Directory of programr/bcpp

1stjs30.exe       04/15/03  2.39M javascript library
AbridgeInsert.exe 03/06/04   157K Insert frequently-used text via hotkeys.
AutoSite.exe      10/28/03   130K Generate HTML or ASP web pages listing the files and folders.
AutoUpdate.exe    06/17/04  3.50M AutoUpdate gets your updates and upgrades to your clients!!    05/02/03  1.52M Standard Controls Replacement with a Privacy Masked Mode          05/07/04   148K Interpreter for sequential arithmetic code
BugTracker_Single. 06/07/04  1.80M Bug tracking helps manage bugs and defects.
CGIScripter2.08Dem 08/17/04  1.14M CGIScripter - Instantly Write Perl CGI Scripts
CRGSetup.exe      04/11/03  1.95M Form generator for Cobol programmers
Caterpillar-Source 06/12/03   607K Complete snake game source code in C           04/18/03   236K C  Editor - small editor for C  programmers
CodePad.exe       06/23/04  3.48M FREE drop-in replacement for Windows NotePad
CoffeeFreeDHTMLMen 03/27/04  2.15M Create DHTML menus for your Website.
CompInsp_1_1_10_1. 01/16/03   280K Inspect and execute any .NET code 05/06/03   291K EBA:FTP Sync synchronizes files and folders     07/19/04  2.01M Flowchart / process diagrams .NET component
FmProMigrator1_85D 04/04/04  2.01M FmPro Migrator - Migrate FileMaker to 8 dbs
G4CSetup-16.exe   02/07/04  1.36M Easy script language for GUIs (dialogs etc)
HE41PRO.exe       03/26/03  4.98M Multiple awarded promotion tool
HEP.ZIP           04/21/03  2.20M Professional hexadecimal editor
HEP2.ZIP          04/21/03   446K Professional hexadecimal editor
HandyHTML2.exe    04/28/03  2.53M High-end XML/HTML/CSS/JS/ASP/PHP/PERL/JAVA/C editor
HandyHTML3.exe    05/31/04  3.93M XML/ HTML/ ASP/ PHP/ PERL/ JAVA/ C  editor.         05/07/03   631K Makes new IB database from the source DB (in whole or partially)          04/18/03   249K Utility for searching and replacing
ImaginationInstall 11/12/03  2.72M Easily create image maps for your Web site.           04/08/03  1.99M Java editor with theability to use external compiler, interpreter
JSBackgroundFader1 04/08/04     9K Add fade effect to the background color of the web pages.
JSBubbleTextEffect 12/02/03    15K Add bubble effect to text on web pages.
JSCheckerBoardPopM 08/15/04   575K Creates professional menus for web pages.
JSClosingDoorPopMe 08/17/04   575K Creates professional menus for web pages.    04/12/03  2.33M Develop powerful features in minutes.
JSDissolvingPopMen 08/24/04   575K Creates professional menus for web pages.
JSInsetPopMenu10.z 09/03/04   575K Creates professional menus for web pages.
JSMatrixBackground 10/22/03    25K Add matrix-like effect to web pages.
JSPagePreloader10. 11/13/03     8K Displays messages when page loading.
JSScrollBarFader10 04/11/04     9K Add fade effect to scroll bars of web pages.
JSWaveTextEffect10 11/19/03     9K Displays wavy text on web pages.
JSWipeOutTextEffec 06/29/04     9K Add wipe out effect to text of web pages.
JavaBeginner.exe  08/07/04  2.72M Edit, compile and run Java programs.
JavaDOCHelper.exe 08/07/04  3.17M Java API document view and search tool      12/20/03   103K JspISAPI an ISAPI DLL for IIS to tunnel JSP requests
MMFDemo.exe       01/25/04 16.95M A fast multimedia, game and application tool.
NeuronNet.exe     09/26/03   319K It's a COM component that allows emulating neuron network.
PageLockInstall.ex 08/21/03  2.54M Protect your website’s HTML code from theft.
Perl-raiser-demo-2 11/02/03  1.99M Add Interactivity to your Website
Pixbyt25.exe      03/14/04  3.87M Detects unwanted sales promotion via email
PrintAdaptersInsta 03/10/03   269K Print .NET List / TreeView and RichTextBox 08/23/04  1.67M Affordable version control for remote teams.
SMTPWizard.exe    03/19/03   924K Sends emails and attachments. Does not use Outlook.
SQLIDEProSetup.exe 08/26/04 15.04M Speed SQL IDE for SQL developers
Schroedinger-1.0.0 04/02/03  7.83M easiest JSP development with Apache Tomcat        03/11/04   197K Encryption/Decryption of JavaScript/JScript, C/C /MFC
Setup.EXE         07/26/03   725K The only user management components delphi developers really need
SetupDeployMasterD 07/08/03  1.80M Smooth setup tool: first impressions matter
SetupEmu8086.exe  08/10/03  2.76M 8086 Assembler with Microprocessor Emulator and Tutorials
TestsEmulator.exe 09/26/03  2.81M Complex testing of your code
TurboLocator-Setup 06/09/03  1.16M Code locator for x86 and Borland C  / Pascal
UBSetUp.EXE       12/06/03  2.50M Track your Software Sales, Auto Email Merge
WXfer100.exe      07/28/03  5.32M Transfers files between PCs (modem/serial)
WebButtonSetup.exe 07/16/03  1.62M Free Java Web Button creates Java applet buttons for the Web
WindowsHlpToRtf.ex 02/26/04  1.88M convert Windows Help (*.HLP)to rtf document      07/06/03  3.04M Browser based WYSIWYG HTML editor.     07/19/04  1.52M Simple, very useful program for XML viewing.
absTools-SendMail. 07/14/04  1.04M Enables your apps to send mail w/ attachments
acprotector.exe   08/11/03  1.40M anticrack,exe protect,dll protect,antidebug
apolloproeval.exe 07/22/04  2.27M An advanced developer tool for Oracle          02/24/03  2.77M COM/.NET component analyzer and documentor
azip10p2          02/01/03  1.13M Powerful compression components for everybody
b2e.EXE           03/13/03  1.51M Enable your application to bind files into an executable file.
bAtNET.exe        10/10/03  2.34M Much more than a database grid!       10/19/03  2.28M Create Print  barcodes for your applications.
bbtsta.exe        04/30/04  4.48M Screen recorder for testing or bug reporting.    04/18/03   443K Checks whether BDE is installed. Application and dll you can use
catapult.exe      01/19/04   716K Intallation kit for Palm OS / Windows applications
cdrvp100.exe      03/06/03  5.94M Serial Communication C  Class Library      03/05/04   210K Lists clipboard formats currently available.      04/19/04   670K ActiveX control collects all clipboard data.
co-op.exe         04/29/04  3.41M Server-Less version control system
codesnip.exe      02/06/03   455K CodeSnip helps you to increase your daily coding efficiency
codex_setup.exe   01/19/03  1023K Codex is a flexible and powerful code publisher/exporter.
csecd201.exe      03/13/03  5.00M Helps developers create and manage key files      12/02/03   522K Graphical database schema organizer.
dbsynchrocompsetup 08/16/03  1.21M synchronizing two SQL Server database schemas      03/30/04   945K An auto-tracing tool of software.        07/06/03   505K Devenv is a development environment setter.
dropletSDK.exe    02/04/04 13.70M Rich thin client application framework
dsetup.exe        06/02/03  1.20M Advanced Domain Name Server Query Component          09/21/03  2.32M Merges database content into your website.
epidemoseup.exe   06/03/04   367K Easy Pocket PC Installer creation tool        10/22/03 11.98M Huge collection of Components and Routines          10/17/03   203K Create a exe file for your java application.      12/04/03    68K Easy build Windows applications      02/26/03  4.36M Easy-to-use Low-Cost Flexible License Manager
gbcodelib4install. 11/23/03  1.12M Source code librarian for multiple languages
greg.exe          11/29/03  5.70M State of the art encryption, lock out thieves       05/18/04  5.74M Hackman is an advanced hex editor.      04/17/03  1.06M WinHelp File author tool for Microsoft Word
hsetup.exe        06/02/03  1.51M HTTP Component To Construct Web Applications
htmlprint.exe     01/14/04   747K Programmer utility for printing HTML pages. 06/18/03    49K simple, easy and fast hyperlink control    06/19/03   296K This ASP component upload and resize images.       03/04/04  1.40M Rapid Image Web Site Creation Software
iyss.exe          06/18/03  1.25M Create professional standard software setups         05/26/03   862K Reconstructs java source from class files.      07/05/03   559K Create JavaScript Navigation on Web Pages.      07/30/04   625K Create moveable menu for web page navigation.
m2crypto-src.exe  04/20/04   356K Installer for M2Crypto - Python crypto/SSL.   02/07/03   781K MicroAsm - Micro Assembler IDE       06/25/04  3.32M Builds or Updates MSI based Installers.
mpicminst.exe     06/22/03  1.76M A complete solution for your management needs
netxptry.exe      02/06/03   256K NetXP is a component suite for .NET
offlinedownloader. 01/23/04   666K download up to 100 files simultaneously         09/28/03  5.40M Create, edit and run PHP scripts.     08/23/04  2.41M QVCS-Pro: affordable version control
requestXpress.exe 03/21/04 10.32M bugs/problems/requests tracking system      01/24/04   192K .Net library to play MP3 files      01/24/04   123K .Net library to play OGG Vorbis media files
rs_setup.exe      09/10/03  1.21M A submission tool for shareware authors
rt30.exe          10/30/03  7.61M Improve your ranking at search engines!           04/03/03  1.19M source code flowcharting tool
serial_activex.exe 07/07/04   728K Serial Port ActiveX Control
setup_SDLbasepack_ 04/12/03   360K Basic functionality for scientific and engineering computing
setup_SDLchartpack 04/12/03   588K Collection of charting components for scientific graphs
setup_SDLguipack_7 04/12/03   560K Component Collection for graphical user interfaces
setup_SDLmathpack_ 04/12/03   491K Library of mathematical and statistical methods.
setup_iws_dotnet.z 11/11/03  1.98M Tiny .NET Application/Web Server and Servlet Engine     07/08/03   638K collection of Java Classes and supporting native libraries.
setuptreestd.exe  10/19/03   507K cross-browser JavaScript tree control
sirid114.exe      04/23/03 12.84M Professional project management software.        11/17/03  1.31M Tool for protecting, decompiling and analysis          09/14/03   811K Generation proxy utility of stored procedures      07/21/03  2.84M Visually build complete SQL scripts.       05/20/03  1.05M Draw text at any angle and direction
trcdemo_setup.exe 06/30/03   335K Trace Protocols: Q.931, LAPD, X.25, 802.3, IP      06/02/04   751K OCX control imports from scanners / cameras.
uMenu_Setup103.exe 08/10/03   830K  Animated navigation menus for web pages
vbarchartapplet10t 03/10/04    33K Vertical bar chart applet.
virtual-serial-por 11/28/03   569K Program creates pairs of virtual serial ports      03/26/04  2.14M Flow chart generator with automatic layout
vsbsetup.exe      11/20/03   638K A tabbed windows management tool for VC .          07/20/04  4.38M Remote SourceSafe database accessing software    01/19/04  8.45M Professional Web Script Authoring Tools.           03/28/03   820K Wed Programmer's Editor
wintransrc.exe    01/13/03  7.23M WinTransRC manages your multilingual MS Visual C ™ resource fil
wiseftp.exe       01/16/03  4.16M Powerful FTP client
wodImapServer.exe 02/03/03  1009K WeOnlyDo! COM ImapServer ActiveX control
xcoplabp.exe      07/01/04 14.99M X-Server for windows. PC to UNIX connectivity
xlew_java_latest.e 06/16/03  1.43M Convert Excel to Java/JSP. Use 140 functions         04/08/04   135K Miles Lombardi's Zelda Engine    02/11/04   172K Creates dynamic charts in the Flash.

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