Directory of games      04/21/98   365K 1st Choice ExamPro allows you to practice taking Exams
04XAEpack.exe     02/22/04  1.85M Arcade Space Shooter
08solk10.ZIP      05/03/96    61K Spider Solitaire game
1000s.exe         02/18/00  4.62M An addictive card game with superb graphics
15_puzzle2.2.exe  12/07/02   655K 15 puzzle v2.2     01/20/01   129K simple 15 puzzle game
1945.exe          03/11/03   866K Fly your fighter jet and take out the invading enemies
1SOLPACK.ZIP      11/21/01   902K Ten unusual solitaires for the solitaire addict.    01/12/02    41K Visual Basic 1 on 1 soccer game      08/18/00  6.86M Freeware version of best Arkanoid/Breakout style game
1stmate.ZIP       12/18/92   258K 1stMate - The Pilot - navigation program
1stsol.exe        07/28/04  1.44M A collection of 7 solitaire games        09/26/98   304K A challenging card game for the quick minded
1wystp12.exe      10/02/99   937K Free card game          07/08/00 13.12M 2001 alien combat: Fantastic 3d action game        02/16/02  2.89M Arcade game: Play baseball
21sol1.exe        01/03/02  1.14M a BlackJack solitaire collection 07/17/02  1.55M A challenging chess puzzle
2d3dpg01.exe      01/03/03  3.72M Solve these puzzles in 3D if you can.
2d3dpg02.exe      12/08/02  3.52M Solve these puzzles in 3D if you can.
2d3dpg03.exe      01/03/03  3.32M Solve these puzzles in 3D if you can.
2d3dpg04.exe      01/03/03  3.50M Solve these puzzles in 3D if you can.          04/14/01  1.19M arcade style strategy game: DIG, EAT, AND ESCAPE...      11/24/02  1.29M Remove matching colored blocks.      12/03/02  1.31M Clear the board if you can.
31win53.exe       12/29/02  1011K The goal in 31 is to score points with three cards
32hook204.exe     04/25/99  1.05M Extremely ultimate classic arcade worm-like game.
32vday11.exe      01/30/99   630K Fun slot machine game with a Valentine Theme    08/21/02  2.06M A delightful card solitaire      07/12/04   339K a funny and challenge game likes Tetris
3DEliteMahJongg.ex 05/04/01 24.52M The addictive tile matching puzzle game.
3DHSetup_v1.51.exe 06/25/04  1.34M PC simulation of the air hockey
3DSpins_Setup_V1.2 01/26/03  8.35M Tired of killing slimy aliens? Try 3DSpins!      05/10/04  1.29M Blast bricks out of the playing field.  11/25/02   571K A pac-man style game.
3d-tic-tac-toe1.0. 11/21/02   302K A cool 3d tic tac toe game.
3d_ball_slider_sha 12/10/03  2.25M 3D Ball Slider, a quiet game of concentration
3d_buggy_tug_share 10/28/03  2.88M A game of strategy as inventive as explosive.
3d_word_slider_sha 07/16/03  1.73M An attractive and colorful word puzzle game.
3ddom15.EXE       05/19/98   137K Dominoes game with sound & 5 backgrounds
3ddudes.exe       02/07/00  1.17M 3D fighting and adventure game that you can personalize
3djng201.exe      05/09/01  4.96M Real 3D graphics comes to mahjongg solitaire.
3dmmholidaysetup4j 06/25/04  4.49M This Mahjongg Game is a Yankee Doodle Dandy!
3dmmholidaysetupde 04/21/04  5.05M Ring in the holidays with 3D Magic Mahjongg!
3dmmsetupdemo_rs.e 04/09/04  5.21M Play classic Mahjong Solitaire in amazing 3D!         04/24/02  3.02M Isomatric pacman game      10/24/02 11.43M Realistic german 3D Poker gambler machine
3drt_brickblaster_ 11/24/03  3.56M The ultimate thrill in brick breaker gaming.
3drt_pinball_share 10/04/03  2.21M An addictive computerized Pinball machine.      10/26/02  1.54M 3D Sapper - Download now!
3dshooter_gy.exe  07/18/02   474K Test your sharpshooter skills and feel the hazard of the real hun
3ms.exe           04/20/00  1.35M Replace rings from one pyramid to another.        12/11/03   580K An advanced version of the classic Fifteens.         01/22/02  2.17M Play 4 video keno cards at once
4free.exe         03/25/04  1.81M The classic line em up strategy game      05/10/04  1.27M Stop the board from filling up if you can.
4ufree30.exe      06/04/00  4.22M Windows FreeWare Card Game
5-Draw_Mania_2.1_I 07/28/01  1.38M Try your hand against the PC Dealer!        07/27/02   981K Play the classic card game of FIVE HUNDRED.        09/10/99    75K 52 Card Blackjack is a freeware card game.
5k-poker-dice-win. 06/20/03  2.97M Cross between poker and 5-dice, with several variations.
5min1.3.ins.exe   11/21/02   717K Simple, but really addictive mini scrabble.      01/31/04   787K A modern and advanced adaptation of Gomoku!
5smjdemo.exe      02/01/01  2.04M A beautiful, easy-to-use mahjongg game!
5swefree.exe      04/06/02  1.93M Build the longest possible word.
95chre11.ZIP      10/24/97  1.84M A fun and educational word game based on the game show   10/07/02  2.35M Powerful and ease of use lottery software.          10/01/01  2.50M A cool side scrolling beat'em up!
AOMB2_ep1_DEMO_ins 10/15/02 24.35M sequal to the classic beat-em-up
ARKANOID.ZIP      07/21/99   601K Classic ARKANOID Game with stereo and video effects
ASCross.ZIP       08/29/97  1.25M Action SuperCross is a motorbike simulation game         08/30/02  5.07M Arcade game with some nice action in it
ATCC.exe          04/24/01  2.51M A highly realistic simulation of actual radar sectors in the U.S.
AboofunSetup.exe  04/04/02   189K Test how fast you are. Test your breadth of view
Ackys-XP-Breakout- 08/11/04  2.14M Blast through 150 levels of brick busting.      03/29/02  6.50M A coloring book program with silly cartoons.     09/19/01  9.93M A fabulous puzzle with cool graphics and animation.        07/15/04  7.76M 3D first person shooter - 'Homebrew' development - 3D card req.
Align-It.exe      08/22/02  1.64M Align colored balls in a brain teasing game!
Aliked.exe        05/27/02   993K A race to match colored images as closely as possible
All4Won.exe       05/22/01  1.40M Connect Four clone which allows online play and online scoring.
Alonix.exe        09/16/02  2.59M Feel your dexterity in each maze of Pacman! 08/30/03   966K Altar Xonix is new remake of the game Xonix
Anagrams3.64.exe  05/26/02   836K A multiplayer game in which anagrams are formed from Letters
Anarchy_Shareware_ 10/25/01 10.62M A 3D Action Shooter for Windows 95/98/ME/NT         02/13/02  2.47M A very nice futuristic arcade game
ApproachSetup.exe 05/12/02  2.73M Experience the rush of being a busy air traffic controller!       04/02/02 12.87M A puzzle game for all ages.      04/02/02 15.84M A puzzle game for all ages.      03/29/02 14.68M A puzzle game for all ages.
AquaDigger3DDemoIn 12/22/02  3.53M AquaDigger is a shining 3D arcade game
AquaPack-Lines.exe 04/04/04  1.83M You've never seen Lines that beautiful.
ArkanTVI.exe      09/05/02  3.26M ArkanoidTVI MOVES CONSTANTLY AHEAD
Arkanoid4000.exe  04/23/04  4.36M Arkanoid placed inside a moving frame.
Around_the_world2_ 08/31/03  1.23M fun game, you get treasure and run from bad guys, 2d styile game
ArrowAnticsDemo.zi 06/29/04  9.39M Unusual maze puzzle game with Egyptian theme.
B3K1.exe          01/06/03   736K An exciting ball and paddle arcade game
BBInstall.exe     02/16/04  7.05M 2 player co-op shoot-em-up extravaganza
BDDemoInstall.exe 04/28/04  5.00M Saga about the battle between good an evil.    05/06/01  5.13M The underground kingdom is in deep trouble.          06/11/97   565K A simulation game about beer
BGCTrialInstall.ex 07/19/04  3.01M The game is a collection of four board games.
BJPro_DX_V200.exe 07/09/02  2.86M Black Jack the way you always wanted it... a game and a tutor!      11/23/01    54K Breakout style arcade game
BSColorChInst.exe 10/06/02   535K New puzzle game based on the original idea.
BSFA15.EXE        04/06/01  7.03M Space shooter using 16bit graphics and ship upgrading       11/15/02  1.62M Save the babies dropped by the stalks. Enjoy !!!
BackToEarth.exe   07/09/04  3.68M Destroy aliens and save planet Earth.
BadMedDemo.exe    10/24/03 13.14M What happens when you lose your health insurance -
Ballz3D.exe       12/30/03  3.15M Ballz3D Strategy involves lots of thinking.
Battle-Boattle-2.e 03/28/04  1.21M Naval action that won't make you seasick.
Battle_Rush.exe   06/25/04  6.76M Battle Rush:Tanks - The Battle City Nastalgue
Bawaw.exe         04/17/02   676K Build A Word And Win
Bb.exe            06/24/01   777K Dig through the dirt as a small ant.
BeetleJu.exe      12/25/03  6.06M Arcade earth-digging, stone-falling game.
Better.exe        10/12/03    58K One of my earlier soldat maps.
BigBang1.exe      08/24/04  4.44M An Entirely New 3DBreakout-cum-Pong Game
BingoCaller.exe   05/11/02  1.91M Fully automatic operation with actual letters/numbers called out
BlockMSetup.exe   12/10/01   970K Block Master is freeware Tetris clone
BlowIt.exe        02/23/01  9.88M Blow It!! Fine shoot`em up game for Win95/98.
Bloxxit.exe       03/31/04  4.26M Mahjongg game with the elements of arcade.      09/18/02   574K Drop your bombs. Make every one count. Enjoy !!!
Bounty_Hunter.exe 11/09/03   953K This is a cool shooting game        09/21/01   444K Throw live cows at a friend!       12/02/01  1.41M Discover your future child's gender
Brainlessdemo2.exe 02/14/03  6.32M A pure action game. Fun, violent, with humour. 1-2 players.
BraveDwarves2DemoI 10/09/02  4.80M A new challenge for your favorite heroes!
BreakBall.exe     12/03/01  5.01M Awesome Break Out clone, now includes full board set!
BreakQuest_beta_1_ 06/16/04  7.75M First Arkanoid with a full physics engine. 08/10/01   592K Arkanoid clone
Breakout2setup.exe 04/05/04  1.87M Breakout game with lots of action
BrixoutXP_Demo_v25 04/30/04  4.02M The best 3D remake of Arkanoid and Breakout!        06/25/04  3.90M Magic game      01/30/04  1.67M Score Big Time with a brand new arcade game.
Bubble97.ZIP      10/14/98  1.38M Bubble Puzzle '97, great bust-a-move clone from Conmeg.      12/07/03  2.06M Bubble Me - game based on Bubble Bobble game.
BugHuntersSetup1.1 09/23/02  1.38M An addictive board game suit for all people.
Bugatron104Setup.e 04/04/01  2.95M Direct3D remake of the classic retro shooters
Bugix_Demo_v10.exe 04/03/04  6.55M Save the world and stop alien bugs invasion!     10/04/03  1.98M Buildcity is a strategy game about city building and management.
Bunny_Money_Slots. 10/05/01  2.82M 5 reel golf themed slot machine Full screen 16 bit color
BurnSvetty.exe    07/26/04 14.02M Free Action / Arcade avalanche-ish original
CAInstaller.exe   02/25/02   806K An OpenGL game based on the Super Nintendo classic Tetris Attack.
CHRISTEXT.EXE     01/29/03  2.14M Four Christian text adventures in one pack.
CHTB0402.ZIP      03/29/02   901K CheatBook Issue 04/2002 - GameCheats
CHTB0502.ZIP      04/28/02   651K CheatBook Issue 05/2002 - GameCheats      05/30/02   723K CheatBook Issue 06/2002 - GameCheats      06/29/02   745K CheatBook Issue 07/2002 - GameCheats
CHTB902.ZIP       08/31/02   688K CheatBook Issue 09/2002 - GameCheats      07/06/03 16.50M Cute drivers racing game some neat stuff
CMDemo10.exe      02/25/04  4.45M A fun, challenging matching game.
CPinstall_v1_1.exe 08/16/02  1016K A 3D zero-gravity 'space pool' game!
Cards_Memory_Setup 07/30/02   919K Open as many cards to get total value of 21     08/08/03  5.46M Pick a card out of 49, And it will show you what card you picked
CargoTrack3Demo_eS 09/05/03  7.70M Famous Japanese puzzle game.
CasinoStyleVideoPo 10/30/02  5.84M Realistic casino style video poker simulation   12/05/03   717K This is a great game where Sonic's Chao has to escape Eggman.
Chao_Escape_Setup. 12/07/03   825K Great Sonic Game based on Sonic's Chao friend.    07/12/04  1.44M Play with Chao from Sonic's Games
Chatterblox_Demo_I 02/03/04  4.92M Challenging action/word game.
CheboMan.exe      11/14/03 12.49M Classic arcade similar to Super Mario.
Checkers.exe      07/26/02    40K Checkers board
Chess321.ZIP      08/19/91   237K Gnu Chess Version 3.21 Game for Windows 3
ChessSpecDbase_v1. 12/28/01  1.90M a chess database with time stamps to replay in REAL TIME! FREE      01/05/04   219K The conventional 3D/space)Chess is now available as a PC-Gamevers
ChickenInvaders2Xm 11/30/03  4.81M Save Christmas from invading chickens!
Chrono_Cross_X_-_B 03/24/03  6.89M Battle Engine of Crono Trigger: Infinite Dimentions. Worth it.
Chtb0202.ZIP      01/29/02   609K CheatBook Issue 02/2002 - PC GameCheats
Chtb1101.ZIP      10/30/01   592K CheatBook Issue 11/2001 - PC GameCheats
Clash.exe         11/14/03  4.58M New Clash – New Graphics, New Style
Clickanoid_demo.zi 08/21/02  2.97M Play this arcanoid/pinball style game!
Clickball_2_EURO_2 05/01/04  9.52M Same game engine as Real Madrid Clickball 2, EURO 2004 graphics
Clickball_3-_Goalk 08/20/04  1.19M One of the sequals of RMCF2. Companion to CB3: Keepers Chronicles
CodigoX.exe       05/29/02  2.52M Este es el programa de trucos para juegos de PC con mas de 1250
ColoplopGameD.exe 08/12/03  1.50M Coloplop is a Funny New Puzzle Game
ColorEggs.exe     09/17/02  1.67M Color Eggs is is a classic puzzle game.
ColorLIFESound3_1_ 11/14/03  1.65M The reproduction behavior of microorganism.
CompFd_swf_player. 11/09/03   762K This will play ShockWaveFiles (.swf)
ContinentalSetup.e 09/14/02   450K A classic board game in which you must use your brain.
Coolumns.exe      03/27/03  1.58M Puzzle game like Bejeweled or Lines games.
Cribbage_Setup.exe 03/25/02  3.15M The best game of Cribbage for the PC.
CrystalCaveGoldSet 08/31/04  1.98M Collect crystals in a classic puzzle game.
CrystalCaveInstall 08/31/04  1.60M Collect all crystals from ancient lost tombs!
CubIQ.exe         11/19/03  5.31M CubIQ is a puzzle game.
CubesInvasionSetup 09/08/04  4.32M All-new puzzle with 9 sprightly playmodes!
Cubes_of_Danger.zi 09/02/02   491K A little passtime game to see if you can beat the High Score          07/08/02  2.51M Infiltrate an evil cult in this adventure game.       06/21/02  3.73M Save America from an anti-federal militia in this adventure game!
CyberYenga_Setup.e 08/10/03  2.30M Fun classic game.
D2elvesSetup.exe  03/12/04   172K The newest Disciples II game
DDDPoolSetup.exe  09/04/04 11.86M 3D pool game with superb graphics
DDRdemoV3.exe     10/22/03 13.42M Another adventure in the life of 40 hour a week hero Pea-Guy
DDigger.exe       10/30/02  5.75M A perfect Multiplayer remake of Digger!
DPac.exe          11/26/03 10.63M Jeanne story about a family trying to reunite  02/25/01  1.63M DQ Alice Skin add-on for Championship Euchre Hearts and Spades 02/01/01   870K DQ Aussie Skin add-on for Championship Euchre Hearts and Spades   02/01/01  1.06M DQ Cats Skin add-on for Championship Euchre Hearts and Spades 02/01/01   939K DQ Cowboys Skin add-on for Championship Euchre Hearts and Spades  02/01/01  2.37M DQ AD&D Skin add-on for Championship Euchre Hearts and Spades
DQ_DarkFantasySkin 02/25/01  5.86M DQ Dark Fantasy Skin add-on Championship Euchre Hearts and Spades 02/25/01  2.84M DQ Fantasy Skin add-on for Championship Euchre Hearts and Spades 02/25/01  2.23M DQ Jungle Skin add-on for Championship Euchre Hearts and Spades
DQ_LooneyTunesSkin 02/01/01  1.24M DQ Looney Tunes Skin add-on Championship Euchre Hearts and Spades
DQ_MsPottsVegasSki 02/01/01  2.89M DQ Vegas Skin add-on Championship Euchre Hearts and Spades 02/01/01  1.64M DQ Quality MIDI add-on for Championship Euchre Hearts and Spades
DQ_ShakespeareSkin 02/01/01  2.12M DQ Shakespeare Skin add-on Championship Euchre Hearts and Spades
DQ_SimpsonsSkin.zi 02/01/01  1.65M DQ Simpsons Skin add-on for Championship Euchre Hearts and Spades
DQ_SouthParkSkin.z 02/01/01  2.11M DQ South Park Skin add-on Championship Euchre Hearts and Spades
DQ_StarTrekSkin.zi 02/01/01   917K DQ Star Trek Skin add-on Championship Euchre Hearts and Spades
DQ_StarWarsSkin.zi 02/01/01  1.53M DQ Star Wars Skin add-on Championship Euchre Hearts and Spades
DSSetup.exe       11/11/03  2.91M Card game combined with addictive puzzle!
Daimyo-Demo.exe   02/06/03  2.82M Japanese Checkers Variant- Boardgame Warfare
DangerMaze.exe    12/01/03  9.57M A game of maze solving madness with a twist
Daredevel_Puzzle.z 08/18/03   393K Jigsaw puzzle of the latest movie Dare Devil
Dark_Archon.exe   04/13/03  4.49M 3D Space Shooter
Darkenergy.exe    04/04/02  7.61M A tale of love, evil, and power. Made with RPG Maker 2000.
Darkenergy_2.exe  06/14/04 23.81M A complicated story about peace, and its heavy price.
DeapSea.ZIP       11/05/91   109K Deep Sea Adventure Game
DepSpac.exe       06/30/04  2.24M Remake of an arcade classic
Deragon_Eremine.ex 07/16/04  2.35M Deus ex style above view game
Deragon_Eremine_OL 07/26/04  2.04M Older version of Deragon Eremine
Deragon_Eremine_pa 09/01/04  2.54M Open code of Deragon Eremine
DesktopDestroyer-G 04/01/02   383K Have fun destroying your desktop with a multitude of weapons.      07/03/03   657K Diamond now has an all new game full of many new puzzles!
DiamondDrop.exe   04/23/04  6.22M Diamonds are Forever!  06/26/03   649K A new type of arcade that is sure for all arcade lovers to enjoy!
DigMcDug.exe      07/13/04 10.82M Digging is fun - this is our proof.
DiolaD.exe        12/16/02   328K A puzzle involving boxes. Somewhat challenging.
Disaster.exe      02/23/01  5.46M An asteroids-shooting arcade game for Windows
Diskolor.exe      07/03/04  2.10M Original and interesting arcade-puzzle game. 01/18/04  3.66M Dodge those 'Dodgy Doodles' An easy to play platform game. Enjoy        08/05/02  1.48M Dress up dolls on screen or print and cut out(No Dragging)
Doom_of_the_World_ 05/25/04  1.66M My latest game that has taken 2 months to make
Draughts.exe      07/15/02   111K This program you will like best, this is for beginners and master      03/18/03  1.87M Draw Poker for Windows
Dweebs2_Demo.exe  08/23/02  8.04M The all new sequel to the original DWEEBS ! by Mutation Software.
DzWEval.exe       05/05/03  4.35M DzWords is a word game similar to Scrabble®
EC_setup.exe      02/04/03  5.34M Single level version of Echo Chamber
EGYPT2.exe        05/19/02   372K Play with outlines and shapes           01/15/04   709K Action Shooting game's Demo Engine.Good GFX.
EZBSetup.exe      11/02/01  4.87M Freeware Bridge program
EarthInstall.exe  04/29/02  1.32M 3D Spaceship attack shoot-em-up game, three levels.
EdgesSetup.exe    07/02/04  2.20M You are a puzzle expert? Not yet! Try Edges!
ElAirplane.exe    07/30/04 10.50M The 'Lethal Weapon' of shooters. Great spoof
Electra.exe       11/19/03  2.67M Common', Baby, light my fire!
Esnuk021.exe      04/07/02   388K Freeware Game of Billiards, Pool and Snooker      06/15/02   811K Run the mazes....avoid the know the drill
F3DSetup.exe      12/02/02  6.18M An advanced, feature-rich 3D Freecell game.
FF10-Absolutely_An 03/19/02 43.11M Final Fantasy 10 MV. Made by Sierra Lorna (Premonition Studios).
FF10-SilverMoon-La 03/18/02 47.46M A Final Fantasy 10 music video to La Soldier from Sailor Moon.
FF17SWsetup.exe   05/03/03 50.76M An all female fighting game 03/18/02 41.98M Final Fantasy 8 MV. Made by Sierra Lorna (Premonition Studios).
FF8-SilverMoon-Moo 03/18/02 33.22M A Final Fantasy 8 MV to Moonlight Shadow. Made by Silver Moon.
FF8_10_DancingWith 03/16/02 42.98M Final Fantasy 8 and 10 AMV made by Dark Moon Studios 03/18/02 31.33M A Final Fantasy 8 and 9 music video. Made by Dark Moon Studios.
FF9-It::s_My_Life. 03/18/02 41.50M Final Fantasy 9 MV. Created by Sierra Lorna (Premonition Studios)
FF9-Silver_Moon-Ha 03/22/02 41.31M This is an FF9 music video to Lifehouse.By Silver Moon.        01/25/02   723K In this demo,destroy the infested humans that have taken over.
Falls.exe         03/27/03  1.79M Puzzle game like Super Collapse or Same Game
FatHeadInstall.exe 02/11/02  4.43M Help Fat Head clean up through 40 zones of challenging action.
Fc2042pd.exe      03/29/02  1.50M Fight cultists blocking the sun in this run-n-jump game from 1996
Filbert_Fledgling_ 01/02/03  7.22M High speed 3D-rendered action game!
FillBOX10.exe     10/11/01  2.02M The goal of game is to fill more boxes then your opponent. 10/01/02  3.04M An Awesome Adventure/RPG With High Intense Battles!     09/29/98  1.26M A realistic real-time WWII simulation game  10/06/02  3.35M Five In a Row Game for Windows
FleaFallApprentice 04/27/04  7.47M FleaFall: Jump right in!
Flyonoid.exe      07/16/04 12.11M Now hiring adventure seekers!  01/11/02  5.03M Football 1.00 is a great software for any football fan.
FortunesSetup.exe 09/14/02   203K Version for Windows of the classic Linux's 'fortune'
FourBricksSetup.ex 10/12/02   123K This is a classic Tetris game.
FoxJonesDemo.exe  05/11/04  6.19M Modern Bomberman-like game
Fragment_Install.e 10/29/02  1.70M Enigmatic fast-paced multiplayer shoot-em-up
FruitfallSetup.exe 12/31/02   931K Fruitfall,'revolutionary' new puzzle game.
FruitsSetup101.exe 04/25/03  3.51M Mind-challenging puzzle game.          01/17/04 16.76M Fighting game in 3rd person view 06/09/04  6.33M FurtherTime is a space combat simulator.
GFsetup.exe       08/17/04  4.92M Gold Frog is a unique arcade game/simulator
GUESS.exe         07/05/03  1.64M The program is a game that involves guessing randomley generated 12/25/03   372K A universal cheat finder for many games.
Gandiainstall.exe 10/22/02  1.88M Pilot the Transformable Battle fighter Raven..........
GemJamGoldInstall. 09/24/02  2.90M A compelling puzzle / skill game.
GemQuakeSetup.exe 09/14/02   409K A Tetris-based game, with an addictive one to one mode.
Gemini-1-1-Setup.e 07/27/02  1.59M Gemini Tria-Geometric Puzzle
GeniaDEMO_Install. 07/21/04  2.27M Help a clumsy captain make his way through a strange new island
Geome3.exe        12/22/02   344K How good is your visual perception?
Get_Bin_Laden_Setu 10/23/02  4.18M Plenty of 3D shooter action, seek and destroy Osama in his caves.          08/06/01   327K Pac-Man With a T-w-i-s-t   09/06/03   955K Gold Man is a PacMan style game.
GoldSprinter.exe  12/27/03  4.54M Wonderful lode Runner remake.     01/24/02  1.11M the compeletly new adventure of the GoldFish
GooseChaseSetup.ex 01/05/04  3.88M Addicting fast paced platformer action
GreyStar4.exe     04/16/02   396K Puzzle that is solved by changing the colors of a star
GreyStar6.exe     04/15/02   396K Puzzle that is solved by changing the colors of a star
GroopDemoSetup.exe 09/25/03  1.67M Create 'groops' from similar game pieces.      09/22/02  4.90M Check this great arcade style game!        11/20/02     8K a neat guessing game for when u are bored has some music
Gyrus_Install.exe 11/02/02  6.02M Battle hordes of enemies in this futuristic arcade shoot-em-up
HP_Setup.exe      03/29/04  3.61M Can you spot the Difference?
HZBsetup.exe      05/29/04  1.81M Hazard Ball is a real-time arcade puzzle game
Hamish_SmDemo_Setu 08/09/02 18.40M Hamish McTavish is a first person 3D action adventure.
Hang3000-Setup.exe 12/21/01   586K A modern take on the classic hangman game.
Hang3001-Setup.exe 05/07/02   698K Hang3001 is a modern take on hangman.
HangmanBible-Setup 06/13/04   850K A religious-take on the classic hangman game.
HangmanPro-Setup.e 11/25/03   930K A modern take on the classic hangman game.
Hangman_Setup.exe 08/24/02   860K This is a regular Hangman game, that you usually play
Happy_End_III_Full 01/21/02  6.61M Become strong at Othello/Reversi!
HexagemV120.exe   05/27/02  1.70M Ultra-fast colored puzzle where you have to chain and blow gems.
Holdem_Mania_Insta 02/19/02  1.51M Texas Hold'em Poker Game
HomeBoy_Setup.exe 10/14/02  1.42M Kids can create/play animated stories, solve riddles, play games.
HopeJumpDemo.exe  07/23/03  1.94M HopeJump - The Game for All!
House.exe         01/30/03  2.97M A point and click Christian Adventure.      08/26/02   288K Freeware scoring program for IMP pairs bridge event
INSTALLOI_porssipe 03/21/03  3.95M finance game (in Finnish)
ISSVMeBook.exe    10/03/03 25.34M Find a new eBook conception!
IVMCESetup.exe    08/26/03 84.60M The newest ISS Mars Way version with Commerce between Stations
IVMCE_Commercial.e 02/03/04 70.61M If you tried Trial Version now you can buy it!
IVMCE_Trial.exe   02/02/04 69.24M Strategic and Simulation Scientific Game
IVMSetup.exe      08/27/03 81.50M Manage your astronauts team as in real life on this sim game
Igoren10.exe      12/07/02  6.45M Collect Datapods to solve levels
ImpossiDemoSetUp.e 03/11/03  1.03M 100 levels. Clear all red balls and reach the exit
Infilator.exe     09/28/03 11.88M Great Spaceshooter with finest graphics.
Install-Aerial-Ant 11/23/03  5.33M A fast and furious jetpack arcade game
InstallCrystals.ex 07/12/02  2.40M An exciting new game where you build large crystal formations.
InstallRugTTT.exe 05/01/01  1.36M Play TicTacToe with the Rugrats thanks to Taylor Made
InstallStarscape.e 02/28/04 36.85M Arcade space blaster with involving story.
InstallVideoPoker. 05/01/01  1.47M Any Bet, 32 Deck designs, Top 20 Scores - yes the Best
InstallWordSearch. 03/13/04   458K Great for keeping your mind active
Install_CrossWired 10/23/03  7.54M A Word Game for 1 or 2 Players. Five Levels with 300 Games.
Install_DS.exe    11/01/01  1.66M Steer Santa's sleigh down the hill avoiding trees along the way!
Install_LasVegasOn 08/03/01  6.32M Freeware:Play Las Vegas games for REAL or forFUN.
Install_Stick_Man. 05/17/02   717K Check out the first adventure in the Stickman series!
Internet-Tic-Tac-T 11/03/02    11K An online version of tic tac toe.
Invasion_Setup.exe 02/24/02  1.73M Fast paced arcade space combat suitable for all ages.
IraqiPack.exe     01/11/04  4.94M Iraqi Most Wanted, Card Games        07/09/02 12.88M Your island has been over run by evil sheep! Kill them! 02/14/04 15.55M In the game a boy goes to save a called island Bebop.
Island_Samurai2.ex 03/06/04 11.46M Nilo returns!!!!!!!!
J-Ball.exe        07/06/04  1.61M J-Ball - original Jezzball-like Free Game!
JapaneseCrossword2 10/24/02   352K This program can SOLVE japanese puzzles.     07/23/02   140K Solve Japanese puzzles (Paint by Numbers)
Jig3000v102.exe   06/09/01   945K Create and solve jigsaw puzzles. Many features.
Jumbled_Letters_Se 08/16/02   940K Rearrange these letters to form words.
K-zar-X_TrialVersi 05/05/04 27.51M K-zar-X's an 3D FPS with a lot of action.           01/08/04  1.32M A platform adventure, complete with matrix style presentation.
KR_2.0.13.B.exe   02/13/04 74.62M King's Revenge is an arcade and chess strategy game.
KaMchessDemo.exe  01/30/03  2.97M A 4-player chess variant on a unique board.
KazBingo100.EXE   06/04/02  2.39M The ever popular game of Bingo
KeyDemo.Zip       12/08/01  4.76M A small demo of The Key, a graphical sci-fi game
Kids-Puzzle.exe   11/16/03   761K A Jigsaw Puzzle Game for pc.
Kreml12.exe       06/22/02  3.15M Kremlin Puzzle 3D constructor game
LBBandit.exe      11/11/02   679K Free All in One slot machine. 08/29/03  1.61M you have a limited amount of moves, can you survive!!
LXB2002.ZIP       07/06/02  5.32M Cheats and Hints for all Systems (PC, Console, Walkthroughs)
LXep1_Demo.exe    09/04/02  1.17M A retro-style non-scrolling arcade shooter.       02/21/02  1.63M Programa con el que pueden jugar al parchís entre 1 y 4 jugadores       02/22/02  1.84M Para resolver infinitos puzzles con cualquier imagen de fondo.       01/11/03  2.44M Findwords from the three chosen by the computer.
LexxeL.exe        12/22/02   344K Spell words forwards and backwards as quickly as possible      04/01/01   824K A Great Worm Armageddon clone. You kill the other worm.     07/22/01   173K Liero Kit activates the Mods and Levels made by the fans of Liero   07/22/01  1.61M Liero Mods and Levels
LightspeedSetup.ex 12/27/03  3.17M Logical game based on operating the light.         11/20/02  2.02M LinEx is a Lines like game in full modern 3D.
Lines.exe         03/27/03   980K Align colored pieces in 5 addictive puzzles!
LittleBombers.exe 07/20/04  2.84M Fast, engaging and explosive game.          09/04/01  3.52M Add-on for Blood          08/07/02  6.66M Add-on for Blood. Sequel to Legends of Iconoclast:Part 1          03/28/04  4.80M Add-on for Blood. Final chapter in LOI saga
Lotto101.exe      08/31/02  1.36M Random Lotto Number Generator
LottoKing01.exe   10/28/03  2.60M Increase your odds of hitting the jackpot with The Lotto King.
LxB2001.ZIP       08/15/01  2.59M Cheats and Hints for over 3850 PC-Games
MARIO_PC_2__Crazy_ 05/30/04   721K Peach was catch by EGGMAN. Save her(starring MARIO)
MBSDH_16bit_.exe  10/10/01  1.54M Mark Basehore's Super Damage House is a light-hearted vs-only fig
MBZ..exe          11/11/02  6.33M An awesome sidescrolling Space Shooter!
MEMORY32.ZIP      09/26/02  1.18M A memory game that combines tradition and innovation.     03/15/03  3.19M The demo of 'The Marvelous Maze-Maker'. Creates random mazes.    03/15/03  3.21M A Maze-Maker that creates random 2d or 3d mazes out of any shape.
Magebane2v11.exe  09/21/02  8.43M Magebane 2 is a 3D single player roleplaying game where you comma
MagicBall3d.exe   04/07/04  4.31M Magic Ball is a Arkanoid 3D remake.
MagicLines.exe    11/23/01   402K Desktop game with 3D effects.
MagicSnake.exe    04/05/04  2.41M Control snake to eat 5 kinds of magic berries in a rippling pond.   01/22/04  4.21M addictive puzzle game 01/22/04  4.21M addictive puzzle game in spanish
Magma_Gamez_Collec 09/03/02  5.68M View this example file for Clickteam MMF    09/05/02  1.51M Core add-on personalities for SpiteNET: Spite and Malice       01/16/02  1.04M Dr. Malvado is a real classic platform game!
ManicMinefieldsWin 11/09/03  1.76M Twelve different minesweeping games in one.        03/26/03   864K Learn the art of block bustering
MarblesShooter.exe 03/31/04  7.01M Brand new game Marbles Shooter! 01/13/02    45K Mario Bros VGA
Mario_and_Link.exe 07/11/04  4.35M My second in my series of maze games. Spin-off of NASMM.
Mario_and_Sonic_Fl 10/04/03  2.44M A game where Mario and Sonic Must join forces
Mario_and_the_blue 01/09/04   761K A game in which you control Mario to touch the blue ball
Master_Mind_6.exe 06/29/01   184K Try to guess a six numbers combination with this program !!!
Mastermind_Cheater 09/10/02  4.70M Mastermind Cheater 2000 (Game Cheats Utility)
Match_It_Setup.exe 11/05/02  1.08M Match all the 15 pairs of pictures.. how long should it take you?
MatrixBeta.exe    01/05/03  3.29M Puzzle Type Brain Teasing Boardgame         08/02/02  4.85M Platform game
Mcfv1.exe         07/18/04   603K AI-Like safe chatting with Robots, kids 8-12 06/04/03   940K MegaBalls is the mind game and intends for the logically thinking
MegaKOZ_v5.exe    09/28/01 10.14M 3D shoot-em-up.Fast-paced and trippy.Very cool.
Megaman_e_Bass_in_ 05/15/04  1.30M Megaman and Bass is falling in Sonic Fast      09/13/02   197K Malbuch für Kinder von 2 bis 6  12/19/02    71K Multiplayer Tron clone for up to 10 Players
MexTrn.exe        09/30/01  1.24M Computer version of the classic domino game Mexican Train.      03/15/03  2.93M Creates totally random magic-squares of many sizes.      03/15/03  2.91M Creates totally random magic-squares of many sizes.
MikMol10.exe      09/28/02  2.44M Fun, new,       10/12/02  2.52M TV Millionaire Type Game
MonkeyPong10.exe  08/13/02  1.86M Monkey Pong is a highly addictive 'ball and brick' game
MonkeysOdysseyDemo 06/07/03  3.47M Blast aliens while collecting bananas
MonsterHouse.exe  04/26/03  7.39M Get ready for massive monsters invasion.
Mosquito.exe      05/22/01   397K Grab the fly swatter and kill some mosquitos!        09/25/98   272K Conquer the world
MuPuzzle.exe      01/04/03   879K A puzzle game with a built in puzzle generator     05/01/04  8.46M My first maze game, Get through 20 levels with Link and Mario.
NC_install.exe    07/16/04  7.03M racing game in a virtualcity
NETCards30.exe    12/08/02 10.63M NET Cards is a universal multiplayer cards game.
NHLEHM.exe        07/13/04 56.08M Control your Favorite Hockey Franchise!        10/01/01  1.39M NINJAS! is an over head verses game of hide n' attack!
NLDemo11.exe      09/11/02  5.71M The Ultimate Roller Coaster Simulation for PC
NOKToys.exe       12/05/01  2.84M Highly addictive 3D collection game
Nem.exe           01/29/03  2.64M Christian text adventure game with many quests in one.
NetLasVegasCasino. 12/17/01    76K Casino games : blackjack, roulette,Keno,baccarat,ecc..
New.exe           10/12/03    61K An older soldat level of mine.   01/21/02     8K New Weapons, some good some harmful!  11/04/02 17.54M Arcade game with Ninja's and of course much action
NoLimitFreezaSaga_ 03/16/02 19.71M A fixed version of the offical DBZ models for Bid for Power mod
Noah.exe          04/25/04 18.18M Noah's Adventures - A 3d interactive zoo game
NonosweeperSetup.e 09/02/04   405K A completely new way to play Minesweeper!
OmegaSyndromeDemo. 01/21/04  3.23M Part book part role-playing game.
Onscreen_Ping_Pong 12/01/02   299K Onscreen ping pong      03/15/02   220K Create colorful designs just for fun.
PMIIdemo.exe      12/17/01  2.00M Puzzling Marbles II is a arcade marble game.
PMdemo.exe        12/17/01  1.36M Puzzling Marbles is a real brain twister.
POPULATIONTUTORIAL 01/31/04    17K this is a tutorial for population v2.10
PPUZL10.ZIP       03/28/02  2.88M Superb puzzle fun for everyone!
PSUITE30.ZIP      02/06/02   663K Play variations of Poker, casino style     07/27/03  3.77M You are Saddam Hussein and you must lick up all the money....
PacLands.exe      12/23/03  5.48M Classic packman-style game grows up!
PacMonz14.exe     05/16/01    71K Pac Monsters is a fun pacman clone.
PacmaniaGold.exe  07/14/04  5.62M PacMan's adventures in the Wild West.
Pacventure13.exe  08/09/01  4.76M Save Miss Pac in this exellent free 3DPac game     05/12/04  1.25M Get the new adventure game 'The Paparazzi Prince' v1.1. This game
ParmenSetup.exe   03/11/03   661K Computer chess, 2D (classic) or 3D (Star Trek style)
Penfall.exe       02/22/04  1.41M A game where you collect coins
PentangoSetup.exe 05/07/02   578K Get 5 pieces in a row or make 5 captures
Pi_Install.exe    10/31/02  1.90M 1-3 player circular Pong with weapons and 'cool' 'stuff'      08/25/02   632K The PickBall is an very interesting desktop game.
Poker.msi         03/16/02  1.17M Full screen video poker with Multi Pay, Flush Fever and more      02/04/02  1.62M 5-card single player poker game.
Pong10.exe        01/15/04   801K Classic Pong game invented in 1958 at BNL    03/07/01  1.48M Pongomania is an updated version of the classic arcade pong
PopSetup.exe      11/10/03  1.26M Fun, addictive, and challenging puzzler
Poulpy.sfx.exe    06/14/02   332K Poulpy is a free board-game, featuring an Octopus and a Lobster!         07/03/03   952K 2 Players play in a battle to knock the other player off the side
PowerLines_v1_0.zi 02/11/03  2.75M New Lines remake with 3D graphics
PowerMadDemo.exe  06/07/03  4.45M Wage war against Osama Bin Lama
PremRev.exe       11/14/02   532K Othello style game for one or two players.
Presidents3001-Set 01/09/03   906K A Presidential-version of the classic game.   02/06/02    39K Finally, a printer (and a special table) to go with your computer       11/04/02 18.16M Space Arcade game wich looks like '1942'
PuzzleMeThis1.0DEM 02/28/04  4.11M A new twist on an old past time       01/17/03  4.63M Start at the START and end at the FINISH.  Easy.  Enjoy !!!       06/26/00   490K Puzzle Game. Set two or more color block to erase it.          06/10/01 14.49M Christian RPG game based on life of Paul the Apostle.         08/23/02   813K Interactive quiz based on the first four Harry Potter books          11/04/02  2.02M A game of Rummy playing the computer
RFInstall.exe     08/28/01 29.82M Build and fight robot gladiators.
RGB.exe           10/23/03 16.08M This is the demo version for a battle sequence in the RGB GAME.          05/01/04  6.34M Click on the ball to change its direction and Score a Goal.        05/01/04  2.53M The sequel to Real Madrid Clickball improved graphics and realism       04/26/03 12.60M character generator for dungeons and dragons, alternity
RPSinst.exe       08/18/01  1.07M A simple Rock Paper and Scissor game for Windows       03/15/03  1.42M Allows you to play Rubik's-Cubes of many sizes.   03/15/03  1.42M Demo of 'Rubix-Cube-Rampage'. Simulates the Rubik's-cube.
RSfootball.exe    11/30/01   258K A soccer match against a team of robots   06/18/04   968K Its a engine game created by zizaco
RailRoad.exe      01/15/03  1.47M a fun game for those who enjoy train puzzles!      06/17/04  1.14M Catch increasingly faster raindrops in a bucket.          09/25/98   312K Kill the rats before they overrun the maze
Rdemptor.exe      03/29/02  1.57M Top down view customizable space arcade shooter from 1996.
RealmsOfMagic.exe 12/28/03  7.77M Fantasy based card game like Magic: The Gathering
RebelBomberman.exe 07/15/04  8.39M Enjoy intriguing gameplay and marvelous world
RedShadow.exe     03/22/03 11.01M 3D shooter, demo mission of Vive La Legion
RiskII.exe        04/21/04   172K The classic board game!
RoX.exe           02/11/02  8.21M A fast action/puzzle game resembling Boulder Dash and Supaplex        07/29/01   817K Arcade / Adventure
Roulette_Simulator 08/04/02    48K Simple yet effective Roulette Simulator       06/03/04  6.70M Versão beta do jogo Sonic Adventure Max        11/04/01   441K SAT Vocabulary hangman. Over 4800 SAT words. High Score rankings.
SBsetup.exe       04/13/03  3.99M A 2D/3D hybrid space shooter.
SETHsPuzzleBoxesDe 03/04/04  7.54M Help Selena battle the evil android, SETH.          10/01/03  2.17M Mario Fan Game
SOSPackage1.exe   08/28/03  7.16M Special recovery files to your IVM collection games
SOSPackageFree.exe 08/28/03  2.36M Special recovery files to your IVM collection games
SP10.exe          05/02/04  4.77M SuperPlumber is a funny platform game.
SSBinst.exe       05/05/04   731K RPG game created by Miles P.
SZMIDinstaller.exe 02/13/04  2.71M Sonic game
SZinstaller.exe   02/13/04 26.69M Sonic game
SameDemo.exe      02/18/04   746K Remake of the famous Same game.
Sammysetup14.exe  10/15/02  8.78M Cute 3D Action-Puzzle for the whole Family
SanctumSetup1253.e 06/11/02 17.77M A two-player online strategic collectible card board game.
Sandy_Day.exe     10/12/03    57K A level for soldat.My first map.
SaveChristmas_demo 06/14/04  3.35M Collect toys taken by evil creatures.
Sb.exe            06/21/01   831K Simple 1 or 2 player space combat.      04/05/03  3.57M A sliding puzzle program with animated or non-animated puzzles.
ScopaFree106.exe  08/24/01   296K Scopa Card Game for Windows      02/26/04  3.32M Airplane war game. Destroy enemy aircraft and ground structures.
ScrabbleSolutionIn 08/10/02  1.29M Solve Scrabble puzzles.
Screen_Scrambler.z 03/15/03  9.79M A sliding puzzle program with animated or non-animated puzzles.
Sea_Caves.exe     10/12/03    71K One of my better Soldat maps.
SetupChamber.exe  03/16/04  5.34M Unlock jewels of the King’s Secret Chamber.
SetupManna.exe    02/06/04  3.11M Welcome to the world of Manna Munchers!
SetupManna10.exe  02/15/04  3.11M Welcome to the world of Manna Munchers!
SetupMuncher.exe  08/18/04  3.73M Chow down and power up, play Zango muncher!
SetupTheWallsOfJer 09/26/03  5.68M The Walls of Jericho with awesome effects.
Setup_GDN_Client.e 07/10/04  4.03M Fast paced shooter plus rhythm action game. 03/15/03  1.44M Creates totally random intricate unique symmetric shapes.
SheepInst.exe     04/07/04 10.70M Save the world from flying sheep.
Sheepdog_Challenge 02/07/03  1.82M Herd the 3D sheep into the pen with your sheepdog
Shifty.exe        01/15/04   677K Tile shifting puzzle game you can cuztomize.     08/30/02  1.18M A high seas shoot 'm' up game. Enjoy !!!
Sic_Bo.exe        08/04/02    43K A simple yet effective Sic Bo simulator    07/09/03  7.69M GTA like game by 3DVPX-productions
SimBacteriaDemo.zi 10/04/03   471K Simbacteria lets you play the role of a microorganism.
Simpaplex.exe     07/21/04  5.71M Protect Mumbly from evil monsters.         11/12/02  3.03M Model Skinning in Conitec's 3dgamestudioMed
SkyMaze.exe       08/01/02  2.32M NEW cool PacMan-style arcade game in 3D
Skyscraper1.exe   07/21/04  4.70M Open-source 3D skyscraper simulator
SmashOutShareware. 10/05/01 10.73M Based on the incredibly popular 80's arcade game Breakout.
Snake10.exe       01/15/04   648K Snake is a cool classic game played by many.       03/04/02    17K Now your sims can have tasty snocones instead of just coffee!
SnowyPuzzleIslands 07/28/04  6.41M It's the same lovable Showy again!        12/12/03  2.50M Ten Solitaire Games 08/03/03  7.69M Game where Sonic must rush through 12 stages to defeat Robotnik   08/20/03 23.43M Beta of Sonic Ze
SonicZeBETA07.exe 10/31/03 28.73M N/A
Sonic_Fast_-_The_L 05/08/04   883K One tribute to Ayrton Senna
SortrisDemoSetup.e 07/28/04  2.28M Cute spatial puzzle game!
SpEx_Setup.exe    07/07/04  5.58M 3D interactive Solar System simulation
Space.EXE         11/24/01   774K Unstable Space turn-based Windows stategy game
SpaceBattle3001.ex 12/20/01  1.24M Top down arcade alien blasting shootemup
SpaceStationManage 11/11/03  4.30M Relax and build your own manned space station
Space_War.exe     09/17/02  5.97M A 3D Action Packed Shoot-em-up Game!
Spades-71a.exe    09/05/00  4.01M The classic version of Championship Spades  04/14/02   280K Game like Galaxian
Speed-Demo.exe    10/14/02  1.68M Intense, exciting card game for 2 players (Can play against AI)
SpiteSetup.exe    10/20/02  1.95M Fast-paced card game requiring strategical planning.
Spraying2-install. 07/16/04  1.70M Dertroy the soldiers and the buzzed      09/25/02  1022K Try to make the six big squares the same color       01/17/02   308K Puzzles. Enjoy putting scrambled blocks back where they belong.
StarSpangledSolita 10/15/01  2.03M Patriotic Solitaire card game, listen to the national anthem
StarshipTycoonDemo 01/08/04  6.33M Space strategy/management game
States3001-Setup.e 01/09/03   697K A modern take on the classic hangman game. 04/01/01   547K Levels for Liero, the worm armageddon clone. 11/04/02  6.97M Puzzle game wich is not hard to understand
SuperFusion_Demo.e 10/07/03  2.56M Nuke chain reactions! Fun for all the family!
SuperGroovySetup15 09/17/03  3.37M Groovy arcade game on colorful tile boards
SuperLinesInstall. 10/06/03  2.32M Great 'puzzle game for all ages!
Super_Z-Max_2-2_Sh 08/27/04  1021K So much better than Galaxian it can't be called a clone!
Swamp.exe         10/12/03    59K One of my Best soldat levels
TCbonus.exe       03/12/02  1.93M Get dragonflies accross the road.
TGBBSep9x.exe     03/13/01  3.39M A five reel slot machine with nine pay lines
TGDCSep9x.exe     03/13/01  3.36M A 5 reel slot machine with 10 pay lines and a double up feature.
TGFGSep9x.exe     03/13/01  3.39M A five reel slot machine withnine pay lines
TGLASep9x.exe     03/13/01  3.41M A five reel slot machine with nine pay lines
TGPBSep9x.exe     03/13/01  3.37M Lotto game used by governments.
TMLdemoV4.exe     01/07/04 10.73M Explore a magical kingdom in this unique RPG
TOPSLOTS.exe      01/15/02  6.15M The HOTTEST SLOTS on the NET! - OnLine WorldScores,MP3 Jukebox
TRIBUL10.ZIP      01/15/03   500K Little Strategy Games
TRJD103.EXE       05/20/04  2.07M Mind-bending puzzle game
TS-UpDate.exe     01/24/02   805K Now fromThe JACK O'CLUBS of Hollywood
TSOCdemoV3.exe    10/22/03 42.98M Witchy Witch tries to find the secret of coolness!   04/26/01  1.35M Tournament Creation and Tracking tool for NFL football vid games
TUCL2kBetaSetup.ex 09/10/01  4.46M A free cheat, code, trainers database 4 all systems    07/31/02   630K A platformer/action game     11/22/02  1.06M tarot, celtic cross, can substitute own cards and reading info
Tarot_2.5_Upgrade. 11/15/02   303K Upgrades Tarot 2.0 to version 2.5
TeddyTrubbleDemo.e 11/16/02  5.75M Teddy Trubble - Can you save the house ?
Terra_Install.exe 10/31/02  2.51M Original mission based alien blaster with novel jet pack control       10/08/02  3.38M Resources for gamestudio wavy grass
Tetris4000.exe    04/30/03  3.22M Yet another shining Tetris 3D remake.
TetrisXP.exe      07/18/03  3.25M TetrisXP! The perpetual game!
Tetrix180.exe     01/21/02  2.43M A advanced Tetris game with enhanced graphics and internet play.      10/08/02  3.61M Video Tutorial on making simple textures for use in game studio
TheMagicSealPG.exe 12/25/03  3.50M A set of cool puzzle games, with a twist!
TheMagicSealSWv1.2 01/29/04  5.78M Find your son in the palace of an evil wizard
TheQuest.exe      11/19/01   621K The Quest is a turn-based role-playing game.   12/21/02  4.96M The Big Top. Buckets of fun for the whole family. Enjoy !!!
The_best_game_ever 07/26/04  1.96M The best game ever (Spoof)
Thesoj.exe        01/30/03  1.37M Part one in this Christian text/graphics/sfx adventure trilogy.
ThinkTanks-Demo_v1 04/29/04  6.64M 3D tank combat game; solo and online gameplay   03/21/01  2.20M Tic Tac Toe Game with many options and visual effects.
Tigama17.exe      03/03/04  1.89M Build, fill, and win in this addictive game.
Tiger1_1_Upgrade.e 11/21/02   609K Tiger 144 v1.1 Upgrade
TigerInstall.exe  04/29/02  2.13M 3D Tank shoot-em-up game, three levels.  06/05/01  2.59M This is a children's educational game program for all the family.    12/10/02   115K Save Your Town From Starving
TomatoGunschlinger 04/19/04  1.19M Platform game with a funny talking tomato in 11 jungle levels .
TrackTroubleDemoSe 07/31/03  1.91M Tile laying puzzle game for the whole family
TreasureMole.exe  07/23/04  9.90M Little mole's underground adventures.
TrialBikeDLDS.exe 03/09/04  5.99M Simulator of driving a Trial Bike!
TrialTime.exe     08/20/03 11.98M trial moto game
TriviaMasters.exe 10/12/01    70K The Worlds Greates Trivia Program
Troll_Setup_Demo.e 10/23/03  6.71M Fantasy action arcanoid clone
Trolley_Mania_Demo 05/28/04   726K You are a trolley man at the shops! 10/08/01   676K Sidescroller: Help Sylvester survive his Tweety Zombie nightmare!
Twenty_One_Setup.e 09/03/02  1.10M Stacking up to 5 cards to get a total score of 21
Twotail.exe       03/29/02  1.83M Wacky action/puzzle/adventure game featuring a lizard from 1996.
UPDATE070.exe     05/03/03   707K Yu-Gi-Oh Virtual Desktop Update
Unlimited-Checkers 09/03/04  1.84M Unlimited Checkers is a Java-based checkers     01/28/02   378K A Great Hangman game! 3 levels of difficulty, sounds
VPCalcSetup.exe   01/24/04  1.23M Improve your odds with this poker calculator.
VPCoachSetup.exe  03/08/04  2.94M Trainer for mastering video poker strategy
ValhallaBlocks.exe 08/19/04  3.34M Best remake of classic logical game.
Vertrix2-Install.e 02/18/02 14.70M Tetris(Columns)-like arcade game, 1P/2P or CPU      12/22/03   564K Improved Multi Player Yahtzee game
Viper_s_Map_Pack1_ 06/20/03   112K A Map pack with 11 maps including awsome csl maps
Vive_La_Legion_-_T 09/26/02  7.59M More 3D shooter action with the French Foreign Legion in Morocco,
Vive_La_Legion_set 08/10/02  6.51M Tense 3D shooter action with the French Foreign Legion in Morocco
VrWbet86.EXE      09/03/01  1.87M Download our free Shareware Game Virtual Woman 95.           10/01/01  5.55M WAR! is an addictive battle game, where you take your army and...
WAR2099v23_install 10/02/01  4.35M TRIUMPH! is a addictive action shooter of army-sized proportions.       10/01/01 10.14M Overhead 2D vs shooter game.
WAsetup3050200950. 11/09/01  3.81M Manage a WWF superstar and go head to head against online players
WOG_Demo_1.exe    03/02/04  1.60M This is Demo Version 1, also known as nobody loves me anymore...
WWORX11.ZIP       10/27/02  2.03M row and column word game
War_never_ends_dem 12/22/02  2.47M It is shooting game.
WaterSpeederV100.e 05/27/02  1.43M Blow up all sorts of enemies in this aquatic arcade game!
WdSetup.exe       10/23/01   681K Place the falling letters to form words.
What_Is_Missing_Se 08/24/02   979K Guess... what letter is missing?
Widgets_setup.exe 11/20/02  2.74M Form chains of widgets to score points.       02/28/01  5.13M The Wackiest Solitaire Games Yet!
WinBrickoutPackage 07/31/01  2.15M Addicting and entertaining arcade game like Arkanoid but better
Wingnuts.EXE      09/25/02 36.11M Hunt the Baron's robot planes in 30 levels of arcade action.
WizSolitaireJava.z 12/27/03  1.02M Java version of Wiz Solitaire, a collection of card games
WizTris.exe       02/13/02  1.26M Entertaining Tetris-descendant game
WizardsFamiliar11. 03/14/02  4.76M Wizard's Familiar Magic the Gathering deck program
WomenOfTheWorld-Se 01/20/03   894K A modern take on the classic hangman game.
Words_Memory_Setup 07/30/02   984K Remember this word now, then also remember the next word
World_Scholar_200_ 12/16/02  1.39M Answer these questions right, you will be rewarded with score...
Worms_CF.exe      03/08/03  1.12M A RTS made by MK Software, you're a Worm General fighting ants!
Wslam.exe         02/13/02    74K An Air Hockey Game.         09/07/01   109K Wordsearch Puzzle Generator
X-plosiveJigsawDem 12/09/03  7.68M A truly realistic jigsaw puzzle game!
XRayBall.exe      07/28/04  5.96M A 3D accelerated brick-busting game from Alawar Entertainment
XandO_demo.msi    10/19/03  1.65M This is a logical game with great AI and nice design. It will hel
XmasShpInst.exe   12/15/03 12.51M Save Christmas from a flock of evil mutant flying sheep.
YVD070.exe        05/03/03  1.72M Play the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game Online!
YVDIMAGES.exe     05/03/03  2.61M Yu-Gi-Oh Virtual Desktop Images
Yahtzii1_2a.exe   03/18/02   441K Yahtzii, the rendered alternative for dice rolling fun!
Yoga20.exe        09/21/02  6.32M Yoga: Asanas, philosophy, directory, pictures.
Yoshi.exe         12/03/02  1.22M A simple and fun platform game where you collect doggie treats
Zambardi.exe      01/30/03  2.20M This is a Christian graphics based point and click adventure.
ZeldaROGDemo2.exe 07/14/03  1.92M A Zelda game
Zill123p.EXE      01/16/01  8.65M Play 48 board games
Zill201p.exe      05/23/03 17.32M Universal board game and puzzle program.
_seabtl.exe       09/12/99  1.09M Sea Battle - strategic game.
a-yopulus_setup.ex 05/17/02  4.34M A-Yopulus IIis an arcade-style shoot      09/30/97   339K This game is a Arcade Puzzle game similar to Pac Man       08/06/03  2.56M Educational Hangman game designed for children
ab2setup.exe      01/22/03  1.93M Enter weird and colorful world of blocks!       11/27/02   790K Aba Daba is a five-in-a-row tic tac toe.
abadabadeluxe.exe 12/25/02   772K Aba Daba Deluxe is a 5-in-a-row tic tac toe.
aballssetup.exe   06/20/03  1.80M Addictive, puzzle, logic arcade game for all
abbieset.EXE      04/10/01  2.36M Help Abbie save the world's flowers           02/06/04   792K Play logic games and create your own puzzles          01/27/04   792K Play logic games and create your own puzzles       05/27/99   862K A set of different logic games    07/30/04  1.54M Place tetris like pieces logically      04/15/03  1.65M Join falling tiles to form color connections.          09/02/02   193K A picture puzzle, a word puzzle and the magic cube all in one     01/09/99   385K Stress out your powers of visual perception
absyuk.exe        01/03/02  1.55M a collection of solitaire card games
ac_demo.exe       07/17/03  2.60M Battle with tanks on destructible terrain!      02/09/04  1.41M Play a game of checkers against your PC.
ace.exe           04/03/99   927K An all-new solitaire card game
aceking.exe       01/03/02  2.98M 5 completely free solitaire games
acekingclub_22.exe 07/12/01 10.74M Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Slots and Video Poker   09/18/99   246K Fun and challenging solitaire game with pizaz.  04/13/00   456K Guess if the third card is between other two and WIN!
aceyducey.exe     08/08/02  1.57M Acey Ducey Backgammon 6 match play and remote        08/14/01  2.89M Artillery Chess is an interesting thinking game.         10/02/01  7.98M Good soccer game!     02/08/03    63K ACUARIO is a FREEWARE classic platforms game.
acxsetup.exe      10/13/01 11.17M Highly addictive puzzle style word game.
adalinks.exe      05/17/04  5.10M A fun puzzle game to test your mind.     01/08/00   635K An adventure game with a cavy as the main character.       07/14/02  2.59M THE ARCADE FLIGHT GAME BETA 1.1
aforce.ZIP        04/15/92    15K AlienForce Shoot-Em Up Game
ag_Alpine_Lake_Tet 08/09/04  5.74M Alpine Lake - The Animated Tetris
ag_Mystery_Forest_ 08/12/04  3.99M Mystery Forest - The Amaizing 3D Tetris
agentsokoban_demo. 05/10/03  1.36M A great 3D puzzle game: features 375 levels.     04/08/00    321 Measure your reflexes with this quick game.
agt_inst32.exe    10/27/99   432K Learn African geography! Study & self-test.
aiw3d_562_Sharewar 07/02/02  6.84M Program Cybugs and place them into battle!
ajasetup.exe      10/15/02  5.02M Turn your videos into jigsaw puzzles.         09/09/04   762K Logical game. Discover the coded picture.
ajfree.exe        02/21/02  3.48M Turn your videos into jigsaw puzzles.          01/27/04   786K Play jigsaw puzzles and create your own games 06/20/99  2.47M Create a Puzzle from any picture (GIF, BMP, JPG, etc.)
alcglwin.exe      06/19/00  2.89M Laser Chess and Advanced Laser Chess game.
alexandra.exe     11/23/02  4.26M The best ever made backgammon, enjoy a real backgammon simulation  04/21/00   619K Clone of arcade classic, Space Invaders, but enhanced.
alienabduction.ZIP 04/27/03   539K You are the alien, abduct cows!
alienoutbreak.exe 04/08/04  3.30M Space shooter that is out of this world!      02/17/03  1.30M Trap and send the aliens back to their world.
alienskydemo.exe  04/02/04  6.77M Defeat alien forces in this space-shooter.
alines2setup.exe  04/29/04  2.28M Advanced Lines is a color matching game!
allclear.exe      09/26/02   556K Create rectangles of the same color.
alpha.ZIP         04/08/94    55K Mission Alphatron (a Scramble variant)
amania10.exe      05/25/03  7.93M brick-busting classic Arcanoid clone       11/04/01   406K This software introduces basic arithmetic
amoebicdemo.exe   11/12/03  2.67M Amoebic is fun for everyone.       02/17/03  1.14M Solve a series of mind bending puzzles.
androiddemo.exe   10/28/02 13.14M Teeny tiny universe but humungous fun-Android      11/05/01   854K Side scorlling game (similar to Mario), rescue the princess.
animatch.exe      11/05/01  1.68M A concentration type game for kids
aniso.exe         08/03/02  7.89M You are traveling in space.
anisqre.ZIP       03/07/97   219K Animal Square is a logic game, to play it you need IQ!
annhltr.exe       06/23/99  1.06M Wander around annihilating things.
anoidsw.exe       04/30/00   661K Arcade breakout style game      05/10/04  3.31M MahJongg with numbered or Chinese tile sets.
aoinst.exe        10/13/01   906K Florida Lottery helper program!  09/26/02  2.31M Innovative picture puzzle game.      08/12/02  2.47M Texas Hold'em poker, computer learns from you
aquawords.exe     05/05/04  5.44M Click on bubble letters to make words!
aqztrixsh.exe     07/04/02   686K Tetris meet Columns
arabian.exe       01/07/02  3.73M Fly with a Magic Carpet through 15 exciting levels
arachnid.ZIP      04/15/92    83K Arachnid Card Game
arcade.exe        04/27/97  1.10M Arcade style shooting gallery fun for 1 to 4 players
arcade2.exe       06/08/01   489K Arcade is a collection of the great golden oldies games.
arcadia.exe       03/13/02  7.03M Download this pack of 3 attractive arcades
arcanoid.exe      11/27/01   272K Free Arcanoid game with new rules
arcanoid_gy.exe   06/17/02   418K Cool arcade game - new life of old arkanoid.
arclin11.exe      08/24/02  2.77M Highly addictive fun puzzle game for all ages
arctic_rush.exe   03/22/04  3.52M Cool addictive game with 3d vivid graphics       04/18/04  7.84M Create crossword puzzles fully automatically.
arkanizer.exe     07/18/02  1.58M A great new variation of classic arkanoid!
arrowspuzzle.exe  08/09/04  5.16M Test your intellect while deleting arrows!
asevens.exe       06/16/04  1.28M Addictive and exciting slot machine simulator
ashoot3d.exe      05/21/02  1.44M Great arcade shooter game with balls in space
asniper.exe       01/06/01   816K Shoot out enemy ships! In playing be intent.      08/01/00   556K Arcade shooter game
astrobaticsdemo.ex 06/22/04  5.58M Become a hero of a global space war.
astroraidinstall.e 07/15/04  2.24M Delicious vertical scrolling space shooter.
at4setup.exe      06/23/04  1.66M A must-have for Tetris fans!
atomadersdemo.exe 06/09/04 10.35M Liberate your planets with your spacefighter.
atomball208.exe   08/22/02 11.63M We tried to make the best Breakout style game. Ever.
atomicmines.exe   10/14/02   403K A free strategy game for real mine-seekers.
atomix_II_setup.zi 09/21/02  2.73M Atomix II for Windows 98/2000/XP/DirectX      10/25/02   200K Program to auto solve minesweeper!   07/29/01  2.80M Shoot your friends in this fun multiplayer arcade game!
avpoke3e.exe      10/23/02  1.78M Video Poker with Adjustable Probability of Winning!
avpoker.exe       06/16/04  1.04M 7 variations of video poker!
aw41bra.exe       11/09/99  6.73M Astrology for Win95/98/NT4.0/2000 Portuguese version
aw41esp.EXE       11/09/99  6.53M Astrology for Win95/98/NT4.0/2000 Spanish version
aw41fra.exe       11/09/99  6.38M Astrology for Win95/98/NT4.0 French version
aw42ita.exe       03/08/01  6.60M Astrology for Win95/98/NT4.0/2000 italian version
aw_ec.exe         10/26/01   255K Chess tutorial software for kids and adults         04/30/02   856K Bat        03/13/02  5.08M Ankazis 2020 The Sun is an arcade-style shoot’em up game.
azsetup.exe       05/27/00  3.35M Fast paced arcade-style word shoot'em up game
b5game.exe        06/08/00   119K Arcade game by motif of Babylon 5 tv-show
b_setup.exe       09/15/02   554K Very good Bantumi (Kalah) remake.
ba_setup1.exe     12/10/02  2.69M Ball Attack. Arkanoid / breakout style game.
babyhero.exe      12/06/01 10.67M beautiful arcade game with multi directional scrolling !      04/29/02   221K Play backgammon against your computer       04/24/01 11.91M Hilarious 2-D Arcade plane shooter with shouting pilot      05/15/02  2.45M Arcade game: Japanese puzzle game
ballab13.exe      11/15/02  1.74M Balla Balla is fast breakoutgame.      06/19/04 10.39M An innovative and original puzzle game!
balltrissetup.exe 11/24/02   955K An incredibly addictive color matching game!
banana_plaenc_h.zi 08/03/02   694K A Funny Arcade Game
barbershop.exe    07/28/02  3.84M Give your customer a shave and a haircut
baseball.exe      12/30/99 10.88M Baseball and softball team management and stats program
baseballmogul2003v 09/16/02 74.99M Manage a professional baseball team with Baseball Mogul 2003.      11/27/02  1.20M True-motion Visual Basketball Simulation Game (Shareware $5.-)
batsnake.exe      06/12/02  2.95M Battle Snake - Fun Arcade Game!
battle-boattle2.ex 11/15/02  2.49M Excellent naval game with great visual FX.
battle01.exe      03/15/03  4.98M 3D Battle Ground - power packed shooter.    06/21/02  1.64M Simple, quick and VERY addictive arcade.
battleman.exe     01/19/03  2.26M Breathtaking maze shooter
battpets.exe      12/26/02  4.03M A PC game much like Pokemon.
bavalar.exe       02/19/03  4.73M A PC game much like Pokemon.      07/30/01  2.14M Battle Blox v1.0 is a cool breakout-type game
bb13demo.exe      10/08/02  8.09M Bridge Baron, five-time computer bridge champion.      08/17/02  4.92M Best of the breakout clones, BB2, offers multiple paddle types...
bball96.ZIP       06/24/97   242K BBall 96 is a windows basketball games simulation
bbasetup.exe      07/13/04 10.18M Follow Bandit on his Big Adventure.
bbdemo.exe        04/19/04   794K A brick breaking game for the whole family.
bbquest.exe       02/28/04  3.36M Remake of a classic game Bubble Bobble.
bburst_setup.exe  01/20/03   541K BrainBurst! is the ultimate puzzle game.
bbworld.exe       06/28/03  2.86M Remake of a classic game Bubble Bobble.
bc3.exe           08/04/04  1.96M A new version of our backgammon game
bc_demo.exe       03/24/04   994K BlackCase is a swap-based puzzle game.
beetledrive.exe   10/20/02  2.29M Play Beetle Drive against 3 computer opponents. 3-D animated
belairlite.exe    05/22/01  4.71M Play for fun or for real from the comfort of your home
bf_ec.exe         10/26/01   343K Chess tutorial software for kids and adults
bfssetup.exe      02/15/03   321K Free,fun and addictive solitaire game       05/24/00  1.04M Backgammon Deluxe
bgf2vol1.ZIP      10/19/94   320K Board Games V1: Chess,Backgammon,Checkers multiplayer
bgf2vol2.ZIP      10/19/94   395K Board Games V2: FlagShip,Pipes,RaceChase,etc multiplay
bh3d.exe          03/13/02  1.83M A checkers game in a full 3D environment with strong AI      05/24/00  1.07M Ultimate Bid Whist.
big8sol.exe       08/08/02  1.40M Play 8 great solitaire games.      05/21/02   866K The first italian billiards game simulation
billiards.exe     11/30/01   267K Amazing Pool game on billiards table      10/16/00   611K Play Bingo on the computer - print out cards
bingogambit.exe   04/24/00  4.29M Bingo!  Real Bingo Hall Experience, chat, 75 patterns!
binmandemo.exe    11/19/02  8.81M Guide Stan through his dangerous working week.        09/16/02   436K BlackJack Calculator
bjigxmas.exe      12/07/02   834K Play Christmas jigsaw puzzles on your PC      09/23/03  5.69M Game for children ages 6 months to 3 years
bkginst.exe       09/10/02   766K 3D visualization of the board game backgammon
bkjack21.exe      08/08/02  3.40M Play 3 kinds of BlackJack 21 on 6 tables
black_jack.exe    06/26/99    73K A free and easy Black Jack game w/bet,split,double
blackbox10.exe    12/19/03  5.84M Discover hidden light tools in the black box
blackjack-gold-win 06/25/03  3.46M A full-featured, 7-player blackjack game including strategies.     06/09/00  3.42M Simulation de blackjack - Fench
blaster_gy.exe    07/18/02   409K A real free Star Wars game-feel like a jedi!
blasterball.exe   07/19/00  1.08M This classic arcade blockbuster just got a thousand tim
blastlitesetup.exe 12/06/02  3.00M Classic arcade blasting action with the latest in 3d graphics.      06/27/02   548K Hungry blue bird looking for a breakfast. Catch worms in a danger
blce12.ZIP        11/15/91     8K Block Breaker 1.2         01/15/03 13.42M Explore this photo-realistic city, (c version)
blinky32.exe      01/03/02   338K Test your memory with this fun game!
blitz01.exe       03/15/03  6.26M 3D WW2 arcade shooter.
blob-setup.exe    08/10/03  2.10M Blob, a turn based, board game type strategy
blobsh22.exe      02/09/02  2.11M 5-in-a-row for kids
blockbuster.exe   02/25/03   456K Be a sapper in this addictive free game!  03/26/03  5.86M The best Arkanoid game ever ?? With Multiplayer too
blowupsetup.exe   12/01/03  1003K Flash new arcade game with colorful balls.
bloxworld.exe     11/25/02  2.29M Blox World is an fun tetris game. More than 100 original game combinations
bluesky_ac_demo2.e 08/27/03  4.13M The ultimate hacking simulation game
blwin350.ZIP      08/16/93    89K Block-Logic (Version 3.50) for Windows
blxtw112.exe      08/24/04  2.07M Falling-blocks game in 3D.          09/17/02 10.11M Bible Memory is a question and answer game.
bmxpro.exe        10/02/01  3.38M Bike racing game
boardgames.exe    08/08/02  1.03M Play 8 Board Games with a friend.     02/22/03   811K Fun and addictive 2d game
bobble.exe        10/22/02  3.87M Pick your favorite NFL team and play some ball!
bombardix.exe     01/07/04  4.11M Advanced Bomberman remake
bomblast.ZIP      07/08/97   327K BOMBLASTIC is a two-player strategy game
bonanzalogic.exe  09/12/03  2.10M Help a dwarf to get some treasure in dungeons
bondb.exe         12/18/02  5.90M James Bond is Back!
bonez.exe         04/27/01  2.25M Bonez puzzle game
bongodemows.exe   01/09/03 20.53M Your next game addiction: Bongo Boogie!
bookhunt.ZIP      04/26/96  1.53M Race against a timer to sort the books of the Bible
boorp_free.exe    02/27/01  6.23M Juggle, mix, and match balls to keep the descending threats away.
bottles_inst.exe  03/31/01   974K Brand new mahjong-style game with an attractive rule 
botz501.exe       08/08/02  1.43M Be A Hero And Become A General.
bowling_demo_setup 05/02/02  6.05M Arcade style bowling in many wacky environments
box%20mania%20inst 07/25/02  1.75M Box Mania is a logical game.
boxikn10.exe      08/25/04   746K A fun and very addictive puzzle game.
bp2demo.exe       12/26/03  1.77M Battle Packman 2 Terminator is a mad 3D shooter.
bp_setup.exe      12/26/03  2.21M Welcome to the wonderful world of Battle Packman.       12/02/01  1.06M Play sliding puzzles with your own pictures on your PC      10/28/02  1.43M Challenging and educational logic puzzle game
brainvitav1.0.5.zi 07/23/00    17K Brainvita Popular Puzzle    04/08/04  2.66M Um ótimo shooter, com varias fases e acessorios
breakoutsetup.exe 04/09/04  1.59M Fun breakout game        10/23/02  2.15M A free super Breakout game
brix.exe          03/08/03   577K An epic action puzzle game
brix20001.2.ins.zi 11/06/02   444K This is a game similar to DX-Ball or Breakout       12/05/02  8.91M Space shooter with ship upgrading .      05/10/04  1.29M Clear the gameboard with the fewest moves.
bsinst.exe        03/15/04  1.44M A challenging puzzle game for strategists.
bsinst_de.exe     03/20/04  1.14M Ein kniffliges Puzzle-Spiel für Strategen mit selbst bestimmter S
bsinst_fr.exe     03/20/04  1.18M Un jeu de réflexion pour les stratèges.
bsjrinst.exe      05/13/04  4.08M Variant of the popular and challenging game.
bssnake.exe       07/30/01    84K My daughter likes to play it.
bswapper.exe      06/16/04  1.89M Addictive logic game of three-in-a-row type.            01/09/03   181K Collection of cool puzzles to solve step by step        09/02/00  5.22M play a 12-team, 5-on-5 basketball tournament
btetris.exe       10/20/01 13.45M A Fantastic new puzzle game for the true Tetris Fan
bubble.exe        11/09/03   796K you are a bubble trying 2 kill other bubbles        03/01/00   921K Here is a nice puzzle, with cool Bubble Bobble graphics      03/04/02  1.32M Maneuver rising bubbles into matching pods.
bubblebobble.exe  08/22/03  3.44M Remake of a classic game Bubble Bobble.
bubblebound.exe   11/30/01   740K Line up bubbles for bubbly fun
bubblexmas.exe    12/10/03  2.54M Santa prefers Bubble Xmas!      03/02/00   204K Catching colored bubbles  04/27/02  1.50M A fun and a simple platform game starring bubble girl.
bubshoot.exe      01/16/02  1.42M Shoot at color bubbles and blow them all up  08/30/02  3.30M Excelletnt Shooting game      01/08/04   850K A mock Gameboy game about a guy fighting crazed monkeys.
bvolleyball.exe   10/14/02   444K A nice free volleyball practice game.
bvta.exe          03/29/02   821K Help a guy named Brian blast little blue (and purple) aliens.
bvtae.exe         03/29/02   484K Help a guy named Brian blast little blue aliens in an EXTREME way
bxterm.exe        09/25/01  1.24M The logical game on each stage of which you are to form pairs of colour bl          01/23/00   429K An excelent platform game with great graphics!
californiacasino_l 05/15/01  5.21M The FREE award winning Windows 3D Multiplayer casino software.
calsetup.exe      07/27/04  1.17M Caloona is a turn based space strategy game.
canbase.exe       05/28/04  2.15M Play online or against your computer.
cansetup.exe      09/28/03  1.05M Fun version of classic Canasta card game 08/30/02  5.64M Shoot'm up game where you play the role of a mutated tomato!   05/22/00  1.37M A must have for card players
cards52.exe       06/04/04  2.23M A collection of 380 solitaire games
caribbeanpuzzle-de 04/09/04  2.02M Arrange the seashells in groups of three.       01/08/04   511K Platform deathmatch between two foul balls.       09/11/01  1.46M Jogo de luta estilo Marvel vs. Capcom com Goku e Homem Aranha
cartoonxonix.exe  05/30/04  7.62M Top-quality remake of a classic Xonix game!
cascaron.exe      05/15/01   166K This software will let you connect to online multiplayer games
casino-2000.exe   12/25/99  2.09M Roulette, Video Poker, Slots, Baccarat, BlackJack
castellan-1_0_3.zi 01/11/00  1.31M Attack your opponent's castles.
castlesinstall.exe 09/09/02  2.59M Destroy castles of all your enemies.      08/20/04   703K Predicts winners           12/20/01    23K Finally a pet for your sims that wont make them sick or bored!
caught.exe        01/30/03  2.05M Christian point and click game where you must escape the darkness
cave_dude.exe     12/03/02  1.11M Make it through all the caves and collect each and every gem.     03/15/01   873K Cutting off the parts of the game board you must catch the balls
cbasketb.exe      08/17/01   924K Try your basketball skill in addictive arcade
cblaster.exe      02/24/02  2.40M Chess Training System
cburst.exe        07/24/04  2.72M Big colorful drops are coming down hard!       07/19/98   370K Colorful and easy-to-play Chinese Checkers game. 32-bit
ccntfv2.exe       07/30/00  3.97M Match pictures, fill-in bible verses, build a puzzle
ccpsetup.exe      08/06/02  2.08M CardCounter PRO is an automatic card counter for use on Yahoo/MSN     08/16/02  5.32M Blast through endless levels of attacking computer bugs!
century32e.exe    03/21/02  1.35M Digital 3-reel slot machine simulator with a unique 3D interface.
century32p.exe    03/21/02  1.35M Simulador de máquina caça-níqueis com uma original interface 3-D
cf_free.exe       08/02/99   550K Do you like puzzles? Every game of Freecell can be beat            11/18/03  1.97M A simple, yet addictive car game.
ch-2_3.exe        08/03/02   404K Platform game about a cute duck, collect coins and diamonds.
chao_escape_remade 04/28/04   707K remake of Chao Escape v 1.0
chaotixuniversefre 01/14/02  2.22M Jogue com Espio, Vector, Mighty e Knuckles em diversas fases!        10/10/02    94K Slay an evil vampire endangering a small village.    05/31/00   228K two player chess game
checkers1.2.exe   12/10/02   794K Online Checkers
chert.exe         06/15/04   490K 3D-draw training         02/17/00   138K A beginner to intermediate free chess program
chessdemo.exe     09/29/01  2.86M Advanced 3D Chess Partner for Windows
chesse11.exe      07/10/04   893K Exercises to increase your chess vision
chessmagician.exe 11/02/02   673K Challenge your chess skills with Deep Blue.
chewersetup.exe   04/14/03  2.14M 3D captivating Pacman remake for everyone!     03/21/02  5.53M Model of GT Chibi Goku
chinv130.exe      03/03/03  3.11M Save the earth from invading chickens!
chinv240.exe      03/03/03  4.43M Save the solar system from invading chickens!       11/21/03   562K Lines clone with chessmans instead of balls       04/10/03   925K To end up first when arrives of exchanges.
chordwarrior_PC.zi 01/10/03   734K Guitar learning game
choro02.EXE       01/13/02   461K Create Chinese horoscope chart based on your birth.
christmas.exe     11/25/02   340K free key press ringtones for Christmas songs       07/30/02   829K CheatBook Issue 08/2002 - GameCheats      12/31/00   399K CheatBook Issue 01/2001 - PC GameCheats
chtb0102.ZIP      12/30/01   555K CheatBook Issue 01/2002 - PC GameCheats      12/31/02  1.04M CheatBook Issue 01/2003 - GameCheats      02/12/00   469K CheatBook (01/2000) PC-Game Cheats      01/31/01   390K CheatBook Issue 02/2001 - PC GameCheats      02/12/00   471K CheatBook (02/2000) PC-Game Cheats      02/01/99   320K Issue JanuaryÝ99 - Over 100 new PC-Cheats      02/28/01   454K CheatBook Issue 03/2001 - PC GameCheats      02/26/02   593K CheatBook Issue 03/2002 - PC GameCheats      03/03/03   685K CheatBook Issue 03/2003 - GameCheats      03/19/00   466K CheatBook (03/2000) PC-Game Cheats      03/01/99   305K CheatBook(03/99) - Issue MarchÝ99 -      03/31/01   477K CheatBook Issue 04/2001 - PC GameCheats      09/30/00   484K CheatBook Issue 04/2000 - PC GameCheats      04/02/99   385K CheatBook(04/99) - New Issue April '99      04/30/01   487K CheatBook Issue 05/2001 - PC GameCheats      09/30/00   494K CheatBook Issue 05/2000 - PC GameCheats      05/31/01   488K CheatBook Issue 06/2001 - PC GameCheats      09/30/00   443K CheatBook Issue 06/2000 - PC GameCheats      06/30/01   468K CheatBook Issue 07/2001 - PC GameCheats      09/05/00   449K CheatBook Issue 07/2000      07/31/01   517K CheatBook Issue 08/2001 - PC GameCheats      09/05/00   464K CheatBook Issue 08/2000      11/05/99   425K CheatBook - Issue Aug´99 -Cheats for PC-Games
chtb0901.ZIP      08/30/01   602K CheatBook Issue 09/2001 - PC GameCheats      09/05/00   471K CheatBook Issue 09/2000      11/05/99   531K CheatBook - Issue Sept´99 - Cheats for PC-Games
chtb1001.ZIP      09/28/01   600K CheatBook Issue 10/2001 - PC GameCheats    09/29/02  1.21M CheatBook Issue 10/2002 - GameCheats      10/27/00   470K CheatBook Issue 10/2000 - PC GameCheats      11/05/99   515K CheatBook - Issue Oct´99 - Cheats for PC-Games      11/01/00   454K CheatBook Issue 11/2000 - PC GameCheats      11/05/99   508K CheatBook - Issue Nov´99
chtb1201.ZIP      11/29/01   631K CheatBook Issue 12/2001 - PC GameCheats      11/29/02   858K CheatBook Issue 12/2002 - GameCheats      12/02/00   401K CheatBook Issue 12/2000 - PC GameCheats     10/30/02  1.42M CheatBook Issue 11/2002 - GameCheats
chubdc.ZIP        03/03/98  4.84M A 3-D Action/Adventure Game like Quake
chuzzles.exe      11/13/02  2.42M Addictive chess puzzles
ckeeper.exe       01/29/02  2.26M Arcade action: shoot monsters     12/17/01  1.56M Soccer league manager and analyser tools
classic-corvette-p 11/23/02  3.90M 30 Classic corvette puzzels.         12/11/99  1.64M Help Santa defend Christmas from really annoying toys.
clbuster.exe      07/12/02  1.96M An arcade game pack of very amazing games
clcaribbeanpoker.e 03/28/04  2.00M Classic Caribbean Poker is tough game.
clcraps.exe       03/27/04  1.72M Classic Craps is huge winnings!
clecsetup.exe     10/19/02  1005K A game about elves collecting presents.
clicking.exe      10/11/02  1.40M Clicking is a fun arcade game!
clickt.exe        08/01/04   565K ClickTris is a classical tetris game.          01/12/03  1.70M Remove all the squares from the board.
clones10.exe      07/09/02   421K A silly freeware shoot-em-up.
clpaigowpoker.exe 04/06/04  1.77M This game is a pleasure for everybody!
clslots.exe       04/10/04  1.59M Classic Slots is the best place for the rest!
clspsl10.exe      10/04/02  2.62M Play 65 new solitaires with the Spanish cards
clucluland.exe    11/27/02  4.34M Uncover the hidden picture.
clvideopoker.exe  05/01/04  1.87M Classic Videopoker is huge fun and huge wins!         04/27/04  4.31M Card Master is a fun collection of card games
cm_ec.exe         10/26/01   233K Chess tutorial software for kids and adults       02/23/04  5.46M ActualCoach - realistic football manager      04/01/03  4.94M ActualCoach - realistic soccer manager
codename_panther.z 01/03/04  1.07M A short top down shooter.
collapse.exe      07/18/02  1.83M A collection of five amazing arcade games!
collapsepack.exe  11/12/02  2.26M Addictive arcade Game Pack of the Millennium!
colorbreak.exe    11/30/01   756K Mind-breaking bubble popping fun
colorbreak2.exe   11/30/01   785K More mind-breaking fun with ColorBreak  03/16/02  1.17M Color Harmony is a game where you have to complete many puzzles    03/16/02  1.81M Color Tails is a puzzle game with many colors
colortetris.exe   09/25/02   651K ColorTetris is a little more than just Tetris
colourbook.exe    07/24/03  1.28M Kids Colouring Book
columns1.2.exe    12/03/02   180K In this tetris alike game. 03/18/02  1.85M A platform game starrting prince Willem Alexander   05/18/04  9.07M Huge platformer with loads o' guns and action a' plenty. 05/25/01   472K Concentration for Windows.6x6 with color images.Fun game.
concentrationhal.Z 10/09/02   178K Halloween version of Concentration.New version.Fun game.
conq.ZIP          08/02/02    15K play consequences on your pc         10/27/00   447K Cheats for PC, PSX and N64      02/11/99   268K Conundrum Game Freeware      01/08/03  3.81M Cookie Cruncher    03/16/02  3.14M A better variant ontetris
coolumns2.exe     03/27/03  1.26M Protect columns from filling up completely!
cosmoblocks.exe   03/13/04  2.37M Play 5 brick games aboard the space cruiser!       04/01/04     3K you can use this example with gamemaker 5.00 and up
cp-setup.exe      08/02/03   840K Two Unique Logical Games.      04/29/04  1.24M cpcluckypick is a program for lucky number.     11/18/02  2.17M A collection of 4 classic puzzles.      04/08/99   207K Ages 0-3. A simple cause/effect exploration game.     09/22/99   880K Great 5-Card Stud Poker
crbsetup.exe      10/01/03   888K Two player version of the popular game.       10/20/98  1.98M The ulitmate cribbage game for Windows 95/98 and NT
crime3.exe        02/02/02  2.03M Board game for 1 to 6 players
criscros.exe      05/28/01  1.51M Challenging drag and drop crisscross word game.      10/23/98   273K Command a squadron of spaceships
criticalmassinst.e 06/07/02  4.78M One of the Internet's most addicitve puzzle game. 03/21/02  1.34M Hunt for image difference in this puzzle game       04/11/02  2.67M Arcade game: you have to kill monsters again and again
crossing.exe      06/07/02  2.34M Crossing 3D - logical puzzle game.
crotoblox.exe     02/14/02  1.49M Christmas RotoBlox is a fun tetris game.
crownandanchor.exe 10/20/02  2.24M Traditional British naval gambling game. 3-D animated graphics    01/02/03  1.64M Clever puzzle using spinning disks and cards.     02/22/02   638K Arrange falling blocks into the same color.      03/24/03    67K Worms Clone for two players
cubisgold.exe     11/13/03  3.20M Slide, Stack,      10/03/00   576K Addictive Blocks Game with Skins
cuesetup.exe      10/10/03   798K Guess the five letters to pocket the pool bal
curseofra.exe     10/10/02  1.07M Clever MahJongg
curveball.exe     10/06/03  7.16M A set of modernized 3D pong style games.
cybmd601.exe      05/09/01  5.02M Guess the sequense of the pieces, concentration helps.
cybmm601.exe      05/09/01  5.66M Concentrate while you turn and match 72 cards
cybrp301.exe      05/09/01  4.51M 3D pinball with 5 configurations, music and sound effects.
cyc.exe           03/09/03   541K Chess game thats out of this world         02/06/04   592K Play logic puzzles and create your own games         01/27/04   592K Play logic puzzles and create your own games
cycleman.exe      08/29/02   902K Combination of three original arcade games.         01/08/04  1.63M You are a pinball in hell. Bounce your way around, take the tour.        05/28/01  1.36M Fun and addicting tetris type puzzle game        08/26/02   491K Program to play card game 'preference'        04/03/04   429K Game of Darts
dare2drm.ZIP      03/09/93   577K Dare to Dream: Graphic adventure game
dargon10.exe      03/15/04  2.76M A Laser, Light, and Color Puzzle Game!
dartssetupdemo.exe 07/22/04  5.63M Play the most realistic darts simulation game
dashinter.exe     07/30/02 10.13M DashBaduk Client Program Full
davin.exe         06/06/04   753K Davinchi memory training
dballz1_0.exe     11/09/01   852K 2 player fighting game -- Version 1-FINAL
dbinst.exe        03/02/00   389K DoomBall is a remake of popular classic game, Arkanoid           08/10/01   461K A small little clone of Dragon Ball Z        04/13/02  3.09M Fight as Dan or as Ben against green smudgy mosters -now on X-mas        07/11/04  1.33M A Dragon Ball Z game in portuguese that tells the Cell's Age.      09/11/01  8.47M Play which the Dragon Ball Z characters in this fighting game!
dc2setup.exe      08/09/02  1.32M Play chess against computer and players over the network.
dd.exe            03/29/02  3.16M Smash up trucks in this very, very simple take on an arcade game.          10/15/01 35.74M Play a Mortal Kombat clone!
deiman.exe        09/26/02 12.66M Blast your way through the hordes of aliens.        03/25/04  1.74M Multi table Tournament Software      07/26/04  4.69M Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Draw Poker
demonshr.exe      05/28/04  3.31M Destroy the DemonStar in the space shooter
desire.exe        01/11/00   713K Ultimate 32 Bits Full Featured slot machine
desktop-pacman2.0. 11/24/02   413K Desktop Pac Man is a remake.    03/23/00  1.79M DesktopPad is a funny little game
desktopshooter.exe 09/21/02   558K Shoot your desktop!
destroy.ZIP       06/06/97   293K Destroy it! A cool game - DESTROY your most hated enemy 03/18/00   212K Destroy Pokemon is like a space invaders game
devilskitchen_demo 09/04/03  1.39M Action packed game for all hobby gourmets.      06/18/02   505K Ready for a fun game of backgammon!
dh_demo.exe       08/27/03  1.90M The latest hacking simulator game.
diamonds1.2.ins.zi 11/21/02   987K diamonds...has sweet graphics...sound...       06/19/02   408K Diatris is a Tetris game that use diamonds.       11/17/02   534K A Dice Game of Skill and Luck
dino.exe          12/19/03  4.47M This is 3D remake of classic arcade game
dino_demo.exe     06/18/04  8.79M Great treat for all 3D game lovers. Try FREE!
dinossetup.exe    11/20/03  4.81M The nice dinosaurs set out on a magical ques!         07/29/02  2.22M Thrilling undersea arcade game.
dm1v1.ZIP         10/19/98  2.31M Multimedia Math Software for kids from Ages 5-7
dm2v1.ZIP         10/23/98  2.16M Dynamite Math Ages 8-9 is a multimedia math program
dockingstation.exe 09/27/01 30.26M Free Artificial Life game based on the Creatures (TM) series.
doctris.exe       03/31/04  3.56M Play our new tetris-style game Doctris!
dofaw231.exe      08/21/04  1.00M 3D falling-blocks game.
dominationsetup.ex 08/30/04  1.03M A simple strategy game of nuclear war.
dominion.exe      08/08/02  1.35M Great Scottish Board Game
domino43.exe      04/10/00   544K Dominoes game of Sniff. Drag-n-drop bones!
dominoe.exe       08/08/02  1.30M Play Block, Draw, and Muggins 4 bone yards.
dominoes_setup.exe 08/29/02  1020K The ultimate domino dilemma.Can you crack it?     01/18/03  1.23M a unique 4-way pong game    06/09/00  1.30M (similar to dope wars) but you grow and sell marijuana      04/21/99   432K See how much money you can make by trading drugs!        03/18/02  1.44M Afast Paced action game, in which you must think and move fast       01/08/04   703K Travel back to yesteryear with this NES-style action game.      03/09/99  2.96M North Carolina Dove Hunter Special Edition
download.pl_gunner 08/07/02  2.90M GUNNER - Crush your enemies to pieces!
dpwdemo.exe       08/29/02  6.61M Unique and addictive shoot em up arcade game
dragon.exe        08/02/04   772K Jump with little dragon and catch diamond!        08/06/99  2.87M Raise a pet dragon to a ripe old age
dragsetup.exe     02/20/02  1.56M Breakout Game Destroy the Dragons before they destroy you      05/31/00  1.27M A humorous adventure game. Comedy. Freeware. Text.        12/09/03   482K Columns style game with very nice graphics and music.
druglord.exe      12/16/00   663K Buy and sell drugs to make money
ds11.exe          10/08/02 19.09M 3D Dungeon Game for the PC, MultiPlayer Supported.
dscroll_100.exe   07/02/03  3.51M An exciting word game with a RPG-like theme.        10/10/00  1.50M A great clone of the classic Nibbles/Snake/Worm game.
duell_inst.exe    08/28/02   714K 2-player strategy game - something like Chess with dice         04/21/01   837K Russian card game 'Podkidnoi Durak'
durak136.exe      11/30/01   589K Electronic version of the most popular card game in Russia
dw2k_full.exe     04/08/01  2.85M A simulation of an imaginary drug market.
dwdemo.exe        07/08/01  5.06M Dweebs World is a Fun Platform/Puzzle game for all the Family
dweep140.exe      10/24/02  1.30M Solve fun puzzles to save the baby Dweeps
dweep_setup.exe   04/18/01  1.28M Award-winning puzzle game with one-of-a-kind gameplay
dwnsetup.exe      10/26/03   961K An online drawing charades game.
dxlines.exe       06/16/04  1.97M Clean the board by flying up 5 similar balls.
dylines.exe       02/13/01   319K New Dynamic Lines puzzle game with your Personal Edition         03/10/02   624K Do you remember DuckHunt for NES? This is a funny clone of it!    08/23/00   172K Find pairs with friends or kids
easywh11.exe      12/10/02  2.17M A game of Whist for two players
ecoloto.exe       12/10/01   922K Wheeling systems software for lotto games        12/25/01 16.93M Egaboo is a very nice 3d adventure         05/22/99   180K Trace various outlines using arrow keys       06/19/04  4.92M The best 2D tennis game for PC, fun and real
elemen10.exe      08/08/02  3.87M Solve fun, challenging logic puzzles.     01/19/02 14.20M A Final Fantasy 9 Music Video
elevwo10.exe      01/04/03  2.52M An uplifting word game.
elixir10.exe      05/13/02  1.21M New original action/puzzle game           03/16/03  3.06M 18 holes of golf and 6 mini games.
escap301.exe      05/09/01  5.77M Grab the treasure and run the gauntlet.      09/07/04   670K Tile-based puzzle game with internet features      08/27/03  3.86M Escape from a castle with 35 different challenging puzzels
euchre.exe        08/08/02  1.57M Classic Euchre 1 to 4 Players Computer/Remote      07/14/00    11K A colorful bird shooting game with lots of fake blood.
ewsetup.EXE       12/29/98  1.06M Scrabble-like board game that's fun for all ages
ex1v2.exe         02/10/02   776K Excellent Card Games for Windows.      10/11/03   589K this example shows how easy it is to stop the pause in game maker
eydet.exe         05/24/04   934K Eydetic memory training        10/31/03 42.11M flight simulation of F/A-18 hornet
facegense.exe     10/06/00  1.47M Face Genie add special effects to Hoyle Face Maker faces       01/08/04  7.61M A huge, bloody, fast-paced area shooter featuring over 20 levels.
fairyland.exe     07/19/00  1.76M Fairyland - remake of classic arcade game Fairyland     05/05/02  1.66M Arkanoid clone with 100 levels      03/11/03  1.16M A relaxing game similar to Tetris, pause at any time.
falbk401.exe      05/09/01  5.36M Fill the rows with blocks, beware the bombs!
fartset.exe       02/18/04  1.42M This fart machine provides a range of realistic farts.
fashioncents1_51.e 08/21/04 14.41M Addictive shopping game based on paper dolls!     01/08/04  1.73M Grab a buddy and make some gibs in this 2 player platform DM.
fatalpuzzle.exe   03/04/03   737K Be a chaser for gangsters in this free game!      02/16/02 19.35M Arcade fighting game
fatmanadventures_d 12/05/02  7.03M Graphically and sound rich platform arcade
fatmanblocks.exe  03/25/04  2.24M Brilliant graphically rich tetris-clone game
fatzsnake.exe     03/17/01  3.34M Play a re-vamped and visually enticing remake of Snake
fb2_install.exe   12/08/01  3.73M Cool 3D rendered game. Collect coins, objects
fcrazy8.exe       06/16/04  1.42M World-famous card game!
fcreatures.exe    06/21/04   628K Help the creatures to solve amusing puzzles!      12/04/01  2.26M Pai Gow Chinese Domino Gambling Game      12/04/01  2.23M Towers solitaire card game
fcwiz30.exe       05/14/02  4.12M Freecell and other solitaire games
fenceout.exe      11/30/01   788K An exciting test of your cowboy speed and timing
feynaq10.exe      12/09/02  2.06M Feyna's Quest is a platform/rpg hybrid.
ff20inst.exe      05/06/02  2.48M New      01/28/97   172K Latest arcade version of the classic tank game! Free!
fflo702.exe       04/22/01  3.15M Fantasy Football League Management Software
fibrtree.exe      04/24/04  2.14M Accept the challenge of this addictive puzzle
ficchess.exe      05/05/00  1.07M Play chess with a friend on Internet / Intranet (FREE)!
fillers.exe       11/01/02  5.50M 3D puzzle game where you need to conquer as much color plates as
finalsun.exe      03/21/00  1.12M Tiberian Sun Map Editor.   04/10/01  3.99M The Differences Game
fishing_demo_setup 05/17/02  3.49M Explore and fish one-of-a-kind lakes with Go Fishin!       04/26/00  4.19M The most realistic fishing simulation game on the PC
fishtales.exe     01/30/03  1.41M Solve 9 mysteries to do with fish and win a mystery prize!       10/24/02  4.48M Gather sparkling gems in fun new puzzle game!
fivehundred.exe   04/23/02   863K Play the card game 500 at home or on the web
fjig201.exe       05/09/01  8.09M Virtual jigsaw puzzle with several variations.       09/05/02   734K A classic platform game  11/26/99   563K A fun gag - computer makes rude noises at random times.
flightchase_gy.exe 07/18/02   450K Think that tough flight simulators are too difficult - play this    12/28/01  2.03M Classic game of reversi in 3D
flytrix.exe       01/11/02  1.59M Great arcade game - three in one
focuskids.exe     11/08/01  4.71M It is a relaxing and enjoyable game for kids.         10/06/98   180K A mini text adventure in the style of Infocom's Zork.
football-mogul-200 09/23/02  8.71M Own a pro football team with this management simulation game.
footmanager2000.zi 12/15/00  4.98M Soccer Management Game
forma.exe         08/07/02  6.68M Challenging block strategy game        04/01/99  1.65M Chinese astrology program         04/29/99    29K Fours - logical board game for relaxing
fp99.exe          03/29/02   623K Kids puzzle/arcade game in which you connect types of fruit.      08/10/01   853K RePaintIt! is a brand-new color puzzle game.
fpuzzle.exe       03/12/02  2.28M An amusing, easy-to-play puzzle.          09/22/00   222K Software Tools for online roulette gambling.
free_pyramid_code_ 08/31/04   741K A totally free Pyramid Solitaire card game.
freeblackjack.exe 11/28/01   306K Free BlackJack game with online scoring table
freesol.exe       01/03/02  1.83M completely free 10 solitaire games       08/29/01   472K New gameplay philosophy Arkanoid clone.       08/30/02  1.73M Action game! Build igloos before the temperature falls below zero            04/03/04   524K Shooter mini-game           04/03/04  2.46M shooter mini-game
fsnake.exe        02/10/03  3.79M Feed the Snake - classic snake game.
ft_Three_Bears_Ele 09/09/04  3.30M Three Bears - Free Tetris Series
ftetrix.exe       06/16/04  1.28M Free Tetrix is a highly advanced Tetris clone   09/18/03  2.29M Exciting and challenging trivia game.        10/23/99   478K Simple but beautiful puzzle game. New type. For women.          03/15/03  6.23M A fun new pinball game that comes with two free game boards!
funsol.exe        05/07/02  1.96M Collection of over 600 solitaire card games      06/03/01  2.66M Try to solve 50 funny puzzles         01/08/04  1.15M Small, fun platform shooter. 12 levels of ball-busting action.        02/07/00  2.15M Futhark is a game of runes based on Milles Bornes.
fwdemol.exe       10/26/99  2.39M Mahjongg Game of Four Winds Chinese Game
gagarin.exe       12/26/03  3.03M This is space arcade game      09/11/01  2.93M Jogo de nave estilo R-Type
galacticmenace.exe 11/30/01   826K Save the earth from the KayDee as Vicky Rockit
game.exe          02/18/04  2.50M Help Ignazio The Frog!
gamecollectorsetup 09/28/03  2.27M Game Catalog Software, Game Database Software      05/10/04  8.65M From mazes to mahjongg to tetris - 22 games.   09/09/02   361K flash shell for games        12/31/99  1.07M Play backgammon against computer or watch autoplay.        08/28/02 18.51M Arcade game wich is more a sort of puzzle platform game
gaple2.7.exe      03/16/02   336K 'Brain gymnastic' with this small program! For refreshing. FREE!
gcsemaths.exe     08/21/02 13.84M No.1 Best Selling GCSE Educational title in the UK. Fully support
getalife.ZIP      08/18/93    73K Conway's 'Game of Life'
getosama.exe      09/13/01   271K Fire cruise missiles and drop anvils on Osama bin Laden.
gettiffany.exe    12/24/03   160K Online multiplayer game to win Tiffany            08/04/02  1.85M Multiplayer Space Combat Game    12/12/02  1.13M Galactic Federation alpha test demo v0.2
gh20.ZIP          07/06/98  1.41M Universal cheater/trainer
gin.exe           08/08/02  1.26M Play Standard, Oklahoma, Hollywood Gin Rummy
gjasteroids.exe   09/11/01   942K  A clone of the old favorite Asteroids
gjpac2demo10.exe  11/09/02  2.84M A fun pacman clone for the whole family 08/06/01   954K Play checkers against a network player or against your machine!    02/11/02    74K Shoot mines morphed to bumper objects and avoid the enemy robot           06/09/03  2.57M Personal golf handicapper and scorekeeper        09/02/03  3.35M Lets you make almost any game with little or no programming      06/09/03  2.63M Golf scorekeeper and handicapper
gmchess.exe       12/25/03  3.87M Chess simulator, strong enough.
gminst.exe        04/08/00   656K Tile matching game for kids         06/09/03  3.18M Golf scorekeeper and handicapper
gmonkey.ZIP       04/10/95    19K Gold Monkey 2.1 Strategy Game         08/30/02 37.02M Arcade game with adventure and action packed to one game!
gne95inst.exe     10/23/02  1.98M James Bond is back and better than ever!            04/15/00   175K I just can't stopping playing this car race game      11/05/02  6.66M Arcade soccer game
goblinspuzzle.exe 04/16/03  1.55M A jigsaw puzzle game with the animation.          06/12/03   129K 'Golgatha II' is a 2-D maze RPG adventure.
gold_miner_joe_tri 04/20/04  1.56M Gold collecting adventure for the whole family
golddiver.exe     11/30/01   775K An underwater action game with treasure and fun    12/31/01  1.16M Goldfish Adventure A Free Game For Children.        02/02/00  2.34M Golf handicap system for personal and league use      05/02/02    79K Golgatha is a 2-D RPG maze game.        04/01/00    50K 3D version of Go-Moku
goobsdemosetup.exe 11/29/02  3.36M Help the goobs escape from the floating space platforms.
gpsetup.exe       12/14/00  1.06M A very addictive puzzle game, collect and explode gems
gpyramid.exe      05/13/00  2.27M Egyptian version of the classic 'President' card game   07/15/03 15.07M this is a big library of heads for a game called graal       10/28/97    39K A simple but very challenging brain-teaser game
ground01.exe      03/15/03  7.53M Ground Zero challenges you to protect a city.
grow.ZIP          05/04/04    99K An extensible Adventure Game        01/01/01   671K Darts - Cricket scoreboard
gtsetup.exe       09/05/01   898K A very funny desktop puzzle game   07/20/03  2.91M Blast the gulls before they blast you!        04/08/03  7.34M A fun new game that puts you aginst countless foes!             08/03/01 21.06M Hentai comix        12/20/03    39K Halite is an adventure game similar to Dark Forest II.
hallowmeenies.exe 11/30/01   834K A blood-chilling challenge of you against the meenies
hardco01.exe      03/15/03  4.91M 3D Tank Shooter         09/12/02  2.53M Professional handicapping for golf courses
hdg95inst.exe     10/23/02   673K Happy Dude, the prev. SnS mascot, Goes to the Lame Boy Color.
heartmatch.exe    02/07/03  2.40M Great entertaining tetris-style game - pop the matching color hea       02/17/98  3.78M PC COMPUTING's #1 rated shareware hearts game
heartsb47.exe     09/12/00  5.72M The Original Hearts with a dash of magic and fun!
heartsb61.exe     06/21/01  6.25M Treat yourself to enchanting gameplay of this fantastic card game
helium3d_demo_eng. 05/22/03  6.58M Helium is a 3D maze game.
henchman11.exe    05/09/00  7.51M The suite of HenchManI. FreeWare.         01/10/01   481K Play six variations of Minesweeper game       07/22/00  1.70M Logical game
highroller_free.ex 02/27/01  4.53M PlayVolcano, Petshop, and Goldmine Slots in this suite of games
highseas.exe      11/30/01   754K A challenging and entertaining pairing game of solitaire        05/22/04  3.14M Classical RPG in the crazy world Byteria. 08/05/02   295K A Funny Ball Game!        12/11/02   885K Multiplayer soccer game      04/07/04  2.74M Multi Table Tournament Software      04/06/04  2.25M Solitaire Texas Hold'em Poker for Windows
holdemsetup.exe   03/27/04  1.20M Instant Hold'em Odds      10/16/00  1.96M 15 fun, holiday themed games for winter
home.exe          05/26/02  1.86M Al's Home is a Comic Sidedescroll Shooter.
horizonx.exe      07/24/04  4.88M Action gaming at its finest!
hotdogvendor.exe  11/30/01   796K A major-league challenge of baseball stadium excitement
hougoumont-setup_1 09/05/02   859K Computer-moderated Napoleonic wargames rules
hsetup.exe        10/05/02 26.88M Halloween is Jadeware's newest game
htccp.exe         07/13/00   970K Fun and simple game in which you collect coins.        05/21/02   728K You must collect all stars on the sky, before line time is over.
hwsii202.exe      09/26/00  2.70M Hardwood Hearts:The Original fullcolor solitaire game.
hyp2115.exe       02/12/04  7.06M Blackjack and Tetris combined!      07/21/00   108K Powerful Java Jigsaw Puzzle w custom pics & messages      03/24/04  1.59M Challenge The Intelligent Cubes      03/24/04  1.59M Challenge The Intelligent Cubes
ice3d029.exe      12/08/00   300K 3D Arcade Game
iceage.exe        09/12/03  1.82M Have fun - be a keen shooter of ice bubbles!
icecubes.exe      01/16/02  1.40M An excelent logical computer game.
ih_setup.exe      06/29/04  1.62M IronHero is real-time 3D tank shooter game 05/10/04    74K New age chess with new characters, new moves, new strategy      11/23/01  7.20M Interactive eBook account of renegade researchers
incoming_gy.exe   07/18/02   410K An absolutely addicting new arcade!
indexmaster.exe   06/10/04  3.58M This is on of the finest MMORPG on the net (freeware)      12/03/01   286K Small and fast soccer game for one player.
installBuzzwords.e 12/13/03  6.43M Beesly's Buzzwords makes spelling fun!
install_mrsokoban. 05/27/02   883K Mr.Sokoban is a New version of Sokoban
installbird.exe   12/21/03  8.51M Walk in a forest and take photoes of birds!
installcasinoslots 06/12/00  1.66M Taylor Made brings you 25 realistic slot machines
installlooneytic.e 05/10/01  1.33M Play TicTacToe with the Looney Tunes characters
installpathfinder. 07/26/00  1.57M Taylor Made's unique game in search of the jewel.
instsoe.exe       11/07/02  2.98M Wargame about East Front.     05/18/02  1.51M Play your way through an infinite number of mazes      07/15/04  5.16M Race cars through flags in this puzzle game
invasio.exe       09/19/03   786K Features multi-function Acrade and screen saver
invasion.exe      01/29/01  2.07M Classic retro Space Invaders/Galaga type game.
invasion_gy.exe   07/18/02   419K Fight for your freedom - destroy the enemies!       08/02/04   776K Winter Mini-game
ipool.exe         11/02/03  1.08M 8-ball         08/08/98    19K IQ Test tests your IQ.
isayats_install.ex 04/16/03  2.92M Yatzee Dice game - graphical - 6 languages - 8 players
isetup.exe        04/04/00  1.75M 35 of the most popular Solitaire games!  FreeWare.
islebaccarat.exe  04/22/04  1.60M Island Baccarat is unforgettable game!
islecaribbeanpoker 04/12/04  1.54M Island Caribbean Poker draws with victory!
isnk.exe          11/02/03   917K Play online snooker with others for Free!
iwars120.exe      07/15/04  2.38M Fight for supreme control of your palm trees!
iwars200.exe      07/20/04  2.54M Two islands battle over their palm trees!
jackzip.exe       08/25/00   173K Solitaire game that combines Tetris with Blackjack
jaf.exe           09/03/00    37K Freeware--A peg-jumping game
japbaccarat.exe   03/08/04  1.98M You will like Japanese Baccarat!
japblackjack.exe  03/04/04  1.99M Win and a volcano would erupt in your honor.
japcaribbeanpoker. 03/02/04  2.14M Japanese Caribbean Poker gives you a chance!
japcraps.exe      03/07/04  1.68M Commit yourself to Fortune's care!   12/06/98   880K Singing Yellow Face. As seen in WIRED,  on MTV etc!
jb2.exe           03/22/02  5.08M Use a paddle and a ball to get the way through hazards       02/04/02   919K Arrange balls into rows to clear them from screen, Addictive!
jblocks1.exe      01/30/04  6.41M Simple but interesting puzzle for all ages.
jewels.exe        11/30/01   788K A fast-paced puzzle that you will treasure for hours
jfore1.ZIP        08/29/95    96K Jiji and the mysterious forest role game           07/22/03   786K Play jigsaw puzzles and create your own games
jig3d201.exe      05/09/01  5.42M 3D jigsaw puzzle, use our photos or your own. 11/07/02   309K Turn any picture into a puzzle
jigsawBlocksSetup. 03/15/03   816K Jigsaw Blocks - a great game at a great price      01/25/00   431K Makes jigsaw puzzle from BMP, ICO, WMF, GIF or JPG file
jigswappuzzle.exe 04/22/04  5.13M Have fun creating your own world of nature!
jixxa2sw.exe      09/16/02  3.43M Realistic Jigsaw Puzzle Game for Windows       06/17/03    21K Free Jigsaw program for a Java-enabled browser       09/19/01  1.90M Jonggy is the card game of the ancients.
jongg10.exe       03/16/04  4.08M Sci-Fi Mahjongg 1 or 2 players
jonggv10.exe      03/25/04  6.09M Play 12 unique versions of Mahjongg Solitaire
jongpuzz3d.exe    07/19/04  1.46M 3DJongPuzzle it is the mahjong game.
jopac_e.exe       02/13/03  2.66M Free PacWife !
jppsetup.exe      04/06/04  1.70M Play jigsaw puzzles on your computer
jpsetup.exe       06/12/01  1.30M Play, create and e-mail your own fine jigsaw puzzles
jpuzzle.exe       10/28/02  3.48M A must-have for all the puzzle lovers!        07/03/00  2.90M Play 25 Video Poker Games with Jennifer!  Shareware.
juggler2setup.exe 02/11/00  1.70M Logical game with colored bowls
julpuz.exe        12/22/00  1.95M enchanting christmas puzzle game
jumbgems.exe      12/26/02  1.44M addictive fun with three puzzle games
jumpball.exe      07/09/01   767K Puzzling arcade game of color balls on board      08/16/02   414K Game with simple rules and smart strategy.   11/05/02 12.36M Arcadce game with a little bit of puzzling in it.
karibino27eSetup.e 11/04/02  3.15M Play this realistic domino game come from Caribbean region.       01/08/04  2.94M A great car combat game with plenty of thrills.
kathrynsbingov4-0. 02/11/02    52K A very small but full of features Bingo program
kbd.exe           12/05/03   898K Fresh 'medieval' puzzle game.           06/03/02 10.21M Activity Center for kids 5 - 12
kchel35.exe       01/24/00  1.30M Full featured chess program for beginners and experts       07/26/00  2.05M Freeware PGN reader/writer chess utility.         09/11/01   747K Um protetor de tela muito divertido com o personagem mais exentri      12/06/03   680K The sequel of Khanoo Minigolf, now it`s better.
kinetickollision_w 07/06/04  1011K Kinetic Kollision v2.1 - Windows       02/16/02  3.97M Two monsters fighting against each other in the city
knxion.exe        12/11/02  5.23M Delightfully addictive, fast-paced block game      03/16/04    42K Koloomnz is a variation of the tetris game
kraakspel.exe     09/22/02  2.34M Kraken is a dutch klaverjas program
krakout.exe       08/13/03  3.77M Remake of a classic Arkanoid style game.
krakoutre.exe     03/29/03  3.41M Remake of a classic Arkanoid style game.
krotinst.exe      12/11/03  3.11M Modern remake of the game Boulder Dash       09/15/02   253K aptly named set of games created by an amateur        01/22/02  3.83M Video keno game with AutoPlay and CrazyBall      04/07/01  1.58M Capture the flag game with a twist: remove limbs as you play    11/09/01  1.99M Walk the streets and kick down the bad guys!
kyodai.exe        02/17/03  3.86M 3D Mahjongg Solitaire and 6 more addictive games
lasermines_gy.exe 10/04/02   402K An addictive free puzzle-unmine the board.
laserpa.exe       03/09/02  1.22M super action space shooter
lc137.exe         06/27/04  1.36M The statistical lotto picker. Win more! Win more often!
lcalc10.exe       07/15/00  2.03M Generate lotto numbers with control variables.
lchess30.exe      09/24/01  1.32M Simple Chess game for beginners and advanced players
ldtrial.exe       10/05/02  1.51M Excellence in Lottery Software.Complete Wheeling and Filtering.
leaf_buster.exe   01/25/04  5.35M Hours of endless fun with Leaf Buster.
league25.exe      10/05/98  1002K Tracks and analyses soccer leagues in full details
leapfrog.exe      08/16/01  1.39M Arcade with infinite number of levels  08/10/99  1.82M Freeware game teaches pre-schoolers letters on keyboard
leoblackjack.exe  02/09/00  1.52M Casino-like graphical BlackJack       03/05/02   899K A fast pace game that helps you improve your typing skills 01/30/04   266K Lexa Game Balls is a puzzle game            12/29/03  2.42M Arcade-style fast paced typing and shoot-them-up game
lf2_v155a.exe     12/25/01  6.90M An action/fighting game based on Mortal Kombat
lifeofcrime_alpha. 11/16/03  1.84M Read before playing!
lilly.exe         04/04/04   532K Free the girl behind the colored wall   04/01/04  1.63M limited step is a puzzle game with interesting enemies!!
lines1.exe        04/12/01  2.08M Free Lines is an easy-to-play logical game.
lines_gy.exe      06/17/02   429K A cool free arcade game for real experts.
linessetup.exe    08/14/03  1.72M Freeware hot 3D Lines with two play modes
linkln10.exe      08/26/04   643K The classic Lines arcade puzzle game.      06/16/03  1.44M Play pool on your computer with this 3D game.
llletnum.ZIP      12/28/95  1.47M Learn the Alphabet & Numbers
lm_ec.exe         10/26/01   305K Chess tutorial software for kids and adults        03/16/04    36K Lobber is a fun Tic-Tac-Toe-like game.
lostidolssetupdemo 03/06/03  3.68M Guide the cute professor in treacherous quest
lotto_karma.exe   05/28/00   452K Generates lotto numbers by educated guessing and Karma.
lottohat-setup.exe 03/09/04  2.31M Lotto software: filters, wheels, statistics      05/10/02   562K Lottery Player's Assistant
lrn_mny.exe       04/28/00  1.55M Children's game for teaching counting and use of money
ls_ec.exe         03/28/02   312K Popular puzzle game. Align five or more balls of the same color.
ltlg2000.exe      09/07/99  2.29M A great tool for making informed choices.      09/24/02   554K Track and analyze your lottery playing.
lxb2000.ZIP       02/10/01  1.77M Collection of Cheats for 2600 PC-Games      03/24/99   749K CheatBook-DataBaseÝ98 - Final Version -        12/12/98   466K CheatBook DataBase´98          10/28/02  1.80M A massive top down shooter freeware game - version 1.1 !!!       01/16/02  2.96M 3D Airhockey is a very nice action game      04/11/02  2.73M Arcade game: You are a magician with has to kil other creatures
magicball.exe     06/03/02  1.54M Arcade game compilation for 1 and 2 players
magicblock.exe    06/21/02  1.15M Magic Block is an addictive Tetris-style game     11/09/01  7.86M Go around hunting goblins and zombie cows       05/24/00  1.14M MahJongg Solitaire        12/23/02  2.19M Interactive, multimedia coloring book   03/19/02  3.62M Map for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power
map-TenkaichiBudou 03/19/02  7.18M Map for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power    03/18/02  3.66M Map for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power   03/19/02  5.92M Map for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power  03/18/02  3.21M Map for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power    03/19/02  3.00M Map for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power   03/19/02  2.12M Map for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power 03/19/02 13.76M Map for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power
map-kitnamek_final 03/19/02  5.97M Map for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power  03/19/02  3.86M Map for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power      04/03/04  2.52M Super Mario Bros game       09/07/01  1.22M Martian is a nice freeware arcade game with lots of action.
maskpack1.exe     01/10/04  4.21M a mask pack for population
master_mind1.2.exe 11/29/02   315K Based on the old TV Quiz game show!    06/24/00    20K Guess the computer's color combination 07/09/01    18K Nice little MasterMind clone made with Visual Basic.     08/23/02  3.46M A fun memory game, for players of every age.        10/11/01  6.26M Shoot as much as you can in this funny matrix's satiric!    02/03/03   503K Eliminate figures in The Matrix in pairs!  03/16/02  2.07M Maxeed Attack is an action game with lots of shooting in it.
maxwelld.exe      09/19/01   641K Cool arcade: Help Demon to put the Universal Chaos in order
mazesetup.exe     04/07/04  1.75M Newest version of my maze game
mazewanderer.exe  03/14/04  2.27M Maze Wanderer will offer hours of fun for you
mblsetup.exe      06/18/03  2.08M It is wonderful variation of popular game.
mboxinst.exe      02/08/03  2.22M Marble Box is the ultimate 3D puzzle game.
mc251.exe         11/02/02  1.16M Popular original Tetris style logic game.          05/27/00  6.61M Deliver plague supplies to medical station in time.
mcasetup.exe      03/10/02   891K Monicana is a strategy/luck board game for 2 players.
mcr110.exe        08/05/00   816K Winner of the 1996 Weird Software Contest
md3-NoLimitBebiveg 03/20/02  5.10M Plug in character model for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power
md3-NoLimitBroly_v 03/18/02  3.48M Plug in character model for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power
md3-NoLimitBuu_v1. 03/16/02  2.95M Plug in character model for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power
md3-NoLimitCell_v1 03/16/02  3.69M Plug in character model for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power
md3-NoLimitGoten_v 03/19/02  3.31M Plug in character model for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power
md3-NoLimitGotenks 03/20/02  3.39M Plug in character model for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power
md3-NoLimitJanemba 03/18/02  4.02M Plug in character model for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power
md3-NoLimitMajinve 03/18/02  2.48M Plug in character model for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power
md3-NoLimitMysticg 03/20/02  4.10M Plug in character model for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power
md3-NoLimitPuipui_ 03/19/02  2.68M Plug in character model for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power
md3-NoLimitRadditz 03/16/02  2.43M Plug in character model for the quake 3 mod Bid for Power        03/16/02  3.65M Maderina is a nice action game with takes part in space
mduel.ZIP         05/18/97   122K Goofy 2-player simultaneous gladiator-style combat game
mediapickle_presen 10/03/02  2.41M First-person shoot 'em up game
memory10.exe      07/19/03  3.23M A simon-like game where you save a robot.      01/07/02   440K Find image couples that are dispersed in 3D space!
memory_game1.2.exe 12/05/02   314K Test the weight of your memory
memorysetup.exe   08/08/04   838K Train your memory by matching pairs of cards.
memx10.exe        10/22/03  8.68M Games aimed to improve the child's memory.
mes00795inst.exe  11/02/02  2.88M The Classic Mari007 Game, in Spanish!    01/31/04    11K this is a message box example for gamemaker 5.00      12/01/02  1.45M The Mystic Eye Tarot
meteor.exe        02/13/01  2.63M Aim and fire at falling meteors in this fast paced space shooter.
meteordemo.exe    06/09/04  6.03M An addictive breakout action game!     04/03/04  1.46M action game    04/11/04  2.65M Action game         09/13/02  1.45M Minesweeper with score equal to number of mouse clicks       08/01/01  3.29M Putt your way through 18 holes of miniature golf.
mickey.exe        04/26/00  4.92M Join Mickey Mouse on his island adventure to Evlaur.
micro1s.exe       08/23/99  2.67M Arcade-action game with great graphics, sounds, & music
millennium302.exe 08/21/01 11.59M All your favourite casino games including multiplayer games.     01/14/02  1.58M guide a car through scrambled roadmaze to the exitpoint to win
miner.exe         04/03/02  2.00M Arcade/strategy - dosens of levels, great fun
minigolf_demo_setu 04/23/02 12.08M Miniverse Minigolf - NO.2 Games Greatest Hits Edition
missio01.exe      03/15/03  3.19M Fast paced arcade-style shooter.
mission.exe       02/21/01  4.27M Super slick 3D space shooter!          12/23/02   560K An ancient Chinese game of tiles       03/27/02  1.95M An excellent network Mahjong game on Internet
mjig601.exe       05/09/01  5.62M A jigsaw puzzle and concentration game.
mjong701.exe      05/09/01  6.22M Play a stunning 3D mahjongg game.
mjpdemo.exe       08/13/03  2.12M An arcade version of mah jongg.        08/08/98  4.26M Solitaire Mah Jongg tile game         09/13/02  1.61M Color Lines for monochrome display or color-blind people.      10/06/02  1.35M Arrange colorful balls into lines in this classical game.
mmanor.ZIP        05/06/00  4.26M Rid the manor of 7 monsters in this adventure game.
mmoger20.exe      11/14/03  1008K Utlity to boost your RPG and MMORPG game characters.
mmsetup.exe       07/16/02  4.44M Mutant Mushroom is a modern side-scroller game.           02/29/04 16.12M A LAN/Online racing shooter, in which you design weapons to use      11/10/01  2.41M Play the classic board game on your PC!
monsterbingo.exe  04/23/02  3.75M A new fun game of bingo to play with family and friends.
moonshot.exe      09/11/02  2.17M Landon the moon with Moonshot!
motamo2ku.exe     06/14/03  3.97M Original tools for on-line Scrabble players and crossword lovers      10/11/02  2.42M MP3 Trivia makes a games using your existing MP3's!        03/07/97   526K Maze and pacman game (with scrolling) now bugfree, FREE
mpdx107e.exe      01/22/00  1.83M Addictive Breakout-style Game
mrblj111.exe      05/09/01  6.34M Mahjongg for the new millennium using OpenGL     07/26/02   379K Jogo Oficial do 'Mais Rápido Wagner'! Bugs já corrigidos!
msetup.exe        06/30/02  3.35M Jump and Run arcade game.         02/16/02 12.70M The first one in this serie        02/11/02 16.91M Arcade game: Action and Shooting        11/04/02 34.85M Arcade game with much action in it.
msth105.exe       10/17/02  1.29M Play Texas Holdem poker on your computer.          09/17/02  2.65M Memory Tiles is a matching game.       11/05/99  2.46M Music Education Program      11/30/02   341K A mathematical game. 08/17/99   167K Fast-action arcade shooter - get those Xpiders!
myhouse.exe       11/30/01   956K Guide yourself through twists and turns in Charlie's house
mz_ec.exe         10/26/01   270K Chess tutorial software for kids and adults     08/02/04   960K Swimming Olimpic Game
nanosaur_install.e 08/05/04 10.81M Save the dinosaurs before the asteroid hits       06/13/01  7.99M A funny puzzle game with quest elements      05/28/01  5.24M A funny quest game with puzzle elements.      03/16/00    24K Well-tested 64 team bracket MSEXCEL97 program
necrotech_v1.4.2.e 06/07/03 30.51M An RPG set in 2502 religion wars with science
nightsparks.exe   11/30/01   835K A visual and thrilling challenge to your memory         10/03/01  9.38M A funny quest with puzzle elements - a horror genre parody 05/25/04  6.57M This is a race simulator for PC
numberpredict.exe 10/06/02  1.49M Use nonlinear regression method to predict lotterys       10/31/99  1.52M Numeric crossword puzzle game       01/08/03  2.86M The Classic Number Puzzle for your Desktop       10/16/01    19K An online chess program
oncett10.exe      10/23/02  3.05M Solve fun puzzles with powers of 3 wizards
onefogballines.exe 12/16/02   992K Onefog Ballines is unique logic game.
onefogxonix.exe   12/16/02  3.26M Original realization of arcade QIX
ootp5demosetup.exe 03/01/04 24.19M Boxing simulation, > 3600 rated fighters
openit.exe        09/25/02   166K Addictive pazzle with network support.
orbz_2_10.exe     03/24/04 14.40M Zero-in, power-up, and take your best shot
othello_gy.exe    10/04/02   406K A great free challenge to your logics.      05/23/02  1.68M Destroy the enemy tower with a magic spells
p34lotto-setup.exe 03/09/04  1.88M Windows Pick-3 / Pick-4 lottery software        01/08/00   354K A remake of Pacman
pacbomber.exe     06/10/04  1.84M Fun and addictive Pacman remake.
pacboy.exe        01/19/03  1.66M Remake of a popular classic game, Pacman.       07/10/01  2.93M Adventurous arcade with strategic elements
pacguy2.exe       07/22/02  2.42M Classic and very popular 'arcade maze' game from 1998
pacguyrsw.exe     11/14/03  3.85M Pac-Guy is resurrected with 13 new insane levels
pacjam.exe        11/16/02  1.40M Classic PacMan with UGLY Ghosts!        12/24/99   112K A lot of good things & Map editor. Very good game!
pacman2.exe       04/17/04  5.35M PacMan remake with 2 themes and 3D look.
pacmania3d.exe    07/30/00  1.32M 3D arcade-restyle of the old favorite Pac-Man.
pagoon.exe        07/22/02  2.44M The sequel to the award-winning Pac-Guy 2 updated with fixed bugs      03/12/00   552K This is an arcade game
palace.exe        05/07/02   204K A weird game about Jaques and the white blob.
palantir.exe      10/21/02   508K A great free shoot-and-win arcade game.     06/06/02    51K A new computer for your sims! A palm pilot!      02/29/04  5.13M Panic is a uniquely simple puzzle game.
papsetup.exe      07/27/02  3.22M Launch penguins into a bucket of ice, being careful not to miss
parcade.exe       08/08/02  1.40M Play The Popular Acrade Game Shooting Gallery
pasangSetup.exe   04/17/02  6.45M Pasang is a traditional board game of Brunei.
pathfindersetupdem 12/16/02  2.68M Challenging Puzzle Game of Spaceship Maneuver       09/24/02   285K 60 free solitaire games and Bible verses      11/15/02   800K Border Patrol is a shooter game            11/09/01  1.19M Shoot the hiding bad guys      03/21/99  1.86M matching game for children ages 3 to 10          06/07/01 15.37M package containing lots of commodore 64 games in one menu
pcth101.exe       01/10/03  1.62M Play or analyze Texas Holdem casino poker.
pcurse10.exe      10/23/02  4.88M Travel deep inside ancient Egyptian pyramid      09/19/02  8.87M Play over 400 solitaire games.
peaguy3-xp.exe    08/04/02  2.02M Cross mazes, solve puzzles, fight nasties, for one or two players
peaguy32-xp.exe   08/04/02  3.76M Travel backwards through 8 large mazes with 3d graphics!
peaguy3a-xp.exe   08/04/02  2.15M Play against your friends in sixteen separate arcade matches!
peep10.exe        08/09/04  1.93M Save the frogs in this relaxing puzzle game.      05/01/99   489K Create & Solve Peg Solitaire problems on 15 diff boards.
pehpai.exe        11/30/01   718K A solitaire challenge that will keep you tied for hours       12/16/99   250K A football penalty game  06/26/03  1.31M A simple game where you must knock the other player off the ice.
penny.exe         10/16/00   649K Award-winning game where children learn math facts
pent1.exe         11/06/01 10.16M Assume the role as the commander of your army in the battlefield.
pentic43.exe      07/17/02  1.90M Amazing multilevel puzzle game
pentix_gy.exe     06/17/02   401K Nice old tetris with new details for fun.        12/05/98  5.76M Excellent Game Collection For Kids      11/20/00  1.04M Create your personal and individual computer game.      01/25/02  2.12M Raise numerous virtual pets to their full potential      01/28/00  1.08M Arcade style shooting game
pgcalc_setup.exe  05/16/02  3.02M A Scientific Graphical Calculator!
phdet201.exe      05/09/01  5.05M Clever and addicting word-puzzle game.        01/07/00   776K Interior design your perfect Christmas house!
phraze20.exe      10/24/02   971K Unscramble famous quotes in fun new word game      08/23/01   316K MultiLevel Picturesque Tetris with your Photo
pigpig.exe        01/07/00   223K A cute little game featuring a pig going to school          05/06/03    77K Catch pigs as they parachute down your screen     05/12/02  1.79M An entertaining dice game.          12/31/01  1.16M Picachu rescue the pokemons free game        12/31/01  1.86M Pikachu to the Rescue, outdoor version free game       09/11/01   575K Casse Pokemons nesse incrivel jogo usando seu mouse!       04/03/99  2.14M Double-Deck Auction Pinochle for Windows 95
pinbase.exe       11/10/03  2.24M Play online or against your computer.
pipefun2.exe      06/01/04  1.53M Addictive cross between Tetris and PipeDream.         11/20/03   758K Fun balls arcade game.
pkaline1.exe      01/22/04   504K Select and replace lines of identical balls.
pkanalyzer_setup.e 05/15/04   209K Poker odds calculator. Texas, Omaha, 7-card.
pkaword1.exe      01/22/04   729K Select and replace valid words.          09/11/01  1.51M Jogue com Pikachu nesse incrivel jogo de plataforma
pksol.exe         01/03/02   925K a Poker solitaire collection
planetarydefense_d 01/08/04  3.14M Space strategy/arcade game   03/23/04  9.04M 3d space arcade\exploration game made with Alice99        10/28/02   916K my first computer game
pmahjong.exe      06/12/01  1.40M Play a 3D version of the classic game of Mah-jong
pmdmvp.exe        06/08/01 15.78M Fun and learning for kids with Dave the dinosaur           01/12/03   614K This is a wonderful version of pac man
pngtwo10.exe      10/24/02  6.61M Fun 3D block game like Arkanoid or Breakout    01/12/02 11.97M A game based on its movie
podem95inst.exe   11/01/02  1.39M Play Pong online against your friends!
pointblank.exe    04/04/02  7.03M A shooting game....    09/11/01  2.89M Jogo de luta com os personagens do desenho Pokemon   09/10/01  1.59M Build pokemon decks (version w/ no runtimes)      09/10/01  5.05M Build Pokemon decks and print your lists 03/31/00   147K Kill as many Pokemon as you can in 1 minute      05/19/04  1.23M A variation of the classic poker and patience
pokermaster.exe   10/29/02  3.68M New amusing Poker Game. Download Now      05/19/04  3.65M A video poker machine simulator!       12/02/00   721K Play solitaire with your favorite Pokemon pals
pokezip.exe       08/25/00   184K Solitaire game that combines Tetris with Poker
ponipong101.exe   09/10/99   209K 3D air hockey and ping pong simulator        05/13/98   171K Challenge Pool simulates pool table (billiard) game    07/26/04  5.15M population is a city simulation game
populationv2_00pat 01/13/04  6.78M this patch is only for use with population v2.00!!
populationv2music. 01/10/04  1.69M play the population v2.00 music from the game
powerboxx.exe     09/12/03  3.37M Clean the field by blowing up 4 similar boxes
prehbaccarat.exe  02/14/04  1.36M Play and win playing Prehistoric Baccarat!
prehblackjack.exe 02/14/04  1.36M Play Prehistoric Blackjack in the Stone Age!
prehcraps.exe     02/17/04  1.56M Prehistoric Craps is a non-predictable game!
prehpaigowpoker.ex 02/28/04  1.51M Travel back into the past with Pai Gow Poker!
prehslots.exe     02/26/04  1.52M Play Prehistoric Slots with a mammoth!           04/26/03   618K an air hockey game
proback.exe       08/08/02  1.51M Pro Backgammon 6 match play and remoteplay       05/22/01   358K Fun, addictive 2d space shooter.
psetup.exe        05/27/00  1.76M Brainteasers and puzzles games.
pusoy_2.exe       05/17/01  1.68M Favorite Card Game in Asia       09/02/02  1.64M N x M puzzle sorting game with AI       12/21/01  1.05M Puzzle game with stretching tiles       04/21/01   876K Collection of 4 puzzles in one program
puzzlej.exe       10/18/00  1.21M PuzzleJig is the game for those who love jigsaw puzzles
puzzlepalooza_setu 08/07/01  2.42M Puzzlepalooza is a high-quality, easy-to-use jigsaw puzzle game
puzzmyth.exe      03/22/04  6.78M Luxury of delightful puzzle for everyone.      11/18/99  2.40M 1 freeware, 9 shareware games      11/15/00   789K Puzzle Balls is a word logic and puzzle game combo!
qb310set.exe      06/29/04 38.07M QBuild is a quiz design and delivery software      11/06/02   682K Prevent the game board from filling up.
qbricksetup.exe   04/12/04  1.72M Addictive arcade game in the Collapse style.
qn21.exe          11/22/02  1.76M A game to guess the authors of quotations.
qnoid.exe         02/17/02  2.52M Try remake of Arkanoid with new elements.
quadansr.exe      01/20/03   756K Absolutely New Puzzle for Your Mind!      06/12/04   357K This is a text adventure similar to Colossal Cave.
quidditch.exe     03/24/00   511K A New Harry Potter Game From Matthew Morris
qxinst.exe        01/10/03  1.68M Puzzle game with a broken square.      09/17/01  3.73M Run, gunning the dead in cities or catacombs      02/16/02 19.87M Street Fighter alike game in a dark environment
rainbowdemo.exe   05/06/04  6.00M A remake of a popular classic game
rap12.exe         08/01/03  1.36M Collection of four classic-style arcade games
raptorshr.exe     05/28/04  1.82M Kill For Cash !
rasvegas.exe      10/10/02   999K The Curse Of Ra Mission Pack 3
ratmaster10.exe   03/25/04  3.94M Help the maze get your rat to the cheese!
raven.exe         01/03/04 107.40M Point
rdeal101.exe      05/30/01  1.74M 10 classic card games       09/10/01   660K Real 10k Dice is a dice game for 1 to 4 players using six dice.
realpokerdice.exe 10/20/02  2.19M Play original Poker Dice against the computer. 3-D animation.
rebusinstall.exe  11/02/02   562K Apicture AND a wordpuzzle - combined into one.
recall.exe        08/08/02  1.06M Check the lights and be bedazzled.      01/08/03  2.88M Recall - The Memory Testing Game for your Des        12/20/02  1.79M Top-down vehicle deathmatch network game        01/17/03    73K Red Tag Clearance is an adventure game.
remake_Covert_Ops_ 07/05/03   891K Only for beta testers to use.      02/25/04  4.64M Repton 1 is a fascinating arcade puzzle game. 04/09/03  5.95M Cool old arcade style space invaders
reversif.exe      10/14/02   407K An addictive free puzzle turn game.
ri_ec.exe         03/28/02   309K Reversi (or Othello) is a version of the ancient Japanese game of          06/23/97   542K Risk - the world strategy game. 2 players
rjong401.exe      05/09/01  4.08M 3D mahjongg with colorful rings.       04/11/02  9.61M Arcade fighting game for one and two players      04/08/01    27K Recontruction of Road Fighter (MSX)     10/31/99  1.02M a car racing game where you make bets         05/27/00  1.03M Help Robin get to the altar on his wedding day.      02/15/02  2.98M Arcade game: fight agains an army of robots
rocksunleashed_win 08/18/04  1.74M Rocks Unleashed 2.5 - Plenty of new features
rockyracers.exe   08/31/00 10.57M 2D  scrolling arcade space racer/shootemup
rolls.exe         03/27/03  1.10M Roll over colored pieces in 5 cool puzzles!
rooks.exe         10/10/02  1.53M Try to beat more pawns than computer.        04/02/04   470K Lines of the flowers, the butterflies      03/30/99   655K Las Vegas style slot machine game
rotm2.exe         10/15/01  7.46M Addictive game Chosen by Computer Gaming World as the best Puzzle
rotoblox.exe      04/02/02  4.58M RotoBlox is a collection of fun Tetrises.
roulette.exe      09/15/00  2.44M Super realistic roulette game with actual odds.      12/29/01    40K Tired of getting your cash taken by slot machines? Play roulette!     05/10/02  2.42M Correctly assemble a series of 4 activation disks
rrcmssetup.exe    06/05/04 19.53M Mahjongg Solitaire with a Celtic Twist
rs3setup.exe      12/29/01  4.44M Software to administer your fantasy racing league.     10/15/02  2.12M A program to help you solve the Rubik's Cube puzzle
run1939f.exe      12/15/03  3.91M Naval turn-based WW2 strategy game         03/18/00  1.39M Mind-bending puzzle game with 69 levels.      08/10/02  5.79M A Complete Rune Casting Program for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
runturkeyrun.exe  11/30/01   750K Turkey, worms, gophers and a whole lot of appetite.Get running.
s3ddom.exe        10/05/02  1.21M Classic Draw Dominoes with a 3D twist.
saddam.exe        11/01/98   296K Fun freeware game to blow up Saddam Hussein
sage_min.exe      03/09/03   331K Sage Draughts the worlds best checkers program?
sahsetup.exe      06/28/04  1.71M Fun air hocky game where you can play using simpsons characters
saliac10.exe      07/20/99  1.27M Explore several jungles as a salamander.
sallstar.exe      10/05/02   185K Fast action air hockey game
same.ZIP          08/29/95    25K Same Game for Windows is a board puzzle game       01/19/02   512K Use your fighting skills to beat your enemies.         02/28/01  1.31M Text Adventure: Search for treasure in an Egyptian pyramid
sba341.exe        03/19/02 11.78M Manage batting, fielding and pitching stats for baseball
sballs2.exe       11/07/02  2.84M If you love elf games then this is gonna knock your socks off!         09/05/02  2.12M A game compilation for the duel in between.
sbprswv.exe       02/01/99   765K Arcade style Racing game      05/01/00   858K A DirectX 2D Soccer Game, with league and cup mode.
scity153.exe      08/06/03  3.63M Solitaire City v1.53s True Colour Solitaires      04/26/00   690K Freeware Italian Card Game by Marco Corsaletti
scrabbit.exe      12/08/01   456K Crossword game for free
sdom2000.exe      10/05/02   278K Dom2000 is classic draw Dominoes.       06/03/98  2.70M Epic space strategy game for Windows 95!   11/28/02   736K A game where you can try to sink enemy fleet!
seadreams.exe     12/19/02  1.04M Sea Dreams is a ultimate logic game.
seasons.exe       06/17/04  3.37M Super puzzle that everybody loves! Will you?         01/08/04  1.35M Unique 1 or 2 player puzzle/strategy game.
sephsdestruction.z 10/19/01  7.52M An FF7 music video based on Sephiroth
setupMoxPCEn.exe  01/10/03  2.56M Mox is the ultimate arcade game
setup_bn1_0_9_18.z 06/19/02   724K Briscola game for two player on net
setup_coolcubes.ex 02/13/04  3.81M Collecting adjacent color cubes (or numbers)
setup_english.exe 02/16/02   793K On the way is a puzzle/logic game with over 50 level .
setup_kp.exe      01/18/01   414K Arcade paintball simulator with nice animation and sound
setup_pacman_offic 02/13/04  2.14M PACMAN in the office - remake - pacman game
setup_st_demo.exe 10/23/02  3.57M Frantic old school style shoot-em-up with stunning graphics
setup_tombshare.ex 05/03/04 12.18M Platform-Labyrinth Jump and Run Game     08/09/02  6.66M a 1 level demo of the new game by idmedia
setupemy2k.exe    02/12/99  1.58M Paper Airplanes with a purpose!
setuplibrary.exe  08/23/04  4.06M Sort the archives before time is up!
setupv11.exe      09/20/02  6.41M Defeat the Balls!
setupwa.exe       05/17/01  1.60M Improve your typing skills by playing challenging game.           06/19/04  1.97M A sequal to Sonic Fast 2        08/31/04   127K Smart Gambler's Calculator         05/12/02 12.34M 'ShaMan 3D' 3rd person demo - Drew Medina
shapessetup.exe   06/13/04  3.76M Shapes is an easy to learn puzzle game.
shepherd.exe      01/30/03  8.36M A Christian point and click adventure game.
shihtao.exe       08/24/03  2.23M Asian board game for kids and their family         04/25/03  1.47M moonshine making sim      11/05/02 19.34M Arcade game where you are a soldier who kills enemies
shocktr2.ZIP      02/12/02 27.89M Arcade game: Shoot your enemies down         06/26/01  4.58M Targets shooting game that will relax you!
shootit.exe       07/28/02  4.28M Classic shooting gallery, with a 3D water-based twist
shpack.exe        07/06/00   580K SpearHead is a classic Arcade Shooter
shufflesetup.exe  08/08/04  2.22M Sliding block puzzle, comes with 5 cgi pics.
sillyanainstall.ex 11/02/02   413K Anagram for syllables or single letters. 3 1 languages        07/04/04  2.06M A random dungeon game.       10/07/00  1.41M A sim city made in visual basic 6.0.     08/01/01   690K Test your speed and reflexes with this multiplayer desktop game.   08/01/01  1.56M Test your speed and reflexes with this multiplayer desktop game.
simpsons_animation 05/02/99    34K Click on Barney Gumble or Maggie Simpson      03/03/97  1.16M An Amazing Simpsons Game!!!!!
sinnlosimweltraum- 03/21/03  3.45M SiW Riker Voice- und Skinpack für Unreal Tourmanent 2003
sinnlosimweltraum- 03/02/03  3.35M SiW KlatschPicard Voice- und Skinpack für Unreal Tournament 2003
sint15.exe        12/01/01   181K Drop the presents and cookies into the right chimneys before dawn     11/13/99   903K A unique new boardgame, plus more and a competition.
sjack.exe         01/18/04   875K Game training skill mouse's movement.For training Jet Brain.
sjong501.exe      05/09/01  4.23M Mahjongg solitaire with textured spheres.
sjrace.exe        01/18/04  1.23M Reactive racing and battles in wood,cave,mountain made on 'SW'
skip98.ZIP        04/24/98   428K Skip-Bo type card game with strong AI and Internet Play         09/15/03  3.04M An addictive online shooter with high score board.    05/04/02   574K A Fast paced board game
slbasetup.exe     02/22/03   787K Fun and addictive game   07/30/01  2.42M Slot_keno20 is a fast moving video keno game. Requires vb6 runtim   07/26/01  2.02M Slot_keno22 is an animated video keno game  with dropping balls
slotmachine.exe   11/29/02  1.96M Recapture the casino feel with Slot Machine!      12/05/02 11.24M Pack of 4 beautiful rendered, full screen, 3D slotmachines
slypirate.exe     06/05/04  1.66M Try your fortune in Sly Pirate!
sm15.exe          09/09/04 21.97M Rollercoaster Simulation Game           04/05/99   392K Software for fast learning and memory improvement
smartrev.exe      01/22/02  1.06M Smart Reversi is a classic board game.
smb95inst.exe     10/23/02   917K Boxing to the Extreme with many original SnS characters and Mario      08/02/02  2.99M A tool to learn bridge easily and with fun      02/22/03   699K Scuba man adventure game          09/19/01  1.63M Save the princess!   02/10/02  1.42M A unique arcade game that includes two game type of SnailWars
snake.exe         03/13/00  1.07M Created By D. Edinburg, Original Arcade Snake Improved       07/30/03  1.38M Snake is a PC version of the popular old game
snakeandmoths.exe 02/08/01   216K Excellent version of the snake game with animated graphics.
snakedemo.exe     05/22/04  1.63M A GREAT SIMULATION TO THE ONE ON NOKIA
snakel10.exe      05/16/04  6.15M A new kind of snake game
snakes1.2.ins.exe 11/21/02   603K Cool little snake game I made.
snksetup.exe      10/21/03   759K The popular game Spite and Malice
snooker1.ZIP      03/18/96   126K Computer Snooker Game  09/12/02  1.70M Play Snoopy Tennis with Pee-Wee and Daisy. Enjoy !!!          04/09/04   622K Snowboarding game         12/20/01   278K game
snowy.exe         12/23/03  8.79M Help the white bear Snowy to get to Arctic.
soccer.exe        11/10/02   629K  Play fun soccer with your computer        04/14/04   967K Soccer manager game for the PC    11/17/99  1.67M real-time soccer statistic compiler
sojweb.exe        07/24/03  5.96M A point and click Christian adventure game.
sokomd34.exe      02/10/02   702K brain teasing box moving puzzle with editor
sokosetup.exe     12/28/01  1.45M Sokoban, a classic puzzle game invented in Japan.
sol_0400.exe      04/19/99  2.55M SolSuite 2000 - 180 solitaire card games
solitaire.exe     05/05/02  2.97M A FREE collection of hundreds of multi-featured Solitaire
solitaireconf.exe 08/08/02   958K Play 8 great solitaire games.
solo2-10.exe      12/07/00   950K Solitaire Game Player/Creator      11/29/00  1.98M Solo Cards, the famous suite of solitaire card games      08/24/01  3.66M Freeware Card Solitaire Package for Windows        02/12/00   158K A utility that helps you solve MineSweeper
solwiz.exe        01/03/02  3.08M Klondike and other solitaire games
sonic-universe3_pr 06/01/02  1.51M Jogue com Sonic, Tails, Knuckles e Super Sonic neste 1º Preview d
sonicball.exe     06/10/02  2.78M Fast paced break out style arcade game     05/22/04  2.11M Meu Game de Sonic e sua turma       05/22/04  1.92M The new Sonic Fast
sonicuniversefree2 01/03/02  5.25M Jogue com Sonic,Tails, Knuckles, Amy e Shadow em diversas fases!           08/03/01  1.39M Hentai comix
spaceattack.exe   07/27/03  1.45M Space Arcade Game     08/06/01   768K Adventure Game 04/01/04   744K shoot the ships fighting against you     11/09/01   465K Better graphics than the classic!
spacew1.exe       12/22/02  3.59M A game full of fun   03/05/03  1.40M Fight evil space ships in this exciting free game
spadep20.exe      06/24/04  2.21M An advanced simulation of video poker machine    07/29/01  1.44M toy for kids
spotdemo.exe      12/25/01  4.06M Create and play spot it with your pictures.       09/28/02   951K Create a picture puzzle for your friend!
spwiz.exe         01/27/03  4.23M Spider and other solitaire games
spyrinst.exe      11/25/02  2.04M Build solar batteries on the flying station.
sq14.exe          08/07/03  2.02M A jigsaw puzzle game that uses square pieces.      07/27/00  1.68M Create puzzles of bmp, gif, and jpg  Images.
sr-assimilation-de 08/06/01  7.01M Assimilate your opponents in this stategic puzzler
sr-backgammon-demo 08/06/01  5.65M The Small Rockets take on the classic game
sr-chix-demo-v01.e 08/06/01 14.22M Fast Paced car racer with Muscle Cars.
sr-jbs-demo-v01.ex 08/06/01 11.13M Fire up your turbo prop, get to grips with this Jetboat racer
sr-jbs2-demo-v01.e 08/06/01 16.05M High speed water racing in Jetboats.
sr-kayak-demo-v01. 08/06/01 21.74M simulation of the exciting sport of white water kayaking
sr-mad-demo-v01.ex 08/06/01 10.43M MAD is a realtime strategy game. Attempt to gain World Domination
sr-mahjongg-demo-b 08/06/01  4.65M the solitaire version of Mah Jongg by Small Rockets
sr-monkey-demo-v01 09/04/01 10.70M Space Shoot'em up from Small Rockets
sr-nfk-demo-v01.ex 08/06/01  4.56M NFK’s the hunting game that could bite you back
sr-poker-demo-beta 08/06/01  7.33M The classic card game on your PC.
sr-redace-demo-v01 08/06/01 14.95M First World War flight game.
sr-santa-demo-v01. 08/06/01  4.56M The festive hunting game with a twist
sr-squadron-demo-b 12/17/01 19.67M RED ACE SQUADRON is a single- and multiplayer WW1 flight game
sr-tower-demo-v01. 08/06/01 10.13M Tower of the Ancients is a fast-paced puzzle game.
sracesetup.exe    01/23/04  1.17M Free control reactive 3D-racing in surreal dreamworld.           07/03/03   686K Just a tiny Sonic arcade game that turned out quite fun.
srsetup.exe       02/21/03   893K Race away from cops in this fun racing game          07/01/02  3.15M a funny quest game        06/08/02  3.12M Jogo onde você joga com Sonic, Tail e Knuckles em diversas fases!
ssdemosetup.exe   01/15/04 14.77M 2D arcade style space shooter
ssfsetup.exe      10/26/02   576K A classic space game.
ssw_ca_101_freewar 03/27/02  5.02M Solving tool for crosswords.
stackomaniasetup.z 12/26/02  1.27M Put your cards in order first to win 11/05/02  3.24M A nice arcade game 11/05/02 10.29M Sequel to Stakes Winner 2
stardef.exe       01/07/04  3.41M Vertical scrolling space shooter.
starmonopoly.exe  10/23/02   602K Unleash your marketing gift in this free game
starshipsetup.exe 05/20/03  3.55M New 3d cosmic super hit of intergalactic war
stbsetup.exe      10/26/03  1.05M Online version of the popular game. 02/04/02 12.32M Nice strategy game with a wide variety of options.       11/25/02   192K Save Earth From The Alien Attackers
stockb10.exe      10/23/02  3.97M Abundantly fun puzzle game with 150levels
stoink.exe        07/24/04  4.36M STOINK!Fun to say, even more fun to play!
stone.exe         10/11/00  1.29M A collection of three challenging 3D dice games.
stormd12.exe      09/08/04  2.55M An arcade style mission based shooter
strayf11.exe      10/24/02  8.64M Stunning 3D shooter with loads of eye candy    01/08/04  2.47M Fast paced shoot 'em up        04/03/04   897K Street Fighter game developed in Multimedia Fusion
subinst.exe       12/12/03  4.11M Destroy enemy subs before they sink your ship
subm_e-worldbetsse 10/23/01  4.67M Includes over 24 casino games totally free.       11/07/98  2.07M Submarine mission free arcade game
suniversefree11.ex 01/03/02  3.38M Jogue com Sonic, Tails e Knuckles em diversas fases!
super5dice.exe    10/20/02  2.39M 3-D animated Yahtzee variation to play against the computer
super_connect4.exe 11/28/02   585K This is a classic (Connect 4) game.    08/13/00  6.12M Desktop arcade game for Windows
superlines.exe    08/28/03  1.92M SUPER Lines is a game in full modern 3D.
supermariofree10.e 07/04/02  1.84M Jogue com Mario e salve Yoshi nesta nova aventura!      02/15/02  6.94M Arcade game: You are a spy who have to kill bad guys.
svdemo.exe        01/02/03  1.90M Star Voyage is a fun colorful 2d space adventure game.           07/02/03  2.06M Sports betting/handicapping software
sw95inst.exe      10/23/02  1.91M Star Wars, in a game with graphics from Yoda Stories.
swahoo.exe        10/05/02   428K Original version of the classic board game
swaps.exe         03/27/03  1.10M Swap over colored pieces in 5 cool puzzles!
swidow.exe        10/05/02   149K Widow Pitch is a fun card game for Windows.      09/06/02  1.77M Tile swapping, color matching puzzle action.     10/11/01  6.98M Play the fantastic Syndicate 2049 just like the Snes version!
takamaru.exe      05/08/00  1.87M Arkanoid-like game, with square and non-square blocks
taksetup.exe      12/21/02  6.14M Takarin is -one more- 'Break-Out' more? :-)
tanks3d.exe       01/14/02   868K 3D tank battle action game
tanky.exe         06/02/01  1.72M Blast your opponent to submission in this customizable tank game.        08/09/01  2.41M Identify Patterns and Eliminate the Blocks!
target.ZIP        09/20/92    17K Target: Dart Shooting Game
tarot.exe         03/23/99  3.11M Foretell your future!!
tb_setup.exe      05/31/03  3.87M Learn how to play contract bridge.        03/23/99  1.80M Tomato Blaster Arcade Game
tconsw20.exe      02/23/03  8.13M 44 tetris game modes,10 races, 9 card games
td2free.exe       07/31/01  1.74M Train Dispatchers are the air traffic controllers of the railroad
teddy2setup.exe   04/18/03  3.71M Greatly addictive, original, 3d Bomber clone
teddysetup.exe    04/14/03  2.84M Captivating new 3D Bomber game for everybody!
teenage_lawn_mower 07/02/03 11.00M Get ready to smoke some weeds!
teletargets.exe   12/03/01  2.08M Shoot the Teletubbies with baintballs! Bwahaha!
terminaltetris.exe 09/28/03  3.20M A modern 3D remake of the classic Tetris game         05/27/00  3.24M Train Driving Simulator      12/10/03  1007K Destroy the UFO invaders
tetmania.exe      06/16/04  1.65M A highly advanced Tetris clone: 10 games in 1       05/10/00   145K  FreeWare 'Falling Blocks' game in all variattions
tetris^2setup.exe 04/08/02  2.31M Tired of the conventional tetris game?Try Tetris^2!
tetris_gy.exe     06/17/02   402K A cool free version of an old tetris game.
tetrisarena.exe   12/04/02  2.06M Tetris Arena is a modern 3D remake of Tetris.      07/19/00  1.07M Freeware ! Includes 5 'Falling Block'-Like games.          07/26/02 53.16M A Strategy game between seven different armies.      01/14/03  1.81M It is logic desktop game.        05/21/02 13.81M Shooting game when you have to fire a lot      12/06/00   232K The old battleships classic with a celebrity twist!   11/22/02  9.00M Save the world from the Evilons
thesoj2.exe       01/30/03  5.99M Part 2 of the Christian adventure trilogy The Sojourner.    04/02/04    82K The tank battle on the transparent screen.      05/06/00  4.72M Point and click adventure game      01/28/02  1.49M Arcade game with thrilling playing experience
tic-tac-toe.exe   06/15/00   164K This is the first release of the Ultimate Tic Tac Toe
tictac2.exe       03/23/01   821K 5star Tic Tac Toe is a fun board game that is easy to learn.
tictacdo.ZIP      09/20/97  1.42M A Tic-tac-Toe game for the kids with a Simpsons look  10/15/00  4.33M A Tic Tac Toe game with cool Turtle Effects      01/08/03  2.86M Tic-Tac-Toe - The Classic Tic-Tac-Toe Game fo
tile_map_editor1.2 12/02/02   316K Tile map editor         02/01/01   221K Turn all tile pairs in this funny puzzle.   01/10/04    51K all the information about population, how to use it, how it was c
tjsinst.exe       11/09/01   953K Similar jig-saw puzzle, but it is not all.
tk2.exe           06/02/04  1.87M Destroy asteroids with your garbageship.
tlm201.exe        04/15/00   645K Lottery software, manual, lotto book for Windows/DOS
tlode.exe         12/13/99  1.33M Freeware 3D derivation of Lode Runner           01/15/04   974K Version 3 BETA.!The first under development freeware WWE game.     05/30/04   552K A lot of ScreenSavers
tobiinpanicsetupde 06/05/03  3.88M Help Tobi run, climb, bomb his way to victory
touchpuf15.exe    09/26/03  7.44M A unique blocks puzzle game.           07/06/01   814K A nice and a simple puzzle game.     04/01/04  1.12M move through the levels dodging the boulders...
tqinst11.exe      03/19/03 21.66M Graphical boxing trivia game, 1000 questions.        02/15/02  2.77M Arcade game: Rally with your friends
trash.exe         09/17/01  1.81M Trash Osama Bin Laden in this arcade shooter
traversy.exe      08/20/02   208K Reversi (Othello) game. Network game, smart gamefield,'antiboss'
treasureshr.exe   05/28/04  3.04M Figure out the medieval puzzle !      08/17/01 11.32M Strategy two player game
triad.exe         08/03/02  3.16M A devious puzzle game that will fascinate you
triahit.exe       02/28/04  1.46M The full version of TRI-A-HIT
trigames45.exe    12/06/02  1.48M This is a set of 10 block games - HAVE FUN      11/05/02  1.33M Clear the playing field with as few moves as possible.
troopers_gy.exe   07/18/02   412K A free arcade game that makes you think!      01/28/00   909K Platform arcade action game with cute graphics
trpsetup.exe      06/06/02   332K Addictive, innovative, fast-paced puzzler, keeps you coming back.
tsarevna.exe      10/20/03  3.92M Adventures in medieval Russia.      01/08/03  5.03M Greyhound racing simulator/ pari-mutuel tutor      09/04/02  4.92M Horse racing simulator and pari-mutuel wagering learning tool.
tstation.exe      04/10/02  1.34M A pack of 18 different tetris-like games       01/31/99  8.74M THE BEST touch typing tutor for windows95/98/NT.
ttgsetup.exe      12/21/01  3.85M Make Santa dance by completing the musical phrase         06/09/03  2.31M Tee Time reservation system for golf courses        06/09/03  2.37M Tee time reservations for two courses      02/19/03  1.05M Tunnel out of the mountain first.
tvitalia.exe      09/11/02    77K webtv for italians in the word direct full screen
twdemo.exe        10/11/03  6.65M Twitch is a fast-paced 3D shooter.
ublst601.exe      05/09/01  5.02M Addictive paddle-ball game from Moraff
ufo.exe           07/12/03  1.65M This is 3D remake of classic logic game
un_tic_tac_toe1.2. 11/30/02   373K Unbeatable Tic Tac Toe
uspace03PB.exe    04/29/03 24.87M Space Adventure/Action Game
valhalla-classics- 02/02/02  8.72M Absorbing, humorous, entertaining and devious speech adventure! 03/21/01 10.08M You're an IT supervisor defending against total destruction.
vidpoker.exe      11/30/01   307K Free VideoPoke game with online scoring table         12/31/01  1.78M A Side Scrolling Space Battle
virtual-u.EXE     09/09/03 17.33M Simulation Game About Running a University
vislottery1.exe   09/01/04  7.82M All-In-One Lottery Analysis System
vkgame_audio-1.exe 03/14/01  6.99M A magical spell is destroying Nanteket, ...      05/08/04  2.93M Have fun guessing vanity license plates.
volleyball.exe    04/25/02  1.40M Extremely funny arcade sports game!
volleyballf.exe   07/05/04   445K A nice free volleyball practice game.
vorbswv3.exe      01/21/04 11.14M Help Pea-Guy save his Uncle Patches and defeat Kan!      05/25/99  5.38M Four Video Poker games w/DoubleUp
vs3_demo.exe      10/18/98   474K Cool new board game based on Connect the Dots
vvevalsetup.exe   11/10/03  2.70M Strategically solve many jigsaw-like puzzles.
wackarat.exe      02/22/02  7.68M Wack Bin Ladin's head as it pops out of holes in front of you!!      02/11/02 13.28M Arcade game: A sort of volleyball game with large creatures
war3tc.ZIP        12/28/99  9.59M TC for SC
warkanoid2demo.exe 07/14/04  6.23M Smash the bricks to win.
warkanoid3demo.exe 07/05/04  4.34M Explore the Fairyland in this block-breaker!
warkanoiddemo.exe 03/03/04  5.90M Smash the bricks to win.
wassault.exe      01/12/03  1.69M Flat-out fun desk-top blast-em-up!
wastelands_setup.e 08/07/03  6.80M Action, action, and more action.
waveball.exe      09/17/02  7.78M It's definitely the new word in arkanoids!
wchs253f.ZIP      02/17/98   815K Intuitive chess game for Windows with great graphics.       01/01/01  1.94M WinChess is an intuitive chess game for Win32 platform         12/13/02   348K win!dicer is a nice dice game like yahtzee.
wevtrial.exe      01/13/03  6.00M World conquest Strategy Game using real maps.        09/23/02    56K Solve the riddles beyond the Apse.
wh11_install.EXE  08/30/01  4.23M A 3D Arkanoid-style breakout game         06/11/02  3.78M Destroy all enemy aircraft in this arcade-style shooter!
wildbingodemo2.0.z 05/08/02  2.07M Level-style Bingo game with a pirate theme.
wilkanoid_setup.ex 01/30/01  3.59M Wilkanoid - the best arkanoid / breakout clone
winalot.exe       02/14/01   755K lottery application with wheeling tables and statistics        12/09/98  5.26M Solitaire - Klondike, FreeCell etc. Burning Monkeys!
winbowl.exe       04/30/99   649K 3D Bowling Game for Windows 3.1       01/11/02   592K Conquest is a 'conquer the world' strategy game, similar to Risk       02/04/02    17K Mancala is a two-player strategy board game. The rules are easy.
winoz151.exe      11/06/98  1.51M 10 FREE jokes that play with your cursor and windows   01/26/03  4.08M KILL THE PROGRAMS YOU LOVE TO HATE!      06/22/01  2.91M A remake of the 80's IBM game: 'Alley cat'
winsnake.exe      12/04/00  3.45M A very cool variant of the popular Nibbles game.
winxt.ZIP         02/25/02  2.04M A Different Kind of Arkanoid
wjchess3d.exe     03/02/04 12.76M Super cool looking 3D chess game
wocsetup.exe      05/14/03 17.26M Massively multiplayer online strategy game with cash prizes.
wolfenstein_3d_mor 12/25/01  1.13M This is the Mortal Kombat Edition of Wolfenstein 3D
wonderdemo.exe    11/03/02  3.95M A delightful 3D action/puzzle hybrid!!
wordom10.exe      07/01/04   762K Word Search Game with elements of Puzzle
wordplay1_1.exe   08/21/04 13.29M Challenge your mind in this word search game!
wordsearch.exe    08/21/02  2.07M Create custom WordSearch puzzles, from 'your' words
wordwarsInstall.ex 07/03/03  5.26M Kill your opponent with words, bombs, poison      08/31/01   264K A German edutainment program featuring 'Number Munchers' action.
wrdsetup.exe      06/04/00   391K FreeWare: WordSearch Game Creator
ws_atsetup.exe    02/01/01  4.87M Highly addictive arcade style word game.
ws_hwsetup.exe    02/01/01  6.19M Multiplayer strategic board game. ICQ, LAN playable.
wssetup.exe       08/31/02   418K Remake of the classical game Minesweaper        04/15/00  3.05M 3D 2-on-2 Beach Volleyball Game. Includes a career mode
wthearts.exe      07/28/00   820K Classic Hearts Card Game
wtspades.exe      04/06/00   864K Classic Spades Card Game        07/26/01  2.33M Wurzgez is a simple yet challenging word guessing game.
wwi_setup.exe     06/18/04  1.54M A worm strategy game
wwii_setup.exe    06/18/04  2.27M The sequil to the highly-rated strategy game
wwiii_setup.exe   06/12/04  4.01M The lastest free Worm Action/Strategy game!
wwsetup.exe       05/24/02  2.91M Race against the clock to spell as many words as you can!        06/06/01  1.71M A trivia game in which you try to win a million (virtual) pounds!          04/29/02  1.38M Cute shooter for hours of Fun!
xcolors1.exe      01/22/04   487K Make the same color for all the tiles!
xdemo106.exe      02/05/02 14.90M Challenging high res°. Breakout game, 1.06 version !!
xmas.exe          11/30/01   765K A winter-themed game that will keep you chilling for hours   12/20/02  1.40M Santa fights against the Evil ATNAS and his warriors.
xnumbrs1.exe      01/22/04   469K Arrange the numbered tiles in natural order!
xopdemo.exe       03/24/04  1.95M XOP is a 2D arcade-style vertical shooter.       09/19/01  1.72M A nice tetris games where the blocks are replaced by naked people          12/03/02  1.89M Play Tetris clone and solve puzzles for free.         12/08/02  1.62M 365 crossword puzzles for your desktop      05/04/03 38.68M Heavy action 3d shooting game.
yahtzee.exe       03/18/01  2.83M A classic looking game with pleasant graphics, sounds    11/03/02   163K yartcee a cool yahtzee clone.      12/19/02  2.35M Triple Yahtzee using original Parker Brothers rules      12/20/02  1.12M Triple Yahtzee using original Parker Brothers rules
yjong201.exe      05/09/01  5.43M A custom variation of mahjongg solitaire.        05/04/02   764K Game is about nice Yogi Bear.          09/17/02  2.72M Yatzy is a dice game similar to the classic Yahtzee game.         05/27/01  1.16M A fun and addicting tetris style puzzle game.
zabsetup.exe      10/08/03 26.24M Zabugorie is a colorful 3D adventure game.      08/28/02  4.92M Arcade game wich is all about martial arts
zeek1-11.exe      03/21/00   511K A puzzle-adventure game. Help Zeek find the mushrooms.       09/19/00   959K Unique and challenging logic game with over 80 levels.
zodiac43.exe      07/17/02  1.79M Amazing multilevel tetris-like game
zondsetup.exe     08/28/02   229K Challenging puzzle game for Windows.        05/20/01  1.23M Cool pinball game!       01/12/02 12.88M Space Racing game
zriczrac.exe      11/20/99  2.05M Arcade platform game
zzzapsetup.exe    06/04/02   971K This is a game that combines a puzzle and an arcade into one

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