Directory of patches

Ad-Aware_5.x_In_It 01/15/03    51K Simple setup process to install the italian patch for Ad-aware.
GoldTachItaly.exe 04/23/04    65K Italian Translation file for Goldtach Pro 2.x
Install_Babya_Syst 09/28/03   651K Updates Babya System to v 12.08
Rs2Client.EXE     05/03/04  1.76M Computer driver and software update tool       12/23/03    19K Add repair, modify and remove support.
UpdatePoint_CSetup 03/15/04   426K System for distributing updates to clients
aaw6ita.exe       03/03/04    71K Simple setup program to install the Adaware italian translation      02/10/04   521K Manage/view/convert AutoCAD Slides/Libraries
hf4install.exe    03/22/04 14.73M Automated patch managment for networks.
kcx_patch.exe     11/12/03   783K Patch for the E4 Chat program.
kcx_patch2.exe    11/15/03   785K Patch for the E4 Chat program.
privacyassistant.e 06/16/03  3.07M Passwords manager, file encryptor
regseekerita.exe  05/11/04    63K Updated italian file for RegSeeker 1.35

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