Directory of programr

3drad30.exe       01/27/02  5.49M User-friendly freeware 3d game creator
ANPOP3.exe        11/13/02   323K POP3 Component for retrieving email.
AVPhone.exe       04/23/01   406K Real time video audio capture and compress ActiveX controls
AVSVideoConverter2 09/26/03 13.33M AVSVideoConverter
AllWebMenus-LITE.e 01/02/03  4.87M Cross-browser, dhtml/Javascript menu builder!
AllWebMenus.exe   02/06/03  5.06M Cross-browser, dhtml/Javascript menu builder!
AppMixer7.exe     12/13/02  7.63M MS Office, .NET integration SDK for VC /MFC.
ArrayShare.ZIP    12/11/02   259K DLL to sort and search arrays
AxInsidePrinter_se 04/16/03   593K access low-level printer properties like printer jobs or duplex
BCGControlBarProDe 06/06/03  2.67M MFC extension library for customizable GUI   02/02/01    11K A terrific binary (exe) and other file editor.......Freeware!          05/28/02    20K Games Factory Tut, real gravity bouncing ball
BcbIntroTrial.exe 10/05/02   705K Electronic book that teaches C for the VCL
BrowserBobPro_en.e 08/09/04  4.70M Create professional web applications easily
Canavial.exe      09/29/02   369K Avaliação economica da implantacao de canavial por 3 métodos
CoffeeBlogMachine2 06/19/04  2.53M Create your own online journal in seconds.
CoffeeHTML97.exe  07/19/04  9.58M The Most Popular HTML Editor in the World !   08/02/03  1.28M A hierarchical database browser.
DBSPSetup.exe     05/31/04  3.87M DBSP accelerates development of Web solutions
Dbu.exe           06/17/03   365K Command Interpreter for Visual FoxPro.
Direct.ZIP        11/27/02   257K DLL to give sub pathnames based on pathame       08/13/03    12K Reference information card pertaining to Delphi programming.       01/12/03   272K Winsock/Telnet communication component.       06/04/01   503K With this program can you re-run and turn off the computer wi       11/11/02  4.94M ActiveX Control with sourcecode used to present graphical schemes
FFSetup.exe       07/27/03   767K A powerful tool to download flash movies
FlashPlayerControl 08/27/04   721K A Delphi component to enhance Flash ActiveX  11/25/02   104K Free Folder Picker implemented as a MFC Extension Library
GIStudioDemo.exe  06/24/04 15.90M Full featured application deployment solution
Integrity_Instant_ 03/03/03  2.33M Combines AIM, MSN, YAHOO,
Interceptor_v1_2.z 12/17/02   252K Intercept http communications
InternetStudio.exe 06/23/04 23.38M web authoring, ecommerce and Internet tools       09/24/02  1.03M Java API lookup. Invoke from your text editor. Incredibly fast!
LSFindReplaceDialo 04/08/04    21K Unicode Find/Replace dialog for Delphi
LeapSE_Demo_Versio 08/09/04  1.82M Leap SE turns requirements into object models         08/09/02  1.26M License manager to protect shareware with license keys
LinkLabelOCX_0.5.3 10/02/02   365K Use HTML links within your application.
MAXCF.ZIP         01/12/03   356K Implement matrix algebra in your application.
MSP20W32F-ENG-220. 08/27/02  6.50M Web server plugin supporting Xbase scripting with ODBC, FoxPro, C    08/06/02   928K MW6BarCodeActiveXsupports over 20 symbologies.     08/06/02   918K MW6PDF417 2D barcode control implements the standard PDF417.
Max20W32F-ENG-220. 08/27/02  3.57M Xbase compiler for Linux and Windows inspired by Clipper, FoxPro    08/06/02   818K MegaSpring can resize all controls and fonts without any coding.
MereViewerCtrl20.z 12/04/02   446K MereViewer Control is a 3D stereo visualization ActiveX control.       06/14/01   470K A free BCB 4.0 random number generator for lotto plus source.          09/07/02  1.14M Enable you site or application to send SMS
MoleBoxProSetup.ex 07/19/04   868K MoleBox Pro is advanced runtime exe packer.
NASESD.exe        01/15/04 18.76M Filters unwanted email out of your inbox.
NAV10ESD.exe      01/23/04 25.34M The world’s most trusted antivirus solution.       05/27/03  2.10M User-friendly Java decompiler and disassembler     06/24/02  6.47M Create four different neural networks 06/02/01   848K This program is four Noetpads in one.  And you gotta have Noetpad          07/26/02   922K game engine that has support for everything needed to make a game      08/23/01   489K Oxygen SMS ActiveX Control
PBBalloon.exe     02/26/04  1.77M Display Systray Icons and get their position
PBEmail2.exe      02/26/04  2.04M Send Emails without the need of SMTP Server!         10/21/03 54.52M Power Render 5 3D Engine Official Release
PWfreSetup321r.exe 06/05/02  1.63M A FREE powerful patch generator.
PWfreSetup325r.exe 08/24/02  2.45M A FREE easy-to-use patch generator. 04/08/04    27K PrintDialogEx is an extended print dialogue.
Program_File_Edito 04/26/02   637K Personalise your favourite programs
ProjGenieIIsetup.e 08/28/04  1.37M A must-have for dedicated Delphi programmers          12/13/02  1.20M Popular BASIC interpreter/compiler.        04/26/01   183K Program like Virtual Basic Simple for the Beginner
QuickWebReportSuit 11/10/02 19.69M A web report solution which provides complete report program tool
ReFiT515.EXE      01/31/03  5.42M ReFiT - the analyze and migration tool.
Repgen2.2.4_window 11/17/02  1.43M Repgen - Generates Oracle Replication Scripts in Seconds
SQLDiagrams_Evalua 07/31/04  6.13M Graphical overview of your database solution     11/10/02   851K Database explorer; ISQL commander; command templates (for SyBase)
SSCodeGen.exe     01/13/02  1.63M Free code generation for SQL Server 7/2000
Setup_COM_Wiz.exe 05/15/01  4.10M Smart system analysis and repair utility with COMComponent wizard
SiteSkinnerPro.exe 10/15/02  6.66M Internet developer tool- grab process publish
SkinCrafter_Demo.z 12/02/03  2.96M Unique looking application creation tool
SoftLock.exe      12/09/02  1.17M SoftLock - professional software protection system (by HardDisk).  07/13/01  1.10M MP3 to SWF Batch Converter
StarForce_ProActiv 05/21/04    63K Advanced licensing and protection solution.
TASINSTL.EXE      04/09/04 14.74M TAS Professional By CAS is an easy to use IDE       12/11/01  1.24M Organize test engineer's test cases     03/04/04    98K Speller: Spell checker components.      09/21/02    89K Interactive text-effect-engine (ATML)
TeeChart5ActivexEv 03/22/02  6.44M Charting for Business, Real-Time, Finance and Science.   05/27/01   425K With this program can man comparing celsius with Fahrenheit.
Translate.exe     01/04/02   384K Easy to use C Source Code formatting utility/editor      04/26/00  2.06M Tutorial.Making a 1.44 Meg Floppy into a 2.56 Meg Flopp
UploadEncrypt.exe 12/12/02    95K Easy to use web file encyption components.   10/30/02  1.66M Format and print VB/VBA Code in a single application.      06/20/97   915K 32/16 Bit Win Program Disassembler w/ 32 Bit Debugger
WebSafe2.exe      06/23/04  1.62M HTML Encryptor and function disabler
WebTidy.exe       06/23/04  1.76M Optimizes and tidies HTML code
WinCrypt211Eng.exe 04/22/01  2.87M Program for signature, encryption and compressing (ZIP) files
WnsSetup.exe      07/29/04  5.13M  WashnSweep a Complete Security Suite
Wsc6.exe          03/16/03  2.00M Assists you in providing a higher quality, streamlined web site.
XAMCOMX1.ZIP      09/10/02   135K Add webcam capabilities to your PC.
XceedComponents.ex 06/30/03 21.74M Add on-demand or scheduled backups to apps        03/12/04  5.08M Copy protection for software developers
aaxBatteryTrialSet 04/06/03   654K Laptop/Notebook Battery ActiveX Control.
aaxRegistryTRIALSe 03/24/03   710K Registry ActiveX Control           05/20/02    87K Another C Compiler
acnp11.exe        03/09/04   727K Copied and pasted source code detector  10/08/00    46K Control Microsoft Excel by using your application!
adsnomore.exe     04/06/04  1.95M Pop-up stopper and banner ad blocker
adx2trial.exe     07/12/04  3.90M Delphi  Office COM Add-in
ai.exe            06/03/00    96K A simple program which learns from what you say to it
am.exe            04/29/02   387K ASCII value of key pressed
amzi_7-0-18_win.ex 05/07/04 35.04M Logicbase development tools and libraries   04/29/04   845K Protect software from hackers effectively!
apexsqlclean.exe  03/23/04  3.70M ApexSQL Clean - SQL Analysis tool
apexsqlcode.exe   03/29/04  5.70M ApexSQL Code is a RAD Code Generator tool
apexsqldiff.exe   04/10/04  5.19M ApexSQL Diff is a database comparison tool. 07/13/00    20K 16 MB Ram, Win 9x, 2000 or NT       02/27/04  1.22M The Easiest Windows API hooking Solution.
ascii_25.ZIP      06/05/01    16K Show ASCII value of any keyboard character and visa versa
ase_setup.exe     03/19/04   723K Create a unique search tool for your website
asgsetup.exe      05/05/04   719K Submit your software to 300 software sites.
axaud12.exe       04/10/04   294K Automate your software updates!
axcp10.exe        04/10/04   717K Office style colorpicker activex
axec10.exe        04/10/04   743K Explorer drive selection combobox
axlr4trial.exe    02/25/04  2.97M EXCELlent reports with minimal coding.
axvid10.exe       04/10/04  1.20M Convert AVI, WMV/ASF, MPEG1 and MPEG2 video
bcombo.exe        04/21/04   351K ActiveX ComboBox control with extended featur      07/30/02    67K 8086 disassembler for Windows    09/19/03  1.72M Add SSL
blitzbasicdemo.exe 08/16/02  8.17M Want to create your own game?
bsm_setup_en.exe  04/02/04 10.63M Enterprise Content Management System
bszipocx.exe      03/25/04   778K Internet-enabled Zip compression component
c39d201.exe       08/18/02  1.82M Code 39 creates and reads type 39 barcodes
cchshr10.exe      08/14/04   444K Quick way to delete Temporary Internet Files
clonefindersetup.e 09/08/00   786K C/C++ Source code analyzer that finds clones            01/16/04 14.13M Complete compression toolkit.
cmsetup.exe       05/11/03   562K UML diagram editor
codethatxpbarstd.z 10/19/03   287K crossbrowser JavaScript menu XP bar      12/17/02  1.30M Featured combo box component
cselite.exe       10/23/02  2.68M FREE fast offline HTML syntax checker
csharped42setup.ex 02/03/03  1.22M The first professional C# editor
ctfsetup.exe      04/29/04  1.31M visual code analyzer and flowchart generator  02/24/04  3.58M Royalty-free .NET report building component     08/30/02  1.63M Javascript library    12/06/02   125K Components for Direct Access to ORACLE from Delphi 4,5,6,7.      01/05/03  2.33M Store C  objects within minutes in relational databases.     12/02/02   299K Interpreter-like tool for Oracle database developers.
dbacentralmysql.zi 08/12/04  9.14M DBACentral for MySQL        06/30/02   270K SQL editor for all databases based on ODBC
dbgenius101.exe   09/02/02  6.01M tool used to create reports and execute SQL     06/18/04  1.30M microOLAP dbExpress driver for MySQL
dinstall.exe      09/14/99  3.97M Electrical Design
dlldemo.exe       05/09/03  1.74M TAL Bar Code DLLs
dtip.exe          06/15/00   714K Get the source code you need!
dzphp201.exe      08/30/04  1.70M Comfortable and powerful PHP development tool
e-webspeak.exe    09/08/03  2.78M Make your web pages speak!          10/06/03  1.04M Fast compression toolkit with encryption.
ectien15.exe      07/06/04  8.99M Create simulations, help, support docs.
edgtrace.exe      06/13/01  1.00M Create non-rectangular windows
ee1089.exe        02/12/03  2.01M EE is a text/hex editor with syntax analysis    09/19/03  1.79M Add HTTPS support to VB or VC  applications.
epas100t.exe      12/03/02  1.68M Create multi-threaded VB programs and DLLs
eppf211t.exe      12/03/02   252K Format, mask and validate web page input
eprp225t.exe      12/01/02  1.72M ActiveX Registry Control
epstp150.exe      10/12/02   142K A generic IDE to create Win32 executables.
esl.exe           01/12/03    84K easy script loader
fastsubmit.exe    12/20/03  2.29M With FastSubmit you will submit faster.      12/04/01   722K Encapsulates most playing card functions including draw
fe100.exe         06/25/03  1.57M Experts for Delphi/C++Builder
fibplus5_2_delphi7 03/18/04  2.38M Delphi/BCB components for InterBase, Firebird
fj3n.exe          02/13/00   974K Free IDE for Java development, requires the JDK         12/15/02   486K Software for modification of flash-projectors      02/12/04  2.23M Reporting tool component for Kylix
fr252.exe         05/12/04  3.29M Reporting tool component for Delphi
fr253.exe         06/30/04  3.26M Reporting tool component for Delphi         06/23/04  2.38M Welcome to beta testing of the FastReport 3!
fs160.exe         06/04/04  1.52M multi-language scripting library           01/24/04  6.01M Files compression library, strong encryption
gamecode.exe      06/30/03  1.22M Complete source code from Game Coding Complete Book      05/10/00    44K FREE! Owner-draw CListCtrl MFC app w/ source
hepsetup.exe      01/03/00   823K Easily create MS HTMLHelp and standard HTML eDocuments.      03/11/02  3.01M Easy to use, reliable hex editor, for editing large binary files.
hlResizer11_Eval.z 09/28/02   184K Add animation to your program by smoothly resizing controls/forms
hlpbrzjh.exe      01/08/03  2.29M A tool for creating HTML Help (.chm) files.
hlphk355.exe      08/20/02  1.25M A WinHelp tool, HTML editor
hothtml3eval.exe  05/14/04 10.41M A text editor based around the web platform.
htmlset.exe       08/04/02  4.28M make easy html files to upload to the internet
ictrialsetup50.exe 09/15/02  1.40M InstallConstruct, a Windows installer program
incupdate_setup.ex 03/29/04  3.65M Add updating system to your product in 10 min
install.exe       11/19/02  3.84M Change Management Software (web-enabled)
iyexit.exe        11/17/02  1.16M Selfextractor, single installation file maker      01/30/04  1.88M JadeIDEIntegrated Dev. Environment for Java         09/09/02    67K Free 100% Java-based Web browser.      08/18/00  1.84M JCreator is a powerful IDE for Java technologies.      09/19/02   533K Scroll text vertically on web pages     12/23/99   260K 32 bit dll to read and save jpeg file      09/19/02   379K Create popup window on the web page.       10/06/03  1.04M Over 700 assorted javascripts.        10/18/02 18.90M Java Tutor an easy approach to learn Java Language from books.    09/18/03   305K GUI builder tool for Java Swing apps.         04/04/99    53K The KnobX control simulates a knob or dial.
langagent.exe     07/29/04  1.06M Localize your applications with LangAgent!
launch.ZIP        11/27/02   253K DLL for launching files in Visual Basic         10/08/00  4.18M libCON C++ Game Programming Library    09/15/02  1.29M Object Pascal library for create PDF document
lwsd102.exe       12/18/02  1.16M HTTP proxy to display and record transactions       08/22/04  8.56M A Windows GUI tool for MySQL administration.
masetup.exe       07/08/03  1.98M mySQL: Administration-Tool for mySQL-database      10/06/00    38K C++ Matrix template class library
mfc42a.ZIP        12/18/97   568K MFC42.DLL & MSVCRT.DLL for some Windows programs
mh_wcc_10.exe     03/11/03  1.97M Convert HTML to PHP, ASP, PERL, Javascript      03/18/00   840K Delphi 4/5 units for easy reading/writing MIDI files           12/29/01   445K mp3player
msde.exe          08/06/04 13.28M A complete manager for MSDE and SQL Server.    06/23/04  5.83M Cross-platform network data exchange library
msxpad.exe        11/30/02  2.25M Compile your MSX Pascal programs on you PC!        06/18/03  2.16M Interactive SQL for MySQL(tm)         06/02/04  4.09M Visual development system for MySQL databases    09/18/02  9.45M A MySql monitoring tool      12/17/00   311K multi-functional Hex Editor with a File Compare Utility      01/06/03   418K real-time direct access to PC I/O ports
oleprint.exe      09/06/02  3.66M Document ActiveX object methods       05/30/03   128K BSCOutline is a Java tree view control.      03/24/03    55K filesharing library for J2ME      01/05/02  1.42M A powerful ActiveX control supporting GIF animation, JPEG, TWAIN, PNG, TIF    12/02/02   413K ActiveX que implementa vistas panoramicas de 360 grados
pchmpro.exe       06/06/04  2.60M Create your first CHM book in 10 seconds
pdfocx.exe        04/02/04  1.10M ActiveX control to automatically create PDF f           07/08/03   536K A tool for compilation bugs correction.
perle_le.exe      05/25/04  3.22M EngInSite Perl Editor-IDE for Perl developers
ph-setup.exe      03/15/04  5.01M Batch Printing and Automatic Printing      07/16/04  1.15M Will help you to protect an PHP source code      01/03/03  4.04M Scheduling your software project is painless!
pmt.ZIP           11/27/02   253K DLL to calculate a loan repayment
polystyle-source-f 07/16/04  5.46M - Free Trial - Automatically reformat code!
powerdm.exe       09/04/02  5.33M Database Explorer for SQL-Server
pranalyzer.exe    05/21/04  3.33M Page Rank analysis tool   04/04/03   263K Add a poll or survey to your website.
prlist12.exe      04/10/04   601K Visualize programs settings like professional
promosoft.exe     08/23/04  2.92M Automate your software promotion.
pst_setup.exe     04/28/03  5.45M Perl Scripting Tool
pstrackersetup.exe 04/15/04   545K PSTracker a plug-in for Microsoft VC  6.0.
pupunha.exe       02/20/02  4.60M Avaliação econômica da irrigação da pupunha
qbasic.exe        04/21/00   189K A helpful FreeWare programing language.
quickcrctrial209.e 09/03/02  3.26M OO Software Design Using CRC Cards.      03/20/99   212K Registration key system for C/C++, Delphi, VB
resgrabr.exe      09/14/00  1.06M Resource-Grabber: get 1000s of images/icons/glyphs FAST
rfktrial.exe      12/12/02  5.85M Software to create Flash websites, Flash PocketPC website, more
round.ZIP         11/27/02   254K Put rounded corners on your windows in your application       11/10/03   425K How to create an eBook Using Visual C
scommsetup.msi    08/01/03  1.27M Free Serial Communications ActiveX Control
screen2videodemose 07/17/04  4.80M Record screen activity, mouse movement
securedll.ZIP     11/27/02   263K Encrypt, decrypt and delete files from code
setup.exe         04/11/01 14.01M build-IT java programming without the code         06/01/02  1.30M A zip compression library for C programmers.   07/08/03   467K Platform independent make processor written in Java     07/08/03   484K Platform independent preprocessor written in Java 07/08/03  1.99M Platform independent scripting language written in Java
setup_toolbar.exe 07/18/03   322K Make Explorer ToolBar from any HTML page.      07/25/00   198K A simple installer that is very easy to use.
sitexpertinstall.e 05/21/04  6.85M Sitemap, search engine and DHTML menu builder
smjse.exe         04/15/99  2.45M Authoring tool for creating JavaScript menus      07/21/00    90K SockTest: Socket winsock Test FREE w/ MFC src         08/16/04  4.37M Single - file virtual file system
sp_install.exe    11/19/02  1.82M Full compiler and Integrated Development Environmentfor WIndows
spctext.exe       11/28/01   776K Little but powerful programmers editor. 16 languages highlighting      05/10/00    39K FREE! File splitter/combiner MFC app w/ source
sql2000print.exe  09/06/02  4.18M Print SQL Server 2000 Schema
sql7print.exe     09/06/02  4.13M Print SQL Server 7 Schema      06/14/99  1.61M Query tool for SQL Anywhere
sukromedia.exe    09/20/03 424.62M Multimídia para fabricação de açúcar cristal      11/14/02  1.28M Software Vendor Assistant        02/28/02  1.42M A tool to convert swf to fla, capture and decompile Flash movies
synops10.exe      03/15/04 17.94M A visual programming development tool         10/01/02   666K Tarot source code pack for Visual C/C          11/10/00     4K this OCX can display the time on any form Delphi.C++,VB
trial.exe         11/15/02  9.37M Create dynamic, database driven web sites.      11/28/02  1.48M Profile VBA for performance       09/11/02   279K Fingerprint identification engine (library).
videocaplivedemose 07/11/04  6.31M live stream audio and video content in real
videoeditprodemo.z 01/28/04  5.84M convert video to MPEG1, MPEG2, VCD, SVCD, DVD
virtorionotepad.zi 03/04/02  1.94M Powerful Notepad Replacement for your Editing Convenience.   10/20/00   193K Create WBMP images on the fly        11/11/00    61K -  FREE! Explorer-like MFC app w/ source      08/11/99   433K FTP DLL for Windows 95/98/NT with WEB functions.          11/11/02  8.49M The King of WYSIWYG editors
workday.ZIP       11/27/02   254K DLL to calculate working days between two dates      06/25/03   491K Web-based issue tracker (JSP-based)       08/18/04   346K Delphi serial communication component lib
xappv2.exe        04/18/00  1.43M Turns ActiveX controls into executable apps.
xconfigsetup.msi  10/15/02  1.27M Configuration File management Engine       08/22/04  3.63M .NET component control for .NET and MS Excel.  02/26/04  2.05M EXCELlent reports with minimal coding.     07/11/02   778K Extract any kind of information on any web site, among a easy XML
xsetup.exe        09/15/01   594K COM component that provides credit card authentication services      08/13/03  3.08M A language neutral programmers text editor.
zoomsearch.exe    06/29/04  1.05M Add a custom search engine to your website

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