Directory of miscutil

01zip470.EXE      11/02/03   446K 1st Choice Zip looks and feels like Windows Explorer      11/27/02  5.61M 1st Position Search Engine Promotion         10/21/99   411K Stopwatch / Countdown timer / Alarm.       12/27/01   307K Free PC Diagnostics Utility
2xspeed.exe       05/23/00   703K Double your Internet Speed
32bcsx.exe        07/20/04   352K Converts any unit of measurement to another
3SB106.ZIP        03/20/03  4.98M Automatic backup into any storage media.       08/30/03  3.63M a tool to convert Super8 or Regular8 mm movies to AVI      12/08/02   792K Save time and effort by creating and scheduling advanced keyboard
APextract.exe     09/02/03   347K Change your astronauts characters and names on all IVM Versions
ARELIS.exe        08/12/02  1.92M Get targeted traffic through reciprocal links      01/09/03  1.97M Easy but powerful ActiveX file manager...    05/02/01   364K MSAccess DAO 3.51 table manager
AddXP.exe         10/02/02   469K Makes allow Windows XP visual to old programs
AdenixSmartIndicat 11/18/01    87K Shell extension to provide S.M.A.R.T. information
Advanced_Uninstall 01/08/03  1.47M Easily clean up and optimize your computer   04/25/02    28K It allows you to minimize ANY window to your System Tray.
AscII_Magic_v1.0.z 06/20/02    13K Small utility to find AscII , Hex and Char of any element
BCWedge.exe       05/09/03  1.38M BC-Wedge - Bar Code Wedge Software
BIOCR01b_87.exe   01/10/03   921K Scan and recognize Go game diagrams, linear input       08/12/04   313K Bandwidth meter, monitor, traffic controller.
BibleXRef1dot1.ZIP 11/13/01  6.73M Bible XRef allows you to view related Bible scriptures        04/09/02  6.11M Bird Information Scrapbook and Database
BrainstormSetup.ex 08/23/03  1.57M Search engine META tags optimization software         07/20/02   191K Programa que permite comparar los archivos de un directorio
ByteWedge_Std_Setu 06/29/04   879K Inputs serial data directly into any database
CINEMA21.ZIP      01/05/03   631K High performance high quality digital viewer
Cczip5.exe        12/10/02  1.53M CCZip is a fast, efficient ZIP/unZIP utility
ChronoControlSetup 03/26/04  1.23M Personal health saver!  09/01/03    99K CloseApp can used for any windows application
CoffeeTuneUp20.exe 06/30/04  5.71M 12 System Maintenance Utilities in 1!
ColdStop.Zip      09/04/04  3.27M ColdStop Popup Killer for Windows
Comparator.exe    05/05/02   508K Will find, delete and copy over duplicate files, compare, backup      08/14/02  1.39M Easily convert currency.
ConveyorSetup.exe 08/23/03   968K Search engine META keyword generator software        03/11/04  2.34M Oracle,MSSQL2000 PostgreSQL and MySQL client application      10/15/02 10.61M Datasource organizationand retrieval utility for Windows.
DaffodilDB2_0_2.zi 06/03/03 10.71M SQL 99 specification compliant, powerful, reliable JAVA DataBase
DateWiz.exe       06/14/03  1.58M Reminder type program.
DeepAnalysisSetup. 08/04/02  3.06M Powerful eBay market research software.
DeepsMP3Base.exe  03/07/01  2.86M A free MP3 database to manage and easily search mp3s in your disk
DirectFlashDown_se 09/05/02   823K download flash files from web page
E-mail_Stripper_v1 10/14/03    13K Remove > from fowarded e-mails
EPGPro.exe        03/10/04   518K EPG Pro is a password generator utility.
EZCal2k3.exe      02/06/03   126K Easy to use calculator.It calculates cos. tan., log etc.
EasyCalc.exe      02/12/04   208K A calculator - Normal, Scientific, Interest, Annuity calculations
EmailSeeker10share 08/26/01   927K Extract e-mails from Internet that match your search criteria       11/10/02   318K Powerful Calculator/Conversion utility for Windows        10/05/02  2.50M FSU can move/copy/rename mp3 files and (mass)edit ID3 tags.
FXSmartLogin.exe  05/09/03  1.32M Quick & easy auto-login with 448 bit security
FastTraySetup.exe 12/02/03  1.07M A launcher which stays in the system tray.
FileDrag2001.exe  12/15/01   584K This program knows 3397 file extensions.
File_List_Creator. 08/29/02   766K Great for Printing CD contents.
FilenameMagicPro_v 10/05/02  1.02M Rename files within a folder with ease
FolderViewer      01/11/03  2.24M This utility displays and prints files.
GAC180.exe        10/07/02   726K Control your audio and Winamp player using customizable hotkeys
GTManager.exe     08/12/02  2.47M Patch librarian / editor for Boss GT-3, GT-5 and GT-6      08/25/04   405K Makes games to run faster and boosts your PC.     08/08/02    13K Generate passwords with random words numbers.
GetGoSetup.exe    06/02/04  2.83M Download manager and accelerator.      08/03/03    43K Assembly Language Alarm/ Reminder/Scheduler     03/28/04   104K HTML Editing Pad with a Colour Picker and Help / Tutorial
HPSWinTail.exe    12/13/02   743K Windows port of Unix tail utility
HTMLShrinkerLight2 12/30/02  1.22M Speeds up your web site 06/24/03   349K Autorun program to automaticaly run html page from CD     06/30/03  3.95M Calculates wood, concrete, general conversions etc.
Hawk_Version1_20.e 05/16/01   666K Monitor Server Status 11/02/02   547K Super calendar, multimedia alarm clock.Richtext
IE_Name_Changer.ex 07/02/02    40K Freeware program that changes the name on your Internet Explorer  12/24/02    60K Tracks # of mouse clicks and distance movement in various units
ImageHunter_versio 06/26/04  2.62M A web browser able to auto download image.         01/08/01  6.34M JewelPro, CD Case Label Maker
JRSoundsetup.exe  04/09/04   468K Associate any wave sound file with any program.
KazaaFileVerifier. 07/21/03  7.47M Download verified files in Kazaa
Keyper10-setup.exe 12/31/02  1.48M A Secure data storage and retrieval system.      04/29/03  1.35M Kill The ActiveSync Icon From The System Tray   04/28/03   390K Internet Explorer Toolbar with dictionary suport.
LC-Setup.exe      07/03/01   303K LC for Windows 9x/Me is a 'mimic' of the one in Windows 2000. 01/24/02    11K Hibernate, Turn off, Restart... your computer at a specified time
LockSystem.exe    05/19/02    36K Lock System locks the access to the computer with a password.
M-UnZip111.exe    01/03/03   785K Extracts (UnZips) multiple ZIP files into one directory.
MALite11.exe      08/09/02  1.09M MIDI arpeggiator and random music generator.
MDS1124.exe       06/15/04  2.24M Reports where space is used on your drives          11/30/02  1023K Keep track of queries and manuscripts you have submitted    03/23/04   354K Easily create Custom IE toolbar buttons 09/19/02    42K Never forget important events with MasterReminder!
MediaFACEII.exe   06/12/01  7.35M Design and print all your media labels with this program.
MediaMan1.0_Setup. 07/19/04  2.67M MediaMan - Media Catalog Manager
Mobile.exe        06/25/01  1.81M It convert your favorable MIDI music into mobile phone ring code.
Mp3PrinterSetup.ex 09/29/02   362K MP3 Information Printer
OEBGenieSetup.exe 11/06/03  1.36M Backup email data from top 9 Email Clients.
PcLiga2000_Instala 06/30/02  3.25M PcLiga 2000 is a program to manage football leagues
Pcd.exe           01/10/03   284K Determines actual speed of computer components CPU/RAM/HD/VIDEO
PhotoCDuke.exe    12/12/03  2.72M Write your photos to CD
PicoZipRT.exe     01/10/03  2.73M Easy-to-use free Zip password recovery tool.
PopThisInstall.exe 01/27/03   148K A free, effective popup disabler for Internet Explorer
PopUpStopperProfes 05/31/03  1.64M Stop Pop-Up Ads in AOL, MSN, and ALL browsers   07/15/04  3.32M Its mainly designed to protect the foxpro tables
PrvDisk.exe       08/19/04   949K Easy-to-use and secure disk encryption
Pstor240.exe      05/04/04  1.71M Document manager with scanner support
QSSSetup.exe      04/16/02   289K QSS instantly activates your screen saver from the system tray.     12/17/02   251K The power of a spell checker right at your finger tips.
RECZIP.EXE        11/27/03  6.71M Management of. Laboratory / Drugstore / Cooking Recipes        08/27/02  1.67M Nice, advanced and easy to use scientific expression calculator.
ROVER.EXE         10/18/02   812K Control multiple computers with one keyboard and mouse 08/09/02  4.12M Generates random names for files and copies them to new directory 11/16/02   322K RealAccount, freeware plugin to enhance accounts handling with MS Outlook
Robotix.EXE       07/18/01  1.80M Telephone Book
Runner.exe        01/10/03   421K Run your programs/documents easily, safely with speed        09/06/03     7K Boot into Safe Mode easily on Win 95, 98 and ME.  04/24/02  5.34M SQL Database Viewing Utility
SRCsetup.exe      05/22/01    50K Internet Explorer right click add-on for Yahoo! Email, Search etc        11/12/01  3.54M Silently record the activity on your PC including all web pages v      08/25/04   341K Privacy protector and Security provider
ScSetup32.exe     06/10/03  6.70M ScS store builder      01/08/02   789K Total System Diagnostics
ScreenCaptureSetup 12/11/03  1.31M Capture easy any images, including DirectX.  11/30/02  9.20M It's a memory loss helper     12/20/02  2.10M Protect your computer from viruses and Trojans with this program.
SetupAutotrack.exe 03/24/04  4.70M Manages all aspects of owning a Vehicule
Setup_SSTracker_St 03/08/03  2.48M Increase your betting income up to 300%
Simpli-File_Rename 04/07/04   438K Rename any number of files and folders based on criteria! Organi
Simpli-File_Statis 06/13/04   581K Generates statistical data based on a directory you choose!    02/04/02   181K Get usefull information about your soundcard.
SpeedySearchSetup. 01/09/03   998K Search multiple search engines from your desktop.     11/12/02    48K Split a large file into smaller pieces. CRC, self-catenate. Free         07/11/01   271K Download all web pages and links in single click
Sweeper.exe       09/05/02   621K Sweeper analyzes your files for dangerous abilities. 10/11/02  1.55M Wraps Multiple MP3's into a single file. 12/28/03   173K For use with the Australian 'Tattersals(R) Tattslotto(R)'.
TSQLR10.msi       12/02/02  2.06M .NET Framework Report Generator          12/05/01  2.62M System Agent automatically zip specified files/folders     08/05/01   211K Talking Clock
TarantulaInstall.e 10/29/03  1.14M A fast and simple search tool      09/05/02  1.99M A simple timed application launcher.
Terminator_Setup.z 06/30/04  1.44M Big ASCII file viewer and DBA helper.   10/08/02 16.48M Thesaurus add on for DaTex
Traysafesetup.exe 07/22/04  2.89M Universal password keeper. 100% safe! 12/04/02    67K Speed up your GUI programming with this Visual Basic add-on
VBlib.exe         08/03/02  7.80M VB runtimes for versions 3-6 (Will not replace MS version)
WC2002.EXE        12/10/02  3.16M Your Security Center for all Windows PCs.
Watcher_Setup.exe 09/15/02  1.91M Watcher turns PC and webcam into a video surveillance solution
WinampSwitch.exe  09/15/01   115K winamp alarm/shutdown plugin
WindowShades2_b000 06/29/02   942K Window Shades in an Internet Explorer plug-in that filters pop-up
Winuscon          01/11/03  5.48M Winuscon for easy Windows access       04/09/01  1.78M Automated renaming of lots of files with doublet control
Xintegritysetup.ex 12/28/03  3.11M Xintegrity security application.        08/29/03   340K Outstanding time zone utility for Windows      11/02/98  2.64M Play Christmas Music on your Computer!      01/24/04  1.36M Powerful Agent mails converter to any format      01/21/04  1.37M Powerful Becky mails converter to any format        09/22/03  1.08M Useful mails converter to any document format         06/30/03   912K Useful mails converter to any document format        10/18/03  1.01M Useful TBB converter to DBF or CSV format
abfPasswordRecover 08/12/04  1.36M Program to retrieve forgotten passwords          11/25/02   670K It allows you to securily encrypt any file.
access-password-re 01/17/04   399K Recover lost or forgotten Access passwords!      10/30/02   577K Recovers forgotten passwords for ACE archives
acsvi.exe         10/28/02   262K SFV and MD5 checksum calculation utility
actualspy.exe     05/25/04   850K Computer activity and system event monitor.      01/16/99  2.20M Stops you from wasting time on your computer
adkillerinstall.ex 04/12/01  1.25M Kill those annoying ads on the internet
admailev.exe      08/12/02   225K Allows you to decide which emails to download, delete or leave un
advanced_keylogger 02/22/04   918K A powerful invisible keystroke recorder.      10/30/02   943K Recover passwords to Microsoft Excel files.
ae400stp.exe      03/25/02  1.16M Shut down/Exit Windows automatically at a specific time
agentp.exe        01/07/04   902K Slick password spying software
aiepk.exe         07/25/02    40K Remove pop-up windows in IE, use a stable method.      10/21/02   426K Recover passwords to instant messengers.     01/09/03  1.54M An Alarm clock that plays wave files
amfsetup.exe      01/03/02  1.56M Print a list of all your fonts
amifon02.exe      10/08/02  1.93M AMI Font Wrangler - manage, install, browse, print TrueType fonts
animator55setup.ex 01/20/03   946K Add images, import sounds, create AVI videos!
anonymousbrowsing. 08/04/04   350K Anonymous Browsing Toolbar           05/18/04   821K Set of network tools: PING, TRACE, WHOIS, etc      10/29/02  1.38M Recover Windows NT/2000/XP passwords.      10/18/01   961K Recover passwords forMS Office documents (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook etc      01/12/01   990K Recover passwords forMS Office documents (Word, Excel, Access etc).
ap2-1.exe         11/22/01   591K Stylish, animated autorun menuing software for CDs/CDRs      04/18/03   837K Decrypts protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
apmBscE.exe       11/19/02  4.91M Asymmetric coding and signing (PKCS / X.509)  09/12/02  1.42M Automatically send text and commands to windows programs   12/19/01   397K Create free autorun cd menus
aquila13.exe      10/24/01   383K Aquila is a tool to recover login and password information.      10/29/02   829K Recover passwords to ZIP,ARJ,RAR,ACE archives       10/30/02   569K Recovers passwords for RAR/WinRar archives.
ascc1_00.exe      11/15/02   891K Simple and fast currency conversion software.
ashampoo_interneta 10/18/02  2.12M Ashampoo Internet Accelerator
ashampoo_winoptimi 10/01/03  7.92M Ashampoo WinOptimizer Platinum Suite
asuc1_00.exe      11/15/02   834K Customizable unit conversion software.
atr.exe           05/12/04   711K A powerful tool to repair corrupt or damaged TAR file.
autoplay_setup.exe 10/06/02  2.20M Software for easy visual creating of CD autoruns          06/23/00   587K Recovers VBA passwords in Office 97 documents      10/30/02   943K Recover passwords to Microsoft Word files.       10/29/02   683K Recovers lost ZIP (PKZip, WinZip) passwords.        05/17/01    34K File slicer    09/10/02     5K Add bar charts to your web pages
baseconversions10. 11/11/02  3.71M Converts from base 2 to base 32 and in any base in between
baxter10.exe      04/02/03  1.33M Software analyzes eBay user feedback!      08/20/98   356K Convert AVI to MPEG-2, also ADOBE Premiere 5.0 plugin.      11/06/03   159K Ingrandisce e personalizza le finestre comuni Apri e Salva
bksetup49.exe     12/23/02  6.66M Backup2001 Pro is a backup and restore tool      05/22/02   615K Print booklets saving paper      04/10/04  1.78M Print booklets saving ink and paper
bps_aot1.exe      12/11/02  1023K Calendar, reminders, alarms and to-do lists.
bpspt101.exe      12/11/02  7.77M Power up and customize America Online.
brm_demo.exe      12/24/02   398K Backup email and mail reader settings
bro_demo.exe      12/05/02   395K MS Outlook
broedemo.exe      08/19/02   377K Outlook Express
bs.exe            03/27/02   402K Test the quality of a monitor
bsetup10.exe      12/23/02  3.72M Powerful but so easy to use backup tool    01/03/03   859K Turn your Windows computer into a burglar alarm       11/28/02  1.13M Extracts/creates/splits/encrypts .cab      03/03/99   918K Caller ID that SAYS the name/# of the caller
catcal11.exe      12/21/02   594K This program calculates catholic feasts associated with Easter.
catscan.exe       09/28/00  1.46M Use CueCat Scanner to scan Barcodes into Windows progs!           03/29/02  1.53M Complete installer/uninstaller for Windows        12/07/02  1.54M Calculator relating to cable and wire and the installation of
cddr11.exe        11/28/01  2.17M Data recovery from damaged or defective CDs.       04/02/03   791K CD front-end menu system
cdmenupe.exe      06/11/04  4.50M Create a professional CD-ROM autoplay menu.
cdmzv10.exe       06/09/02  1.03M 3D multi zone clock- skins notes reminders  05/16/02   303K A graphical interface for autoruns for CDs
changerxpsetup.exe 10/07/02  1.19M Let your Windows be unique      08/29/00  5.03M Store intimate chat buddy profiles and pictures in DB      10/15/02  2.52M Disk quota manager for directories    10/15/02  2.78M Monitoring tool for system events and health       04/29/03    40K It remindes the recurrences (birthday, payment,...) at boot.           04/25/00  2.81M A program to convert the .ico images to .bmp.        04/10/03   915K Create of labels 8.9 x 2.4 or 8.9 x 3.7 cm
clipstrip15_setup. 08/04/02   961K Strips the formatting from text in clipboard        07/21/02   621K Multiple storage clipboard text utility
cmdemo13.exe      11/27/02   838K CIDMage Caller ID Generator/Analyst
compareandmerge.ex 10/01/02   890K Visual file and folder comparison utility with many features      03/16/04  6.41M Query/delete/replace/export/swap database fields' data       04/25/03  1022K Serial port monitoring on Win9x/ME/2K/XP PCs.
conpresso-latest.z 12/16/02   600K Content Management System - keeps your website fresh and hot!      01/12/03   518K Convert between measurement systems
corner15.exe      07/09/02   461K Corner is made for calculating odd corners.
cover72.exe       10/28/02  1.89M Easily print CD jewel case inserts and covers       04/10/03   923K Manage your recipes of cooking      04/10/03   931K Manage addresses, phone numbers and birthdays
crowbarinstaller.e 06/16/00     7K Remove dead entries from the Add/Remove list      11/06/02   450K Sample colors from your screen.
cssqbsetup.exe    08/15/02  7.42M Backup utility with Win Explorer integration
ctalogmx.exe      12/10/02   940K Create catalogs and reports for all disks.      03/23/01  1.59M Turn any images into Windows cursors and icons.
cursorhider.exe   11/18/03   279K Hide mouse pointer    11/19/99   246K Free program to make your Windows98 more powerful
cyberspy-setup.exe 04/08/03   648K Powerful PC Monitoring and Surveillance      02/10/04   115K ring bell user-specified # times,then loop until any key hit      05/28/04    35K calculate elapsed time enter start hhmm end hhmm get elapsed hhmm
dac232.exe        06/16/04  3.67M Create professional looking ads in minutes!       11/22/03  5.77M Patient Record Software       06/15/02 11.09M A program to open, create, edit and work with dbase files.      04/19/01   847K Dbf file utility
dcsetup.exe       10/20/02  1.82M Backup DVD movies to VCD/SVCD
dcspy.exe         10/27/02  1.40M Take parental controls to the next level!
ddcrypt.exe       10/28/01   402K ddcrypt is a small encryption program that uses blowfish 448bit.
deepsview.exe     11/22/00    57K A free Image viewer with advanced features (Rated Best)   08/24/03   390K DigitalFootprint Software Corporation's RMINE
dfm.exe           05/21/01  1.18M Find out duplicate files and save space      02/15/01  2.65M Conversion Tables, Reminders, CountDown, Sticky Notes and more.       09/15/03  2.16M It is the phone dialer without GUI (graphical user interface) 04/14/03  2.52M Desktop Computation and Unit Conversion      11/25/02   338K Daily Reminders with intelligent rescheduling    12/13/02   655K Open and save files quickly with this tool!     12/20/99   310K DocMemory Ram Diagnostic   09/16/02   107K Check if your DE/COM/NET/ORG/INFO/BIZ/AS/US/AG domain is free
dotpocket.exe     12/03/02  1.44M Pocket PC Screen Rotation and Remote Control      01/01/03   405K A high performance AES/Blowf./RC6 SFX-Crypter  02/13/02   505K Crie seus próprios vídeos desenhando e salve-os em arquivos Ini!
drivecleanser6.0_d 10/21/02  3.69M Securely obliterate data from your hard drive      03/04/03  1.79M Easy to use ID3 tagging utility for MP3 files
ds2000.exe        11/11/02  3.15M Search engine submission software
dscrypt.exe       10/22/02    24K AES/Rijndael file encryption software.
e-greet.exe       11/20/02   796K Email greeting cards: your photos,voice text
e32setup.EXE      04/25/01   886K eZip Wizard: easy-to-use solution for compression needs      04/14/99  4.87M Easy House is the most complete home automation system.      03/18/01   298K myEasySync is a small program for synchronizing folders.
ecdmenu11.exe     11/21/02   686K Create automatic starting CD user interfaces
ecopycd10.exe     11/21/02   359K Make 1:1 backup copies of your CD's          03/14/02   896K Visual file and directory comparison tool
egg.exe           07/11/02  3.89M A fun, easy way to use the Internet and your computer
emomail.exe       11/27/03  1.05M Insert graphical smileys into email messages.       08/29/97  1.89M Diligence Encounter97 Award-winning sound editor
encyrptnote.exe   08/13/03   671K Freeware to encyrpt text files to 128-bit secure txt Files.
eringins.exe      06/21/00  4.32M Get phone calls on your PC without a 2nd line       01/28/02   601K Freeware Scientific Calculator       02/22/02   651K Utility to convert between measurements.
esp_setup.exe     06/26/04  1.20M Protects your mail account from curious eyes.
esurveiller.exe   05/15/04  3.78M monitor and watch what people do, from anywhere, live!
eviewsetup.exe    05/04/99  2.14M The best way to view, organize and annotate files!
excel-password-rec 08/18/03   591K Recover lost or forgotten Excel passwords!     09/29/03   546K Quick, Easy, and Effective way to launch favorite programs!
extpad22setup.exe 04/24/02   780K Powerful freeware text editor with advanced tabbed-interface
eyespyfx.EXE      06/16/04 18.67M Powerful easy to use web cam software
eyespyfx_mobile_1_ 06/16/04 18.12M View your webcam through your mobile phone!
ezbkup23.exe      05/07/04  6.41M Eazy Backup-Restore for Popular Applications   07/25/02   215K Convert length, weight units and temperature        07/18/02   269K A useful tool for JavaScript
ezzip3.exe        02/21/04  1.68M An intuitive two step zip file interface      10/11/02   797K Website FAQ Manager        05/12/02   601K Resizes file boxes bigger, adds features
fdcsetup.exe      11/19/02   516K A utility to break files into smaller pieces.       05/18/02     6K Break and assemble file(s) of any size in any desired sizes
filecosshz.exe    10/23/02    36K Change Date/Time of files/folders
filefolderwriter20 07/16/00  1.63M Print Directory. Writes Files & Folders into text file.          09/06/00   424K FlaX creates text effects for Macromedia Flash.
flmk301e.exe      02/03/99   897K Mask, Edit, Retouch Images; Slideshow; For Windows        04/18/01   594K Sniff up unused files on your hard disk!
folder-security.ex 02/25/04   755K Secure your documents, password-protect them.      01/20/03    45K Hide folders, encrypt files, encryption utility        04/25/99   473K Creates multimedia greeting cards using BMP,AVI,MID,WAV
freemeds.exe      11/01/02  1.00M Medical terminology spell checking word list dictionary.
freephotoplus5-es0 12/26/00  6.79M Your number one choice for working with images!
freesms.exe       09/06/00   304K Send SMS for free   03/15/02     6K Frequency generator (squarewave) for your pc-speaker         10/17/02  2.90M Farsighter monitors a remote computer.
ftgsetup.exe      12/10/03   364K FreeToGo lets you surf the Web in privacy    09/10/02   158K Apply your own IE Skin and logo.
funsetup.exe      02/19/02  1.75M Translate English to Funny Talk
geeksuperhero_setu 02/26/04  2.01M Protect your computer from unwanted changes.
geohtm21.exe      04/05/00  1.21M Powerful freeware client-side image map editor.       06/17/99    86K Converts Gif files into AVI animations      03/26/99   398K FREE GMAT test preparation  10/01/02  3.55M Log the time you spend on projects automatically.      10/15/02  4.15M Free GPS diagnostics for NMEA GPS receivers         06/13/03  1.47M Allows eBay users to leave bulk feedback.
gspdemo.exe       12/29/02  1.52M An easy to use file splitting program.     03/15/02     5K Handler is a tool to spy out windows, controls and passwords :)         06/21/01  1.56M 18 Useful           01/26/02    11K generate html body tag for texts and links color        09/11/00   119K System Stability Tester
hd2k_pro.exe      04/08/04   821K Forget about Internet connectivity problems!
hkmaster.exe      03/14/04   395K Accelerate your normal computer workflow.         01/24/03   518K benchmark tool
hotkeygenius.exe  10/18/02   798K Hotkey Genius is the best hotkey manager!      07/31/03  3.77M Use timing software to control.           02/22/04   734K Password protect web pages and hide source
html2jpg_personal_ 05/07/02  1.69M Convert HTML to JPG      07/21/01   592K Used for making character and tile sets that are saved as bitmaps
ieasycleaner.exe  05/18/04   406K Internet Explorer Cleaner
img18.exe         02/08/03   447K Automatically records your Instant Messages.
imgd10a.exe       01/10/03  1.38M Download images easily from Internet Explorer     04/19/00    98K Edit INI files in an 'Explorer' type interface
irfanex.exe       11/14/00   129K Free Shell Extension for IrfanView
irob137.exe       05/02/02  3.34M A robot Surfer, this program will actually surf the NET for you!          10/16/03  1.31M Control and organize emails with InboxRULES   09/29/02  1.96M finding ISO codes for different countries and their ports
itringsinstall.exe 09/08/00  4.35M Get calls at the PC while online for free
jpeg-setup.exe    11/12/02   304K A simple image viewer
jppcrtr.exe       05/22/01  1.73M Make your own promotional jisgaw puzzles - freeware!
jrcopyto.EXE      06/22/02   123K Adds (Copy to) the right click context menu.
kassandra.exe     03/25/00   281K Free submit over 2500 search engines      12/22/02     8K Free (40 kb) Logs Key Press And Mouse ClicksFormatted output      03/15/01   150K 2900 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Office    09/03/03   992K Keep and manage all kind of passwords.     07/04/02   177K Home Key Logger      03/02/02  1.46M lets you control your mouse using your keyboard. Move and Click 09/17/02  1.02M Password management software
keyspectlite.exe  10/06/03   448K Freee keylogger for home and office
keyspectpro.exe   12/07/03  1014K Multifunctional keylogger for home and office      05/24/04  1.21M KillPro: Stops Nuisance Background Programs
klog204.exe       07/17/03   380K Keyloggers log and spy all the key events.
kryptel.exe       12/07/03  4.13M Drag-and-drop file and folder encryption.
led_control.exe   08/07/02   335K Control the NUM LOCK, CAPS LOCK, SCROLL LOCK indicator lights
letstalk09_setup.e 03/12/01   719K Enables easy voice chat via LAN and much more.         10/11/02  1.59M Lock and protect folder from being opened, moved or deleted      05/06/04   600K Automate routine computing tasks      10/18/02  4.81M Get your favorite lyrics from 120,000 songs
macrob14.exe      11/11/02  1.34M 4 in 1 automation tool to work faster on pc         07/14/01  1.59M MAFIA is a program where you can build security systems, burglar     11/01/99  1.01M Learn the secrets of influence, rapport, and persuasion       04/08/04    85K An encryption utility that uses 512 bit strong encryption.          11/09/01  1.68M Boost your Internet speed up to 300% with Modem Booster   12/24/02   148K Program for coding the e-mail links on the web pages       01/09/04  1.56M MDR Applications is a suite of 5 individual Windows programs.           11/12/00   226K Big and Good Arabic program
migrateeasy6.0_d_e 10/21/02  2.92M Quickly
mintim10.exe      07/18/01    38K Minute timer, a simple general purpose countdown/alarm       10/19/99   654K Jpeg, Calendar Screen Saver
mobimgr.exe       12/19/02   556K Customise Your Nokia Phone and Send SMS Messages
modemtest.exe     01/07/03   586K Test your dial up modem and telephone line for errors and connect      09/07/97   302K Make a morph between two still images
morse15.exe       02/22/01    90K Morse is a programm that encode/decode morse code and can play it
mp3_music_search.e 10/08/02   526K MP3 Music, Real Audio Search and find.      07/02/03   227K Combine multiple Mp3 song files into one file.
mp3org20.exe      04/16/01  2.26M mp3 renamer
mp3player2setup.ex 04/13/02  1.18M Programa para tocar MP3
mp3splitter.exe   06/14/02   971K Cut your MP3s into pieces with this application.   03/26/00   294K MP3 File Splitter / Cutter
mraid130.exe      04/05/00   963K VCD/CDI/BIN/ISO to MPEG converter - Shareware     09/17/02   184K Collection of encryption algorithms       09/17/02   113K Allows programs execution from ASP code       09/17/02   163K Gzip compression/decompression component     09/17/02   161K Allows to send forms with multiple files      07/03/02   242K MP3 Manager, multi tag editor, file renamer      01/05/97   713K MSVBVM60.DLL run-time .DLL for Visual Basic 6.0        12/13/02   792K MTA OE Backup
mwlsetup.exe      01/13/03  5.08M prevent malicious email from downing your nw
mwm202.exe        11/30/01   883K Easy Wav MP3 Maker Convert wave to mp3 and back again
mwm_150.exe       08/19/01  1011K Convert music files between mp3 format and wav format.         01/11/02   281K Interactive scheduler & planner, & alarm clock messaging system.
mzip.exe          10/18/02   787K Multiple ZIP files extraction and creation.       02/21/03   320K Random name generator
navdiv.exe        08/31/02  4.12M Navstar16©™ (Unlocking Creativity) NavDivulge
nelson.exe        09/28/02  2.75M NEO Instantly Organizes Outlook Email       05/28/04   245K How To Join eBay and PayPal and safely use th
netzip.exe        06/21/00  1.64M Combines downloading and zipping into one.
nohtmloe.exe      08/06/02   538K Disable HTML within Outlook Express      03/14/01  2.63M For viewing HCFA 1500 National Standard Format files.      09/02/02  1.51M Extract Data from DMS300 Switches        09/05/00    17K OcxReg does what regsvr32 should! A must-have.
odb.exe           12/30/02  1.72M Effectively recognize you the use of computer      05/01/03   342K File, template and folder manager for Office
ol-auto-bcc.exe   03/09/04  1.28M Routes your outgoing messages through rules      08/08/02   386K Copy a directory structure only. No files.
oubsetup.exe      11/30/02   733K Password manager, with strong encryption and full source code.
outlooksecurity_ad 03/07/02  2.02M Outlook utility to set attachment permissions      10/11/02  1.11M Web Picture Gallery Creator
padmin.exe        10/17/02 65.18M Complete network protection   11/05/03  1.24M Modify web pages using a standard text editor       09/16/02   320K Create secure passwords
pasvault.exe      11/08/01  5.34M Keep Track of Internet Passwords and Login Names Safely
pawclk29.exe      11/24/02   424K Advanced, highly configurable digital clock      06/19/99  1.02M Store, Retrieve, Organize, Generate, Spy-n-get password
pcdjjr.exe        02/04/00  2.56M PCDJ MP3 player for listening and mixing MP3      02/17/02  1.92M Power tool for the Palace Chat Client.
pdfb.exe          06/02/04  2.67M Utility to automatically create PDF files.    10/07/02    68K packer/encryptor identifier, OEP tracer, and unpacker
pg2004sw.exe      07/16/04  1.12M Very customizable password generator.
pgpsetup.exe      08/17/04    63K Generates highly random passwords and numbers       01/06/03   384K KEEP YOUR DATA PRIVATE!
photoprinterle.exe 03/13/00  7.34M An easy-to-use photo printing program.        08/07/00  1.73M Protect your system against intruders.    09/10/02     4K Add pie charts to your web pages with the free Pie Chat Utility
pk250dos.exe      04/01/99   202K PKZIP 2.50 for DOS the Update to 2.04g
pk270wst.exe      11/08/99  1.02M PKZip PKUnzip 2.70 Unzip Utility
pkey.exe          02/25/03  1.12M Advanced encryption/wipe tool.
pkzc400s.exe      11/28/00  3.39M PKZIP Command Line for Windows
pkze110s.exe      11/28/00  4.51M PKZIP Explorer 1.10, with PKZIP Plug-in and Attachments
pkzw400s.EXE      02/16/01  4.84M Latest version of PKZIP for Windows 95,98, Me, NT, 2000
plat7shin.exe     11/29/02 28.39M Protection for businesses and professionals
platin.exe        11/19/02 11.95M The most sophisticated antivirus programs      12/02/02   352K Reports Oracle Forms modules PL/SQL code statistics
pm10.exe          06/25/00    58K A file splitter
popupblocker.exe  08/04/04   446K A PopUp Blocker - Advanced PopUp Protection
postxprt.exe      11/26/02  1.13M Turn your computer into a news posting machin
powerzipsetup.exe 12/11/02  1.64M Advanced compression features made easy         03/15/02     9K Switch on/off the pins of your parallel port to control devices!
privacysafe_setup. 06/10/03  3.04M Hide folders,erase internet
project-password-r 11/16/03   398K Recover lost or forgotten Project passwords!
prosetup.exe      06/19/03   395K Change file attributes massively      05/25/01  1.37M Free utility to activate the print screen key.
prsetup.exe       05/31/04   713K Powerful lost password recovery tool
prune303.exe      05/20/03  5.33M Send/Receive/Recombine Bulk Dump from/to MC-303 using Windows PC        12/03/03   218K A computer alarm clock with a built in graphic program.
ptw138.exe        09/23/02  1.78M Put web pages on a web kiosk
purge11.exe       10/23/02   819K Keep your hard discs in shape.          10/23/02   833K Safe place to store all your passwords, logins, user names ....     03/08/04   971K Complete solution for your privacy protection
quickmenu.exe     10/23/02  1.93M Citrix / Terminal Server Client Desktop Replacement    07/24/02  1.88M Use quotations in your e-mail and other applications.
ra.exe            07/03/01 13.00M Organises project documents, data, web links and information       01/18/01   169K Monitor and free RAM from a System Tray icon. 06/21/04   259K Cleans and Optimizes your computer's memory!!
ranpassgen.exe    12/14/02  3.03M Create random passwords using number, letters and extended charac
rar-password-recov 08/01/04   720K Recover lost or forgotten RAR passwords!      08/07/02  1.15M to view, explore, search and extract resources in PE files        01/03/03     8K Turn on/off file read-only attributes in folder and subfolders      10/22/02    71K Reduce an exe file
reminds.exe       08/11/04   265K Reminds you of birthdays, bills, appointments        06/25/02   125K Rename image files (JPG, FPX,TIFF,CAM, etc.)      02/10/98  2.13M Windows Uninstaller/Directory cleaner       04/29/01   234K Rename files and folders effortlessly.       12/14/02   207K System Info and Benchmark program         09/02/03  1.82M Add password and lock your programs,         12/15/02  2.34M Simple text-to-speech application. Freeware.         05/02/04  2.05M Database for computer applications/versions.      11/14/02   472K Stock Quote Monitoring Program  03/02/03   599K Screen recording tool to capture the screen as a movie.      06/07/01   494K SuperDIR 2001 8.14 - Powerful DIR Replacement Utility
searchbar11full.ex 06/08/01  1.77M Provides quick access to search engines.
searchbar11min.exe 06/07/01   668K Provides quick access to search engines.
securattach_trial_ 04/07/03   108K Manage Outlook XP attachment blocking 02/08/01   935K Secure your computer  03/21/01  2.97M Prevent unauthorized access with password protection.  11/21/02  1.41M SendKeys provides macro functionality for Cakewalk Sonar users.
sentr409.exe      02/28/04   850K Adds password protection to Windows
setkisus.exe      10/31/02   566K Keep your passwords, userids, etc. secure.
setmcx.exe        09/10/02   272K Multi-columns text file extraction       01/26/03  2.63M Turbo charge your pc with 80 enhancements
setup.exe         03/11/04  1.25M Block Internet pop-ups, adware         09/04/02   258K Automatically Populates the From Field in Outlook
setup_eb.exe      09/28/02   652K Edit Buddy attaches drop-down lists to all standard edit fields
setup_la.exe      05/22/04   335K View most any file; interpret PE files...
setup_o2f.exe     12/13/03  1.72M Backup outlook elements       04/15/02  1.54M Professional Shutdown-Autom.-Tool
shopping2.ZIP     08/03/02  1.37M Make a shopping list using your pc and printer       05/10/02  3.02M Free 128 bit encryption program with encrypted-image viewer
sidebarb75.exe    09/05/04  8.97M Desktop Sidebar displays RSS newsfeeds, e-mails, appointments et 10/06/03   281K Simple to use manager for internet passwords
siter304.exe      12/03/02  1.39M Subject Search Siter: Web Site Investigator
slavemouse.ZIP    01/17/03    17K SlaveMouse is makes your mouse move and click automaticaly
slpro_20.exe      11/24/02  5.13M Award Winning Access Control PC Security
smarvs10.exe      09/23/02   257K SmartVersion: Windows multi-version archivist
snetdownloader.exe 06/22/00    62K Downloads files specified by a user from the internet
snoop300.exe      11/22/02  5.28M Award Winning Computer Security from iJEN
softcrypt_shellex_ 03/25/04  3.12M Complete file encryption software for Windows
software_0003_rcal 12/09/01   373K Helps you to calculate an unknown resistor value.
spamfilter.exe    10/18/03  1.17M The powerful anti-spam tool.
spamfreak-install. 08/20/03  1.04M Never get spam again. Never get viruses   10/27/01   664K hardware monitoring software that can variate fan speeds
spkcal.exe        02/03/04  5.14M Speaking Clanedar using MsAgent characters
split.exe         09/06/04   522K Split large files, then rejoin without this software.
spnet.exe         02/17/04  4.12M blocks annoying popup windows
spysharp.exe      01/21/02   112K Get your forgetted passwords.Password Get/Crack/Web .
sscan310.exe      12/03/02   991K SSScanner: Full-text search utility           02/13/04   127K Screensaver disabler/enabler on demand.
sseev.exe         10/18/02  2.15M Find text in all file formats-even compressed
sshot201.exe      07/14/99  1.69M Create your own screensavers with your favorite images.
stealth.exe       08/21/00   436K Stealth is a powerful file encryptor.
stick-it.exe      03/25/00   282K Post-it notes on your desktop
stuff8se.exe      12/30/03  8.24M File compression utility
surfrobot.exe     03/29/00   429K The Best Auto Surfing Tool in the Market!
svuinst.exe       10/28/02   822K Sophisticated web site monitoring tool
swf2video.exe     06/18/01   112K Convert Flash SWF to AVI including movie clips        11/05/03   855K Automatically block adult/porn websites
swoff23.exe       10/18/02    63K Easy-to-use shutdown utility with mini HTTP server build-in          03/17/03  1.33M Find what happens behind you on your PC.
sysinf01.exe      11/01/01   748K System resource monitor - CPU, RAM, etc.      10/11/02   596K Text to HTML converter       10/11/02   578K Text to HTML converter   10/27/02 24.11M Convert text to speech, save speech to audio, and talk to your PC
tclockex142.exe   04/20/00   456K TClockEx enhances the standard Windows taskbar clock
tcpkg21.exe       02/20/04  3.08M Limit Computer, Program and Internet Access
teletext.exe      02/12/99  3.60M High speed Multimedia Teletext ( Videotext )      10/02/02  2.02M Converts book.txt to book.html
textwiz.exe       09/02/02  1.16M Multipurpose utility for text or html files and clipboard text      07/21/02   616K World time zone clock and time dif calculator
tksetup.exe       05/12/03   307K Task Killer quickly terminate applications.
tnm.exe           12/16/01  5.75M Send Talking E-mails and Greeting Cards with Beautiful Layout
trackseraser.exe  09/11/02  1.62M Internet eraser software      08/05/04    51K Website Promotion and Search Engine Optimizer
trails10.exe      10/22/02  5.12M Trails Cleaner wipes out your Internet tracks
transperizer.exe  05/02/00  3.22M Allows you to set transparency of windows in win2k
trftp300.exe      11/12/02   766K File Transter Protocol Utility
trnseval.exe      01/08/03   474K Strong encryption and tight compression
ttally.exe        04/08/02   481K Counts lines, words, and characters in clipboard text
ttip12avalia.exe  04/26/01  1.44M English to Portuguese machine translator.
tweakui98.exe     07/21/99   116K Adjust windows interface settings       09/29/98  1.27M Cut, edit or view your videos (AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, QT)
tzxent20.exe      09/15/02  1.46M Fast, easy to use program for ZIP and CAB
unziplify12.exe   03/24/00  1.55M Extract all archives in a folder at once, FreeWare      08/15/04   618K Passwords on the basis of visual structure.      02/06/00     1K Rotate your screen by 180 degrees! 04/20/01  4.82M Launch any application using the proper executable version   04/25/01  1.74M Register library, registry pruner, library manager
vbSDD16set.exe    10/02/02  4.93M Test scheduler using 232SDD16D I/O controller and SDDRB4
vbrun60.exe       05/22/00  1.01M Visual Basic 6 Runtime Modules 06/07/00   694K AVI, MPEG, and MJPEG video editing software   05/01/02  3.02M A full featured VIVO video player.           01/06/02   777K Build Colored scrollbars for IE         03/26/02  1021K Recovering lost passwords for ZIP archives
w32.stator_mm_remo 10/16/01   125K W32.Stator@mm virus and worm Only Remover
w8sAndMeasures.ZIP 11/13/02   330K Convert weights and measures        04/29/03   685K WinAntiSPAM - best antispaming firewall.
wc46fw_setup.exe  08/14/01  1.49M System Optimizer and Internet Booster
wcweval3-0.exe    08/14/02  5.40M Detect and manage changes to file/registry
webtools.exe      01/23/01  1.43M Web companion tool with over 100 bells
wf10.exe          01/03/00  9.50M Create your own Java applets in no time with WireFusion        04/18/01   779K A Hypertext Viewer for WhizFolder Documents
winarj98.exe      08/10/98  1.04M WinArj 98 is a powerful compression utility       10/13/97  3.78M PC Diagnostic Utility
window-hide-tool-1 01/09/04   556K Hide any application window using a hotkey.       11/11/00  2.65M This will allow you to search for text in files.      03/31/02    14K shut down/restart/lock/suspend/stand by/hibernate/log off Windows  03/20/01  1.12M WinScheduler     03/15/02     6K The smallest and fastest tool to shutdown/reboot/logoff your PC !
wintopo-setup.exe 11/09/00  2.52M Raster to Vector Converter (BMP,TIF,JPG,GIF-->DXF)      07/05/02   651K Enable protection of any file by a password guarded shell .      07/20/02    17K Manage startup programs with your computer
wmac302b.ZIP      10/02/96  1.90M A functional Mac menu bar for Win95
wmsetup.exe       10/15/02  1.04M Monitor remote PC activities using Microsoft Internet Explorer.
word-password-reco 08/18/03   595K Recover lost or forgotten Word passwords!
wordreference_en_d 04/12/00    75K English to German Dictionary for Internet Explorer
wordreference_es_e 04/12/00    75K Spanish to English Dictionary for Internet Explorer
wpgoldsetup.exe   08/05/04  8.91M Get a top 10 search engine position
wpi251.exe        03/16/02  1.96M Stealth PC monitoring - captures screens and keystrokes
wrck2002.exe      12/17/02  2.73M Easy-to-use parental monitoring system.           09/06/03  1.23M Stop unwanted access to your PC
wsp301n.ZIP       01/20/97   685K Text-to-speech W95/NT, File/Clipboard/DDE/Command mode        10/28/01  1.00M Find and remove junk and obsolete files from your computer
wwsetup445.exe    06/28/04  1.96M Clean your PC and protect your privacy.
xanadusetup.exe   04/05/01  2.18M The free language and translation wizard 10/18/02   768K Using the fast and powerful XOR based encryption algorithm, XCryp       04/19/03   115K Desktop digital stopwatch/countdown timer
xplus.exe         09/02/02  1.44M Free archive extractor for Ace, Zip, Rar, and Arj.         05/13/00   356K Freeware Hex Editor      10/04/03   245K An extended XCOPY, for all IT professionals         03/26/00    36K ZCrypt is a freeware text and file encrption utility.
zipexploder30.exe 07/16/00  2.31M Extracts files from MULTIPLE Zip archives
zipoffice10.exe   12/23/02  2.71M Zip, unzip and more with ZipOffice        09/07/02   307K ZMover: Windows layout manager.      04/29/04   755K Compare and synchronize files and folders.
zscrypter.exe     06/29/03  1.23M File Encryption/Decryption
zsetup.exe        07/24/01   312K zTrace does tracing and recovery for stolen laptops.    10/17/02  3.37M Kill processes that Outlook Express leaves running

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