Directory of education

InstantConverter.z 05/01/03  3.32M Universal Conversion Program   08/26/02    39K This program helps you master SQL
NuClass7SetUp_2K.z 07/08/04 13.37M Fast training pruning of neural conventional classifiers 07/08/04 13.74M Fast training, pruning of neural and conventional approximations
RF4MEfull.exe     01/18/04 10.50M Pupil Report Writer and Reports Manager with 10,000 plus comments
SEngFreD50Dem.exe 08/06/02  1.46M Innovative language reference tool
SEngGerD50Dem.exe 08/13/02  1.46M Innovative language reference tool for Pocket PC
SEngSpaP.exe      08/08/02  1.48M Innovative language reference tool
english-polishtalk 09/28/00  6.54M English-Polish Talking Tutor
flase.exe         04/22/02  5.38M Award-winning System - Learn Any Subject FAST
mbtsim10.exe      04/24/03  2.93M Configurable 2D simulator of mobile robots.
ohm11t_setup.exe  04/15/04   558K Utility to calculate relationship between volts, resistance and c
ovulation-calendar 04/16/02   606K Creates a personal fertility calendar
speech50.exe      05/25/04  5.49M Excellent program for Kids to learn English Speaking
stellaris100.exe  07/03/02  2.76M Astronomy shareware for Windows      07/31/02  1.03M Fluid flow modeling and visualization

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