Directory of txtutil

AR2PInst.exe      08/24/02   707K Advanced RTF2PDF Converter
ARCANUM.ZIP       10/18/02  1.87M A very powerful encryption/decryption program.
Awe10.exe         09/07/04  4.43M An HTML Editor with examples ofHTML and CSS
Bt2setup.exe      08/27/02  2.15M Bangla Typer - mouse based typing software for Bangla
ClrPageSetup.exe  10/13/02   344K The program automatically improves saved web pages for using them     08/24/02  1.42M This is lite version of excellent Diary Book v1.5.2. 01/13/03  2.05M Locate text strings in many ASCII files.
Grammatica.EXE    08/13/02  6.79M Bilingual grammar checker
HotFileInst.exe   10/06/03   404K helps to open the most frequently used file.
PicMailsetup.exe  12/04/02  1.61M What you see what who see! PicMail!
QuickTextSetup.exe 10/07/02  1.02M Right click and insert text into Internet Explorer text boxes.
SRA%20installer.zi 08/20/04  1.93M Rimes syntaxes et anagrammes et dictionnaire evolutif
Setupbos14.exe    08/09/03  4.90M Program for writing spells and etc.
Tailinator.EXE    11/05/02  3.68M A windows based file tail utility.      10/19/02   611K A powerful windows TEXT capture program
TextSplit.exe     09/03/02  1.90M This program splits a selected text file into a number of files.
Text_Editor_Self-E 08/02/02  4.32M doc bxo and dos wpd editor
Text_Iterator.exe 06/06/04  1.13M Text Iterator is a information collect tool.    12/24/02    363 Text Editor 5.2.7 UPDATE!!!
Update-#1-09-2003. 09/10/03  1.05M This is an upgrade to the current version 1.4 of BoS        10/23/02   670K Recovers lost passwords for ARJ archives.        07/07/03   904K Powerful CHM converter to any document format        11/01/02   603K Recovers password for MS Backup (QIC) files.        10/30/02   488K Recovers the password for MS Access database.      11/01/02   360K Recovers lost passwords to Symantec ACT! file      07/16/99  1.23M Adept Write is a fully functional word processor.      11/01/02   665K Recover Quicken and QuickBooks passwords. 06/28/03  2.03M Alleycode HTML fast, intuitive code. Tutorial       10/29/02   662K Recovers Lotus SmartSuite documents password.       11/01/02   654K Recovers passwords for MS Money databases.      11/01/02   676K Recover Microsoft Outlook passwords.       10/29/02  1.05M Recover passwords forMS Office documents.       10/29/02  1.02M Recovers passwords for MS Office documents.       11/01/02   617K Recovers lost passwords to MS Project files.
aquaticastudio.exe 04/10/02  5.59M Create Aquarium 3D fish screen savers
arp.exe           11/15/02   663K Uninstall programs you no longer need it.       11/01/02   667K Recovers VBA passwords in MS Office documents      11/01/02   673K Recovers VBA passwords in MS Office documents       10/28/02   387K Recover passwords to Corel WordPerfect Office      09/27/02  1.55M Powerfull and userfriendly HTML Editor
ccsetup.exe       12/18/02  1.02M ClipBoard Extender, Instant Text Cleanup, & Keybd Macro      11/30/02   268K Keep selected text from items 10/23/02   234K Simple, secure text and email encryption with one keystroke         01/29/03   841K A 32-bit plain text and rich text editor for Win95/98/ME/XP.     06/26/04  5.52M Add/delete text;columnize delimited text;save to dbase      01/01/03    15K EBCDIC, Packed ,COMP-3 to ASCII converter for window
dana104.ZIP       05/21/96   460K Multi-featured professional text editor
docufinder.exe    09/05/04  1.16M Search through PDF,DOC,XLS,PPT,RTF,HTM,TXT
eNotes_m30.exe    01/11/03  1.55M The Note management utility you have been searching for...       11/26/00   777K Full-featured text editor for programmers     02/21/00  1.03M extracts text from text files according to parameters         09/23/02  2.29M A text editor that allows you to copy and paste multiple words!      08/20/02  2.11M Search files, replace text, index files too.
freenote.exe      07/06/02   703K One of the greates notewriting programs on the Internet     12/29/00   598K Text Editor for Programmers      08/13/02   757K Easy grammar help reference.      08/13/02  1.54M Grammar spelling checker reference.      07/25/03   295K A simple text editor with Unicode support.       03/29/02   295K View Text and Tablature Files easy and fast.        10/01/02  2.62M small word processor with PDF export    08/10/02  1.71M The Easiest way to convert HTML to text       03/16/04  1.78M Convert HTML documents to PDF
htmlzip.exe       09/23/02   262K Real HTML Packer, Source Hider and Protector
jDeveloper-setup.e 02/15/04  2.47M All in one highly customizable editor. 01/29/04   639K Edits any huge number of text files routinely
memoclip.exe      08/01/02   683K Clipboard manager with auto-replace feature.
mrsetup.exe       04/18/03   831K Program can search
pdf2any.exe       09/05/04   969K Convert PDF to RTF, HTML, and Text format exactly.
pdf2htm.exe       09/05/04   832K Convert PDF to HTML files with all the images and formattings.
pdf2txt.exe       09/05/04   787K Convert PDF to Text files in batch.
pdf2word.exe      09/05/04   833K Convert PDF to Microsoft Word document
pdfed.exe         09/05/04   840K Encrypt and decrypt PDF files easily.
pdfform.exe       09/05/04   871K Fill out PDF form without using Adobe product      05/25/02   692K PdfMagic is a plug-in of Acrobat,It convert pdf to text,html,jpg
pdfmgr.exe        09/05/04  1.19M A PDF management and conversion tool.
pdfnum.exe        09/05/04   846K Number PDF pages with a high degree of control.
pdfsearch.exe     09/05/04  1.09M Search in PDF files for anything you want.
pdfsm.exe         09/05/04   902K Merge and split PDF files quickly and easily.        03/06/04   521K Convert PDF to text        12/12/02  1.11M A macro text definer.
qspot42.exe       09/01/03  1.29M Visual File Compare and Folder Compare Utility
setup-dp.exe      04/15/04  2.20M DocPad is a superior alternative to Notepad.
setupsr.exe       03/01/02   932K Search and/or replace in text
sfilepk.exe       10/05/02   156K FilePeek will view the text in any file.
snipits10.exe     02/21/04  1.07M Store your notes in a hierarchical manner.
tb2.exe           02/20/04   720K Clipboard manager  a set of utilities.  07/10/04   282K Add, change, delete, join, split files easily
textmerge.exe     09/03/02  1.90M This program merges selected text files into a single text file      02/07/04   359K The Editor accelerates the keyboard typing of the any text.      03/07/04   773K The unique text editor for musicians
uytranse.ZIP      12/06/02  3.65M Translates from/to English-Spanish-German-French-Italian- Port.-      01/02/03    58K Creates a CRC file of a dir to check later
wb21.exe          04/27/04  5.70M Free web editor for beginners
webcraft.exe      11/21/02   420K HTML text editor with HTML preview pane updated live as you type.
wincrypt20.exe    10/29/02  1.30M Secure encryption program making files safe from prying eyes      05/15/03   438K Winproof Grammar checker and Spell checker
xmlwrench-v120.exe 09/06/04  2.15M XML editor (plus XSL,CSS,HTML)

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