Directory of programr/vbasic

AComport.exe      08/19/02  1.05M Modem/serial interface COM component
AEmail.exe        08/19/02  1.15M SMTP email NNTP news from ASP/VB/Visual C
ASocket20.exe     08/19/02  1.07M Extend your software with network features   03/10/01   390K Beautiful Analog Clock with Date   10/22/02    28K ActiveX control for chess programs
Barcode4Office_TRI 03/27/04   400K Barcode image generator ActiveX control 12/17/02  2.84M Displays real numbers in a Seven Segment LED format.
CIAPropertyList.zi 12/17/02  3.40M Provides an efficient and visually compact way to handle data.    07/10/04   325K An ActiveX for creating cool message boxes (Visual Basic)
Custom_Interface.z 07/12/03    61K This is Customize Interface Source Code
DB_Build_Net.msi  07/01/03  2.76M VB.Net Generator from a Database      07/12/03   158K This program shows how to write professional Database Source Code      03/20/02   469K A nice encryption and decryption utility.
ExploreTree.exe   03/28/02  3.04M Explorer style treeview control
Folder_Agent_Deplo 07/05/03  1.98M This program is for Folder Password
FormHunter_version 06/02/04  2.61M A web browser with ability to capture form.      04/25/03  1.74M Gradient Form, Title bar and resize Components on SDIforms 12/19/01  5.35M Advanced ActiveX for Image Display, Printing, and Saving
MenuCreator_Setup_ 08/29/04  2.34M Menu Creator (VB6 add-in) a great Menu Editor
NCTDiscWriter.exe 01/08/03  5.58M CD writing ActiveX DLL.     07/12/03  1.87M This program Sends message over network.
Num2AlphaDemo.exe 09/08/02   289K This is a very handy DLL to convert numbers to words.      03/24/01  1.41M ActiveXcontrol to provide MIDI out functionality in your prgram       05/28/03   626K ActiveX wrapper for WinPcap packet capture library.       07/07/03   706K The designer 'Michael' v.5.5.0 08/27/02    24K Registry Manager for your application (dll) 04/06/02     7K A com dll for easy Registry access     12/30/02  1.83M Smart Rule based resizer activex without code
SCalc_Setup.ZIP   09/18/02  1.39M VBScript/JScript expression calculator.
Setup.exe         02/02/02  2.89M Type using Malayalam fonts with a virtual Keyboard       10/24/02  2.25M Smart menus were never so easy
SpriteCraftSetup.e 02/11/04  1.07M Sprite game engine for indy game developers      05/26/02    20K A Program which tickles your laughter nerve
Tollside_controls. 08/27/02  1.51M Active X controls collection
USPExpressParser21 02/27/03  3.52M Math Parser and Expression Evaluator
VBFormResizer_v024 06/12/02    21K A VB module to automatically resize controls with forms
VBR60SP5.exe      12/06/02  1019K Runtime files for Visual Basic 6.0
VBtempSETUP.exe   08/06/02  4.29M Use these forms to make proffesional vb apps!      10/07/02  1.73M VRMixer ActiveX controls mixer properties..  12/17/02  6.30M Collection of 19 controls designed to give apps the XP look      09/17/02   438K Read/write data in/out any of hardware port.   06/03/99  1.40M Automaticaly fill-in text as the user types   12/16/99  1.54M An ActiveX control for capturing still/motion video
airgauge.exe      09/23/03  1.98M Air and plane instrument activex component.   04/24/02   649K OCX to allow software trial distribution
asppackbyitcom3.ex 02/17/04  7.06M instant intranet software
balloonmessage_ver 10/14/01   183K Beautiful replacement for standard MsgBox
bspopblk_setup.exe 06/27/04   729K Popup blocking component
bwgislet10.msi    01/15/04  1.51M World level map control          09/01/99   111K Customizable Calculator OCX        10/24/01   896K Docking DevStudio (MFC) like ActiveX Control (OCX) Toolbars  12/14/01  1.67M Fortran / Visual Basic Conversion  12/14/01   162K Fortran to Visual Basic Conversion from Excel
cosmo100.exe      06/22/99  1.70M Multimedia Player That Have Skins And Plays Every File        01/11/03  1.01M Create CPL applets without programming        09/30/01   277K Encrypt/Decrypt ActiveX with Microsoft Crypto API      07/12/02    45K CryptoText is a COM encryption component.       02/21/04   379K AutoComplete-enable any Windows Forms application          03/20/00   310K ActiveX Control that Plays MP3, MOD, S3M, XM, IT, WAV      08/24/02  2.01M ActiveX chart for technical applications
edcrypt.exe       08/11/02   607K Encryption, hashing, file shredding utility.
fader11a.exe      10/23/97  1.41M OCX, 5 fade effects for PictureBox picture or text         05/14/03  3.35M The FlexGridX Ocx is an eXtended FlexGrid.      09/30/01   280K ActiveX for search one file, or more, on device drivers       06/01/00   119K General purpose Visual Basic OCX library.       11/29/02   233K Displays a hierarchy list of shell items.      09/27/01    76K Generate data-rich serial numbers for your applications.         08/14/00   427K OCX for viewing GIF, JPG, and other file formats      10/11/99    18K Hex Editor v6.3a For Windows PD VB 5.0 Source.
i2wo.exe          11/13/01   382K Program treadmills 07/01/03   710K Editable grid,grouping,virtual,Outlook view   11/20/02  7.45M Instrumentation interface ActiveX components    11/12/02   254K You can create own PDF files with images      10/25/03  6.51M base de datos sobre cine/films and actors database
ipviewer.exe      09/16/99    37K Shows IP and HOST      03/26/99  1.78M 10 ActiveX controls to enhance any VB6 database       05/11/01   586K Visual Basic Programming Tutorial 05/17/00  2.50M Locks computer to prevent other using it.       03/05/00    13K Fontes of an educational Game with MSAgent for VB6.        07/08/99  1.56M Free ActiveX Modbus Master        12/22/02  1.91M The MultiCommand Button Control
megachart12.exe   01/07/04   661K ActiveX for chart images creating on the fly        12/02/02    66K Improve system performance by controlling memory usage.
morphex.exe       12/21/99   178K This program is used for manipulation of Windows 98.    06/11/03    18K Creates formatted VB/VBA/Access MsgBox statements        01/13/02    52K A cool msn bot      02/07/02  1.71M NS Archive - ZIP/RAR/CAB/LZH/ARC/ARJ OCX      06/11/99    96K Protect your VB programs from piracy (freeware)       08/24/02   933K Programmable ActiveX calculator control      09/30/01   290K Activex fro capture screen or area.       07/20/04   950K Powerful image processing ActiveX control.       01/06/03    45K This control displays a Setup-like progress bar.     09/25/02   131K ActiveX DLL for Develop FCT and ATE Test Software        08/12/99   625K Programmer's Toolkit (VB/Winsock) for Internet Mail
qinstall_setup.exe 05/29/01   496K Quick Installer is a setup utility with Installer/Uninstaller.       09/17/02  1.91M Sound card audio generator recorder ActiveX        07/02/02    66K Barcode ActiveX for VB, ASPandMSAccess
regfixer.exe      10/05/00   357K Regfixer fixes ActiveX registry mess      04/18/00     5K Save Screen To Specified BMP File Depend On Timer       07/21/03   373K DLL - VB6 sp3 to print envelopes (ink-jet/las      09/05/03   343K VB OCX to display nice text on VB forms.    04/08/01    10K Easy editing for scripts like CGI, PHP and other scripts.         04/20/01  9.63M save your time of internet conection by total of month, etc   12/17/02  3.26M Make databases in SQL Server or Microsoft Access CreaBD 02/07/00    43K Change the shape of your visual basic form      04/24/99  1.56M OCX to communicate with AB SLC and Micrologix PLC's     10/09/01  2.83M SmartCard Activex fro read/write to/from SmartCard      11/29/02  1.22M smsicq.dll is aSMS Component usingICQ network    03/16/00   742K Preview print enable your app         03/26/00    13K Add a traffic light in your VB6 programs!
tnbipx.exe        01/09/03  3.22M Components and tools for legacy extensions.       11/20/02  1.16M A dynamic two-dimensional charting component
ttgc11.exe        10/12/02  2.81M ActiveX unbound-mode Grid Control          01/27/00    92K ActiveX date-picker control for Fiscal calendar.      02/27/99   188K Take control of your VB Application Setup.        03/16/99  1.26M Visual Basic 5 Runtime Modules      01/24/03   484K Profiler  Code management system for VB6 IDE
vbacodeprint.exe  09/06/02  4.52M Print VBA sourcecode in color
vbacodeprint97.exe 09/06/02  4.56M Print VBA source of Office 97 Applications     05/06/99   238K VBA Tutorial for those new to programming     05/06/99   205K VBA Tutor Part Two: Intermediate skills
vbcodeprint.exe   09/06/02  4.69M Print VB source code in color        01/13/02   247K Nice visual basic darting game
vbdocman-2_21-tria 05/12/03  1.91M Visual Basic Documentation Generator        03/11/01   240K Read or write PC ports in VB program         11/29/02  1.72M Creates formatted and indexed Visual Basic source printouts       09/08/03  6.02M Source Code for Printing generator      09/19/02  1.48M Stretch the limits ...go full screen     09/19/02  1.50M Expanding Form Beyond Limits.
vsnetcodeprint.exe 10/18/02  1.40M Print VB.NET application source code in color
wwin.exe          01/11/02  3.80M Windows Security... for win 32 bit
xypherlockiiiep.zi 08/05/01  1.48M A Free Basic Version, Visual Basic Programmer's Licensing Toolkit        12/19/03    86K Magnify the contents of the desktop.

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