Directory of misc     08/30/00  1.08M GEM WK4 [03/04/98]    08/30/00   209K GEM WK2 Oriental [05/05/99]    11/20/00  1.06M GEM EQUINOX 61 [11/10/00]       01/27/04    97K Free Date Ideas from      01/25/00   866K Chemical Formula Tutor. Interactive Drag-Drop interface
1a13zip.exe       10/24/99   323K Single-entry accounting application.      01/25/00  1.12M Electrochemical Cells Pro - A Virtual Battery Builder       05/14/00   928K Fax Program
3D_Lines_and_Block 10/16/03   812K New interpretation of Lines with 3D graphics       06/18/04  5.65M 3D terrain scenes and flybys from USGS digital elevation models
AC2.exe           09/26/02 11.49M Create exclusive HTML and FLASH albums.   04/24/04  3.04M Telephone interception software - dvcrau data voice acquisition
AUTODOS.ZIP       10/02/01  2.23M Enhance your DOS, whether it is real mode or through Windows.
Abc.exe           10/26/02   244K CHAOS made security simple.
Accent2.exe       04/16/04  4.19M A handy organizer.
AssetMngH.exe     02/19/04  8.75M Inventory your Home
AtStart.exe       09/14/02   582K free custom home (start) page for IE      01/07/01   364K Generate random insults in a variety of styles.
AuthLink.ZIP      09/04/02   330K Compare two documents for similarity of writing style
AzDGDatingLite2.zi 09/07/04   644K Very Powerful Dating script working on PHP         01/05/03  5.61M Plays azaan at daily prayer times for your location...
BBSMonitorInstall. 05/19/04  1.96M BBSMonitor is a messenger for page changing.
BRSetup.exe       09/23/02   466K Helps webmasters to see how their sites looks in many resolutions
BWDB.exe          07/22/01  1.03M This is a nice and easy to use database (diary) for bird watchers        07/17/01   125K Battle animations to be used w/RPG Maker
BballCalc.ZIP     09/16/02   233K Calculate Baseball statistics        01/06/02   849K Btrieve File Editor, PSQL Executor and more
BlazeDVDSetup.exe 12/25/02  2.11M Play DVDs on your PC with this DVD Player
Brewlo41.exe      08/14/04  2.71M An important tool for the home brewer.
BuffyChat.exe     08/24/02  1.26M Chat with other fans of the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.        12/05/01   900K Buggit manages bugs/features. Multi-User.
CCFDEMO.EXE       08/09/02   745K Avoid the recession or retire in your twenties!
CFGedit.exe       08/05/02  4.28M edit your configuration files  08/08/02 14.47M An entry-level Web authoring and publishing system
CallerID.EXE      12/31/03  3.59M track and announce incoming phone calls
Change_Start_butto 04/26/04     7K Changes Start button text  01/28/04     4K Free horoscope content - webmaster resource
Christmas_Count.zi 10/16/02  2.53M Counts down the days 'till Christmas with some new cool effects!
Chritian_Journal__ 02/25/04  2.02M MS Access 2000 database that stores YOUR bible studies.
CoffeeFreeScrollBa 04/10/04  2.03M Makes color scrollbars for your Web site.
CoinMng2.exe      08/12/03 70.34M The best way to organize your coin collection
CollegeBAR.exe    11/16/03  6.38M Mixed Drink Program with over 11,600 drinks 10/03/03 11.21M FS2004/02/04 Courseplanner Flight Plan.
Cover21U.exe      09/07/02   715K Create and print your own CD-covers. 02/22/01    33K Personal 128 bit Encryption Program       08/08/01   244K Dynu FTP Server is a multithreaded FTP server supporting RFC 959
DWsetup.exe       12/12/02  3.06M Freeware doorway page generator.
DailyBibleAndPraye 12/16/03  2.45M Bible in a year, devotional, prayer tracker. 08/30/01  1.53M Shows 3D animated dancing girls to your music playing in Winamp
DrugsS30.exe      09/21/02  9.17M Side-Effects of drugs, nutrition and herbs      04/29/04   956K A tool to make your own StartPage.
ETSetup.exe       12/04/02   578K An instrument tuner and metronome
Eq11_zip.exe      09/14/98  2.36M Quantitative analysis of molecular interactions    06/26/03  1.61M Exquisplit is a state of the art file manager
FamiliaBuilder.3.0 12/24/02 14.18M FamiliaBuilder - Web Publishing of Family Tree and Photo Album
Fishex.exe        01/22/01  1.05M Fishing Expert- 400 tips for bass, trout, walleye, musky, panfish
FitCalc.exe       09/06/01  1.16M a pipe fittings calculator.. adds takeouts, gaps and engagements
Free-Ching.msi    11/09/02  1.78M Freeware implementation of the ancient Chinese oracle the I Ching
GardenPlannerTrial 07/03/04  2.46M Design your dream garden.
Gate-and-Way.exe  05/20/04   927K Automatic Backup all your LAN's data each day      02/04/02  1.36M Removes living persons / adds estimated births to GEDCOM file.
Gospel_John_Demo.z 12/26/02  1.33M This Bible Study Program Has Gospel of Saint John. Give Away!
Gridless_Lines_Dem 09/23/03  2.26M Lines game on a gridless board. New gameplay!     01/12/03 42.09M Organize your guests for any party with this easy to use software
IP_Tracker.EXE    10/13/03  1.42M Get informed when your IP is changed
InstZeroSpyware.ex 12/12/03  5.99M The most serious threat to spyware.
Instalar_futbol.zi 10/29/03  5.19M historia liga futbol primera division españa 07/10/03  2.21M QuickGear is a new Involute gear calculations software
InstallStor8.ZIP  05/06/04  1.61M indexes cd's, play video and music, mp3 plyr
InstallTabKaraoke. 12/19/01   595K MIDI player that shows tablature for a variety of instruments.
IntelliSmilies.EXE 11/23/02  3.71M Automatic Smiley Insertion
Invision.exe      11/16/99   229K Graph and analyze calculus functions.
J228Demo.exe      10/09/03  6.70M Christian dream and vision journal program.
J228Demo10.exe    04/28/03  6.60M Christian dream and vision journal program.   01/22/03   464K Clean up Windows rubbish with this tools, only few clicks!       08/06/02   643K Fast and powerful multimedia player (AVI,MPG,ASF,MP3).
LifeMapS.exe      08/03/02  4.56M Know who, what, where, when, why, how, and what next about you.
Life_Simulator_2.m 06/13/02  1.84M Shows attractive and mesmerising patterns   04/07/03   767K Assist’s Lottery Syndicates in checking member's numbers        09/21/02   910K lottery ticket generator / analysis program
MC.exe            11/26/02  1.46M Converts measurements from one standard to another
MMSetup.exe       09/23/02   759K Mouse Meter calculates the range, your mouse cursor passes.
MagicHTMLStudio.ex 10/07/02  3.68M Professional HTML the editor with built - in script generator
Maximusdvd1.2.ZIP 02/13/02  4.67M MaXimus DVD is a free software player for playing DVD media       10/08/02  3.28M Create customized tournament brackets from 3 to 16 teams 07/02/04  2.06M This software is preview for FULL PACKAGE. 10/16/03  2.17M Movie Mania is a simple and convenient movie database.      09/12/02   261K Catalog your DivX, DVD, VCD and VHS movies!       06/24/03  1.61M 'MultiCD' is a Multi files CD autorun.        12/31/02   932K clean up all traces of Internet and PC usage
MyWC2002Setup.exe 04/26/02  1.23M Football (soccer) management program for the 2002 World Cup
MysticSkinsetup.ex 04/18/03  1.20M A Skin for those who want something different
NMGCSWCD.exe      03/22/03 24.45M Gun Collecting Software
NistTime25.exe    03/31/01  1.60M Sets system date and time from the atomic clock
NovBetV2002DL.exe 01/16/03  3.03M NovBet for horses for Novelty betting on Australian Horse Racing.    01/16/02  1.93M Know your Destiny Number and many more.
OPTSetup.exe      09/23/02   851K Compress your HTML pages for faster loading.
OneLotto.exe      08/20/04  6.58M OneLotto save's to DataBase PowerBall lottery draw results.
PEPprog.exe       12/09/02  1.01M Amazingly accurate personality evaluation.
PMETRIC1_2.Zip    05/31/03   456K Program for Probit analysis
PN-212.exe        09/18/01  3.86M Arabic, Persian/Farsi, Urdu, Kurdish and Assyrian Word Processor
PP1017.exe        12/15/02  9.33M Produce Home Movies and Photos on DVD or CD!        01/12/00  9.08M Learning the Chinese Language through Phonetics
PartyBoard.exe    05/15/03  3.33M PartyBoard is a computerized sign-in board.
PassMonsterSetup.z 07/22/04   678K Reliable passwords storing
PcLiga2000-Instala 10/14/02  3.33M Gestion y Control de Ligas de Futbol de forma completa y amena
People_I_Know_Setu 07/30/02  1.23M Address book with multi-users support and password protected
PopUpStopper.exe  11/13/03   476K Block browser and desktop pop-ups free.
PreventPopUp.exe  04/09/03   842K integrated defense system for web application         10/21/02  3.66M Determines Sun Sign, Ascendant Sign and position of planets.       03/12/04  2.74M Involute spline and spline gage calculations software          02/14/02    22K Quickly estimate your federal tax liability.        12/27/03   162K Time a pitcher's pitch without a radar gun        12/27/03   166K No electronic sensors needed        12/27/03   162K Clock the speed of a serve without the use of a radar gun         11/26/01   907K Text and binary editor to view or edit any file.
RM2K_Tutorials_Pac 07/24/01   557K A pack of RM2K tutorials and FAQs found around the 'net
RTPe.exe          06/23/01 11.44M REQUIRED TO RUN RM2K! Tons of sprites, MIDIs, monsters, etc.   06/22/02  2.24M VCD Player      09/01/01   944K Shows pulsating 3D effects using your 3D card      09/03/01  1.63M Win at roulette by understanding and optimising progressive play!  08/26/04 26.54M Beispieltext zu einer Schreibwerkstatt (only for adults !!!)
SETUP_ME.EXE      08/02/02   384K Let you communicate with web site visitors immediately
SETUP_PR.EXE      08/02/02   318K Lost stolen computer tracing software  11/16/01  9.63M The serious Bartender's companion.
STUD_0800.exe     08/05/02  2.02M Keep track of Star Trek Universe cards.
School_of_Gundam.z 01/23/02  2.15M A gundam wing video with School of hard knocks, by POD
ScrollBarGoodiez1. 07/09/03    87K 30 Scrollbar CSS Codes for Web Pages
Secret_Caretaker_S 10/30/02   507K Secret Caretaker stores and organizes all your information.
SendMail.exe      01/23/04  1.18M Send files by EMail easily
Setup_Visual_Lotto 12/31/02  2.39M Universal Lottery Software for Windows
Setup_Win_Ghost_2. 11/21/02   158K Win Ghost can help you a lot when it comes to time consuming task
Smart50.exe       03/05/02  2.27M Send ringtones, logos, EMS etc from your PC.
SpamWasher.exe    12/27/03  2.17M Stop spam and junk e-mail with SpamWasher.  02/26/02  1.58M Yellow reminder notes on your Windows desktop
StonehengeVR.exe  08/08/02   744K 3D Virtual Reality Tour of Stonehenge 05/11/02  1.65M This great program lets you take and edit screenshots
SureCleanProfessio 10/01/03   801K Securely clean your PC with SureClean
T-SETUP.EXE       05/09/04   936K An advanced IRC and communication program in multiple languages w
TWC-IM-Client-1_0_ 07/26/03  1.47M TWC IM is an instant messenger
TZRouteFindingNI.E 09/04/02 10.51M Route finding data for TUMONZ free update 1.4
TZRouteFindingSI.E 09/04/02  6.60M South Island Route Planning Update for TUMONZ 1.4
TZUpdate14.EXE    09/04/02  1.92M TUMONZ free version 1.4 update (without route planning data)
TeeGofer2Eval.exe 12/30/03  1.26M Help Author Tool for .NET Component Writers
TiAR_Demo_SETUP.ex 12/10/01   354K Time lapse video recorder
ToolbarDesignerSet 02/12/04   747K Easy-to-use Explorer toolbar making software       08/30/01   483K 3D Cartoon rendering Winamp Visualizer
TrafficSpeedViewer 04/27/04   244K TrafficSpeedViewer is a plugin for MSIE.
U-Wipe_v2_8_setup. 11/20/03  2.09M Clean all PC tracks and block pop up ads.    11/27/02   653K Suitable bookmarks manager is specially created for Internet user
WBSetup.exe       11/21/01  2.98M New Testament Greek tutorial
WM4Setup.exe      10/03/02 28.97M Award-winning wedding planning software   08/16/04  8.93M Website Monitor Software for Websites
WomanWin.exe      10/28/02  1.53M Ovulation calendar and natural family planning tool for Microsoft
WorldTime.exe     06/23/04  4.58M Satellite image display of world times 05/19/02   991K Multiple speaker visualization plugin for Winamp
YACID110.EXE      04/07/02  3.77M Yet Another Caller ID program      09/30/02 10.40M Lookup over 76,000 zip codes with this Free program.      06/30/00  2.36M Capture and edit movies in many popular formats
abook.exe         05/17/02    57K This is a very simple address book.      04/16/00  1.77M FreeWare astrology program with some unique features
acpr_std.exe      11/20/03  1.60M Anti crack software protector       04/03/03  1.49M Maximum productivity calculator
adpk.exe          06/21/03  1.01M Kill those annoying Ad Popup Windows.
adwarex10.exe     07/24/04  1.85M The newest adware, spyware and virus remover!   05/10/02  1.08M Fitness Software that records and analyzes daily exercise.    07/25/03   601K Adds several useful features to MS Outlook
aeminst.exe       10/21/02  3.02M Check your mailbox, clean spam and viruses       11/01/02  5.80M The extensive toolbox.     04/23/03   533K an event reminder with which you can associate image to events
ahmfont1.ZIP      01/15/98    85K 2 Fonts for PC     05/27/02   838K Convert your favorite MP3AWMAAOGG files to WAV files.
alpha5.exe        04/17/02  1.66M Powerful and robust multi-session terminal emulator  01/11/00  1.65M A skin maker for the WinAmp media player          10/30/98   790K Analisi is an OpenGL functions plotting program
anokeeilluminator. 02/19/02  4.59M  core component to Anokee
antitracer_v1_0_se 06/28/04  1.22M Block all pop-up windows and erase PC traces
aom14a.ZIP        06/02/99  4.08M 3D cartoons/drawings/animations
apmLEE.exe        11/19/02  6.60M Coding, signing and compressing (X.509/ZIP)
apsts40d.exe      07/03/04 10.66M Tournament Brackets for up to 128 teams.
aquabubble2.exe   01/26/04  6.05M Face with new challanges of the Recolor mode!
ascuba36.exe      05/26/04  2.65M Popular scuba diving log for Windows.
ashampoo_burnit102 10/21/02   443K Ashampoo BurnIt! DataCD
asp1-a3_setup.exe 07/01/04  2.59M The ANTI-SPAM usenet picture downloader!
astrw202.exe      11/28/99   769K Easy To Use Astrology Program for Windows
auctionsubmit.exe 11/20/99  5.71M easy to use software for submitting to auction sites
autoloan.exe      08/01/02  1.20M Investigate different types of loans and 'deals'.      12/11/99    20K Autorun Maker makes creating CD autorun.inf files easy
autospell_outlooke 04/30/04  3.23M Add spell checking to Outlook Express.
avsetup6.exe      03/07/03  7.68M AudioVideo Media Manager
awkesetup.exe     05/07/01  2.84M A spellbinding tale of horror and erotism       08/05/00  1.41M Barcode printing program
barcode31.exe     08/01/02   482K Detect country of the item and check barcode        01/28/99   696K Free Barcode for windows 95/98  application      11/10/98   154K Mix and serve drinks like a professional bartender      06/29/00  1.57M Free Bible lands maps & diagrams in PowerPoint format.
bbworld.exe       11/08/03  2.89M Remake of a classic game Bubble Bobble.
benign.exe        11/25/03  1.26M Neutralizes harmful aspects of your e-mail.
bible98.exe       08/21/97  5.21M KJV Bible 98 for Windows 98 (also runs under Win95/NT4)
bioeng_.exe       01/24/02   352K Analyse your Biorhythm cycles.
bioplus.exe       05/16/02  1.35M Biorhythm cycles analyzer        04/02/99 13.22M Bird Identification and Reference Program
birdie_26.exe     05/21/04  2.84M Bird watcher log and image collection.    01/05/03 30.88M Loaded with valuable resources for the internet afilliate,    01/05/03 30.71M Loaded with valuable resources for the internet afilliate,      03/02/00   658K Convert Bitmaps to/from Icons, also Create/Edit them
bonescalc.exe     02/21/00  3.04M A FREE Financial Calculator with much more kick!.....     03/11/04  1.36M Boogy Chat - Chat for local networks.      08/18/01  3.16M Windows Bowling League Record Management System for Secretaries
boydemo.exe       07/03/01  2.54M Stories of children who experienced paranormal phenomena      05/24/02  1012K Electrical calculations software        04/24/00   518K Simple to use, good looking VCD movie player.
bvspok.exe        01/27/04  1.47M An enjoyable game that simulates video poker
ca30dv.exe        04/07/98  7.32M TAPI based Voice-Mail/Caller ID/Paging
cad126.ZIP        11/25/95   208K Entry level ciruit design program      04/05/02  2.22M Calendar maker with customized events and clipart
callalert.exe     06/23/04   540K Free Caller ID with Talking Call Alert       01/18/04   816K A program to communicate with TTY/TDD devices
callzapsetup.exe  07/23/04  1.61M CallZap blocks unwanted calls automatically.        10/28/02   658K CamLAN see your WebCam video on all PC's !       04/15/04   110K Car Troubleshooter is a mini-expert system       12/23/02  1.88M Cash 3 gives you all the tools you'll need to win daily Pick 3's.
catvids_setup.exe 06/25/04  5.86M Keep track of your video collection
cbinst3b.exe      05/01/00   251K Send SMS messages to cellphones via the web (freeware)
cbkwiz1.ZIP       08/10/02  4.26M Cookbook Recipe Software
ccinst.exe        04/07/03  8.89M Create multiple chat rooms using your browser
cctrial1.exe      03/17/02  6.45M Manages your various collectibles       06/25/03   120K shows birthdays, events and equivalentdate in different calendars      12/22/02  1.36M CD and Tape database
cfos-win9x-me-v524 12/09/03   987K cFos/Win 5.24 - COM Port Emulator for ATM, DSL      11/21/99 11.92M FREE Arabic Children's Multimedia Bible - Part 1 of 2       09/10/02     7K Find the hex code of any color for use in your web pages.  02/26/02  4.15M Lyric and ChordBox Editor for Guitarists
cksetup.exe       11/26/02  8.15M Choir and Music Tracking System
cleaner.exe       06/10/04   497K Utility to clean up temporary internet files.
clickfix.exe      09/08/02   169K Click and pop filter plug-in for Cool Edit
clipper.exe       10/05/99   633K video cd clipper         01/22/01   380K Know what Angel is ruling over now.
cmsetup_us.exe    10/06/02  1.27M Management of all your collections of coins, banknotes, stamps...       10/09/01   133K required DLL for MULTIMEDIA FUSION applications
copymach220.exe   12/30/03  2.09M Copy a document by scanning and printing it
coupwiz.ZIP       08/10/02  3.70M Coupon Wizard: Organize your coupons and shopping list
cp2000a.exe       04/06/00  2.52M Hate PopUps?  Crush them with this Automated FreeWare!           04/23/00   604K Manage Cricket Player      02/12/03    21K File encrypter written in assembly language.
cselite.exe       08/19/04  2.61M FREE fast offline HTML syntax checker      08/20/04   645K Create/display/print calendars and schedules.
ctube37_down.exe  11/14/02  4.18M Internet Television Tuner- over 700 Channels     12/15/02   542K CoolView is a simple webcam viewer with multi      03/25/01  3.41M Coin collection inventory software
cyberadio220.exe  08/26/99  3.90M Access and manage 100's of internet broadcasts.      11/25/02    33K combo of sp and lp record times to get complete program on 1 tape            06/30/04   560K Database structure design tool
dbs10-setup.exe   01/10/03  2.20M Easily convert databases into html directories.   11/23/02   552K The smart multi-window web-browser
desktopsafe.exe   01/22/04  3.12M Tool for safe storage of confidential records
diablosampler200.e 01/28/01   972K DiabloSampler beefs up your radio or dj set with sound effects.         11/15/02  6.01M Keep track of your food and medications
digicook.exe      12/17/03  4.03M Recipe management software with many features
divemateinstall.ex 02/06/03   461K DiveMate is a safe and quick diveplanner
djampv20a.exe     05/30/00  1.33M DJamp - A Talking DJ for your Winamp player
dodsetup.exe      08/22/02  9.69M Explore more than 20 historical disasters          04/06/99  1.75M Scientific tool for calculating pressure drop in pipes.      01/01/03   423K Cryption tool
dpkv100.exe       11/09/99  4.12M A fun & unique painting program for young artists.
dptrial.exe       03/29/00  4.37M DietPower helps you loose weight and get in shape.
draftsurveylt.exe 07/30/04 15.41M Calculation program for Merchant Navy.  12/11/01 11.94M The complete software guide to mixing drinks.        11/06/02  1.82M Biorhythms,Horoscope, over 3700 celebrities
eZediaMX3DemoInsta 06/11/03 31.69M eZediaMX™ is multimedia authoring software.      11/13/02   219K Easter and Whit Sunday calculator from 1582 to 2399
easyformit.exe    09/07/04   618K A package for automatic creation of webforms      01/01/03    60K A high performance filesplit with CRC32-Check    12/14/00  3.15M Edges and Frames for decorating your photos
enc2000.exe       06/28/02  1.35M Powerful wave audio editor
envlp14.exe       10/02/00  7.19M 32-bit, visual, object-oriented, RAD tool         12/25/99  3.80M Advanced desktop publishing software for Windows
fake_msn_plugins.z 11/28/02     5K tell someone to get a life on msn    01/30/03    19K Displays family details on a website
fcinstalle.exe    07/16/04 33.36M Recueil de fables et contes chinois       03/27/04   876K Flash movies viewer, organizer and extractor      03/27/04   654K View flash movies, flash videos, flash games      04/14/01  1.48M The ideal tool for the keen angler or fisherman/woman 02/23/99 14.28M Interactive fitness and nutritional program        09/29/02  1.81M Throw away the honey-do list.
folder-lock-ness.e 11/07/03   769K Folder lock software.
folder-password.ex 01/26/03   676K A utility to password protect folders.
folder-protection. 01/21/04   786K Protect folders with a password.      03/24/00   711K Font Manager to view, install, print fonts
fov100.exe        12/02/02  4.99M Use this to monitor your vision loss. For those with RP or MD
framextractor10.zi 12/05/02   721K Extract frames from movie-files and save as bmp.     11/01/02  2.16M automates hotmail by saving text of an email       10/27/00     7K Send free SMS messages to GSM phones all over the world   09/25/02   357K This book offers all free offers like free Software, eBooks, etc.           01/24/03   341K A Guide of great screennames to choose from
ftlsetup.exe      02/14/03   840K Family Tree Legends: Genealogy Software
ftpspider-setup.ex 05/31/03   842K Help index internet's ftp anonymous sites
ftree20.exe       11/21/02   662K Create and print your family tree with pics     09/05/99  1.25M Can quickly shutdown,restart,logoff,exit to dos,suspend 10/15/02  1.63M Monitors glucose, ketone, excercise, insulin 03/30/03  2.05M Prescription Tracking Including Cost History            06/01/03  1.78M guitar effects
fxwd43.exe        04/20/99  9.10M Full-featured 32-bit Fax            03/10/03  1.93M Gone Bowlin' 2000! The League Bowler Companion
geomengl.msi      12/22/03  3.43M Geomancy Software with readings
ggdsetup.exe      08/13/01  1.66M How to make gadgets and gizmos for fun      04/27/00   437K One-of-a-kind intelligent grocery management program    09/09/00  1.70M An excellent collection of 3D animations and clipart         07/11/03   568K A simple Operating System created with Game Maker
gmsetup.exe       12/18/02  5.29M Discover original Irish recipes and remedies      03/03/00  1.61M Bible Study presents gospel of Jesus Christ.    04/03/01   147K Contains more than 300 jokes (3000in registered full version)
gpaper.exe        02/28/00   405K Print out graph paper and music manuscripts          02/01/01  1.70M Software Guitar Synthesiser
halloween2.exe    09/25/00   442K Halloween Stationery for Outlook and Outlook Express     01/15/02 11.11M Reads out loud documents, email, web pages, dialogs, IMs and more   11/21/00  2.27M 50 edges for decorating your digital photos
harrysfilters.exe 12/14/00   316K 50 Photoshop-compatible filter plugins
harrysfiltersforpr 11/13/00   144K 50 filter plugins for Adobe Premiere
hb_21r.exe        03/22/03   924K Offline content manager and html-editor     05/01/02   274K Estimate your cardiovascular risks            09/08/00   573K The Holy Family Journey in Egypt with Maps & Photos
hlotto10.exe      09/03/04  1.54M Computer Programmed Lottery Numbers. List 3,4,5, 6 and 7 numbers
hlvsetup.exe      07/09/04   891K Professional link checker. Case sensitive.      08/09/04  1.43M Schedule balanced round robin sports leagues      01/02/01  5.27M Tracks income & expenses for home users     12/23/99  2.77M Build your own webpage,with this step-by-step tutorial.
hwhois.exe        06/07/04  1.38M Discover the owner of a given IP address      06/05/00  2.29M A drive contents viewer and editor.       07/28/03 10.71M Software for inducing hypnosis
iMONv20U.exe      09/21/02 19.85M Comprehensive, easy-to-use browser-based monitoring software.
iammsp_pro.exe    09/07/04  2.02M Monitoring of company's Internet access usage
iampplus_pro.exe  08/19/04  2.01M Monitoring of company's Internet access usage        10/26/00   370K 5,000 brilliant Windows icons with feature-rich viewer      09/09/99    58K Babylon 5 icon pack       07/29/03   284K IE-Clean delete the internet debris and more
impainst95.exe    01/01/03  9.79M This is a test of a possible engine for an upcoming game.
impsetup_1.0.exe  08/19/02  3.78M An add on for Window® Messenger
installconvcalc.ex 08/16/00  1.16M Taylor Made makes all conversions easy
installdp.exe     07/16/00   962K Print your own greeting cards, CD labels, calendars ...
installmosaic.exe 09/06/02  1.87M The tile mosaic creation software
installpp.exe     07/17/00   962K Edit and print your own photos using the online ctr!    08/08/01  1.31M A complete lottery management program meet all your lottery needs
into997e.exe      07/08/99  1.09M an exercise diary for weight trainers
introe.exe        01/27/04  1.66M Create CD/DVD Intros
invisiblebrowsing. 05/18/04   975K Invisible Browsing masks, hide your IP addres
ipspamblocker.exe 05/18/04   414K Stops IP messages from appearing on screen       03/27/04  2.06M Handy Internet research tool        09/05/02    48K Create tickers with the Scroller Applet.
isfw.exe          01/04/02   653K Erases Cache, Cookies, History, Addresses on IE, Netscape, Opera     02/10/00  6.21M Free graphical gradebook for pupils, students         06/15/00  1.08M View images without mouse clicks or key pressings.       02/20/00   816K Free picture viewer. No mouse clicks or keys pressings.    07/14/99  3.32M Almost 1,500 of the best animated cursors available
jezzball.exe      08/31/03  3.96M A remake of the popular Jezzball/Xonix       03/07/00   229K Create stunning autorun menus in your HTML editor      10/06/03   533K Jokes of ALL descriptions.
kanjiattack.exe   11/21/00  7.33M Japanese character and vocabulary arcade game
kazstamp85c.exe   11/13/02  1.48M Great envelope utility
kitunreg.exe      12/01/01  5.22M Thailand Travel Kit
kkpro.exe         10/11/02  5.98M Genealogy database with graphic interface.
klv2_a.exe        02/05/00  2.53M Keep track of your children's behavior, chores, & more
kybieins.exe      07/22/03  2.12M Use Internet Explorer as an offline browser
lanav.exe         01/30/02 52.15M Speech Recognition software for Windows
lc_setup.exe      11/04/03  3.95M Lottery software, wheeling, filters, graphs..
lcarsp21.exe      04/02/02  2.94M Audioplayer with Star Trek LCARS Design      04/02/04  1.13M Changes appearance of your folders      03/27/04   908K Posts selected text from IE to LiveJournal        11/13/00  6.54M PIM, mind map tool. text database          11/28/02   151K The LM32 is a library, for key-protecting
localhost_demo_e.z 02/09/03   128K Administer your website from everywhere     10/19/03  1.58M 5,400 logos for Nokia mobile phones.         06/22/03  1.62M Windows 9x Security program. Keep others out of your computer.
lost_password_reco 12/31/02   116K track all the password-input events       03/20/04  1.36M Lotpred is a lottery predictor for 6 numbers ranged 1-49.
lotto116.exe      04/07/03  5.22M The Supreme Lottery Management Program.     10/06/03   504K Find out if it's worthwhile playng Lotto.          03/16/04  2.37M Lottery statistic analyser software      01/27/01  1.15M Ideal for Valentine      05/09/02  4.69M Get your favorite lyrics quickly from 120,000 songs
magellan.exe      05/24/04  5.14M Convert documents to HTML        01/28/01   444K Make your dreams realitiy      05/31/04  1.22M MakeMS: ASCII-to-MetaStock Data Convertor
mampfix_pro.exe   09/07/04  1.94M Monitoring of company's mail server usage
mamvms_pro.exe    08/26/04  1.94M Monitoring of company's mail server usage
mapper05.ZIP      09/23/97  1.96M Earth data processing and visualisation system    06/03/00  4.79M Masonry Material Calculator/Scaffold Calculator        10/12/02  1.62M Matrix Y2K is a text based HTML editor
maxftp.exe        08/18/03  5.75M Max-FTP Client is a File Transfer Protocol program
mcalc211.exe      05/03/02  1008K Calculates your mortgage repayments.
mdir111.exe       12/16/01  5.40M Manage club membership information          02/18/97  1.96M Create customized tournament brackets up to 16 teams
messless_collector 03/23/04  4.11M Customizable software for avid collectors.      05/30/04  1.27M MetaFix: MetaStock Format Data Editor w/ Split Searcher         04/13/97  1.68M MFC42.DLL & MSVCRT.DLL for some Windows programs       01/11/00   477K Displays the Moon, Earth and Marsin system tray.
mike98.exe        01/12/00  1.33M Create and edit icons and animations!
minicinema.exe    11/21/02  2.15M Universal media player, manager with Playlist
mm35.exe          05/25/03  2.12M Make Beautiful Ads For Online Auctions
mmatesetup.exe    09/28/02   866K Handy organizing-automation tool
mn.exe            11/30/02   378K Starts the Micro-News news portal service.
mp3ripper.exe     08/17/02  1.41M Rips audio CD tracks into audio formats. 04/09/00   121K Allows you to organize your music/mp3 collection   09/02/02  1.28M A set of tools to manage your MP3 collection
mp3wavc.exe       06/03/02  2.50M Easily converting Mp3 to Wav and vice versa.   11/28/02     1K changes the lame credit card warning on msn        11/13/02  1.76M Mark Twain E-Reader - Includes 5 books plus a reader software.
mwav.exe          08/06/03  3.51M MWAV a Highly Advanced Antivirus Toolkit      08/19/02  2.14M Calculate molecular weights, percent compositions, etc.
myemsg11.exe      09/07/02  1.35M Instant dating service: mingle from your PC      11/25/02  1.81M plays real-time alerts for website activity           08/28/04   924K Manage network devices from your PC
netterfreeaucxt01. 07/09/03   693K 12 unique auction seller templates 07/08/04   373K inspect your internet-traffic       08/07/02  1.26M Diet software with automatic menu generator.        09/02/02  1.46M Amazing nutrition
no1vc.exe         02/10/04  1.49M Convert your video files between all formats      07/01/00   418K A shareware program on numerology!
oab11setup.exe    11/11/02  2.76M Create professional looking auctions for different auction sites.
ocr.exe           01/12/98  8.08M OCR Pro 3.0 award winning OCR program from NewSoft
ohluckydaysetup.ex 03/23/01  1.07M Lotto number generator and manager with some unique features.
oldVBruns.exe     08/04/02   416K old fashion vb runtimes (ver 1 and 2)
orgdsetup.exe     06/16/02  2.12M Ebook of tips and links to save time, money
pacshooter.exe    12/14/03  2.24M Remake of a classic Pacman game.
pal_install.exe   02/07/01   431K Audio/Video Contact List with Voice Chat Rooms.       04/22/00   181K Sakhr Arabic Palm 03/01/00   936K Create fun and colorful paper airplanes
password-generator 10/11/03   516K A utility to generate random passwords.
password-protect.e 08/23/03  1.20M A utility to password protect your folders.
pbcb2000.exe      09/26/02  2.23M Create         09/15/99    82K Manage PC hardware inventory and print detailed reports       10/29/02   147K Picture Chat house, chat room with with your own pictures
pcmatenm.exe      08/02/02  2.56M Hear the time called out to you & awake to an audio CD
pcs30.exe         08/16/01  5.51M Soccer league tracking and analysis software       10/08/03  2.95M Convert PDF files to Tiff with PDF2TIFF Pilot
pdsetup.exe       10/15/03  1.56M Deletes all browser, programs and system logs
ped406.exe        09/16/00 12.36M Produce high-quality pedigree printouts
pedigreegen3.exe  05/23/04   140K Free and very simple to use pedigree making software.
pesx.ZIP          02/03/97    29K Show dependencies of your Modules in a Propertysheet       11/08/99   607K Multi-file Text Editor
pginstall.exe     07/15/04  2.21M Safe and easy-to-use privacy protection tool         01/07/00   357K Want to play the piano but don't have one? Try this! 04/09/03 28.72M Piano synthesizer 11/22/00   554K Some interface graphics for Plugin Commander 08/12/00  3.13M Pinewood Derby manager and scheduler - No eliminations
pit.exe           07/29/04   591K Spy online and off-line activity.   09/25/00   847K An automatic pitch training program for guitar, piano
pksetup.exe       11/26/02 12.22M People Keeper is a familiy oriented address manager  08/24/00  1.85M FreeWare:Old fashioned player piano w/songs and words
plmg_demo.exe     03/19/03  1.80M Internet Auction Sniper for eBay(tm)         05/10/03  6.22M Photo Album       03/26/00  2.00M A super enhanced version of Ash's Pokedex. A must have!
popupeater.exe    11/08/02  3.33M Popup Eater – Eliminatesannoying pop-ups       11/12/99   453K Point of sale, cash register program         09/04/00   186K Menu and dialog driven powertools for AutoCAD(batch,..)
powervcr3_0618_tri 06/28/02  8.45M Turn your PC into a TV and digital video recorder.  11/03/03  1.88M non-crackable encryption system for undercover agents
preachbook.exe    07/18/03  1.96M A database of hundreds of Christian illustrations and jokes.
pro.exe           01/07/03  1019K DNChecker Pro will find valuable domain names in search engines.
psetup.exe        03/03/04  2.49M Blocks popup ads and pop unders and prevents homepage hijacking.      05/08/04    382 Secure Spam Free Email Filtering Solutions        02/14/01  1.39M Reprogram your mind while listening to your favourite music      06/19/04  1.23M QuickChart: MetaStock Format Data Charting and Printing      12/05/02   506K Software synthesizer VST-plugin
quick3D_Geo_4_setu 09/27/02  1.22M Fast 3D file format viewer and converter
qw441.exe         06/16/00  7.33M Personal stock and mutual fund management tool.
r2vmodel.exe      05/20/01  2.90M Create 3D VRML from photos, graphics or line-drawings         05/07/04  2.32M Stores recipes and tracks daily nutrition.      01/01/03    71K Reduce an exe file
regetpl.exe       07/23/02    94K This plug-in lets ReGet catch downloads from Opera browser.      10/16/02  2.22M Check upcoming reminders
repbud3000.exe    09/17/02  1.19M Easy store and insert text into any program.
replacer.exe      10/04/02   612K designed for text replacement
rhythmdm.exe      11/23/02  1.46M Discover the World of Biorhythms with SoftRhythm Software
rksetup71.exe     04/30/01  5.63M Recipe Keeper is simple to use recipe manager      06/23/01  3.43M An easy-to-use program for making RPGs. REQUIRES RTP, See details       01/01/03    20K Create a random password
runesdm.exe       11/23/02  2.13M Take a Voyage Into the Mysterious World of Runes with SoftRunes
s_ebook.exe       11/30/00   499K Ebook - What the Bible really says about Sex
salstat.setup.exe 12/18/02  3.58M Scientific Statistical Analysis  11/20/03  3.82M MP3 Alarm Clock        10/23/02   504K ShutdownTimer 2.0.2: Various settings, week scheme        12/23/03  1.59M RTTY/NAVTEX/HF-FAX weather reports receiver      04/21/03   291K SMTP / POP3 Visual FoxPro email component library.      12/23/99  8.34M DEVELOP SERMONS & SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS LESSONS
setup.exe         05/08/04  3.28M KaZaA Lite Plus. Unlimited free downloads.
setupnat.exe      04/07/03 12.14M Nature Sound Therapy, relax while you work.         08/25/02   505K The SpamFilter allows to separate/filter non-spam from spam.
sfsetup.exe       11/18/02  1.88M ITIC SpamFilter is the antispam program.
sgsetup.exe       03/07/03  2.40M How to become a Supergenius on Three Wishes
shadows.exe       02/29/00   622K Electronic Book of Shadows, in Access 97
shield10.exe      04/02/03  1.29M Software analyzes eBay user bidding.
shrdiary.exe      09/04/00  4.34M Record your activities and share diary  with other user    08/02/02  1.06M Internet multi-client application (FTP,TFTP,Telnet,Ping,DNS,...)
silsetup.exe      08/29/02  6.25M Cool Lotto and Powerball lottery software with lottery wheels
simplyshopping.exe 05/18/04  3.38M Aisle-by-aisle grocery list software.      12/27/02   360K HTML editor for easy handle of Web Site with numerous pages
slist33.exe       11/15/02  2.43M Shopping list maker, recipe manager.      08/20/01 12.61M Download SmartSMS and enjoy to communication
smoky4.exe        01/05/00  5.51M Stunning fall scenery from the Great Smoky Mountains
snyc555.exe       09/15/02  5.59M cyberkitchen companion         05/09/04  2.00M Database for shells/butterflies/rocks/etc.
spanbibl.ZIP      01/04/98  4.68M FREE Spanish Bible (Reina Valera) for Windows 9x/NT4
spy32.exe         12/24/02  1.26M powerful Monitoring and Access Control tool    03/10/02  3.79M Build your SQL-queries visually by using a java application         08/22/02  1.44M Simple appointment and event reminder         09/05/02   262K Create your own java slideshow.
ssasetup.exe      01/04/03  3.58M Keep track of your song lyrics and publisher submissions.
sstudio.exe       01/08/03  2.27M Powerful tool for submitting of web forms.
stampcat_setup.exe 12/30/02  3.06M Keep track of your stamp collection     06/22/00 12.82M Powerful Astrology & Astronomy Freeware - French     06/22/00 12.73M Powerful Astrology & Astronomy Freeware
starrp.exe        12/13/02  1.02M #1 Key logger is the popularmonitoring.
start2e.exe       12/15/02   451K Gain control of your Windows startup
stfaqt02.exe      11/06/02  1.36M Application for creating service bots.
straycat.exe      02/09/00  1.39M Scans hard disk for 100+ known temp and garbage files      01/01/02  3.59M Proven subliminal self-conditioning system plus spy software.
swapandfall.exe   01/30/04  3.27M Solve the autumn puzzle in Swap
swcsetup.exe      11/12/03   668K Adware SpyWare Remover for Windows 10/12/03 57.24M includes dozens of maps available in multiplayer and singleplayer
talis10.exe       10/09/01   940K Charge magical items/talisman/amulets with this software.
tarotdm.exe       11/23/02  3.39M Take an Exciting Journey into the World of Tarot with SofTarot
tb.exe            11/07/01  6.93M Tax Preparation Software for American Tax Payres
tbar.exe          01/07/04   399K The Free Toolbar..           09/20/03  1.47M Dutch Book Betting Software
tenbaggr.exe      11/30/03  2.94M TenBagger: Technical stock charts and quotes
tennis3000.exe    05/16/00  2.26M Tennis 3000, visual software for tennis players
tetrisrev.exe     02/01/04  7.18M A real revolution in the Tetris world!      10/03/01  4.51M TimeCard is a software replacement for your mechanical time card    11/11/98  2.49M Totals Time entries on an employees' payroll timecards.
tinycars.exe      12/05/03  8.45M An arcade racing game for adults and kids.
tinycars2.exe     11/27/03  9.66M Tiny Cars is back with Multiplayer!    03/21/02   425K For your privacy:to keep your text out of reach        10/25/02  2.04M Filter, Log, and Time PC usage. Block porn.        02/19/99  2.04M Complete resume creator and job search program        07/28/99    36K Allows you to have transparent icon text background.
tsp35wMP.exe      12/04/02  1.38M Take advantage of this power text editor with internal mp3 player      10/16/02  1.88M Diag. a growth of overfatigue(not weariness)        06/26/04  1.37M TextToMS: MetaStock Format Data Updater and Editor
tvmenubar.exe     03/30/00  2.85M Ability to put a menu in a band of a CoolBar control.     06/09/02   218K Type in the Text and Hear the Morse Code in your speaker      10/05/99  2.91M interactive reference & computational tool of chemistry         09/07/02   305K Unios: Fast and simple unit converter. 11/06/02  3.53M ID3 Tag editor with Unicode font support.      01/01/03   333K GUI-Unpacker for: ZIP/RAR/ACE/CAB/BZ2 and GZ   10/24/00   630K Learn 20,000 chords 100+ scales/arpeggios for guitar
vidtrackersetup.ex 01/01/03  1.80M Browse and Search your home video collection. Print lists and lab   04/30/02  3.02M A full featured VIVO video player
vsproducer.exe    04/28/00  7.30M Easy video capture, conversion and hosting solution!
vssetpak.exe      08/05/02  4.27M Edits Visual Studio Setup Packages         07/08/00  3.36M A graphic Time-Machine simulation for the Desktop PC      02/12/02   476K Convert over 800 different units with free net updates       02/11/99   140K MP3 Alarm Clock with great new features          10/25/99   351K Spectrum through space Direct3D plugin for Winamp      08/02/02  1.19M A Complete audio editor with lots of sound functions.
web-host-uploader. 09/08/04   280K Cool freeware tool simplifies site uploading           11/22/02  1.09M An european football statistics program
wilbur21b10.exe   11/02/99  1.73M Wilbur 2.1 - Index, search and view files.
win98_startup_disk 09/29/03   738K contains the files on a windows 98 start up disk
winmx331.exe      01/31/03   752K Decentralized file sharing program that connects to multiple nets
winsetup_install.e 12/04/01    85K Program for Windows settings      01/05/03  1.55M Simple tool to search the Bible
wintabs14.exe     03/04/00   259K Navigational toolbar utility      10/04/01   194K Produces family tree showing all relatives from GEDCOM          10/26/01  1.61M A Winamp RF remote control program         08/30/04   486K WizzyPig the WYSIWYG Web Page Creator       03/11/00   632K A Morphing and warping software, FREEWARE      05/12/00 10.75M WeatherNode Brings You Live Weather       04/29/04   831K A tool for word statistics,analysis        05/30/00    56K ws2_32.dll
wt4w51ab.exe      07/17/00  1.08M Translate text between English and American English      03/24/00  4.35M World clock, maps, time synch, alarms, and more...
wtcheeng.exe      07/17/00  3.16M Translate any text between English and Czech.
wtcroeng.exe      07/17/00  6.03M translate any text between English and Croatian.
wtdaneng.exe      07/17/00  6.26M Translate any text between English and Danish.
wtduteng.exe      07/17/00  9.55M Translate any text between English and Dutch.
wtfineng.exe      07/17/00  3.12M Translate any text between English and Finnish.
wtfreeng.EXE      07/17/00 13.43M Translate any text between English and French.
wtgereng.exe      07/17/00  8.71M Translate any text between English and German.
wtgrkeng.exe      07/17/00  4.25M Translate any text between English and Greek.
wthuneng.exe      07/17/00  6.58M Translate any text between English and Hungarian.
wtitaeng.exe      07/17/00  4.21M Translate any text between English and Italian.
wtjpneng.exe      07/17/00  2.95M Translate any text between English and Japanese.
wtltteng.exe      07/17/00  3.23M Translate any text between English and Latin.
wtnoreng.exe      07/17/00  6.33M Translate any text between English and Norwegian.
wtocseng.exe      07/17/00  2.65M Translate text between English and Old Church Slavonic
wtpobeng.exe      07/17/00 17.37M Translate text between English and Brazilian Portuguese
wtpoeeng.exe      07/17/00 12.42M Translate text between English and European Portuguese
wtpoleng.exe      07/17/00  8.19M Translate any text between English and Polish.
wtprog.exe        07/20/00  2.51M Word Translator for Windows is a bilingual dictionary
wtromeng.exe      07/17/00  2.69M Translate any text between English and Romanian.
wtruseng.exe      07/17/00  7.25M Translate any text between English and Russian.
wtrusger.exe      07/17/00  8.95M Translate any text between Russian and German.
wtseleng.exe      07/17/00  3.18M Translate any text between English and Serbian Latin.
wtsloeng.exe      07/17/00  9.19M Translate any text between English and Slovenian.
wtspaeng.exe      07/17/00  9.51M Translate any text between English and Spanish.
wtsweeng.exe      07/17/00  5.80M Translate any text between English and Swedish.
wwsetup.exe       01/13/03  2.57M Wordware: Productivity Pack for Word
wxobs.exe         12/14/03  2.14M WWWo Automaticly retrieves and analyse weather.
xTang.exe         03/02/04 19.26M A windows explorer integrated mailprogram       01/01/03   521K ISO CREATOR and XP-BURN
xmagic46.exe      06/02/03  3.36M Database for cross-stitch, charts, floss, etc
yCodeSpreadSheetDe 04/22/02    47K JavaScript SpreadSheet
yantra10.exe      10/08/01   198K Create your own printable amulets/talismans.      10/18/02  1.92M 17 Zane Grey western books plus a reader software.
zango_im%20Install 08/20/04  3.09M Zango Messenger, a universal instant messenger      02/15/00  5.95M Astrology, Astronomy, 3-D graphics, Animation...
zweistein200.exe  05/22/00  2.39M Zwei-Stein video editor / compositor

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