Directory of excel

099xrdem.exe      05/24/98   919K Excel Recovery for corrupt Microsoft Excel files    11/03/99  3.16M Excel 2000Budget Spreadsheet
3dCharts.exe      12/30/02   695K Amazing 3d Charts that rotate live on the spreadsheet.
AFXShutDown_Setup. 06/11/03  2.35M Clean and Defrag Disks. Then Shut-down the PC         01/14/02   338K VBA array programming for Excel. Complete access to all code.
Alerts.exe        10/09/02   426K Spinnaker Alerts for Excel 97/2000      06/04/02   140K How do you calculate an American option? Excel spreadsheet
Arbejdstidsregistr 08/10/02   255K Keep track of your workingtime         06/04/02   145K How do you calculate Asian options? Excel spreadsheet.
AsianMonteCarlo.zi 06/04/02   125K How do you calc. an Asian option using Monte Carlo simulation?       06/04/02   141K How do you calculate Barrier options? Excel spreadsheet.
Basis_Weight_Calcu 12/09/01    21K An Excel based paper and pulp sheet basis weight calculator.
Benzinregnskab_sha 08/10/02  2.23M Keeps track of cost and km/l
Blood_Presure_2003 11/11/02    14K Charts individuals Blood Pressure over the course of 1 year        12/28/01    25K Excel Budget 2002 Spreadsheet
Budget_privat_2002 08/29/02   107K Privat budget, ugebaseret       06/04/02   124K How do you calculate Chooser Options? Excel spreadsheet.
Columns.exe       10/23/01   356K Spinnaker Columns for Excel 97/2000    09/06/02 19.87M Use Database via Excel, automate your routine work!          06/04/02   141K How do you calculate European Options? Excel spreadsheet. 10/13/02    12K Basic Excel Training With 5 Workbook Examples
ExcVBALev1L01Demo. 10/13/02    10K Basic Excel VBA Training With Time Saving Solutions
ExcVBAUFLev1L01Dem 10/13/02     9K Excel VBAUserFormTraining With Time Saving Solutions
ExcVBAUFLev2L01Dem 10/13/02    10K Intermediate Excel Training With 5 Workbook Examples
ExcVBAUFLev3L01Dem 10/13/02     8K Advanced Excel Training With 5 Workbook Examples       05/24/02    19K Find links in Excel. Remove links. Search links or anything.
Football_Manager.z 09/17/03   187K Football Championship Manager for Microsoft Excel
Install-ReportMake 05/10/04  3.99M Report Maker is a hip tool.
Interactive_Graph. 06/10/03    96K for Excel Training, Templates & Consulting
Kalender_shareware 08/29/02    70K Lav din egen kalender i excel
Koerebog_shareware 08/18/02   454K Manage time driven work/privat
LookBackforStrike. 06/04/02   138K How do you calculate a Look Back option? Excel spreadsheet.       04/16/02   398K This is an Excel template to manage Lottery Pools.
Make_Shareware_Dem 11/19/02    11K Excel: VBA Code Shows How to Track Days of Program Usage
Manual_IV_Calculat 06/20/02    30K An Excel based Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) calculator for wood pulps
MathEasy.exe      06/16/02   683K Tired of wasting time struggling with Excel math?
MatrixTutorial1.zi 05/24/04  1.91M Tutorial of Numerical Analysis with Matrix.xla -Vol 1, 3 edition         01/17/02    42K Excel spreadsheet that makes mazes!
OpAcEn.ZIP        06/25/01   183K An accounting of business operations in Excel
Opgaveoversigt_sha 08/18/02    84K Grafic view of schedule on task or project
OpnSvs10s.exe     10/10/02    60K Opens and Save Files Utility for Microsoft Excel
Opsparing_saldo_an 08/18/02    43K Veiw the split of savingsbalance
PB170SYS.exe      02/09/02  9.07M Creates and manages Excel budgets and forecasts
Personale_Lønsyste 08/18/02    59K Database of employees incl their salarydata    08/05/02    39K Audit Excel Dependents or Precedents. Audit Thousands of Arrows 06/04/02   141K How do you calculate the probability of company default? Excel
Regnskab_shareware 08/18/02   804K Accoutsystem for a small busines
Share_Price_Suite. 09/17/03   754K Numerous Share Pricing Model and a Weekly Data Holding Worksheet     12/02/02    50K Real time stock trading simulator
StockAnalysis-R.ex 09/15/02   348K This is a MS Office Excel add-in program      06/04/02   143K How do you calculate a Swaption? Excel spreadsheet.
US_Naturalization_ 03/30/03   237K A study guide for the U.S. Naturalization oral test
Valutaomregning_sh 08/18/02    50K Currency rates DKK versus all typical quoted currencies in DK       06/04/02   125K How do you calculate a European warrant? Excel spreadsheet.
Wo_2_3.ZIP        12/20/01   333K Calculate the value of various kinds of derivatives/options.
Xnumbers_tutorial1 10/31/03  1.59M Tutorial of Numerical Analysis with Xnumbers  07/10/04   462K ZRandom, better random numbers for Excel
absolute_budget.zi 12/06/99   914K Handles all of your financial transactions.
adxt2xl.exe       06/17/04   711K Adds several useful features to MS Excel.
aexpr_setup.exe   03/05/01    83K AEXPR will recover your MS Excel passwords         09/10/00    66K Generate Amortization Schedules for MS Excel
appsch30s.exe     10/10/02   619K Appointment Schedule 'Standard' for Microsoft Excel      04/15/01  2.51M Monitor and chart children's growth with this Excel template.           03/29/04    20K Useful for hospitals scoring the Brief Symptom Inventory test    06/05/00   132K Home Budget and financial planning tool using Excel2000      02/29/00   106K ByteBoy'99: MS-Excel-Sheet Converter
ccr-v20s.exe      10/10/02    74K Convert Cell References Add-In for Microsoft Excel      02/06/99   210K Checking Account Manager for Microsoft Excel       06/20/02   432K Checkbook Personal Finance Program      06/06/01   216K Link instrument to any Excel worksheet via RS232C port       02/27/00     4K Microsoft Excel spreadsheet  to Calculate Cubic yardage        05/04/98    48K This is an excel file to Figure Payment On credit cards
creditv3.exe      10/10/02   129K Credit Card Program for Microsoft Excel
cs-5-30.exe       12/04/03  2.69M Assign 5 daily calls to 30 doctors for a year
dbase82s.exe      10/10/02   420K All Purpose Database Spreadsheet Program for Microsoft Excel
dbaseplus82s.exe  10/10/02   531K Database “Plus” for Microsoft Excel          05/23/02   911K Microsoft Excel 97,2000 Electronic Gradebook Template
eDialer_Eval_no_Ou 12/15/02  1.71M eDialer.xls - PC Phone Dialer in Microsoft Excel file
emailgenv20s.exe  10/11/02   175K Email Generator Utility forMicrosoft Excel     12/11/02   472K Email Distribution          12/04/02   947K Read/write Excel files without Excel, no OLE/DDE, useful and fast
excel2.exe        01/05/04  1.52M If you want to learn microsoft excel follow these CBT lessons.
excela.ZIP        12/08/02   744K MS Excel add-in for accounting
faolv30s.exe      10/10/02   288K Financial Analysis of Life for Microsoft Excel
filegenv20.exe    08/25/02   275K Bulk File Generator for MS Excel - Export Cell Data to Files  08/22/04   172K Excel Spreadsheet for storing English Football Results
football2003_04.zi 09/27/03   182K Excel Spreadsheet for storing English Football Results
football_league.zi 08/22/04   125K Excel Spreadsheet for storing Football League Results        07/09/00    64K Microsoft Excel addin program with financial functions          09/16/98    48K Estimating spread sheets for the home builder
install.exe       11/03/02  3.94M Point and Figure Charting for Excel
inventory.exe     11/01/01    52K This is a Microsoft Excel based, easy to use inventory control
iw6x97.exe        07/26/01  1.89M Import any text file into MS-Excel tables
jemplus.exe       12/31/01  3.18M Over 40 utilities and 207 worksheet functions     12/29/02   479K Statistical analysis and report-ready chart.  01/28/00    79K Track up to 3 different Loans
loanppev.exe      01/24/03  1.26M 'Flexible' Loan or Debt Payoff Planning Worksheets
mathv21s.exe      10/10/02    76K Mathematical Summary Utility Program for Microsoft Excel         08/18/99   360K User-friendly sales configurator for small businesses.     10/03/00    99K Excel-Based MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning)
mss.xls           06/03/97    26K Construction Estimating Spread Sheet      02/20/00   186K Manage your office's college basketball tournament pool      10/30/99  4.76M Office Report Builder is an easy reporting tool
offkeybd.exe      02/09/01   964K Password recovery tool for MS Office: Excel, Word and more.    12/14/01    34K automatic sender email      06/04/00   142K Freeware - tutorial on production scheduling with Excel      02/09/00   107K Excel addin to generate Gantt charts      06/12/03   245K Calculates current year quarterly income tax installments     02/15/01  3.85M Professional report designer for Excel         09/20/02   663K Stock portfolio for Excel  12/21/01  1.55M Technical spreadsheet utilizing unit conversions and calculations
time_card_calculat 02/02/04     6K Template for Excel. Punch card caulculator
tools.exe         10/10/02    74K Extra Utility Tools for Microsoft Excel
xl-complete-names. 03/11/04   867K An Excel add-in saves your time and nerves.
xl-find.exe       04/02/04  1.05M An add-in that extends Excel's build-in Find.
xl-merge-cells-wiz 05/28/04   939K It joins cells preserving their values.
xl-navigator.exe  06/07/04   895K An Excel tool for navigating in Excel.
xl-phone.exe      10/10/02   106K Phone / Email Book for Microsoft Excel
xl-typos-finder.ex 03/10/04  1.22M Kill typos in your Excel workbooks!
xlkeybd.exe       02/09/01   649K Password recovery for MS Excel (.xls) files.
xlstat71.exe      04/26/04  7.25M Statistical software for Microsoft Excel

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