Directory of pim             03/24/03  1.23M SAMcal is a highly configurable calendar/reminder app.      04/22/04  4.76M Address Software for business.      04/22/04  4.85M Art and antiques inventory software.      04/22/04  4.71M Organize and manage your book collections.        03/11/03  4.69M Organize and manage virtually any data.        03/12/03  3.98M Organizer for Home PC users, with 50 ready-to-use templates        03/12/03  4.05M Movie inventory software for organizing movie collections.        03/12/03  4.01M Stamp inventory software for stamp enthusiasts.        03/12/03  4.03M Wine inventory software for your wine cellar collections.
ADDRESSBOOK.ZIP   02/06/04   403K Organise your contact information, hyperlinks - Image display -
AFXContact_Setup.e 06/11/03  7.36M The Address Book that builds links
Ace6.exe          08/30/04 24.30M Easy to use network based Contact Manager.     07/04/03 15.30M A complete personal information manager
AktiPlanner.exe   07/16/04  1.11M Visual time organizer and tracker.
BeOnTimeInstaller. 08/06/03  1.46M A simple, easy-to-use, personal reminder program
CVTBLD.EXE        12/08/03  5.48M Personal Network Mgt Tool for Job Seekers
DPlnr170.exe      07/19/04  2.42M Personal planning and estimating tool.     09/02/03  2.95M Passworded storage for pictures and textes drag-n-droped in
DiarySetup.exe    03/07/04  1.09M An application that helps you write your diary on your computer.    09/03/04   196K Documenatation, source and articles management.      03/09/04  3.78M The Award Winning Home Inventory Program
ETODO.ZIP         05/25/04  1.22M Helps you manage your To-Do lists
InstallBrklyn.exe 03/10/03  1.33M Integrated Address Book, E-mail List Manager and more!      09/22/03  7.26M Organize your random thoughts with this outline/database tool.
Life_Balance_Win_i 06/01/04 10.47M Dynamic ToDo List driven by goals, time/effort, and tasks done.
MF300.exe         06/15/04  1.30M Maneje su consultorio medico con MedFile
MeetingPalHost.exe 05/30/04 12.97M Software to work together on an Intranet or over the Internet        10/08/03  2.53M New and easy way to organize information      04/30/03  2.47M Everything you need to be well organized
PSS100.ZIP        04/23/04  4.35M Allows you to store all your passwords.      06/01/04 11.97M Fitness Tracking Software     06/09/03   760K Securely store passwords for quick access while you surf.
PhoneTrayFree.exe 02/27/04  2.07M Identify callers and zap telemarketers.
PwdManager-Setup.e 05/25/03   342K It securely stores your passwords
Recipe11014.exe   07/19/03  4.41M An easy to use program to save and manage your recipes.
Rmp2Full.exe      08/29/04  2.28M Shows reminders when computer is booted         03/07/03  1.98M Diary, graph, organizer, health monitor!
ShowOffSetup.exe  04/21/04  3.01M Create a picture website on your computer.
Smartwininstall.zi 09/03/04  6.98M Get quick access to your applications ,files, folders and sites
TheTimeMasterSetup 07/31/04  1.57M This is the ultimate time management tool.
TimeManager7ver1.0 06/16/04  1.53M Calendaring
VirtuosoOrganizer. 02/07/04  1.16M Personal Information Manager for you or for your business.
WeddlesContactHand 02/17/04  2.77M Address book to store driving directions, pics, numbers, etc.
WeightWare_Install 04/29/04 16.29M WeightWare - Your Weight and Health Diary        02/22/03   898K Free, small and easy to use Address Book replacement.
achef660.exe      06/24/04  8.85M Professional recipe manager that's fun to use.
acllid14.exe      07/13/04   302K Audio Caller ID and Call Management 04/30/04   697K Intuitive, flexible, and small addressbook      06/28/04   347K Personal Address File
aj3100.exe        02/10/04  2.06M Keep a private journal, diary or log.
aladd_el56.exe    06/02/03  1.40M Print envelopes and labels in MS Outlook in only 3 mouse clicks!
amiscr04.exe      02/23/03  3.35M AMI Ultimate Screen Clock - schedule reminders, set system clock
amlpages_set_eng.z 03/03/03   910K Aml Pages is a power manager of the notices having the functions
ampcalendar202.exe 08/16/04   373K Calendar of any full year, tray icon access         01/20/03   321K Secure personal information storage           11/04/03  1.49M Powerful and easy to use password manager
asacpro.exe       05/28/03   914K Simple, elegant and power saving alarm clock.      04/14/04  6.35M Keep your vehicle in great running condition!     05/02/03  1.30M Modern replacement to Microsoft Cardfile.exe    04/22/04   616K Keeps phones, URL's etc. Custom fields pages and print forms      03/02/04  2.40M Budget databases, investments, all mortgages
birthday.exe      06/13/04  3.17M Never forget another birthday or anniversary     08/31/04  3.38M Free-form text/notes web enabled organizer.        09/24/03  1.18M An easy to use Birthday reminder
budgetinstall.exe 06/30/04 13.37M Gain control of your finances, print checks, balance checkbook      10/14/03  1.16M Program to keep your dates under control      11/18/03  2.14M An easy-to-use calendar with reminders.
calniquefull.exe  12/04/03 13.14M Easy to use All-In-One Calendar and Organizer         06/02/03  1.58M Make custom calendars with Calendar Builder         02/22/03 12.76M Customizable Collection Inventory Software      01/17/04  4.69M Automated contact import robot for Outlook 2000-2003
chaossetup.exe    08/13/04  3.78M contact and time manager with real-time sharing for networks      07/16/04  1.24M Client-tracking and scheduling for everyone in the office
cn107.exe         04/18/03   524K Event Reminder With Calendar And More      12/03/03   719K Universal collection manager         04/15/03  1.96M Keep track of your daily schedule.       01/30/03  1.04M Nice looking feature-packed organizer system      03/28/03  5.74M Keep detailed records on everyone you know!
desktopcalendar.ex 08/15/04  2.43M Simple calendar that sits directly on the desktop for easy access
devorg13.exe      08/09/04 13.96M Multi-Dimensional Personal Information Manager      06/12/03  1.75M Track your nutritional intake.      04/19/04  2.04M Virtual personal secretary.      02/15/04  1.37M An inexpensive easy to use calendar.
ecmsetup.exe      02/01/04  2.83M Calendar maker software for photo calendar      05/07/04  1.23M Calendar and diary for BUSY families
filo_xp_std_setup. 03/20/03 14.43M Want Control, Functionality, Features, a Modern Interface?
fosetup.exe       05/10/04  1.33M The useful hierarchical database program
fundmn68.exe      07/13/04  1.62M Portfolio Management for Individual Investors
gcmnotes_setup.exe 10/26/03  3.07M Never hunt and peck for your notes again.
gemmaide.exe      07/09/04  2.35M Easily to use, Voice remind, Desktop Clock         04/13/03   709K Horas: World clock and time synchronizer.      03/02/04  2.05M Investment, Pension, Retirement, Mortgages
install-monk-cal.e 12/01/03  1.48M Easy and intuitive Calendar / Planner.
installhc.exe     09/14/03   754K calendar, multimedia alarm, richtext diary         06/04/03  1.07M Personal diary program - password protected.
ipdsetup.exe      07/04/04  3.23M Organizer Editor Topics Tree Rich Text Ideas
itsd.exe          09/09/04   907K A hierarchically organized to-do list.
jotp.exe          08/24/03  1.87M The premier hierarchical note program       07/08/03   178K Morello KeyRing Password Protection Software      02/06/04  1.31M Free-form notes organizer using keywords.      06/18/04  1.24M The ONE scheduler for EVERYONE in the office
mailalert1b2.exe  08/18/04  1.43M A free e-mail alert add-in for MS Outlook.
maplepro.exe      03/16/04  4.92M Professional tree outline manager.      06/12/03  1.76M Keep track of your meals and recipes
mienet_calendar_ag 03/03/03   264K Multilingual PIM-Calendar-Agenda TreePad add-on Icons up to 2020
mp3Toolbox10Free.z 02/09/03  3.63M mp3Toolbox is fully automated mp3 tag renamer and organizer.       08/02/03  5.25M DVD, VHS, video collection manager, movie and actor database
mws5.exe          06/14/04  9.98M MP3 WAV Studio is an all-in-one MP3 software
myPWD101.exe      08/29/03  4.77M  the safe preservation and uses various website password
myc.exe           08/26/04  1.63M Very easy-to-use contact manager.
mytasks.exe       08/24/03  1.29M The perfectly simple to-do list manager       04/19/03  1.53M Atkins Controlled Carb Diet Software         03/09/04   605K Multi-featured reminder and scheduler.
notesimpsetup.exe 01/15/04  1.03M Makes notes with ease. Sets your mind free.      05/11/04  3.80M Personal Information Manager, PIM, Calendar, Journal, tree-based
pasetup.exe       03/13/03  1.31M Personal information manager and day planner
pdolb132.exe      08/22/03  5.70M Organize paper documents, notes, reminders ..
pdosetup.exe      05/18/04  6.14M Organize files, urls, notes, reminders, todo.    01/27/03  2.34M Tray calendar. Make appointments, notes, HTML, printouts 03/05/04  1.61M Quick FTP Server is an easy to use FTP server
recbook.exe       01/13/03  1.46M RecBook is a very easy to use Bankbook Reconciliation Calculator
rmndme38.exe      07/13/04   315K Personal Calendar and Event Reminder           07/07/03   720K To Do List to plan and organize your activity      01/27/04   715K To Do List to plan and organize your activity
scratch.exe       06/03/04  2.32M A tool for organizing personal information in a 'tree' structure.        08/15/03  1.88M Lets to create Desktop with active calendar
setup.exe         07/19/03  1.87M Prayer Journal. Attach answers      07/16/04   658K Office personnel sign-out board and message center      08/20/04  1.24M Network-based office personnel scheduler, sign-out board
smartmoneyeval.exe 04/22/04  3.00M Very easy-to-use all-in-one personal financer
sticker.exe       03/26/03    68K Create customizable sticky notes, reminders with snooze feature.
supercoolcalendar1 06/07/04   939K SuperCool Calendar - PIM software about calendar with alarm and r
talkingreminder_16 03/10/04  2.44M Talking Reminder - never forget another event      06/14/04  1.02M Personal Timeclock: time tracking, reporting
tomd5-0.exe       07/23/04  2.31M Stylish task list manager/organizer software
trial.exe         04/05/04  1.70M The only software specifically for Square Foot Gardening!
tspdmsetup.exe    09/03/03 17.09M Innovative Personal Data Manager
vvs10.exe         04/16/03  3.62M Manage your information with this powerful organizing tool.
wintasklitedemo.ex 11/04/03  3.95M Automate any Web or Windows task        02/10/03  3.72M Content manager, automatic Web site builder
wsetup.exe        04/14/03  6.05M AMF Daily Planner

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