Directory of sounds

1steasyrecorder.ex 08/26/02   766K Record any sound generated, or requested          10/08/02  7.03M Audio/Video Player,Creat webpage,VideoCapture,Toolbar Wallpaper,I
AAA_Real_Recorder. 06/04/02   809K Sound recording software.
AMRSetup.exe      09/24/02   854K A fast tool to easily rename your mp3 files
AmzRvbV2.exe      04/29/02  1.20M Real time audio/sound reverb for winamp (plugin).
Atmosphere        12/31/02  8.95M Relax to ambient sounds of nature.
AudioRec.exe      09/05/02  1.08M Capture any sound to MP3 or WAV files
BS230.exe         11/30/01  1.05M BearShare - The World's Best Gnutella Client
CDM_Enu_Latest.exe 12/23/01  7.67M CD Mate is a powerful new CD backup utility.
EasyConverter.exe 06/21/02   918K mp3 encoder and decoder,easy to use .Cool user interface    12/26/02  1.30M Music Producer, Generator, Synthesizer, Composer and Editor.
FlexiMusic_Generat 01/01/03  4.07M Music and non-music sound generating software
FlexiMusic_Orchest 03/23/04  4.32M Virtual Music Instrument on PC KeyBoard and a Virtual Orchestra
HamAlyzerSetup26.e 08/26/02   869K A spectrum analyzer that was made for use by amateur radio hams.
Inovamp3v1.exe    03/30/02  2.57M Comprime hasta 400 archivos wav a mp3 en un solo proceso
Kits1.EXE         09/04/02  1.38M Installation of kitset1 for SequBeat Pro
Kits2.EXE         09/05/02  1.10M Installation of kitset2 for SequBeat Pro
Kits3.EXE         09/05/02  1.21M Installation of kitse3 for SequBeat Pro
Kits4.EXE         09/05/02  1.35M Installation of kitset4 for SequBeat Pro
Kits5.EXE         10/14/02  1.48M Installation of kitset5 for SequBeat Pro
Kits6.EXE         09/05/02  1.20M Installation of kitset6 for SequBeat Pro
LensMP3Player.exe 09/14/02   494K An easy to use mp3 player.
MP3ExplorerTrlRN.e 09/09/02   517K Advanced free mp3 download search software
MXDemo-net-setup.e 11/15/02  5.09M Intuitive MX is a digital audio recording software     11/12/02   507K Rythm, tempo for musicians ! Beats marked by colors. WAV sound.           11/07/02   680K A volume control for audiophiles.
Mobile.exe        06/14/02  1.38M Convert midi to mobile phone ringtone.
Mp3WavDeluxe_setup 09/09/02  1.54M convert MP3 to WAV, and WAV to MP3. Record direct to MP3.
Mp3_Swapper_3.1.ex 04/24/02  1.24M Download Mp3 Files with this P2P Network with NO SPYWARE!
P2PMJ100.EXE      09/17/02  9.48M An all-in-one digital music jukebox.
Pedisv110.exe     03/29/02  2.69M Reproductor de archivos mp3, wma, wav y mid y compresor de mp3
QunicDemo.exe     05/28/01  3.62M Sample based music porgram, with loop maker, sample editor, track
RPCSetup.exe      11/20/01 11.70M Radio station automation software
RipCastSetup.exe  10/02/02  1.13M Save streaming audio as individual songs in MP3 format.
SRTSetup.exe      09/11/01  4.82M Record sounds by realtime MP3 and transfer them via email or FTP.   08/13/02  1.18M Browser, player
Sax20021.EXE      04/29/02  2.32M Saxophone tutorial program, for windows
SideBurns.exe     03/31/02  1.42M SideBurns creates CDs directly from MP3 files, no need to use Wav
Songs-DB_Setup.exe 11/14/02  2.62M Free MP3 player, jukebox and music organizer. 08/11/02  1.17M Enhanced Windows Media Player 6.xx. Plays Audio Files from list.
SpectraScope26.exe 08/26/02   548K A professional audio spectrum analyzer.
Studio6TrialVersio 05/15/02 10.46M Award-winning, notation-based sequencing product .
Synth.exe         01/16/02   391K Synthesiser reliably plays midi music for the computer.
TPlayerSetup.exe  01/27/03   669K Dual audio files player/mixer
TTSLivePlayer.exe 08/26/04  6.65M Text to speech. Batch converts text to MP3s.
TrackaDAT130.exe  11/30/01  4.66M Digital Audio Multi-Track Recorder/Mixer
Tstarv43.ZIP      03/20/01  1.72M Multitrack Recorder with fader automation
VDJ3Setup.exe     11/23/02  2.54M A Virtual Mixing Console for DJs       04/17/02  5.57M Voice Changer for Internet
WAVTOUCH.ZIP      08/21/02  1.38M Programable .wav file player
WVCL183.EXE       11/05/02  3.45M Powerful and easy to use sound denoising software
WaveGenerator.exe 02/14/01    56K Generates desired signals and stores them in a wav file.
Xg909Setup.exe    03/22/02  1.14M A professional quality drum machine for Windows
abander_tagcontrol 01/16/03  2.99M MP3 OGG WMA ASF APE Tag Editor ( Art, Lyrics)
acaripper.exe     10/17/02   875K Converts CD audio tracks to MP3 files
acdrpsetup.exe    04/14/02  3.55M Extract audio CD into WAVs,MP3s,WMA,and OGGs on the fly      08/22/02  2.19M Simply the best sound editor and synthesizer for Windows
acsetup.exe       10/07/02  2.83M convert your media files to mp3,wma,ogg,vqf..          08/08/02   214K Analog-to-digital converter...      02/09/99   253K real-time graphic equalizer - CD rom equalizer        06/26/01 10.06M DBZ Music Video featuring Goku and Pikkon battle in a tournament
allr.exe          11/26/02  2.57M MP3 recorder software        03/22/03  2.72M Create a smooth DJ mix with MP3s - Pitch, Cue, Crossfade, etc
andamb.exe        05/19/98  1.15M Humorous sound event pack to replace standard sounds
apr.exe           12/17/02  1.04M Easy audio recorder - Sound recorder software
arpx8.exe         03/22/02   780K An octal MIDI arpeggiator for Windows
arsetup.exe       10/07/02  2.56M record and edit sound to mp3,wma,ogg,vqf,wav      05/21/04  2.55M This is a sound recorder with mp3/ogg support
ashampoo_mediaplay 09/30/03  4.12M Ashampoo Media Player
asmp3pl.exe       11/28/01   535K MP3-PLAYER is the original design       03/27/01   533K MP3-PLAYER is the original design
asr11.exe         08/08/02   713K records almost all sound from the sound card.
asrsetup.exe      11/04/02  2.51M Powerful sound recorder, editor and player      08/06/02  1008K 16-channels voice recorder and phone logger
aucdrip.exe       11/11/02  3.20M Extract audio tracks to MP3 and WAV from CDS
audio2x_inst.exe  03/29/02  5.25M Audio cd burn,cd ripper,mp3,wma,vqf,ogg,wave converter
audiocd.exe       01/21/03  4.29M The easiest way to create audio CD's
audiomag.exe      10/18/02  1.62M Extremely fast CD ripper and MP3 encoder          08/19/00  5.51M With AudioWriter you can create customized Audio CD's
bmsetup.exe       01/25/02   450K play music background    12/20/02  1.48M Set the sound b.p.m and split the sound into separate wave files.
cdda-xtractor-v0_2 08/09/01   904K Open-source CD ripper      10/30/01  2.51M CDecoder is a CD extractor, MP3Decoder and Playlist Utility
cdgplugin.exe     04/13/02    63K This plug-in is used to display CDG files (mp3 g) with winamp
cdripper.exe      09/09/02   742K Rips audio CD tracks to MP3 or wave files.
cdripperdlx.exe   01/15/03  3.56M CD Ripper software to Mp3, Ogg, Wma, Wav file       07/17/01   820K rip CD to MP3,convert mp3 to wav,or wav to mp3
coolr.exe         11/13/02  1.19M Sound recorder software records MP3 or WAV.           02/25/00   760K Guitar and keyboard program (16.000 chords and more)
cssetup.exe       02/02/02  2.40M CoolSpeech is the text-to-speech player for Windows
ctimer.exe        04/08/02   912K Countdown timer that plays MP3 or WAV filesas alarm
cwfg_20a.exe      08/30/02  2.52M Complete workshop for Guitar and more
cws15a.exe        08/19/99  1.05M Reference tool for Guitar Bass Banjo Mandolin Ukulele       01/03/03   898K Easy organizer for your mp3 files.    09/15/01 13.94M Anime Music Video of the Anime Movie Blood The Last Vampire   11/14/01  9.91M dragonball z music video          08/15/99    23K Effects Processor for Winamp       07/22/01  9.31M An Dragonball Music Video dedication of Goku
dfsatinst0989.exe 07/08/01  1.95M Feature rich MP3 sharing tool which uses the audiogalaxy network.
digitaleardemo-set 04/21/02  4.20M Real-time wav to midi converter
digitalizer.exe   01/05/03  4.33M Turn your cassettes or LPs into WMAs, MP3s, Audio CDs or TunePaks
djdemo.exe        10/30/02  2.12M DJ2000...the ultimate MP3 Library Manager.           12/02/01   231K DJ mixing software (Freeware)
dms163.exe        06/09/02  1005K El DmSatellite es un interface de usuario para el AG Satellite. 04/22/01  1.35M Mp3 encoder (wav to mp3) decoder (mp3 to wav) resampler       10/24/02  4.08M Reproductor de archivos de sonido.         12/04/02  4.12M Fully functional shareware for guitar players.
easymp3.exe       12/19/02  1.07M Converts MP3 files to WAV format for CD recording.
easymp3_fra.exe   10/14/02  1.07M Converts MP3 files to WAV format for CD recording.
eaudiocd.exe      11/24/02  4.15M create audio CD from MP3 WAV;Rip to WAV MP3 WMA
emp3cd19.exe      08/10/02  1.29M This is a perfect tool for making Audio CDs from MP3 files 01/03/02 16.69M Tekken Anime Music Video featuring the song Defy You by Offspring         09/12/99   358K Real time audio effects processor
expressor_v1.20.ex 09/18/02  1.12M e-Xpressor Real MIDI Accompaniment Maker 12/19/01 17.60M Final Fantasy Unlimited Anime Music Video
ezcdr_inst.exe    11/27/02  3.53M Easy CD Ripper          10/10/01   639K Fast and easy MP3/WAV editing for the masses!
ezmp3.exe         12/29/02  2.26M mp3 editor,converter,cd ripper,player-all in one        03/12/99  1.56M The Fart Machine is sure to put a smile on your face!      04/02/02  2.14M Emulate European Church Bells (Chimes every 15 mins)           09/13/02   232K mp3 editor with no decoding/encoding (quality loss)
fmap.exe          03/19/01  6.38M The FMaudio Player is a multi-media player with a custom synth. 07/21/02   405K Full screen Karaoke player (MIDI, KAR) with background slide show
fxaetv12.EXE      01/10/03  7.63M Edit or convert most sound file formats.       05/30/02   509K Realtime guitar/voice effect processor       06/20/02     9K This is an example on how to implement a Graphic Equalizer      04/12/98  5.50M 100 original guitar sound wav files for Win 3.x/95/98       01/10/03  6.72M Audio Manager with database support
halloween.exe     10/29/02   354K free key press ringtone for halloween      12/14/02   444K Record analog audio directly to Ogg Vorbis/MP3/Wave       01/06/03   311K Adds typewriter sounds to your pc keyboard       01/23/03  4.89M Real-time MP3/Ogg/WMA recorder and tag editor    10/12/02    38K pc audio streaming player 11/28/01 14.71M Broli Anime Music Video for DBZ Movie 8
insane.exe        05/22/98  1.06M Humorous sound pack to replace standard Win95 sounds.
jad46te.exe       07/26/99  7.35M The fastest MP3 recording speed with the best quality!    05/09/01  1.43M The app makes sounds of typewriter when you press a keyboard key         03/14/02  1.89M JPlayer is a 100% pure Java mp3 audio player  08/20/00  1.87M FreeWare: Karaoke player with 15 songs included.      11/20/01  3.33M The Ultimate Karaoke Player and Editor          12/09/02   504K Bassdrum synthesizer VST plugin       05/12/04  1.22M Loopy: MIDI Drum Loop Creator - NOT A DEMO         10/21/02  1.27M Software MIDI controller by game device      01/03/03  1.68M A lyrics and karaoke editor.      09/22/02  1.92M Off-line synthesizer converts MIDI files to WAV files
mac.exe           11/23/00   443K Organize your MP3 collection
mbtrans100en.exe  05/07/02  7.80M Real-time Sound2MIDI transformation for monophony
mcc.exe           11/19/02  1.70M CD Ripper and MP3 burner software.
mcvtsetup.exe     10/18/02   926K Fast conversion tool to convert MP3 files to WAV and back
mfc_v11.exe       06/03/01  1.64M Convert Audio CD tracks to WAV or MP3 simple and easy.      06/17/01   387K Midget 3.0: Windows tracker-style MIDI sequencer      10/17/02   644K Midget is a tracker-style MIDI sequencer for Windows     12/22/99   704K A collection of Nintendo MIDIs inculding classics.
midithru.exe      03/22/02   677K A MIDI thru utility for Windows 95 and NT          04/26/02  1.74M Hardware-independent virtual sampler      02/02/98   259K WAV,MID,AVI,MOV,MPG player, small floating button bar
mmlsetup.exe      01/29/02  4.70M MIDI tracker and music composing program for Windows.          04/24/02  3.63M Emulated wavetable MIDI jukebox and renderer
mp32000.exe       01/27/00  2.25M MP3 Player 2000 for Windows 95/98/NT makes playing MP3
mp32all_inst.exe  12/30/01  3.52M Mp3 to wav,wma,ogg,vqf.Easy use mp3 converter,mp3 decoder.       11/22/02   974K Convert and normalize your mp3 files to wav.
mp3_dj_setup.exe  01/08/03  2.38M Mix 2 songs togheter with this new Mp3 Dj  ! ! FREEWARE ! !        07/08/99  9.48M MP3 Archive is a program for archiving your MP3 music.       04/27/02 12.44M Easily/fully manage and play your MP3 song files.
mp3cnvsetup.exe   09/07/02  1.10M Convert files between WAV
mp3extractor100.ex 08/19/01   593K A software that convert Mp3 file to Wav file.
mp3kit.exe        01/02/00   131K Uncook your MP3 files when they are damaged.        07/18/99   194K Explorer Like MP3 Library with WinAmp Skin & Rio sup.
mp3setup.exe      08/06/02  1.32M Wrap MP3 with cool skins
mp3tocdpro.exe    01/15/03  3.47M MP3 to CD Wav to CD and Audio CD Burners Soft
mp3towav.exe      08/10/02   483K 123 MP3 to WAV Converter converts MP3 to WAV.      03/27/00  1.08M ACD  MP3 Educator - Normalizer & Organizer File Utility       08/08/02  3.92M All in one mp3 tool. Auto rename, retagmore
mp3wavc_268.exe   04/27/04  2.78M mp3 decoder,mp3 encoder,mp3 player         05/05/99   166K MIDI Player
musiccolor25.exe  12/18/02  1.81M Play free colorful animated music visualizations, or create them      09/16/02    19K Genomin - Info File (TXT) : Winamp Media Files 1996 - 2002
mwc.exe           11/18/02  2.76M MP3 to WAV converter.
mwe_p601.exe      09/04/02  4.97M Music Organizer, freedb
mweditor.exe      08/30/02  2.70M audio editing,mp3 converter,mp3 splitter/joiner/renamer,cd ripper
ncdrip.exe        01/30/03  3.20M Extract audio tracks to MP3 and WAV from CDS
neuter-mp3_setup.z 08/13/99  2.00M Uncooks (neuters) mp3 files cooked during file transfer
nwcsetup.exe      07/06/01   822K Music:Create,notate,record,edit,print
passap20.exe      01/16/04  1.07M Audio Player, sonique and winamp plugins support, freedb support.
pdj510.exe        09/08/03   832K JukeBox, playlists, mixing, radio stations
photoplay.exe     09/18/02  7.77M Photo,Player,Audio,Vedio,MP3,Music,Picture,Skins
playcd10.exe      11/21/02   330K Play even copy protected CD's on your PC.
powerkaraokeplusse 08/18/04  4.90M Powerful CDG Karaoke authoring tool.
powerkaraokesetup. 08/18/04  4.85M CDG Karaoke authoring tool
radsetup.exe      02/12/02   775K Listen to your favorite radio stations and look for mp3 files
rccwdemo.exe      06/21/00  2.98M The easiest way to create rhythm guitar parts in MIDI
rgsetup.exe       05/08/02  3.72M Have your computer to read anything to you.       02/04/01  1.40M Ericsson Mobile Ringtone composer/listener 01/26/03    18K Get and send free ringtones to Nokia phones
rtttlcvt10.exe    02/07/01   807K Converts Nokia RTTTL ringtones to MP3 or WAV   07/10/01  8.35M Music Vid featuring Gohan,Goku,Trunks and Vegita song by Prodigy        07/09/02  2.93M Contains programs useable to convert between sound formats.
seq303.exe        03/22/02   822K Seq-303: An 'analog' MIDI sequencer
setup_amwr.exe    11/16/02  5.14M Driect realtime to MP3/WMA recorder software
setup_element.exe 09/03/01 12.73M Professional stand-alone software Drum Machine, 400drumsamples!
setupex.exe       10/25/02   507K MP3 Streaming Jukebox
setupmtslite.exe  11/03/03  1.82M Multitrack recording software.
sfd14.exe         11/05/02  2.84M The Smart music studio management tool
simple42.exe      04/04/00  1.09M Freeware CD ripper, MP3/AAC Encoder/Decoder and Player
smcdburner.exe    09/09/02  1.22M Burn CDs directly from MP3s or WAVs.
smp3wave.exe      09/09/02  1.50M Converts your MP3 toWAV or vice versa.
smrpro.exe        10/23/02  2.55M Powerful sound recorder, editor and player       10/09/02  2.28M trigger sounds with the computer keyboard
speakoniasetup-1.0 07/06/02  2.57M Free Text-To-Speech program using MS TTS Engine     03/22/03  3.15M Pro. DJ Mix and Recording Software with Pitch, Cue, X-fade, EQ...       05/03/02  3.12M SqueezeMyCD is a fast, easy to use MP3 Encoder/Decoder, CD player        09/29/01  2.17M Wave/MP3 Editor, Disc Jockey, CD/Midi/Mod/Wave/Mp3 Players, EQ,FX
supermp3recorder.z 08/27/02   953K records audio streaming into MP3 or WAV audio formats.
tacticaldecision.z 01/31/02 18.52M Ghost in a Shell Anime Music video song Machinehead by Bush      04/22/99   268K MIDI File Enhancer - adds a human touch to midi files     06/28/00    20K mp3 player with special dj/musician features.
tmfjaarmix2001.ZIP 02/18/02 36.28M Large one-hour mix of all the best songs of 2001 by TMF.
tmp.exe           05/13/00   187K Tray MPEG Player ( TMP ) a simplyMP3 player            10/08/03   120K Creates test tone, sweeps and noise waveforms      08/24/01  7.65M Dragonball Music Video Featuring Goku, Bebi Vegita, and Pan           04/02/02   805K A versatile PC function generator.        01/01/00 12.14M Converts Text Files to Mp3 in 11 Languages        10/08/02   542K Simple and small guitar tuner.    10/05/01  9.97M Anime Music video of the Anime Movie Fatal Fury        06/16/01  9.31M DBZ Music Video featuring Bebi Gohan,Vegita,Cell,Goku, Goten
ursetup.exe       10/20/02  1.23M UltraRadio is a powerful and user-friendly Internet Radio tool.
vdj.exe           12/31/00  2.78M A virtual mixing console for playing/crossfading MP3s       02/06/02 25.16M Dictation 2002 is an speech recognition-based dictation pad for E        12/02/02  1.85M Transposable sheet music for Christian hymns.
viddiplayer_1_52.e 12/07/02   346K Your world wide guide to internet radio           06/10/01   950K Manipulate files in Winamp and control Winamp with hotkeys. 11/27/01 15.34M Anime Music Video of DBZ Bardock Movie Special    10/28/99  2.89M mp3 player, decoder, encoder, cd ripper, cd burner      02/07/00  1.66M MIDI Karaoke (KAR File) Editor      02/07/00  1.72M MIDI karaoke player with the bouncing ball.       08/03/01  3.37M Winamp Full Version 2.76 - The next generation media player       09/25/02  1.49M LP - No.35 - Winamp Media Files - (Dreamflight) (PR)      09/10/02  3.04M Impulse Tracker 2.14 - Scream Tracker 3.21 Bundle (Instruments)     08/05/01  3.42M Sonique Full Version 1.808 - The most powerful media player        09/15/02    19K Genomin - Info File (TXT) : Winamp Media Files 1996 - 2002      02/26/02  3.08M Winamp Full Version 2.78 - The next generation media player      04/26/02  3.15M Winamp Full Version 2.80 - The next generation media player      09/09/02  3.37M Winamp Full Version 2.81 - The next generation media player        08/14/02  4.75M Winamp Full Version 3.0 - The next generation media player      04/26/02  2.84M Winamp 3 (Beta 3) - The next generation media player       08/05/01  3.33M Yamp Full Version 3.3 - The most powerful media player
wjplayer.exe      09/18/02  9.21M all-in-one player,converter,cd to mp3 maker,photoshow,playlist
wmcsetup.exe      09/16/02   877K How do I rip my audio CD tracks to Mp3s?
x2cd232.exe       09/05/02  2.90M MP3,WMA,DIVX,WAV,DVD converter and CD burner   11/27/01 13.08M Anime Music Video featuring Goku and Lord Slug for DBZ Movie 4       07/31/00   778K ZVolume Pro is a poweful volume control

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