Directory of audio

007mp3agenttrial.z 09/17/03   997K Extracts tracks from Audio CD into WAV files or directly into MP3          11/04/03   160K Your computer's piezo speaker beat-machine!
4UWMAMP3Converter. 03/10/04  5.87M Convert popular audio formats.           09/20/03  1.30M A New Concept of MP3 and Digital Music!    09/20/03  1.39M This is a very convenient and useful tool .
A2MPPV231.exe     05/26/04  6.39M A stunning Super Media Player
AAudioSetup.exe   03/29/04   616K Records audio streaming from any source
ACXtract.exe      02/19/04   772K ACXtractor is a fast CD ripper for Win32.
ASAudioConverter.e 11/25/03  8.27M Batch convert audio file formats, Rip CD's.
ASAudioEdit.exe   11/25/03  2.95M Graphical WAV Editor / Recorder. MP3 Decoder / Editor.
ASMediaBox.exe    11/25/03  5.60M mp3 player, encoder, mixer, organiser and more.
AV2Wav.exe        07/02/04   426K Convert audio and video to wav file.
Acoustica-CD-Label 03/30/03  2.95M Design your own custom CD and DVD labels.
Acoustica-MP3-Audi 03/30/03  1.61M Edit your tunes or remix mp3s on your computer
Acoustica-MP3-CD-B 03/30/03  3.30M Rip and burn CDs or organize your music library with this simple
Acoustica-MP3-To-W 03/30/03  1.22M Easily Convert your MP3s, WMA and WAV files!      06/11/03  3.03M A Karaoke Player with full-screen pictures or movies 09/07/04  3.57M Store and read private information from tags
Arpton11.exe      03/31/04  1.35M All-in-one MIDI musical instrument. Play piano on PC keyboard.
AudioBlockEdit.msi 05/27/04   403K Audio block editor for win 98/Me/NT/2K/XP
AudioMagic.msi    05/27/04   549K WAV/MP3 recorder for Windows
AudioRecorder.msi 05/27/04   856K Real-time WMA / MP3 / WAV audio recorder
AudioTagsEditorIns 06/04/04  1.76M Automated audio tag editor tool with FreeDB!
AudioTool.exe     06/07/04  1.05M split one Audio File,Convert audio Format     08/24/03     7K Mute or unmute all system sounds from a batch file or cmd line.
Buzz_3D_Install_01 02/12/03   248K 3D Media Player
CD2MP3.exe        05/12/04  1.21M Copy CD to MP3, WAV, MP3 to WAV,WAV to MP3.
CDBlasterInstall.e 03/23/04  1.54M CD-Burner and CD-Ripper in one program.      05/29/03  6.98M Dump audio CD/DVD track and save as wav,mp3,wma files.
CalaverasFrog.ZIP 09/21/03   258K This app reads Mark Twain's 'Jumping Frog' story to you
CompareMP3Setup.ex 08/26/04  1013K Compare mp3 and find duplicates         05/17/03   409K CWEST Interactive Country Music Song Writing Program    02/09/03   808K Simple and fast M3U Playlist Editor, Renamer
DVD2AC3_trial.exe 01/07/04  1.13M Convert DVD audio to AC3 file
EM1-Se20.exe      04/29/04  2.39M Editor
EasyPCKaraoke.exe 11/07/03  1.50M MP3 karaoke software with recording functionality
Forte1aE.exe      09/12/03   842K A sample player optimized for grand piano emulation
Gamermp3player.exe 01/05/04   433K Free mp3 player.
Gate-and-Way.exe  05/20/04   927K Simple and Automatic voice autoresponder.
GoldBasic_2.0.78.e 05/28/04  7.45M Morph music, remix DJ sets
Gtune_x.exe       07/05/04   572K G-tune: the most accurate instrument tuner.
Guitar_Shed_Instal 05/28/04  3.43M Software suite for guitarists.   07/19/04  2.72M share your sound box and music
HuckFinnReader.ZIP 10/24/03   500K Reads Mark Twain's 'The Adventures of Huck Finn'
InfoTagFreeSetup.e 05/05/04   136K Displays ID3, WMA, APE and Ogg-info tags in a tooltip
Install_AbsolutePi 07/03/04   247K Acquire perfect pitch using a unique method.
JackTheMP3Ripper.e 06/23/04  1.48M CD to MP3 ripper
Jukeboxv110.exe   04/15/04  4.35M manager,Id3,cdripper,recorder,converter,cut
LavavoBurner.exe  12/16/03  2.46M Lavavo Audio CD Burner is the most easy-to-use CD burner.
LavavoRipper.exe  12/16/03  3.54M Lavavo Audio CD Ripper is the most easy-to-use CD ripper.
LyrFX10.exe       08/28/04  1.39M Search and display Lyrics in Winamp     10/23/03   130K ActiveX control for MCI Player
MIDIEddie.exe     11/07/03  2.41M Midifile Editor to make your Midifiles sound better       08/29/04  8.52M Listen to your OWN choice! The automated playlist-generator    12/14/03  1.55M Windows OS Music Juke Box
MP3CDWriter.exe   11/21/03  1.15M Writes .mp3 or .wav files on-the-fly as an audio disc      03/14/03   881K MP3Man can up-/download files to Rio player.
MP3Mixmaster53.exe 06/06/03  2.18M The entry level to being a DJ!
MP3OHOME3.exe     06/04/03  3.05M MP3 Observer is an MP3 file-manager.     10/23/03   548K ActiveX control for an mp3 player
MP3Splitter.exe   06/01/04   434K It can split an MP3 file into smaller ones.
MediaCenter9_1.exe 11/03/03 14.21M Organize and play music, photo and video files. Rip, burn, encode
Mediasonde.exe    12/20/03  1.71M Mediasonde is a free MP3 player and organizer.  02/01/03   326K Download any midi song from the internet
MoodAmpInstaller.e 08/07/04   824K Next generation P2P downloader and mood sensitive music player.   05/14/04  1.41M Makes a complete recording studio of your computer direct to mp3.
MyTunes.exe       11/14/03  1.35M myTunes allows downloading of shared iTunes music       12/10/03  4.62M NWin is a loudspeaker production test system.
OrganizerMp3_Rus.e 09/04/03  1.39M The most user friendly music organizer for Mp3s
PCAE3.exe         10/11/03  4.88M Sound analyzer for ultimate research
PcAudioLTEMe.exe  06/22/03  4.48M Quality sound measurement software.
PcAudioRADEMe.exe 06/22/03  5.73M Quality sound measurement software
PcAudioRAEEMe.exe 06/22/03  6.23M Measure environmental noise.    07/15/04  1.16M Flexible voice editing - natural pitchshifts.
PianoKeyboard.exe 11/21/03  2.31M Play a virtual piano keyboard with your mouse.      10/23/03   280K ActiveX control for an playlist     07/30/04   210K Standalone playlist and ID3 Tag editor.
PolemicalOffering. 08/06/03  8.19M 'Polemical Offering' contains three poems set to music
ProPlayerv1.exe   08/04/03    84K A Media Program for use Windows.      08/22/03  4.24M Comprehensive, integrated software for music composition        08/25/04  1.02M Slow down music, pitch shift to learn guitar
RSPlayer2_Demo.exe 07/09/04  5.05M A feature packed software audio playout system.
RSetup28.exe      03/03/04  2.12M polyphonic and monophonic ringtone converter.
RX5.exe           10/12/03  3.79M Very easy to use music-player.
RaVeNMixer1_Setup. 12/23/03   597K RaVeN Mixer is instrument for control sound.       10/23/03   309K ActiveX control for a registry tool
Regenade-Minds-Gui 05/26/04  1.02M Slow down music to learn guitar or drums.
Rename_Install.exe 10/28/03   424K Rename All Your MP3 Files
RockNAudio.exe    11/28/03  7.31M 'RockN Audio Editor' is an audio file editor
RockN_CDRip.exe   11/28/03  4.15M 'RockN CD Ripper' will allow you to rip Audio
RoughingIt.ZIP    01/16/04   650K Reads Mark Twain's 'Roughing It' to you
SD1_Mastering_Stud 08/31/03  3.78M MIDI editor for Ketron SD1, SD1 Plus and DG-100
SPLDemo.exe       02/15/04   840K Low cost music scheduler - radio broadcasting        08/08/04 12.04M Show control system for solo performers
STADS.EXE         12/07/03  2.76M Switch the default audio device via a click on a system tray icon
Setup.msi         04/22/03  1.36M New release of the famous sound editor.
SierraSpartacusII. 08/18/03 17.60M 10 songs played on guitar, some accompanied by vocals      12/10/03  2.58M Turns your PC into a signal generator!
SimSetup.exe      08/29/04  4.76M MP3 streaming broadcaster with Chat, Multi-user parties, more!
SlwGld77.exe      03/16/04  8.10M Slow down music from any audio CD           12/10/03  1.90M Calculates speed of sound against temperature
SoundScape.exe    08/25/03  5.44M Generate a custom sound 3D environment for your enjoyment.
StudioDemo.exe    02/15/04   637K Low-cost audio broadcast playback software
SuperEdi-3.3.1.U.e 07/10/04  1.35M Unicode text editor with syntax coloring
SwarMala_Trial_Set 07/30/04 12.26M Indian Music Composition and Accompaniment Software
T2AC.exe          11/06/03  3.36M convert TXT to WAV files
TabSniffer.exe    07/20/03   214K Guitar Tab Searching Plugin for Winamp
TomSawyerReader.ZI 10/01/03   414K Reads Mark Twain's 'Tom Sawyer'
Tumate1_0a.exe    01/16/04  3.12M Helps and organize download of full albums.
TurboCDRipper12.ex 06/06/03  2.53M Turbo CD Ripper is an audio CD ripper!
TxtAl160.exe      05/29/04  4.46M Convert any text into voice and MP3.
VisualAutorun17.ex 06/06/03  1.86M Create your CD Autorun project fast, easily, and efficiently!
VocalRemover.msi  05/27/04   766K Removes vocals from songs under Windows
WaldenReader.ZIP  11/15/03   494K Reads Henry David Thoreau's 'Walden'  09/17/03   457K Reads 'the Wacky Misadventures of Warble McGorkle' to you
WaveBreakerTrial.e 09/08/04  2.24M A Wave splitter splits tracks automatically.
WinVorbisSetup.exe 02/15/04   992K Ogg Vorbis comment editor
XD_Mastering_Studi 08/31/03  3.96M MIDI editor for Ketron XD3, XD9, XD9 Turkish and VEGA keyboards.
Yosemite.ZIP      11/02/03   371K 'The Yosemite' reads John Muir's book of the same name
ZSMPGD.ZIP        05/30/03  3.45M MP3 protection for musicians
a1dvdaudio.exe    08/25/04  1.65M DVDs to MP3,WAV,WMA,OGG with excellent!
a1speech.exe      08/10/04  5.09M Advanced ENGLISH Text-to-Voice Speech Synthesizer            11/10/03  7.32M Text to speech with funny cartoon characters
abander_tagcontrol 02/13/04  2.54M MP3 OGG WMA ASF APE AAC Tag Editor ( Art, Lyrics) 11/04/03   221K A weird audio file sequencer/drum machine.        03/18/04  1.88M Enhanced switchboard menus for MS Access
acdrip.exe        08/21/03  3.28M The easiest way to rip audio tracks
aceburn.exe       01/08/04  3.10M Convert MP3 and WAV files to CD       03/22/03  3.23M Powerful DJ mix software for advanced mixing (trick deejaying)
admburnernet.exe  08/27/03  1.85M Easy CD burner that creates audio and data CD
affiliate.exe     06/25/04   131K Ready Affiliate Program Software for you
albply32.exe      01/31/04  6.12M Organise and play mp3 albums.
alburner.exe      02/10/03  1.22M Make MP3 files to music CDs.
alcnv_inst.exe    10/27/03  5.47M Convert audio files between MP3 ogg and more.
all2wma.exe       12/13/03  4.67M Convert MP3,OGG and WAV to WMA with ID3v2 Tag
alrecorder.exe    02/10/03  1.53M capture audio from your computer to files of mp3 or wave formats.
alrip_inst.exe    10/27/03  1.42M Convert CD tracks to files of mp3, wave or ogg format.
anewrec_inst.exe  05/07/04  1.53M Audio recording software, record streaming audio to MP3s.           05/17/04  3.48M Record voice notes with this posh recorder.
anysoundrecorder.z 06/30/04  1.24M Record, edit and convert audio to WAV/MP3/OGG music format file.
arlaudio.exe      08/05/04  1.79M a powerful and professional audio converter
arlcdrip.exe      08/13/04  1.87M convert CD to mp3 wav ogg flac ape
arlrecorder.exe   08/13/04  2.24M Record sound from any resource to WAV,MP3,or VOX files.
arpBeta_standalone 09/13/03  1.12M Modular midi sequencer, arpegiator, accompanyment system.      08/10/04 11.03M Algorithmic music composition framework      08/10/04 11.40M Algorithmic music composition framework
ashampoo_audiocent 10/01/03  3.21M Ashampoo MP3 AudioCenter
ashampoo_burnyaaud 10/01/03  2.72M Ashampoo BurnYa! AudioCD
asliders.exe      02/11/03   817K Compact and feature-packed volume control alternative.
atmdeluxe.exe     08/02/03 23.37M Create royalty free nature .wav files          01/23/03  2.63M ATTS is a utility that can read any text out loud.
audioconverterv130 04/15/04  4.35M mp3 decoder,wav encoder,mp3,ogg,wma to wav
audioeditor.exe   08/24/03  5.89M It is an audio editor and a sound recorder.
audiogen_1094.exe 05/07/04  8.65M Complete Audio Conversion/Audio Transfer
audiostudio.exe   07/22/03  9.06M Organize-Convert-Transform-Rip       03/28/04  2.21M Caption audio or video and publish on the web       01/26/04   686K Audio File Format Batch Converter       07/01/04  1.43M Audio Converter - Instrument Editor
awmaw.exe         10/21/03  5.51M WMA 9 encoder/decoder with nice GUI interface
awmr1028.exe      05/04/04  5.65M Record any audio into WMA,MP3,WAV,OGG,VOX
awsetup.exe       03/04/04   343K Record any sound from your sound card. 09/03/04  5.45M Input sincronized spectrum analyzers in Flash movies.     02/18/03   562K Simple (bass-)soundgenerator.
bbirpsetup.exe    11/03/03  1.82M Access thousands of online radio stations to play AND record.
bbuilder_install.e 08/05/03  1.35M Broadcast Builder, News and views - your way!
billysetup.exe    06/18/04   661K A small ultra fast audio playlist player.         07/31/04  1.67M The easiest way to create accompaniment.
bpmp3v5000.exe    07/15/04  4.04M Easy MP3-WAV Decoder      03/22/04    38K Tap the space bar to a 1/4 beat rhythm to calculate the bpm
bpsacp411.exe     12/28/03 13.90M Convert All audio formats from one to another
bpsacp4301.exe    05/09/04 12.77M Convert All audio formats from one to another
bpsacp4304.exe    08/08/04 13.82M Convert All audio formats from one to another
bpsrip30.exe      06/15/04  9.14M Extract audio tracks CD to WAV,OGG, MP3, WMA
bpsrnb41.exe      04/27/04 11.00M Burn or Extract audio tracks from CDs or DVDs
bpsrnb5000.exe    07/22/04 10.95M Burn CDs/DVDs or Extract audio tracks from CDs
btb_package_set_9. 11/04/03   399K Trigger audio loops from a computer keyboard
burn4free_setup.ex 11/11/03  1.64M Free burn Data/Audio MP3,WMA,OGG, CD/DVD
cacltrial.exe     09/15/03  6.44M Utility to encode/decode audio files.
cacptrial.exe     09/15/03  6.44M Audio encoder/decoder and CD ripper.
ccdb.exe          08/05/04  1.05M Powerful and easy CD DVD burner and cloner.
ccwtrial.exe      08/04/04   984K Complete CD & DVD Writer
cd-ripper.exe     09/09/03  4.28M MP3 CD ripper and audio converter
cdaid.exe         12/28/03   448K CDAID obtains CD infos from freedb.
cdburnerv110.exe  04/15/04  2.73M burn WAV,MP3,OGG or WMA files to Audio CD
cdmp3ripper.exe   06/30/04  4.38M Extract CD audio tracks to WAV, MP3, or WMA files.       08/04/04 11.70M CD/Multimedia/DVD Player, Ripper, MP3, freedb support
cdripper.exe      05/23/04   758K Rip your CD music to MP3 file.      04/01/03  2.21M Rip Auido CD to MP3,Wave,Ogg and WMA
cdripper200.exe   12/19/03  1.70M CD Ripper with mp3 and ogg vorbis encoding.
cdripperx.exe     05/11/03   779K free cd ripper software to rip cd to mp3
cdtomp3freeware.ex 07/23/04   930K A free software extracts audio CD tracks to Wav or Mp3 files.
cdtomp3v122.exe   04/15/04  5.76M Rip CD to MP3,WAV,OGG,WMA
cdtomp3wavmakerv1. 08/08/04  2.80M cd ripper,convert audio cd to MP3,WAV,WMA,OGG
cdtrial.exe       06/23/04  1.76M Fetches and organizes music info from the internet and much more
cfmSetup.EXE      02/03/03  2.78M Cool Flash Manager can play and manage flash.
cfpSetup.EXE      02/03/03  2.82M Cool Flash Player can play and manage flash.
chemxb.exe        02/16/03   712K Interactive multimedia Chemistry tutor.       03/01/04  1.47M Chord player for arranger keyboards       05/07/04  2.33M Tag editor and file renamer for MP3 files
convanlz.exe      06/11/03  3.10M Convert Analizer analize sound files quality        08/07/03  1.04M A full featured AudioCD player
dackeyboarddiction 09/24/03  1.67M Keyboard Chord Dictionary for players and enthusiast
dbmix100.exe      04/29/04  7.52M Visual and easy audio files editor and mixer.
dbripburn.exe     08/09/03  2.46M Rip CDs and burn audio and data CDs easily.       09/22/03  3.91M Audio studio for windows , including synthesizer and sequencer .   03/12/03   181K 500 Java Tips to use Java efficiently
dojo_wi.exe       03/02/03  1.43M Play and mix audio and video of almost any type
dtmsetup.exe      11/19/03 10.77M Rip audio from DVD or Audio CD to MP3,OGG,WAV.
dvmmcdw.EXE       10/03/03 14.45M Create Redbook CD-A audio CD's        03/12/03  9.55M Email2Speech - Read email aloud to you!
e4vc_install.msi  11/15/03  1.58M Alternative volume control for E4 Chat or other audio devices.
earcr_setup.exe   05/25/04  5.08M Extract Audio CD,Convert Music Format,Record
easecdripperv132.e 04/15/04  5.24M Rip CD to MP3,WAV,OGG,WMA
easemp3recorderv13 04/15/04  4.74M Record to MP3,WAV,OGG,WMA,PCM,RAW,VOX
easyag.exe        11/28/03  4.83M Ripaudio tracks to your hard disk easily.
easyhiqconv.exe   03/25/04  6.99M Easiest, most unique, time-saving converter
ecdtomp3.exe      08/20/03   565K Save your music cd's tracks as mp3 files.
electricblue.exe  08/28/03   296K Cool skin for NT Jukebox Audio Player
emersys3dsound.exe 10/26/03  3.08M A fun way to test your speakers and enjoy 3D.
ercsetup.exe      09/15/03  3.83M convert media files into RealMedia format.    09/04/03   184K Automatically searches and displays lyrics
exp5wbe.exe       11/03/03    45K Mix your MP3 music files, simply and seamlessly.        09/04/04  1.21M Convert audio CD to MP3, Ogg, WMA
ezmp3rec.exe      03/07/03   666K Record sounds and save as MP3 or WAV format.
ezmp3wav.exe      03/07/03   676K Convert MP3 to Wav and encode Wav to MP3.
ezmwc.exe         02/11/03   445K MP3 to WAV Converter software
eztuner4u.exe     11/21/03  2.67M Tune your musical instruments using your computer and sound card.
faprocessor1.exe  06/07/04 12.57M File Manager           08/14/03   738K Download and save flash file in the web page from intetnet easily      04/25/04  2.27M Automation system for radio stations, clubs, discos, 09/09/03   702K BPM-LFO Synked Osc FM Synth    08/15/03  4.14M 7 resynth vst 11/12/03   544K MIDI-Karaoke Player with background Slide Show for Digital Photos
fsaconv.exe       09/03/04  6.29M professional audio converter
fsrec.exe         07/10/04  5.56M Professional audio recorder and tag editor.
gbsend.exe        08/24/03  2.54M Capture and customise screenshots with G
gmorgan.exe       07/08/04  1.08M MIDI rhythm station accompaniment software
gogol_w3.exe      02/16/03   238K Audio enhancement plugin
guitar_alchemist_t 09/03/04  7.57M Visually explore modes, chords and scales
guitarfx_demo_regn 04/24/03  1.19M GuitarFX turns PC into power guitar effects processor
guitartuner.exe   11/21/03  2.68M Easily tune your guitar using your computer and sound card.       06/20/04  6.10M Helium is a music tagger, renamer and more
hac.exe           06/14/04  8.15M Convert audio files to WAV/MP3/WMA/DAC/RM.
handy-mp3-recorder 03/27/03   923K Record any sound as MP3 file with High-quality
happyeo3se_setup.e 07/03/03  1.79M turn computer into an advanced electric organ
hitdisc.exe       03/28/03   769K MP3 search web-spider with preview feature
hotamp_eng.exe    07/29/03   364K Hotamp allows you to control Winamp via hotkeys.          03/08/03  2.65M Converts text to speech or mp3/wav audio files!
irripper.exe      11/22/03  2.22M Download songs from Internet radio stations.     09/01/04   515K Jet Storage UDF - burns discs in UDF format.        08/17/03  1.60M Karaoke VCD builder       06/04/04  1.55M Build play lists for your favorite MP3 songs.
litev4setup.exe   08/22/03  9.34M Bring the sounds of nature to your desktop.
lssetup.exe       10/09/03  1018K Search MP3, MPEG, JPG files in Web site, FTP site and LAN         06/20/04   154K Generates lists of all MP3 files in a path
mac3prosetup.exe  07/29/03   749K Mp3/Wav/Midi/Cd-Audio Player with playlist and mp3tag editor        06/22/03   620K Polyphonic ringtone composer.
maxd2a.exe        06/01/03  1.23M dvd to avi divx converter
mbwav2midi100.exe 06/07/03  7.30M Convert monophonic Wave file into MIDI file.
mcjsetup.exe      10/26/03  1.75M Split MP3 or WAV file, Join MP3 or WAV file
mediasync_setup.ex 09/30/03 10.46M Desktop playlist editor and synchronization for WMP Pocket PC      08/17/03  1.02M Lossless compressor/decompressor of media.
metronome-usa.exe 07/08/03   809K Free metronome for PC Windows
metronomeMsi_NT-2k 08/08/03   217K Metronome is a small and pratical electronic metronome.        10/01/03  2.11M Transposable sheetmusic for 300 song classics
midc.exe          11/10/03   266K converting the midi files, playback the files      08/17/03  1.40M Midi/KAR to WAVEconverter.
minirecsetup.exe  02/05/04  1.12M One-click all-purpose systray audio recorder.
mmp5dmw2.exe      08/22/03    45K Pro-level tools to mix audio and video for live DJ performances.           04/23/04  3.24M Record, summarize and share your meetings      03/02/04   242K modem sample trigger jamming 09/09/03  2.13M 4 Osc monster bass synth VSTi
mp3-splitter.exe  05/26/04   915K MP3 Splitter is a tool that can easily break MP3 file into smalle
mp3ExInstall.exe  02/20/03  1.22M MP3 Website Search Utility
mp3ator1_0j.exe   09/09/04  9.38M Mp3ator auto completes your mp3 tags!!!!
mp3bee3.exe       11/20/03  1.33M Burn Audio CD's out of your MP3 music files with ease!       07/06/04  1.22M Burn your favorite MP3s on a CD!
mp3cdburner.exe   02/10/03  1.37M Burn Your Very Own Audio CDs from MP3 Files
mp3converter.exe  04/17/03  2.78M mp3 decoder,mp3 encoder,mp3 player
mp3converter20.exe 04/28/03  4.19M Audio CD Burning, Audio Formats Converter, Audio Mixing
mp3converterv130.e 04/15/04  4.94M Convert mp3,ogg,wma to wav,wav to mp3 ogg,wma
mp3cutterjoinerv1. 07/22/04  2.52M mp3 cutter joiner, wav,wma, ogg cutter joiner
mp3morpher.exe    05/15/04  6.54M Morph, burn, add effects, record audio files.
mp3producer.exe   12/11/03  1.98M Powerful featured CD ripper and MP3 encoder.
mp3rec.exe        03/12/03  1.25M Directly record any sound to mp3 or wav files with high quality! 06/21/03   340K A program that renames MP3 files based on ID3 tag contents.
mp3rmconverterv1.0 07/22/04  6.52M convert between wav,mp3,wma and ogg, to rm      04/06/04   547K MP3 split tool.
mp3tagassistant_in 08/31/04  3.07M Effective mp3 tag editor with UNICODE support
mp3tagv224setup.ex 08/28/04  1.26M Mp3tag is the universal Tag editor.
mp3towav.exe      11/26/03   817K Batch OGG, APE, MP3 to WAV conversion utility
mp3wav.exe        03/12/03  1.82M The fastest mp3 wav converter with cool and easy to use interface
mp3wavconverter.ex 08/24/03  1.23M Converts MP3 files into WAV filles!
mpv2tool.exe      10/12/03  3.60M Rip, Encode, Edit, Play MP3 or OGG and more.
mssetup.exe       02/17/04  2.30M Media Search - A New-generation Internet Media Search Software
music_morpher.exe 05/15/04  6.50M Change voice, morph music, edit sound files.      04/03/03  5.29M freedb-Enabled music collection organizer
mwc1201.exe       02/24/03  1.75M Convert MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG and VOX files from one to another
mx10.exe          03/11/04   480K MIDI to WAV, MP3, OGG or WMA - online!
mybatchconverter.e 07/04/04  6.08M myBatchConverter is powerful batch video converter application.      02/17/03  1.13M Free MIDI Rhythm Composer
ntjukebox3.exe    04/08/04  2.07M Plays almost all audio formats. Playlist support, skinning
ntmmsetup.exe     08/28/04   762K Create music compositions with over 170 instruments!
ntrck_sw.exe      06/04/03  2.20M Multitrack recording software for Windows
ode_to_friendship. 03/03/03  2.72M Friendship eBook: Song/rare Tale/Poems/Images - Enjoy and Give!         05/23/04  2.78M Arranger with real time chord recognition
ossac6000.exe     04/13/04 12.57M Convert any audio formats from one to another
ossacb2602.exe    07/06/04  9.14M Burn MP3,WAV,WMA,OGG files to music CDs
ossacp5601.exe    04/13/04 13.75M Convert all audio formats from one to another
ossae5603.exe     06/28/04 13.46M Extract Audio From Video Files.
ossmcp5603.exe    06/29/04 19.95M All-in-one Video
ossrip2201.exe    06/02/04  9.89M Rip CD/DVD audio tracks to WAV,OGG,MP3,WMA
ossrip2202.exe    06/29/04  9.89M Rip CD audio tracks to WAV,OGG,MP3,WMA.
ossvc5501.exe     04/12/04 12.77M Video Convert - Convert AVI, ASF, WMV & MPEG Video files.
otscdscratch1200se 04/24/03  1008K The Ultimate Virtual Turntable Experience.
otsturntablesfrees 05/05/04  2.48M OtsTurntables Free -- The hottest MP3 mixer on the planet.
otv18.exe         07/16/04  1.85M with onlinetv streams show and take up
pcdays.exe        01/26/04  1.66M This is a very convenient and useful tool.
pchsetup.exe      06/16/03  1.93M Graphically display piano chord fingering
phlangulator_1_5_3 09/04/03   894K Freeware multi-osc phlange synth vsti.
pinky.exe         09/28/03  2.55M Media player, burner and ripper with unique features
playman1.exe      06/07/04  8.69M Playlist Manager with Multimedia Player       02/08/03  2.04M a postmodern MIDI music meta-composer  10/12/03   693K basic polyphonic vsti synth
powercdg2avi.exe  05/05/04  3.05M Create DVDs and VCDs from your karaoke CD G
precis16.exe      04/12/03  5.88M Convert CD, WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, Record wav
pt12setup.exe     06/17/04  1.20M Free Ringtone software
qrlatest.EXE      01/03/04  1.34M Sound recording and playback application
rcrdmate.exe      07/22/04  1.31M Audio Recorder Pro - Audio recorder to record audio to MP3, WAV
realistic_virtual_ 08/31/04  3.18M Acoustic Grand Piano emulation for VST 2.0 compatible host 05/27/03   789K Database application for storage and managment of vinyl records.      08/19/04   215K Wideband Voice Recording Applet SDK
remixInstall115-20 11/21/03  2.01M Create a Pro DJ Style Remix of any song.
ripango_setup.exe 09/30/03  9.83M  One-step audio CD ripping to your Pocket PC device
ripfinst.exe      10/12/03  2.72M Rip CD, Encode MP3 or Ogg and more.
ripvinyl.exe      06/11/04   365K Vinyl Records in, WAV or MP3 files out
rmtomp3.exe       05/19/04  1005K Convert RM to MP3, RA to MP3
rockitnet.exe     08/21/03  5.26M A highly scalable and easy to use P2P program        12/31/03 39.32M Package of audio playback, editing, and conversion programs.
setup.exe         02/14/03  6.20M MP3 Pro is an MP3 Indexing program.
setup_aed.exe     09/03/04  5.41M Visual audio editor and converter software.
setup_mipro_affili 09/12/03  7.76M Make files smaller, send emails faster....
setup_mw.exe      02/22/04 11.99M All-in-one media player, converter and editor
setupws.exe       07/04/03  2.02M Looking for that All-In-One Media player? Look no more.         08/17/03  1.00M Lossless SoundFont compressor/archiver
smart-cd-ripper-se 07/21/04   604K CD Ripper. Rip cd to wav and mp3
smartwavconverters 06/30/04   692K WAV to MP3/OGG Converter
snooper.exe       06/23/03   156K Voice activated recording software   12/10/03 13.80M Download Softscanner now to hear POLICE, FIRE, 911, ATC & more.
spacesynth.exe    07/13/03  3.25M The Space Synth is a VST instrument plugin.
speak1.exe        05/09/03   133K This application speaks incoming messages.
spsetup100.exe    03/21/04  2.24M Multimedia player for mp3, mpg, dvd, and more
ssasetup.exe      08/19/03  3.77M Keep track of your song lyrics
ssetup.exe        08/14/03   678K Advanced sound/voice activated recorder.  05/26/03  1.20M VST plugin that generates synths sounds based on incoming audio    10/19/03   637K Powerful and easy-to-use mp3 ID3 tag editor.
tagedit.exe       03/28/03  4.08M Edit MP3,WMA,OGG tags from Windows Explorer
tagm3u10.exe      08/12/03  1.68M ID3 tagging and m3u playlist making utility         02/24/03  2.49M Audio CD Ripper Supporting WAV, MP3, ID3 Tags And FREDB (CDDB)      10/06/03 11.42M Comprehensive suite of MP3 management tools.
textspeech.exe    08/26/04  8.16M listen textand convert text to WAV,MP3,VOX
tinnitusmasker.exe 09/15/03  5.87M Mask Your Tinnitus Quickly And Easily
tlfsetup.exe      07/11/03  1.98M Looking for that All-In-One media player? Look no further!     06/22/04   344K Media Player with playlist.
tonedialer11114.ex 08/10/04   304K Speed Dialer
totalrecall.exe   09/15/03  1.53M Record all sound from your PC to wav or MP3. Convert any wav to
tpcdripper.exe    08/25/04   899K CD to MP3,WAV,WMA,OGG with ease
tpsetup.exe       10/13/03   760K Mp3,wave(wav) , Midi( mid ) , Karaoke( kar ) freeware player      09/22/03   933K Plug-in that will transform your WinAmp
ufony_setup.exe   09/08/04  5.31M Manage,Play,Convert CDA MP1 MP2 OGG WMA MP3 WAV AU RM WMV MPG DAT
us_essxp_rc2.exe  03/09/03   851K Free MP3 Player, Audio Encoder, CD Ripper
vbl160setupSW.exe 07/20/03  1.53M If you love 303 and acid sound Virtual BassLine is for you
vcs_diamond.exe   05/15/04  5.10M Voice morphing for home recording, chatting.
vcsdemo.exe       05/15/04  1.82M Change your voice over Internet and PC2Phone.
vcsgold.exe       05/15/04  2.77M Keep your privacy by this voice changing tool
vds10setupSW.exe  07/20/03  1.83M The best way for compose your percussion rhythms    12/27/03   330K Batch playlist converter
videotoaudioconver 07/22/04  3.36M extract audio from avi,wmv,mpeg to mp3 wav
vismp3.exe        02/13/03  3.88M MP3 organizer and CD ripper.
vksetup.exe       01/22/04  1.38M Make your keyboard speak!
volsetup.exe      04/09/04   884K Volumecontrol with three hotkeyfunctions.           10/07/03   173K Telephone Call (and other) Line Recorder      09/06/04   912K Multiprocessor WAV/MP3 to WAV/MP3 converter
wavmp3converter.ex 06/09/04  2.63M batch convert between MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG
wcor_30.exe       03/15/04  1.48M Vinyl/Tape to CD-R processor
wincd.exe         06/23/03  1.62M WinCD is an audio-player with pitch control.     05/14/04  3.76M WMA to MP3 converter          11/04/03   128K A very odd MIDI loop sequencer/drum machine.
wmcsetup.exe      10/26/03  2.22M Convert MP3 to WAV, Convert WAV to MP3       01/15/04  3.23M Complete karaoke software for Windows
wpsetup.exe       07/13/04   431K WavePad is a sound editor program for Windows
x-cd-ripper.exe   08/03/04  2.58M MP3 CD ripper and audio converter
x-dvd-audio-ripper 09/09/04  1.01M Extract DVD sound tracks to MP3 or WAV
zacp44.exe        04/06/04 13.79M Universal Audio File Converter
zrnb22.exe        02/12/04  4.50M Burn or Rip Audio and Data CD's and DVD's
zvsetup.exe       04/17/03   999K ZVolume Pro is a volume control alternative.

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