Directory of miscutil

010ed10.exe       09/16/03  1.63M Professional Hex Editor with Parsing
1-click-rankings.e 04/08/03  1.20M Free advanced ranking checking program
1-click-themes.exe 04/08/03  1.29M Free keyword research program         03/16/03   871K Fast, Easy, and Compact File Protection        01/13/03  1.09M Merge audio or video files into a single file with ease!
1clkunzp.exe      05/15/03  2.13M 1 Click Unzip! is the easiest way to un-zip .ZIP files.
2partcipher.exe   01/01/04    28K Create Two Part Messages
995ftp21.exe      03/25/03  2.04M Transfer any file over the Internet!
AFS_Setup_eng.exe 07/16/03   279K Free File-encryptiontool! Simple, fast and safe!       11/17/03  1.29M Directory compare and synchronize
APU_1040.exe      06/30/03  2.17M A small utility useful for customizing Windows environment
ARISetup0624.exe  07/01/03  3.49M AdvancedRemoteInfo shows various information about remote PCs         02/14/03  4.77M AuctionSleuth helps you find auction deals
ASsetup.exe       05/31/03  2.71M Track auctions and automate (snipe) bids. 12/11/03    24K Displays list of keyframes in an AVI, and adjusts BSI files.
Alcohol120_trial_l 01/15/03  3.55M Users make copy CD
AlphaXPLite.msi   02/10/04   962K Window
Avanti_Lite_V1-0.z 08/12/04  1.01M Check all stats for all your sites in one place - your desktop!
AxCrypt-Setup.exe 04/07/04   461K Free Open Source Strong File Encryption for Windows
BDHCVRT.exe       04/22/03  2.16M FREE, 8-bit Binary, Decimal, Hexadecimal Conversion Tool.
BabyaDiscoverer3.0 05/18/03   232K Easy to use web browser with a Windows Installer setup program
BabyaDiscoverer4.0 05/18/03   214K Easy to use web browser with a Windows installer setup program
BackupCompress.exe 07/13/04  1.35M Automatic backup with compression 09/01/03  2.07M batch printing many types of documents.   07/02/03  3.27M Just how much beer are your earning while doing the boring stuff?
BrowsDkt-E-2003120 02/12/04   192K FlConv: Convert FD to HD file, BrowsDkt: work with images
BullGuard.exe     07/16/03  6.78M BullGuard Antivirus - Complete PC Security
CALENDAR.ZIP      05/22/03   110K Display a monthly calendar on the Desktop
CDLauncherCreator. 11/11/03  3.66M Easily create autorun front-end interfaces to your CD-ROM’s.
CDMAX56.ZIP       02/17/04   320K Ceasar Cipher        09/01/03  2.83M utility for making menu-driven compilation CD
CF.exe            04/29/03    20K Quickly Show the 'Find Computers' dialog box
CLogS100.exe      04/10/03  5.18M Serial communication data logger.
COM-FILE.exe      05/09/03  1.48M Serial Data Logger
CPCsetup2.exe     03/12/03  2.06M Control your PC with an Email....
CPRO6TS1.ZIP      08/04/04   395K Decipher 8 to 256 bit encryptions
CRPSetup.exe      04/08/03   677K Crypter - 448bit encryption
CSAW.exe          06/05/03  1.35M Cache Speed makes your computer go faster
Cabrillo_2_ShareWa 08/27/04   435K .NET based filesystem mapper   09/26/03  1.42M Transposes chord symbols in an ASCII lead sheet.
CoffeePopUpBlocker 06/18/03  1.34M Blocks virtually all Browser PopUps!
Croc_Bar_6.5.exe  03/29/03   201K CrocCrawler - Superior Multi Search Plugin.
CyArcSE.exe       11/20/03  2.20M Take copies of files as you modify them.       05/22/03  1.10M CopyCat: Easy to use, powerful backup utility
DVDCP200.ZIP      02/21/04  3.56M DVD Cover Print is a DVD Cover art printer.
DailyVerse.msi    03/07/03   194K Shows a different bible verse or a Scripture passage every day.    08/11/04   591K Eng-Hindi Roman Script Dictionary.     02/14/03  1.14M CD image file edit tool to create or edit ISO BIN
EASetup.exe       09/15/03  7.98M Spam filter for Outlook 2000/XP
EClean.msi        05/22/04  3.47M Authenticate and quarantine legitimate E-mail
EZCRYPTE.ZIP      03/27/04   318K Cipher Messages as they are typed in. 32 to128 bit
EmailValet.exe    02/16/03 41.23M Schedule recurring emails once and let Email Valet do the rest        05/07/04   149K Symmetric encryption program   09/20/03  7.02M Image Encryption Software
Extractor.exe     02/02/04 24.75M Mutimedia extractor for Web, Zip, Office docs
FFSsetup.exe      03/10/04   921K Split large files quickly       08/26/04  1.34M A log/directory checker to prevent failures
FISetup.exe       04/16/04   646K Disk usage analyzer and cleaner
FRen45.exe        02/06/03  2.17M Advanced batch renaming utility.
FacileFill21.exe  08/12/04   874K A tool facilitate web
FileE20.exe       04/20/04  1.94M File maintenance utility.
FileSearch_FullIns 04/11/04   918K Search for duplicated files within directories
FileSplitter.exe  03/25/03   698K split any file into pieces of any size
FileSplitter.msi  05/27/04   403K A file splitting utility for Windows
FlashList_3_3_2_Fu 10/13/03  3.41M Creation parametrable d'une LISTE-ECLAIR
FunnyKeySound.exe 03/25/03  1.00M let you hear different sound when you press k
GR101.ZIP         05/11/04  6.07M Timesheets  Text Retrieval  Tech Support
GSInstall.exe     05/11/04    81K Global spell checker and dictionary (invoke from any program)
GroupGraphicEditor 01/31/03   315K Edit and send group-graphics to Nokia GSM phones
GtechATSSetup.exe 06/19/03  1.20M .NET App. to Synchronize your PC's clock.
HCal1.exe         12/05/03   539K Perpetual Islamic Hijri Calendar
HSsetup.exe       06/23/03  3.03M HandyScript is a keypad text input system.     02/23/04  1.48M Want to convert a typical 500k HTML file to a 6k HTML file, with
HTMLEN20.EXE      02/28/04  5.99M Protect your HTML and Scripting source code!
HTMSQ101.exe      06/04/03   196K HTMLSqueeze, HTML compression command line
HandyEmoticons22.e 08/09/04  2.05M Insert and manage animated smileys with ease
IEScrollBarStylerS 11/25/03   652K Design your scrollbars esily with this tool. 07/14/04    25K Displays chapter lists from DVD IFO files to stdout
InBox100Install.ex 01/11/04  2.21M Keeps your inbox 100% spam-free
Install%20PDF.exe 08/14/03  3.95M Create PDF Files from any application.
InstallIEButton1_0 09/09/04   584K Add/Change Internet Explorer Buttons or Menu Commands    05/23/04   363K A Keylogger/Desktop Picture Capture program.
KSLC_Setup.exe    06/23/04  4.89M Create Complete Karaoke Song Books
KeyFolder122.exe  01/31/04   390K Secure password management tool.
Keytrap.exe       03/01/04   457K Invisible keylogger monitors keyboard activity.
KremlinInstaller.e 07/05/04  1.05M Kremlin: Build a wall around your data!
LHM_Editors.exe   04/12/04    77K Team and player data editor for the League Handball Manager Game.
MCSInstaller_v1_8. 12/20/03  5.92M Internet Explorer Reader/Speaker - NeuroSpeech IESpeaker
ME6.exe           07/22/03  1.70M Organize old e-mail and eliminate SPAM.         09/09/04   617K Quick MHT saver for MS IE. 03/12/03  2.31M Extract all links and e-mails from a HTML web page.
MasterKeySetup.exe 05/05/04   576K Master Key is a password management program     09/01/03  1.38M PDF accurate measurement of the distance 10/14/03    10K File splitter with error checking support.
MotoTag113.exe    06/24/04  4.17M MP3 tag editor and file renamer for Artist/Album style archives. 04/02/04   689K IMDb enabled dvd movie collection organizer        04/16/03   926K Internet URL links organizer
NM.exe            01/16/04  1.74M A simple but very effective reminder program.  03/25/03  1.34M Personal network monitor and controller    01/14/04    17K NetWatcher for Windows 2000 and XP
NewwwsSetup_v1-3-1 05/02/03  4.23M Windows desktop ticker for news, sport, tech, entertainment etc.
NitroBOOT.exe     05/31/03  1.06M Manage your Windows startup with this tool
OEBSetup.exe      05/24/04  2.11M Backup and restore emails for Outlook Express
OneMailInstall.exe 03/14/03 15.51M Collect, Filter, and Forward email to SMS
OneMailPlusInstall 03/14/03 16.01M Advanced Email to SMS Forwarding
OneMessengerInstal 03/14/03 15.56M Send Instant Messages to your SMS Device
OperatorLogoUpload 03/12/03   473K Compose and send operator-logos to Nokia GSM phones
PASSKEEP.ZIP      05/22/03   174K Store all your passwords for quick retrieval          11/10/03  1.68M Tracks and Locates Missing Computers
PCPrtScr.msi      10/06/03  1.82M View desktops of all computers on network      09/01/03  2.70M convert your PDF documents into plain text. 09/01/03  3.34M convert your PDF documents into plain text.   06/20/03   687K Autoload and manage your PDF files.
PDFContentSplit.zi 09/01/03  2.62M automatically splitting the document on text 09/01/03  1.31M automatically image stamp your documents.    09/01/03  1.36M automatically page number your documents
PDFPageNumBatch.zi 09/01/03  1.75M automatically page number your documents
PDFPageSizeSplit.z 09/01/03  1.34M split pdf pages on page size 09/01/03  1.40M generate statistics on page size usage.  09/01/03  1.42M Automates the process of appending PDF's   09/01/03  1.33M Automate the process of splitting PDF's
POLYBS2A.ZIP      02/24/04   318K turn text into certain digits, The Polybius method!!
PUHSetup.exe      02/18/03  1.04M This is a popup blocker for IE.
PasswordCryptProfe 03/29/04  3.19M Password Manager to protect ALL your passwords and sensitive info
PhileSplitterTrial 01/30/03  2.77M File splitter with compression, encryption, plugin support, etc
PictureMessageEdit 01/31/03   299K Edit and send picture-messages to Nokia GSM phones
PixxxGrabber13Win. 12/12/03  1.89M Powerful media download manager.
PocketPlanter-ARK. 09/11/04  1.74M Hundreds of annual, perennial flowers, shrubs
Popup_Destroyer_Fu 01/14/03 26.57M Destroys most popup ads banner ads and javascript errors
Popup_Destroyer_Li 01/14/03 10.01M Destroys most popup ads banner ads and javascript errors
Prashant_s_Yahoo_H 02/10/04    80K View many daily/weekly/monthly horoscopes from Yahoo! Astrology
Printsaver.exe    12/26/03  1.67M QUICKLY SCREEN TO PRINT OUT ON ONE PAGE AVOID EMAIL / WEB HASSLES        05/13/03  1.67M Qwik Calendar - Events will track all your events.        02/07/04   387K GUI to ask for user input for a parm into cmd/bat files  07/02/03  1.19M Displays a calendar from the taskbar tray to easily find dates       06/21/04   226K Recon Pro, Search tool for Windows, scan files, lots of options 09/01/03  1.46M Rapid PDF Count will show youpages in pdf's
RapidTIFFPageCount 09/01/03  1.31M Count pages in many TIFF's
RealTimeCleaner.ex 08/18/04   306K Internet Explorer Cleaner
RemoveToolbarBuddy 08/21/04   396K Delete unwanted IE toolbars with ease
RooslMailFilter.zi 08/29/04  1.66M Robust POP3 Email monitoring filter/blocker/anti-spam tool      08/29/04   842K WhoIs Client with Webpage source grabber. Track Phishing Fraud!
Ruby_0876.exe     07/22/03  4.98M A file cataloger for storage media.
SASafe52.exe      07/22/04  4.22M Administrate your secrete data
SAWipeD.exe       09/09/03  4.40M Delete your files really and irrepealably
SBSDemo%20Setup.zi 02/12/04   216K MSSQL Backup and FTP Utility run as a Windows Service
SIMManager.exe    07/07/04   394K SIM card editor - mobile phone card manager
SMSetup.exe       05/16/03  1.87M Ergonomic mouse enhancement software
SPDecrypt_GUI_Setu 02/23/04  6.11M A smart GUI Interface for decrypting SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Serve     12/01/03  1.43M Compare and merge data from db's visually
SQLUniform-JRE-Set 08/02/04 11.75M Helper application to relational databases
SSMan.exe         04/15/03   376K Innovative screensaver manager and randomizer
SWS.ZIP           08/07/03  1.49M Protect your privacy from spyware.
SeaMae10.exe      02/25/04  2.72M File search tool and file content viewer
Search12.exe      05/16/04  2.82M File extension database, windows integration
SecKeeper.exe     07/07/04   738K File encryption - 256-bit AES encryption
SecureRDP_setup.EX 03/29/03  1.27M restricts non-authorized user logon    07/13/04   109K Sends keystrokes and windows messages to applications
Setup.msi         12/02/03  1.96M Camouflage Obfuscator data/file encryptor/decryptor     09/19/03   943K Broadcast video and audio over the net, not the old streaming sys
SetupD11.exe      03/09/04  3.15M File Synchronization, Replication and Backup      03/29/04  3.19M Manage all your passwords and much more!
SetupPWP.exe      01/29/03   956K Password Management Utility
SetupRepeatDialer3 03/07/03  1.80M Repeatedly checks busy line until it's free.
SetupSureType.exe 03/21/03   721K Insert common text, opens apps/websites via text shortcuts
Setup_CSS_Sharewar 01/13/03  1.25M Control, Protect and Monitor all activity on your PC.
Setup_GoodTime.exe 05/03/03  1.15M Perpetual calendar that calculates the date of the Holy Easter.
Setup_PCS_Sharewar 01/16/03  1.25M PAL PC Spy enables to record and monitor all activity in your PC.
Setup_pdfGTool.exe 12/12/03   712K Create free pdf-files with ease
ShortCutManager.ex 02/09/03  1.56M Send shortcut(s) to remote machines on a lan.
Simpli-File_Find_R 04/07/04   463K Find, Replace, or Insert any text into multiple files with ease!
Simpli-File_Split_ 04/07/04   554K Splits or Merges any number of files based on criteria! Organize
SiteSpider.exe    06/23/04  1.71M Powerful web crawling program
SnipeMonkey.exe   10/31/03   780K eBay Auctions Snipe Program
SpamSleuthSetup.ex 07/11/03  4.73M Eliminate spam and potential virus e-mails with Spam Sleuth
SubFutzer-v1_0_8.z 06/21/04    95K Splits SubRip (.srt) files based on a VirtualDub .jobs file.
SuperFormula.exe  09/27/03   165K SuperFormula.exe boasts very important statistics functions.  07/01/03  3.51M Folder synchronisation/backup tool, highly configurable
Synops_Tools.exe  06/17/03  2.45M The universal multimedia player !
SysAidv_.exe      02/13/04  1.53M SysAide is a powerful system-aid tool.   03/14/03  1.45M automatic system shutdown at defined time service
TBAR32.ZIP        05/22/03   221K Quickly launch programs from the desktop
TCP-COM.exe       05/09/03  1.64M RS232 to TCP/IP Converter
TCP-FILE.exe      05/09/03  1.50M TCP/IP Data Logger       08/02/04  3.01M Travel Mailer is a SMTP/POP3 server .
TPv11.exe         07/03/04   381K Telephone name and number pad
TRAYTOOL.ZIP      05/22/03   145K Quickly launch programs from the tray
TValue.exe        01/01/04    28K Convert Text to Ascii Number Values and Back 12/06/03  1.34M Outlook COM Add-in for telephone messages.
Timepiece_v3_FULL. 11/03/03   136K Digital Timepiece         06/18/03   495K MultiTimer is a countdown timer (20 timers) program.
TraceCleaner.exe  01/23/04   761K Clean Cache, Cookies and URL History
Tsc370.exe        09/05/04  1.89M Encryption for chat, journal, e-mail, files.
TurboEncoder.exe  09/01/04   204K A maximum security, easy to use file encryptor.  01/02/04  1.78M The fastest file splitter on the planet!
UCONVERT.ZIP      05/22/03    86K Quickly convert units of measure
UNICsetupENG.exe  01/20/03  1.79M Universal News Internet Collector
URenam12.exe      05/29/03  1.15M Mass file renaming and MP3 editing.
UltraHide.exe     09/04/03  1.87M UltraHide hide programs without closing them
UltraName_2_ShareW 08/27/04   645K The batch renamer with the friendliest user interface!
V2.exe            01/03/04 12.37M X Channel™ Browser© V2.0 - The Next Generation of the Internet -
VideoJoiner.exe   02/22/04  5.03M join video, create slideshows form photos.
VirtuosoCDCreator. 07/16/04  1.03M It's a powerful, easy to use AutoRun Software
WRKLOCKI.ZIP      03/22/03  1.02M WorkStation Lock: simple and effective security by password lock.     03/20/04  1.01M Web site Dumper and retriever tool
WebSMSSetup.exe   06/19/03   810K Sends Short Messages using free WEB Servers
WebbeeSetup.exe   02/04/03   613K Web search time saving utility
WrkSpc-Macro-setup 04/17/04  1.48M Reliable keyboard macro, mouse macro recorder
WrkSpc-MacroPro-se 08/03/04  2.12M Reliable macro
Wtb140.msi        03/21/04  1.92M Hides windows,icons and silences sound.
XSecure32.ZIP     05/04/03  2.90M Very easy to use encryption software.
YeoPan101.exe     01/04/04   358K Faster, updated easy to use encryption tool.
aaf6-0_t.exe      09/09/04   598K Program for making Autorun/Autoplay CD-ROM          08/28/03  1.16M Allows you to record any activity on your computer in log file.
acbplus.exe       08/27/03   811K A new file manager           03/05/04     3K Automatic Clipboard cleaner utility.
accsetup1.exe     02/07/03  1.04M Boost your internet connection.        03/14/03  2.68M Freeware to set your pc time to the US Naval Atomic Clock
acr.exe           11/06/03  1.07M Advanced CAB Repair is a powerful tool to repair corrupt CAB file
adscleaner.exe    09/19/03  2.91M Block annoying pop-up and banner ads
ag5-0_t.exe       10/07/03   946K Autorun/Autoplay menuing application for CD           08/12/03   568K A Great Grabber for grabbing the Internet.         10/01/03   115K Software to quickly author autorun.inf files       05/27/03  2.10M Run beside AIM to have all IM's forwarded to your mobile phone
aimfrm25.exe      01/24/03  4.69M Auto-log AIM IMs and reduce desktop clutter.         03/24/03  2.62M monitoring and reporting user defined events via email and/or SMS
alarmclock_trial.e 07/13/03  1.73M Have you ever forgotten about a special someones birthday?
alpha.exe         02/07/03   694K Display your shortcuts andfavoritesin alphabetical listings
alphabts.exe      10/20/03  6.85M Alphabets are optional Embird plug-ins.
am3-0-1_t.exe     01/23/04   704K Graphical CD Autorun/Autoplay menu software
amazingdialer_170_ 09/11/03  1.53M A user-friendly Internet dialer
anit_v2_3.exe     01/20/03  1.52M Network interface utilization monitor         06/05/04  3.57M Capture screen and label the screenshot     02/27/04   824K detects and removes spyware,trojans,keylogger
aodsetup.exe      09/09/03  2.16M Power Tools To Keep Your PC Running Smoothly       04/18/03   720K Recover passwords to Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
aplot_t2.exe      06/08/04  5.62M Allows users to Plot off large drawing sets via AutoCad Scripts.
aptpas20.exe      03/09/04  4.81M An ID/Password manager.       02/17/03  1.21M Compares archive files to disk folders.           01/03/04   708K Utilities for search and replace.         10/24/03   260K Save message body and attachments to files.
ashampoo_uninstall 10/01/03  6.33M Ashampoo UnInstaller Suite Plus
askw.exe          04/16/03   366K Increase Your Web Traffic with Right Keywords
aspmon30.exe      02/14/03  1.09M A power program that control your COM port
atomic.exe        06/17/04   628K Freeware to set your local PC time with the US Atomic Clock
attachments_proces 01/26/04   605K Organize the messages attachments.     07/31/04  1.11M Manage your Internet favorite links and webpages.     08/11/04   506K Auto Azan Player as name say it all. it play AZAN 5 times a day.      08/22/04  1.53M A clipboard extender and spell checker.       07/20/04   862K Keep track of vehicle expenses and save money     08/11/04   857K Automated computer control by recording mouse/keyboard inputs.      04/28/04  2.20M Automate your routine tasks to run unattended
autov3-1_t.exe    08/12/04   475K CD Autorun program with inf for CDs you make      07/24/04   215K BULK password generator (for professional use only)
azr.exe           08/31/03   784K Repair corrupted Zip and SFX files.      02/04/03  3.23M Synchronize, back up, archive and transfer directories and files
backup2000_install 04/07/04  1.05M Back up your irreplaceable files and data to secure online server
bam.exe           01/16/04  1.45M Modify block attribute values in DWG files
batchscreenshoter1 06/09/04  2.16M batch tool to make screenshot        09/09/04   894K Program for Baseball Cards collectors.
bdh_tool.exe      04/04/03  3.05M FREE, 8-bit binary, decimal, hexadecimal conversion tool.          03/27/03  2.41M Computer usage monitoring and analysis.
bed-0.2.22.win32.z 03/10/04   380K Adjustable dataformat binary editor
bedce.exe         02/14/03   903K Send files by email better and easier.
bfc10.exe         08/04/04   808K Make a copy of a selected file with a different file name.
bftelnetdemo.exe  07/13/03  1.04M Windows Telnet Server for remote admin.
bhe500.exe        10/16/03   620K Capture device data transfers and submit commands to devices          07/24/04   879K Computer program for searchers of Bigfoot.      06/18/03   609K BigTime: Easy to see count down timer.
bin_ops.exe       04/04/03  2.40M FREE, 8-bit binary, decimal, hexadecimal, RPN calculator tool.  02/19/04  5.72M Analyzes and graphs 4 biorhythm cycles as well as custom cycles
bit_calc.exe      04/04/03  2.13M FREE, 8-bit binary, decimal, hexadecimal, RPN calculator tool.
bit_wiz.exe       04/04/03  2.65M FREE, 8-bit binary, decimal, hexadecimal, RPN calculator tool.
bool_log.exe      04/04/03  2.41M FREE, 8-bit binary, decimal, hexadecimal conversion tool.      04/19/04  2.60M Icon and other utilities.
bv32-321.exe      02/28/04   994K Put your Web site on a diskette or CD!         09/02/04   893K Nice program for Bird Watchers worldwide.         07/09/04   359K Create your own stunning menu/ program driven autorun Cd's
calendar_setup.exe 04/25/04   222K A simple tool for making calendars.       07/25/04  1.48M Closes all open Windows (applications)
canvas.exe        02/16/04 44.18M Illustration & image editing with GIS Mapping    11/25/03  4.86M A professional database designing tool.        09/09/04   891K Program for Comic's collectors.
cbsetup.exe       03/17/03  4.78M Prevents annoying unwanted calls.         07/03/04  3.89M Create professional autorun programs for your CD or DVD-ROM
cdcover11.exe     01/29/04   719K Print you own CD Covers and labels
cdfind21_trial.exe 07/13/03  1.55M Search files or folders from your CDs with the click of a button!
cdorg45.exe       09/10/03  1.32M Keep track of all your mp3 files!    01/27/03   170K Create your own CD autorun application       06/30/03   306K Eject/Close/Password Lock/Unlock your CDROM/DVD drives!        10/03/03   210K Lists clipboard formats currently available.       01/13/04  2.07M High security yet easy-to-use encryption tool      04/25/03  1.18M Bookmark/Link Checker, Exporter and Ripper.      02/12/03    24K File Splitter with encryption and 4GB support
chpsetup.exe      02/07/03  1.53M Schedule prgram access on your computer       03/04/04  1.79M Will clean cookie,temp and Internet Files.
clipguydemo.msi   03/19/03   115K Intelligent clipboard management utility       03/24/04  2.07M A powerful Windows Clipboard Extender      03/30/04   738K Automate common Windows tasks      01/29/04  1.24M Will find, delete and copy over duplicate files, compare      04/24/03  3.35M Four Different And Separate Clock CountDown Timers For Any Task.
colorPicker.exe   08/12/03    84K Pick color and font and Check the Look. Freeware
comp_sw.exe       06/04/03   959K Compressor Directx plugin
continuityclient40 11/20/03  5.67M file backup,data backup,outlook backup,sync,synchronization
cookiemonster322.e 08/02/04   406K Utility to manage cookies of usual browsers
coreftplite107.exe 05/18/03  1.78M Free FTP client      07/04/04  1.41M rest reminder, for adult, for kids, promote health, automatic,
cplkiSetup.exe    01/27/03   146K This program shows the current language        06/30/03  1.26M eeps a record of all IM activity on a system
ctrace1b5.exe     09/18/03  1.52M TAPI compliant caller ID application      11/14/03   509K Chromatic Multi-Temperament Instrument Tuner
cybr.exe          11/09/03  5.83M VCR-like Audio Recorder for your PC
dB101.exe         11/03/03   965K Simple Database Designer
datasafepsnet.exe 02/02/04   396K Desktop application for backing up and saving
dbrows10.exe      11/23/03  2.52M Discrete Browser is a privacy web browser.
dbzotr15en.exe    07/08/03  6.95M Controlling Outlook 2000 from tray          03/02/03   315K One of the best eye care product in the world.
dff011.exe        09/01/03  1.09M Finds duplicated files on your computer      02/23/03  4.30M A unique server-based instant messaging / chat system.        06/20/03   276K A Win32 utility to compare files and directories. 09/21/03   778K DirSync is a tool designed to backup or synchronize files/folders
discdbsetup.exe   12/13/03   478K CD and DVD catalog program
dlmailfilter.exe  02/10/03  2.04M DLMailFilter is a better way of keeping a spam-free inbox
dmanager.exe      05/05/03  1011K Speed up and manage your downloads.
dmbsetup.exe      09/29/03  7.51M Create professional dhtml drop down menus.
dncp20.exe        05/02/04  2.18M Manage multiple NC devices via serial port!
downshift-setup.ex 01/20/04  2.14M DownShift Fast Internet Download Manager
drw32e.exe        09/23/03  4.12M Powerful and reliable anti-virus protection.
drwgn100.exe      03/14/03  4.06M Easily automate Windows tasks by drawing them
drwgnfw.exe       08/05/03  2.31M Flexible freeware file manager program       07/01/03   927K Synchronize your time with atomic time server
dsnnow.exe        07/08/03  1.75M Utility to create DSNs for ODBC databases.
dssafesend_t_setup 05/23/04   612K Encrypts data and produces self-extracting files
dstrialint.exe    04/22/03  2.89M Create professional looking HTML-autorun menus for CD-ROMs.
dtsetup.exe       04/06/04  2.30M Powerful computer usage analysis tool.
dual_dvd_copy_silv 06/18/04   921K dual DVD copy Silver allows to make copy of the Video-DVD disc.     10/12/03  2.42M DVD backup utiliy (freeware)
dynip422.exe      06/04/03  2.24M Dynamic DNS Technology
dynupre_setup.exe 07/28/04   706K Dynamic IP address is automatically tracked by Dynu Premium
e-counter_es.exe  04/09/03  1.72M Digital counter who displays count-downs specified by the user
e4te_complete_inst 11/15/03  1.10M A graphical theme editor for E4 Chat themes.
easysetup3.exe    08/13/04  1.17M It makes easily small yet powerful installers
ebb_install.exe   12/26/03  2.28M Batch file creation and editing utility   11/05/03  1.23M Control Outlook 2000 from your system tray.
ediary.exe        07/25/03  5.86M Exercise Diary fitness software.
edocengine_demo.zi 11/28/03   885K Generic electronic document creation VCL
eefcsetup.exe     07/10/04   335K Freeware file cleaner
eesrsetup.exe     07/10/04   421K Spyware and adware removal utility          08/07/04  1.21M File manager, archiver, viewer, FTP-client         02/22/04   490K File manager, freeware light version         07/23/04   427K Find out duplicate files with same name, same size, same content        07/23/04   459K Search program also inside arhive files      07/14/04   187K Shows information about your local or remote system
eksetup.exe       08/28/03  2.66M Easykeys will let you add Hotkeys for quick access.
ellatrial.exe     05/23/03   238K Ella keeps your inbox keeps free of spam with real ease.
emailprint.exe    08/20/03   367K Print multiple eMails with one click   03/16/04   304K Turn Off Monitor Launch Favourite Folders
eninst10.exe      02/19/03   184K Encrypts files for privacy.     09/22/03  1.39M Creates a html table representing auction end times
ewlasetup.exe     07/11/04  2.27M Web server log analyzer.       08/14/03   519K Extracts all cached flash movies
f_x86t32.exe      10/28/03  4.25M WS_FTP is the fastest, most powerful Windows file transfer client
fainst.exe        03/11/03  2.54M File encryption freeware.
faststart.exe     03/16/03   650K Opens your favourite files and web-pages using keywords.          02/23/04   872K Perfect computer program for Fishermen.            06/26/03  3.26M Synchronize two folders with FolderClone
fc_setup.exe      08/18/04  2.62M Files Comparer is a full featured merge tool.
fcinst.exe        02/01/03  4.14M Most popular encryption freeware.      12/11/03    92K Quick access for commonly used folders from a system tray icon.
filezap-trial-setu 09/11/03  2.53M File archiver and splitter
flash_decompiler.e 07/14/04  3.57M Decompile Flash movies at a single click.      06/12/03  1.24M Save Flash? Just One Click!            06/26/03  3.45M Feature-richFile
fm4-0_t.exe       06/09/04   668K File for swiftly creating Autorun menu CD/CDs      01/29/04   122K Find phantom files added to your system without your knowledge.       05/05/03  1.03M Oracle Forms Modules Code Searcher
fotoworks_setup.ex 11/18/03  2.97M Kinderleichte Fotobearbeitung           06/06/04   505K French characters add-on toolbar.       10/10/03    24K Plays Turbo 21 on for you!       03/26/03  2.58M An easy to use FREE FTP program     11/09/03    68K Plays Whack Down on for you!
fsync208us.exe    02/02/04   598K for folder(directory) always same situation.
ftd.exe           06/03/03   382K Creates drive from any folder that you selected.        12/10/03    95K an all-in-one game speed optimization tool
gapsetup.exe      02/15/04  5.85M GBAP lets you plan your GB avatars stats and style!        08/11/04   879K Program for folks that enjoy Geocaching.           06/06/04   505K German characters add-on toolbar.    07/19/04  3.35M Remotely forward on Hotmail/MSN/POP accounts, easy to use          12/10/03   970K Program for anyone into Ghost Hunting.        06/22/04   971K Play Tons of Mobile Games on your PC!
grab_burn.exe     01/17/04  5.19M create your own data, audio and video CD/DVD compilations          07/16/04  4.88M Restart Non Responding and failed programs! New!
hbkms.exe         05/15/03   711K Record details of your home brews
hbqsd-winsite.exe 08/22/03   443K Download the HotBot Quick Search Deskbar    07/18/03    37K Systray icon that shows how heavily your hard disk drive is used.
hi2003v403_trial.z 07/26/03  9.32M System Information, Management and Benchmark for Win2K and XP
hidersetup.exe    04/26/04  1.14M Hide secrets in the images or audio file      07/09/03  1.29M For hide icons of the applications appearing in System Tray
historycleaner.exe 09/03/04   414K Erase the tracks of your Internet activity
historyeraser.exe 07/21/04   420K Erase Internet history and typed URLs          02/23/04   884K Keep your property organized.     06/02/04   283K This hide URLs (IE Favorites) that you don't want others to see!!
html2php_setup.exe 07/10/04  1.05M Convert any html code into PHP,ASP,PhpNuke Block, Modules    07/28/04  1019K Erases all traces of your internet activity.Cookie cleaner & more
ietoolbox.exe     05/20/04  2.35M Passwords  09/07/04  1.01M Fast Offline Disk Searching      05/04/04   187K Make a index,html from you files   03/04/03   262K Views and logs all HTTP data between a browser and the Internet.
ipmailer.exe      02/05/04  1.46M Monitor       02/26/03   337K IPprobe determines every assigned IP adress of the system.
jac.exe           03/16/03   403K Analog clock with reminders.           04/01/04   190K A GUI-based disassembler for Java class files.
jspelltoolbar.exe 01/14/03   920K Spell Check HTML Forms within Internet Explorer
jsppSetup.exe     02/16/03  3.84M Stop those pesky popups, with Just Stop Popups Pro!     06/16/04   271K Permanently Erases all histories on your computer!!! A Must Have!
kiss12.exe        04/17/03  4.88M Cool, secure password manager and generator
konvertore_pdf2xxx 02/18/03  3.06M Batch conversion from PDF to raster and TXT
kpas.exe          09/25/03  5.70M Online Privacy one-stop-shop Utility.      03/15/04  4.12M Keep critical programs running and be alerted when they fail!           01/22/03    22K This program will remove the spyware that comes with kazaa       04/06/03   540K Keyboard macro and Windows automation program      07/23/03  2.66M Utilities for use with Outlook
ldpd8010.exe      07/05/04  2.99M Create any type of label fast and easily!
lm30.exe          04/08/03  2.60M Advanced Lottery Software - Pick, Track, Wheel, Manage your pools       02/25/04   957K Parallel link file transfer tool for Windows
log_ops.exe       04/04/03  2.38M FREE, 8-bit bin, dec, hex, RPN calculator tool.
love001.exe       12/22/03  2.69M Ideal for Valentine's and Love Celebrations   08/26/04  1.13M Take control over launching applications!
maginame.exe      09/08/04  1.08M rename photo file, rename photo, photos
mailout_setup.exe 07/14/03  5.60M MailOut can send serialmails      03/19/03   357K MacRote is an utility for package file processing
mcsetup.exe       02/22/04  5.65M best software for smooth
me.exe            07/09/04 14.89M Spam protection and email management.
mediathek6en.msi  05/28/03  1.91M THE Ultimate personal information
medman10.exe      03/09/04  7.77M A Multimedia file catalog and display tool.
metty131.exe      03/12/03  2.43M Creates all the necessary meta tags.
mlistd1_4_0_0demo. 07/03/04  1.49M Catalog video tapes or anything else easily.
mmsetup.exe       08/26/04  1.26M Automate computer tasks -- fast and easy.
mobilebox-setup.ex 02/07/03  4.90M The Connexion Wireless MobileBox is a SMS messaging solution
molarific_install. 06/25/03   916K Perform calcs for mass, volume, and molarity to mix a chemical so
mousewrap2.exe    06/17/03  1.65M 'Wraps' the mouse pointer around the screen.
mpgpro30.exe      07/19/04  3.13M Create random passwords many different ways      06/04/04   987K Recover lost passwords from MDB's           12/28/03   792K Search all major search engines in one click.
mstIsUsedBy15e.exe 06/23/04   592K See what process on your system has a particular file open.
mtssetup.exe      03/12/03   894K Encrypt and hide any confidential file into common file
my_orgzr.exe      08/29/03  2.91M Manage and organize any kind of personal information.     07/20/04   852K Program for anyone who want's a diary.
myphotoz.exe      01/05/04   535K Digital Photo Album      01/29/04  2.36M Will let you rename files, folders and sub-folders.
natalarm.exe      08/02/03  5.57M Wake up to the sounds of nature
nesh.exe          05/22/04  4.75M Program your mind using subliminal messages.
netgadgets        02/19/03  2.50M Set of diagnostic tools for Networks.
netwister_1_0_setu 07/01/03  1.48M Background application for file transfers
nldsetup.exe      11/18/03  2.02M NewsletterDesigner software
nsmu112.exe       10/22/03   773K Extracts multiple zip archives into one directory.       01/09/04  1.65M NT Account Manager. Great for Domain Administration.
nuclient45.exe    11/20/03  5.50M Synchronization and take the network with you,incremental backup
ofixdemo.exe      03/03/03  3.98M Suite for the recovery of damaged Ms Excel, Access, and Word      01/17/04   101K Keep Outlook loaded in the system tray (next to the clock).
ontime11.exe      02/28/04   676K Synchronizes PC's clock to atomic time server
openzup.exe       07/30/04  1.09M OpenzUp is an easy-to-use file opener.
organizer.exe     05/18/04  1.05M Customize your startup configuration.
ovispdfrecover.exe 11/30/03 12.44M decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files
pagepitXP_exe.exe 08/22/04  3.14M Saves internet search information
passmn41.exe      08/31/03  5.34M Award Winning Password Manager
passpro.exe       02/05/04  8.77M Create up to 10 million passwords at a time with full DB support
passwordvaultsetup 10/30/03  1.26M Securely store all your passwords
pcallerid.exe     06/29/03   570K Block telemarketers with this Caller ID tool        09/09/04   935K Program for postcards collectors.
pcmate4xp.exe     01/30/03  6.58M MP3, Alarm Clock, Talking Clock, more!
pcmatenm.exe      01/30/03  7.50M MP3,talking clock, alarm clock and more!        11/14/03   214K shows the working time on your computer
pdepot16.exe      09/15/03  2.27M User-friendly password manager        09/01/03  2.72M split on text information within many PDF's        09/01/03  1.92M change the summary information in many pdf's
pdftoolkit_demo.zi 11/30/03   575K PDF document management and organization VCL        09/01/03  2.08M automates the process of appending multiple P          01/20/04   713K Personal Editor 32 rel. 1.3.04       07/05/03  1.82M Find percentage of any number.
pftinst.exe       07/14/03  2.68M Mass file processing to rename, move, copy      05/27/03  1.33M Create Multi Picture Layout Scripts Easily
pn1502.exe        05/24/04  4.03M Popup Stopper, Cookies Cleaner
pnfcc2.exe        06/04/04  9.59M Convert documents, spreadsheets, more, into image or PDF files.
pnfslabp.exe      11/08/03  3.71M NFS client and server for windows 95/NT/2000
popupkiller.exe   07/08/03  1.14M Kill browser and Messenger Service pop-ups.          07/30/03   273K Protect your affiliate links
ppksetup.exe      02/06/03  5.38M It will rid your computer of those annoying pop-up windows
profisubmit_setup. 12/15/03  1.63M Profisubmit         11/19/03  1.55M Software for creation photo albums
pswdkeep.exe      07/06/03   304K Utility to store password accounts securely and remind to update
ptdemo.exe        07/18/03  1.88M Time client for Windows NT, 2000 and XP.
puf32.exe         09/03/03  1.03M Data file and e-mail encryption utility
pwdremover.exe    02/20/04   818K Remove PDF files password ( decrypt pdf ).
pwg32310.exe      02/28/04   662K Safely protects passwords, codes, personal IDs
pwsetup445.exe    08/29/03   964K Stop intrusive pop-up ads      07/04/04  3.41M File Search and Recent Documents for Windows
quicklaunch.exe   06/16/03  2.42M 2clicks access to any website, file or folder
quitmeter-setup.ex 07/14/03  4.65M Calculate stop-smoking time and money saved.
rasetup.exe       10/10/03  2.50M Remote Access 1.0 is a cheap and powerful remote monitoring tool
rdxt_du.exe       05/24/03    93K RAM Def: Monitor and defragment your system's RAM        02/17/04  2.52M Alarm, calendar,scheduler, timer reminder.
remindme.exe      08/14/03  2.05M RemindMe is the schedule ANYTHING software.
remindme10.exe    08/17/03  2.05M RemindMe is the schedule ANYTHING software.
richeditor.exe    07/15/03   295K Easy-to-use free Rich and Plain text editor.           08/04/04   816K 240 solutions with 6 unique keypads, tape.
rpn_calc.exe      04/04/03  1.67M FREE, simple 4-function (+ , -, /, x) RPN calculator.
rptrial.exe       01/06/04  2.10M Easy, powerful searches for free domain names
rstpwp10.exe      09/11/03  3.48M Allows you to remotely change local passwords
rvSetup.exe       07/07/03  1.06M Create virtual 3D worlds in a single click!        08/28/03  6.24M Autorun software to quickly author CDROM/DVDs      09/02/03  8.46M Autorun software to quickly author CDROM/DVDs
rwsisb30.exe      08/21/03  3.75M Boost Your Modem
s32e7x.exe        07/18/03  1.28M Very fast full text search utility.
sam.exe           05/21/04  1.78M SAM - A collection of useful utilities.         02/08/04 10.14M Copy a folder from one SPS to another.       04/23/04   291K Simple countdown timer.
scan4cover.exe    07/02/03  2.74M CD cover in 5 seconds, Scan
screen-scraper.exe 07/05/04 19.51M web site data extraction   05/18/03  1.44M Information encryption system.       05/13/03   713K Spam complaining tool
sdsmV6.exe        03/23/04    55K File encryption software with CD mastering.
se23.exe          03/05/03   816K 3D animated clocks displays 3 time zones.
searmake.exe      03/07/03   605K Create a search engine for any website.
seau.exe          08/10/04  3.02M Compresses multiple files into a single, professional installatio
secexfilehome.exe 06/24/03  1.71M File encryption utility for Windows.
securepoint_pcfire 06/24/04  1.43M The job of your this firewall is to protect a PC .     07/31/03  4.81M Lose the browser - Web Services for everyone.   10/19/03   412K Utilite to find the same files and remove excessive copies      06/08/03   420K Find the same files to remove excessive copies from disk
setup%20klauncher% 05/02/04   190K Allows you to start games and much more globally from keyboard
setup-od.exe      05/01/04   824K Connection to ODBC data sources for any app.
setup.exe         01/27/03  1.02M Unbreakable encryption made easy         02/13/03  1.66M Easy Sports Administration is powerful tool for managing sportscl
setup_Tip-itV12_en 01/19/03   492K Add notes and tips in your windows desktop Program
setup_file_recover 06/26/04   688K File recover program for Windows
setup_wcheckwins.e 04/20/04   155K Current weather and 7-day forecast in your system tray
setupwsl.exe      08/16/04  1.61M saves keystrokes, screen shots , MSN,etc. FTP
sg.exe            01/09/04  1.02M steganography: hide files, file encryption      03/27/03  1.65M A Free program that lets you see all of the fonts on your PC
shrun105.exe      08/04/04   300K AutoRuns a web page or documents on CDs
shutdnsetup.exe   06/10/03  1.33M Windows shutdown program
shutup.exe        03/20/03  2.13M Shut UP! is a tray-based shut down tool
si-finder.exe     04/14/03   327K Finder is really fast and easy files search utility
sia6int.exe       11/07/03  7.13M Designed for Internet users who want to surf anonymously
sie-ws.exe        04/07/04  1.91M Take control of your web experience.        01/08/04   110K Send messages from your PC via Internet to faxes, phones, and e-m
sleepy_setup.exe  10/24/03  1.20M Scheduled Daily Computer Shut Down
slides10.exe      08/20/03  1.37M Create Organized Beautiful Multiple Picture Presentations
smartpopupstopperp 08/02/04   884K Stop all annoying popups. Block banner ads.
smartpopupstoppers 07/29/04   812K Stop all annoying popups. Block banner ads.
smartprotectorpros 08/19/04   752K Erase Internet history, cookies, cache etc.      02/09/03  2.04M SmallPrint: Reproduce 50-70 A4 pages onto one
smsalert-server.ex 02/07/03  3.47M SMSAlert is a great companion software for Enterprise Mgt Systems
smsdb.msi         01/17/04  4.62M Mobile SMS plateform, Web and Database Appl.
snsetup.exe       01/09/04  4.47M StickyNote allows you to create and send beautiful 3D notes.
sob19.ZIP         02/02/03  1.10M Caller ID Generator for Windows
softne23.exe      03/28/04  2.53M Fully functional slot machine game.
softwarecollectors 01/21/04  1.42M This software helps you manage your Software CD collections.
sosautomation.exe 12/13/03  2.39M Baby - Medical monitor and alarm system.    03/17/04  4.53M spAnalyzer is a tool which provides analysis of STATSPACK reports     01/15/04   602K Internet bandwidth speed test utility
spk.exe           07/24/03   998K Killer All Pop Up Ad
splitjckinst.exe  09/20/03   860K Easy to use large files splitting utility
splsetup.exe      05/10/03   754K split and compress files,merge them on any pc   05/21/04 10.27M Statspack Viewer Pro is a GUI tool for Oracle STATSPACK    08/13/04  4.91M Statspack Viewer Standard provides a GUI to Oracle STATSPACK
spv201.exe        06/26/03  8.01M Softpit PC Search Engine   09/06/04 13.13M An advanced charting and monitoring solution for Oracle databases
spy-lantern-keylog 01/13/04  1.00M Power spy software to monitor user's activity       03/10/04    54K Recover your lost or forgotten passwords.      08/03/04  2.62M SQL Delta compares database schema and data
sqzSetup.exe      07/11/03   687K Free up your HD by squeezing your files!
sshplabp.exe      11/08/03  2.22M SSH client for windows.            02/19/03  1.53M Create web gallery pages or photo album on the fly
stinst.exe        02/01/03  2.89M Automatic encryption, wiping, system cleanup.    06/02/03  1.10M Kill browser and Messenger Service pop-ups.        01/18/03  4.58M Windows Multi-Term search Utiltiy
synthmark_xp_100.e 07/28/03  8.02M Features 24 benchmarks
systemmechanicpro. 09/17/03 33.08M The Ultimate PC Service and Security Suite!        09/01/04   878K This is the pefect program for collectors.
tfm.exe           07/18/04  1.74M Join/merge MP3, MPEG, text files, and Word documents!
timean13.exe      04/30/03  1.17M analyzes PC activities in Family or Business
timerecorder2.exe 08/03/04   311K Statistics about Windows-usage: Duration, used programs and more.
tkeys15.exe       05/29/03  1.26M Hot Keys
tr45se.exe        04/27/04  1.25M Audio recorder for streaming audio and mic-in
tranzlat.exe      04/04/03  2.78M FREE, 8-bit binary, decimal, hexadecimal, RPN calculator tool.      07/06/04    31K Identify file types from their signatures      07/06/04   740K Identify file types from their signatures
troubleshooter.exe 07/20/04  7.94M The Ultimate Startups, Tasks and Services Manager          03/20/03  1.11M Catalogue CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs, then browse files and view stats
tsetupsw.exe      08/03/04  2.24M Hides secret messages in image files.
tslw2k.exe        05/27/03   594K Password protect your workstation or server.      02/15/03   536K Txt2Html converts text files to html.    11/04/03   145K Word counting and formula calculating program
tzpk4605.exe      04/28/04  3.10M Popup Killer - Kill Pop ups, Ads and Cookies        08/07/04   870K The perfect computer program for UFO Watchers
unzip32-311.exe   02/21/04  1.24M Easiest way to unzip ZIP files. 1-2-3-unzip!
updateXpress.exe  02/23/04  1.25M Network tool updated files across a network
upsetup.exe       12/02/03   828K Clean all your internet tracks (cookies...) and block pop up ads.
urlbas55.exe      06/06/04  2.34M Powerful and flexible bookmark manager      09/09/04   366K Extract urls and other text strings from local or remote files         03/12/03  1.16M Browse your files and perform multiple file-level operations with
usrlogfw.exe      04/25/03   602K Logs computer activity and screen shots. FREE
validator.exe     08/03/04  2.06M Validates Bank ABA Routing Numbers and Credit Card Numbers
van10.exe         08/29/03  2.75M Cute skinable sticky notes with alarm.
vavplug_en.exe    09/07/04  6.45M Reliable Virus Protection
vblsetup.exe      01/27/04   840K Easy to use parental lock and system security       03/03/03   140K VData - Verify Data (Files/Disks/Folders)       11/13/03   458K Fast, Effective Virtural Drive Maintenance
vpersonality.exe  06/16/03  2.11M A professional telephone voice changer.
vsetup.exe        11/11/03   932K Hih security encryption with a simple drag and drop interface.
vsfsetup_en.exe   08/23/04  3.61M Advanced File Encryption
w2pdf20.exe       03/13/03  1.61M Win2PDF - Create PDF files from any Windows NT/2000/XP app      06/16/03   600K Taskbar utility including system information of several types      08/01/04  3.79M Household Appliance Calculator      08/30/04  4.11M WinBatch is scripting for every Windows PC.
wboazip.exe       06/07/04   219K Attachment zip add-in for Outlook
wbohbcc.exe       06/09/04   119K Hidden BCC add-in for Outlook
wbolock.exe       06/07/04   173K Message Encryption add-in for Outlook
webfilter.exe     08/04/04   457K A Web Filter - Internet Web Filtering Tool
werdbawx_setup.exe 07/24/03   371K Small, fast dictionary for your system tray.    07/09/04    25K Complete filenames in edit controls (source included). Free.
whmic_30.exe      07/24/04  1.39M Secure Internet Communication Program.        11/16/03   718K Hex Editor, Disk Editor, and RAM Editor
winkeys.exe       03/16/03   367K Enhances your keyboard with hot keys, using Win.
winwhacker_setup.z 03/28/04  2.19M Pop Up Window Stopper
wizback.exe       08/30/04  7.64M Backup your important data quickly
wrDemo.exe        04/20/03  4.49M This program will keep track of all weather data you register.      05/13/04  5.15M Web Statspack Viewer enables web access to Oracle STATSPACK data     10/09/03  8.50M Complete Web server protection against worms.
xrampav.exe       10/08/03 16.35M XRampAV - The Ultimate Anti-Virus Software
zafe              setup.exe 05/10/03 Get rid of those large web advertisements with Zap! Ads FE.
zasetup.exe       04/23/03  1.48M Need to stop those web ads? Look no further!
zipcodes12.exe    05/15/03  1.95M Zip Code It! Offeres almost every zip code       12/03/03   726K ZipScan searches inside Zip files, CAB files and other archives.

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