Directory of programr

1CMTJ11.exe       04/11/03  5.45M Animated expandable Java menus in minutes      12/21/03  6.50M Elegant InterFace for rescale and resize      12/21/03  3.24M Access Developer Spell Check Engine           01/11/04  2.66M Executes WEB apps without WEB server 04/04/04   586K ASP.NET DHTML Menu generates hierarchical DHTML menu.     04/15/04   543K Make Web Apps that look like Desktop Apps!
Active800x600.exe 08/17/03   193K Resizes a program window to 800x600
BBLPowerX_Evaluati 06/20/03   724K Component useful for shutdown, reboot, wake up a remote computer
BBLResizerX_Evalua 06/20/03   712K This component is not only a resizer but also a converter
BBLUploaderX_Evalu 06/20/03   719K This component allow you to upload files to a directory or a data
BCGControlBarEval. 06/06/03  5.38M MFC extension library for customizable GUI
Babya_System_SDK.e 05/24/03   718K Source code for Babya System program writers
BarcodeJSP_TRIAL.z 03/27/04   304K Barcode image generator Java component 03/21/03    14K Compile your Batch file into executables (exe)
BestAddressHTMLIns 08/17/04  6.65M Easily create websites with this HTML editor.
Biblioteca_em_Auto 09/18/03   634K Instalação de biblioteca útil para projetos de irrigação no ACAD
BizMailSetupEng.ex 09/17/03  4.84M E-mail client for daily e-mail users.
CDStartSetup.exe  06/09/03   649K Create autorun CD with HTML, splash screens,
CKeeper.exe       12/01/03 14.43M Registration of computers in firm      09/01/03  1.50M The com component will quickly generate a CRC
CRC32LibrayTRIAL.z 09/01/03  1.04M CRC checking operations quick 06/24/04    95K ActiveX ncScrollbar, the Scrollbar for the new Millenium
ChangeSiteExpressI 02/25/03  2.62M Easily make website-wide modifications.
ChmMakerProSetup.e 05/21/04    26K Program for making chm-files.      03/10/03  1.49M Code anything easily.
DBP2008.exe       05/24/04  4.45M DBPix, the Bound Image Control for data apps
DLLUtilitiesTrial. 01/15/03   372K DLL giving TEN functions with 16 commands
EZP3P.exe         08/06/04  4.71M Create P3P Policies
EasiReporterSetup_ 08/04/03  1.44M Prepare and print Database Reports - no SQL required!
Evaluation.msi    06/20/03   720K A powerful tool to generate dinamically 2D and 3D graphs
Fluxed11.msi      11/12/03  1.63M simple flowchart editor
FmProWorksheet1.01 07/15/04  1.28M FmPro Worksheet- SQL for FileMaker 7    09/01/03   941K tells you how much disk space is in use
GetDiskSpaceTrial. 03/03/03   352K Get disk space from any disk device - including over 2 gigabytes
HBProSetupv100.exe 11/26/03  9.31M Powerful development environment for HTML.    01/09/04   968K This program creates HTML Help Files
HTMLPower_SETUP.ex 06/04/03   821K protect the source of your web page
HTMLconvert.exe   11/28/03   841K Convert HTML to PHP,Perl,ASP,JSP,JavaScript..
HexSer10.exe      08/22/04   878K Serialization and burning Intel hex images.    06/18/04   140K ActiveX control with two labels and an image
InstallWebExpertPr 12/14/03  1.14M Be first on the TOPs of the search engines!
JSGlowingTextEffec 07/06/04     8K Add glowing effect to text of web pages.
JSNeonLightsTextEf 07/05/04     9K Add neon lights effect to text of web pages.
JSNudgingTextEffec 07/08/04     9K Add nudging effect to text of web pages. 04/09/04     9K Add opening door special effect to web pages.
JSStarFieldBackgro 10/29/03    12K Add moving star effect to web pages.
KineticaRT.Control 06/21/04   310K .NET Button Instrumentation Component
KineticaRT.Control 06/14/04   351K .NET Frame Editor and Instrument Container
KineticaRT.Control 06/21/04   250K .NET LED Lamp Indicator Component
KineticaRT.Control 06/14/04   292K .NET 2D XY Chart Real-Time Control
KineticaRT.Logic.E 06/18/04   283K .NET Maths Expressions Automation Component
LIDD1211S.exe     03/01/04  6.70M Finally, the installer you were waiting for
LTProf_setup.exe  01/16/03  1.56M LTProf is a small but powerful CPU profiling tool for C  and VB
LeopardSetup.exe  11/25/03  1.79M Beginner Programming Language
LicSetup.msi      12/02/03  1.54M License Manager for Software Products 06/23/03   353K ASP.NET internationalization design tool.
MCL-3_1_4.exe     01/25/04  1.28M Programming library for video/audio conversion.
MicaHHBTrialSetup. 06/27/03  1.07M Html Help Authoring package
MistyChartDemo.msi 04/16/04   556K MistyChart is a Java Charting component. Customize at design or r
MistyChartNetLiteD 04/16/04   709K MistyChartNetLite is a .NET Windows Forms Chart component.
MistyGridDemo.msi 04/16/04   422K MistyGrid is a swing JTabled based java grid
MobileSMS21.exe   12/04/03   906K It is a powerful SMS ActiveX.
NCTImageStudio.exe 02/18/03  4.85M The package of 12 ActiveX DLLs for work with images.
NCTVideoConverter2 02/18/03  6.78M NCTVideoConverter ActiveX DLL is a video files converter
NET_Message_Compon 09/06/04   629K Message Display and Logging Component
PIE_Se10.exe      02/19/04  2.41M PPCInstallBuilder Express
PanelBarPro.msi   04/24/04   560K eStream PanelBar.NET - ASP.NET Menu Control
PowerWebTools.exe 07/14/04  1.48M Tools NO webMaster Should Be Without!           06/02/03    37K Remote access database server
RSSmyperfmonTrial. 04/22/03  1.91M graphical MySQL performance monitor
SAPDrv52.exe      07/22/04  5.06M Virtual, encoded drives for your data
SPWSetup.exe      02/11/03  8.85M Integrated stored procedure and source code generator          06/05/04    59K Stress Test a SQL Server 2000 Database
ScrnCptSetup.exe  04/19/03   937K Capture any window image
Setup.exe         09/02/03 14.92M Developers premium database editor         02/15/03   747K MPEG-1 system stream multicast source code and demo
SetupAioob1_0_0.ex 06/07/03 16.97M Converter your database into XML. Edit XSL, XSD, XSL documents.
SetupFreeFlyAnimat 08/10/03   748K Free Java Animation Maker
SkillFusion_5_2.ex 08/07/04 25.56M Build dynamic web apps with SkillFusion.
StarForce_ProActiv 05/21/04    63K Software licensing and protection solution.
TML90Comp_Evaluati 06/20/03   748K Print receipt to a EPSON TM-L90 POS Printer from your application       01/21/03  2.92M A powerful setup builder including a WebUpdate utility        09/01/03  1.13M returns how many pages are in a tiff file 05/17/03    72K Internet Explorer Style Toolbar Component for Java Swing  08/04/03  6.66M UCCDraw ActiveX Control By UCanCode
Unicode_Icons_2-1_ 08/31/04   392K .NET DLL to make your console apps 'WOW' them!
UrlMgrSetup.exe   03/14/03  1.46M a handy and powerful bookmark manager
VIShrNr.exe       08/10/04 15.68M Visual Integration Studio - Standard Edition 03/25/04   958K Automated Windows Software Build Management Tool
WebExtendersTrial. 07/17/03   382K Program Alert, Confirm etc in ASP.NET
WinformsEvalSetup0 02/22/04  9.64M Map Suite - Winforms Edition Map Control
WinformsLiteEvalSe 02/22/04  9.32M Map Suite - Winforms Lite Edition Map Control   08/04/03 15.05M XD  Library for MFC by UCanCode.
_d_en3wh.exe      03/21/04  4.02M Create a manual, hypertext, HTML Help       09/11/03  2.14M AATools - audit your network security 07/14/04  1.94M Enables apps to send http and https requests
absolutePDF-Creato 08/06/04  2.21M Enables apps to create PDF without Acrobat      03/03/03  2.96M Administrator for MSDE
advanced_pdf_tools 08/24/04   488K Edit PDF info,resize page,set open action
advinst.msi       06/14/04  1.48M Windows Installer authoring tool.
af350.exe         02/11/03  1018K Software applications rapid development tool.           07/07/04   809K File compare and directory compare tool
affSetup.exe      07/05/03  1.90M Create custom builds quickly with it.
ahg6.exe          12/02/03 12.41M WYSIWYG Editor for Encrypted HTML Help
ahte6x.exe        07/22/03  8.98M WYSIWYG HelpFile Authoring System
aioob_xml_editor2. 05/14/04  9.01M The FREE XSL, XML, XSD, XSLT and FO Editor.
aiw194.exe        04/23/03  2.40M Versatile installation creation tool.
alloy04.exe       08/17/04  1.39M Integrate VB Runtimes into your exe
ams50pro.exe      02/11/04 29.49M Visual Multimedia Authoring and AutoRun CD's.
appgini_freeware.z 01/17/04  3.69M Generate powerful PHP scripts to manage MySQL databases.
application_servic 08/02/04  1.95M Run any Application as Service in Windows          03/12/03   327K A development environment for installers.
aspmkr.exe        01/31/04  3.07M ASPMaker generates ASP from databases
aspnetmkr.exe     03/09/04  3.36M Code generator that creates ASP.NET scripts from database  06/16/03  1.95M Create new and edit existing images
atx20bet.exe      08/10/04  2.58M Software test automation for Delphi or Excel
avphone3.exe      03/25/03  1.65M Audio video capture,compression,conferencing,broadcasting,stream      03/17/03   448K Allowto calculate mathematical expression        06/17/03  1.43M AxGC (v 3.2) ActiveX Control   07/03/03   866K ATL COM image processing component
bDataGuy.EXE      10/10/03  1.20M Database editor for Jet, Oracle, SQL server..
balocx.exe        08/04/03   314K ActiveX component provides control ToolTips.
barcode.exe       02/04/03   978K Read barcodes from images  06/06/03   288K MFC extension library  09/24/03  5.96M Add SSL
bluejsetup-200-bet 07/18/04  2.52M BlueJ is a highly interactive Java IDE
broadcastersetup.e 07/17/04  4.97M Video streaming, audio streaming ActiveX Control
cad.exe           07/08/03    95K ActiveX control for AutoCAD.
cadocx.exe        11/09/03   526K Visual Basic ActiveX control for AutoCAD.     07/17/03  1.02M Reconstructs java source from CLASS files.
cd_n_dvd_burner_n_ 06/26/03   123K Adds CD      04/26/03   327K advanced listbox contorl, font and color
chstandard-4_5_0.e 01/31/04 23.50M Ch is an embeddable C/C  interpreter
ci.exe            10/22/03   622K Versatile, flexible and powerful installer.
codethatpacker.exe 10/19/03   388K CodeThatPacker JavaScript compression tool.
codethatscrollerst 10/19/03   640K Displays the texts using scrolling effects.
compilex_demo.exe 03/31/03  2.23M .Net Application Generator       03/08/04   261K Client Server TCP/IP communication component DLL library
d2l.exe           09/28/03  2.21M A tool to convert a DLL file into a equivalent static library.
databurnerdemosetu 06/08/04  1.17M For Professional Developers who need recording backup disc
dg-dev_softwareupd 07/09/03  1.12M A Free internet updater for your programs         05/14/03  4.61M Unique collection of Delphi tips and articles
dzperl56.exe      08/30/04  1.73M Well-designed Perl CGI scripts editor
ec1vr2.exe        05/11/04   884K Example collection for report design component library of VR 2.0.         02/23/03   984K Syntax highlighting text editor ActiveX         10/30/03  5.51M The Secure Electronic Software Distribution
eltima_components_ 09/06/04   399K Visual Java Swing Components Library.
emed4epx.exe      04/12/04  1.53M A text editor that fully supports Unicode.
emed4esx.exe      04/12/04  1.40M A text editor that fully supports Unicode.   02/20/04   118K Adult PDF Encrypt to encrypt existing PDFs.
encryptpdf_com_tri 07/28/04   155K Encrypt to existing PDFs, pdf secure
engi204.exe       07/17/03   402K Key logger engine for software developer.       05/19/04   559K EasyPatterns for your application
ephelp13.exe      05/19/04   751K Design and test EasyPatterns and perl pattern
equivalentscript.z 06/26/03  2.84M Equivalent SQL Scripts for multiple databases   08/24/03  3.05M CASE Tool for Sequence Diagram Generation
exceltoh.exe      11/09/03  1.38M ActiveX DLL to create HTML from Excel files.      04/04/03  3.03M Update Fortran Code with this Interactive Win Shell (Sharew. $5)       04/26/04   350K FTP library component for C/C  programmers.       07/21/04   247K FTP library component for Delphi programmers      07/21/04   233K FTP library component for Visual dBase programmers      06/03/04   238K FTP library component for Visual FoxPro programmers      06/03/04   214K FTP library component for direct control of the FTP protocol.      07/21/04   215K FTP library component for Xbase programmers
flashupdate_eval.e 01/11/04  6.94M Create and distribute online software updates
flextracer-install 08/04/03   562K Powerful and flexible database and DLL tracer
flytreeview_asp.zi 06/23/04   714K Advanced treeview control for ASP.NET           09/08/04  2.25M Process/parse your incoming email messages           09/25/03  4.13M Generate unlimited content/gateway pages         01/19/04    12K VFP database updater for easy update of revised data structure    01/25/04  2.12M Hackman disassembler is an ultra fast multiprocessor disassembler      02/19/04  3.16M Hackman Template Editor 8.0 is an ultra fast template editor.
hb21.exe          07/12/04  1.42M Backup to FTP or LAN, ZIP compression.
hbtapi.exe        09/22/03  2.82M VCL components to access TAPI.
he32std.exe       03/26/03  3.88M Make your website known all over the world!
hlpscr73.exe      07/20/04  2.23M Full-featured help authoring tool.
hmsetup.exe       01/11/04 13.54M WYSIWYG Windows help authoring tool     08/28/03   849K A practical solution for HTML integration.     06/19/03   381K This ASP component upload and resize images.        03/05/03  2.61M Create Windows 95/98/2K programs with IBasic
icinst.exe        01/25/04  2.32M installation tool
incontact.exe     04/20/03  4.06M SMS Communication Tools.
insertXpressSetup. 08/06/03  2.59M Smart INSERT scripts for moving table data!
jasspa-mepkg-ms-wi 08/07/04  3.89M Jasspa Distribution of MicroEmacs - Emacs editor.       12/01/03   539K Create professional JavaScript menus.  10/09/03   207K Find bugs/errors in JAVA source code.
jlaunch14.exe     05/17/03   517K JLaunch is an executable used to launch Java Applications.
js_progress_bar_cl 10/07/03   443K Display current time as progress bar.
jsmutator_eng.exe 08/11/04   756K Protects java scripts from theft and modif.      11/16/03    99K ActiveX LDAP DLL for Active Directory
lb400win.exe      11/26/03  2.93M Easy, personal Windows programming in BASIC!        05/26/03     9K Level Meter is a free ActiveX control to display the level           07/14/04  6.91M Similar ao E.S.E.
limnor.msi        08/24/03 17.96M generic-purpose no-code programming system
localizer.exe     04/02/04  1.86M Powerful software localization tool.
lookrs232.exe     04/02/04  1.59M Debug data transfers with thisRS232 monitor
magitoolkit_v2_0_1 01/09/04   232K Magi Toolkit for Java, for Developers.         06/04/03  1.46M Java Button Maker for the Web
mbasic.exe        10/10/03  4.73M Marathi Basic is a fully functional Marathi Programming Language.
mcdblt.exe        11/03/03   727K Magic CD/DVD Burner (C/C  Library)
mcdbxt.exe        11/03/03   981K Magic CD/DVD Burner (ActiveX Control)           09/01/03  1.52M quickly generate a MD5 string from a text       02/05/03   319K GPS library component for C/C programmers
mmdlog10.exe      12/13/03   444K Finds GDI memory leaks and GDI funs failures
mmill30.exe       04/14/03  2.29M UML CASE tool with round-trip Java/C /C#
movieplayerdemoset 06/19/04  4.81M video/audio playback activex control
movieplayerprodemo 06/19/04  4.89M Support Divx, AVI, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (need dvd decoder), ASF
mr2.exe           08/29/03   876K Can search
mrsetup.exe       06/04/04  1.50M A tool for reports creating
msgboxinstall.exe 03/17/04  1.76M An ActiveX DLL which adds new capabilities to the standard MsgBox
msibuilder.msi    05/05/03  1.06M Create powerfull WindowsInstaller Package
mvcdbx100t.exe    03/28/04 10.21M Magic VCD Burner (ActiveX Control)
nbasic10sw.exe    10/23/03  1.32M NBASIC is a classic BASIC interpreter for Windows
net03te.exe       02/15/03  1.04M Encryption tools for Windows® and Pocket PC
netmailsetup.exe  02/02/03  1.17M Anti-spam filtering email client   06/17/03  2.65M A freeware environment for development of Neural Networks
nsis3_gui.exe     05/09/04   228K Creating script files for Nullsoft NSIS
numberboxinstall.e 07/05/04  1.58M Add numeric capabilities to the standard text box
oaudt157.exe      03/25/03  6.72M Add audit trails to MSSQL databases.
ocxdemo.exe       05/09/03  1.16M TAL Bar Code ActiveX Control Plus
omniviewsetup.exe 10/20/03  4.05M SQL Server/MSDE Data Editing/Query Tool  03/04/03  3.27M Create window like Graphical User Interfaces
pcb30.exe         08/17/03  2.57M You can get more speed and stability out of your computer
pchm.exe          04/16/04  2.51M Create your first CHM book in 10 seconds        08/25/04  3.66M Programming library for generating PDF
pdfmaker.exe      11/24/03   347K ActiveX DLL to automatically create PDF files.
pdfocx12.exe      03/21/03  2.90M Convert any Group 4 TIFF or JPG file to PDF.         09/01/03  1.22M quickly tell you how many pages are in a pdf
pdfstamp_win.exe  08/14/03  1.04M stamp content into a PDF document.
pexsetup.exe      07/16/04  2.49M Resource editor, dll viewer and disassembler       11/29/03  2.77M ActiveX component for read and verify fingerprint         01/25/03  4.29M YACC and Lex development tool for Windows.      03/21/03  4.72M Let your software sell itself. ActiveX
phpmkr.exe        07/14/04  3.66M Generate a full set of PHP scripts quickly from MySQL database   12/23/03  2.45M Tool for writing, and debugging PHP scripts.
popsetup.exe      10/09/03   400K Create Popup windows for your webpages easily
printpreviewinstal 07/05/04  1.52M View reports on the screen just as they would appear on paper     02/29/04   565K Packet Sniffer SDK for Windows DLL Edition     02/29/04   688K Packet Sniffer SDK for Windows VCL Edition.       07/28/04  2.65M Professional UML diagramming tool     08/23/04  2.41M QVCS is an affordable version control system
rclocalize.exe    05/27/03    12K Translate quickly your resources RC files      10/02/03  4.27M Remote control other PC
regexb12.exe      07/08/04  2.05M Create, test and use regular expressions       02/24/03   139K Regular expression library for VB and VBA   08/13/04   573K Add the 'Check Updates' feature in your apps
rollstp.exe       07/19/03   402K Create image roll over effects and buttons for you webpage easily   01/24/03  1.16M RTF to XML converter    07/07/04  5.86M It converts RTF docs into XML, PDF, HTML         08/21/04  4.85M Delphi VCL for editing documents with images, tables, hyperlinks       08/21/04  8.00M CBuilder VCL - editing documents with images, tables, hyperlinks
sam2demosetup.exe 01/19/04  2.25M A complete windows help file creation suite.
sarg.exe          08/26/04   319K Extremely helpful to starting and running a shareware business.  08/07/04     4K Delphi DBGrid Replacer
scheduletimerinsta 07/10/04  1.65M An easily-implemented scheduling interface.      05/08/04   587K DLL .NET -to print labels         02/28/04   381K Pick color anywhere on the screen
scs4b5t.exe       05/11/04  1.16M VCL intended for creating analyzers and parsers of source codes.
scs4b6t.exe       05/11/04  1.14M VCL intended for creating analyzers and parsers of source codes.
scs4d5t.exe       05/11/04   994K VCL intended for creating analyzers and parsers of source codes.
scs4d6t.exe       05/11/04  1.17M VCL intended for creating analyzers and parsers of source codes.
sdidesetup.exe    04/15/04  6.72M Script Debugger IDE is a development platform
sdrk_setup.exe    08/18/04  2.41M Expands your applications with scripting.
sebpro.exe        03/07/03   615K Create a search engine for any website.       03/14/03   477K SMTP/POP3 email component  library for C/C++ programmers.      05/06/03   257K SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for COBOL       03/21/03   295K SMTP/POP3 email library for Delphi programmers.      04/16/03   285K SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for Visual dBase      04/07/03   255K SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for PowerBASIC      04/29/03   248K SMTP/POP3 Xbase++ email component library for Xbase programmers.
serial_share.exe  05/21/04  1.73M Share real serial ports between applications.  08/19/04  3.10M Advanced image compression component.       04/19/03  1.76M ActiveX HMI Instrument Input Components
setupccake1_0.exe 10/25/03   670K Coding toolkit and code articles library.
setupmenustd.exe  10/19/03   526K cross-browser JavaScript menu control
sharewareexpireins 07/05/04  1.54M Restrict access to your programs      02/23/04  1.63M Extend Windows Explorer with Delphi!
simplegrid1install 07/05/04  1.53M Replacement for MSFlexGrid with additional features
skinmagic.exe     04/09/03  3.13M A C/C  library for write skinnable applcation     11/29/03  3.77M This ActiveX is able to read and write dta from SmartCard
smscr-ax-2_1_82.ex 01/22/04  2.21M SMS communication via SEMA, CIMD2, UCP, SMPP.
smscr-vcl-2_1_82.e 01/22/04  2.25M SMS communication via SEMA, CIMD2, UCP, SMPP.
sourcecodeorganize 11/01/03   539K Software development library for source code.
sourceformatx253.e 06/07/04  1.08M SourceFormatX source code automatic formatter
sp30104te.exe     02/22/03  1.58M Package multiple setup programs into a single self-extracting EXE    08/11/04  2.94M Spam filtering, anti-spam software         04/08/03   248K Edit and visualize source code Delphi.          09/14/03   811K Generation proxy utility of stored procedures        07/29/04   454K Develop and run SQL scripts with any DB     11/10/03    46K Create embedded database application
sqlsourcesafe_rel2 01/04/04  3.75M SQLSourceSafe - SQL version control Tool        07/13/04  1.90M Dencrypt stored procedures, triggers,views or user-define functio
srch35.exe        06/25/04  1.94M Time-saving tool for searching software sites
starburn.exe      04/13/04  2.22M CD/DVD Burning, Grabbing
strackeval-setup.e 01/21/04  3.56M Software submission and tracking system     07/03/03   358K StrongBox encryption COM component         04/16/03     1K API for work with substitution device
supercoolrandom100 08/07/04   560K SuperCool random number generator - A random sampling and random      02/11/04  7.17M SWBTracker - Bug Tracking Software
swtrial.exe       12/07/03   781K Manages shareware fulfillment 05/18/04   803K Control programs on your computer from one program.
teststudio12eval_b 10/24/03  4.31M A Visual Studio .NET add-in for unit testing
textpipepro-ws.exe 08/03/04  3.98M Industrial strength text transformation
timedsysevents.exe 06/10/04  1011K This application counts down to shut down, restart or open file.
toyslite.exe      11/13/03  1.95M A tool for comparing Oracle database schemas       04/27/04  1.38M Industrial strength text transformation       07/26/04  2.46M View and analyze Win32 API calls
transparentcontrol 07/20/04  1.61M A set of controls which can display as transparent      01/30/04  1.27M TSE Pro v4.2 full-featured text editor.
txtProSetup.exe   12/22/03  2.95M All-in-one multi language code/script editor.
tzas3000.exe      03/31/04  3.87M Filter Mail Spam, Spyware, Viruses and Tojans       08/31/03  4.39M VB profiler, debugger and error handling tool
vcdburnerdemosetup 05/06/04  1.31M Burning of VCD video from MPEG file or Cue/Bin File       10/09/03  2.55M Fingerprint identification SDK
videocapdemosetup. 08/18/04  5.88M provide video/audio capture function within their application         01/06/04  8.17M Visual Prolog: Object Oriented Programming Environment      05/10/04   985K Visual file merge and source integration tool
vpsdevs.msi       12/04/03 36.61M Visual Paradigm Smart Development Environment (Visual Studio)
vr2b5t.exe        10/15/03  1.74M Library of report designer components.
vr2b6t.exe        10/15/03  1.81M Library of report designer components.
vr2d5t.exe        10/14/03  1.69M Library of report designer components for C++ Builder and Delphi.
vr2d6t.exe        10/14/03  1.97M Library of report designer components for C++ Builder and Delphi.
vspdnet.exe       06/30/04  2.48M Connect PCs via virtual null-modem cable
vspdxp.exe        07/22/04  1.56M VSPD XP 4.0 - Linked serial ports emulator
webmenu2005trial.z 08/12/04  4.14M Create professional web menus.    05/11/04  8.47M Professional Web Script Authoring Tools.
wkpsetup.exe      08/30/04   531K Web karaoke Player 3.0 - Play Karaoke online software
wodFtpDLX.exe     02/03/03  2.83M wodFTP DLX Component for access to servers
wodMailbox.exe    02/03/03   801K wodMailbox component
wodPop3Server.exe 02/03/03   837K wodPop3Server Active X control
wodSFTP.NET.msi   02/03/03   936K wodSFTP.NET component activeX
wodSFTP.exe       02/03/03  1.30M Secure File Transfer Protocol SFTP client
wodSFTPdll.exe    02/03/03  1.21M wodSFTPdll library
wodSSH.NET.msi    02/03/03  1.03M wodSSH.NET component for MS.NET
wodSSH.exe        02/03/03  1.27M wodSSH component activeX
wodSSHServer.exe  02/03/03  1.31M SSH Server ActiveX component
wodSSHTunnel.exe  02/03/03  1.26M wodSSHTunnel server type component
wodTelnetDLX.exe  02/03/03  1.76M wodTelnetDLX is a telnet client component
wordocx.exe       08/22/03   558K ActiveX written in Visual Basic data for Word          04/28/03   743K Advanced software development tools.       08/18/04   536K Serial communication library component for C/C  programmers.      08/18/04   297K dBASE serial communication component library      01/07/04   289K VFP serial communication component library.      08/18/04   294K Serial communication component library for Visual Foxpro      08/18/04   299K PowerBASIC serial communication library      08/18/04   281K Xbase serial communication component library
xerter.exe        09/15/03    24K Programmer's base converter tool.
xmlmkr.exe        12/01/03  3.81M Create dynamic, XML/XSLT-based Websites from databases
xpctrls.exe       02/11/04   268K Give VB controls look and feel of XP.      06/15/04  4.43M A powerful, full featured programmers IDE.
ztvax01u.exe      07/05/03  2.46M Acivex Control tools for Compression and decompression

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