Directory of demo

acolyte.exe       04/15/04 12.02M A church management system    02/14/00  1.11M Who gets 21 or is more close to it wins
dwgexplorer.exe   01/03/00  4.14M Thumbnail Viewer of AutoCAD 13/14/2000 Drawings   02/14/00   844K Bet on the finish order of the horses
jcact10.exe       09/03/99   813K JC_ActiveDoc Plug-in let you view MS Office documents
registrydiffdemo.z 10/26/99  1.32M Compare Computer registry utility
resolution.exe    02/15/00  1.46M Change Screen Resolution thru code with this Control
us_dksrtr_i.exe   12/23/99  5.08M Control defragmentation remotely across your network

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