Directory of pim       06/03/02  8.85M Year 2001 income tax program for all of Canada except Quebec.        01/31/00  4.83M A calender that organizes your day visually.        03/11/03  4.53M Organize and manage your coin collections.        06/04/02  4.22M Gardening software for garden enthusiasts.        08/15/00  3.64M Organizer for Olympic enthusiasts.
3six5_trial.exe   12/08/02  6.46M The desktop Image calendar.
AWorldTimer121.exe 07/11/03  2.66M WorldTimer -- Your Own Timer,Time Manager.      07/04/03 15.42M The Address Manager is a complete Contact Manager
AlarmMasterPlusIns 08/22/04  1.51M Alarm clock, scheduler, timer. Skinnable.   10/15/02   201K BuddyPIM is a full-scale Personal Information Manager (PIM)
C-OrgPro.exe      09/03/04  4.15M an elegant and powerful organizer (PIM)
C-OrgStd.exe      06/10/04  3.22M an elegant personal information manager
Card2000.exe      11/08/02  4.03M Reminiscent of Microsoft Cardfile with more featurespower.
CompuCalendarUnZip 03/02/01  3.49M Easy-to-use personal calendar / appointment reminder / To Do List
DEC_Password_Tools 07/14/03   998K Three useful Password and Security Tools.
DiaryPlus.exe     01/26/03  2.69M A Daily Diary, Planner, Schedular Software.  11/04/02  1.87M Email, Phone or Mail your Outlook Contacts
FitBodySetup.exe  06/13/03   612K Diet Software, Fitness Software and Health Management Software     07/21/04  1.30M A perfect tool for managing notes.        03/17/04  2.13M Microsoft Outlook file management utility
Outlook-Calendar.e 12/15/02  4.49M Intelligent public and religeous holiday update - MS Outlook
PTOSetup.exe      08/11/02  3.95M Powerful food, exercise, and weight management software      04/11/00 10.44M Bodybuilding/Fitness Journal
ReminderMaster2_2 01/03/03  2.31M Securely store passwords and other data.
SBTD.exe          09/27/02  1.85M Project, Time, Expense & Inventory Management
Tbase32.exe       08/27/01 10.52M The athlete's database for Windows.
TreeEditor.exe    11/29/03   514K Keeps NOTES (with text formatting) in a tree
WinWorkBar_v09.exe 04/29/04   529K Personal Information Manager.
abixinsa.exe      01/05/03  6.02M Complete and easy to use personal organizer.
adbook58b.exe     10/14/01  1.01M Prints labels envelopes and booklets. Phone dialer.           08/24/04  3.60M Customizable PIM on your desktop wallpaper   09/10/02   314K Small, easy, flexible, powerful addressbook       09/06/02 11.11M ActiveDiary is a password-protected diary.
agendaatonce.exe  06/23/04  2.07M To-do, scheduler and notes.
ahcsetup.exe      03/27/04  1.06M Helping you find high quality health care.
album_setup.exe   04/27/04  2.67M Pictures Organizing Software
amibk18.exe       06/13/04  1.02M Manage your time, contacts from one screen!
amical02.exe      10/08/02  4.52M AMI Calendar Wizard build customized personal printable calendars
amipag02.exe      10/11/02  2.59M AMI Pagan Daybook II unique calendar and integrated screen saver      02/01/99  5.50M Bartender's drink reference with over 10,400 drinks
barcasetup.exe    08/26/04  4.14M Integrated email, scheduling and contacts
bookcollectorsetup 09/28/03  2.28M Book Catalog Software, Book Database Software      01/17/00   611K A quick, small, yet powerful calendar for your desktop.
cntdwn99.exe      05/25/01   593K How long until retirement or since you've been married?
comiccollectorsetu 09/28/03  2.03M Comic Book Catalog Software, Comic Database      12/30/02  1.38M Organizes the webcomics you follow and informs when they update.     09/24/01  1.34M An electronic personal diary
dmstar.exe        12/24/02  2.92M It's a powerful private/workgroup information organizer
easynotes.exe     05/19/04  1.21M Sticky (Post-It), Tree and Calendar Notes
espkeeper0401.exe 05/07/04  7.62M Great tool for personal knowledge management         06/28/04  3.59M Skinnable, sticky and simple personal organizer.      05/23/02  6.48M Recipe database, meal planner and grocery shopping list manager        05/10/99   101K combination database/family tree        10/26/03  2.23M Income, expense and saving tracker.         06/17/00 12.06M Genealogy and Family History Program for Windows 95/98      04/18/03   165K Calendar date converter for Genealogists     11/30/02  2.13M Info Angel is a personal information manager.          05/09/01  5.26M The best way to organize your DVD, LD, Tape collection
mdih_eeg.exe      06/16/02  2.51M Versatile information and knowledge manager       02/26/01  4.19M Contact Management Software (PIM)
mnc.exe           02/19/04  1.45M E-Organizer and personal information manager.
mobileDesktopSetup 07/12/04  4.10M Phone/SMS/Messaging software for Windows.      05/31/99    31K Check book keeper and budget maker.
mylib21.exe       07/07/02  1.43M A tool for text/html documents management.
nbg202.exe        08/02/02   739K Organize and share your notes.
notekeeper-0.9-ins 12/14/02  1.31M A multi-functional hierarchical information manager.
notes_setup.exe   07/27/04  2.16M Organizing notes in an outline tree form      12/30/02  7.93M Address book with dialing, photo and print capabilities        09/14/02   479K Featured reminder for Windows.        08/02/02 20.28M PIM, mail, email server, file sharing, WAP, cell phone, calendar,      08/13/99   802K QwikLook is a free easy to use PIM with convenient feat
rbo42.exe         04/08/02  2.71M RedBox Organizer makes organizing a breeze.        12/27/02   889K Small and simply scheduler        08/10/02  6.67M Recipe Wizard: Manage Recipes and shopping lists
setuparkeepertrial 03/01/04  9.50M Powerful document archiving system
setupgoals.exe    04/08/03  4.28M Goal setting and Tracking Software System      05/03/00   680K Controls your Nokia 51**/61** mobile phone
smsplugin_setup.ex 09/07/02   633K Send and receive SMS messages through Outlook
supernotes.exe    10/11/02  1.24M SuperNotes is a feature-rich desktop app.
task1021.exe      09/28/02   560K Task Scheduler for Microsoft® Outlook®
todolist.exe      11/01/03  1.49M Biromsoft To Do List is a task manager         04/30/04  3.86M Multi-featured Organizer Editor encryption      03/26/04  2.75M 384 Gigabyte Organizer  Database  Editor: Intuitive powerful       10/22/02   249K Date in the Windows tray with pop-up calendar      10/11/02   693K Scheduler, reminder and program launcher.          05/05/99   767K Time Management Program
wprsetup.exe      08/19/04  8.16M Diet software that saves time and motivates
wwpim02.exe       01/13/03   595K Wordware PIM 2002: Easy Contact Management
wzforg43.exe      08/20/02   925K Keep thousands of notes, properly indexed         02/09/01  5.84M Pack of 3: PIM, Audio       01/07/03  1.24M Stop forgetting important events like birthdays, holidays, phone
yvr10s.exe        08/02/04  3.79M Reminder that can say time with your voice

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