Directory of education 07/03/04   579K A simple product to do math tables. It’s not only for kids.
2+2_2_1a_eng_setup 01/29/04 11.07M 2 2 math for children
20sim33.exe       01/14/03 23.46M 20-sim Viewer
3MinuteChallengeSe 04/15/03  5.29M 3 Minute Challenge! is a mathematical tool designed to test your
401k20039.exe     09/24/03  2.54M Easy, fast retirement savings planner.
50ways.exe        01/28/04  2.14M Detect Shoplifters in your retail store or business.
A400d.exe         06/27/04  3.44M Affordable easy-to-use statistical software        03/30/03   400K Superb test management software for Windows.
ATimeTable02Setup. 06/10/03   175K Lesson Schedule
ATimeTable97Setup. 04/13/03   157K ATimeTable97 is MS Access 97 application for manual lesson schedu      01/27/04 21.27M Visual Perception Training Games for Special Education (Demo)
Abb_Setup.exe     02/18/03  1.62M This program lets you look up the full meaning of acronyms
AbeLingoDemo.exe  06/17/03  2.10M Vocabulary builder software where you learn the most common words
AlQuranDigital21.e 08/02/04  9.53M Al Quran with translation in Indonesian
Anti-Porn.EXE     02/25/03  1.69M A porn-filter software.        05/09/04   262K Converts protein sequence to different format
Arithmentals_3.0.e 05/02/03  4.72M Enhance Your Mental Capabilities With Arithmentals.
AstroVega_v25_setu 02/16/04   295K AstroVega is small,fast,many featured and customizable astroprog
AutoFilteSetup.exe 08/06/04  1.43M Filter out porn websites,protect your system
BMPrime.exe       02/12/03    56K Command line utility to generate large primes 01/18/03   604K A tutorial for Babya System XP v 11.3
Babylon_Pro40.exe 06/15/03  1.75M Online Dictionary Software
BanglaWord190.EXE 04/04/03  4.65M Free Bengali Word processing application.
BarnOwls.ZIP      04/06/04   613K 'Barn Owls' contains information about and pictures of Barn Owls
BerBibleSetup.exe 07/09/04  1.04M Oriented to non-techies. Simple. Fast on obsolete equipment.
BiGoAssistantTiny- 05/04/04  2.02M Actually big full featured Go games and fuseki/joseki database
BiGoAssistantTiny- 05/04/04 28.67M Actually big full featured Go games and fuseki/joseki database
BibTexMngSetup.exe 05/11/04  3.39M Program for manipulating BibTeX database files
Bible2.exe        05/20/03  1.95M Complete free Holy Bible for Windows. Words of Christ in red.
BibleDatabase-5_0_ 06/04/04  4.53M FREE BIBLE SOFTWARE. OVER 70 MODULES 30 LANGUAGES PLUS
C1D0-410.exe      06/02/03  6.48M Forcertifications.
C220-221.exe      05/30/03  7.29M For MCSA,A certifications.
C220-222.exe      05/31/03  6.68M For A ,MCSA certifications.
CChess1.exe       01/31/04  6.57M Turn your toddler into a chess prodigy!
CIK0-001.exe      05/31/03  6.38M Forcertifications.
CMiner102.exe     03/19/04  4.64M Chord and song tool for all guitar players
CN10-002.exe      06/02/03  6.40M For MCSA certifications.
CSAssetDB.msi     03/10/03  2.70M Asset Database that scans remote computers
CSK0-001.exe      06/02/03  6.56M For MCSA certifications.      01/22/04  1.27M CalculatorX - Enhanced Expression Calculator
CentCatAD.ZIP     05/01/03  1.55M CentCatAD allows you to test
ChnEngAssistantSet 07/23/04 56.57M Chinese-English bilingual dictionary.
ChnEngSenHunterSet 07/17/04 32.22M A Chinese-English sentence searching tool.
Combinations.exe  02/17/03    34K The universal combinations generator: N numbers taken M at a time 02/03/04   359K Look up over 7000 highly technical terms in English and Russian.
CoursePlayerInstal 06/09/03 10.61M Prepare Now For The California Real Estate License Exam 03/25/03   602K Make and print classroom style crossword and wordsearch puzzles
CyclicSetup.exe   08/14/03  5.99M A workshop for drummers and MIDI musicians
DEMOPaperDollDesig 08/29/03  1.99M Create your own personalized PaperDoll.
DEX.exe           04/16/04  2.60M Dex - Romanian Dictionary
DPCSetup.exe      08/09/03 34.30M Save money and keep your PC in a good performance ! How?
DeadSmall.exe     09/05/04  1.23M Solve equations graphically and numerically.
Dictionary.exe    02/26/04  1.11M Free Multilanguage dictionary with 37 dictionaries
DigitizeIt_win.exe 12/03/03  8.52M Digitize scanned graphs, charts and math data.
DomainRef1_1.exe  12/27/03   274K A domain name reference tool.
DspEdu21_Setup.exe 05/07/04  3.13M Educational Software on Introductory Digital Signal Processing
ETCperfectpitch.ex 04/24/03   915K Program to help learn perfect pitch.     11/03/03  4.77M A 3D photo-realistic and interactive globe on your desktop.
EnvisionAideSetup4 04/29/04  3.43M Boosts researcher's work rate and creativity    07/17/04  1.50M To solve algebraic equations
Everest-Glossaries 11/03/03  2.17M Everest Glosssaries for Everest Dictionary    02/25/03 79.28M Free multilanguage dictionary with over 3.000.000 words
EverestBulgarian.e 03/15/04  7.51M Free multilanguage dictionary - bulgarian dictionaries
EverestEnglish.exe 03/15/04 13.54M Free multilanguage dictionary - English dictionaries
EverestFrench.exe 03/15/04 12.94M Free multilanguage dictionary - French dictionaries
EverestGerman.exe 03/15/04 13.27M Free multilanguage dictionary - German dictionaries
EverestHungarian.e 03/15/04  5.80M Free multilanguage dictionary - Hungarian dictionaries
EverestItalian.exe 03/15/04  3.52M Free multilanguage dictionary - Italian dictionaries
EverestRomanian.ex 03/15/04 16.27M Free multilanguage dictionary - Romanian dictionaries
EverestSpanish.exe 03/15/04  8.68M Free multilanguage dictionary - Spanish dictionaries
Everest_BG_Databas 10/20/03  6.23M Bulgarian Databases for Everest Dictionary (windows and linux)
Everest_EN_Databas 09/17/03 14.51M English Databases for Everest Dictionary (windows and linux)
Everest_FR_Databas 02/27/04  9.32M French Databases for Everest Dictionary (windows and linux)
Everest_GE_Databas 02/27/04  9.73M German Databases for Everest Dictionary (windows and linux)
Everest_HU_Databas 10/08/03  3.83M Hungarian Databases for Everest Dictionary (windows and linux)
Everest_IT_Databas 02/27/04  1.08M Italian Databases for Everest Dictionary (windows and linux)
Everest_PT_Databas 10/06/03  3.20M Portuguese Databases for Everest Dictionary (windows and linux)
Everest_RO_Databas 10/20/03 16.00M Romanian Databases for Everest Dictionary (windows and linux)
Everest_SP_Databas 09/17/03  4.85M Spanish Databases for Everest Dictionary (windows and linux)
FD406.ZIP         06/17/04  1.26M FD is a concise, English- language Dictionary
FamilyMailInstall. 05/28/04  4.20M FamilyMail is an ultra simple email program
Flash5_Installatio 07/23/04  2.14M Vocabulary based flashcard program    10/09/03   833K FormulaPro is a multiple formulas calculator.
GDTTPE30.exe      03/31/04 24.97M Professional GD and T training on CD-ROM    07/26/04   718K Study for the Verbal section of the GRE     12/24/03  1.97M  GRADEBOOK3.00 Records and Maintains Class Grades 02/03/04   356K Get reference on banking and finance acronyms and abbreviations.
GradeLogLite145.ex 02/08/04  4.55M Freeware gradebook program with excellent features!
GraphingSolvedSetu 05/04/03  5.58M Graphing Solved! brings your math problems to life! 06/29/04  4.75M Gravity is a program to simulate the path of move for bodies.   11/30/03  1.49M The best guitar tuning program.
HadithQudsi1.exe  04/16/03   726K The Forty Sacred Hadith (Quotes that God sent to his Prophet)
InVerseSetup.exe  05/02/04   968K Memorizing Bible passages freeware.
InstaladorAceptaEl 02/27/04  5.76M Software educativo, entretenido, de gran utilidad para maestros
InstallBestReaderV 08/30/04  2.65M Learn to read quicker and more efficiently.
InstallKGBsecretsV 08/30/04  1.35M KGB'secrets™, software for memory training
InstallKGBsecretsV 08/30/04  1.35M KGB'secrets™, software for memory training
InstallKGBsecretsV 08/30/04  1.35M KGB'secrets™, software for memory training
InstallKGBsecretsV 08/30/04  1.35M KGB'secrets™, software for memory training
Install_Class_Acti 05/30/04  3.84M Easy to use. Seating charts, reports, graphs. e-mail capabilty.
Install_Class_Acti 05/30/04  3.79M Easy to use. Seating charts, reports, graphs. e-mail capability.
Install_Class_Acti 05/30/04  3.94M Easy to use. Seating charts, reports, graphs. e-mail capability
Install_NumeroLing 08/14/04   242K Easy way to learn to count in another language
Install_Quiz-Buddy 06/22/04  1.93M Learn more in less time with your Quiz-Buddy!
Investment-demo.zi 02/03/04   240K Learn stock exchange and investment terms in 6 languages.   05/09/04  1.91M map of iran country with all road way  With All Details
It_Is_Rote.msi    12/19/03  4.66M Memorize Bible verses and keep them in memory
JokesSetup.exe    09/01/04  2.10M 11.000 free jokes in two languages
JpnEngSenHunterSet 07/17/04 31.19M A Japanese-English sentence searching tool.        05/07/04   155K for drawing chemical figures
KYCe-SU.exe       06/15/04   441K A multi-choice quiz to reinforce memorising Cocktail recipes.     12/29/03  1.18M Kamus is an English-Indonesia dictionary.    02/13/04  2.90M Curve fitting, 2D 3D graph, error propagation, digitizing
LMBsetup.exe      02/11/04  2.14M Learning ENGLISH, GERMAN, SPANISH and RUSSIAN WORDS     02/12/04  1017K Classical Analysis of Laminated Composite Material Plates
LearnCN.exe       08/30/04  4.56M Program of Learning mandarin Chinese language
LearnChinese2003_v 06/08/04 11.19M Chinese: Pronunciation /exercises /dictionary
LexicographicSets. 08/24/03    91K Find the index, or rank of permutations, combinations, sets            05/14/03   183K Ancient applications about geometrical places.       02/29/04  1.82M Lingo is a vocabulary training application.
LiquidDreamII.msi 05/31/03  6.75M Designed to guide your conscious awareness into the dream state.
M70-028.exe       05/31/03  6.29M For MCP,MCSE,MCDBA,MCSD certifications.
M70-029.exe       06/02/03  6.82M For MCDBA,MCP,MCSE,MCSD certifications.
M70-100.exe       06/02/03  6.38M For MCP,MCSD certifications.
M70-152.exe       06/02/03  6.49M For MCP,MCSD certifications.
M70-175.exe       06/02/03  6.66M For MCP,MCSD,MCDBA certifications.
M70-176.exe       06/02/03  6.53M For MCP,MCSD certifications.
M70-215.exe       06/02/03  7.35M For MCP,MCSA,MCSE,MCDBA certifications.
M70-216.exe       06/02/03  6.93M For MCP,MCSA,MCSE certifications.
M70-217.exe       05/31/03  6.97M For MCP,MCSE certifications.
M70-218.exe       06/02/03  7.50M For MCP,MCSE,MCSA certifications.
M70-219.exe       05/31/03  6.36M For MCP,MCSE certifications.
M70-220.exe       05/31/03  6.96M For MCP,MCSE certifications.
M70-224.exe       05/31/03  6.73M For MCP,MCSA,MCSE certifications.
M70-225.exe       06/02/03  6.78M For MCP,MCSE certifications.
M70-228.exe       06/02/03  7.02M For MCDBA,MCP,MCSE,MCSD certifications.
M70-229.exe       06/02/03  7.02M For MCP,MCSD .NET,MCSE,MCSD,MCDBA certifications.
M70-244.exe       06/02/03  6.85M For MCP,MCSE,MCSA certifications.
M70-270.exe       06/02/03  7.19M For MCP,MCSE,MCSA certifications.
M70-306.exe       06/02/03  6.37M For MCP,MCSE,MCSD .NET certifications.
MDB_Speaking_Flash 06/24/04  1.22M MDB or DAO driven multilingual Speaking Flashcards      06/10/04   700K Practice or Test , add, -, mult., and division. Very easy to use.
MGame11.exe       08/18/04    84K Learn multiplication tables using this game
MGdemo15.exe      09/22/03  4.39M ear training, sight reading, and music theory
MIND_GRAPH_EBOOK_D 02/01/04  2.46M Learn the possibilities of a graphic language
MS5_setup.exe     08/10/04  1.96M Practice math facts with fun and challenging games
MYABCD.exe        08/03/04  2.50M fun and games for children aged one to five
MagicGraph.exe    10/07/03   435K Plot and analyze graphs of mathematical functions
MathPad.exe       11/15/03   140K A nice/neat window program for basic math operations practice.
MathScratch.exe   02/07/04  2.79M Teaches the mathematical computation process
Mathmen.exe       11/14/03  7.81M Introduce your child to math and fun with a funny adventure game
MathmenV1.exe     01/31/04  7.81M Introduce your child to math and adventure.   06/29/04  1.92M MaxType - multifunctional keyboard trainer 06/03/04   472K Multilingual dictionary and words trainer   05/16/04  3.35M Create your own Millionaire quiz games with sound and pictures
MxCalc.exe        11/25/03  1.40M Calculate equations using the Matrix method, and view the steps       07/15/04   208K Three hardcore Cellular Automata programs. The bugfree versions.
My_Test_Setup.exe 06/16/04  1.82M Make your own True/False and Multiple-Choice tests...
NJCOM250.EXE      06/08/04  8.52M Chinese, Japanese, Korean language enabler
NJCWP500.EXE      06/08/04  6.93M Powerful Chinese word processor with study and translation tools
NJJWP500.EXE      06/08/04  4.14M Japanese word processor with learning and translation tools
NetronSetup.exe   07/20/04  4.09M Converts PowerPoint presentations to Flash       02/27/04   553K choose 6 numbers for contestants to make the number generated.
O1Z0-001.exe      05/31/03  6.35M For OCP certifications.
Open-Point-Demo.zi 10/24/03   374K The OPEN POINT software for acupuncture.         02/26/04  5.80M Parenting Assist is an aid for parents.    11/05/03   589K Solve quizzes online on the Internet!
PL4MEfull.exe     12/13/03 10.83M Lesson planning for Teachers both Primary and Secondary
PS4MEfull.exe     12/13/03 17.48M Lesson plans - teaching aid using DfES/other established schemes
PTV11.exe         05/31/03 11.18M 3D Virtual Reality Tour of the Solar System
PermuteCombine.exe 09/16/03   127K Calculate, generate permutations, exponents, combinations
PictureLearnerSetu 12/04/03  3.28M Kids Educational Entertainment Application
ProphetsStories1.e 12/05/03  2.53M History of the Prophets software.
PuncInvaders11Setu 12/16/03  2.04M Practice punctuation and capitalization with this arcade game.
QB_MATH_install20. 05/11/04  1.11M Practice Multiplication, Addition and more!
QB_SAT_install_10. 06/09/04  1.36M Get ready for SAT Verbal!
QB_SPANISH_install 05/27/04  7.13M Expand your Spanish vocabulary!
QB_Text_Analyzer_i 09/08/04   501K Generate a vocabulary list from a text sample
QB_US_STATES_insta 02/17/04  1.72M Learn to find US States on the map.
QuiZuite.ZIP      03/30/03  1.42M A suite for creating, taking, and evaluating quizzes 04/13/04 22.36M English Language Learning Tool for Kids   04/08/04 18.91M MultiLanguage Learning Tool for Kids  04/06/04 18.38M QuickMedia Pack 'Earth' for Quick Language Learning Course
R_Decode.exe      01/23/04  1.51M Decodes the resistor color codes.
Rt-Plot_setup.exe 10/31/03  5.56M The tool to generate Cartesian X/Y-plots
S310-025.exe      06/02/03  6.62M For JCP certifications.          03/28/03   182K Structural Element Analysis Program
SOGOL12.exe       09/28/03  1.07M Math Assistant and Calculator for Windows
SWDojoSetup.exe   07/03/04  7.38M Student Writing Dojo provides your students with writing tools th
SchlrW10.exe      04/30/04  5.40M Academic Writing Software for Students        10/10/03  2.18M CCNA Test Router simulation         03/21/04   225K Helps you learn ancient Greek. Has a greek hangman game too.
Setup_Recorder_Bud 03/24/03  1.46M A program that teaches you to play the recorder.
SimAppTr.exe      04/13/03  7.38M Simulation of automatic control systems
SimQst51.exe      05/15/03 13.01M A system for scientific discovery learning.
TG2-2-68.exe      06/19/03 12.24M Test Generator II - Test Creation Software
THAI-130.exe      01/15/03  1.29M Thai-learning-program with sound and pictures
TaalMala_Trial_Set 07/30/04  3.32M Tabla and Pakhawaj accompaniment for musicians - Trial version    09/01/04   766K English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, ... 06/15/04  2.34M Decode over 10,000 computer and chat acronyms.
TypingTutor.exe   08/11/03  1.49M Learn To Type Tutor Typing tutor,Typing test
U00-202.exe       06/26/03 10.53M For MCSD,MCP certifications.
U00-203.exe       06/26/03 12.12M For MCP,MCSA,MCSE certifications.
U00-204.exe       06/26/03  9.33M For MCSE,MCP certifications.
U00-206.exe       06/26/03 11.33M For MCP,MCDBA,MCSD certifications.
U00-207.exe       06/26/03  8.70M For MCSD .NET,MCDBA,MCP certifications.
U00-208.exe       06/26/03  7.85M For MCDBA,MCP certifications.
U00-209.exe       06/26/03  7.87M For MCSD,MCP certifications.
U00-210.exe       06/26/03 16.15M For MCSE,MCP,MCSA certifications.
U00-212.exe       06/26/03  8.67M For A certifications.
U00-213.exe       06/26/03 10.79M For MCDBA,MCP certifications.
U00-214.exe       06/26/03 10.93M For MCP,MCSE,MCSA certifications.
U00-216.exe       06/26/03  9.11M For MCSE,MCP,MCSA certifications.
UTGsetup.exe      06/23/03   140K Manages a student's marks and calculates numerous statistics.      06/20/04   171K Vocabulary database for learning queries     05/18/04  1.59M Writing Ideas for children
WebCleanerEN.exe  05/22/03  2.09M Real-time filters unhealthy Internet content.
YESolosetup.exe   01/14/04  2.21M Authorized typing tutor for QWERTY keyboard       08/10/03  2.77M teacher's grading program - store grades, make reports       08/12/03  2.65M makes crossword, word search puzzles from word lists
abacus20.exe      05/09/04  2.51M Great tool for Kids to learn Numbers and Counting. FREE !
abc4kids.exe      06/07/04  5.38M Highly Popular Kids ABC Learning Software      06/12/04  1.85M ABC Coloring Book for the youngest kids       07/28/04  3.64M Learn to draw animals step by step!      07/29/04  3.01M Learn to draw birds step by step!      07/28/04  3.24M Learn to draw dinosaurs step by step!         05/07/03   969K ABF Value Converter
able2know.exe     06/23/04   240K An advanced research toolbar
aca2s1.exe        01/08/04  3.95M Multple -choice educational program.      07/23/04   216K A + Calc is a scientific calculator
aioob_helper1_0_0. 03/13/04  8.22M Aioob Helper can create Web based Help files.
alg225.exe        08/01/03  1.14M interactive Java-based math lessons, examples and tests
americalculator.ex 03/02/04   928K Tape calculator with interest rate, date/time calculations, etc..
american.exe      08/03/03   852K The American, by Henry James (1877)
apastyle.exe      09/01/03   630K How to format your essay in APA Style          07/10/04  1.63M A highly offbeat E-picture book for everyone.
arp33.exe         09/07/04  2.84M Speed Reading, Assessment and Online Reader.
arpd33.exe        09/07/04  2.85M Speed Reading, Assessment and Online Reader.
arpdn33.exe       09/07/04  3.03M Speed Reading, Assessment and Online Reader.      05/27/03   303K Musician Expansion Pack for Guitar Arpeggios     01/13/03   614K Automated proofreading of translated texts.
at41.exe          04/26/04  6.35M Automotive electronic systems simulations
atama21.exe       01/24/03 10.72M Homeopathic Repertory, Materia Medica, Docs.         09/02/03   966K Teaches proper typing techniques.
autosignal-setup.z 07/07/04 13.44M Easy to use signal analysis tool.        03/17/03  1.04M The tool for calculation of numeric data.      05/27/03   301K Musician Expansion Pack for Bass Guitar      01/13/03  5.83M Hands-on basic algebra tutorials          06/30/04   493K Greeting cards and organizer,ready to use.
bi_conv2.exe      08/23/03   687K Convert ancient Bible values into modern ones
biblelesson10.exe 02/28/04  1.33M Sunday School teacher's Bible lesson workbook 05/20/03  3.36M The amazing virtual construction toy with endless possibilities
bmi.exe           07/22/04    24K A tool for calculating body mass Index (BMI)   08/09/04    23K What Health BMI Calc is an easy to use body mass index calculat
bos_adob.exe      01/21/04  5.42M Boson Practice Exams for Adobe Tests
bos_fire.exe      01/21/04  8.98M Boson Practice Tests for Check Point exams
bos_nasd.exe      01/21/04  4.50M Boson Practice Exams for Business Tests
btac.exe          07/22/03  2.68M E-book teaching on Bible Times and Customs.
calculus_setup.exe 02/14/03   245K Basic Calculus.      08/29/04  8.06M Playing cards      09/04/03  1.91M for learning the geography of the world in french      08/08/04 13.29M Router Simulator provides hands-on experience for CCNA exam prep.
cells.exe         09/12/03  1.07M Two courses for Christian small groups with practical ideas.      04/06/04  4.56M 2D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulator/Solver (Reg.$5.-)           11/12/03   139K Comfortable scientific calculator-program          07/09/04  3.21M A wonderfully offbeat and moving picture book
chall509.exe      02/28/04  1.16M Bible question and answer game.
cheers20.exe      05/13/04  4.36M Calculate blood alcohol level
chemxa.exe        08/08/03   695K Unique interactive multimedia Chemistry tutor      01/27/03  2.59M ChemLab Lab Simulation
classic1-3_0.exe  07/08/03  1.47M Classical solos and duets for pickstyle guitar
cldpen01.exe      06/17/04  4.14M Calc 3D is a collection of mathematical tools 01/26/04  1.62M RPN Calcualtor with unit conversion and matirx calculator
cmsetup.exe       10/16/03  1.08M Free Grading Program with Report Maker and Seating Plan Generator
color2pk.exe      05/13/04   347K A dinosaur coloring book.
color4pk.exe      05/13/04   343K Lots of plants to color.
colorpk.exe       05/13/04   340K Children will have hours of fun.
comp.exe          01/31/03  3.98M English Comprehension made easy for kids      07/28/04    72K Medicina Preventiva para Personas Sanas.
construct.exe     01/31/03  3.98M Kids can now build sentences easily      05/11/03  2.26M Convert metric and standard measurements instantly.
courseforum.exe   03/04/04  1.60M Elearning content creation,sharing,discussion
cssetup.exe       10/03/03  2.50M Student class scheduler
ctest.exe         04/24/03   557K Create, edit and run custom-made tests.
cwe601.exe        03/28/03   801K Make your own crosswords and word puzzles.
cwmaker.exe       01/07/04  1.10M web application to design crosswords in png/jpg
cxsed281.exe      07/29/03  1.24M CHEMIX School - Learning Tools for Chemistry
dacdictionarygo.ex 11/04/03  1.82M Guitar Chord Dictionary - Learn how to play guitar chords!
dacwin.exe        02/17/04  1.57M Apprentissage du clavier francais
darkson-house.exe 05/14/04   595K FREE Mystery E-Book for girls, ages 8-15.
davar_en.exe      09/02/04  6.53M Hebrew dictionary
dcdictsetup.exe   08/08/03  1.05M Declan's Chinese Dictionary      01/13/03  5.63M Improve students' reading comprehension
ddcwsetup.exe     05/13/04  2.95M This ebook teaches how to write concisely
deriv2e4.exe      12/29/03   754K Calculates the derivative of a function.
djdictsetup.exe   08/08/03  1.31M Declan's Japanese Dictionary
djfcsetup.exe     08/08/03  1.40M Declan's Japanese Vocabulary FlashCards
dolls.exe         01/02/04  3.95M Dress up dolls on your computer
doriangrey.exe    08/03/03   738K The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde    06/08/04  2.22M Visual perception training from 7 years to adult level
earbuilder_setup.e 10/26/03  2.07M Earbuilder is an ear training software for....
ebr250.exe        03/21/04   648K FREE reader for ebook
ebrsetup.exe      03/17/03  2.02M Slimline eBook Reader
eebk1.exe         01/21/04  6.73M A free E-Book on Chinee Astrology.
egourmet.exe      05/20/03  3.30M EzGourmet collection boasts 700,000 recipes!
emma.exe          08/03/03   928K Emma by Jane Austen.
english.exe       01/31/03  4.10M Learn simple english phrases
engword2.exe      08/05/04  2.28M Excellent to learn English Word Building and Vocabulary      07/16/04   843K Real-time 3D display of global earthquakes
erred263.exe      10/15/03  1.76M English to/from Russian Pocket Electronic Dictionary     09/03/04  2.34M Probability Distribution Calculator      12/08/03  4.04M European coordinate conversions.
exam23.exe        08/13/04  2.82M Create test, exam in any language. Exam talks     01/17/04  2.41M Never wear glasses. Learn good computer vision.
expectations.exe  11/28/03  1011K Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
fastyp60.exe      03/24/03  3.70M Be more productive-Learn to type with FasType
flashcrd.exe      09/06/04   329K Practice simple mathematical operations.      05/14/04  2.55M This is a free e-book of photographs of Sydney, Australia.
fplay09.exe       08/07/04  1.63M Sketch and animate football plays and drills         02/17/04  2.15M Fraction/Decimal calulator
fraction.exe      10/13/03  6.05M An easy way to learn fractions!
freemc15.exe      01/28/04  2.52M Customize Mazes w/ solution, copy     10/25/03   938K Best Windows flashcard program!
fumanchu.exe      01/04/04   693K The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu by Sax Rohmer      05/15/04  2.01M Studies functions of one variable
gameshow.exe      02/21/03  3.80M Game show for the classroom
gates.exe         08/22/03  4.43M Windows multimedia Help File teaching on the Gates of Jerusalem.
geometr5.exe      02/23/04  1.77M Apprentissage de la geometrie (de 9 a 15 ans)
geometry.exe      05/24/04  2.75M Excellent tool for Kids to learn Geometry
getrich.ZIP       04/22/03   152K Daytrading tool for easy access to trading resources
gofer.exe         01/17/04  1.01M Make Gourmet Hotdogs with these Hotdog Recipes
gospel103.exe     02/28/04  1.24M Gospel Parallels is a side by side Bible      11/09/03   315K powerful, easy-to-use, equation plotter      01/13/03  5.62M Improve students'grammar skills
gt_setup.exe      09/28/03  1.85M A software forlearning touch typing.
gthusa10.exe      05/29/04  1.94M Learn states, capitals and facts of the USA         01/22/03   328K Guide which shows different programs and how to make money
guitar1-4_1.exe   07/08/03  1.34M Guitar lessons for absolute beginners   07/05/04  1.83M Dynamically generated note patterns on a virtual guitar fretboard
hamuload.exe      07/16/04  2.23M The #1 Program for all your FCC Exams
harpsoft.exe      03/07/04    52K Harmonica software uses mic to teach how to play bends, overblows
hauntedbook.exe   01/04/04   632K The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley       10/17/03   991K Powerful calculator for students and teachers
hncle252.exe      01/22/03  2.05M A computer game to learn to read music notes
hnplayit.exe      01/21/03  2.25M A ear training game to recognize music notes
hsk-setup.exe     02/12/03 10.59M The software demonstrates Chinese characters' orders of strokes.
hspelling.exe     06/11/04   495K Spelling drill program for home or school
ilxsetup.exe      04/28/04  1.27M Vocabulary builder for language learners.
imageber.exe      01/14/04  2.73M Measures an analyzes digital images.
install_personaemi 05/10/03  2.69M Find the meaning ofnames with Personaemicon
ironheel.exe      01/04/04   948K The fall of the US to a fascist dictatorship.
jamath.exe        01/31/03  4.16M Applied Math for kids
jecris5.exe       02/24/04  2.64M Text editor to learn French grammar and spelling
jelis5.exe        02/17/04  2.61M Software to learn French reading and spelling
jmath.exe         01/31/03  4.47M Math made easy for kids
jread.exe         12/11/03  4.05M Easy Reading for Kids
jspell.exe        07/29/04  7.38M Kids Talking Spelling Tutor!
jws.exe           10/13/03  6.04M A Great Kids Spelling Tutor with letter tiles
kidwidget_install. 07/03/04  6.97M Safe environment for kids, with tons of included tools for them.
kjdict20.exe      02/28/04   594K King James Bible Archaic Word Dictionary
kmsetup.exe       10/15/03   827K The real online testing software
knssetup.exe      08/13/04   733K This program is very handy tool for your scientific calculation.       07/06/03   210K Program for coloring images, just like in the coloring books.      02/08/04  2.33M For solutions to trigonometry and geometry.           05/15/04  2.22M Computations associated with matrices
langs3.exe        06/01/04  4.95M A small program can teach you 50 words in 3 languages!           04/14/04  2.64M Record and share classes and lectures.
leadershiptraining 08/08/04    315 Interpersonal Skills Platform training tool      05/27/03   303K Musician Expansion Pack for Lead Guitar
lecto5.exe        02/20/04  1.84M Logiciel pour ameliorer la lecture
loghibou.exe      03/24/04 17.44M CD-ROM for testing and training basic auditory skills
logkalk.exe       03/24/04  8.81M training auditory  visual perception of numbers and quantities
lostworld.exe     08/03/03   681K The Lost World, by Arthur Conan Doyle.
madcrowds.exe     08/03/03   981K Far From The Madding Crowd, by Thomas Hardy.
mamb.exe          03/03/03   392K Set daily time limits on the Internet.
mansfield.exe     08/03/03   992K Mansfield Park, by Jane Austen.
matatou5.exe      02/24/04  1.75M Apprentissage des nombres       07/09/03   271K Matrix calculator
mathlog4.exe      07/15/04  5.43M Excellent tool for Kids to learn Math      06/12/04  2.43M practice arithmetic skills with Tetris reward
mb640.exe         08/12/04   965K Advanced DNA Analysis
mce1demo.exe      02/15/03  2.14M pop tool to learn chinese,include pinyin,strokes,phrases and pron
mcinst10.exe      02/19/03   387K Graphing calculator for Windows.
megaf11.exe       01/27/04  4.57M CD Cataloger,Storage Unit Manager,CD Locator      02/25/03  2.68M Metanoia: For people in quandaries      05/10/04  7.34M Rhythm training software, develop timing and coordination
mienet_animals_tpz 03/06/03   225K TreePad add-on Animal TPZ Library: Dog Cat Bird Fish Reptile etc.
mienet_books_ebook 03/06/03   136K Books, eBooks and authoring related TreePad add-on Icon Library
mienet_folders3_tp 03/06/03   298K Free Folders Icon Libraries for TreePad: most complete Libraries!
mienet_folders4_tp 03/06/03   288K Free Folders Icon Libraries for TreePad: most complete Libraries!
mienet_letters_num 03/03/03   180K Letters, Numbers and Symbols TreePad add-on Icon Library
mienet_science_tpz 03/06/03   222K Science Icon Library incl. symbols and charts - a TreePad add-on
mississippi.exe   01/04/04  1.33M Life On The Mississippi by Mark Twain
mom001.exe        12/22/03  1.05M How to Treat your Mother
moon.exe          01/04/04   902K The Moon and Sixpence by W. Somerset Maugham
motete51.exe      02/13/04  2.53M Apprentissage de 4000 mots de vocabulaire      01/09/04  1.29M Create and administer tests electronically      01/09/04   665K Create a matching test and quiz yourself.    06/23/03   339K Learn Microsoft Word from an experienced software trainer!
mtranse.exe       06/07/04  1.27M Online translation to/from 13 languages.
multipl3.exe      08/29/04  5.48M Excellent Graphical Tool for Kids to learn Multiplication Tables      06/30/03   321K Effective training program for children.
music.exe         09/17/03  1015K Play musical instrument by PC keyboard       01/19/04  1.27M Note taking paper writing index card software      02/05/04  1.16M It displays the screens of remote computers.
nexcal_setup_int.e 06/11/03   260K An advanced, yet fast and easy to use, calculator.       06/29/04   923K Assess the thermalphysic properties of oil
omformaren_3.1.exe 09/01/04   489K Omformaren can convert values between units
ortho5.exe        02/23/04  1.76M Logiciel pour apprendre la grammaire francaise        04/22/03  3.36M Version 6 - Typing tutor for Cisco commands
p_type46.exe      06/23/03   483K Typing tutor/test with 15 skill-levels and 3 reports
pcomr3.exe        05/13/04   866K look over answer sheet automatically, quickly
pctest4.exe       05/22/04   894K used in standardized test , grade test auto.
pd-wind-enru-t.exe 09/03/04  4.12M Bidirectional word translation and synthesis
pd-wind-ensp.exe  09/03/04  2.90M Bidirectional word translation and synthesis
pdcSetup.exe      05/25/04  7.91M Palcu Drawing is drawing software tool specially designed for kid     01/14/03   171K Obtenha uma vasta gama de informaçőes sobre cada um dos elementos      09/05/04   177K Get full info about each elements of the Periodic Table.
phantom.exe       09/09/03   706K The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux
pl109.exe         06/23/04  2.22M exposes Plagiarism in Academic Papers
pmath.exe         01/31/03  5.20M Learn to add big numbers easily      01/13/03  6.27M Help students learn how to write a paragraph
pride.exe         09/09/03   845K Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
protarot_evaluatio 10/16/03  5.79M Download your private Tarot reader        07/03/03  1.22M Create crossword and wordserach puzzles.
qblite.exe        04/13/03  1.20M Learn faster with your Quiz-Buddy Lite!         02/17/04  1.88M Converts units of lenght, weight and capacity
ql129a.exe        09/03/04  6.58M Latin-to-English translation.
qpro20.msi        08/19/03  3.03M Script based Monte-Carlo tool with GUI
quiz50.exe        02/28/04  1.63M Creates interactive quizzes, exams, surveys
rbuild41.exe      03/21/03 14.02M Build rubrics by picking pre-written criteria
rebecca.exe       01/04/04   998K New Chronicles Of Rebecca by Kate Wiggin
resopro5.exe      02/20/04  1.88M Resoudre des problemes mathematiques
retpla-1-01.exe   10/13/03  1.20M Project budget, financial needs in retirement
rhdnb13a.exe      01/17/04  2.82M Kid-safe desktop and web browser
rhymes1.exe       08/10/04  5.63M The Ultimate Collection of Kids Nursery Rhymes       05/27/03   304K Musician Expansion Pack for Rhythm Guitar
rm_install.exe    06/05/03 10.70M Organize, browse your recipes with ease and analyse their nutrien
rocketgoldv63.exe 09/14/03  5.44M Read faster, impove memory, comprehension and vocabulary.
rtgpro.exe        01/12/04 13.92M Create student tests from random question databanks of test items
rwhsetup.exe      08/08/03  2.12M Learn the Japanese Hiragana alphabet.
rwk_setup.exe     08/08/03  1.96M Learn the Korean alphabet (HanGul).
rwkanji.exe       08/08/03  2.72M Learn the complete 1945 jouyou Japanese kanji
schol509.exe      02/21/04  1.69M Bible question and answer game.
scubamat.exe      09/16/03   460K Scuba calculator       01/15/03  3.39M Practice tests for Cisco CCNA       01/15/03  5.07M CCNP Practice Tests
secretgarden.exe  09/09/03   674K The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
sense.exe         09/09/03   815K Sense And Sensibility by Jane Austen
setup.exe         02/03/04  3.88M 3 Secrets Reader with the two e-books
setup_singlearn_tr 08/13/04  1.03M 64 multimedia Readings in Treble/Bass Clef
setupmosaic.exe   01/29/04  2.00M Mosaic building game for creative kids (3 )
sightred.exe      02/20/04   204K Learn the notes of the Bass and Treble Clef
simple10.exe      01/28/03  2.04M We must move to The Simpler Way
slsetup.exe       07/11/04  3.42M Manages sweeps info and alerts about sweeps due for filling
smusic23.exe      02/28/04   764K Sheet Music Designer prints staves
snyc32.exe        01/02/04  5.59M cyberkitchen companion
spanish_addon_inst 01/19/04  6.26M Spanish Vocabulary Add-On for Quiz-Buddy.
spanishsetup.exe  02/09/04  1.19M A an app that teaches Spanish. Kid-Friendly!       08/22/04  3.54M hear and practice spelling words
spelling%20made%20 09/05/04  5.88M Spelling software for learning spelling words
splay09.exe       08/02/04  1.64M Sketch and animate soccer plays and drills
spmath30.exe      07/22/04  4.56M Super Graphical Game for Kids to learn Arithmetic !
srtop_eng.exe     10/13/03  4.91M It is the software for testing.
ss-setup.exe      07/05/03   875K Character assessment self-development tool; transpersonal...
ss45.exe          08/11/04 10.15M Bible software for believing Bible study.
stcsetup.exe      03/19/03  7.07M SuperTest is program for pshychology testing (more 10 tests),
stress.exe        08/13/04   642K Principle stresses and their direction cosines
sushi.exe         01/17/04   815K Make Your Own Sushi this eBook Guide Shows You How To!
tagtrans.exe      06/19/04 11.85M Dictionary to translate English<>Tagalog; Expressions; Categories 06/29/04  2.78M Learn 50 Taiwanese words!    05/14/04   549K This is a taut and unforgettable FREE e-book thriller.
theoinst.exe      09/21/03 11.37M Bible study suite with many advaced features  05/09/04  1.91M Prints random math tests / drills. Great for kids.
treasure.exe      09/09/03   659K Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson          02/04/04   573K It is 8 hours required to instill or adjust your typing reflex      05/03/04  5.94M Personal organizer for college students.
tt4beta8.exe      11/02/03  4.46M The Times Tables App that helps children with there times tables      07/29/04   269K Helps novices compute statistical t-tests       01/01/04  3.71M Translate, Find meanings, Read files
tttt223.exe       07/22/03  6.71M Teaches typing to people of all abilities.
typingcoursedemo.e 03/21/04  2.63M Do not waste time by typing with two fingers.
uctsetup.exe      12/30/03   513K Powerful, quick and accurate unit converter.
unimath5.exe      02/17/04  1.96M Relations mathematiques et geometriques
usastates.exe     03/17/03  2.67M Display the US Flag, 50 States flags, American Anthem and Music
utsetup.exe       06/11/04  9.87M Create and give tests, quizzes, and exams (online or offline)...
vbExamSet.exe     01/22/03  6.31M Multiuser database to learn and perform exams          05/05/04 10.88M An electronic EFL vocabulary notebook      01/13/03  5.63M Help students build their vocabulary
vcv_builder_exe.zi 05/22/03   512K Helps you build a Curriculum Vitae of an excellent standard.
verbx603.exe      08/24/04 14.42M Verb conjugations and grammar in 100 languages.
visual40.exe      09/09/04  5.24M Super Graphical Program for Kids to learn Visual Skills      04/14/03  2.77M Magnetic field modelling and visualization
vocabo10.exe      01/25/04  3.25M English vocabulary for TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT
vocabo21.exe      03/17/04  3.07M English vocabulary for TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT         07/05/03   300K Vocabulary training software with many features.  12/30/03  2.60M Multilingual vocabulary trainer.
vst2003setup.exe  02/16/03 20.83M Statistical and Data Analysis Software
vtrain-en40.exe   09/09/03  3.06M A time-saving learning system
wblfr10.exe       02/10/04 21.27M Language Vocabluary Builder
wblsp10.exe       02/10/04 21.44M Language Vocabluary Builder        10/28/03  5.94M A Phonics tutor: hear, see, make words work.         07/16/04   822K Symbolic Math Program      02/10/03  1.05M Easy-to-use astronomy software.
wordbuild.exe     01/31/03  4.78M Kids Word builder for 2 years upward
wordhacker_golden. 07/01/03 95.31M Increase your vocabulary quickly and easily !
wordhacker_mini.ex 07/01/03 14.69M Increase your vocabulary quickly and easily !
wordhg20.exe      06/22/04  2.37M A great Hang Man type game for Kids. FREE !
wordmixinstall.exe 03/11/03   364K WordMixer scrambles sentences. you must assemble the words.
wordmm40.exe      05/15/04  2.63M Great tool for Kids to learn English Words
wqsetup.exe       08/24/04  1.17M The Vocabulary Learning Tool
wrsetup.exe       03/17/04 15.82M Breme Write Right - the spelling solution.       08/22/03  2.93M spectroscopic organic analysis simulation   02/13/04   451K Graph and plot digitizer (digitizing).
yRead2Full.exe    08/29/04 11.32M Reads text files aloud
ypdictionary.exe  12/22/03  7.24M Free Picture Dictionary for Kids
zenswin.exe       03/29/03  4.53M Zensura® is a program for evaluating scalable human performances.

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