Directory of education

010mem10.exe      10/21/02  1.28M Powerful program for memorizing numbers.   05/20/04  1.96M The 13 Chapters is the non fictional account of the End of Time
1cor.exe          10/01/03  1.83M E-book teaching on First Corinthians.      07/29/00  2.16M Math and Money problem solving game for K-5 students
1pet.exe          01/29/03   506K Windows Help File teaching pack on First Peter (suffering)
2000010.exe       09/11/02   941K The story of Captain Nemo and the Nautilus
2thess.exe        01/30/03   338K PDF Student's worksheet of Second Thessalonians.
6xTables.EXE      02/12/03   417K Times Tables 0 to 6 maths generator
79questions.exe   08/07/02   906K Learn how to lose fat and build muscle fast with this e-book.
ABC.exe           02/11/03  2.81M Nudibranch Learning ABC just for kids
ABC_s_With_Smiles. 05/29/02   998K Learn your ABC's with smiley faces in this multiple choice GAME      04/17/03   587K Astronomical event calculator.           05/10/04  4.05M  This Program Is Professional  UserFriendly      03/29/02 11.26M teaches the fundamentals of phonics.
Add0-6.EXE        02/12/03   417K Adding 0 to 6 maths generator
Adding.exe        02/11/03  1.67M Nudibranch Learning, Adding just for kids.
Adding1.EXE       02/09/03   572K Nudibranch Learning Demo Adding#1
AdditionProgram.zi 08/01/04  2.65M Maths addition sums for Key Stage 2 Primary, making maths fun.
Aleph_Bet_With_Smi 05/29/02  2.14M Learn to Read HEBREW with this fun, multiple choice GAME!
AlgebraCalculator1 11/22/02    47K A powerful algebra calculator       03/29/02  6.17M Teaches arithmetic for 1st - 4th grades.
Atiss.exe         10/12/01  6.21M This programme will help you to learn English.
BIgoJosSetup01.exe 07/17/02  1.68M BiGo Joseki is a Go joseki browser and editor.
BabyDiary.exe     07/16/04  2.34M Stores your baby growth notes and charts
BasicAnatomySkelet 12/15/03   472K Teaches bones of skeleton
BasicMathSolvedSet 01/02/03  8.01M Basic Math Solved! solves YOUR basic math problems step-by-step!
BeginnersCGIFirst4 07/24/02   920K Learn CGI - Perl programming FREE from this mini tutorial
BibleTable.ZIP    07/07/02   704K A sortable string grid of information about bible books
Bigpic.exe        01/29/03  1.91M Windows Help file teaching package on knowing the will of God.        08/25/01   118K Bouncing ball in 3D with variable gravity         11/04/02   802K MS Word/Excel Add-in for Comment Bank database.
CInstall.exe      06/05/04  1.01M Practise mental arithmetic’s or fractions
CalcPrompter.exe  01/16/04   367K Calc Prompter is a handy expression calculator
CandidateUtility.z 03/27/02   120K The (CUP) calculates salaries, taxes, hours, etc., 08/20/01 11.35M Problem solver for introductory chemistry students.    06/05/02   315K Christian, and the reminders of how Christ did to Job   08/01/04 18.96M Guitar tuner with tab.
Clock.exe         02/12/03  3.91M Nudibranch Learning, Round Clocks just for kids      03/29/02  1.86M Learn to tell time in a variety of ways.        11/16/03  1.82M Scientific calculator plus many other advanced features       12/01/03   651K Scientific Calculator, Unit Converter, Constant Library
Counting.exe      02/11/03  1.76M Nudibranch Learning, Counting just for kids.
Countries_of_the_W 12/30/02  1.25M Let you look up some brief facts information about most countries
CrosstrainerSetup. 04/08/03 26.35M Crosstrainer, Nutrition and Fitness Training Software
DatePick3.exe     01/26/03    37K Probability that a lottery draw matches its date
DemoInstall.exe   03/22/02 11.77M A multimedia toilet (potty) training program.
Dictionary.exe    12/01/01   291K Free Granot English-Thai Dictionary
Digital.exe       02/12/03  1.95M Nudibranch Learning, Digital Clocks just for kids
Divide.exe        02/11/03  1.94M Nudibranch Learning, Divide just for kids
DivineQuotes.exe  06/30/04   482K Selected Verses from the Holy Quran
EQsetup.exe       05/08/03   229K Educational program, to learn to resolve linear equations
EXACTER__EUR.1.sea 05/05/03   190K scientific calculator of high precision (Eng., Eur nbr notation)
EXACTER__FR.1.sea. 05/05/03   193K calculateur scientifique de haute précision (Macintosh)
EXACTER__USA.1.sea 05/05/03   190K scientific calculator of high precision (Macintosh)
Espanol01.exe     12/06/02  1.13M Teaches Spanish words to children
Espanol02.exe     12/04/02  1.11M Teaches Spanish words to children
Espanol03.exe     12/08/02  1.08M Teaches Spanish words to children
Espanol04.exe     12/04/02  1012K Teaches Spanish words to children
Espanol05.exe     12/04/02  1.04M Teaches Spanish words to children      11/21/02  1.26M Customizable music sight-reading trainer
EvenNumbersV10.exe 10/20/02  1.54M Helps Pupils learn about Even Numbers
FoilAnalysis_exe.z 02/04/04   909K Arbitrary airfoil shape analisys for aeronautics
Formula.exe       04/22/03   131K Formula.exe boasts very important probability and stats functions
Fresetup.exe      02/08/04  4.83M Learn to speak French with this software.
GTPSetup.exe      05/15/03  1.57M The smart replacement, or complement, for your gradebook.
Gersetup.exe      02/08/04  4.77M Learn to speak German with this software.
GoTran.exe        03/08/01   198K GoTranslate is a revolutionary new single click Translator
Gospel_John_Demo.z 12/26/02  1.33M Bible Study Has Over 200 Questions This is FreeWare Version KJV
Grants.exe        09/13/02   863K Complete Guide to Government Grants
GuitarScalesMethod 06/24/03   915K Tool to master guitar scales and improvisation
HFWin.exe         02/04/02  5.12M HYDROFLO is a professional piping design software package.
HK400.exe         11/07/02 19.54M Diet, weight loss, nutrition
HealthRecipesYouV3 01/21/02   361K A free eBook about nutrition, including over 60healthy recipes.
IO_Abscissatron.zi 12/21/01   563K Powerful n'th order polynomial equation solving applications
IPECFAI3.exe      11/10/02  2.27M iPassExam@ Testbank Software for CFA 2003 Level I Exam
IndonesianAndMalay 10/28/03  1.25M Indonesian and Malaysian cooking.
InstallGuitarGuru. 03/08/04  3.28M Shows you how to play your favorite songs.  08/01/04   947K A Space Invaders game giving practise in Addition
Invaders_Divide.zi 08/01/04   948K Animated Space Invaders giving practise in division
Invaders_Multiply. 08/01/04   948K Animated Space Invaders game giving multiplication practise
Invaders_Subtract. 08/01/04   947K A Space Invaders game giving practise in subtraction 10/05/02  1.65M Program to view the English Irregular Verb List
Itasetup.exe      02/08/04  4.51M Learn to speak Italian with this software.
Jargonary10.exe   10/12/02  3.53M Dictionary for more than 13000 computer Jargons        06/27/02   321K eBook- Learn to hypnotize yourself or anyone!       02/22/02  2.02M Planetario astronómico con 28.695 objetos celestes.
LeoStatisticSetup. 09/30/02   623K Statistical analysis of experimental data. Distribution, curve fi      08/04/02   463K 'Look It Up' is a stripped-down electronic almanac
LuaLuaDemo.exe    11/24/02  5.91M Your kids won’t stop smiling with Lua Lua!
Manual_medico_eBoo 07/08/04   729K E-Book de Medicina y Cirugia 08/07/04   518K 7 Pairs Programs - click question and answer and they disappear
MathGrid.ZIP      08/31/02   231K Simple math (add, subtract, multiply) table
Math_Setup.exe    09/24/02  1.01M Let's do some simple addition subtraction multiplication division  08/20/01 12.71M Problem solver for physics motion problems
Multiply.exe      02/12/03  1.96M Nudibranch Learning, Multiplying just for kids
My_Study-Buddy.exe 01/06/02  4.90M Make flash cards, organize notes, and improve test taking skills.
Natur33.exe       09/21/02  7.73M Natural Healing Educational Software        12/10/01  1.84M Morse code trainer for Windows
NumberTargetAdd.zi 08/07/04   796K Explode the correct answers to addition problems.
NumberTargetDivide 08/07/04   795K Animated - Explode the correct answers to Division Problems
NumberTargetMultip 08/07/04   796K Explode the correct answers to mutiplication problems
NumberTargetSubtra 08/10/04   796K Explode the answers to subtraction problems using your mouse           06/29/01  4.35M Push concepts around in a free-form animated Board setup.
PWsetup.exe       05/08/03   207K Educational program to learn to calculate with powers of ten
PayTrading.EXE    10/31/01  3.63M How to turn $2000 in stocks into $1 million in 10 years or less.
PhoxelUnitConverte 01/23/03  1.16M Phoxel Unit Converter lets you easily convert from-to any unit.
PlayItDemo.exe    08/29/01  7.99M Musical education/coloring game for preschoolers
PrealgebraSolvedSe 01/02/03  8.00M Prealgebra Solved! solves YOUR pre-algebra problems step-by-step!
Profile.exe       01/30/03   944K Determine your temperament type and see how it effects you.   09/22/03  3.15M Free dictionary with 28 dictionaries and over 2.000.000 words
QInstall.exe      03/04/04  4.13M QUIZ to train questionnaires or vocabularies
QMP502_setup.exe  06/25/04  2.03M Quiz creating, administering application.
QPInstal.exe      06/05/04  6.00M QuizPro: Train questionnaires or vocabularies            01/14/04  4.98M Displays verse by verse english translation with search facility
QR31.exe          07/04/04  1.78M Quran MP3 player
QTInstall.exe     07/01/04  2.65M Free Holy Quran Multiple Translation software      12/15/02  1.30M Yusuf Ali's English Translation of the Qur'an Software
QViewer2.exe      12/05/03  3.89M Multi-language Qur'an software, full search, glossary and more...
RSIGuard-Install-v 11/04/02  2.43M Prevent   12/01/03   454K Generates random names for fiction writers.
RecruiterUtility.z 03/27/02   115K The (RUP) calculates income, bonues, costs, etc.           05/14/02  5.03M Use Storyboard to visualize your concepts in words and pictures.   08/14/02  1.46M Innovative language reference tool
SciWriter.exe     12/10/03  2.62M Scientific XHTML Editor
Scuba.EXE         02/13/03  1.15M Scuba Diving introduces scuba gear to kids
Secrets.exe       04/12/01   576K Free E-book shows you the Secrets of Living Healthy Wealthy
SetupGraph.exe    01/20/04  1.35M Draws graphs in a coordinate system.
SetupHappyNoteTetr 01/12/03  1.69M A tetris to learn music notes in treble clef      08/28/02 11.35M This program helps you master SQL
Setup_Morse_Code_T 11/15/03   728K Is a small program which translates English words in Morse code. 12/28/02  1006K Explorers manufacturing cost metrics
Smcalc_Halloween_. 10/30/02  3.08M Calculator with graphics according to the time of year
Soft.exe          12/15/02    46K Convert from English to Metric and Metric to English
Sos.exe           01/29/03  6.72M Windows Help File teaching package on Song of Solomon.    10/17/03   526K Translates text from Spanish into Swedish
SpaceNavigator.exe 08/17/03  1.38M Fun browser for space freaks - nice skin...
Spasetup.exe      02/08/04  4.92M Learn to speak Spanish with this software. 09/26/02  1.24M spectral analyse, FFT, forw. and backw.
Spellerific.exe   02/22/01  2.95M a colorful fun spelling program with sound
Spelling.exe      02/12/03  2.15M Nudibranch Learning, Spelling Words just for kids
Spelling1.EXE     02/09/03   550K Kids educational software. Spelling Demo
Spelling2.EXE     02/09/03   563K Kids educational software. Spelling Demo #2
SpellingTestv12.ex 10/03/02  1.98M One hundred words to spell. Ten tests of ten words. UK Spelling.      03/29/02  3.28M Teaches spelling with over 700 words.
StarsAndGalaxies.z 04/05/02  1.24M 9,000 real stars and 3,000 real galaxies in3DOpenGl graphics
StateFacts.ZIP    06/24/02   272K Shows map of U.S. with facts about each state
StressManagement.z 04/24/04    29K Stress Management and Life Skills
StudyAide_Demo_Set 08/01/03   983K The revolutionary study tool.
StudySaintSetupEn. 02/09/01  2.02M Free Interactive studybook
Subtract.exe      02/12/03  1.49M Nudibranch Learning, Subtracting just for kids
Subtract6.EXE     02/12/03   417K Subtraction 0 to 6 maths generator
TAP2000.exe       08/27/02 29.00M e-learning authoring tool
TD4MEfull.exe     12/05/03 13.21M Descriptive Thesaurus/Dictionary, crossword help and full WP
TTWinTravelEnglish 11/02/02 18.24M Travel Dictionary English -Windows
Tables.exe        02/12/03  2.26M Nudibranch Learning, Times Tables just for kids
Tables1.EXE       02/09/03   541K NudiBranch Learning Demo Tables#1         11/10/02  1.35M Personal/lay study aid for United States Constitution.       10/07/01  8.21M Thesaurus-Dictionary 'add-on' for Free 4ME programs from Byron
The_Haunted_Castle 11/27/01   610K A fun way to learn your multiplication tables.
TimesTablesV10.exe 11/18/02  1.53M Helps Pupils learn their tables - 2 to 12   06/13/02    33K VB ActiveX DLL for Matrix calculations
V_R_S_T.exe       10/18/02  1.77M SEN and EL Spelling Tests. UK Spelling
Visual-Physics13.e 04/02/02   300K Physics by Simulation. Enjoy and Understand Science. FREE 04/30/04  2.24M Solve matrix math, sytem, circuit problems      05/22/03   963K Programs to train in work with Windows interface
WF4MEfull.exe     12/05/03  5.45M The 'staged' Word Processor designed for educational use.
WSpellTest.exe    10/02/02   483K Spelling Test Programme (A-Z) English Alphabet
WT2DemoSetup.exe  12/10/01   742K Software package for teaching computers
WordHacker_20_Gold 10/16/02 133.89M E-learning software for GRE,GMAT,SAT,TOEFL    09/20/02   350K Change the word's color by double click. Kill the words you known
WordStars2.0_setup 06/25/04  4.26M Word, language learning tool.        01/12/03  2.34M Bird's-eye view graphic tool for three dimensional data        01/12/03  2.35M Contour graphic tool for three dimensional data        01/12/03  2.13M Transformation tool for three dimensional data      09/02/02   174K An alternative Thai text editor with virtual keyboards
abiercedemo.exe   11/28/01  1.48M A perfect tool to study the works of A Bierce
acadfc3.exe       06/19/02  1.58M speech and graphics enabled flashcards and study tool       03/29/02  2.19M Promotes mastery of reading skills.
acerd47.exe       09/07/04   825K Speed Reading Software.
acv10sr1.exe      11/15/03   577K A-Converter is a unit-conversion utility        09/03/02   398K RC Aircraft Designer,3D interactive interface
aftlite-setup.exe 04/14/02  1.19M Tool to learn the fretboard of guitar / bass
alc107.exe        08/28/02  1.18M Simplifies any Algebra expression
alc2101a.exe      10/16/02  1.28M Solves Simple, Quadratic and Simultaneous equations.      06/28/00   873K Algebra - One On One makes learning algebra fun.
algmtcs.exe       08/21/01  1.57M This program does algebra step by step!   12/25/01  1.46M Alice Law is a fully animated physics work. 06/19/04   189K It is a tool for memorization foreign words.         09/09/04  3.27M Molecular sequence alignment editor        11/19/03  1.13M Building family trees
amath10.exe       02/02/01  1.60M Reverse Flash Cards        07/31/04   910K Get treasure without being ambushed or ambush other players.      10/24/01  1.21M Sky simulator for amateur astronomers
amysgames.exe     04/11/03  4.98M Three games for Babies, Toddlers and Pre-schoolers      01/01/03   304K Function analyzer. Draw functions, and calculate with them.
anatomy.exe       03/15/02    56K free atlas in international nomenclature
anc031.exe        09/24/02  3.09M Genealogy Web Authoring
apamac20.exe      02/09/04   914K Software to reference in APA Style.
aqspln10.exe      10/04/02  4.45M Help your kids excel in spelling. Add sounds.
arpdp.exe         09/04/04  2.85M Speed Reading, Assessment and Online Reader.
artefactsetup.exe 09/25/03  5.02M Select a word in text and get an explanation
asbc1_00.exe      11/08/02   772K Simple and fast number system conversion sw.    06/12/01  1.86M Typing tutor for all levels and ages.
aw61eng.exe       09/17/01  8.19M Astrology for Win95/98/NT4.0/Me/2000 English version
aw61ger.exe       09/17/01 10.12M Astrologie Programm der Extra-Klasse      03/06/03  4.06M Guitar fretboard diagrams and lessons
b_afrikaans.exe   09/14/02  1.14M Free BibleDatabase Module: Afrikaans Bible
b_asv1901.exe     01/06/02  1.11M Free American Standard Version of the Bible
b_av.exe          01/12/02  1.18M Free Module. King James #2
b_bbe.exe         01/06/02  1.06M Free Basic Bible in English
b_darby.exe       01/12/02  1.12M Free Darby Bible in English
b_german.exe      09/14/02  1.25M FREE Greman (Deutsch Elberfelder) Bible
b_kjv.exe         01/06/02  1.11M Free King James Version of the Bible
b_manx_gaelic.exe 01/08/02   262K Free BibleDatabase Module: Manx Gaelic Portions of Scripture.
b_vulgate.exe     10/22/02  1.11M FREE Latin Vulgate
b_web.exe         01/13/02  1.11M FREE Bible: World English Bible
b_websters.exe    01/06/02  1.11M FREE Bible: Webster's English Bible
b_ylt.exe         01/06/02  1.13M Free. Young's Literal Translation of the Bible
babylon50_setup.ex 06/15/04  3.42M Translation and information in a single click       04/04/01  2.23M An artificial intelligence conversation simulation program      03/26/03  4.81M Sketch and animate baseball drills
basicops.exe      12/07/02   569K Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
basker10.exe      09/11/02   804K Hounds of the Baskervilles Arthur Conan Doyle
beatles.exe       06/03/02  1.95M The best electronic Beatles songbookThe best electronic Beatles songbook
best-exercises-sam 11/19/02  1.20M Learn innovative exercises to build muscle!       03/22/03  2.48M The original Bible for Windows program! KJV freeware
biblesay10.exe    02/28/04  1.80M What The Bible Says About... - Study tool 11/11/02  5.97M Bible search utility
bibpl.exe         05/29/01  2.82M Freeware KJV popup Bible
bigpicebook.exe   07/22/03  3.47M Know God's will for mankind and how you fit into that.
bigpicpack.exe    01/30/03   682K Powerpoint presentation and student's notes on knowing God's will
billyb10.exe      09/11/02   586K Billy Budd, by Herman Melville.
bmisetup.exe      07/26/03   581K Calculate your Body Mass Index.
bmpst1.6.exe      03/18/02   112K Let your child enjoy learning number. Language setting available.
bookedxt.exe      08/08/02   528K Ebook covering ecommerce.
bookgdxt.exe      08/08/02   651K Personal development ebook.
brsetup.exe       05/06/04  2.57M Essays on the works of Charlotte Bronte
bsfspa15.exe      03/12/00  2.02M Learn to Speak Spanish Fun and easily with this program
btacpres.exe      01/29/03  3.49M PowerPoint presentation with Word student notes.
buensoft_spanish_s 03/23/02  3.82M Learn Spanish the Fun Way
bwdcalc10.msi     03/01/04  2.52M Distribution Calculator with GUI      03/29/02  2.20M Correct common workplace grammar errors       01/12/03   633K Calorie Counter Database
canasta.exe       02/29/00   476K Promotion of immigration to Canada
ceci_eval.exe     10/10/03  1.38M CIs for the Cost-effectiveness ratio
censetup.exe      04/17/02  6.20M designed for non-native speakers who want to learn Chinese quick        09/10/03  2.80M Best periodic table available windows.
chemxe.exe        02/14/04   579K Interactive Chemistry teaching software.
chemxf.exe        02/14/04   579K Interactive Chemistry teaching software.
chemxg.exe        02/14/04   579K Interactive Chemistry teaching software.
chfbdem.exe       06/30/04 32.32M Classic Chinese Tales and Fables ebook
classb04.exe      08/30/00  2.05M A Complete Teachers Toolbox      06/03/03   278K Learn how compiler works    09/29/02    49K Modern Existentialism Text      04/29/04  1.68M Simple English Test
cpmsetup.exe      01/06/01  2.76M Make the network usable for any classroom.
crdwiz20.exe      08/01/02  1.08M Chord Dictionary-1000s chords, custom tunings
csetup.exe        09/09/04  3.94M Utility for machinist
csetup20.exe      08/25/04  3.02M It can teach you Chinese.      04/10/03   940K Useful software to manage student grades
culture.exe       01/29/03  1.22M Teaching on Cross Cultural Communication for Christians.         05/03/04   704K Program to decode CW via a sound card        11/25/02   721K The terminal program for CW-operators.
daycnt28.exe      09/05/02   221K Fast and easy-to-use date calculator.
demo_molgen31.exe 08/06/02 13.55M A multimedia progam on DNA for Biology classes       07/28/04    73K Diagnostico de la obesidad.
diction1.exe      11/21/02   555K Englich-German/German-English Dictionary       11/19/02  2.26M Automation of data acquisition systems
dmtsetup.exe      08/23/01  1.75M Help children to learn addition, substraction, division, etc.
dreamscape.exe    02/02/01  3.37M Analyse your dreams
drfc_setup.exe    07/30/04  1.61M Audio-based vocabulary flashcard software.
droppk.exe        09/05/03   157K Drop the correct letters from your airplane to make words.      02/22/00  2.17M Powerful  multimedia spelling  bee
e-type43.exe      08/29/02  5.84M Awards-Winning touch typing tutor with graphical user interface
ea32demo.exe      04/12/02  5.85M Study program for the IRS Special Enrollment (EA) Exam
earthc10.exe      09/11/02   637K At the Earth's Core, by Edgar Rice Burroughs.      03/13/02   934K Inexpensive easy to use teacher's gradebook.
ecudemo.exe       06/26/04  1.79M A Planetarium and Telescope Control Program
ecudemo32a.exe    06/26/04  1.15M Planetarium Program   09/11/02  7.22M English-Russian-English Desktop Dictionary by V.Novick
education         04/05/02   811K The best electronic John Lennon songbook.The best electronic John Lennon s
efield12.EXE      08/05/02   757K You can see invisible electric field - if you use Electric Field      04/10/01  1.67M ExamHelp: SQL Server 2000 Administration Questions (Exam 70-228)      08/31/04 19.51M Analsys and Design of Slab, mat, raft foundation
ennsetup.exe      07/12/04  1.52M Create, train, validate, query neural network
equakemn.exe      10/14/01  9.15M Monitor earthquake activity in Turkey
er2002enu_enu-deu. 08/26/02  2.33M English to German translation software
er2002enu_enu-esn. 08/26/02  1.64M English to Spanish translation software
er2002enu_enu-fra. 08/26/02  1.63M English to French translation software
er2002enu_enu-ita. 08/26/02  1.77M English to Italian translation software
erDictionaryWin1_0 08/28/03  3.42M Free English-Russian Dictionary, Mueller
erVerbWinDemo1_0.z 08/28/03   304K Verb Reference System, English-russian
esnap.exe         12/02/02  1.17M Creates ebooks in a few mouse clicks.        10/21/02  1.25M Biblical book with 300 fractal illustrations
etraining.exe     06/24/04   113K Ready Made Online Elearning Software 10/09/03 57.12M Free dictionary with 31 dictionaries and over 2.500.000 words   06/17/02  1.91M MCSE Exam Certification (A,CNA, Network ) exam simulation   01/18/04  2.41M Never wear glasses. Learn good computer vision and eliminate bad
ezstreetpps.exe   12/20/02  2.84M Personal self help and improvement software       08/17/03  2.53M Create bingo and flash cards
fcalc104.exe      04/29/02  1.01M A Calculator that works with fractions.
fjournal.exe      07/01/04  4.72M Secure Journal writing software for your PC!
flash32.exe       08/12/02  3.87M Award-winning System - Learn Any Subject FAST
flashcard_se.exe  05/28/02   645K Review study guides, take flash card quizzes compiled by Danni R.
flashcards.exe    12/31/02   212K Excellent program designed to assist in mathmatics.
flashsc.exe       06/16/02  4.92M Award-winning System - Learn Any Subject FAST      08/05/02  1.59M This program allows to run basic algorithms in a visual way
fmsetup.exe       08/27/02   543K Practice your speech and listening skills for any language.
freed1a1setup.exe 07/11/00  8.82M Guitar Coach Freeware lesson for Acoust/Classsic Guitar
freed1a4setup.exe 06/22/00 12.35M Complete FreeWare Lesson from Electric GuitarCoach
freeebook.exe     09/11/01   531K Homemade cosmetics, hair care recipes, spa style baths
fs-seinstall.exe  12/16/02  8.22M Flashcard creation/editing tool          01/19/03   265K Draw graphs of functions in 3d space.
gcseenglish.exe   08/22/02 17.59M No.1 Best Selling GCSE Educational title in the UK.
gcsescience.exe   08/13/02 16.60M No.1 Best Selling GCSE Educational title in the UK. Fully support       12/26/02  1.93M Design and simulate mechanical systems      10/28/02  2.52M German to English language translation
ginkgopaint_instal 10/23/02  1.11M Coloring book for kids (Age 3 )      02/12/03   310K Cross-referenced glossary of English language grammar terms       06/01/01   238K Chemical elements or symbols griller
gradebk.ZIP       01/24/02  2.92M Gradebook program which tracks grades, attendance      10/11/03     2K Program to calculate grades
gradew.exe        02/27/03  1.21M Teacher's gradebook attendance seating charts     07/07/01  2.18M Create graphs    11/03/03   757K Comprehensive 2D math graphing utility.      06/03/02    74K software tool for astrofysics labs
gresetup.exe      01/12/02  1.01M GRE Wordlist Reviewer      08/17/02  4.72M Improve your vocabulary. Add the AT to GRE!
grillaSW.exe      07/12/01   636K Learn all 118 Chemical Element Names and Symbols
guitar2-4_1.exe   07/08/03  1.38M Lessons for beginner/intermediate player
guitar_8.exe      05/09/02  3.45M Learn to play Guitar - All by yourself!  08/19/04   368K Fully explains all common network protocols      12/30/02  6.89M Includes 4 levels of play, sound, animation and a human skeleton.
heart.exe         06/10/02   753K Challenges to love!       08/08/02   250K Programs-assistant for physics
helpself.exe      11/11/02   415K Change your thinking and change your life with this book.
herm.exe          11/10/03  2.23M A teaching pack on how to study the Bible.      09/05/04   135K Homekey A beginners touch typing program
hnv3demo.exe      06/27/01  2.84M Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Tutorial
howtofeelgood25.zi 09/03/04    17K How to Feel Good
howtotemplates.exe 07/09/03   579K Free tutorial for web design newbies       05/12/04   115K cards of the Harry Potter characters in B
htmltutorialsetup. 09/13/02  1.03M An HTML tutorial with a hands-on approach.         05/19/03   163K Facts of Good Significances, and Truths, for Living Happy      03/29/04  1.02M Pre school
i2ksetup.exe      11/26/00  4.31M Free testing tool for MCSE, MCSD and MCDBA
icantype.exe      09/29/03  1.15M Increase your typing speed with ICanType!       10/14/02   624K Operates with integer, real, complex and matrix Plots functions.
igas10.exe        10/03/03   733K An 3D Ideal Gas Simulator.      04/03/03  4.63M EduWare for Image Processing and Remote Sensing (Shareware $5.-)
infinity.exe      02/19/04  1.69M Try this innovative non-linear math software!
install.exe       06/10/02 12.67M Statistical software, with fully functional spreadsheet.
installE.exe      12/16/02  8.22M Flashcard creation/editing tool
installpcbible.exe 05/01/01  2.51M Read the Bible with ease
instamem2.exe     10/10/02  1.26M Instant Memory is a memory testing tool.
intro.exe         05/13/01  1.83M Interactice tutorial in Basic Electronics  04/07/00  5.93M One-semester college chem course: general, organic, bio
invm102_trial.exe 02/16/04     3K Mathematical program for university students.         03/24/01  1.39M Learn more about Islam religion(Qur'an, Hadiths, Praying).  11/15/02   927K JapaneseStar helps you study the Japanese Kana characters.
javatutor.exe     04/21/02 17.92M Get this Java Tutor with Java Test entirely written in Java.         10/10/02   622K Prepare for Java Programmer Certification.      09/09/02   481K Flashcard dictionary with 5000 words       03/22/01   529K sidesplitting jokes
journey.exe       08/03/03   743K A Journey To The Center Of The Earth.
jvocab.exe        08/30/02  4.77M Kids can now build words easily
kamademo.exe      03/21/01   948K The art of love, learn the ancient art of love making
kanjilearnerdemo.z 07/04/00  2.70M Japanese kanji dictionary/learning aid
kidnap10.exe      10/06/02   682K Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson       04/19/03    58K To Check the value of checkdigit of EAN8     05/19/01  4.58M Learn to tie Knots and Necties      11/03/02  1.67M with virtual keyboard and hands; adjustable courses
ks1earlyscience.ex 08/08/02 10.13M No.1 Best Selling KS1 Educational title in the UK.
ks1numberskills.ex 08/09/02  9.68M No.1 Best Selling KS1 Educational title in the UK.
ks1phonicspelling. 08/13/02 10.10M No.1 Best Selling KS1 Educational title in the UK.
kttime.exe        07/28/02   862K Math practice software in a fun game format.
learnv5.exe       08/16/04   542K Learn Computer Components And Installations
lifeandliving25.zi 09/03/04   128K Being and Doing you Life and Living
lifemechanicsbeta3 06/03/04     8K Methods for Doable Living
linsyst102_trial.e 02/15/04    44K Mathematical program for university students.      06/08/04    72K Simpliest program for foreign words retention 08/31/02  2.25M Filipinio to English and English to Filipino Dictionary
lotto03.exe       03/02/02   704K Wahrscheinlichkeit von Lotto / Probability of Lotto        10/22/01   484K Insert Portuguese language characters in WordPad and Notepad text
lsetup.exe        08/21/04 16.66M It is a free electronical monthly.      09/05/00  3.31M Seven educational and FUN games in one.          03/10/04  1.16M An explanation of common menus found in all windows software
mapwf100.exe      04/22/01  4.60M Easily create outline maps for geography      08/16/02   845K Do not make war, but play Matego and improve your math!
math.ZIP          06/05/01     8K Learning tool for multiplication and division
math.exe          01/04/04   412K Software which can solve your math homework.
mathep31.exe      04/11/02  2.37M Practice arithmetics and counting
maths.exe         07/02/03    28K Tests you on all 4 operations in 2 modes      11/01/02    96K Offers quick access to popular web sites...
mg_10b.exe        05/12/03   692K MultyGraphix help you to plot 2D and 3D functions       08/17/02   458K An 8086 Microprocessor Simulator and Assembly Tutor       07/20/04  1.19M Modes: Guitar Scales and Modes   10/08/03  1.37M Play morse code from text. FREE       04/17/02   373K Encoder/Decoder/Trainer/Player Morse code.
mrsnowdx8columngol 02/27/04  1.71M DirectX programming tutorials
mtxsetup.exe      08/06/04  1.37M An econometric program for teaching and doing research
multimazemountain2 09/09/02   724K Multi Maze Mountain is a mazegame dealing with the multiplication
mw.msi            10/22/02  1.04M A Wave Interference Construction Set
mwinst12.exe      05/08/02  3.14M Play and experiment with virtual reality sims
mxmath01.exe      07/07/02   734K A math puzzle where equations are mixed-up.
myMP.exe          02/08/04    56K A small, Motivation related exercise, based on HRD practice       04/04/03  4.71M Encyclopedia-like Personal WordManager for Eng. MotherTongue @$5
mythosetup.exe    05/02/03  9.19M Meet gods, godesses and heroes of Greece
n2r406.exe        06/23/04  1.59M Complete voyage planning for shipping      10/26/02  4.57M NACES MK14 MARTINBAKER's
net.exe           02/04/02   310K E-book as a guildline for set up a network.
nteach10.exe      07/04/03  2.97M Comprehensive tool for learning musical notes
ntsurvey.exe      06/28/04  1.69M Power Point Presentation and Adobe AcrobatStudent notes.
olgt.exe          03/15/00   223K To teach guitar beginners how to play 4 main chords.       06/07/00   200K A cross-word puzzle generator
ontrack.exe       05/27/02  3.92M OnTrack Nutrition takes the guess-work out of dieting.   10/14/01   752K A flash-card vocabulary training program.     09/09/04  3.06M Software for microscopic cell, particle
origeval.exe      07/14/03  2.50M Origami instructinal software
p2ptat.exe        03/25/02   860K Self-help tutorial on networking, designed for the novice.
pbminstall.exe    03/22/02   993K A simple matching memory type game for kids
pctDemo.exe       12/28/02  9.74M MCSE Exam prep for Windows 2000 Pro 70-210 certification exam.          12/10/02  7.65M Discover, develop and train your psychic abilities.         08/08/02  1.15M Do electricity experiment in your computer with it 07/21/03  2.73M Program to calculate pressure drops in pipes
perlib18a.exe     12/25/02   264K Interactive periodic table of the elements
personalgenbank.zi 09/09/04  4.80M Molecular sequence updating software and service         06/25/03 13.52M A flight simulator with fully-configurable flight physics/graphic          11/13/02  1.05M Software projects management guide
pianito.exe       01/10/03   111K Play piano synthesizer in your PC keyboard.
picworddemo.exe   07/05/03  2.02M Learn French,Uzbek, Russian,Deutsch,English
pmework.exe       07/26/00  1.58M Essay search, novel notes, and much more homework utils          12/16/02   441K Prime Or Not ! is a collection of tools for primality testing.
pp4setup.exe      11/02/02   887K Document Reader 'Setup' for FREE Scheme of Work (lesson plans).         08/03/02   703K Advanced timer for yogic breathing exercises
pread.exe         01/10/04  4.35M Reading for Primary Kids        07/28/04    71K Analisis de la presion sanguinea y el pulso de un enfermo.         04/23/04  1.53M An EBook of my father's war diaries
protege.EXE       08/30/04   829K Now you can name, talk to, and love your PC! Your Prot'eg'ee!
pspell.exe        01/31/03  5.22M Primary Spelling Tutor with meanings
qga10.exe         12/18/02  2.02M Spell-check/auto-correct New Testament Greek for accents
qow_setup.exe     09/09/02  2.08M Get wisdom from 2,600 greatest minds   11/16/02   168K Intelligent Flashcard Study Aid         03/24/01  2.54M Read The Qur'an, holy muslim book on your PC.
randgen12.Zip     05/19/03   299K Program to generate random numbers
rawsetup.exe      09/27/02  7.19M Ceramic raw materials reference ebook
rayabc.exe        11/02/02   772K Free fun educational program for children aged 3-6.
romans.exe        01/30/03  2.50M Teaching on the Biblical book of Romans.
rspl32.exe        12/17/02   831K Multimedia spelling bee plus two word games.
rw_arabic_setup.ex 07/30/04  1.92M Learn the Arabic alphabet.
rwg.exe           04/13/04  2.54M Generates random, artificial words using a configurable method of
rwrussiansetup.exe 07/30/04  2.91M Learn the Russian cyrillic alphabet.
sbsetup.exe       12/01/02   700K Make your own multiple choice and vocabulary tests then run them.
scatlab12.exe     06/04/03   937K electromagnetic scattering simulations      01/05/03  3.98M A practice tests -        01/05/03  3.42M Network practice tests -
seccna607.exe     12/14/02  4.33M Pass your Cisco CCNA 640-607 exam the first time with SavvyEngine
seccna801.exe     06/27/04  3.54M SavvyeNgine CCNA 640-801 Exam Simulator      09/09/04  4.60M Molecular sequence assembly software
setadvelb.exe     06/11/04  2.70M Build e-tests in visual mode. Compile to EXE.
setup.exe         07/01/04 20.63M 2400 LOW CARB RECIPES with nutrient listings
setupdictmaster.ex 10/05/02  2.88M Universal dictionary.
setupreadplease200 09/28/02 10.29M A human voice for your computer - Free text-to-speech software
setupteachlight.ex 01/11/04  1.64M Studying of foreign languages, psychoanalysis
setupwir.exe      08/09/02  2.32M Calculates Watts, amps, ohms, Volts
sgifts.exe        01/31/03  1.55M Powerpoint Presentation, Microxot Word notes and an e-book.
shelpr11.exe      08/13/02   538K A program that aids memorization of any topic    05/03/01   255K Expression calculator for calculation molecular weight   05/03/01   288K Periodic table of the elements with temp scale    11/27/02  4.38M Sm Calculator,the calculator with style,includes music player! Fr
smus-box.exe      08/01/02 11.58M Construct and Play your Music Box!
solomo10.exe      09/11/02   681K King Solomon's Mines by H. Ryder Haggard     02/19/04   532K Multipurpose scientific calculator
speedreading.exe  08/16/04   499K Double your reading speed and comprehension.
spelldemo.exe     08/22/03  3.24M Customisable Spelling Tutor      08/01/02  3.82M Learn guitar tablature, chords and songs.      08/28/02  2.93M Excellent Spanish vocabulary building program
stamin25.exe      01/07/03  1.22M Multifunctional touch-typing tutor       07/01/04 13.07M Software planetarium,see thestars
sthelp35.exe      11/11/02  1.09M Helps students in mathematics and physics.
symmetry.exe      08/02/04  5.36M MSC 03H05 - nonstandard models in mathematics
t2setup.exe       02/05/03  1.17M Translate any on-screen only with the mouse.
tale10.exe        10/06/02   866K A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens      08/23/02  1.18M Determines soil texture classes
tbattle.exe       05/27/01  1.72M Improve your typing skills by competing with others
tconstructor2.exe 05/08/04  3.72M Universal program for testing the knowledge.
tdict.exe         03/11/02  8.95M Talking Dictionary / Thesaurus
tester.exe        08/23/02   629K Produce, manage and run tests quicker
theo_300.exe      07/26/00  9.40M Freeware Bible study app with multimedia, HTML & more.
thessbook.exe     07/18/03  1.61M Web browser e-book on the Biblical book of First Thessalonians.      04/21/02  2.26M A mathematical game, related with the tiling by penrose tiles
timefo10.exe      10/06/02   543K The Land that Time Forgot byBurroughs.
timetable.exe     11/17/02  1.63M Create timetables for your school.
timezonex.exe     07/25/03  1.46M discover current local world time information      06/06/00  3.49M Talking CCNA Flash Quiz for the Cisco CCNA Exam
tm2002.exe        04/17/01  3.30M Typing Tutor with Integrated ProTrainer
tm200262.exe      09/10/02  3.69M Type up to 4 times faster with Typingmaster
tmgames6.exe      06/26/00  1.53M Free game package for typists
toolbox_2.exe     11/12/02  1.60M The ultimate companion for the busy teacher
tools.exe         10/28/02  6.44M Animated Photoshop Toolbox reference
topdict2003.exe   09/28/02  8.70M An all-in-one bi-directional dictionary and translator.        01/23/04  5.45M Create tests, process and evaluate results!        09/09/04  3.76M Phylogenetic Tree Visualization and Annotation Software
trhelp.exe        10/05/03   475K Process student reports. Store comments. Free
triangles101_trial 05/30/04   782K Mathematical program for high school students and teachers.      09/29/02  1.84M Three educational games for ages 5-12.       03/27/04  1.16M HAM radio digital communications software.
truth.exe         06/29/02   565K Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Confucianism, others        08/20/04   793K Freeware Touch Typing program.
ucpro20.exe       08/31/02   874K Unit conversion program conv. table creator
ulef_win.exe      05/09/02  2.19M A professional grade French-English translating dictionary.
uleg_win.exe      05/09/02  2.69M A professional grade German-English translating dictionary.
ulei_win.exe      05/09/02  1.24M A professional grade Italian-English translating dictionary.
ules_win.exe      05/09/02  2.65M A professional grade Spanish-English translating dictionary.
ulf_win.exe       05/09/02  2.38M An extensive French dictionary.      08/29/02 10.50M Simulation of multibody system dynamics
uspuz2kp.exe      06/29/00   946K USA Jigsaw Puzzles       08/17/02   331K Practise the multiplication tables in a falling blocks game.    04/24/01  1.28M Resistor Color Code Calculator      04/19/04  4.09M free electronic vocabulary notebook for CELTA
vfc.exe           08/22/02  3.45M Create, organize and study flashcards      08/15/02   513K Challenging maths game with falling blocks with numbers
vocab2.exe        08/12/02  6.10M Easily create vocabulary worksheets.
vocabbox.exe      09/22/00  3.54M Boost your vocabulary with this educational freeware        10/09/01   996K create flash cards, vocabulary bingo, quizzes,searches      01/01/02  1.35M Study foreign language vocabulary.
vsetup.exe        07/24/04   571K Chinese-English translation vocabulary.
vteacher.exe      06/23/04  1.18M Learn other languages with this screensaver.
w2kprod.exe       10/09/00  3.50M Talking Windows 2000 Profressional Flash Quiz V.2.0
w98tat.exe        03/25/02  1.65M Self-help tutorial for Windows 98, designed for the novice.
war10.exe         10/06/02   676K The War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells      01/24/02  1.12M Guess the Word Before the Dynamite Explodes!       09/25/03   292K Ebook that will show you how to lose weight
withyourdog.exe   08/07/02   785K Learn how to exercise with your canine companion.
wordpractice.exe  12/21/02   884K Practice spelling of words when studying foreign languages      11/02/00  1.21M 10,000 famous quotes from the most interesting people
words_setup.exe   05/27/01   877K Words allows to memorize new words while working
wstxf.exe         03/01/00  2.28M Overcome common writing style errors.
wtgxf.exe         03/01/00  2.28M Helps students improve writing mechanics        09/05/03  1.33M Study with this freeware medical dictionary.          01/21/03  1.24M The Biblical book on 200 Fractal stamped postcards.

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