Directory of sysutil

DisplayResManSetup 01/24/03   526K Disputing display resolution with your kids?!
DriverManagerv1.00 04/06/02   557K View, modify, or remove drivers and driver-related information
DrvClonerXPSetup_2 10/23/02   478K DrvClonerXP clones NTFS and FAT32 drive partitions.
ELG15Beta_setup.zi 02/13/03   768K Windows event log consolidation, reporting, and notification
EZ_Wizard.exe     03/03/04    89K Help the environment and save up to $50 per year with EZ Wizard.       02/23/03  1.05M Search files and folders in your LAN.    10/20/02  2.39M Status of Macintosh volumes index on Windows NT or 2000
OLexpressGone.exe 08/29/02   559K Remove Outook Express once and for all.
ReJuvin8_zip.exe  01/20/04  2.27M Detects server or app crashes. Restarts /reboots . No programming
RegScrubXPSetup_3. 10/23/02   631K Deletes unnecessary information from the system Registry.     07/06/04  1.82M Report no duplicates of your servers eventlog       06/20/02   868K Speed Up Windows XP       02/05/03  2.32M Visualized xcopy command
WinPath2Lite_setup 08/02/02   475K Update your PATH (and more) without ControlPanel or reboot
advanced_keylogger 05/15/03   917K Advanced KEYLOGGER
apal_setup.exe    09/09/02  2.78M Keep track of priting activity and see what really happens!
autouser.exe      08/01/02   449K user's tireless emulation        12/04/02   829K Check whether your Firewall leaks through.      09/25/02    26K Bootpart, the Windows boot tools
capmnemo.exe      06/19/03   891K Easily keep your passwords without memorizing
cpuuss10.exe      03/09/02   487K Displays CPU Usage in tray icon        07/26/04    83K Add or Remove multiple published application to new servers
emcoremotecmdlinet 02/12/02  2.06M Execute program files simultaneously on remote computers.
emcoremoteshutdown 02/12/02  1.31M Freeware utility to Shutdown/Reboot one or many machines.   07/09/02  1.43M Web Server File Upload Object For Delphi/ASP     06/17/03   477K IAS Log Viewer allows to view RRAS log file
install.exe       03/22/03  2.28M Files/Folders Compression and Encryption Solution
klm32v1121l.exe   10/08/98  1.12M Modifies and generates Windows keyboard layouts   05/11/99   122K Windows NT port of Unix Syslogd
ppe35.exe         08/25/02  3.95M Enforce a password security policy.       12/28/01    17K QuickRes Powertoy for WinNT4/Win2k/WinXP
rebootex2.exe     12/03/02   451K Shutdown, reboot and relogon on your PC
setup-serversweep- 10/09/02 17.03M Monitoring ofWindows NT/2000 Servers      03/15/99    30K Command line utility to shutdown Windows NT    12/20/02  1.21M Share serial port between several apps.
threatsentry_trial 08/06/03 11.81M Protects Windows-based web servers.      10/23/02   486K Accessing Hardware From Win16/Win32
wincatalogl.exe   08/09/02   461K WinCatalog Light used for cataloging media.
wnaly300.exe      10/09/02  2.81M Snapshot, restore, analyze changes and monitor Windows.
wsmsetup.exe      12/09/02  5.09M Monitors critical systems on your web servers

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