Directory of demo

DVD-SETUP-EN.EXE  08/20/04  8.81M exquisite and powerful DVD player
DanDansOggPlayer.e 03/16/03  1.38M Play Ogg,MP3,WAV,WMA,CD,ASF,MID,MIDI,RMI,KAR 04/06/03 12.01M ASP/ASP.Net/HTML Text Editor
FlexiMovie_Compose 10/21/03  3.76M FlexiMovie Composer is a home movie composing/producing software
FlexiMusicKidsComp 08/20/04  5.70M Song/music creating/composing software for kids
GrabIt.exe        04/07/03   840K Digitize data from charts or graphs using Excel
HypnoStudioInstall 12/08/03  3.88M Software for Hypnosis, Self-Improvement and Self-Help.
LikeOneEn.exe     08/15/04  1009K It is a powerful software to play on-line movie and TV.
LyricsSetup.exe   07/30/04 137.43M Freeware Lyrics database with over 235.000 lyrics
MP3CDRipper.exe   07/27/03  1.21M Convert CD to MP3, OGG,WAV. Mixer,Recorder,OGG Player,Converter..
MP3CDRipperLite.ex 06/06/03  1.20M CD to MP3 or WAV,CD Player,CDDB
Mario-RPG-MIDI-Set 06/26/04   248K Super Mario RPG and Super Mario World MIDI music
ModeralWinsiteSetu 10/28/03  2.71M End the Chaos of Locating and Organizing Your Audio Files
MovieManager_v_1_6 02/09/04   263K MeD's Movie Manager is a simple to use movie manager.
MyPlayer3.exe     09/08/04    60K Music in mp3 files player.
NVideoplayer.exe  09/08/04    28K Video player for mpg and wmv files.      03/24/04   683K Audio Peak Programme Meter for Windows XP/2K         06/22/03  3.40M Organize, edit, and play mp3 files, playlists and descriptions.
Sonic-MIDI-Setup.e 05/16/04  1.14M Sonic the Hedgehog MIDI music and some Sonic fonts    02/03/04  1.18M Download RTSP RM and MMS ASF online
WinMPG_DVDRipper.z 02/06/04  2.92M software for DVD ripping, DVD copy
WinMPG_VideoConver 02/27/04  2.82M Video Converter to convert avi mpeg mov      05/26/03    43K Splits cbr mp3/cue into separate tracks that can burn gapless CDs
XVid_v21.exe      05/20/04   754K Video/DivX player with subtitles, OSD, TVTool support, playlist
asf_avi_rm_wmv_rep 06/16/03   664K ASF Fix, RM Fix, AVI Fix, WMV Fix, DivX Fix, xvid Fix all-in-one
avi_to_vcd_convert 09/15/03  1.75M AVI Converter, Convert AVI to MPEG, AVI to VCD, AVI to DVD
billar50.exe      08/16/04  8.45M package to manage your billardcenter or billardparlor
bitratecalc1_0_0_2 08/10/04   928K Calculates the bitrate needed to encode a movie. FREE     05/09/04   212K Calculate timing in bpm, seconds or hz
ccsetup.exe       06/15/03  3.18M Faster MP3 WAV WMA OGG converter and CD ripper.
drsetup.exe       08/21/03  1.13M DVD Ripper, Copy DVD to VCD, SVCD, AVI/ DivX     09/07/04   923K Stereo SoundFont Player for VST 2.0 compatible host
frconvhq.exe      08/26/04   422K Increases or reduces video framerate without jerkiness
fsmp3rec.exe      05/22/04  1.75M Professional mp3 recorder and tag editor. 08/17/04   902K Virtual Analog Synthesizer for VST 2.0 compatible host       08/15/04  2.53M Audio spectrum analysis for Windows computers
mediamanagerinstal 03/31/04 16.33M A complete solution for managing images, videos, audios, and DVDs        06/19/03  6.16M Flexible, powerful virtual keyboard designer.       05/10/04  1.93M Versatile multi media player inc mp3 and all popular formats
mienet_hobbies_fun 03/03/03   314K TPZ Icons: Hobby, Art, Leisure, Music, Photo, Paint, Games, Toys
mp3converter.exe  01/15/04  4.23M Audio CD Burning, Converts, Mixing, Info Edit       09/20/03   181K This handy extensions allows you to see any MP3 file's TAGs.   05/30/04  2.50M Video Convert to convert avi mpeg
mymp3org-free-setu 08/17/04  2.37M Keeps track of your audio files.
naturel5.exe      02/23/04  1.63M Apprentissage des operations mathematiques
nssetup.exe       09/01/04  3.60M A synthesizer and sequencer program.
omsetup001.exe    04/06/04  1.17M Digital audio / visual metronome and rhythm trainer.
organear11_vsti.zi 09/06/04   991K Drawbar Organ Simulation designed for VST 2.0 compatible host
quillbits_mp3_find 01/05/04  3.37M Mp3 internet searcher ,player, tagger and multi-page browser
setup.exe         03/26/04  1.15M Digital coustumizable windows Cd player. (windows pc)
setup_blazemp.exe 06/23/04  9.89M All-in-one media player, converter and editor   06/17/04   748K Een mediaplayer door MicroSE
smww11.exe        02/22/03   554K Realtime Wahwah effect for your guitar using your joystitck pedal   04/05/04   612K Create sound (wav or midi) from jpeg-images      08/24/03  2.82M Microsoft Access add-in: Name field splitter.
standardsetup.exe 07/23/03 13.54M Text to speech software with Natural Voice
supercdripper.exe 05/27/03  4.83M Super CD Ripper - Get your whole CD to MP3 easily.      09/25/03  2.95M CD MP3 Player. Shows title and artist, song times, and more        05/16/03  1.36M Keep your webcam view as the top window while using other apps
wug_tim.exe       04/09/03 13.13M WhatsUp Gold catches network problems fast.    06/08/04  1.03M Free media player that supports tons of formats and plugins.
xplo135.exe       05/05/04   948K XPlosive Player supports 11 popular music formats!!
xpskin1.exe       04/17/04   198K 3 additional skins for Xplosive player
yzdsetup.exe      03/14/04   295K a free software dvd player

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