Directory of dskutil        05/26/01   323K Renames a lot of files at once, e.g.MP3. Undo,WYSIWYG,Error check
AGENT.ZIP         01/13/03   882K Nice MessageBoxes in your programs
Advanced_Uninstall 08/18/04  6.45M Easily clean up and optimize your computer.   11/04/01    15K Electronic Date/Time Clock with Alarm Reminder  11/06/02   114K Shuts down your PC at preset Date
AutoStartList.exe 08/06/01   572K Lists all hidden programs that start up when windows boots.
BTTB.exe          04/27/01   309K Utility to optimally fit files and folders on media such as CDRs
Back2zip_setup.exe 01/14/04   565K Don't tempt fate! Backup your data to ZIP files automatically!
BitZipper4_0Trial. 02/27/04  2.13M Unzip WinZip, WinRar, WinAce and other files
CDRoller402eval.zi 09/23/02  1.30M A powerful, easy-to-use and low cost toolset for CD data recovery      12/07/02  1.59M CD drive(s) management with a System tray icon. 01/22/04  1.29M CHK file analysis and content recovery
CalcuWageSetup.exe 01/13/03  2.72M Small unobtrusive, fun program that calculates your wage each sec
Calorie.exe       06/09/04    26K Calorie requirement calculator.
CertMgrEng.exe    04/22/01  1.78M Tool to create selfsigned certificates for testing (X.509 / V3)
CompFd_zip_program 11/09/03   919K This is a program much like winzip with a built-in self extractor
ControlSheetSetup. 05/12/03   195K Quick control on the most important display settings.
DTCv1b2.exe       11/30/02   878K Manage CD recording, make ISO-files, bootable ISO, and more.
DVDCreator.exe    06/01/03  3.68M create VCD SVCD Burn VCD SVCD
DVD_Shrink_3_1_2.e 01/16/04   810K Backs up DVD to hard drive for later burning.           07/27/01    82K Finds duplicate and differing files based on many criteria.
Dialylog.exe      08/02/02   108K Keeps track of your events     11/08/01    71K Displays disk storage occupancy of folder and all subfolders
DiskVision.EXE    09/20/02   582K Shows file and folder sizes visually        06/24/04    28K Collect
ERSetup.exe       10/10/02   700K Rename groups of your files fast and easy. 05/29/04    86K A small Utility which gives a new look to your Explorer Window.
FILERECOVERY_Profe 12/17/02  1.34M Data Recovery Software for Windows
FShredder.ZIP     09/13/02   111K Delete files completely, making them unrestorable
FXEDIT32.ZIP      03/14/01   130K View and edit any file using this ASCII / Hexadecimal editor.
FileRecoverDemo.zi 05/26/01   232K Recover and undelete files from your Hard Disk
FortKnox.exe      05/09/03  1.32M Total Security
Freespace99.msi   06/13/02  1.45M Displays free disk space in variety of ways.
GLISTER.exe       08/28/03   294K Folder File Listing
IconChanger32.exe 07/07/04  1.01M Changing icons on the desktop is fun and easy      09/14/02   875K Manage your repetitive tasks easy
LogfileTail_setup. 10/10/02   738K Log file monitoring tool
MFR421.exe        05/31/01   599K Advanced Multiple File Renamer
MMSetup.exe       03/15/01   292K Save your online shopping receipts!No more printing!        11/08/01    14K Provides one way sync between master and slave folders
MultiView.Zip     07/11/04  4.71M MultiView File Browser
Note_Keeper_2003.m 04/26/03  2.67M Notes, Email, Favorites and other information keeper
OEBackup5_setup.ex 06/28/02  1.81M Backup and restore messages, folders, address book, settings, etc
QuickFoldersSetup. 11/23/02   789K Customize standard Open and Save File dialogs
SFPP172.EXE       09/16/02  1.47M Get cool graphical prints of your folders
SSGold.exe        05/07/01  1.37M Protect Your System with this powerful recovery application
SameFolder.exe    08/17/03   274K A simple and reliable and flexible backup uti        07/25/03  1.56M An automatic file backup tool for user files      10/25/03  1.59M Automatically set system restore points
SetupF3T.EXE      04/24/01   717K The Fast PC Linker - III
ShredItPC.exe     01/30/03  1.18M Securely deletes files, folders, disk free space      01/06/02   116K Cutter - Split large files into smaller ones !
StartMan.exe      11/10/03   909K StartUp Manager - take control of your PC
Sumation.msi      10/01/02  2.64M Directory Printer, Create Move/Copy/Deletion Jobs, plus much more 05/19/04  1.52M Easily backup, sync, or restore your files
TempCleaner.exe   10/12/01   197K TempCleaner cleans temporary files,IE cashe,cookies etc      07/13/02  1.59M A small but handy complement to Explorer
TriviaStdEn201.exe 03/01/04  2.28M Creates encrypted virtual drives.
UWC2002D.EXE      10/31/01  1.11M Safely Cleans Your Windows and Improves Performance!
VisualRenamer.exe 06/18/04  1.67M New Visual tool for renaming groups of files.
WINISO38.EXE      07/11/01  1.06M WinISO is a CD-ROM image converter/extractor/editor. 09/18/03   380K View directory tree with the size information
WinAdmin-Trial.exe 07/18/04  2.48M Keep hackers from configuring your system
Xintegritysetup.ex 03/01/04  4.17M Xintegrity security application.
ZDelete_Setup.exe 06/19/01   951K Eraser
ZSyncSetup.exe    08/31/02   427K A nice utility for comparison and synchronizing files and folders   11/21/02   717K Archives cataloguing tool.          11/25/02   665K It allows you to securily delete any file.
accsetup.exe      04/07/04   554K Access to Windows functions,folders,documents
acmsetup.exe      02/15/03  3.13M Innovative shell with a great functionality
activemultiwallpap 12/11/03  1.31M Change the wallpaper automaticaly!
actualdoc.exe     08/04/03  1.48M Unique, secure recent documents manager        10/28/02  1.17M Disk cataloger with search, reports etc.      07/22/03   851K Restrict access to key features of Windows      05/29/03  4.00M 32 bit Windows program to Split, Join, Zip and UnZip any file
afssetup.exe      12/03/02   512K Securely erase files or folders on your PC
airbackup.exe     05/14/03   893K Full-featured backup utility
alarm.exe         05/11/04   623K Alarm clock playing MP3 and other audio files
alcohol_120.exe   07/02/04  3.48M Emulation software for cd/dvds      06/12/03  1.48M Auto File / Directory synchronizer and backup       09/25/03   392K Changes file date/time stamps        09/01/03  1.06M Set date-time to files/images/Office documens        05/05/04  1.41M Batch change file/folder date-time/attributes      02/08/02  1.39M Permanent and secure file deletion utility.
apexsqlscript.exe 03/19/04  3.76M ApexSQL Scriptİ creates insert scripts
ardlite.exe       11/06/03   914K Advanced Registry Doctor Lite
art_dir_print.exe 02/11/04   900K Print directory, CD and DVD listings      12/24/02  1.39M Add new buttons to any windows title bar
awdsetup.exe      06/30/03  1.70M Make windows easy to use and beautiful!
awgsetup.exe      04/24/03  1.34M Gain full control on your windows!
awmsetup.exe      07/17/03  1.38M Minimize any program to Tray or Screen Edge
awrsetup.exe      05/14/03  1.39M Roll up/unroll windows to title bars!
ax_20b76.exe      10/21/02  1.57M Manage ZIP, RAR, ACE, TAR archives and more.      07/10/02   623K Floppy disk or cd-rom files recovery tool      06/09/02   309K translate the raw byte code of any file.
bkplus.exe        03/20/03  7.13M Create easy to manage Windows Backups.       09/15/02  1.01M Universal boot manager   07/24/04   474K Multi-string search-and-replace utility.       10/16/02   993K Schedules backups in Windows 98, 98SE, Intl
cacsetup.exe      12/31/03   927K This is a fully customisable alarm clock by CompFd
casetup.exe       08/03/02   471K Steganography - hide files/dirs inside multiple WAV or BMP files
cd-eject-tool-2_6. 11/30/03   644K It is a utility that manages CD drive doors. 07/14/02   383K To catalog/manager/list/storage your CDs(cd/data cd/vcd/dvd etc)
cdTreeSetup.exe   02/20/03  4.51M cdTree is an easy to use, efficient and powerful media catalog
cd_setup.exe      08/07/03   506K Do not lose your CD
cd_setup_lite.exe 10/03/03   774K Do not lose your CD
cdbox22.exe       11/14/02 12.81M Manage all files in your CD Boxes.           03/08/03   898K Catalog your CDs or other medias.
cdlib.exe         12/04/02  3.25M Advanced CD Rom archiving, directory simulation, search, App info     04/17/04   179K CD Tray Pal - CD-ROM drive control utility      11/10/03   898K CDWinder is a cataloging software.
cfdsetup.exe      07/03/04   724K This will transfer your bigger (binary) files.
cfsc.exe          07/04/01   430K CFSC Chris Free Software Cleaner manages your programs.      09/23/01   393K Scan disks for errors and produce disk image        11/28/02   241K DM is a tool for finding valuable disk space, and more
chronolt.exe      11/23/02   809K Synchronizes PC clock via the Internet.
ckfo_100.exe      02/26/01   144K CKFolder: create folders from explorer's right-click context menu
ckrn_108.exe      02/26/01   601K CKRename: A powerful file renaming utility.      04/25/04  1.22M CleanUp: Cleans Drives of Unwanted Files
clndisk.exe       08/19/04   636K Comprehensive disk cleaning for the very tigh
clonesetup.exe    01/27/03   444K A handy tool for keeping hard drives clean.      08/30/03   156K Automation of routine operations      07/23/04  1.60M sticky note, always on top, can be set to pop up at preset time.
cryle.exe         05/06/04  2.29M Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software
cryptocommander.ex 10/11/02  1.23M Professional file encryption utility
ctrl3win.exe      07/16/04   716K The fastest file manager for 32 bit Windows
datadestroyersetup 12/29/02  1.39M Automatically securely removes data from HD      08/28/02  1.03M Disk and file cataloging program      08/20/02  1.43M search hundreds of zip files within seconds
deskbar.exe       03/15/03   701K Quick access to common functions in Windows.     01/27/04   833K Save, restore, manage and lock desktop layout       05/29/03   551K Hard disks life measuring and monitoring tool         11/06/01  1.76M Disk Inspector - Disk Cataloging Utility for Lazy's         06/16/02   959K Win Guardian is a Windows customized and System utility    10/09/02   618K Erases hidden data on a storage completely.       12/14/03   467K Free disk-space reporting tool      05/30/04  1.24M DLLspy: Inspects your DLLs for changes in version      01/01/03   405K A high performance AES/Blowf./RC6 SFX-Crypter      01/01/03   423K Cryption tool
dpdemo.exe        06/17/04   752K Automatic scandisk and defrag utility.
drivescrubber.exe 12/20/02   735K Securely wipe all data from any drive
dtlet-wst.exe     11/08/03   527K Fast access to the desktop icons
dumeter3.exe      10/17/02   976K Real-time graphical display of internet data transfer rates
dupe_checker.exe  03/30/04  1020K Find and manipulate over the duplicate files.
dwsetup15.exe     09/01/04  1017K Full control over all your files and disks 06/25/03  1.96M PXE, BOOTP, TFTP servers        03/08/03   706K Prevent file being deleted after encrypting
emailmerge.exe    09/25/03   816K Send personalized email messages with Outlook      10/10/01   750K Erase data permanently. Free.  06/19/03   598K Excel Password: guaranteed password recovery!
ezip.exe          01/21/03  5.14M Full featured ZIP Utility            01/09/04  1.47M Compare files in two different directories.
fi23.exe          08/31/04   661K Creates image files of floppy disks and back.      06/12/03  2.93M Filehunter finds files, search zip file text
filemanager1.exe  08/04/04  9.19M File Manager for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP      04/05/03   236K File recover program for Win95/98/Me.
filerecovery-demo. 12/27/01   767K Safe, do-it-yourself data recovery.  09/23/03  1.37M Catalog and organize your files
frigate3_lite.exe 06/16/04  5.03M Handy file manager with huge set of features      05/03/04  1.22M FullDisk: Hard Drive Usage Profiler    09/04/03    39K A program that cahnges your voice.
fvsetupf3t.exe    05/28/02   697K $29.95 LapLink Alternative
gbd_v304b53_previe 08/31/01  7.87M Restore your harddrive to any point in the recent past!
hb40.exe          09/30/03  1.72M Backup to CD-RW, FTP or LAN.
hddt1.exe         07/03/04  1.04M Hard-drive temperature monitoring software.
hddtpro1.exe      12/03/03  1.24M Hard-drive temperature monitoring software.
hdledxp.exe       09/19/02   710K Hard Disk LED simulates hard disk light
hdr-data.exe      01/12/00   494K Recover Corrupted Harddisk Data
hideall.exe       11/28/03   519K Hide any running application along with taskbar and icons     12/05/03   207K Program to hide any number of files/folders
hs-sm-su.exe      04/10/00   444K FreeWare split merge chop file
hsr2_0setup.exe   08/28/04   910K Add HDD defect into P-list.
iMRoamer.exe      09/16/02   336K Access large interactive maps/satellite images via Internet
iRecoverSetup.exe 01/22/04  1.16M iRecover is aread-only data recovery tool       09/12/02   680K Backup and restore entire partitions.   06/09/02   129K InstallFile is used to replace or delete locked files (f.ex. DLLs
isSetup.exe       11/06/02  1.20M This is an encyption program that's based on drag and drop.
isobuster_14_all_l 06/15/03  2.41M Data recovery from CD and DVD.
isocomm_en.exe    02/23/03   480K Editor CD images of different formats.       07/20/03    15K Folder icon customisation utility        01/12/03  5.05M k-Crypt is a powerful encryption tool!
kybexex-1_2.exe   07/23/03  5.19M file finder and explorer replacement
lOl.exe           05/21/04   589K If you are master of your mouse...
launcher-setup.exe 04/24/04   829K Launcher is a personal shortcut manager.   12/01/02  1.16M Easily manage and quickly launch shortcuts.      11/01/02   793K Enhanced backup tool. Zip supported.       11/28/02   448K Backup Windows 95/98/NT long filenames
lookquickbar.exe  02/08/03   238K Add cool functions to internet explorer      01/07/03  1.01M Allows you to change Win98 system language.
managedesk.exe    08/14/03  2.16M The award-winning virtual desktop manager.
mbstup20.exe      11/08/02  2.20M Create AutoRun CDs and design menu windows
mcsetup.exe       11/08/02  1.01M MS-DOS subsustem with a great interface and many options!
mfnc.exe          08/25/02  3.53M mp3 renamer
msf30.exe         08/06/04   402K Hides a folder or protects it password
multibatcher-setup 04/22/04   971K MultiBatcher is an automation/batch program.
nfsaxe18.exe      11/29/02  3.40M NFS Client and Server for Microsoft Windows
niyowins.exe      08/16/04  2.80M Professional renaming utility
nnbackup227.exe   01/26/04   240K Backup and directory synchronization tool      12/28/03   552K Outlook Express password recovery tool.
oepsetup.exe      12/13/03   382K Program recover all Outlook Express passwords
pdg3.exe          03/18/03  4.72M Professional anti-trojan remover.
photorescuepro_set 11/20/03   635K Recover deleted images from all media.       01/01/03   103K Protect exe with high secure methode.       12/13/03   320K Manage partitions,check for errors and repair them automatically
purge.exe         07/04/04   645K Purge removes unwanted junk files.      06/19/02   411K It is a restore-only, free version of Quick Split.
qssetup_freeware.e 03/28/02   572K QuickSearcher is a file search tool with great text preview.
r2k_demo.exe      02/24/04  1.32M NTFS, FAT Data Recovery and Undelete Software
ramdisc.exe       10/18/01   950K Ramdisk shows used memory and disk usage
ransetup.exe      01/30/03   440K A tool to analyze and clean system registry.
recover.exe       12/17/02  2.75M Safe, do-it-yourself digital photo recovery.
rescue10.exe      10/25/03  2.34M Recovers Windows and increases its permanence      04/27/99  1.05M Revival is an undelete and file-recovery program            06/09/03  2.58M Display relative path between two directories
rrdemo.exe        06/12/04  1.06M RiteRecovery retrieves lost files from media.
sc12.exe          08/17/03   390K Search duplicate files and cleanup hard drive
scsetup.exe       09/16/03  1.19M Free up disk space and protect your privacy
sdatimersetup.exe 12/13/03   471K countdown timer        05/27/04   773K Utility for search files with string replace.      07/16/03   790K Shop on-line safely
setup-ezdw.exe    12/11/02   787K Calculate Date Differances
setup.exe         04/22/01  4.66M Backup and Restore on removable media         02/16/03   798K Customize special effects when your computer starts
setup_crunner.exe 07/30/03  2.09M The definitive program launcher for Windows
setup_ir.exe      03/07/03   619K Recover lost digital camera images
sf211.exe         02/21/02  2.28M Folders synchronizer with security support
sfbsetup.exe      04/12/03  1.02M download manage, file manage,web info picker, search tool.  08/31/00  1.93M Secure file destruction utility (file shredder)      04/12/01   282K deleted windows files are easy to undelete - but no more!
sig17.exe         11/20/03  1.42M S.M.A.R.T. HDD health monitoring software.
smasher.exe       12/19/02  1.58M Smash/Kill all pop-ups, specially mouse trapping pop-ups
smdcop18.exe      08/08/02   545K Back up or copy changed files to cd or other (easy backup tool)
softcat_setup.exe 05/15/03  2.00M Keep track of your software   09/30/01   146K Fantastic software that can change your windows system speed.
swipe1.exe        07/26/04  2.38M Powerful secure file erasing tool for Windows
sync_v12.exe      09/01/02   612K An innovative synchronization/backup program.
syncb14.exe       01/01/03   366K Synchronize and backup files and folders    04/21/04   430K A program to delete temporary files (Simple System Cleaner)      11/17/01  1.57M Free Post it note pad with all the options you would expect.
task.exe          10/15/02    99K Process and startup manager with advanced log      04/04/00    73K Data file is too big to save in one floppy disk'          11/09/02    82K Too many icons in SysTray? Try Tray Pilot!        11/19/02    60K Too many icons in SysTray? Try Tray Pilot!
trueimage8.0_d_en. 08/12/04 20.84M System disk backup and restore solution
tssetup.exe       11/07/02  1.28M Create a CryptCD, password protected, portable
turborun.exe      11/06/03   751K Access ANY program, document or bookmark FAST      01/01/03    26K Winmd5 uses MD5technology to check files
utime12.exe       07/18/04  3.85M Monitor record and graph active computer time        09/09/02  1.83M Performs the DOS SUBST command from Windows.
vdir090.exe       09/19/02   460K Maps directory paths to unused drive letters
wasetup5.exe      12/21/02   657K Windows taskmanager style administration utility.
wgone382.exe      05/07/02  1.03M A disc space analysis utility
windowcleanser.exe 05/09/03  1.14M Clean PC and Internet tracks, Enhance your PC
winima61.exe      09/23/02   418K WinImage, the Windows disk imager      06/08/04   729K Increasing operating system performance.      07/05/02   106K Prevent deleted files from recovery by undeletion
wnrsqntz.exe      07/30/04   959K Four tools to protect you against crashes.
wnwz2k15.exe      11/04/02  1.70M Windows desktop customization          08/22/02   374K Create visual tutorials and presentations for your friends.
wprivsuite.exe    10/16/02  3.32M Clean Your PC tracks and Hide Your Activities        10/15/02  2.16M Zip direct to CD or DVD, password protect
ycsetup.exe       05/10/04   515K Folder/disk copy and data migration utility.
zcliveupdatesetup. 09/20/02  1.06M Free file manager with 2 windows     06/12/03  4.28M Zipsearch searches archives, finds files
zipsetup.exe      03/25/01  1.60M ZipItFast - It's Free and it's quick, get it.
zwrang.exe        12/18/01  1.56M ZipWrangler (freeware): create/extract Zip, Cab

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