Directory of business

01RWWB.exe        05/25/04  6.04M Employer matches from salary and contribution       02/11/03  9.01M Year 2002 income tax program for all of Canada except Quebec.      05/15/03  4.52M Create SlideShow Presentation Easily
101words.exe      02/13/03   331K Free eBook for job seekers  Resume templates
1acesoft.exe      12/15/03  2.15M Top Search Engine Submission Software
1beCalcIt.exe     10/20/03  3.54M Calc It Calculator is simple fast loading calculator program.
1beConverter.exe  05/16/04   267K Calc It Converter is a fully featured measurement converter.
3DsvbargraphEval.z 05/28/04   276K Solution for adding Bar Graphs to Web Pages.      11/19/03  1.02M Desktop calendar with alarms and reminders.
3dvisioner_net.exe 07/02/04  2.37M 3D visualization Add-on for Microdoft Visio         12/21/03  9.65M Controlling Your Business 4.0 Invoicing
ABInv281.exe      07/15/04  2.26M Free invoicing program
ABPla303.exe      08/18/04  1.66M Planning of maintenance and regular checks
ABSeq.exe         06/25/03  1.97M Handling of service requests and error report
ADM.ZIP           07/30/03 38.62M Complete Business Administration Solution
AFXForm_Setup.exe 06/11/03  5.04M AFXForm allows to fill-out a preprinted form
ALCA.msi          09/04/04  9.92M Gestione del magazzino
ALLTRANS.ZIP      05/04/03  4.41M Professional worldwide coordinate transformations.           06/21/04 24.60M Easy to use Accounting       12/15/03   916K A database utility used to store backup asset information
ATR_PE21.exe      07/25/04  1.38M Time Tracking and Project Management Solution         03/13/04  4.66M Project Time/Expense tracking with Invoicing.
Address.exe       03/17/04  3.82M Breme THE Address Book for home and business.
AffinityPro20.exe 04/21/03  3.88M Time
AmazingVisio.exe  03/30/04  5.10M Make your Visio drawings truly effective and amazing!
AnitSetup.exe     05/22/03 11.47M Network Asset Management and Help Desk suite
AnyCount3Setup.exe 09/04/04  1.73M Word, Line, Page, Character Count Software
AttendantManagerSe 03/27/04  7.47M Software to manage personal care attendants.
AuctionNavigator.e 05/19/04  2.26M AuctionNavigator is a snipe tool for eBay       03/18/03  9.58M Multilingual Fleet Manager
BBBSetup.exe      02/19/03  4.56M Safety Bingo (and other incentive programs) made easy!
BMWinstall5803.exe 02/23/04 13.41M Presort program for sending USPS bulk mail advertising.
BStar_I30EN.exe   08/18/04  1.35M Billing system for the serious user.
BTSetup.exe       05/18/04 22.93M Avian management program      09/07/04  8.21M Make and print Barcodes on labels 03/14/03   456K create custom barcodes, copy , print or save your barcodes      09/07/04  7.93M Make and add barcodes to list and reuse it.    01/05/04   586K CRM applications
BigBossPersonal.zi 01/05/04   587K CRM applications
Book-Keeper.exe   06/13/04   624K Small business accounting.
Budget.exe        04/10/03   451K 3click Budget - Your personal Finance Manager
BudgetManagerSetup 11/07/03  3.54M budget manager for household money concerns
Business-Finance-d 02/03/04   295K Translate business and finance terms between four languages.
BusySheet.exe     01/23/03   312K Unique timesheet software for the individual or enterprise.
CA_Setup.exe      05/09/04 22.78M Professional Contracts Management System
CBF70PRO.exe      11/18/03 11.58M Checks by Phone Check Printing Software 12/02/03 16.95M Crossplatform tool for project management
CMS2002.msi       08/01/03  6.44M This program help the cybercafe to make the daily profit easier.
CMSClt.msi        07/31/03  2.12M The client software that will work with the CMS Server.
CMSMon.msi        07/31/03  2.20M This will help the customer to place the booking.        01/26/04  2.00M Monitor one or more laser or inkjet printers
CSCuckoo_Setup.exe 09/29/03  1.42M Free cuckoo clock and corporate sales tool 10/23/03  3.28M This software helps identify and filter spams
CTSetup.Exe       02/17/04  3.82M Track auto mileage, maintenance, MPGs, etc.
CUCAStdIS.exe     02/25/03  2.22M Dynamic Visual Multi Currency Calculator
CVTGLD.EXE        12/08/03  5.48M Targeted Network Mgt Tool for Job Seekers       01/15/04   642K Perpetual Calendar is a two year (wall style) perpetual calendar.        01/15/04   642K Perpetual Calendar is a two year (wall style) perpetual calendar.
CalendarNLauncher. 08/18/04  3.82M This is a package containing two programs a Calendar
CalendarsGoDemoX.m 07/29/03   518K Calendaring Capabilities for Your .NET Programs
CardFilePSNet.exe 06/11/04   449K Your professional data manager!      04/22/03  3.17M Figure out how long it will take to payoff those credit cards!
CharterProfEval560 01/29/03  9.08M Professional for easy process and procedure development
CharterSetup.exe  08/19/04  4.92M Draw Flowcharts and Organization Charts
CharterStdEval560. 01/29/03  8.29M Create processes, knowledge, and general procedural documentation
ChqWriter.exe     06/01/03    89K Easy to use Microsoft Excel based Cheque writer
ClockwareTock43.zi 07/12/04 66.06M Web-based time tracking and timesheets.
Colligo_Workgroup_ 06/18/03 10.46M Instantly create a secure wireless network anywhere  06/15/03  1.33M Heating and air conditioning load calculator.
Con310.exe        08/31/04  2.33M Convert units in a professional manner
ConceptDrawVTrial. 11/10/03 34.92M Business and technical diagramming tool for MacOSX and Windows
Copy2Office.exe   02/26/04  1.96M copy anything to Microsoft Office
Coupon_Creator_Ins 04/12/04  6.86M Create coupons for your products, and send them to your web site
Crm_ins.exe       01/25/03  2.01M CRMadar is CRM application
CustomMailerEvalSe 07/10/03  3.66M Great app for sending customized email to mailing lists
CustomerOrdersLite 03/23/04 35.73M Manage Customer Orders Graphically.
CuteReminderSetup. 06/06/04  1.44M Manage desktop notes, reminders and ideas.
DBFVIEW.ZIP       07/30/04   220K Powerful Viewer and Editor for DBF files       12/22/03  1.77M An Excellent tool to write your diary or journal on your computer
DDSSetup.exe      07/08/04 19.63M Martial Arts School Management Software
DNCRegCheckSetup.e 08/19/04 22.53M Search Do-Not-Call Numbers
DP2003.exe        02/14/03  2.44M Simple Contact Management Software
DTrialSmartImageCo 05/20/04  5.40M It provides an efficient way to convert images to 60 formats.     08/08/03  1.80M Cheap and effective business software     08/18/04 35.14M Excel based business query reporting.
DateWiz.exe       06/27/03  1.58M small reminder type program
Dc3Max_Compact.exe 05/09/03 11.88M Full featured 2D CAD program and 3D Solid Modeler.
DcExpress12_Compac 05/09/03 11.39M DesignCAD Express is a 2D CAD package.
DeepBurner1.exe   02/20/04  1.76M Powerful CD and DVD burning package
Deluxet.exe       09/16/03 25.29M Multi-line fax and voice software for your PC          07/17/04 34.48M Advanced fax server software for PC networks
Dictionary.exe    01/18/03  1.39M Dictionary which sits in your system tray.    10/11/03   956K Tie multiple documents together under subject
DownloadtSmartz.EX 05/20/04  4.75M Most powerful website promotion tool.
DriversLogSetup.ex 06/22/04 10.69M Car / motorcycle accounting program.
EDRATF110.exe     06/08/04   342K Export Eudora Mailboxes To Text Files
EIP-AM_Setup.exe  12/05/03  8.27M EIP-AM is an easy-to-use IP address catalog
EasyBankruptcyOffi 05/04/03  3.23M Income and expense tracking for small solo-practitioners.
EasyChartInstall.e 08/28/04  2.05M Easy Chart 3D GEO is easy to use business graphic. reporting tool 09/02/04  2.66M help you easily store and manage contact info 03/18/04   116K Create invoices and delivery notes..    04/30/04    64K Download historical stock market and economic data to excel
EdiEditor.msi     02/12/04  5.09M EDI Editor for 810, 850, HIPAA 837 P ...
EditCNC_demo.exe  12/31/03  5.04M Text editor for CNC programmers
EfastarSM.ZIP     09/24/03  6.99M Web-based,enterprise strength order management system.
EficiumTeleFactura 02/18/04 27.54M Call  Access, Telecom, CDR Billing software
EoWSetup.exe      07/13/04  2.13M Set up alerts on any web site. Monitor any data on a web page.   09/09/04  1.54M Helps electricians with estimating/bidding.
F3_Wizard_Installe 07/30/03  6.78M Powerful shopping cart software.
FP.EXE            08/16/04  1.05M POS inventory and sales software from $49.00
FPro50.exe        05/30/03 12.82M FileAmigo Pro: Track just about anything.
FVCSetup.exe      12/29/03  1.97M A full-featured future values calculator.
FaceMaker1_0.exe  05/15/04   330K Criador de Face
Fast_Doctor_Schedu 11/23/03  3.21M Simple and easy-to-use scheduler for doctors.
FaxToolseXpert_PAD 07/26/04 12.16M All-in-One Fax Software
FbM_Setup.exe     01/05/04   853K Fax by Modem interfaces with 2000/XP Fax Services and a modem      07/15/04 32.40M Calculations for investments and lending
Flystrike         04/07/03  4.53M Flystrike interrogates e-mail messages
FreechartsFull.exe 08/29/04  2.71M Creates stock charts from free data
GID_setup.exe     02/25/03  3.52M Get It Done is a powerful to-do list program.      04/30/03  2.33M Auto Job search, extracts emails of employers and send resume to
GRCSMB-SoftwareSit 04/12/04   550K GRCLive Business Edition for conferencing.
GSNotes.exe       12/17/03  3.06M Popular and convenient notes organizer.      03/18/03  3.31M Organize your office, your home and your finances very easily.
Gate-and-Way.exe  05/20/04   927K Traditional faxes into PDF lan e-mails.
HFMDemo.exe       07/16/04  1.71M Fill out and print HCFA 1500 forms with ease.   08/17/04  7.86M View HIPAA rule, track actions, create policies, etc. 03/07/04  1.80M HP-12C Financial Calculator. Astonishin Look
HazChem.exe       08/12/04  1.90M Workplace risk management program.
HiPerExchange_1_6. 09/11/03  9.21M HiPerExchange accelerates Exchange performance       04/02/03   740K 18 Chapter Brand New eBook on Homebusiness    07/20/04 17.22M A complete business management solution
IPPost12.exe      01/16/03  1.91M Send ur advertising message to ppl instantly!
IQ200016.exe      03/28/03 16.85M Easily Create Quotes and Invoices
ImageToPDF.exe    12/01/03  2.15M Image To PDF,Image2PDF, create,append.  08/07/03  7.26M Bayesian Outlook spam filter.
InTrw150.exe      01/11/04  6.52M Write, test, custom stock trading systems
Infocus.exe       06/24/03 14.26M InFocus 3.0 provides what many Microsoft® Outlook® users miss
Infoseer.exe      01/10/04  9.30M Information Intelligence Management System
InplaceCalculatorS 04/15/03  3.02M Stop copying and pasting! Start calculating!
InstallAble2Extrac 12/06/03  3.10M Convert data from one data format to another.
InstallICC.exe    03/12/03    94K Practical currency converter.
InstallMyeEng.exe 07/08/03  2.10M Easily create bases of contacts for your campaigns of emailing
Install_Autoshare. 08/08/04   755K Easy-to-use share investment tool for the UK stock market     10/10/03  1.65M Automotive Invoice Application for MS Access 97
JFish15.exe       03/26/04 11.02M JobFish 2004, Career Information Manager
Jade50.exe        05/24/04  1.41M Extract data from PDF files    03/22/04  1.95M Sophisticated yet simple calendar with alerts and reminders, easy
JobDesigner.exe   06/11/04  4.92M Scheduling and billing software      04/09/04 13.75M Office, Photo and Image application Suite
KMNavigator10.exe 05/14/03  4.74M Search
KeyloggerHunterSet 03/22/04   605K Universal anti-keylogger.
Kform.exe         07/02/03 43.29M For use in manufacturing and estimating.
LTBSetup.exe      02/17/04  3.04M Essential tools for lenders OR borrowers!
LTPSetup.Exe      09/07/04  5.16M A full-featured loan portfolio mgmt. app
LinkPopularityChec 11/04/03   748K Check link popularity for any websites
ListCleanerPro27.E 09/28/03 23.56M WinPure ListCleaner is for cleaning, correcting      11/06/03  1.09M Loan and mortgage calculator
LscProSetup.exe   07/11/03  2.06M Compare 77 loans at once!
LuckyReminderSetup 04/28/04   703K Daily/weekly/monthly reminder software          02/14/03  1007K Accounting software to manage your company
MBarcodeCreator.zi 12/03/03  2.13M create custom barcodes 10/04/03   499K freeware machining calculators and databases      05/04/04   195K extensive database of screw thread information
MEWeights30Demo.zi 03/19/04   151K weight and volume calculator for a variety of shapes and assembli
MKSetup.exe       02/17/03   479K Track all your incomes and expenses      08/29/03  3.08M Send and receive SMS messages using MessageUnlimited.
MachinCalc.exe    12/31/03  5.94M Shop math calculator software for machinists
MagicDBExplorer.ex 04/06/04  3.13M ADO based database explorer for all databases
MasterList-XL_1_14 08/21/03  1.65M Free Excel 2000 (Windows) or later Task Management program.
MeetGateFreeware10 09/02/03  4.37M The Evolution of IM to the Secure Corporate Instant Communication     09/25/03  1.16M Print Cheque and Envelope, broadcast email. 09/25/03   997K Create professional quotation easily
MobiMessenger     03/08/03   760K Broadcast SMS to cell phones
MoffCalcSetup.exe 09/04/04  1.63M Financial calculator with tape
MoffFreeCalcSetup. 03/25/03   786K Calculator with tape and sizeable display
MoneyS10.exe      09/06/04 10.81M Send and get e-checks from anyone via email
MonteCarlo_Install 05/01/03   302K Adds complex Monte Carlo simulations to Excel
MortgageCalculator 02/03/03   973K Mortgage Calculators       08/03/03  4.52M Document management and scanning software.
Mvr_1002.exe      01/23/04  8.91M A complete system for small moving companies.
MyProjDv1.exe     06/14/03  1.81M Inventory, purchase, order and security application
NAJ_Business_Appli 08/22/03   829K Accounting, Invoicing and Purchase Order
NAJ_Business_Appli 09/27/03   706K Integrated Financial Accounting Software
NSFinCalculatorsXP 04/23/04  6.57M A financial program aimed at the home user.
NetPublisher100.ex 01/29/03   584K Publish ACTIVE Charter HTML pages and all links and information
NetronSetup.exe   10/14/03  3.82M Powerpoint to Flash converter
NinaSetupE.exe    05/22/03  4.20M Network PCs hardware and software inventory
OLCale10.msi      06/20/04   649K Synchronize your Outlook 2002/2003 Calendars      07/19/04    53K Integrated Contact and Document Manager
OraScheme12.exe   04/02/04   762K Oracle backup scheme manager
OsaSyncProSetup.ex 03/05/04  2.89M Outlook Sharing Add-in and Synchronizer 05/29/03  2.99M MS Outlook network without a Exchange Server
PACInstaller1v5.zi 03/20/03 10.84M Product catalog on CD-ROM software.
PC_Telephone50.exe 03/26/04  1.09M PC-to-Phone, PC-to-Fax, PC-to-PC over Internet or ISDN
PD.exe            12/10/03   520K Powerful Pop-up Blocker.
PDFInfoMgrInst.exe 04/16/03   772K Application for change PDF file information.
PDFProtectMgrInst. 04/16/03  1.58M Application for change security for PDF Files
PDSetup.exe       08/20/03 14.39M Personal Diary for Individuals, Consultants and Small Businesses      11/09/03  3.50M View,Organize,Schedule patients w/this easy-2-use Patient Manager
PMCMini.exe       12/08/03  1.14M PoolMagic CARE
PMinstall.exe     06/04/03 30.71M Anti-Spam Software
PNRPTSJ2.exe      06/04/04 42.79M Create business reports, labels as required.           02/24/03   244K Turn any PC into a Super Cash Register!          12/08/03   528K Fast-Sell POS Software. Designed for ease of use; pull-down menus
POWCLK52.ZIP      04/18/03  3.63M The ultimate employee time clock
PPPCD_Setup.exe   12/16/03  4.71M PowerPoint Presentation CD Autorun System
P_PD.exe          06/14/03   520K Stop popup ads and erase your browser history
P_Plus_Compact.exe 05/09/03 13.11M Full fledged solid modeler and 2D drafting package.
PaneCutter_demo.zi 01/02/04    56K 2D cutting plan design and cutting optimization    04/11/03 23.36M a comprehensive Human resource Information system 02/20/04  2.64M more easy use and powerful personal manage
PersonalTimeManage 11/21/03 11.42M Alarm your schedule,record your time,and analysis your time.
PickStock16.exe   02/28/04  2.84M Stock picker - principal components analysis
PigeonMailFaxv3_en 09/03/03 14.94M All-in-One fax/e-mail/scanserver/image editor
PioneerReportMDI.e 07/26/04   789K Pioneer is a GRML web browser.
Pixbyt25.exe      03/14/04  5.76M Detects unwanted sales promotion via email
Plant_Safety.exe  06/13/04   832K Workplace risk assessment program.
PocketThinkerSetup 03/02/04  1.79M Outliner in Outlook
PopinBuilderXP.exe 08/11/03  6.42M Build non-obtrusive advertising messages
PopupSetup.exe    01/04/04   752K This pop-up killer stops all popups and adware.
Produra2-Setup.exe 03/10/03 19.33M Time tracking application for personal and company-wide time coll 03/18/04   109K Send professional e-mails in html form.
PureArt.exe       06/13/04   476K Online Art gallery for any painter - with auction system. 12/16/03  8.98M Password protect and wipe ANY file type.
Q_Architect.exe   05/08/03 17.38M Gives you full-featured 2D CAD at an amazing low price.
Q_Engineer.exe    05/09/03 15.15M Gives you full-featured CAD at an amazing low price.
Q_Estimator.exe   05/09/03 19.91M Calculates the cost of your building project before you start.
Q_FlowCharts.exe  05/08/03  5.39M Allows you to easily create charts and diagrams of all kinds.
Q_Image_Voyager.ex 05/15/03  9.85M Lets you batch resize images, and create thumbnail web pages.
Q_WebPage.exe     05/09/03 36.14M Web Creation tool that anybody can use.          12/31/03   541K Quick Calendar is a one year or 1 to 3 month diaplay calendar.
R14622.exe        11/26/03 18.62M Quotation automation software for PC Builders and Assemblers
RFFTrial.exe      02/05/04  2.60M RFFlow, Draw flowcharts, org charts and other diagrams      06/27/04  9.45M Hotel Motel reservations software
RSsetup.exe       08/27/03 25.49M Confirm your contacts' info and updates your Outlook address book
RTP18.exe         03/03/04  2.12M Rental Property, Expense
Ranking_Booster_v2 04/02/04   616K Ranking Booster® software increase your ranks 03/10/04   868K Web based Issue Tracking/Help Desk software    02/09/04  8.81M Easy to use Realtor tracking program and more      06/17/03   708K Perpetual Reminder is a daily message display/alarm scheduler.
Retailman_uk.exe  07/19/04  6.40M Converts a PC to a powerful Point of Sale (POS) terminal when har         06/25/03  2.83M Powerful Export Documentation & Export Business Management Tool         02/18/04   501K Transform database schemas to Word documents.         02/18/04   501K Export database schemas to Word documents.
SBarcode.exe      12/31/03   900K Free barcode printing program that prints UPC(A) barcode labels.      06/04/04 34.64M Maximize your sales effort with SC Manager.
SD.exe            06/14/03  1.40M Get rid of spam in your inbox.
SM.exe            07/22/04  1.12M Integrated contact management / sales CRM.
SMSPollCenterDemoS 01/19/03  2.17M Make opinion polls through SMS.     06/24/03  3.42M Anti-spam using advanced statistical analysis and personal traini
SPHP11.exe        03/25/04  4.80M Take control of your animal shelter or kennel      06/21/04   220K SQL Server To Web Database Interface
SR24.exe          12/14/03  6.83M A Web browser for Stock Market Research
STimeClockSetupTri 10/29/03  1.01M An easy way to track employee hours.    06/06/04 14.10M Salon Management ,inventory,appointment book         05/04/04  1.76M Hebrew/English Advanced Text Processor          02/26/04  2.78M The award winning, easy-to-use, IN/OUT board.
SendTextMessages.e 03/29/03   993K Put your ad on your prospects desktop !
SetupBSW.exe      02/04/04  1.12M Capture, organize, hyperlink and publish info
SetupD12.exe      07/22/03  9.15M 12 stylish business productivity tools
SetupPSTCompactor_ 04/25/04  2.21M Reduces size of Outlook PST files (email)
SetupProcessual200 01/21/03  2.89M Database for management of procedures and tasks - also a calendar
SetupSECover.EXE  09/24/03  4.02M Find unindexed pages, search engine coverage.
SetupTT.exe       07/22/03  2.19M A great personal punch clock program.
SetupUKDA.exe     12/01/03  3.34M integrated outlook team calendar
SetupZCG.exe      10/08/03  2.05M Looks up address data and types it for you.
Setup_Gridimp.exe 08/26/04  1.71M Imports gridded data into MS-MapPoint
SheepDB.msi       07/17/03  4.53M Sheep Flock Management System      08/23/04 10.09M $hopKeep track and report on your customers, inventory, and money
SnipeRightPro.exe 08/22/03  2.15M Win eBay auctions by placing last second bids
SoftBanking110.exe 01/08/04  1002K Expense-tracking program with homebanking.
SoftBankingLite110 12/19/03  1002K Manage your private finances fast and easy.
SpamContainerEval. 03/03/04   415K There is simply one, and only one, effective way to deal with spa
SpamSleuthEnterpri 07/11/03  7.37M Spam Sleuth - Get rid of spam for your entire organization.
SplitBill_PALM_WAG 08/27/04   292K Easily calculate a tip or Split a bill.
StaffWorks.msi    09/01/04  3.63M In Out board with built-in timesheet, mail, chat, file transfer.
StoreFrontLt.exe  05/13/03  4.12M Upload Helper for Froogle      06/13/04  1.47M Utility to extract and collect file properties into a text file
Synconizer.exe    07/07/04  1.52M An Internet- and LAN- aware organizer
TCM_5_3_8_Demo.exe 07/12/03  3.11M Manage time cards for 200 employees.
TERAVoice2004_B1_F 01/07/04 16.69M TERAVoice is a telephony server platform
TESetup.exe       08/16/04  3.39M Fast and intuitive timesheet tracking with e-mail capability.        01/22/04   818K Manage all your work and team meetings       02/14/04  1005K TOAD for SQL Server
TPCD.msi          08/27/04  2.96M Monitor all PC activity in real time over a lan or stand alone PC
TPStk.exe         01/19/04   808K Stock Charting program that uses FREE stock and mutual fund data
TSCLoanCalcInstall 05/22/03  2.43M A full featured loan calculation software
TSW251Demo.EXE    08/05/03  2.82M Time Tracking and Billing
TSnipe20.exe      05/08/03  1.48M All-in-one eBay sniper (s o) and data grabber
TexXRay_Pro_v121.e 05/18/04 12.80M Complete text analyst's workbench
TheDate.exe       07/06/03   445K Tool for performing useful date calculations. 01/25/03  4.73M Data analysing application     03/05/04  5.89M Working Time and Project Administration
Time_for_Money_Est 10/05/03     9K Estimates the date you will have a certain amount of money saved
TopInv10.EXE      04/18/04  5.64M Top of the art invoicing software.
TopPagesDownloader 12/18/03   393K Download top search result pages for analysis
Tunetext.exe      08/16/04   812K Customizable HTML pages: Edit and Highlight.
Underground_Web_Co 07/13/03   315K Get a better idea on how a web business can be started.
VOICENT_SMARTDLD.e 08/13/04    52K Automatic telephone notification software
VPSetup.exe       06/09/04  3.80M Turn your Powerpoint into web presentations      09/01/04    12K Business Plan Software
VRTP12.exe        03/15/04  2.16M Vacation or Resort Rental Management Software
ViewletCam.exe    06/09/04  1.54M Easiest screen recording tool creating Flash
VisualHorseProgram 08/11/03  8.50M Horse owners
W2.EXE            08/17/04   944K Video rental software with Photo ID cards from $59.00
WEC.exe           04/26/03  4.82M Simple to use Foreign Exchange Calculator           09/16/03   275K Web browser In-Out board with messaging plus
WS.EXE            07/27/04   943K Multi-terminal DVD rental software with PhotoID cards
WS_EN.exe         01/17/03  7.80M Create and manage Web stores
Wcm2951eva_small_. 06/08/04 12.88M The ultimate screen recording and editing application
WebCofferSetup.EXE 04/20/03  1.17M Keep your business and private important data safe and secue.
WinOrg.exe        12/19/03  4.02M Turn your PC to personal information center!
WinSurvey2003.exe 03/26/03  5.87M Create and analyze surveys
WinTax.EXE        07/11/04  8.42M Canadian Payroll Tax Calculator (2004 Tax Tables)       03/15/04  1.78M New HP-12C Platinum, photorealistic look, exclusive customization
YPGsetup1.2.5.exe 03/07/03  4.46M Grabs maillists from open domains
YTReservations107. 05/03/04 14.67M Browser based scheduling software for spas, health clubs, etc.
ZIPCODEWIZ10.EXE  02/21/04  1.38M Locates ZIP Codes within a radius distance.
ZSEBGD.ZIP        05/30/03  3.03M Document protection for authors
ZTTrial.exe       04/19/04  2.54M International timezones and public holidays.
Zisterne2003_Demo. 07/01/03  5.05M A program for determining the size of your rainwater storage
_CDFE_LITE_e.exe  03/21/04  2.32M Autorun CD presentation brochure creator
_d_en3pr.exe      03/21/04  3.01M Create a catalog/Web site/CDROM with one tool
_ebookswriterLITE_ 03/21/04  2.34M Create an ebook with ease, visually. FREE.
a1mp3rc1.exe      04/21/03   643K MP3 Recorder XP captures audio by one click.      04/12/04  1.35M Stock alerts by eMail, SMS on cellular phone
aa2pls26.exe      09/02/04 12.51M Full featured small business accounts system
aasetup.exe       05/13/03  8.15M Family Law Office Suite with Document Assembly
abasetup.exe      08/16/03   714K Easy to use budget and finance manager
abmispro1.exe     02/14/04 14.64M Handle your day-today business         02/08/03  3.67M Advanced Business Management System 3.0 (ABMS 3.0) helps all typ
absPDF_Spool_Base. 07/14/04  3.19M Enables legacy applications to ouput PDF.
ac12ufs1.exe      12/11/03  4.67M Finishing work calculations
account.exe       04/15/04  8.69M An accounting system for churches and non-profit organizations
addrbk14.exe      07/13/04   590K Full Featured Address Book           03/30/03  2.28M Stores and manages electronic documents        07/13/03 15.31M AdminCentral Webtube CyberCafe server
ae14100te.exe     02/21/03  1.14M Create small, fast-loading 'teasers' for your CD products        02/26/03  8.12M Web based help desk system    11/27/03   189K Discover why you are still enslaved!   02/13/03  1.79M Neural networks software for forecasting with wizard interface.
ainvest.exe       09/01/04  2.85M Money, Stock, Share      07/08/04  1.08M Simple portfolio manager for shareholders and investors
alarm-i.exe       07/10/03   774K Alarms repeat in simple to complex intervals      10/16/03   563K Ethanol-water blending calculations
almyta22.exe      07/05/03 19.87M Almyta is powerful and affordable software.
amafs.exe         02/05/04  1.64M Automatically updates from eBay - calcs fees
amicharti.exe     01/26/04  1.21M The fast, friendly, easy way to present data
amlpages_set_eng.z 06/05/04   723K Advanced notepad and organizer
amssetup.exe      04/25/04  3.25M Absentee Management System
analyza3.exe      07/23/03  6.84M Timesheet database and reporting software.      06/25/04  2.11M Creates and fills out any form on PC easily       05/16/04  1.79M Control access to public computers.
apinvoic.exe      08/31/04  6.42M Invoicing program
apmaw.exe         06/10/03   791K Mailing list manager, prints postnet codes        03/18/03   775K Use electronic documents instead of paper
apossetup.exe     07/11/04 15.34M Intuitive
aprec110.exe      05/16/04  1001K Schedule sports facilities and maintenance
apsch.exe         05/16/04  1.02M Schedule rooms, equipment, etc.
apwin95.exe       08/31/04  4.40M Multi-currency accounting program         12/19/03  1.12M A new generation of restaurant management
aschlist.exe      05/28/03   866K Useful checklist program with templates free.
asdwoinst.exe     09/09/04  1.71M  Internet shopping cart software
asg-addon.exe     05/28/03  3.49M Extend the ACT! chart possibilities         05/17/04 12.38M Database viewing and Web publishing program
asprs.msi         04/01/04  5.05M Resource Management         07/20/04  6.04M Reports and graphs from database       02/25/04 17.33M Atrex Inventory Control/Point of Sale
attext.exe        06/16/03  4.24M Extract block attribute values from DWG files
aura.exe          08/09/04  5.67M Expert system in time series forecasting
autop5-0_t.exe    03/08/04   881K Program to create attractive Autorun CD menus
autorunw.exe      01/25/03  1.11M Create multi-media autorun CDs from HTML
autotype.exe      11/17/03  1.55M Auto Type/Complete words that u type
autpro90.exe      05/07/03  4.37M Track preventive mtc on personal vehicles.
av4win9x.exe      10/17/03 10.24M AV4 Software for Avon Reps
awm14sSetup.exe   01/23/03  7.36M Shopping cart program.
awv2bi.exe        10/26/03 15.16M Powerful auction management software for the eBay seller.
ax322.exe         07/28/04  1.28M Personal Finance Manager and Budget Planner      06/06/03   325K Time management software for internet cafes or rented computer
bCardfile_x86_Inst 01/19/03   264K Cardfile program
barcode.exe       05/23/03   667K Gain full control over your BarCodes!
barcode_emp_specia 04/07/04 14.11M Barcode Application Suite
barcode_inv_specia 04/07/04 14.11M Barcode Application Suite
barcode_rent_speci 04/07/04 14.11M Barcode Application Suite
barcodewizard.exe 11/17/03  1.45M Generate Barcodes      09/07/04  8.08M Paste barcodes in MS Excel up to 4' x 4'
basket_demo.EXE   08/14/04  2.27M Market Basket Analysis      07/18/04  2.86M What Happened The Day You Were Born?
bcdp8010.exe      07/05/04  2.91M Design and print great looking business cards
besetup.exe       12/03/03  1.21M Easily Manage your checkbook.
bfb.exe           01/13/04  3.72M Excel Financial Add-In with 90 functions for Business Planning
bgcalculator.exe  09/01/03  1.12M Best for work and rest- small and powerful      06/18/04  1.20M Professional Timekeeping, Billing, and Bookkeeping
bkbe451.exe       04/07/03 12.06M BookingBoard : your easy booking software
bm25.exe          05/03/03  2.05M Free Trial - Secure, automatic data backup
bmsetup.exe       11/24/03   903K Create barcode label by your desktop printer.
boldchat.exe      07/13/03  2.00M Chat with the visitors on your web site.
bookspricecomparat 04/11/03   495K Compares books prices at,,      06/19/03  4.78M SalesBooster SDK Customer Tracking System.
bosetup.exe       04/20/04   926K An electronic automotive buyers order with calculators
bounced-emails-4-o 04/30/03  6.94M Process contacts with bad email addresses
bpdf102.exe       04/21/04  5.54M Convert any paper, electronic document to PDF
breeder.exe       12/20/03  5.28M Complete information management for animals.
brfree.exe        07/15/04  6.29M Reporting tool with dynamic SQL generation
bs1em.exe         08/30/04  3.01M BS/1 Enterprise Accounting, Inventory, and Manufacturing Software
bs1en.exe         08/30/04  2.84M BS/1 Enterprise Accounting and Distribution Software
bs1pr.exe         08/30/04  2.71M BS/1 Professional Time Billing and Accounting Software
bs1sb.exe         08/30/04  2.56M BS/1 Accounting and Inventory Software
bt_pro2.exe       02/01/04  5.87M Billing software for professionals
btdbsetup.exe     09/08/04  5.45M Database utility to manage aftercare bereavement services.
btfull.exe        11/18/03  5.27M POS Software , Point Of Sale Software
btranslator.exe   11/27/03  2.29M Translate document, Webpages among 11 languages, access to 12 dic 08/01/04  4.53M Home Budget Software Applications
c10setup.exe      06/11/04 27.57M Fax, voice and e-mail software for your PC       01/15/04   642K Perpetual Calendar is a two year (wall style) perpetual calendar.
calculadora.exe   07/23/04   984K Tape Calculator with many others resources.       07/27/04     22 EHS Management Software using the Oracle Database System
canvas.exe        02/26/04 44.18M DICOM support
cashbk3.exe       04/26/04  3.60M Simple cash accounting for the small business
cboard11.exe      06/07/03   763K Units and interval arithmetic support       03/06/04 12.68M A complete software solution for cyber cafe management
ccmath30.exe      10/25/03  1.67M A free program chock full of financial advice      03/26/03   686K Perform secure credit card processing via the Internet
cdasetup.exe      09/04/04 11.04M A secure multiuser database creator and manager      04/24/03   115K View, edit and repair the DBF database files.      02/25/03  1.16M Very fast and small DBF viewer and editor.
charttool.exe     08/13/03  1.08M Stock charting software
checklistinvestor_ 11/20/03  2.40M Stock Market Investment Software
checkpk.exe       05/13/04   211K An easy-to-use electronic checkbook register.        02/24/04  1.78M Convert chm to PDF files
clipcollect-setup. 08/04/04  1.05M formatting Editor,Note Database,HTML Builder
clipg.exe         11/17/03  1.61M Hot Keys and Saves Clipboard Data         05/20/03  5.04M Track and contact club members.
clubtimer.exe     11/10/03  1.86M Software for Internet Cafe
cmdemo11.exe      05/01/04  8.84M Business card creator for office and family.
cmmcs400.exe      01/13/03  3.69M Easy to use Meeting room resource scheduler
cmmw400.exe       01/13/03  3.37M Easy to use Meeting room resource scheduler      02/25/04  2.66M Server for the database manipulation application called Compare
conn1016          04/02/03  3.65M DNC or file transfer between PC and CNC
conpro10.exe      08/11/04  4.29M Consolidator Pro can help you save money...    10/12/03   749K Manage your business and personal contacts.
copy_workbook.exe 11/04/03    56K Copy Oracle Discoverer Workbooks to other databases
cpt105.ZIP        03/24/03  6.46M Contact, Project, Task, Sales Mgmt System           01/22/04   811K Sell more with this CRM software application
csp32.exe         06/14/04  2.97M Common Gateway Interface Software
ct-20-50.exe      12/04/03  2.72M Assign daily calls and tasks to 20 Doctors
ctainstall.exe    08/02/03  4.31M A flexible modelling tool
cuteorganizer.exe 05/25/04  1.34M Nice looking feature-packed organizer system
cwriter2.exe      03/26/04  5.13M Generate funny novels
dailylog20_setup.e 09/30/03 10.45M Personal journal recording your daily events      10/13/03   131K Date calculator which allows specified dates to be excluded.      08/05/04   562K Simple table creator/editor for quoted text comma delimited files
db144.exe         08/26/04 10.48M Download stock quotes from international exchanges.
db_query.exe      02/15/03  5.87M Database query and browse tool        12/01/03  1006K Manage DBF files using this innovative tool!      08/03/04  1.52M Universal database tool and report builder      05/25/04  1.23M Simple, versatile relational database program
ddtally.exe       07/30/04 13.29M Best ACT!, MS Excel/MS Access Report Writer!
ddtsetup.exe      09/10/03  3.68M Digital Dictation and Transcription Office Suite   01/24/04   194K Remove password from encrypted pdf files.        12/19/03 20.58M Zero Defects Manufacturing is easy with Defect Eliminator
detachpipe-ws.exe 08/04/04  1.27M Save, detach and delete email attachments
dialpro.msi       04/14/03  2.35M Advanced TAPI Dialer with Caller ID, ODBC address books, plugins         10/15/03  1.65M Move in time with a private diary, journal, or log.        04/22/04   285K This Program Controling Your Housing Agency File(FARSI Language)
doalldemo.exe     07/07/04  8.08M View/Edit/Manage .dbf files w/graphing        02/20/04  1.78M Convert Word,Excel,htm,chm,rtf, PDF      08/17/03  9.54M Easy to use Document Management Software.
draftsurvey.exe   07/29/04 15.45M Calculation program for Merchant Navy.
dragonse.exe      09/26/03  8.61M For car salesmen to keep track of new and used vehicle stock
drake7.exe        05/24/04  3.57M Convert PDF files to DOC
dssetup.exe       01/07/04  2.60M Dr SOAP is medical documentation software.
dyncdkit.exe      06/11/04  2.02M Internet server for CD with scripting
eCommStore2.exe   10/13/03  3.41M eComm Store is an eCommerce solution  09/09/04  9.24M Create customized and effective emailings
eQuercus_v120_Demo 06/05/03  1.27M Web Content Management System for only $149.
eapdemo.exe       09/06/04 10.07M Employee Assistance Program/EAP w/resources 09/02/04  4.39M EasyCalc 16digit Calculator LoanCalc CurrencyConverter
ed-10-100.exe     12/04/03  2.18M Dispatch 100 Nurses, 3 Shifts            10/01/03   403K Dictation recorder and dock station
edocenginex_demo.z 03/09/04   955K Document creation for MS Visual Studio/.NET
edocksrv2.exe     05/05/03 18.41M Secure document server with full-text search.            11/04/03   109K Multi-function Note Taking Program        03/23/03  5.45M Star Envelope Printer Pro
epaper2pdf.exe    08/20/03   620K Scan paper documents and save them as pdf
epc.exe           02/05/04  1.68M An easy and less expensive way to create PDF
epsetup.exe       01/02/04  2.60M Employee Time Recording System       08/27/04  1.62M Web based Project Management Software     05/28/03  1.04M promote healthy computer use            10/02/03   345K Transcription Player for Typing      02/06/04  1.07M Handy Enhanced Scientific Calculator      05/11/04  1.16M Utility to convert between measurements.       08/05/03  1.01M Real-time and interactive PC inventory management software.
esposdemo.exe     01/09/04  8.54M Point of sale software
ess20.exe         08/12/04  6.75M Protect sent email from forwarding, printing        03/14/03  1.16M Exports customized schedules to popular PMPs.
etsetup.exe       06/28/03  4.07M Reduce your accounting data entry up to 80%
eword2pdf11.exe   01/29/04   600K Convert Word files into PDF files.
excpip23.exe      04/02/04  1.06M Search and Replace in many Excel spreadsheets
execinst35.exe    09/11/03 14.64M Executive is a high-end accounting software.        11/27/03   368K Put your eBusiness on auto-pilot  10/09/03  2.21M Web-Based Reporting and Ad-Hoc Query Solution
ezdata.exe        04/12/03 10.66M EzData form creation and automatic form processing software
ezmny51.exe       05/22/04  3.01M Simple, quick income / expense tracking
ezvoice.exe       08/11/03  1.83M Telephone answering machine software
ezycm3.exe        03/04/03  2.49M Track and manage in-coming calls and follow-up action.
ezyinv3.exe       05/11/03  3.31M Tool for Invoicing & Inventory Management.     06/15/03   329K Forex Arbitrage Calculator allows to determine risk free arbitrag
faxnetpersdemoint. 05/12/03  1.26M Easy fax sending and receiving with ISDN
fb4setup.exe      05/19/04  1.65M Professional budgeting for translators
fdf-Co10.exe      03/02/04 14.50M convert FDF-files to other data formats
ffip.exe          10/23/03  1.04M Inventory and Billing for Win95/98/NT/2000/XP
ffsetup.exe       05/11/03  1.42M Create, verify
fgraph.exe        06/16/04  2.04M Comprehensive graphing and curve fitting tool        08/19/04  3.00M Fill in forms created in Form Pilot Office      03/14/04   128K Convert any document to PDF fillable/savable.
findreplaceexcel.z 06/12/03  1.96M find excel cells automatically, replace cells
finprocd.exe      02/06/03  2.11M Financial plan generator
floorcost.exe     08/25/03   820K Flooring Cost Estimator for Excel
fm.exe            10/28/03  3.26M Turns scanner and modem into fax machine
fmnpro68.exe      07/13/04  1.64M Portfolio Management for Professional Traders
fmpdlx90.exe      07/28/04  4.82M Makes it easy to manage your fleet maint.
fmpent.exe        08/10/03  4.91M fleet maintenance management for shops.
fmpstd.exe        08/10/03  4.42M Makes it easy to manage your fleet maint.      11/17/03  1.45M Automatically sets focus Keeps Window on Top
forestock.exe     08/09/04  2.47M Winning trading strategies for Metastock(R)          06/18/04  3.87M Software for filling in paper forms           09/06/04  4.60M Filling out any electronic forms         08/30/04  4.31M Software for filling in paper forms       05/12/03  1.74M Track donations, print thank you letters.EASY
fs_setup.exe      07/06/03  1.04M Create slide-shows (*.swf) from JPEG-images
ftmpdemo.exe      02/07/03  8.45M FaxTalk Messenger Pro voice and fax software
ftpcommander.exe  11/25/03   585K Free and easy as a pie FTP client 04/07/04  2.73M FTP Scheduling Utility
ga-setup.exe      10/26/03  7.26M Create a personal budget with this interactive chart-based tool.
gbcalc10.exe      07/07/04  3.48M Calculate prices for glass block windows
gc_176.exe        05/08/03  2.32M Powerfull automated workplace of the manager
generalcost.exe   08/25/03   876K General Construction Cost Estimator for Excel       02/19/04   903K Stock charting and technical analysis system
gestion5.exe      02/13/04  3.66M Gerer placements, budget, agenda, bottins, inventaires           03/08/04  4.08M Generate unlimited content/gateway pages
globex290-trial-en 01/26/04   946K Convert world currency and see city times!
gman_setup.exe    05/18/04  5.45M GroupMAN Listserver For Windows   10/14/03  1.13M Security charting and analysis software
grdmax20.exe      03/18/04  1.93M Safe and Secure Digital Information Vault     11/24/03   409K GRKda: Keyword Density Analyzer for Windows     11/24/03   369K Search Engine Optimizer      02/21/03  1.58M Communication with mobile phones
hInstall.EXE      03/29/04 30.90M Follow up of your services done at your customers'
hc2.exe           07/20/04  1.65M transparent desktop calendar,multimedia remin      06/09/04   211K Compact and helpful calculator for windows
hh100d6.exe       02/06/03   433K Designed to help business people place Meal Orders Easily.
hicont17.exe      07/04/03  1.65M Refreshingly Gorgeous Contact Manager
homecost.exe      08/25/03   780K Home Construction Cost Estimating for Excel
horop138.exe      03/06/03 12.20M Payroll and employee management software.
hscal329a.exe     07/27/04  3.42M Calendar for firefighters and other workers on a rotating shifts         11/13/03  3.09M Personal Finance and Money Manager software.
iCatcher.msi      10/15/03  3.80M PC WebCam
iMagicTourReservat 07/22/04 11.03M Tour reservation software        03/26/03    37K Easily analyze investment performance.
idealsetup.exe    04/17/03  2.72M Sends statements to self storage customers  12/05/03 10.65M Design and produce photo ID cards and badges
ietsetup.exe      07/11/03  1.60M MS Outlook Add-In - Boost Email Productivity!
iffsetup.exe      08/25/03  1.55M Electronic forms processing software.
iit_01w.exe       09/16/03   112K Connect, interact with your PC from anywhere
img2pdf.exe       07/12/03  1.91M Convert image files into PDF.
infochase_setup.ex 08/12/04  1.92M InfoChase custom data service with over 15M business listings!
ingdemo.EXE       03/14/03  1.43M Warehouse Management Software
insetup.exe       08/31/03  6.42M is a powerful stock trading app
inst_kplan_EN.exe 03/26/04  1.89M Kplan is a free and powerful organizer
install.exe       12/30/03  5.69M A perfect tool for home budget handling.
install_mtr.exe   07/17/04  2.92M MTR lets you search and replace within files.
install_possom.exe 09/19/03 14.14M POS system tracks customers and sales.
install_srb.exe   04/29/04  2.39M DeskAds is a marketing and news tool      02/05/03  2.38M Beautiful, power and easy in use organizer
intellisys_project 01/31/03 18.80M Intuitive project management software      05/07/04  1.24M Professional scheduling, timekeeping, bookkeepingand billing
inv42.exe         09/16/03 14.88M invoiceit! makes charging easy and affordable     07/24/03   161K Investment and Business Valuation template
invgen-d.exe      01/11/04  7.72M Let's you quickly create invoices
invoice.exe       06/20/03   940K Invoicing and customer tracking software
iosetup.exe       12/31/03  1.87M Employee attendance tracking software
ipsetup1.exe      06/11/04  7.93M Easily manage all information with one tool!
irbSetup.Exe      12/05/03   132K Resume w/hyperlinks HTML/Word/text/clipboard.
isl11.exe         05/24/04  4.39M Plan, track and analyze your investments
issetup.exe       02/15/03 12.30M Digital Transcription
it_setup.exe      10/24/03 13.69M Idea tracking software for writers.      03/31/04    40K Journal writing for professionals
jdpunch.exe       06/27/03  4.69M Employee time clock management software
jf7win9x.exe      10/17/03 10.24M JF7 Jafra Software for Jafra Consulants
jfbooks_lite.msi  04/15/03  2.92M Keeps track of your book collection.
jfmusic_lite.exe  04/15/03  2.77M Organize your movie collection.     05/29/03  3.13M The Journal for you!
jobcost20.exe     04/06/03   796K Jobcost Tracking System for Excel        06/04/03  1.29M Send and receive faxes without a fax machine.
juststuf.exe      11/17/03  2.07M Useful utilities combined into a One app
k2pdfclient.exe   12/03/03   922K Free document to PDF Converter client utility
k9.exe            01/24/03 11.51M Free Dog Breeder Program
kbilling_installer 05/11/04  1.10M Easy to use billing software!
keymouse.exe      11/17/03  1.50M lets you control your mouse with your keyboad
kks2_trial_version 03/31/03   328K Karaoke on your PC, over 15,000 songs         05/05/03  9.50M Anti spam program stopping unsolicited e-mail      08/15/04  7.77M Business cards, letterhead, flyers, greetings
kontakt1.exe      08/30/04  7.72M Multiuser CRM software.
kvv22.exe         06/28/04 11.70M Kunden- und Vertragsverwaltung KVV 2.2
lam215.exe        10/30/03   904K Loan And Mortgage 2, amortization calculator
lanchart.exe      06/23/04  2.27M Create network diagrams easily.      06/05/03  4.03M Easy to use helpdesk system - sensibly priced        06/06/03  3.22M Helpdesk system operated from a web browser
lbuilder.exe      02/20/03  2.76M Make your own CD, DVD,          04/23/04  2.74M Simple system for organizing life.       03/11/03   484K Estimate premiums for Term Insurance, Life Insurance, and Pension          05/06/04    209 Simple, yet profitable shopping cart software
litic.exe         04/14/03  1.21M Inventory, Purchase and Sales Management.
lm2000.exe        05/14/04  4.84M League creation software for all sports     04/08/03   205K Tiny, high-precision hovering calculator with an operation log.
lvsetup.exe       02/15/03 12.90M Legal Transcription
m9PNews.exe       08/16/04   156K World-wide daily updated news
m9PPhonebook.exe  08/16/04   416K Phonebook database
m9pdb_setup.exe   08/29/04 12.65M Professional Database Builder and Manager!
magnolia_win32.exe 11/26/03 21.17M Java-based open-source content management system
mailenableprof.exe 08/30/04  7.95M Powerful email server for Windows NT/2000/XP
maint.exe         11/16/03  5.71M Maintenance Parts Bin (MPB)
maple.exe         03/22/04  1.97M Useful tree-based document manager.
mbmsetup.exe      01/24/03  3.06M Manages an individual's healthcare expenses and benefits.          04/07/04  5.19M Appointment, calendar, task management software
mcb21.exe         07/29/04  1.37M The easiest checkbook register software ever.        07/07/03  5.20M Networkable calendar and schedule software
mchart263.exe     02/04/03  4.88M Easy Stockmarket Point and Figure Charts.
mdb2000.exe       12/08/03  6.83M database software for cataloging music or any       01/29/03  3.67M Invoicing/Billing and payments tracking shareware       01/08/04  1.53M SDK for reading
metareportsetup.ex 08/25/04  1.71M Metareport - database report maker
mfnt.exe          07/07/03  1.88M Fax from any Windows program, including Word.
mginterface.exe   04/09/04   138K Minute Guard alerts you before going over your cellular minutes.
mienet_all_tpz_lib 03/13/03  6.42M Free, charming, handy: all TreePad add-on Icons you'll need!
mienet_biz_office_ 03/06/03   312K TreePad add-on to get organized w/ work, study, personal life etc
mienet_communicati 03/03/03   255K On/Off-Line Communication and related icons, TreePad add-on
mienet_folders1_tp 03/06/03   341K Free Folders Icon Libraries for TreePad: most complete Libraries!
mienet_folders2_tp 03/06/03   281K Free Folders Icon Libraries for TreePad: most complete Libraries!
mienet_internation 03/03/03   232K Country flags, maps, globes, and travel - TreePad Icon Add-on
mimprobasicbtocft. 06/04/03  1.17M Website, Shopping Cart Program  01/08/04  2.56M Downloads intraday, EOD and historical quotes
mmeetrial.exe     08/23/03  8.17M Software to manage meetings and resource
mmssetup.exe      05/25/04  3.08M Easy to use Meeting room resource scheduler
mmtutor.exe       08/11/03  2.44M Tutorial on effective meetings
mobilenavigator201 05/14/03  3.35M Cellular phone- PC synchronization software
modemspy.exe      06/23/03   244K Record phone calls with easy
moiebo21.exe      06/15/04  7.21M Track your monthly income and expenses.
mondisc.exe       02/23/04   796K The software is designed for personal finance
moneyprofesortrial 06/07/04  2.25M Plan loans, savings and investments.
moony302.exe      04/04/04  2.32M Isdn Call Monitor, Answering machine and Fax        05/01/03  1.03M Calculates the true cost of UK mortgages
mortgage.exe      05/07/04   115K Ready Solution for your loan site
mousekeyboardw.exe 11/17/03  3.70M Lets you type using your mouse.
movierm.exe       08/26/04  1.26M Start an online business doing movie reviews.
mpp2ppr10.exe     06/27/04  6.49M Free tool to convert MS-Project files 2 PPR      09/05/03  3.30M Access resources of MSProject and SAP R/3 Project System together      01/09/04  1.34M Keep track of your accounts receivables 05/13/03  3.34M My Small Business is a tool designed for small business owners.      01/09/04  4.15M Manipulate data from a variety of databases      01/09/04   839K Calculate virtually all types of interest      01/09/04   870K Keep track of specific task times  05/28/04   387K Stay organized with this address, calendar and reminder program.
mtc16.exe         07/29/04  1.22M Track your hours with confidence and ease.
multidbqa.exe     11/17/03  9.70M Multiple Database Query Analyzer
mvsetup.exe       02/15/03 12.33M Medical Transcription
mwsetup.exe       05/04/03  1.44M US, Cdn and other mortgages/loans. Crush your mortgage
myIPs5HNodesPro.zi 05/26/03  4.13M IP Address Management Software
n04-trial.exe     12/19/03 36.08M A complete payroll software package.
natcfree.exe      04/06/03  1.24M Free HTML eBook Compiler
ncfax25.exe       08/17/04  8.92M Fully networked fax system
nm-trial35.exe    05/01/03  5.82M Network Communication
notegen.exe       11/17/03  1.51M post it notes and post them to monitor
noteitsetup.exe   06/12/04   776K good solid text editor, with loads of features
notepage.exe      03/12/03  3.66M SMS and Paging Software
notepro.exe       03/18/04  3.03M Highly capable word processor.
noticemail.exe    08/11/04  3.05M The NoticeWare Email Server
nspcdm20.exe      05/03/04  3.86M A powerful note-taking system for your PC.      11/17/03 34.13M An ultimate report manager for Crystal Reprts    12/15/03   545K Convert numbers and currencies into words.
ocinstall.exe     05/15/04 23.15M Share Outlook calendars without Exchange
office22.exe      01/23/04 19.43M Create pdf forms easily from scratch       02/23/04   852K Order form generator for online merchants     11/28/03  4.39M View, print and export documents
opencv.exe        07/29/03 10.40M resume writing software tools for job-seekers     05/20/03  4.88M Complete survey solution for any platform.      09/24/03    52K Evaluates American and European style options
optilink-installer 06/12/03  1.27M Advanced link analysis of top ranked pages.
outware-1.0.msi   05/21/04  5.60M emantic Outware (TM)
ozekisms_enterpris 06/12/04  3.27M PC-Phone SMS Server send
pa420NoMSDE.exe   07/10/03 17.45M Analyze, reduce, and recover printing cost.
pa4ao.exe         07/02/03 17.39M Analyze, reduce, and recover printing cost.
painco26.exe      02/01/04   892K Painting Cost Estimating System for Excel
papass.exe        04/28/03   402K Create random passwords easily and flexibly
patinstall.exe    09/05/04  1.56M Easy management of clients' Profile, Account, Text Notes         02/17/04  3.20M Calculate
payoff10.exe      02/21/04  1.04M Save tens of thousands of $$ on your mortgage      12/26/03  3.29M This program produces Paypal buttons      12/27/03  3.28M This program creates the code that the Flash buttons
paywinsetup.exe   03/10/04  4.32M User friendly and easiest to use payroll ever!
pb2_setup.exe     08/16/04  9.13M Phonebook Database Management    04/28/04 11.12M Powerbacks® 2002-2003 Free Sampler
pbent100.exe      04/13/04  3.52M Ticket and form design and printing software.
pbplus1.11.exe    04/06/04  3.29M Ticket and form design and printing software.
pbpro100.exe      04/12/04  3.51M Ticket and form design and printing software.        06/14/04 13.42M Compatible with any PABX
pccsetup.exe      12/24/03  3.51M Project time tracker
pcpmdemo.exe      04/15/04  4.08M Property Management Software saves you time
pcpsetup.exe      12/24/03  3.00M Project time tracker
pcs4.exe          06/01/04 24.22M FREE OFFICE SUITE compatible with Word/Excel!
pcssetup.exe      12/24/03  2.67M Project time tracker
pdcsetup.exe      01/31/04  2.66M Database creation software that anyone can use!
pdf-Do10.exe      03/17/04 14.22M Set new properties to any PDF document
pdf-Fi10.exe      02/15/04 14.67M Fill PDF form fields automatically
pdf2htm.exe       01/08/04   834K Convert PDF to HTML files.
pdf2html.exe      08/20/03   769K PDF 2 HTML can open PDF files to save as HTML
pdf2tif.exe       07/12/03   565K Batch extract images from pdf file.
pdf2txt_trial_vers 02/04/04   563K pdf to text COM can convert pdf to text file.
pdf2word.exe      02/07/04  1.14M Convert pdf files into word files.
pdf4u_pro.exe     01/16/04  1.57M A full-featured, easy-to-use PDF creator
pdfMac94.exe      01/23/04  2.38M pdfMachine compiles a copy of any PC-document
pdfcomp1.exe      04/21/04   913K Compress PDF files and reduce the file size.
pdfcreate.exe     08/20/03  2.03M Create PDF files from each application
pdfed101.exe      04/21/04   981K Encrypt and decrypt Adobe PDF files
pdfedit.exe       12/18/03  1023K Edit PDF files now! Write text, delete text     11/14/03  4.69M Fill in PDF form with PDF Filler Pilot
pdfforms.exe      08/20/03   696K Create PDF forms fillable directly on screen.
pdfinfo1.exe      04/21/04   913K Change PDF author, title, subject, keywords
pdflo101.exe      04/21/04   986K Change the layout of PDF files
pdflyzere.exe     03/10/04   567K Informationtool for pdf-files      06/12/04  4.33M Create PDF files with PDF Maker Pilot
pdfmsetup.exe     02/10/04  9.31M PDF conversion and web publishing system.
pdfpn102.exe      06/04/04  1016K Add page number to PDF files    08/31/04  1.38M A virtual printer, converts documents to PDF 05/03/04  1.51M A virtual printer, converts documents to PDF
pdfsm102.exe      04/21/04  1.02M Split and merge Adobe PDF files
pdftoolkitx_demo.z 03/09/04   643K PDF document management for ActiveX/.NET
pdfwater.exe      01/26/04   824K Add watermarks to PDF files      12/04/03  2.13M Manage and organize PDF documents
pdg8010.exe       07/05/04  3.05M Create labels, business cards and more.
pflowtry.exe      06/17/04  1.53M Create professional flow charts         08/17/03  3.19M Phone book dialer.
phonecard.exe     11/17/03  9.40M An application that lets you store numbers      08/19/04  2.33M Multioption replacement for Windows dialer.
pi_setup.exe      02/05/04  2.30M Helps write proposals, invoices, receipts.
pikkr.exe         06/23/03  5.04M Portfolio rotation trading system backtesting         08/18/04   336K Compact DataBase and Catalog application.
plmmusd.exe       01/29/03  1.82M A professional marketing plan generator        12/16/03   641K Pluser is a handy skinnable calculator.
pmintro10.exe     09/12/03  1.42M Introduction to Project Management        06/03/03   949K Mailing list and label software
pnlbd400.exe      07/07/04  5.06M Draw layouts of glass block windows
po_setup.exe      09/03/04  3.94M Software to help with writing purchase orders
pop3pal.exe       11/26/03   611K Portable email client for Windows       07/24/03    90K Portfolio Performance Monitoring template       07/24/03   121K Portfolio Optimization template
pos-zip.exe       03/19/03  4.26M Make Invoice, Quote, Sales Hstory, Bar-Code
possetup.exe      07/12/04  2.70M Retail sales management application
powerdocuments-set 09/30/03  8.34M Build knowledge bases to structure,archive
pp4.exe           08/09/04  5.61M Easy and Affordable PDF Alternative.
ppakinst35.exe    09/11/03 16.54M Powerpak is a high-end accounting software           04/01/04    202 It allows you to maintain your site easily.
pppetrylite40.exe 01/14/04 10.57M Plan
ppreader10.exe    11/11/03  6.24M Free Reader for Smartworks Project Planner
ppsetup.exe       09/13/03  2.58M Flash multimedia presentation tool.
pr11.exe          09/02/04 16.30M Stock investment analysis software           05/06/04    205 E-commerce Software: the absolute best 03/18/04   182K Illustrate your project graphically       07/24/03   190K Project Planning and Management        03/21/03  1.96M The Calculation Companion
ps32inst.exe      10/25/03 16.15M Profile Exchanges  Comparative Shopping
psa1_4.exe        01/19/04   939K Archiving software with 128 bit security.
psbombay.exe      08/17/03  9.32M Database for organizing magazines and article
psiMatch_Pro_1_0_D 07/16/03  5.37M a program for a simple duplicate check of your addresses
psinstal.exe      06/23/03  4.54M Sorts mailing lists for postal bulk mail
pss602.exe        06/30/04  3.56M Streaming Real-Time Quotes and Charts
pssetup.exe       06/15/04  3.05M Professional appointment scheduling software
qcm4.exe          09/01/04  7.88M Powerful mortgage and loan calculator       05/17/03  3.10M Application for sending personalized email to subscribers
qnote30.exe       02/05/04   999K Windows clipboard enhancement
qqsetup.exe       04/24/03  8.65M Printers estimating program        02/08/04  3.26M For all your record keeping / reporting needs
quickinvoice_demo. 06/13/03  3.57M Easy to use invoicing software
quickn.exe        08/07/04  1.55M Quicknote is a useful desktop-pinboard.      06/18/04  5.38M Investment growth rate calculator     11/05/03  4.61M Structural software for the design of RBS moment frame connection
rbsetup.exe       02/24/03  9.62M Powerful resume writing application!           09/17/03  1.17M utility to get latest currency exchange rates      01/04/04  2.05M An employee in and out board.
rchecker.exe      08/03/04  4.05M ABA Routing Number Validation Utility
realIntroductionIn 09/17/03 13.76M Easy presentations for real estate professionals and Realtors.       07/24/03   144K Real Option Valuation template        07/24/03   143K Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting
remodelcost.exe   08/25/03   892K Remodel Construction Cost Estimator for Excel
repaircost.exe    08/25/03   904K Insurance Repair Cost Estimator for Excel
reslite.exe       03/20/03 10.51M Hotel reservation software
respip29.exe      04/02/04  1.32M Convert email resumes and attachments to text
restaurant.exe    04/08/03 10.52M Restaurant reservation system.
resume3.exe       01/31/04  1.16M Job Helper
rmssetup.exe      08/10/04 20.57M Retail Management Software
roofcost.exe      08/25/03   824K Roofing Cost Estimator for Excel
rpmselect.exe     11/03/03  4.38M Brooks Windows LPD Print Server     05/23/03  2.72M E-Reminder
rsdemo.exe        10/07/03  2.25M Vehicle and trip expense accounting
rtsetup.exe       04/07/04 10.67M Property management software for apartment landlords
s04-trial.exe     12/19/03  6.77M A complete payroll software package.
s12-5_days.exe    12/04/03  3.01M Schedule Students to Classes with Excel      08/29/04  6.16M ShopAssist Point Of Sale Version 4.72 Upgrade
sadpr2.exe        04/04/03  2.00M Manage your project by creating a Gantt chart
sbinstal.exe      06/23/03  1.28M Creates postal barcodes and tray/sack tags.       08/30/04 30.00M Complete Small Business Software Designed To Compete And WIN!       08/26/04  3.68M Complete Stock Market Analysis
sc500d.exe        06/27/04  2.96M common statistical calculations and analysis
schpe_s.exe       08/05/04   774K Easy to use personal scheduling tool.
scilsetup.exe     08/10/04   198K Scientific mailer with equation editor.
scisetup.exe      02/08/04   880K It's a type of implemental software for making scientific graphs.
scsetup.exe       12/19/03  2.16M Calculator with more than 100 skins.
searchmp25.exe    03/04/03  3.06M Create a search engine for any website. 09/02/03   806K Send Automated Messages to Pagers and Mobiles
sender_demo.exe   07/02/03   563K Send message directly to user
sepsetup4.exe     10/05/03  5.27M Spam filtering email utility
server22.exe      01/23/04 13.69M save PDF forms with content to your desktop
setup.exe         01/16/03   494K Control the time and to computer audit.         06/24/03   502K Professional data encryption as easy as 1,2,3
setupCTP.exe      11/13/03  5.54M Internet Cafe/Kiosk Software and CafeShop POS    07/01/03  3.23M outlook integrated team calendar
setup_ioso_ns_gt_2 05/10/04 10.53M Tool for nonlinear constrained optimization
setup_pbxtools.exe 03/10/03  1.50M Call accounting sofware - Phonebill Cutter
setupctl.ZIP      05/14/03  5.55M Task Management System
setupex.exe       07/16/03 11.87M *Advance file organizer *Document Manager
setupgestionalexp. 07/29/03 10.27M Software fatturazione internet style
setuphdb.exe      04/22/04   279K A horse pedigree application.
setuppro.exe      12/20/03 11.98M PC Toolshed is a powerful easy to use tools.
setupws.exe       12/19/03  4.03M Web Browser with Automatic Login, Multi Tabs        03/23/03  4.21M Star Fax Cover Sheet Creator
sfpd201.exe       10/05/03  3.49M Professional solution for studio management
sfstudio10.exe    08/09/04 13.41M Forecasting expert of world finance universe
sfun.exe          01/13/04   664K Rapid menu access to Excel's function library
share360v2windowsS 11/13/03  3.98M Share360 version 2.3 is a Web-based collaboration suite       04/10/04  3.18M Great name/address manager for home / office
sheencal2.exe     07/04/03  2.02M Get reminded, set goals, kill weaknesses!       06/13/04 16.32M Point Of Sale System
sid_setup.exe     01/27/04  2.11M Creates item lists for Purchase Order program       07/24/04 17.33M Waste skip job scheduling software
sleuthp.exe       06/14/04  3.08M Search Tool for PDF files and documents
smarterstats_setup 10/27/03  7.79M FREE web site statistics reporting
smlib.exe         04/22/04  4.86M Small Library Organizer Pro for Windows          04/26/04 10.51M Update File or Directories at the BYTE LEVEL (NEW TECHNOLOGY!)          07/29/03   630K Billing ,database, query,inquiry,quote,purchase order,invoice,rep
sp24tr04.exe      03/14/04  3.77M Suceed in the search engines with SignPoster.        05/08/04  2.15M The professional tool for catalog and search machine operators
sposv1.exe        08/27/04  3.13M A simple Point of Sale solution (No adware or spyware)
sqldbcompare_rel1_ 01/04/04  2.85M SQL DB Comparision and synchronization
sqldesigner.EXE   11/29/03  4.42M Visual SQL-Designer - for construct SQL
sqldsetup.exe     04/08/03 19.05M Visually organize files, Emails, bookmarks..      07/04/04  7.46M Create church ministry or volunteer schedules          05/17/04  1.58M Displays sunrise/set times for US towns and interstate routes
ssm115.exe        07/25/03   644K Monitor stock sector industry quotes
staffworks.exe    08/31/04 25.12M In Out Board with Timesheet, chat, mail, alerts, much more      05/06/04    220 E-commerce Software: ideal for any business!
stockasetup.exe   08/31/04  2.31M All in one stock research browser
stockex.exe       08/09/04 12.21M Rapidly access market data    05/22/03   421K A stock chart trend straight edge and a chart price calculator      05/22/03   620K Determine a proper stop loss when buying or shorting a stock      01/24/04   637K Be an instant stock options expert!
supercoolbookmark2 07/05/03  1.37M internet bookmark manager and web form filler
supercoolofficeass 05/22/04  1.90M Envelope printer, business card designer
surpwr.exe        02/27/03  3.01M Create and analyze surveys, questionnaires, and opinion polls
svsetup2.exe      02/09/04 21.39M Easy Appointment Scheduling Program Free Demo
sw-setup.exe      03/28/03 12.45M Succession Planning Software           09/07/04  3.54M Order processing tool for shareware authors.
sxdp_ent.exe      06/10/03  8.04M WYSIWYG XML Document Editor, Schema Wizard
sxdp_frm.exe      06/10/03  6.06M WYSIWYG XML Froms Editor       06/24/03  2.40M Employee In Out Board and Resource Management
synchp11.exe      02/12/04  5.01M The easy way to synchronize your Outlook.         01/03/04   853K Converting from units to another units       04/14/03   861K Time and task tracking system using a browser
taskm_25.exe      05/07/04  1.79M Text (console mode) windowing menu system.      06/30/03 18.25M Define, control, manage teams and workflows
taxexpsetup.exe   07/13/04 11.10M Canadian Personal Income Tax Software - Free Download
taxexpsetup_nojre. 07/12/04  5.96M Canadian Personal Income Tax Software - Free Download
tbill200.exe      06/27/03  4.14M Manage Rental Properties
tbosetup.exe      08/08/03 10.64M office communication
tcmp.exe          11/17/03  9.37M an is employee time clock manager
tcs420.exe        01/25/03  8.31M Trends Management Program
tcsetup.exe       10/25/03  2.88M Tracks hours for projects during time period.
techchart.exe     06/29/04  4.64M Technical analysis, free stock data downloader
testlog.exe       11/27/03   959K Test case management and reporting software
text-pdf.exe      05/15/04   250K Small text and image to PDF converter.
textpipestandard-w 08/03/04  3.96M Find and replace in web sites and code FAST!
tiksi11.exe       10/05/03  2.06M Data Mining, Data Analysis, Data Management      08/20/04  1.21M Professional time and billing software for small firms      06/17/03  1.40M Utilities that help calculate time and time sheets.    07/15/04 14.12M Time Fencer automates the time tracking workload.
timetrax10_setup.e 10/23/03  1.72M Time Management for your Tasks
timezn25.exe      04/02/04   804K Find time overlap for intnl conference calls       06/09/04  3.73M Your personal time tracking tool      07/27/04  1.98M Tracks time, attendance and worker benefits.
tmlsm140.exe      04/11/03 13.54M Timeless Time      07/30/04  2.92M A scheduling program to track attendance.
tnotes36.exe      08/06/04  4.32M The Jolly good notes organizer and publisher.      01/16/04  1.90M Uses statistical info to predict stock prices for day-trading
toolbar12.exe     01/31/04   223K Smart way to search with thumbnail previews.
tpms.exe          11/26/03  1.35M Spam killing virus checking mail server for home or small office
tr10install.exe   07/19/03  1.84M Technical analysis and charting of stocks. Download stock quotes.
trial.exe         04/07/03  7.80M Professional ad hoc SQL database (ODBC/BDE) reporting application 04/29/03 11.93M Electronic searchable Industrial fastenings data sheet guide.    02/05/04  8.73M TSC2 Help Desk is a windows help desk application.
tssetup.exe       01/17/04  2.71M Timesheet entry software application      06/10/03  6.33M Personal organizer for college students.
ttdeluxe.exe      11/25/03  1.03M Powerful, easy-to-use investment portfolio manager
ttlog-4_0_4-full.z 08/22/04   746K Easy Time and Task Logging
tv601in.exe       03/31/03 65.88M Software for Plumbing, Heating, Electrical and HVAC trade       01/31/03   938K Convert TXT to RTF.          07/12/04   264K Greatly reduce keystrokes of repetitive words
ubtrialsetup.exe  04/13/04  1.59M Fill out and print UB-92 forms from your PC.       09/13/03   492K Freeware units conversion for engineers
ultrareminder.exe 07/02/03  1.58M birthday reminder,calendar reminder,alarm clock, reminder softwar
uptrend-shareware. 08/05/03  2.31M Technische Analyse und Depotverwaltung      03/14/04   193K All 16,831 U.S. FedForms converted to savable
vbc3.exe          06/05/03  1.42M Create and print custom business cards.
vcem400.exe       04/02/04  6.90M multimedia catalog software shareware
vcpm400.exe       04/02/04  6.82M multimedia catalog software shareware
veritimetrialsetup 04/30/04  4.73M VeriTime is a time tracking program.
vfvh5317i.exe     10/26/03  3.00M A Fax and Answering Machine Software. 2 in 1!
vfvh5519i.exe     06/14/04  3.24M A Fax and Answering Machine Software. 2 in 1!
videomangr.exe    01/26/04  5.03M Video club managment software
viewletbuilder_std 06/09/04 34.68M Create compelling, animated tutorials 05/13/04   498K -Drive 10000 Free Hits A Day To Your Website-      05/10/03  5.70M Manage Hypnotherapy client records
vision1_3_2.exe   08/28/03 17.11M A desktop search utility for files and email.
vispypro.exe      12/20/03  4.37M Protects your system fromhacks.
vkef36.exe        08/25/03  2.83M Fax, voice, answering machine and more...        03/16/04  2.75M Fax, voice mail, answering machine and more...
vl3.exe           06/05/03  1.17M Use Visual Labels to print any label.
vmfsetup_en.exe   12/11/03  4.86M Email Customer Relationship Management
vmiproon110.exe   05/26/03 33.68M VMI Pro is THE visitor management system.
vmpgsetup_en.exe  12/17/03 19.97M On-premise anti-spam software
vmssetup_en.exe   04/02/04 18.17M Share calendar, tasks, notes and address book
vssetup.exe       06/01/03 20.61M Software for video stores
vvsetup.exe       11/24/03  5.78M Bring your website traffic to life
watchdog.exe      04/23/03 39.33M An end-to-end solution for retailers.         06/21/03   698K MDI RTF Editor
wcount12.exe      09/06/04  6.45M People counting software with door chime      08/10/04  3.96M Flexible date calculator for your System Tray
webquest.exe      01/29/03  1.55M A web marketing plan generator      07/13/03 15.31M Webtube CyberCafe PC/Kiosk management server
whldir68a.exe     08/03/04  1.86M Wholesale Directory E- Book - 2,450 wholesale resources
whocall.exe       08/16/04  5.94M Speaking Caller ID using MsAgent, hear and see whos calling you
winpopupgold.exe  09/01/03  3.42M WinPopup Gold your LAN messenger
wintraday.exe     12/15/03   984K Wintraday: market data display for investors.
worldstockcharts.e 03/29/04  6.58M Charting and Technical Analysis for Stocks, Funds and Indices.
wpplatinum3setup.e 09/08/04  8.92M WebPosition 3 is a breakthrough in SEO.
wrkord20.exe      03/03/03  4.57M Work Order and Client database and Print Engine
wscpro32.exe      06/14/04  3.86M Shopping Cart Software to build online store      01/26/04  5.36M Tracks projects working time
wurdz.exe         04/21/03  2.43M A text analyzer for writers
wzquot20.exe      07/04/03  1.41M Reference Info Snippets and Quotes Manager      05/17/03   855K Currency converter and calculator
xlew_latest.exe   06/12/03  1.30M Convert MS Excel to HTML. Use 140 functions
xlqInstall22.exe  03/07/03  3.18M Historic and Day stock data for Excel and COM
yes60007.exe      12/15/03 103.48M Y.E.S.! (YukonSoft E-Business Solutions)
zap_voice_control_ 10/20/03  6.40M Control programs with your voice. Navigate through windows, file
zbitreplicator_set 11/10/03   221K Copies data to multiple destination databases
zilchstd40.exe    08/21/04  5.08M How to get out of debt starting from scratch.
zipco400.exe      02/28/04  1.18M Zip code, area code database utility      05/01/03  1.31M Zip Code It! Offeres almost every zip code           10/16/03   560K Free WEB search tool; manual/auto modes; GUI builder of filter
zt_inst.exe       03/20/03  1.22M Zip5-City-State Converter
zulabel5.exe      07/01/04  1.32M DTP Solution for labels and barcode printing

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