Directory of excel

ASAPUtilities_setu 05/07/04  1.27M Free Excel add-in with over 300 useful and powerfull utilities !
Business_Ck_Reg.ex 01/28/03   456K Keep track of checks sent to vendors   03/15/04   185K How do you model a CMO in Excel? Find out here.
CalendarPersonal.z 06/21/03   148K A personal calendar
EXEmp3v1.exe      02/05/03   345K convert mp3 to self-playing file with lyric      02/23/04    80K This tool provides you a replacement function for comments.      02/23/04    83K Provides Search/Replacement function for textboxes or shapes. 07/26/04  1.96M ExcelReport is an Excel report generator
Excel_Budget_2004_ 12/16/03    39K A Very Useful Budget Spreadsheet for the year 2004    04/08/03   280K a vertical scrolling shooting game which is Excel based.       02/16/04   444K Free Financial Modeling lessons in Excle
GT_Database.exe   01/26/03   371K Create your own database in Excel
GT_Easy_Budget.exe 02/12/03   397K Handle all of your Checking Account Transactions
GT_Easy_Calendar.e 01/28/03   109K Create monthly and yearly calendars in Excel
High_Speed_Timer.z 03/15/04    11K Excel VBA Timer      03/16/03   313K KAMIKAZE GEISHA is 3D shooting game which is Excel based.
NobilisCiFull.exe 05/23/03 89.27M A tool that automates business processes using Excel spreadsheets 07/01/04    12K Powerful VBA text searching and replacing
SALogonD.exe      09/09/03  3.87M Save your computer with a smart card
SXLSetup.exe      03/27/04  7.81M Statistical Analysis add-in for MS Excel
Sheet_Calculator_v 02/23/03    22K Excel based calculator for determining number of sub-sheets 03/15/04    24K 5 VBA Sort Functions - Quicksort, Heapsort , Selectionsort...            01/31/03   276K Type practice software which operates the soccer player
Time_Tracker.exe  03/03/03   170K Easily keep track of the hours that you work using Excel
Time_Tracker_Plus. 02/23/03   312K Keep track of the hours that you work and your accrued PTO
TriLookup_22_Setup 06/04/04  1.02M Advanced lookup and interpolation for Excel.            01/31/03   122K A very cool and very exciting block destroying game excel based!      08/26/04  4.04M Bar code add-in for Excel 97/2000/2002/2003
aer.exe           02/11/04   745K A powerful tool to repair corrupt Excel xls and xlw files.
agentp.exe        09/12/03   983K Slick password spying software   09/20/03   441K Large matrices elaboration in Window OS and EXCEL       03/14/04   262K Binary Arithmetic addin for EXCEL
calcScenarios_v3.z 07/17/03   231K 3-Factor Equilibrium Interest Rate Generator in Excel
cm-10-25.exe      12/04/03   895K Create Work Crews for 25 Employees.     11/23/03   720K Expand Microsoft Excell data analysis options
excelfix.exe      03/03/03  1.92M Recovery of damaged Ms Excel files
flightchase.exe   07/02/04   493K Guide a brave hunter to pick up all spheres.     01/31/03   245K Invisible is a 3D block destroying game which Excel based
m3Dxl30t.exe      02/25/03  2.68M Visual data mining add-in for MS Excel      08/03/04   962K Matrix and Linear Algebra for EXCEL
mt-20-50.exe      12/04/03  1.91M Assign Multiple Daily tasks to 20 Employees.
odysseysbe.exe    04/16/04 96.96M Complete accounting system for small business      08/19/04  2.34M Multioption replacement for Windows dialer.
rand-25.exe       12/04/03  1.02M Random Shift Assignments for 25 Volunteers.
rotating-25.exe   12/04/03  2.38M Rotating Shift Schedules for 25 People.
rtasks.exe        12/04/03  1.71M Random Task Assignments for 100 Volunteers.
s1-3-25.exe       12/04/03  1.12M Shift Schedules for 3 Shifts and 25 Employees
s11-6-50.exe      12/04/03  1.12M Create Floor Schedules for 50 Employees.
s2-10-50.exe      12/04/03  1.84M Shift Schedules for 10 Shifts and 50 People
s4-m25.exe        12/04/03   636K Complex Shift Schedules for 25 People.
s8-dr-25.exe      12/04/03  1.53M Daily shift
setup.exe         10/17/03  5.58M An innovative Excel Add-In for Investors and Business Users
split-25.exe      12/04/03  1.49M Assign Daily Split Shifts to 25 Employees.
t-20-50-52.exe    12/04/03  1.87M Assign Multiple Daily tasks to 20 Employees.
xdrsetup.exe      05/11/03  2.58M Powerful drilldown software for spreadsheets       11/02/03  1.26M multi-precision floating point arithmetic 3.1 for Excel

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