Directory of patches

Classic_RvS_Weps_1 10/04/03   118K 100% bug free version of RvS Weps (alot smaller too)
PATCHE01.ZIP      07/02/04    14K Patch for Windows to support >137GB Drives
PIActl.exe        11/09/02  1.05M the patch, update, and driver delivery Web servic
Play_the_Songs_Pro 09/09/01   502K MP3 player 11/01/03  2.19M Changes all of your weapons to be as they are in Raven Shield 08/12/03    88K makes all terrorists harder to kill by giving them better armor
Viper_s_2nd_Map_Pa 08/03/03   115K installs 11 new viper maps including Awsome Pistol and snipe maps
Viper_s_Ammo_Mod_v 07/17/03   137K this mods the guns so u have lots of ammo
Viper_s_Armor_Mods 07/18/03   133K contains 2 armor mods and an uninstaller
Viper_s_Boundkeys. 07/27/03    90K this installs my boundkeys (multiplayer sounds)
Viper_s_Operative_ 07/01/03    88K reserve assault operative has all 100 stats
Viper_s_TD_Patch.e 04/26/03   992K this fixes some problems with the takedown maps
Xeon_UO_CO_BT_Map_ 10/11/03 92.16M gives u the maps of RS, CO, UO, BT
bmg_3-10-1587-111_ 11/02/02  4.17M Freeware SMTP and POP3 mail server.Collects from multiple POP3      07/31/04  1.73M Jedi Knight now has more recurses           05/10/01   180K Disable the Outlook Security Enhancement       07/01/00   707K Patches, keyinfos & cracks collection organizer
pfsetup.exe       06/22/04  1.64M Professional software patch / update maker.
wa5ita.exe        03/03/04    79K Easy setup installer for my Winamp 3 italian translation

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