Directory of sysutil

123oebackup.exe   08/21/04   751K An Easy-used backup tool for OutLook Express      12/11/98   607K Free up your ram!Now!
1kickthis.exe     09/02/03   672K Dont get logged off due to inactivity, Get 1Kickthis today
1stat.exe         07/26/04   708K Keeps your system time accurate
32rram.exe        08/15/01  1.76M Make your Computer Faster and Reduce Windows Crashes
4DKeeper.exe      03/20/04  1.08M 4D Keeper adjusts PC clock with time servers.
7cde_demo.exe     02/03/04  8.52M The virtual high-speed CD-ROM machine!
7pm2004_demo.exe  01/20/04  4.96M Full-range partition management
98smoker.exe      07/28/04  3.79M Windows 98/ME Tweaking Utility
ACEInfo_Setup.exe 05/14/03  2.21M System Tray Icon to show PC Information      06/03/04  2.93M Protect your files with strong encryption.    09/03/04   274K Processes and autorun manager for Windows!   07/31/04    44K HomeSearch Assistant virus remover.
Absolutestartupset 02/04/03  1.08M Control and schedule all startup programs!
Advanced_Uninstall 03/21/02   944K Uninstalls programs and cleans your registry and Start menus  03/14/02    97K Anti macro virus program
Awatch101.exe     08/31/02  1.41M Website Monitoring Software           05/28/03   554K wildcard file selection in Windows Explorer
BSActivityInst.exe 09/17/03   511K It is a PC events tracker and work breaks manager.
BackRest30.exe    08/06/02  6.85M Back up and restore files and folders
BanMan3Install.exe 04/24/01  1.59M Minimize those Widows they don't want you to (ads)
BandwidthMonitor.z 05/08/04   165K Emsa Bandwidth Monitor - Net speed monitoring           10/22/02   336K This utility compares two files in a binary mode.   12/22/02   400K Records every keystroke and stays undetect
BrowserSentinel.ex 11/30/03   724K Protect Internet Explorer from hijacking!
BsAtomicInst.exe  05/04/04   589K PC clock synchronizer with special features.
C-Privacy1_0.exe  08/13/04  5.63M C-Privacy manages privacy and popups
CDuke.exe         03/23/04  3.41M CD burning has never been easier. Try CDuke!
CMDiskCleaner.exe 07/29/04  6.44M Clean your computer and improve performance.        07/20/03    35K Assembly CPUID and Cache testing utility        04/25/04   761K Outstanding clock/calendar and time utility
CipherNoteInstall. 11/19/02   909K Easy to use, encrypting text editor.
CoffeeFreeZipInsta 05/21/04  2.30M Zip, UnZip, Email, and FTP all in one !
CoffeePrivacyClean 06/24/04  2.77M Removes Internet tracks from your PC.
CoffeeSpy20.exe   07/01/04  2.73M Removes adrware and spyware from your PC.
ContextMagicFreeSe 05/05/04   155K Multi-purpose Explorer context menu extension
CryptoMagic2.exe  09/12/02  2.30M Easy to use strong encryption system
DTCv1i.exe        12/22/02   956K Erase and rewrite CDs, makes ISO-files.
DarkShutdown.zip_b 06/13/02  1.30M System Shutdown Utility with advanced features.
DefaultPrinterSetu 07/26/04  1004K Select your default printer.
DetectKL.exe      06/25/03  3.09M 'Detect Keylogger' is designed to detect...
Drvgen16.exe      03/07/04  5.76M Easy backup/restore/update your device driver
EasyShutdown.exe  11/19/02   326K Local and remote shutdown utility
Exitcute_9xSetup.e 03/21/04   480K Exitcute launches any program or script upon Windows shutdown       10/30/02  1.29M A simple to use File Encryption utility.
FILER.EXE         08/28/04     3K 16-bit DOS application Floppy Utility
FLP-os.exe        08/25/04  1.79M Lock, hide or encrypt files in seconds.
FOLHIDE.ZIP       01/15/04  3.47M Hide Files and Folders
FTPCaptain.exe    07/06/04  5.35M Make your FTP work effortless.
FWSpot.exe        08/09/02  1.15M Utility that uses the system tray for uses.  12/16/03   278K Creates files for testing file integrity  01/03/03   439K Allows the user to count and list files of specified extensions
FileLocatorSetup.e 11/06/03  1.43M Search and find your files and quick and easy
FileManager.exe   09/03/02  4.26M This utility gives the user the ability to easily rename files.
FileMonk.exe      08/09/04  2.11M File operations utility - performs many handy functions      04/06/04   353K System Information
FolderShine.exe   04/26/04  4.25M Changes an icon or color of any folder
Fsplit.exe        01/08/02    88K Fsplit : File Splitter Utility ( Single Executable 89 kb Only )
HCeval10.exe      10/31/02  1.01M Clipboard utility provides advanced paste by usual [Shift] [Ins]
HomeFTP.exe       05/14/04  1.30M FTP server that is easy to use
Hyper_Hasher_Setup 06/30/04   425K The best tool for hashing and checksumming.
IEManSetup.exe    02/29/04  1.99M Tool for Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. 09/22/02  1.75M Shutdown/Hibernate Windows by setting InnoSleep to shutdown at a
InspectorProf_pack 12/12/02 16.64M Powerful monitoring, tracking, auditing of network users activity
IsEqual.exe       04/09/04  1.21M Handy File Compare Utility
KeyChangeTrial.exe 05/31/04   783K Make your own keyboard layout!!!
KeyboardKingSetup. 08/25/02   576K Speed up your keyboard.
LOGMON.ZIP        07/25/02   595K Files and directories monitoring tool     02/24/04   395K Check Server is alive.        09/06/02  1.24M Locks enthire Windows system.
MRenameSetup.exe  11/16/02  1.15M Rename multiple files at once with this powerful tool.
MemOptimizerSetup. 06/16/04   834K Improve your system's performance
MemTurbo_21_Regist 02/14/03   794K Memory enhancer     04/27/02   761K transform mouse into a highly functional tool
MoveMe_Setup.exe  02/18/03  2.38M Move programs, files and settings to new PC.
MpgsLightInst.exe 04/29/02   428K It helps you to control your MP3 collection.
MultiRenamer.exe  10/04/03  2.49M Rename multiple files automatically! Try now!        06/02/03  1.48M clean up all traces of Internet and PC usage
NIS2004.exe       01/30/04 34.28M Protection from viruses and hackers.
NP10ESD.exe       01/30/04 27.32M The world's most trusted antivirus solution.
NPM2004tb15.exe   02/05/04 17.05M Keeps passwords secure and easy to manage.       08/22/04   202K This program will give you full controll of your startup programs
PC20.exe          04/03/04  3.20M helps you create passwords.
PEncryptSuiteSetup 02/13/04  3.59M Encrypt your data, shred files, and more
PLP.exe           10/04/02   574K PC Locker Pro is a software that lock and protect your computer w
PSHLD100.ZIP      11/01/02   722K Stop keyloggers and snooping software on Windows XP.       10/25/03  3.06M Removes invalid entries in Registry
PowerPro-t.exe    09/01/04  3.04M Fully-integrated suite of utilities.
PrintMaestro.exe  03/05/04  1.66M Print the folders tree and folders content
PrivacyGuardSetup. 06/17/03  1.15M Protect your Internet Privacy, destroy traces    03/18/02   132K Have you lost your Windows 98/ME product key?Get it back.
ProtectWINv1.exe  03/30/02  2.84M Activa y desactica algunas opciones ocultas de windows
QWSafeMailInstall1 04/17/04   616K Backup tool for Outlook Express.        05/27/03  2.88M 10 of the most requested Windows utilities
QuickDrive.exe    02/19/04   784K Add your favorite folders to the system tray
RRDemoSetup.exe   09/04/04   870K Repair windows registry and speed up your pc
Radeonator_2.0_Bet 11/04/02  1.40M Radeon tweaker
RegEditer         02/12/03  1.02M Le meilleur outil puissant d'enregistrement 08/18/04  1.25M Effective spyware scanner and remover.      06/17/04   218K Enhanced Registry search, navigation, bookmarks and more 02/08/02  1.11M Search and Replace, Backup, Maintain your Registry      05/27/03  5.40M Removes invalid entries in Registry
RegistryCheckUp.ex 01/13/04   929K Safely locate and fix registry problems.        05/27/03  2.76M RegMedic Fixes corrupted Registrys        10/25/03  2.59M Fix IOS errors and more      10/25/03  2.42M Track changes made to the Registry     04/08/04   579K Multiple file renaming tool.
RoboTaskSetup.exe 08/11/04  2.95M Automate any series of tasks on your computer
SA_setup_ij.exe   09/12/02 32.37M Web Statistics Revolution.Patent Pendig Tool
SPRUCE10.EXE      02/14/03   341K Tuneup your PC before other startup programs
SQLXP20.exe       12/16/02  6.26M SQL development tool designed to help SQL developers working with
STOPzilla_Setup.ex 03/12/04    60K STOPzilla! The ULTIMATE Popup Killer!
SUJ.ZIP           01/05/03   654K Manage your startup programs.
SakLabs_ProcessSni 04/30/04   392K Proactive Anti-Badware Process Management
SectorSpyXP98_2.0. 10/23/02   246K Examine all data on a hard drive or diskette, at the sector level
ShutDown.exe      11/05/02  1.51M Program your system to power off at a specified time.          07/20/03    15K Assembly Language Quick Shutdown Utility
SpaceSearcher.exe 03/16/04  1.44M Find out how much garbage you store on HDD
SyncFolder.exe    11/06/03  3.26M Compare and merge your files and folders
SysEdit.exe       12/14/01    88K Quan ly windows      10/25/03  3.35M DLL version conflict checker
SystemOptimizer2.e 08/18/04  4.61M Easily optimize and speed up your computer.
System_Information 03/05/03  2.88M Gathers Your System Information
System_Information 08/20/04    77K Display System Information for Windows           09/04/02    59K Displays the Day, Month, Time, Free memory in Titlebar.
TheCleanerSetup.ex 08/30/02  2.17M Protect your Internet browsing privacy and speed up your PC perfo
TimeSynchronizer.z 05/08/04    26K Emsa Time Synchronizer: Computer Time utility
TrySolo.exe       05/06/02  1.61M Solo antivirus - Designed to fight against feature viruses
UWC2002D.EXE      04/22/02  1.11M Safely Cleans Your Windows and Improves Performance!           07/20/03    33K Compact assembly language utility package 07/16/04   917K It's the fastest, most powerful, system tools          08/03/03    19K Assembly battery monitor and quick shutdown
WICReg_1.exe      05/09/02   866K Search and replace registry strings
WRKPLOCK.ZIP      03/22/03   990K WorkStation Lock Pro: multi-user Windows authentication password
WinCron39.exe     12/28/02  1.83M WinCron, multi threaded task scheduling
WinPSF_v12.exe    04/29/04   641K Archive and backup utility
Wincoffer_Setup.zi 08/11/02   507K WinCoffer is a utility that protects your files, folders and driv      09/25/02   313K Windows Configurator is an ultimate registry tweaker.
Windows-Internet-C 11/19/02   808K Protect your privacy by delete your internet and windows tracks       10/25/03  2.21M Recover from a crash in seconds
ZDeleteSetup.exe  10/07/02   705K Internet Privacy Software. Cleanup
a1cleanz.exe      07/30/04  1.15M Cleans the computer using A1Click Technology.       03/18/04  1.06M Anonymously Surf and Download         11/25/02   824K ABF Favorite Folders
abfOutlookBackupIn 08/06/04   925K ABF Outlook Backup           09/10/03  1.01M Backup important files on any storage device
abpmon20.exe      03/06/04   853K 'Free RAM' and monitor System graphically.      01/27/04   923K Protect files and folders      10/09/02   562K File manager with the abliity to add comments (notes) to files      10/17/02   254K Collection of System Maintenance Tools      02/09/04   683K Alt Clock Synchronizer allow to synchronize your computer's clock
actmon-setup.exe  04/01/04  1.80M Activity recording tool, emails reports (PRO)        12/31/03   426K Act! Password: password recovery tool.
actualdoc-lite.exe 04/23/04  1.75M Unique secure recent documents manager
adewautoruncd_setu 05/31/04  2.08M Enhance your Autorun CDs      04/01/00   408K Registry garbage cleaner.
advtimesync.exe   05/13/04   510K Time synchronization tool.
ae_plugin.exe     09/03/04  1.18M Encrypt/decrypt/shred/SFX .EXE/ZIP files
ae_plugin_pro.exe 08/27/04  1.18M Encrypt/decrypt/shred/SFX .EXE/ZIP files
aep2004_setup.exe 09/10/04  2.10M Encrypts,shredds, produces .EXE
aep2004pro_setup.e 08/21/04  2.07M Encrypts,shredds, produces .EXE
aforg.exe         03/23/04  1.38M Catalog and organize your disks and files.
ahe.exe           07/24/03  2.56M Protect personal computers decline hackers,trojans and baleful s
ahwsetup.exe      05/07/03  1.69M Add dozens of helpful new window functions!
akl.exe           01/24/04   629K Active Key Looger - Keyboard Spy           10/26/02   682K Record all keystrokes into a log file.      08/26/02   130K Start up Password Program
alfaclock_v1_70.ex 09/09/04  2.05M AlfaClock is a handy taskbar clock with powerful capabilities and
all-in-one-spy.exe 03/01/04  2.76M All-In-One SPY - stealthy monitoring software       05/20/97    78K Complete System Level Diagnostics
ams103.exe        07/07/03  1.19M autoimmunization mouse and keyboard utility and an schedule tool
anticrash5x.exe   03/27/01  4.53M A fundamental step towards preventing Windows crashes.       12/24/02  1.16M Protection against any type of keyloggers
antipop.exe       08/13/02   475K Eliminates pop-up ads when surfing the internet.
antispy_firewall.e 11/13/02  1.20M simple-to-use anti-spy firewall
anvirstp.exe      10/17/02    99K Process and startup manager with advanced log
aofpr_setup.exe   04/20/03   546K The software for recovering passwords to Microsoft Access/Excel/Word docum           04/07/04  1.55M Parental Control Tool
apm_setup.exe     08/12/03  1.05M PDF search and PDF to text conversion utility
apr.exe           11/05/03  1.69M Record your telephone calls to your hard disk
apr189.exe        06/28/02   368K A tool to let you read the password hidden in asterisks(*****)
aprinter1.exe     06/09/04   489K Switch active printer with one mouse click.
apsetup.exe       08/17/04   484K Recover Access Database passwords, user ID
archiverescuepro_s 05/29/04  1.06M Recover lost ZIP, RAR archives from any media
armor2nt.exe      06/03/04  3.56M Personal firewall software protects your PC        10/14/02   929K Analyze changes in Registry and REG files
asbackup.exe      08/07/03  3.98M AbsoluteSystemBackup presents a backup utilit
asc101.exe        05/08/04   295K Clean junk files, Registry and privacy.           07/05/04  1.42M a powerful launch       12/05/03   128K Turn off the computer automatically.
ashampoo_mailvirus 09/16/02  3.16M Ashampoo Mail Virus Blocker
asnap125.exe      08/25/02   386K Makes all windows snap to each other.
aspsetup.exe      08/17/04   500K Uncovers passwords hidden with asterisk.           04/24/03   715K Protect your Windows from regular crashes.
asrsetup.exe      08/28/02   713K Protect your Windows from regular crashes.         06/24/04   544K This program performs computer configuration analysis.
ats1.exe          02/07/04  3.86M Sophisticated Trojan defeat package.      12/18/02  1.50M Customizable desktop alarm clock with skins       05/23/04   453K Attribute Manager - change file attributes.
audiorescuepro_set 06/11/04  1.06M Recover lost audio files from all media.
autoshutdown.exe  06/24/03   893K System shutdown manager for Windows.           02/04/04   914K Give Your Browser a Boost with AWS Toolbar!
b-pro42.exe       08/29/02  2.25M Award-Winning security util - easily Hide, Lock files
bab_heb.exe       10/29/98  6.60M The Single Click Translator, English to Hebrew
backreg.exe       06/18/00    67K FreeWare windows registry backup tool
backuptime.exe    11/05/02   661K Backup, scheduler and remider
batmon.exe        02/09/04   386K Advanced laptop battery and UPS monitoring.
bfusetup.exe      01/12/04  1016K rename files and mp3 in a single swoop
bhr.exe           09/06/04  1.09M Recover browser after it has been hijacked       09/12/02   434K Excellent partition and multi boot manager.
bitstd.exe        04/28/01   587K PC reliability and stability testing           07/20/02   675K System Information Tool featuring 4 benchmarks       06/22/00  1.41M Let the user  reboot/logoff/shut down his/her pc.
bre_demo.exe      08/19/02   381K Windows
brx_demo.exe      11/09/02   384K Backup Windows
bszipins.exe      02/19/04   776K Swiss Army Knife for zip files
ca_setup.exe      06/23/04   620K Computer Alarm Clock for your PC!
capmnemo14.exe    12/17/03   898K Easily keep your passwords without memorizing
ccBook16.exe      02/14/03  3.61M Home Security on any PC Laptop or Computer with a Joystick!           07/09/00    12K Controls your cdrom's tray.      02/06/04   772K Hide drives from viewing or lock access       04/21/03   864K CD front-end image viewer system       01/27/04   772K Hide drives from viewing or lock access       04/29/02   451K Comments Editor is a program to insert, edit and remove Comments.      10/15/02  3.04M Disk quota manager for directories      03/11/01   215K change filename, directory name case and timestamp auto     11/25/02  2.01M Easy to use Blowfish based file encryption
cleanersetup.exe  10/19/03  1.27M A system optimization and cleaning toolkit.
cleanit.exe       08/11/02   720K protect your privacy, and speed up and frees space on your CPU           06/18/04   455K Main system files configuration backup and restore utility.      10/28/02   600K Comprehensive disk cleaning for the very tigh
clvrcpt1.exe      07/15/04  3.38M Powerful File And Folder Encryption Software
cmp_suite.exe     12/10/03  1.34M Full comparison with merge and reporting        12/22/02   609K file encryption tool.
cram.exe          02/18/04   527K Clean Ram - Tune up RAM for free
crdemo.exe        05/26/04   798K Backup, clean and compress registry.
cryptocrat_setup.e 09/06/04  1.69M Strong Files Encryption Software          12/23/03   570K Custom StartUp: Manage start up configuration
cwmtrial.exe      09/19/02   986K Recover a stolen computer or prove you own it.
deletedr.exe      07/20/04    43K Delete files that are difficult to delete     02/14/04   834K Protect, backup, restore your desktop layout.
dirdat35.exe      04/02/04   625K Command line file create/modify date changer      04/02/04   760K Shows used and wasted space in each folder      09/04/02    66K Drive Image and Disk Copy Backup Software      04/07/04  1.12M Well thought file and disk catalog.
diskt.exe         09/06/04   478K Track, view, and save any changes done to your pc.       11/22/98   135K Show running processes, loaded DLLs, memory & tech info    05/22/02   479K Recover Lost Or Current Dial-up Networking Passwords.
documentsrescuepro 05/20/04  1.07M Recover deleted documents from all media.
dp4.exe           09/03/02  2.64M XP optimized power anti trojan scanner.
dp410.exe         09/03/04  5.09M Antivirus with scanner and monitor.
dps_trial.exe     04/17/03  3.74M Picture On TV make Video CD slide show         08/15/00  4.01M Increase CPU speed,Ram,Internet speed and disk space
drvmg17.exe       04/07/04  2.82M back up and restore device drivers
dskclean.exe      12/14/02   871K Find and delete useless files.      08/20/02  1.55M a GUI tool used to Export/Import oracle data
ecsSetup.exe      11/14/02  1.68M Records and plays back Windows events. Scriptable too.
eexp.exe          06/17/02  2.68M A Microsoft 'Best Choice' File Manager
effective-password 07/05/04   789K A perfect tool for storing your passwords.      07/13/04   723K Search any files on your PC or local network            12/15/02   863K Never forget to include an email attachment!
emonitor.exe      01/12/03  2.45M Network and service monitoring    12/17/02   267K renaming virtual folders
energyspy.exe     08/17/04   898K Energy Spy easy controls power of computer.        02/14/04  1.02M Stop your computer spying.
erdemo.exe        05/22/04   885K ExchangeRecovery converts .OST files to .PST.
erotrial.exe      03/18/04   506K Backup, optimize and compress your registry.
etime011.exe      11/28/02   208K System clock corrector
ezreg_setup.exe   08/08/03    78K World's First 15 Second Registry Error Diagnosis 10/09/99  1.23M Disk Info, File system properties & Send to any folder      01/04/03  2.49M GUI for UPX EXE compressor (Includes UPX 1.24w)
fdssetup.exe      09/02/02   152K Catalog       12/23/01  2.52M Permanently eliminates sensitive data beyond recovery.
ffrsetup.exe      08/26/04   888K powerful digital image recovery utility
fgce70.exe        08/06/04  1.13M Powerful Security Utility       11/14/02   438K File Open and Save-As Dialog Extensions    02/16/02   849K Program that lets you split large into lots of smaller files.
filerenamerbasic.e 08/28/04  2.12M Rename Files, Folders, MP3 files, Edit ID3
fileshredder130.ex 06/15/02   508K Permanently remove files and folders from your system      03/10/04   352K Relevant fragments of files shown immediately   04/25/04   624K System Information Utility for Windows.
fogsetup.exe      08/17/04   934K File Encryption Tool and Secure Data Removal
folock42.exe      10/25/02  1.14M Password protect and lock your personal files            01/27/04   923K Stop unwanted access to your data.
fr106.exe         08/12/02   572K Small and fast un-installer.
frigate3_std.exe  08/04/03  6.62M Handy file manager with huge set of features      08/28/04  1.53M FileTiger 1.3 (ASP) Dual-Window Synchronizer      08/11/03  1.24M POWERFUL SYSTEM ACCESS CONTROL and TWEAKING UTILITY
gesetup.exe       11/17/02  1.48M Spy all activity on your computer
gml_sculpter.exe  09/09/04  3.88M This program is for use with GameMaker!!      07/07/04   880K Tool that protects your data from irreparable loss.          03/05/03   271K Customize many system settings including start up programs     12/27/02   366K keyboard-grab invisible program
handy_keylogger.ex 07/09/04  1.46M Perfect invisible keylogger software!
hdd_thermometer_se 04/09/04   213K HDD thermometer and overheating preventer
hddtscsi.exe      06/09/04  1.31M Hard-drive temperature monitoring software.          02/21/03   720K Hide your private folders from other users.           02/25/04   795K Hide Files
hflite.exe        11/19/03   784K Hide any files and folders from any people.       02/25/04   774K Protect Hard drive, CD, DVD, floppy and flash      08/08/04   797K CPU temperature monitor
hostsed_sw.exe    01/18/04   643K Fully featured HOSTS file editor
hwnSetup.exe      08/25/04   816K Hide Window Now help you to hide all windows.
i-pwd4p0.exe      04/16/02   360K Windows XP Password Recovery
i_bpk2003.exe     06/30/04   537K Logs all users' typing and makes screenshots
i_sta2003.exe     10/21/02   379K Complex typing automation tool
iamwr_pro.exe     07/16/04  2.01M Monitoring of company's Internet access usage           01/31/03   784K A firewall with user-level access controls.
ib12.exe          08/31/04   895K Instant Backup lets you backup your data.
iconmgr.exe       12/14/02  1.22M Modify icons for various Windows components      03/18/04   765K Prevent identity theft using this safety tool      08/23/04   862K Powerful local PC document search engine
iepbsetup120.exe  06/15/02   592K small, configurable ad window and pop-up killer
ieprosetup.exe    08/27/04  1.12M Repair IE and clean all activity
iepsetup.exe      08/17/04   481K Program recover all IE passwords      09/06/03   985K Protect your IE browser with this tool
il_setup.exe      08/09/04  2.57M Secure files, folders, drives and the system
install.exe       01/26/03   106K Replaces the important file deleted by many due to a virus hoax
install9x.exe     01/26/03   164K Replaces an important file deleted by many due to a virus hoax      05/31/04  7.45M PC based home alarm system software.       12/28/02  1.43M Windows installation serial codes retrieval tool        11/11/02   389K JASP is an File Spliting Utility.
kavlite40eng.exe  08/14/02  9.02M Kaspersky Anti-Virus Lite, 1 year, 4.0
kavpers40eng.exe  08/14/02 12.05M Kaspersky
kavpers40germ.exe 08/14/02 11.80M Kaspersky™ Anti-Virus Personal, 1 year, v. 4.
kavperspro40eng.ex 08/14/02 13.14M Kaspersky
kavperspro40germ.e 08/14/02 12.89M Kaspersky
keychoke.exe      10/14/03    32K Suppresses unwanted keys, such as caps lock and insert.
keylogger.exe     08/29/00    92K Invisible logging of all keystrokes and window titles.
keylogger_home2_se 10/15/03   967K Advanced invisible keystroke logging.   10/13/02   480K Use Keyboard to emulate your mouse,that's it! Support drag
keyspectfree.exe  09/01/04  1.25M Free keylogger for home and office
keyspectpro.exe   12/07/03  1014K Multifunctional keylogger for home and office
keyspectst.exe    09/03/04  1.25M Multifunctional keylogger for home and office      06/16/03   252K Hard drive eraser. Boot from floppy disk. DOS
ldsetup.exe       10/19/02   664K Freeware Disk-Tool with many useful functions
ldt107f_setup.exe 05/23/02   333K Scan for errors, ERASE hard drives, Diagnose and Fix problems!!       11/06/03   211K Utilty per ingrandire e catturare facilmente aree dello schermo
linkspy12.exe     09/19/02   491K Link Spy - save URLs for later.          08/02/04   921K Lock your PC with just a click! Feel secure!          01/27/04  1.31M Lock your system with a password      11/12/02   658K Lock´s executable files with password.
lockthefile.exe   12/19/03  1.77M LockTheFile protects the content of files
lockup.exe        05/13/04   680K Lock and unlock any program on your pc so it cannot be used.      01/25/98  1015K Freeware util to change the Win95 boot splash screen           05/01/03  1019K Line Printer Daemon application with command line redirection           04/25/03   393K Line Printer Client for Win9x/ME printing to unix/lpd hosts.
magicphone.exe    02/08/03  1.11M Make your phone number easy to remember.
mamkms_pro.exe    07/09/04  1.94M Monitoring of company's mail server usage
mamsmail_pro.exe  07/22/04  1.94M Monitoring of company's mail server usage
mbsetup.exe       10/17/02  1.84M MemoryBoost frees unused memory      01/07/03  1.09M Eliminate repetitive tasks with one keystroke
mediarescuepro_set 05/08/04  1.08M Recover lost multimedia files from all media. 12/10/03   727K Picture recovery tool for all digital camera
memoryoptimizer200 03/19/02   466K Memory Optimizer Boosts your PC's Performance and Stability up to        02/04/02   767K Memory Zipper frees, optimizes, defrag memory
menued.exe        12/14/02   825K Easily customize Windows Right-Click menus.
mfrdemo.exe       04/06/04   543K Utility to monitor and free unused RAM.
mfx.exe           03/02/02   339K World's most popular file hiding program!
mgtweak_270.exe   11/16/03  1.12M MagicTweak is a special Tweaking software.       01/28/00   538K Latest development of the well-known mouse utility
mksetup.exe       02/25/02  1.34M MemoryKing frees unused memory, making your computer faster!
mmonster.exe      12/27/03   813K MemMonster - Tune Up RAM Performance
mpicminst80.exe   08/29/02   469K complete solution for your management needs in your internet cafe
mpiginst901.exe   08/29/02   587K the best client software to manage the system for internet cafe
mpl_v_3_5.exe     12/24/03  1.23M Lock your data. Now come with a new XP Look.          12/18/00  1.16M Cleans and defrags RAM
myfirewallplus.exe 09/16/02  5.87M Secure your computer with My Firewall Plus
myfolders-setup.ex 02/17/03   255K Access your often-used folders quickier than ever!      02/26/02    16K  You can also format a floppy with TRACK 0 BAD.         02/07/04  2.48M MyOdd is a windows management system.
nbpro14.exe       12/13/02   582K NetBlock Pro - actions on shared resources.      06/22/00   531K Boost Your Internet Connection onThe Fly!
netscanner.exe    07/24/03  1.28M Check for open ports, scan dead machines, track ip,and more.      01/05/03  1.86M Centralized Network Surveillance Software
nncron189.exe     06/18/04   796K Scheduler, reminder, automation manager
nncronlt115.exe   10/11/03   224K Small, freeware, full-featured scheduler       07/03/03   344K Network and Dial-up password recovery tool
oa2.04setup.exe   07/26/04  1.83M clean tracks,IE's cache,history and etc.
objectrescuepro_se 06/04/04  1.09M Recover deleted files from all media.      02/06/04   862K Backup restore and move your Outlook Express     02/25/04   874K Backup and restore your Outlook Express data.
oerdemo.exe       06/23/04   919K OutlookExpressRecovery fixes .DBX folders.
opsetup.exe       08/17/04   479K Program recover all Outlook related passwords
optimizer3.exe    08/22/02   317K Increase your computer speed by up to 100%, Make your PC Faster !      03/17/03   750K Start and stop tasks using flexible schedule.        09/02/02   816K Oracle session manager 07/01/03   467K Outlook Password: password recovery tool.
partitionrecoveryf 06/30/03   352K DOS tool for data recovery partition undelete
pas_stor_1_8_eng.z 03/11/04   902K This is convenient keeper of password
passpectlite.exe  10/06/03   506K See the password behind the asterisks.
password.exe      05/13/04   535K Manage, print, and update all your passwords and websites.
password_manager.e 03/04/04  1.06M Handy password manager with powerful features
pathlister.exe    01/16/04  1.03M View a customizable listing of folders
pbm101k_setup.exe 05/23/02   559K Boot up to 256 operating systems on a single drive with security!
pbsetup.exe       04/18/02  9.07M Completely removes and destroys files from HD           09/18/02   555K Most powerful monitoring program.       09/18/02   590K Most powerful monitoring program.       09/18/02   751K Most powerful monitoring program.
pcb10.exe         01/25/02  1.52M PC Booster, the PC Performance Booster that Works!
pcbkstg.exe       07/02/04  1.16M See exactly what programs are starting up when you turn on your c
pcdoctorsetup.exe 07/29/02  5.33M Repair your PC by searching symptoms to find the cure.        10/24/03   368K Control any local and network printer!          01/29/03   225K Manage every print job on your computer!      08/27/00  3.03M Instant computer lock. Freeware
pdb6_demo.exe     09/12/03  6.84M Secure your system and data against disaster!            08/06/03   474K Make your work more functional and efficient!
personal-inspector 09/02/04   954K Total control over users’ computer activity
petst.exe         02/20/04  1.35M Easy to use PC benchmark software   04/16/04  3.27M Secure your files with digital certificates.
plsetup.exe       06/09/03  1.57M Automate Windows easily with Power Launch 2
pme3_demo.exe     09/25/03  3.09M Remove barriers between different OS!
popupext.exe      02/20/04  1.11M Blocks popup windows while surfing
potolook.exe      04/19/04   850K Open Outlook anew with Potolook!        12/11/01   263K Avoid laptop battery memory.
pprdemo.exe       06/11/04   959K PowerPointRecovery fixes damaged .PPT files.
ppsetup.exe       08/17/04   460K Program recover all MS Project passwords
prclean.exe       12/14/02   800K Manage the programs installed on your PC      02/10/99    69K Process Viewer shows full DLL path, threads, memory
privacy-eraser-set 11/11/02   822K Erasing your tracks and protect your privacy!!!
privacy_151.exe   09/16/03   887K Privacy Inspector is your privacy guarder.
privacymaster.exe 11/06/02  1.42M Secure your personal information.
procview2000.exe  07/14/99   315K View and terminate active processes       05/23/04   498K Rename multiple filenames at once.
protectf98.exe    07/23/03   408K Protect your important data with a password.        01/28/04   735K Ultimate password recovery solution.       05/25/04   710K Powerful Hot Keys Manager.
psweep.exe        10/04/02  1.79M Erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs        09/01/04   677K remember all your passwords.         12/14/03   904K Powerful and versatile password manager.       01/07/02   103K Generates strong passwords
pwltss.exe        04/07/04   412K Secure your computer with password protection
pxpsetup.exe      08/25/04   475K Program recover Paradox datases passwords
qgsetup.exe       01/09/03  3.08M Windows Installer with Flash or Html user interface       10/23/99   520K Quick Info Freeware       12/28/01   105K Screensaver Powertoy
quick_key_logger.e 08/18/04   482K WideStep Quick Keylogger: Covert Surveillance      12/17/03  1.10M Universal and extensible automation program
ram_de20.exe      12/16/02   757K RAM Defrag - defrags your RAM      05/17/01   596K Increase your Windows performance!   05/03/04   606K Easy-to-use RAM optimizer tool.        12/22/02   566K The powerful and fast file encryption tool.
readntfs.exe      07/16/02   147K Read NTFS from MS DOS. Run from boot floppy.      03/20/02    78K Quickly Repair Windows Icon Cache
reg.exe           03/11/03   332K Edit the registry with ease with this free registry editor
regback.exe       04/08/00   420K windows registry backup & restore system utility.     09/02/03   514K Registry backup and restore
regbv3_3.exe      03/24/00   406K Windows Registry backup, restore, creates boot disk
regcmd.exe        06/09/02   550K Replace the Windows RegEdit with this enhanced Registry Editor.        03/03/02   161K Browse old Win9x/Me Registry files       05/25/02    93K Create Reg Files        06/15/99   296K Utility to analyse changes in Windows Registry
reglite.exe       08/14/02  1.99M free and powerful registry editor
regrescue.exe     01/08/04  1.02M Registry cleaner and repair made easy       03/07/02   208K Keep track of all System Registry changes.        05/25/03   615K Advanced registry spy(softly tracks registry          02/11/02    51K This program is for viewing registry files without WinAPI
regvacz.exe       01/17/03   561K When the registry gets filthy, this collection of tools will clea
renamer.exe       02/10/00   155K Fast and easy to use file renaming tool, perfect for MP
rescue2.exe       02/08/99   268K Backs up/restores registry and important system files.
rescuewz.exe      11/05/98  2.03M Create rescue disks for DOS/Windows restore
rfasetup.exe      01/26/04  1.40M A clean registry speeds up your computer!       10/28/03   825K Registry cleanup tool.
rrestore.exe      03/17/00    51K Restore your Windows registry & system files. FreeWare      10/04/02  9.13M Powerful system Analyzing and Management tool
sclnup10.exe      09/07/02  1.47M Protect your privacy,remove all evidences.      07/26/00   315K Searches for identical files based on CRC, checksum.         02/01/99    96K Shows all DLLs implicitly linked to an application
sd_setup.exe      06/22/04  1.37M Easy-to-use encryption application.
sdinstall.exe     06/18/04  2.19M An advanced adware and spyware removal tool
sdman25.exe       11/25/02  2.47M Remotely shutdown/reboot/audit/wakeup (WOL)       10/28/02  1.05M The best on-the-fly encryption software.      01/27/04   912K Protect your privacy and control access to PC
secsetup.exe      09/28/03  7.66M Locks Documents (Secure Is Secura)
securelockwithoutn 08/03/04  1.90M New Technology for File/Folder/Drive locking
secureword.exe    02/24/04   548K Secure Word Keeps your passwords SECURE!
selfcron.exe      08/24/03   882K Synchronize your pc's time with atomic clocks
setup-atb-23.exe  04/20/04   806K Insert text strings into dialog boxes!
setupEN.exe       11/18/02  2.90M Detaile analysed and detection CPU.
setup_akl.exe     05/22/04   209K Captures ALL keystrokes typed.
setup_akll.exe    11/05/03   366K Captures ALL keystrokes typed.
setup_spykeyspy.ex 05/25/04   693K Keystroke monitoring application with e-mail
setup_tc.exe      11/15/03   912K Advanced tray launcher.
setupam.exe       03/01/02   552K Move installed programs to a new path.
setupmpm.exe      09/02/04   833K Password manager software that leaves simple password keepers
setuprt.exe       03/01/02   743K Search replace edit the Windows registry          12/04/03    83K all-in-one system and security repair tool
sfsetup.exe       05/14/04  2.09M Make your Windows boot much faster.
shdsetup11.exe    07/16/04   999K Reboot in one mouse click    08/21/04   342K ShellReset simplifies Windows Shell debugging      07/30/04   264K Quickly local and remote ShutDown Windows
si11.exe          04/10/04  4.53M Keep your PC running faster and error free!          06/21/02   212K Automated Task Scheduling
sktr21.exe        06/17/03  3.36M Spy software and spyware removal system.
sl_install.exe    07/29/03   788K Run programs as quickly as possible.       05/12/04   611K Computer Access Control Tool.      10/07/02  2.24M Windows access control program and more...
sminstall.exe     06/17/04  2.10M Spam Monitor is an easy-to-use spam filter
sosetup.exe       09/01/04   825K Organize applications starting automatically          06/06/04   750K Multimedia-enabled secure screen locking application.
speedupmypctrial.e 04/29/04  3.26M Improve system performance in minutes       07/09/04   143K Merge/Split filesat 4Mb/sec splitted by other splitters.  01/21/03   527K Fast and simple open-source file splitter
splsetup.exe      08/08/02   630K The program for splitting files into small parts.
spycatcher-152754. 06/11/04  5.21M SpyCatcher detects and disables spyware
spypcd.exe        11/10/03  3.59M Total PC Control with Stealth Security!
ss-setup.exe      03/21/99   546K SysSTAT monitors your system resources with graphs.
sssum101.exe      12/03/02   709K SSSummarizer creates summaries of documents
startman.exe      12/14/02   801K Manage programs that auto-start with Windows
startupguru.exe   07/27/04  1.89M Startup Guru manages how Windows boots up.
supercoolwindowwas 05/22/04   707K Internet eraser and Disk cleaner
supercoolzipbackup 05/22/04  1.07M Backup software and file synchronization tool
superfassst.exe   01/07/00  1.35M SPEED UP your PC! Download this PC Accelerator for free
superscan.exe     07/30/02   752K scan your hard disk
sus.exe           09/19/02  2.76M Startup application and driver monitoring.
sw_3_4_2.exe      08/16/04  1.01M Swift Keyboard the best manager of shortcuts.        01/05/03  3.86M Powerful PC Protection and Security Tools
syswatch.exe      08/13/02   489K Allows you to view RAM and memory usage on your computer.
taskmgr10eng.exe  02/20/03   237K A Windows task manager customized for Win98
tasksched.exe     05/28/04   260K Run/open programs, files, tasks to a schedule      09/29/02    97K Display DayMonthDateYearTimeMemFree in right side of titlebar         03/19/02  2.30M Optimize your system for maximum speed and reliability.
tc_lite.exe       07/05/03   253K Free application launcher.       01/11/03   295K For testing monitors      11/22/02  1.42M Suite for real-time access to PC hardware       02/28/99   559K Split any file into pieces of any size
tk8backup_setup.ex 09/08/04  5.99M Backup your data, emails and settings.      12/01/02  1.97M More powerful scheduler for Windows - programs, FTP, reboot, web
toolfish_201.exe  07/02/03  1.46M A 19-in-one talking tray application.
toolkitd.exe      01/28/99  1006K Recover passwords for Excel, Word, Mail & more...
tr12.exe          08/31/04   800K Remove all traces of usage on your computer.       03/09/00   134K Protects the registry while testing software.
tskinf50.exe      02/27/04  1.20M Win9x/ME/NT/2k/XP Task Manager
turborun-internet. 05/17/04   795K Go to your favorite web sites in seconds!      03/02/02  3.55M Windows Configuration and Management Tool
tweak98.exe       08/11/02   488K Allows you to Customize your windows 98.      11/02/02    26K Winmd5 uses MD5technology to check files
uabifree.exe      07/23/02   551K Be able to uninstall unnecessary programs.     08/18/00   225K Uninstall programs editor      02/16/03   314K Data Recovery Software, FAT and NTFS Undelete
ununinst.exe      02/03/04  2.32M Smart Drag-and-Uninstall uninstaller.
upbackup.exe      07/14/04  1.19M Automatically backup and restore vital data!
utilityping.exe   12/14/02   342K ping tool for system administrator, webmaster        07/24/03   784K VBA Password: password recovery tool.    04/01/04   388K Create, edit and remove virtual drives.
videorescuepro_set 07/12/04  1.06M Recover deleted video files from all media.
vmsmtpsetup_en.exe 02/06/04 10.66M AntiVirus for SMTP email servers
wboost.exe        12/27/03  1.51M WinBoost - Boost Windows Performance      10/15/02  4.73M Backup direct to CD/DVD - x-session/rollback
wd_setup.exe      08/17/02  1.32M Antivirus tool for Outlook 2000 and XP
wdcurrent.exe     05/02/04  6.78M Parental control and time management software
wdsetup.exe       08/17/04   511K Get data from protected Word 97/2000™ files. 01/12/03   873K Powerful PC History Deletion Software
winbackuptrial.exe 04/29/04  4.21M Secure Your Data
wincatalogs10.exe 01/19/04  1.60M Makes Managing Disk Collection Easier!
winclip_install.ex 06/17/04  1.00M Winclip is power clipboard extender.
wincust.exe       12/14/02   973K System maintenance and customization utility.
windowsstartupedit 03/01/00  4.70M Show all items set to load when Windows is restarted.
winhelp.exe       04/01/03   988K WinHelp - Hard drive/Registry/Memory tools
winlock.exe       08/27/04  1.22M WinLock is a comprehensive security solution.     02/26/01  1.05M A Task Manager for win 95/98/ME/2000
wintasksprotrial.e 04/29/04  3.20M Manage computer resources      11/15/03   749K Increasing operating system performance.   08/25/04   796K Increasing operating system performance.        06/26/03   572K memory/CPU monitor and optimizer      03/20/02   240K 1,554 Windows Error Messages
workshop.exe      10/20/02  2.66M System maintenance utility suite for Windows
wosetup.exe       10/21/02  8.37M Real-time web site visitor tracking.      01/12/03  1.31M Creates self-extracting patch files.         10/15/02  2.12M Windows Spy monitors a remote computer.
wssetup.exe       07/05/02   652K Find out everything done on your computer
wtm2demo.exe      02/13/03  1.47M Control your Windows system with tweaks and hidden settings
x2net_smartboard_s 04/24/04  2.02M Powerful multi-user clipboard extender 03/07/02    65K Add Visual Styles Supportto Old Programs.
zcliveupdatesetup. 09/18/02  1.06M Packing center, file manager and internet browser with 10 windows      11/28/02   674K Clever replacement for DOS CD command
zrdemo.exe        06/19/04   778K ZipRecovery fixes corrupted .ZIP archives.

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