape so they can be seen by all.       02/13/03  3.27M 50 images of Egypt by David Roberts.
rsdsetup.exe      06/27/04  2.73M Random run all screensaver and wallpaper
rubens.exe        06/20/04  3.53M Rotate 40 of some of Ruben’s greatest works.       01/28/04  3.48M This animated screensaver has changing backgrounds, mutable rugra   01/20/04   404K See that lovable Rugrats characters on a spinning cube.
rugratsdesktopsetu 08/10/04   805K This animated screensaver is complete with all the Rugrats , muta
rugratsphotocubes. 01/28/04   381K Polaroids of those lovable Rugrats characters on a four spinning       07/15/04  6.77M Sample images from the suite of Pixel Paradox screensavers.
scoobydoodesktop.z 05/14/04   359K See the whole gang - Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Fred, Daphne and even
scotland.exe      05/31/04  2.80M Scotland Flags Images Sounds Screen Saver      01/19/04   320K This fully animated screensaver shows all aspects of the popular
scrbld3.exe       07/14/04  1.87M Create your own screen saver in a snap.
screensaverbuilder 03/24/03  2.22M powerful tool to create and distribute screensavers for windows
scrfct3.exe       07/14/04  2.35M Create screensavers for distribution.
sealife2.exe      02/12/04  2.86M Sea Life Screen Saver
setup_happynote_my 07/04/04   903K Turn your favorite picture into a screensaver
sexyclocksetup.exe 07/01/04   791K This screensaver is certainly ther sexiest clock you will ever se
shamrockexplosion. 02/18/04   170K This transparent screensaver gives you an explosion of  shamrocks  02/24/04    43K See your choice of shamrocks rain on your desktop.
shamrockspoppin.zi 02/24/04    63K See your choice of shamrocks pop right onto your desktop.          03/23/04  5.47M Your slide show CD
shrek2desktopsetup 07/04/04   954K See Shrek himself on your desktop. Floating Shrek 2 avatars accen
silenc13.exe      02/05/04  5.88M Screen Saver from The Twilight Zone television series.
simpleclockdateset 08/12/04  1.11M This clock, although simple, is very complete. It not only gives
simpsonsdesktopset 09/03/04   714K See all your favorite Simpsons characters (Homer, Marg, Bart, Lis
skyhighsetup.exe  07/20/04  3.13M This is a very unusual screensaver especially made for stoners. I      05/15/03  3.70M Display your favorite jpg's and mp3's!
slshsvr7.exe      05/29/03  4.07M Multimedia slide show presentation
smalldogs.exe     08/10/04  4.75M Nice images of tiny dogs and puppys, 33 pics        03/10/04   358K See floating, falling, twisting and turning smileys of all sizes.
smileydesktopsetup 06/30/04   947K See floating, falling, twisting and turning smileys of all sizes.  01/22/04   260K Smurfs everywhere. Dancing, Falling, Jiggling. Don't miss this 'M        08/13/04  4.39M Images of reptiles (snakes) music
snakes_eval.exe   05/01/03  2.08M Protect your monitor with amazing Snake Images  12/22/03   376K Just imagine a snow covered cottage during Christmas.      07/01/04  1.07M A game of soccer bounces over your screen.   02/01/04   144K If you put together some attraction and repulsion particle effect
spacetrip3d.exe   08/07/04  4.30M Amazing space scenes in full 3D
spidermandesktopse 07/02/04  1.07M See Spiderman crawl all over your desktop. This transparent scree
spidermansetup.exe 07/02/04   546K See Spiderman crawl all over your screen.         03/11/04    47K Can you imagine your desktop getting blasted by paintballs? That'
spongebobcharacter 01/28/04   443K See those lovable SpongeBob characters on a spinning cube.
spongebobsquarehea 08/18/04   335K SpongeBob has changed. He can now be refered to as SpongeBob Squa
sportmot.exe      10/23/03  5.92M 36 Sports Images With Motivational Quotes
springflowers.exe 02/29/04  1.12M Brighten your desktop with colorful spring wildflowers!
sprngbbl.exe      10/23/03  9.39M 45 Springtime Images (with Bible Verses)
sr71_2try.exe     05/30/03  2.40M Protect your monitor with images of the legendary SR-71 Blackbird
srv.exe           03/18/03  2.32M Stevie Ray Vaughan screensaver with wallpaper and music.
ssb.exe           04/17/03  2.26M Screensaverbuild tools
sscout10.exe      05/20/03 17.50M Space Scout Sitecraft. Mission: Deep scout       02/13/03  1.33M Get screensaver control center free of charge
sst-screensaver.ex 11/10/03  1.44M Beautiful pictures of sacred sites.
stardraw_install.e 08/09/03   220K The screensaver draws beautiful multi-pointed stars on the screen
starjourneydeluxes 06/17/04   735K This is like Microsoft's 'Starfield' but it includes vivid color,       08/17/04  4.86M The super men, Hollywood Stars
starskyandhutch.zi 03/09/04  1.29M View the new Starsky & Hutch screensaver. This screensaver includ
starsplanets.exe  06/21/04  2.46M 34 photos taken from the Hubble Space Telescope
statuefireworksset 07/01/04  2.25M This screensaver shows beautiful fireworks bursting behind the St
storm.exe         06/19/04  4.16M Lightning strikes, thunder roars and the buoy bobs up and down
storms.exe        09/09/03  1.45M Fantastic images of tornados,storms and lightning with music
stormxp.exe       06/19/04  3.41M A storm surfaces on your desktop
stpatricksdayparty 02/24/04    71K Many floating, bouncing and sailing icons accentuate this screens    02/24/04   229K St. Patrick's Day brings out the best in Irish hats. This animate
strombolivolcano.z 04/23/04   338K See this famous volcano in all it's glory. See all the fire, smok
submarines_winsite 02/08/03     1K This screensaver shows amazing images of U.S. Navy submarines    03/11/04   188K The sun and moon float gently amidst the elliptical pattern conta
sunandmoonclockset 07/30/04  1.12M Watch the sun and moon revolve with the second hand. This tastful
sunsets.ZIP       03/18/04   123K Luminously vibrant 3D-like sunset screensaver
sunsets1.exe      03/15/04  2.45M Screen Saver with Original Sunsets and Skies
sunsetworldsetup.e 08/24/04  2.26M Enjoy beautiful sunsets from around the world in a wonderful slid
superio1.exe      02/14/04  1.56M Military Aircraft
supportamerica.exe 03/21/03   944K Support America with a patriotic screensaver       02/01/04    55K This 3D screensaver produces sliding light in various media. It i
swaterf2.exe      02/12/04  3.44M Scenic Waterfalls Screen Saver        04/11/03  3.76M Quality nature screensaver with magic scenery
sword.exe         09/20/03 19.02M The beautiful video screensaver.You can enjoy and learn real chi
tabletekss.exe    01/06/04  3.13M Complimentary screensaver for TableTek tables
taichiquan.exe    09/17/03 53.37M The most beautiful video chinese kung fu screensaver.
teletubbiesdeskset 09/04/04   894K See the whole gang - Laa-Laa with it's ball, Po with it's scooter
teletubbieshskatse 09/01/04  1.33M Watch Dipsy do the actions and then help Laa-Laa by clicking on h
thanksgiving.exe  07/23/04  2.83M Enjoy the holidays with this animated turkey shoot
thanksgivingshoot. 11/11/03   971K Thanksgiving cartoon Screen Saver
thanksgivingxp.exe 07/23/04  2.63M Thanksgiving Screensaver features the cartoon antics of a turkey
the_one_ring.exe  04/08/03  1.47M Freeware The Lord of the Rings screensaver.  04/16/04   276K Watch while three candles gently burn on your desktop. This scree
threeglobeclockset 06/28/04   797K This screensaver is of a stylish clock consisting of 3 globes. On     04/23/04  3.48M See a beautiful slide show of these magnificent animals. These ph
tinyheartexplosion 01/11/04   165K This transparent screensaver gives you an explosion of tiny heart    03/17/04   173K This cute bunny has faded off to sleep and gently floats amidst t
tomandjerrysetup.e 08/12/04  4.00M You can be entertained with Tom and Jerry moving around your scre
tongbiquandemo.exe 08/12/03  8.95M The most beautiful video chinese kungfu screensaver.       02/01/04    45K This 3D screensaver produces exotic colorful tornados right on yo
tornados.exe      06/21/04  1.73M A close-up look at the most powerful storm system known
trainingtipsscreen 04/30/04  1.08M Free Training Tips ScreenSaver from UK Training News.
tropical2.0.exe   07/25/04  8.38M A Tropical Paradise on your desktop
truth13.exe       02/09/04  4.91M Screen Saver from The Twilight Zone television series.    02/25/04    28K Colorful tubes wind their way across your screen. This screensave
twinkletwinklesetu 06/17/04   731K This night sky has a constant twinkling of beautiful stars.
ulchrist.exe      10/23/03 12.20M 80 Magnificent Christmas Themed Images
undersea.exe      10/23/03  4.17M Beautiful moving undersea screensaver with Bible verses and music
undersealife.exe  08/14/04  3.43M The sea and ocean life, amazing images 04/12/04    40K It's raining underwear. This screensaver has many options includi  01/25/04   229K You have never seen a sky with this many beautiful balloons
usa.exe           05/31/04  3.23M America Flags Landmarks Aircraft Space Shuttle USA Anthem Songs
usaflag.exe       03/19/03  3.77M A salute to America. Images of USA Flag, Landmarks, Anthem songs
usaircraft.exe    03/17/03  3.76M US Air Force USA Jets and Aircraft Photos.USA Flag, Anthem,Songs.
usajuly4th.exe    05/27/04  1.89M USA July 4th Landmarks American Flag Anthem Songs screen saver
usapat11.exe      05/16/03   695K Patriotic screen saver with fireworks.
usapics.exe       08/20/04  4.89M American landscapes, architecture, sculptures          03/16/04   557K Show your support for the good ol USA!
usbmon.exe        01/16/04   889K USB Sniffer and Analyzer for Windows
ussm.exe          10/16/03  1.42M Create a screensaver with images, sounds, movies, flash and text!
usstates.exe      07/03/03  4.10M USA flag, US States Flags Images - US Anthem Songs Screen Saver        08/16/04  1.97M Holiday images on your screen
valentin.exe      10/23/03  8.79M 50 Beautiful Valentine's Day Themed Images
valentine.exe     01/24/04  2.70M Be my Valentine
valentineday.exe  02/01/04   386K Cute Valentine's Day screensaver
vangogh.exe       06/20/04  3.83M Rotate 33 of some of Van Gogh’s greatest works.
vday.exe          01/20/03  1.66M This is a great valentines day screensaver
veglife.exe       08/14/04  4.64M Beautiful nature landscapes on your screen
venice1.exe       02/25/04  2.78M Screen Saver with pictures of Venice
verybearychristmas 09/30/03   542K This is a special animated Christmas gift
vfunhouse2setup.ex 07/29/04  1.17M Version 2 of Vertigo's Funhouse has even more graphics than the o
vfunhousesetup.exe 07/29/04  1.02M Have fun with Halloween or any other day of the year. The skeleto       09/25/03   331K See all the fire and all the molten lava.        02/20/04    30K Watch as your screen seems to be sucked into the center. Many opt
walk.exe          03/13/03  4.16M An animation of Jesus being led to the Cross and then crucified.
wallcd1.exe       02/29/04  9.17M Wallpaper CD-ROM 1 slideshow and screen saver
warbirds1.exe     07/21/04  3.27M Watch as the classic warbirds fly across your screen
warbirdsxp.exe    07/21/04  2.88M Warbird aircraft randomly fly across your screen.
warchit.exe       08/17/04  5.07M  Oriental and western architecture          02/01/04    35K Imagine the starship Enterprise as it enters warp drive and you c
waterfalls.exe    08/16/04  4.15M Beautiful and powerful waterfalls, 30 images
waterfallxp.exe   06/19/04  3.49M Turn your PC into a window to nature
waterworks_sorted. 09/07/04 17.54M 108 HighQuality AnimatedSavers(Living Waterfalls, Rivers, Beaches
wclight.exe       10/23/03  6.58M 47 Beautiful Images of West Coast Lighthouses
webcamss.exe      04/07/04  1.10M View live Webcams as a screen saver Play MP3
webdesign20.exe   01/26/04  7.37M Web designer PLUS! utilities-screen saver        07/03/04  1.63M Put your web pages in screen saver slide show    01/18/03  2.08M matrix code screensaver - Freeware
wildanim.exe      06/21/04  1.43M Feel the call of the wild.
wildflowers.exe   06/21/04  3.18M Get out in the wild.  Display 36 photos of beautiful flowers
wildlife.exe      08/14/04  4.74M Beautiful images of wild animals, 50 images
wildriverfiresetup 08/10/04   761K This magnificent screensaver shows a flowing river with two deer      04/08/04    28K WingDings appear and jump all over your desktop. Many options inc
winter_wonderXP.ex 06/19/04  4.32M Enjoy these 10 beautiful winter scenes and watch the snow fall.
winter_wonders.exe 06/19/04  7.69M Enjoy these 10 beautiful winter scenes and watch the snow fall. 01/15/04   400K A gently falling snow, a flowing stream and a glimmering moon  01/25/04   419K A snow covered landscape, a snow covered country church, gently f 09/26/03   616K Beautiful winter scene with flowing stream and falling snow.   12/27/03   394K This beautiful moonlit night has flickering lights, gently ... 12/27/03   396K This home has flickering lights, gently falling snow and smoke.    12/31/03   323K Beautiful white wolf in a snow storm. Very intoxicating.
wintscen.exe      08/16/04  6.03M Amazing's scenes of the winter season       02/20/04    29K Detailed shapes resembling wire art contantly change their shape
wireworld3d.exe   08/27/03   632K Place your desktop under high voltage
wolves.exe        03/18/03  5.30M Wolves Screensaver with desktop wallpaper & music.
wood2000.exe      10/14/03   531K Animated woodland screensaver with sound.
worldnewssetup.exe 09/03/04  1.10M Cool 3D screensaver that shows World News.        04/25/03  3.37M 34 Mysterious planets in distant galaxies.      02/25/04    11K You appear to travel down a 'Worm Hole'. This screensaver has man
worms.exe         04/05/04   181K Thousands worms crawl and eat your desktop!
wplanet1.exe      02/16/04  2.46M raging planet      12/17/03  1.23M A screensaver with various flowers
ww2warbirds.exe   06/21/04  2.37M 25 professional photos of ww2 aircraft
x10_xstream.exe   12/09/03  2.65M Use live video from around your home as a screensaver!          12/05/03  8.00M Christmas 2003 screen saver
xmaspi.exe        08/21/04  5.25M Images and music for great holiday
yellowsunsetsetup. 08/23/04  1.03M This beautiful screensaver is of a yellow sunset over a a ripplin
ytvclocksetup.exe 08/06/04  1.11M This clock from YTV is very classy in it's black and gold design.

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