Directory of dskutil

123renamersetup.ex 04/12/03   876K rename multiple file and mp3 collection fast
2003zrfw.exe      01/18/03  3.16M 2003 media/pic player/decoder/file manager AOL top pick 1995-1999
32fs21v_018.exe   11/12/03  1018K File undelete and data recovery utility for Windows NT/2000/XP
4dgSetup.exe      07/13/04  1.48M Clean up and optimize your disks, internet privacy with a button
4diskclf.exe      06/22/04   388K Delete temporary files (TMP).
4diskcln.exe      07/06/04   907K Clean up and optimize your disks, internet privacy with a button      09/23/03  1.98M Synchronize your files across multiple computers       03/10/03  1.48M Directory folder and file compare diff and synchronize
AW6ProSetup.exe   09/24/03  1.09M Copy move zip and more with one right click
AceBackup2003.exe 03/26/03  2.17M Back up your data quickly and easily!
Anti-Stress.exe   07/04/03  1.06M A stress diary to track and reduce your stress
Archive_and_Restor 01/23/04  2.19M Saving and stowing away files.
AtomicSL.exe      04/26/03  4.08M Atomic Clock Synchronizer for the PC
AvaFind.EXE       01/05/04   948K Find files on your computer instantly
B2LSetup.exe      05/02/03   128K Undelete erased files and folders from FAT and NTFS volumes
BTPPDv2_0_SetupFul 03/15/04  2.59M Protect your privacy today with Privacy Defender. Stop popups, ad
BWsetup.exe       07/15/03  4.84M The Surgical Backup / Recovery Software           07/20/03    15K Cost Per Unit calculator written in Assembly
Catdisk2003v103A.Z 09/16/03  2.46M Disk Catalog System-Organize Your Files
ChameleonLauncher1 04/04/04   696K Create launch panels with Your interface
CleanClear.exe    08/15/04  1.01M Clean Hard Drive and Recover Disk Space of Your PC only 1 Minute  08/02/04  5.02M Keep your programming code safe and organized
CompreXX_enu.exe  01/05/04  4.02M Archives Behave Like Folders in Explorer!
CopyAndRestoreSetu 08/02/04   352K Recovers data from corrupted or non-stable media.
CursorXPFree130.ex 10/28/03  2.26M Use CursorXP to customize your WIndows XP cursors.
DBFOPEN-Demo-2.10- 06/09/03  2.64M DBFOPEN the visual tool for managing your DBF Files in windows.       11/11/03  5.40M Full disk encryption, pre-boot authentication
DFIBk_instEx.exe  05/26/04  1.44M Personal program for incremental backup files to zip archives
DFIBk_instHm.exe  05/26/04  1.42M Personal Backup Util - incremental backup files to zip archives      04/14/04   149K Splits big files so you can copy them with several 1.44 HDs       03/13/04  2.57M File suppression or move based on date older than n days
DirLister.exe     07/10/04   361K Directory Lister generates text, html or csv listing 03/27/04   186K Disk checking and benchmarking tool - scans CD/DVD/HDD etc
DiskCollectionSetu 04/11/03  1.06M The ultra-fast, ultra-convenient disk/folder content manager
ESSetup.exe       01/26/03  2.52M Easy Folder and File Backup & Synchronization
EZINSTALL.EXE     05/20/03   686K Easily share your files with EzInstall FREE!   12/13/03  1.50M Issue MSDOS commands via Windows GUI
FileAgent1_5_Eval. 11/17/03   394K A tool to view and change properties of files and directories
FileEncryptor1.msi 01/07/04   381K Encryption of files for maximum protection
FingerPrint_Setup. 01/08/04  1.35M Detect file changes and computer MD5 values.
Firestreamer.msi  05/07/04   949K Back up files to DV camcorder/videotape   03/20/03   546K File/folder renaming utility.
FloppyRecoveryTria 08/04/04  1.41M Floppy Disk Recovery Diskette Self-Extractor      07/14/03   292K Creates disk images of your floppy disks, including bootsector.
GLINT_MONITOR_12_S 04/10/03  1.07M Shows system activity as flash-lights or small graphs.
Habt_ins.exe      10/19/03  1.72M Auto backup data to  local, network, or FTP
ISYSemailSetup.exe 10/02/03  4.36M Find your emails fast with          08/31/04  2.53M File synchronization replication and backup tool
JustZIPit.exe     01/04/04   946K The sexiest little free ZIP tool - with huge ZIP-64 power!
LazyWebSearch20.ex 09/08/04   348K Search the web without typing search keywords        04/18/03  1.22M A Powerful tool to rename multiple filename at once.        03/14/03   799K MP3Man can up-/download files to Rio player.
MagExp30.exe      07/04/04  4.22M File manager /w FTP, viewer and archiver
MarsWinCleaner17.e 07/23/03   764K WinCleaner will secure cleanup your Windows and save your privacy
MySQLBackup_trial_ 10/27/03  1.84M Solid backup solution you can rely on.  Log, scheduler, profiles,      01/23/04 20.40M NovaNet-WEB Online Backup software.
NovaBackup71.exe  01/23/04 13.50M Complete tape and disk back up for desktops. 05/12/03  2.23M Full featured desktop shortcut launcher.   04/14/04  3.45M Pdfsearcher searches Pdf files, convert text
PicRenameIt210Tria 04/03/03   909K Digital Camera File Rename Software - Renames Files Fast
PicoZipSetup.exe  08/18/04  3.78M Easy to use and feature packed file compression utility.
Practicalc_Setup_S 09/13/03  7.37M Powerful expression and conversion calculator
PrintMergeNumV10.z 09/01/04   194K Print Merge Numerator (for Corel DRAW and any other designers). 09/03/03  2.12M A Better View of Your Drive, Disk Usage Reporting Tool
SBDemo.exe        09/06/03  1.20M Managing CDs / DVDs.
Setup_Genkisoft_Tu 07/26/03   178K Genkisoft TurboHex is a powerful hex editor.
Setup_MagicISO.exe 06/04/03  1.26M MagicISO is a powerful CDimage file edit tool
Splitting         03/26/03   488K File-splitting           06/18/03   361K The utility Ssf is developed for search of similar files on disks
SyncNow.exe       06/26/04   992K Sync your folders, backup files efficient
TB_setup.msi      11/25/03  3.08M A free IE searchbar with dynamic content news or blog viewer.
TRAYMIN.ZIP       08/01/03  1.14M To system tray minimizer
TRAYORG.ZIP       08/01/03  1.13M Tray Organizer allows you to make any changes for your system tra
TS220.exe         09/02/04  1.78M The fastest file search utility.
TreeSizePro-Setup. 01/29/04  2.46M Powerful harddisk space manager
TxCol2Setup.exe   03/05/03  1.99M Color Picker
VSBdRm.exe        12/08/03   474K Never Forget any Birthday's with VS Birthday Reminder
VSNAP_1.01.30.MSI 01/24/03   133K Make instant snapshots of your disk volumes for open file backup
WLESetup.exe      01/21/04   909K Analize your Web site logs. Log file format supported: Apache, IIS.
WinHide1.exe      06/18/04   993K Quickly hide your working programs and windows      07/09/04  3.26M Recover from a crash in seconds
ZipFull.EXE       06/27/03  3.45M A simple zip client           06/12/03   480K Easy to use powerful internet privacy tool
ab.exe            01/21/04  1003K Easy backup for your files and folders!
abcme-wst.exe     11/08/03   908K Powerful File Manager, Explorer replacement
abcxp-wst.exe     11/08/03   909K Powerful File Manager, Explorer replacement
abepro.exe        09/09/04  2.43M Full-featured backup at a reasonable price.
abkinst.exe       01/24/04   681K Boss Key - Anti-Boss Key - Hide windows
acat.exe          07/18/04  1.25M Powerful organizer of disks and files
acatpro.exe       07/18/04  1.87M Professional cataloguing software
acdstudio.exe     06/12/03  1.10M Convert Webpage to professional autoplay CDs
acecat152.exe     08/31/03  1.31M Powerful Disk Cataloging Tool
acsetup.exe       06/12/03   528K Protects your privacy and saves disk space
adios223.exe      01/13/04  1.13M Adios! Extreme File System Cleaner
afolderj11.exe    03/19/03   648K Folder shortcut and hotkey utility.      11/07/03  1.90M Software which restricts access to your folders
aimatfile.exe     02/11/04   417K AimAtFile is a full-text file search tool.      10/09/03  2.56M AIM Keys, The All-in-One Macro Utility
archiver.msi      09/04/04  4.54M Catalog and organize your disks collection       08/23/04  4.22M Easy-to-use, powerful disk-to-disk backup.
ardpro.exe        11/06/03  1.38M Advanced Registry Doctor Pro
arptrial.exe      10/06/03   707K A better way to uninstall programs.      12/22/03  4.76M Modular algorithmic music
atlite_v12.exe    07/12/03   183K A lightweight, free, powerful backup util
atwsetup.exe      03/18/03  1.63M Add transparency effect to any window
atzreg5.exe       07/21/04  2.29M Atomic Time Zone ensures your computer clock is correct.        09/09/04  3.92M Backup software for full, incremental backups        04/09/03  1.15M Data backup and synchronization tool.
backup200.exe     03/04/03   984K Tool to backup your documents and folders
backupsetup.exe   09/20/03  3.75M Backup to Disk Eliminates Tape
batchren.exe      08/28/03   981K rename files freely with a all kinds of rules
bbhide11.exe      10/25/03   885K Safely hides files on your computer.
bbwipe73.exe      11/17/03  1.85M Completely destroy file contents.
bc22en.exe        08/26/04  1.91M File and folder compare utility
bcdm345.exe       06/03/04   867K Comfortable Disk Cataloging tool for Windows
boutbk20.exe      02/29/04   931K Save, move, restore or repair your Outlook/Express data.
bpsds1200.exe     08/11/04  2.99M Shred Files, Folders and Entire disk Securely         01/18/03    417 A command line based file synchronisation program
burstcopy_setup.ex 02/01/04  2.19M Speed up file transfers on your hard-drive.
cachm550.exe      07/23/03   926K Cacheman is a performance enhancement and memory recovery utility
cd2k3.exe         08/17/03  3.20M Fast, powerful, and customizable disk cleanup
cdbanksetup.exe   03/15/03   696K CD Bank is organize your CD collection.       05/20/03   424K Keep your hard disk free from junk files     03/16/04    10K Open any file with autorun
cleandiskpro2.exe 06/08/03  1.19M System, disk and memory optimization tool
cleanup.exe       09/06/04   802K Disk cleanup and privacy protection program
cleanup2505install 10/01/03  1.46M Keep your computer clean with CleanUp!
cmxp110.exe       03/09/04  1.22M Improves Windows performance
concat.msi        03/21/04   247K File splitting and joining utility      06/14/03   267K Copying files from damaged carriers        01/05/04  4.03M Protect your data from unwanted access
cw23.exe          03/05/03   732K 3D animated clocks - alarms, notes, reminders
d_back.exe        07/10/04  2.18M Reliable backup tool for your computer
dasetup.exe       08/16/04   298K The first backup utility for everyone         06/21/03   677K Quick access to recent folders in dialogs.
de10setup.exe     09/25/03   355K Unrecoverably erases files.
decodegold11.exe  05/23/04  3.65M Decode Gold 2005- MIME,ZIP,HTX, decoder  viewer/games built-in   02/20/04   129K Remove PDF files password ( decrypt pdf ).
defragtimerinstall 09/05/04  1.97M Automatic disk defragmenter program to improve system performance
diagnose.exe      11/08/03  1.20M Analyze, scan, and benchmark your PC
difsetup.exe      05/03/03   594K Program that automates file routines
disetup.exe       01/29/03   529K Program that automates file routines
diskchart2.exe    07/04/04   686K DiskChart generates charts of your hard disk.        03/17/03  1.31M A disk cataloging and file cataloging tool.
diskfree3.exe     05/30/03   246K Show free disk space, info updated every sec.
diskpatch.exe     03/17/03  1.21M MBR, partition table, boot sector recovery 02/22/04  5.34M See disk space usage.
dldemo.exe        12/06/03   600K Automatic scandisk and defrag utility.
dlpdemo.exe       12/06/03   600K Automatic cleanup, scandisk
dmsetup.exe       11/11/03   958K Detect file activity in drives and folders.
dpdemo.exe        12/06/03   600K Automatic scandisk and defrag utility.      03/18/04    47K Drive browser, virtual drive creator, etc.      09/19/03   968K Record files to Data CD/DVD and make ISO file       02/09/04  1.51M File search, undelete, and wipe utility
dsi_setup.exe     10/15/03  2.34M Powerful disk space usage analysis toolbox
dskinv.exe        05/05/03   557K Discover all that is hidden on your hard disk      04/20/03  4.79M Multi Disk/Path(s) free resource monitoring program
dw.exe            01/17/04   655K Complete scandisk and defragmenting utility.
easyrem.exe       05/18/04  3.95M Uninstall, manage and cleanup your PC.          09/09/03  2.00M Encryption program which uses 67 algorithms          07/16/04   850K Checksum generator and verification utility
encryptpdf.exe    12/01/03   864K Adult PDF Encrypt to encrypt existing PDFs.
espace.exe        09/14/03  2.83M Analyze your hard drive
eteraser.exe      01/09/04  2.67M Protect confidential data and privacy.
etformat.exe      02/10/03   488K Don't give away your old sensitive data.
etfsfree.exe      09/20/03   709K Securely destroy files beyond recovery
explorerxpsetup.ex 06/24/04   408K File explorer with tabbed UI
expprint.msi      03/21/04   322K Comprehensive directory file listing program.      03/14/04   924K Shows disk usage and waste on multiple partitions.
ezssetup.exe      05/31/03  1.14M file splitting /merging program
fbw_trial_en.exe  11/17/03  2.32M Use this automated backup system to forget your worries! Get the
fbw_trial_en_home. 09/22/03  2.16M Use this automated backup system to forget your worries! Get the    07/29/03    39K File Encryption using Advanced encryption logic.
fileNW10.exe      08/14/04  1.31M file re-namer with wizard interface
fileant.exe       07/28/04  1.91M FileAnt File and Ftp Manager
fileassurity_openp 10/06/03 12.91M Encrypt
filerenamer_setup. 10/26/03   756K Rename files with in a wizard.      07/10/04   284K Tiny Web forms fill up assistant          03/21/03   297K Filo: File properties editor            02/19/04   666K a tool for creation of the files list       03/16/04   844K Dual directory file manager with zip support
fr11.exe          02/16/03  1.05M A powerful and convenient file undelete tool.
fs-setup.exe      08/29/04  3.60M Powerful disk space usage analysis software
fssetup.exe       08/13/03   574K A very powerful File Splitting program.
fsync10.exe       06/08/04  1.76M Easily keep two folders and their subfolders in sync.     03/28/03    34K Win32 command line utility that synchronizes directories contents        05/09/04   846K Make file backups and synchronize folders.
garbaget.exe      09/06/04   650K Safely scan and remove many different garbage files on your pc.           09/24/03  1.94M Data Recovery for FAT systems
gf31.exe          04/14/04  3.01M Software mirroring service for Win NT/XP/2K.      11/24/03   695K Professional backup for Win 2XP/2000/NT/Me/9x
hb21.exe          09/23/03  1.41M Handy Backup 2.1 Any type of storage media
hb45.exe          07/09/04  7.65M Backup to DVD, CDRW, FTP or LAN.
hsaver1_0beta.exe 02/05/04   180K Work at the computer with the least harm for health  07/19/04  1.72M A File System Bookmark Manager.      11/22/03  1.93M Internet backup program for Windows     02/20/04  6.55M FTP-Based backup program for Windows        03/28/03  1.19M human Ideal Weight calculation
inectrltrial.exe  08/31/04  1.29M Regain control over your e-mail messages
insidecat222lite.e 07/22/04  1.35M Disk cataloguer for powerusers
invaump3.exe      07/13/04   786K Keep your PC free from unwanted MP3 files
jmp100b3.exe      07/26/03    56K Go to any folder in Open/Save dialog       12/16/03  1.77M Arrange passwords and accounts in a tree.
ki-washer.msi     01/29/03   146K Internet Cache and PC cleaning utility.
lifeguard.exe     09/30/03  4.06M Lifeguard backs up your work        01/03/04  2.09M Easily manage and quickly launch shortcuts.  05/23/04   276K Password Lock ANY Program you wish!!!  04/30/03   215K Record
maxie-1_1-setup.ex 06/19/03   322K A tray utility which presents some futures for Internet Explorer
mimdecode9.EXE    01/18/03  2.21M 2003 MIM,ZIP,YENC,ETC. Near universal email/news attach. decoder    07/29/03   517K Highly secure cipher tool
mvdsetup.exe      08/07/04  1.35M Mount \ Unmount virtual drives      03/12/04   327K CharMap utility with re-sizeable display.
myfiles230.exe    05/13/03  1.83M Cataloging tool to organize files and folders
ncdsetup.exe      02/11/04   498K File and folder protection tool
neobirthday.exe   05/02/03  2.17M Friendly birthday calendar and reminder.      06/25/03   911K rename and sort files, edit or make id3 tags          10/24/03   449K Easy and powerful virtual desktop manager
noclone.exe       09/06/03  2.41M Find and Remove TRUE Duplicate files
notes_keeper.exe  06/29/03   216K Notes Keeper is a private information manager
ocde.exe          05/18/03  3.11M Create CD-ROM on your computer      08/09/03  2.80M A fast easy to use sort for fix length record      03/17/04   888K Deletes shortcuts with an invalid target.
pab1_0.exe        02/08/04  1.15M Automatically backup your files to a ZIP file
pfolders.exe      03/17/04   420K Saves list of folders and files into a TXT or HTML file
phdm5_demo.exe    03/11/03  5.87M Universal tool for hard disk!
pm55_demo.exe     03/11/03  3.76M Universal tool for partitions!
powerutilities2004 06/03/04 26.00M 5 PC system utilities to protect privacy and manage your computer
privacyexpertsuite 06/03/04 16.32M Protect your system and Internet privacy.
pro.exe           05/05/03   413K Data recovery software to recover deleted files under Windows
px_d_e.exe        06/03/04 11.82M Resize, copy, move hard disk partitions           02/18/03   508K Shutdown Windows with a mouse click.
rbd125.exe        08/05/04  1.51M Recover deleted files/folders from drive, smart or flash cards.
rescue64.exe      02/29/04   948K Four tools to protect you against crashes.
rescue81.exe      02/29/04   941K Four tools to protect you against crashes.
reze1_2.exe       02/08/04   644K Backup your Eudora mail and address book!
rezf1_2.exe       02/08/04   644K Backup your FireBird bookmarks and cookies!
rezie1_2.exe      02/08/04   644K Backup your InternetExplorer favorites to ZIP
rezin1_2.exe      02/08/04   644K Backup your IncrediMail mail and address book
rezm1_2.exe       02/08/04   644K Backup your Mozilla mail and contacts to ZIP!
rezo1_2.exe       02/08/04   644K Backup your Outlook mail and contacts to ZIP!
rezp1_2.exe       02/08/04   644K Backup your Palm or Handspring to ZIP!
rezt1_2.exe       02/08/04   644K Backup your ThunderBird mail and contacts!            09/20/03   331K Colorize your folders, this will dramaticly speed up your work !
rlstak01.exe      08/14/04   132K Powerful Professional Stacking Plan generator
rocket3.exe       07/27/03   707K Find files fast on your hard drives.
sandr20.exe       07/28/04  2.93M Undelete files, email, music, pictures more!
sanitize.exe      03/16/04  2.88M Don't give away sensitive data with your PC.
scd2_en.exe       10/08/03  2.35M All-in-one solution for your CD/DVD images      09/29/03   984K Remove unwanted evidence from PC for security         05/12/04  1.14M Complete disk space manager with charts and statistics.
setup.exe         03/24/04   533K AgentWay's nowSafe1.2 keeps your hard work safe
setup_2.2.exe     02/23/03   497K enables you to clean your drives in minutes instead of hours.
setup_splitone_v1_ 08/28/04   528K This software splits large files into smaller
setup_wcheckwins.e 04/19/04   155K Get the latest weather information with ease and accuracy
simplyzipse.exe   07/29/03  1.53M Simpylzip is a multi archiver program.
sm15.exe          07/06/03   536K Make your work much easier and faster.       09/02/04  6.99M  Backup, Restore
snapper.exe       04/01/03  2.26M Take/save/compare snapshots of drives/folders
space133.exe      09/30/03   884K Disk usage analysis tool
spacecon.msi      03/21/04   158K Configure and monitor low disk space.      09/15/03  1.72M Finds total folder sizes
spexhome.exe      09/20/03   799K Manage and optimize your hard disk space.
spexnet.exe       07/31/03   801K Control and manage the server or hard disk space.      04/14/04    35K Splits large files and directories to parts. Free        08/13/03    39K Fast file split / join utility
splittur.exe      12/01/03   777K Splits files and creates customizable self-extracting packages       03/21/03   493K Splitty: Robust file splitter.      04/24/04   298K Garbage file removing utility for Windows
starskin.exe      01/14/04  3.08M Windows appearance changing made easy.          01/22/04  2.35M Steganography, encryption, images
supercopy20_setup. 07/05/03   428K Backup disk folder and filter out garbage files.      02/16/03   573K Efficient utility for analyzing your overcrowded directories.
systemshield.exe  09/30/03   679K Securely remove all traces of deleted files
tcmd603a.exe      04/20/04  1.42M Total Commander 6.03a 32bit fileman/archiver for Win32       02/25/03   936K Smart Disk Cleaner ! Frees your hd space !
tesetup.exe       11/11/03   520K Quick access to any folder or disk on system.      05/05/04  1.64M Measures lifetime of files        01/27/04   558K Access Macintosh disks from a Windows PC
tmsetup.exe       11/11/03   520K Launch your apps from a system tray menu
touchpro.msi      03/21/04   285K Touch utility integrated into Explorer
tssetup.exe       11/11/03   514K Launch programs from your system tray
uiso6_en.exe      12/06/03  1.12M Handle CD/DVD Image with Ease!
undisker12.exe    04/16/03   860K A utility that can open and extract ISO files
us_dk80_hometr.exe 10/16/03 17.24M Set It and Forget It Disk Defragmenter
vdisk.exe         05/25/04  2.19M On-the-fly encryption software encrypting a virtual drive
videolock-setup.ex 09/01/03   911K image recognition security system for home PC
viralocksetup.exe 01/08/04  2.25M ViraLock prevents virus spread by encrypting email addresses.
virtualpasswordset 08/11/03   627K Keep your private files from unauthorized use
warper.exe        09/24/03   218K Reduce traffic to Favorities/Search Engines          09/27/03  6.12M Directory printer
wincln32.exe      08/15/04   444K A fast, cruel, accurate cleanup program      07/29/03   389K WINCRC32 uses CRC32 technology to check files
winuptim110.exe   06/08/04   329K Monitoring Windows Up Time
winzip90.exe      08/30/04  2.31M Powerful, fast, and easy-to-use Zip utility
wnrsq2kz.exe      08/01/04   958K Four tools to protect you against crashes.
wnrsqmez.exe      08/01/04   957K Four tools to protect you against crashes.
wnrsqxpz.exe      08/01/04   959K Four tools to protect you against crashes.
worldclock.exe    08/19/03   699K Desktop clock calendar with world map 03/11/04  6.48M Automatic Windows System Cleaner.
zarsetup.exe      04/15/03  1.69M ZAR is a read-only data recovery solution.
zcleanp11.exe     03/29/03   272K Control your computer by drawing symbols with your mouse.
zipnow.exe        06/16/03  2.44M Easily zip/unzip files.
ztw1492.exe       09/13/03  1.05M XTreeGold clone for Windows

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