Directory of desktop

1abikini.exe      06/16/00  4.68M Natascha's Bikini Screensaver
HTTPMail.msi      11/08/02  3.04M HTTPMail lets you check your Hotmail from any POP3 client      12/22/03    16K Displays an analog clock with adjustable opacity, colors, etc.      09/11/02   740K Display Time zones, calendar, Zodiac signs.      10/15/02  1.43M Define log on and log off time for users
eyesetup.exe      03/28/02   331K Removes eyestrain, increases productivity.
fs1.0.exe         10/24/02  1003K To protect files/folders
iHateSpam%20Outloo 07/17/02  4.65M iHateSpam analyzes all incoming email traffic and uses algorithms
pumpkin1.exe      10/02/02   981K FREEWARE!!!!3d screen saver      08/19/98  1.00M JPG Screen Saver & Slide Player Very Sexy effects
warclock.exe      04/14/03  3.52M Recall WarCraft III with this desktop clock.