Directory of icons

BeeIcSet.exe      06/06/03  1.03M Bee Icons - shell icons customization tool
BusinessIcons_2004 07/01/04   327K Our icons collections will bring a professional look to your proj
Deviant_Art_Cursor 03/17/03    24K A DeviantArt Cursor scheme.
FIC.exe           10/04/02   508K Search and replace the icon of any folder
FolderIconXP10.exe 07/18/03  1.06M Change an icon or it's color for any folder    04/07/03   375K 130 free icons for customizing your desktop folders!
FreeIcon.EXE      05/09/03   619K Hundreds of 2D and 3D Icons
Freeiconstudio.exe 04/09/04  2.58M Icon editor and manager program.       08/12/01   237K Collection of 257 large and brightly colored animated cursors 07/19/02   885K Extracts and saves icons [and as bmps] from exe and dll files.   11/24/03  1.60M change folder icon,change shell icon      04/27/02  3.22M Makes icons from graphics and LARGE ICONS
Iconpro4iconsSetup 08/08/04 13.42M A professional and powerful icon tool.
Machine_Cursors.zi 03/17/03    22K An animated mechanical cursor set.
Mechnesium_Cursors 09/06/03    72K A futuristic animated cursor set.      08/12/01   251K Collection of 315 neon tube animated cursors for Windows
Platinum_Cursors.z 09/08/03    17K The cursor set of the Future!
Simplicated_Cursor 02/21/03    17K An awesome futuristic cursor set.
WtMCCR.exe        07/27/02   770K Coverter wav to MP3 and Rip CD as Wav or MP3      03/01/98  2.50M The World's Largest 256 Color Only Icon Collection
animegirlsiconcoll 10/11/00   428K A Collection Of Icons Based On The Girls Of Anime      01/08/03  1.89M Icon editor allowing conversion of pictures to icons       12/03/00   108K A collection of motorbike themed icons    09/28/00     3K A cavy icon set.
cfisetup.exe      03/04/04  1.16M Turn standard folder icons into other bright.
cicp.exe          05/05/04   677K Utility to erase your Internet tracks.        05/21/98   175K A  H U G E collection of Win95 cursors.      07/01/98   144K Stylish blue icons       03/28/03  2.86M A Lotus Notes 4.5 database with 4000 organized icons          12/18/02  2.44M Create you own Icons for win98      12/31/02  1.92M View, print, and extract icons from Windows programs      08/24/01    82K 54 Drawer Icons for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT
fstyle13.exe      05/11/02   570K Assign eye-catching icons to Windows folders    05/06/01   921K Create icons and cursors from photos and graphic files
holidyii.exe      08/14/98   115K 41 icons for Christmas in 256 colors for Win95/98       02/19/99  1.03M 2100 icons in executables, with browser
ico_02a.exe       04/21/04    19K several 16-colour icons      10/09/99   929K A collection of more than 10,000 colorful icons          10/04/99    97K Icon Editor / Creator   12/16/03    81K Converts any bitmap to any icon...      09/04/98  4.72M The Best Collection Of Icons
iconcur.exe       05/22/02  1.81M IconCur is a Professional Icon/Cursor Editor.    09/02/02   856K Scan folders on your computer and extract hidden icons      09/02/04   940K Total solution for small image management   02/17/02   940K Icon Editor for all Windows platforms     06/01/04     9K Iconos de PC con tematica de El Salvador.
iconpackager_publi 02/24/04  2.97M Apply sets of icons to Windows.  04/05/01   237K Icon
iconseeker.exe    08/30/02   702K Extract icons of all sizes and color formats
iconseizer.exe    12/05/03   451K View and extract icons from disk files.        06/04/04   869K Icon editor and desktop icon customizer
jc3icons.exe      01/26/99  1.16M Dark, Unusual & Obscure High Quality Icon Collection       04/15/04    36K Some homemade, some collected, go get them!       04/15/04    51K More icons for you to enjoy!
kitty.exe         01/22/02    56K A wonderful collection of Kitty Cursors and Icons.
mNTr.exe          06/07/04  1.59M A user-friendly Traceroute and WhoIs utility
mienet_calendar_ag 03/03/03   263K Multilingual PIM-Calendar-Agenda-Planner Icon Library up to 2020
mienet_communicati 03/03/03   255K On/Off-Line Communication of all sorts and related icons
mienet_hobbies_fun 03/03/03   315K Icons: Hobby, Art, Leisure, Music, Photo, Draw-Paint, Games, Toys
mienet_home_living 03/03/03   237K Home-Living Icons: furniture, food/drink, kitchen, decor, WC ...
mienet_internation 03/03/03   233K Country flags, maps, globes, and travel-related icons
mienet_letters_num 03/03/03   181K Letters, Numbers and Symbols icons-science and languages included
mienet_miscellaneo 03/03/03   387K Icons: nature, transport, traffic, travel, scenery, fun, religion
mienet_miscellaneo 03/03/03   357K Icons: time, alarm, weather, celebrities, tools/utensils, boxes,
mienet_people_libr 03/03/03   307K People related icons: faces, children, women, men, accessories
mienet_write_draw_ 03/03/03   208K Free Icons: Writing/Drawing/Painting, plus organize your creation      12/18/01   303K The world's largest collection of Monty Python icons      04/01/97   420K A collection of 256 very cool icons
nms4oesetup.exe   07/10/04  1.45M Spam filter add-in for MS Outlook Express
pfINav534.exe     11/19/01  1.67M Icon Extraction and File Icon Extraction Utility       12/18/01   188K A large collection of Monty Python hi-color icons.         12/11/01  2.14M Round robin scheduling for all sports.       03/22/98   185K A small collection of 256-color Win95 Icons
setup.exe         08/11/02   539K Maintain your Internet Explorer favorites       12/31/02  1.72M Insert animated smileys into your e-mails
setupbigsmileys.ex 04/24/04  2.00M Big Smileys emoticons and smileys for email.         08/27/02  1.51M Extract, copy, edit and save icons.         12/18/01    39K Icons from John Cleese's 1988 comedy classic, A Fish Called Wanda      02/13/03  1.54M Change your Win98/Me/Win2k icons to XP

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