Directory of programr/vbasic/vblib

AC_Setup.exe      07/26/02   323K A Fully Automatic AutoComplete TextBox
ClearImageSDK.exe 10/07/03  2.69M Rapidly read barcodes and index images  07/06/03  3.25M This Player is for Flash Player 02/06/01    28K Enhanced input dialog boxes         04/12/01    24K MsgBox Creator Tool for use with Visual Basic 6 and VBA.
MMQSetup.exe      08/20/04   110K MailBee Message Queue
MessageCensor.exe 08/20/04   760K MessageCensor Component
NCTFinancialChart. 01/08/03  2.00M A pure .NET financial charting component.
NCTSWFProducer    01/08/03   497K A pure .NET library for creating SWF files. 08/28/02    30K Registry & Log Manager for your application (dll)
ScrollText.exe    04/23/01   361K ActiveX Control that scrolls the Text in 4 directions    10/16/01   131K Enables your software to perform zip/unzip operations. 04/13/99   622K Create cool user interface easily
awinst_setup.exe  02/18/04  1007K Setup maker utility for creating small setups          06/14/99  1.45M X-10 communication through CM11 interface
devtkit.exe       09/17/02 12.80M Development Toolkit for Visual Basic, ActiveX       11/20/02  1.03M a multi-purpose, linear gauge component   11/20/02   995K a chart component with multiple grahical bars        11/20/02  1.06M a multi-purpose knob interface component         11/20/02   966K a instrument component for the LED interface.
llPDFLibXTrial.exe 12/17/02  1.06M ActiveX Server for create PDF on fly       11/20/02  1.10M A highly customizable angular gauge component   11/30/00   264K mkExDialogs ActiveX -Common Dialog Replacement bundle   11/20/02   993K A excellent seven/fifteen segments LED    11/20/02   854K a instrumentation component like tripmeter.     11/20/02   988K multi-purpose, percentage interface component
printgrid.exe     12/27/02   554K Preview/print MsHflexgrid,Msflexgrid,ListView,DataGrid,Dbgrid        05/19/03  2.74M CAD/CAM/GIS software development kit
ras_frablaser.exe 02/05/99   206K RAS Dial Up ActiveX to establish a RAS connection      12/15/03   392K VB6 DLL- Print and preview DATAGRID controls      03/25/04   394K VB6 DLL- Print and preview ListView controls    11/20/02  1.01M a rotating multiple switch component      11/20/02  1.13M a versatile input/output instrument component 03/13/03  1.68M NN Simulator running Backpropagation Algorithm for Win32      11/20/02   961K a TRUE/FALSE, YES/NO, or ON/OFF indicator.
trayocx_1_0_100.zi 11/23/99    23K ActiveX OCX for system tray control.       11/20/02  1.16M A dynamic two-dimensional charting component

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