Directory of programr

AGInstaller.exe   08/08/02   160K Creates Windows compatible installations.
CCStudio1_0.exe   08/02/02 16.96M Code Generator and RAD for the Web
CSGS_01_TB.exe    05/08/03 51.12M Streamline dev
GSMailMgr.msi     12/11/02  2.84M Do you need advanced email handling in your Windows 2000/XP app.
NETmatch.ZIP      11/20/02    42K .NET add-in matches parentheses, doublequotes and VB keywords 11/08/99  1.53M PC based alarm clock
StarForce_ProActiv 05/21/04    63K Software licensing and protection solution.
TQuotaTrial.exe   01/17/04  1.59M TrafficQuota is a quota enforcement extension      12/26/01    84K Windows NT device driver for accessing I/O ports
XMLConverterCmd.zi 11/21/02    69K XML Converter  XML data transformation software            08/17/02  1.56M Sybase ASA BDE replacement for Delphi/BCB.
affiliate.exe     08/24/04   131K The most effective marketing product
ahpp.exe          06/17/03  1.21M A handy HTML and text protection software
aiswpd30.exe      08/06/02   827K Helps to protect images and make thumbnails.        04/01/04    389 Full package for dating site development.         05/07/99   105K Sends SMTP email from VB, VBA, C++, Java, Delphi, Perl      04/17/99    65K Disassembler for windows 9x or nt exes and dlls
helpcold.exe      09/02/00   107K MS Word Add-On for creating Windows Help topic files
incredibuild1_140b 01/09/03  1.78M IncrediBuild cuts MSVC compilation time down by 90%.      05/12/99  8.22M ActiveX control for 3D Modeling and Visualisation
ndsendtrapeval.exe 05/27/99  1.45M 32-bit OCX to send SNMP traps      03/13/00  4.86M Java, C++ and C Code Quality Analysis and Metrics Tool
soundvolumedemoset 07/17/04  1000K Sound Volume Control ActiveX
terrainbuilder.exe 11/17/99  2.87M converts 2D map to 3D World
wmiset1-6-D7_share 01/02/04  1.24M WmiSet Component Collection For Delphi and C Builder

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