Directory of business

AceMoneyLiteSetup. 07/22/03   807K Personal Accounting Software
AceMoneySetup.exe 07/22/03   809K Personal Accounting Software
CryptoHeaven-Setup 08/08/02  7.18M Secure online storage, file sharing, email.
FileReplicatorSetu 09/02/03   160K A backup and file synchronization utility
IntraSmart244.exe 09/09/02 43.89M IntraSmart allows organizations to set up an Intranet in a short
PPI.exe           03/06/02  3.55M Deliver Your Idea in A Conciseand Visually Stimulating Manner
PPII.exe          03/06/02  2.43M Professional templates of PowerPoint
PPIII.exe         03/06/02  4.50M Add animation in your presentations
Rtracs16.exe      06/18/02  6.14M Track rolls of paper with this software.
TeamWrite-1.x-v1.1 02/10/03  7.47M a writing collaborative web service full XML , in real time
Vat11t_setup.exe  04/15/04   604K VAT Calculator is a Windows utility for calculating VAT          03/11/04   773K A powerful calculator for calculation of volume and mass     06/23/03  1.11M New OOS and RSI Prevention Software
contact_1.exe     04/16/02   725K Edit and view contacts via web and wap, download/upload vCards
copernicenterprise 06/15/04 17.46M Server application that provides a search engine.
dnews53e3.exe     03/05/00  2.80M Advanced Internet (USENET) News and Forum Server
fax_setup.exe     12/19/02  5.66M Create, send, receive and manage faxes 05/13/03   748K Easy fax receiving with ISDN and MSNs
faxnetplusdemoint. 05/02/03  2.46M Faxserver for networks - modem
getint20.exe      05/21/04 42.34M getIntranet - intranet in a box
mailamp.exe       10/06/02  2.05M MailAmp is a voice e-mail plug-in for Outlook 2000
mortgage.exe      08/04/04   115K Mortgage service with calculation tools
ocsinventory_setup 01/01/01   922K software and hardware inventory tool       08/23/02  5.79M OlapX is a multidimensional database browser
p2fsetup.exe      05/31/02  4.28M iPrint2Fax is a free PC-to-Fax software
popconnectdemoint. 05/07/03    82K Interconnects MS Exchange server with POP3
popconnectplusdemo 05/07/03    96K Interconnects MS Exchange server with POP3       08/01/00     1K Generate estimates bids, quotations, proposals
projeq.exe        08/01/02  8.63M Projeq turns your Win2000 or XP computer into a webbased groupwar
setup.exe         10/25/02 34.69M Resume reading software tools for human resource departments
share360200palmsyn 11/26/02  1.61M Synchronize your Palm with Share360 Collaboration Suite
share360200ppc2002 11/26/02  1.62M Sync your Pocket PC with the Share360 Collaboration Suite
share360200reminde 11/26/02  1.18M Enables real-time reminders for Share360 collaboration suite

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