Directory of netutil

ADI10.exe         04/17/03  1.98M Multiple user manager for Active Directory
AirCQ_Setup.exe   09/17/03  2.24M AirCQ is an Instant Messaging program for WiFi computers.
BFTPSetUp.exe     01/21/03   758K Drag
CeeFSE.exe        09/09/02  1.60M File Service Extension for IIS
DAnalyzer14.exe   03/30/03   533K Web Log Analyzer of file downloads
Fireserv2.exe     08/07/02 22.50M Fireserv is a complete pre-configured web server suite
FirewallAnalyzerv2 11/16/02  6.74M FirewallAnalyzer is a browser-based, cross-platform Firewall/VPN
IPetCPremiumSetupE 01/09/03  1.28M Automatical network configurator
Install_Joltage.ex 09/12/02 12.59M Set up a Wi-Fi HotSpot. Manage Wi-Fi security, authentication and
InternetOptNT2000X 08/11/02  1.89M Speed up your Modem connection upto 300%
Kiwi_Syslogd_Servi 09/22/02  3.47M FREE GUI based Syslog Daemon for Windows/NT
LanMessengerInstal 07/25/01   548K Sends user messages across the LAN   07/21/01   235K A graphical user interface for Net Send. Receive
Pt5.exe           03/02/02 13.40M Logs/Audits Print Jobs for WinNT/2000 - not printer specific      02/06/01   243K Shutdown mutiple remote workstations over a network
SEM.exe           07/26/04 14.47M Protect your MS Exchange Server from spam      09/28/03  9.27M Web e-mail management server    09/15/02  2.92M Anti spam filter - stop spam before it reaches your SMTP server          02/12/03   166K tftp is tftp studio,both server and client
W2kTotalPowerWhere 03/19/03   823K Can Your colleguage’s with Explorer from their own W2k-workstatio
Webholmes1_5_Eng.z 03/11/03   354K Webholmes is an Internet file search agent.      05/02/01  1.65M Reporting utility for the EMWAC Internet Mail Server (IMS)
addweb.exe        04/26/03  5.87M Search Engine Submission, Rank, Optimization         07/12/01   836K Admin Command line utilities set.        05/25/01   448K Shows all open TCP/IP and UDP ports       02/12/00    10K Static DHCP server for Windows 9x and NT           04/18/03   400K Cross platform SQL script processing engine.
feyes11.exe       09/13/02  1.99M Enforce a four-eyes policy on Windows NT/2000
installjBrowse.exe 07/24/02  2.72M A browser plugin that translates Japanese words.      11/25/01   207K Graphical utility to send short messages across Windows NT LAN  06/12/01   607K Software for shaping bandwidth on Ether Network and caching HTTP       10/06/99  2.32M Take the guesswork out of PC network problems.
mapdem20.EXE      11/14/97  1.17M PowerMapper - creates stunning HTML / GIF site maps.      06/01/00  2.04M MsgCore:A Powerful internet email server for NT/2K
messeng1.exe      06/29/02   457K Allows you to exchange messages on a LAN.      11/05/02  1.36M windows based network monitor and packet analyzing tool   07/18/00   509K Chat, Net Send, File transfer over your Intranet.       06/22/00  1.48M GUI to Microsoft Net Send       10/06/02   541K Scans your network and lists vital info.
nmd1.exe          12/30/02  1.52M It is a simple and robust method to convey popup messages.       07/02/99    56K Windows NT TCP/IP sniffer with C sources
oslicensemodifier. 08/18/02  1.71M Changing OS License Information.
outlook-cleaner-20 04/03/03  7.59M Easily clean up Outlook of unwanted data
pingIT_eng.exe    06/21/02    48K Speed Monitoring of your internet connection.
remotecontrol.exe 09/02/02   706K remotecontrol another windows machine by this software
risme100_install.z 05/01/03   390K Extend the functionality of RIS menus/options
roommate.exe      07/26/04   105K Ready Rommate Finder Solution
sml30.exe         10/13/02  5.50M Centralised network and server monitoring tool.      11/24/02   291K Connect Nokia Phone to Web Service
smsetup.exe       06/21/02   523K Hide your Windows Web Server from hackers      04/19/03 12.53M Real-time website analytics reporting server
uaeval12.exe      08/21/99  4.96M Integrated domain administration for WinNT 4 and Win2K
uaf21.exe         09/04/02  2.25M Find and remove unused accounts.      09/06/01    13K Simple pop up messenger for Windows 2000.
whisperer.exe     08/30/02   299K Whisperer voice messenger           07/04/99   169K A poweful, freeware HTML editor in Java Swing
winpopup2.exe     11/15/02   892K Fomine WinPopup is an instant-messaging tool.
wp15us.exe        07/18/01   259K Proxy/firewall/mail server for Win95/98/2000/NT
wsttcp.ZIP        10/28/96    38K Benchmarking tool measures TCP and UDP performance

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