Directory of desktop

00fireicedragons10 06/23/00   348K 1024x768 Wallpaper Freeware RED dragon vs BLUE Dragon
01bstsmk2.exe     11/05/00  4.27M The best 34 images from the Smoky Mountain series.
01vtscene.exe     03/31/00  5.69M Beautiful scenes from the Green Mountain state.
0acreate1.exe     11/02/99  4.31M Create and distribute Screen Savers with your images.
0void02.exe       06/05/00   825K Freeware Screen Saver featuring beautiful Ocean Scenes
0void03.exe       06/05/00   874K Freeware Screen Saver featuring beautiful Waterfalls
1AAllSea.exe      09/20/02  2.63M All Sea Screen Saver isfree.
1MoonAboveSetup.ex 12/18/02   909K See the phases of the Moon in stunning 3D !
1anature.exe      07/01/00  5.60M Stunning Nature and Travel Screensaver
1stImpression-2.5. 03/09/03  2.48M Replaces Windows startup/shutdown screens on each boot up      08/11/01   193K Collection of 64 3D Blue Animated Cursors for Windows 03/08/01   813K 3D animated funny mirror screensaver.      08/12/01   126K Collection of 60 3D Green Animated Cursors for Windows      08/12/01    49K Collection of sports related 3D Maroon Animated Cursors      08/12/01   201K Collection of 256 color 3D Orange Animated Cursors for Windows      08/12/01   182K Collection of 72 3D Purple Animated Cursors for Widows      08/12/01   179K Collection of 3D Red Animated Cursors for Windows      08/12/01   146K Collection of 61 3D Yellow Animated Cursors for Windows
3dcrcube.exe      10/24/00  2.24M Totally free 3d rotating picture cube screen saver       02/07/99   167K Yet Another Valentine ScreenSaver with MP3 playback        11/23/02   548K Minimizes to tray Outook and any application
ADPopupKiller_Setu 12/29/02   618K Close ADs popped and protect your privacy.
ARABEDIT.EXE      02/26/01   361K Allwos you to write Arabic on any PC user interfce in Arabic
Adrinwalls_Cars.zi 08/17/01  1.34M This screensaver features 18 HQ images of the hottest cars.
Adrinwalls_Ladies. 08/17/01  1.59M This screensaver features 20 of the most beautiful women.
AffiliateDMBuilder 09/09/04  1.05M Desktop Manager of Wallpapers         06/20/04  5.11M This program is a customizable alarm clock.
Angus_ACDC.exe    02/28/02   548K pretty cool Angus character also works with win 98      08/12/01   112K Collection of Animated Inverse Cursors for Windows 06/27/03  1.68M AtClock adding skins support in to tray clock
BabyaText.exe     10/02/01   325K Text editor
Babya_System_11.2_ 11/23/02  3.00M Freeware Shell replacement-with 'smart tasks' enabled
BackupV4-6.exe    04/03/02    76K Copy a list of files and selectively copy directory structures       01/16/02   600K Balance reconciles your check book with your bank statement       08/12/01    46K Collection of unique Christmas Animated Cursors for Windows      05/14/02     1K Well....Animated Chainsaw!!
ClipBoostInstall.e 11/27/02   692K Clip Boost remembers all text and images copied to the clipboard
ClockAnalog.exe   01/15/04   665K This program displays the current time.
ClockD.exe        05/01/04   715K This program displays the current time.       10/22/02  1.56M Desktop Ruler, drag and drop horizontal and or vertical ruler.       08/13/04   558K This plant brings life to your desktop!
DSAudit.ZIP       12/06/02   759K View directories and find out where the disk space is used
DancinBears.exe   04/12/02  1.96M Grateful Dead/Dancin' Bear Screen Saver
DesktopOrganizer_P 04/27/04   441K Atomic Clock Sync, Organizer, Trayclock, Desktop Calendar      01/05/03  1.19M Add a Photo Slide Show to your Desktop Wallpaper!         10/26/02   185K Rotate your Pics easily on your Desktop
Easterbn.exe      03/25/00   216K Easter bunnies hopping around your screen
EventMon.exe      12/29/02   661K Reminds about Birthdays, personal celebrations etc.       08/12/01    85K Collection of 56 Flat Blue 3D Animated Cursors for Windows       08/13/04   186K Quickly browse your folders and files.  08/30/02   262K Launches any specified file at specified hour and day(s).
FolderOrganizer.zi 03/03/03  3.55M Logically organize your favorite folders    07/20/03   604K A freeware font viewing utility.      03/09/00   697K Picture Viewer. Shows slideshows from dir. or from list 05/19/03  3.67M The Zip tool for AutoCAD
GA_personal2_0.exe 01/08/04 10.62M Online Privacy, Protection, Filtering, Proxy
GA_professional2_0 01/08/04  5.59M Online Privacy, Protection, Filtering, Proxy
GeekAlarm.exe     10/19/02   679K Break alarm tells you went to take breaks.   02/22/01  2.30M It can play your favourite AVI file as Screen Saver       03/23/03   407K Does the elements of your desktop translucent.
HGC-setup.exe     01/02/03  4.69M Almost 30,000 resources from Maximilian Genealogy for FREE        04/06/01  1.15M Falling cherry blossoms on your desktop
Hgss.exe          11/18/02   398K Wanted balls bouncing around your screen? get them here!      10/23/01    20K Utility that hides program from the desktop, w/tagging      12/31/02  3.08M An advanced WYSIWYG D/HTML Editor   11/24/03  1.60M change folder icon,change shell icon     04/15/02   727K Organize Notes and Memos - Freeware
InstZeroAds.exe   12/12/03  4.56M Surf the net on your own terms with ZeroAds.
InstallEuclid.exe 09/06/02   673K An RPN Calculator for the beautiful mind.
Install_Babya_Syst 08/03/02  1.56M Shell replacement
Install_bDesktop.e 07/28/02   583K Shell replacement for Windows users         03/23/01   504K My second Jimi Hendrix wallpaper
JRalarm.exe       04/09/04   310K Nice PC Alarm Clock...
JRgeticon.exe     04/09/04   587K Extract any icon from EXE, DLL and ICO files.
JRiconrefresh.exe 04/09/04   284K Fix desktop icons when they mess up on you.
JRstartbutton.exe 04/09/04   296K This has many changes you can apply to your start button
Kairi_Screensaver- 09/29/03   559K This screensaver is about kairi from kingdom hearts
LookOutSetup.exe  01/30/03   222K Automatic daily image downloader.Slide show/wallpaper/screensaver
Lord_of_the_Rings. 08/09/02    71K Lord of the Rings Desktop wallpaper
Lord_of_the_Rings_ 08/09/02   145K lord of the Rings 2 Desktop Wallpaper
LstBeach.exe      09/20/02  4.90M Lost BeachesScreen Saver isfree.
MCInstal.exe      04/08/04   549K Holds an unlimited number of clipboards.
MOVIEWOWDL.exe    12/21/01 15.78M Create exciting movies with digital photos and movie clips.
MWCoverter_Trial.e 09/05/02  1.15M Convert MP3 files to WAV format and vice-vers
Merry_Xmas_from_Bo 12/13/03   110K Cat lovers christmas Greeting
MessageAuthority.e 11/21/03  6.11M Keeps your inbox free of spam.
MetaCommanderSetup 07/17/04  1.10M Explorer upgrade menu based file manager.    08/23/02  2.91M Generate fake messages, remind something, make notes, etc.
MyHeartSetup.exe  04/13/02  2.31M Photo supported WEB Browser. You will love it!
MySwissAlps_Active 04/15/03  2.13M 22 pictures of the Swiss Alps
MySwissAlps_Active 04/15/03  3.32M 22 pictures of the Swiss Alps
MySwissAlps_Active 04/14/03  1.31M 22 pictures of the Swiss Alps        08/18/02  3.15M Enhanced Internet Browser for windows       08/12/01    43K Collection of unique New Year Animated Cursors for Windows
NexusPortalInstall 11/27/02   669K Control your PC remotely over the internet or your office network
PC-Com405Setup.exe 03/30/03   876K Access programs and web sites instantly by typing keywords
PW_Chapter_7.exe  09/01/04  4.27M Flash Animation with awesome story and graphics!
PremiumClock21.exe 05/15/04  2.20M Analog, digital, tray clock, calendar, alarms
QuickCalSetup10.EX 10/29/02   983K ...put the date in your system tray!
QuickCalc_setup.ex 01/14/04   326K And you thought a calculator couldn't be Sexy!!
RCC2000Setup.exe  09/03/03   977K Original shell-based file manager.     08/03/01  4.69M Organize desktops as virtual reality worlds (just like a 3D game)       07/21/03   751K Randomize your screen savers  04/15/02   633K Reminder Program - Freeware
RenameFlexV4-0.exe 10/27/02   132K Program for renaming and copying multiple files
SMD2_setup.exe    08/28/04   302K Multi-saves of your Desktop icons' postion (Win 9x-ME Only).    04/30/03   377K Nice program which will change Windows system icons to it's own.      10/12/02   748K full-featered FREEware Sticky Note program      01/20/03  4.89M Original screengraphics for Win9x/ME
SemTopInstall.msi 02/11/04   294K Tool that makes windows always on top.
Setup102.exe      01/27/03  8.22M Chat in Urdu with msn Messenger and Chat users
SetupCDT.exe      04/10/01  5.81M Automatically catalogs your CD music collection, and more.
SetupLibrary.exe  10/30/03  3.50M Sort countless books in the ancient library.
Setup_GDN_SSaver.e 08/03/04   670K GDN Tunnel Screen Saver.
Setup_JSPro.exe   03/18/03  1.81M Capture, annotate and send any information with Outlook and Lotus
Setup_S_File_Viewe 11/08/03   790K  S File Viewer V 1:0 is made for you to search your file's.
Shadow_border_Wall 01/14/03   995K Nice desktop wallpaper Nature,Weird
Share.exe         05/31/03  1008K Never forget an appointment again. Alarm Clock will keep track.
SmAlarmClockV1.00. 11/22/02  7.93M FREEWARE that playsCD or music on your hard drive as an alarm
SmAlarmClockV2.00_ 12/08/02  3.87M An alarm clock for pc, at any specified time any music can play
SmartWinInstall.zi 12/09/02  7.88M Greate for interacting naturally with Windows as fast as you can
Smoky_Mountains.zi 06/27/01  2.81M Smoky Mountain Screensaver with Midi Music
SpeaktoMailDemo.ex 11/06/02  4.26M Users can address, dictate and send email entirely by speech
Style_EN.EXE      11/19/02  2.09M Beautify your Windows system in seconds.Make it more wonderful      10/22/02    12K Random Windows wallpaper at every boot
TDtheme.exe       11/16/02  1.41M Theme with quotes
TLSetup.exe       09/23/02   550K Run your favorite programs quickly from the system tray. 06/30/02 16.75M Are you tired of reading your LONG emails?
TextPadV1Installer 05/20/04   121K A small textpad which shrinks into your screen when not beingused
TheMatrixSS.exe   05/02/00  5.34M Matrix Screen Saver 11/08/02   257K ThirdEye is a cute boss-comming software with small size.
ToDoList.ZIP      11/12/03   192K A quick way to remember things To Do.      07/20/03    25K Compact Assembly Book and Movie database
UEditor.exe       02/26/01   368K Write Urdu, Urdu Editor, Urdu Word Processor, Urdu Language      09/22/01    91K A collection of animated cursors with a patriotic theme.
UWC.exe           08/24/02   722K Wallpaper Management Utility
VishbarE.exe      12/08/02  1.67M Vishbar Emphasis annotation toolbar
VishbarP.exe      12/08/02  5.52M Vishbar Pro - Personal Knowledge Manager   09/11/02  1007K IE5toolbar button to put selection from IE to Word document.
WallSwapV1-1-2_Set 12/04/02   928K WallSwap, the automatic wallpaper changer for Windows.
WallpaperXeSetup.e 11/06/03  3.00M Wallpaper changer for windows. Free download.    10/13/02  1.50M Disable close buttons, Put any window allways topmost
WindowBlinds4_publ 03/25/04  4.23M The ultimate GUI customization program.
WorksUnit_Advent.e 11/30/02  1.40M Animated interactive Advent Calendar    01/20/04  5.43M Shows time all around the world, more than 225 locations 12/08/01   240K Two Beautifull christmas Wallpapers for your desktop
ZSwebc.exe        10/06/02   561K Get all the pictures, or any other kind of files from Web sites.
a-1wall.exe       11/06/02  2.19M Wallpaper changer/add captions to images        04/02/99  4.81M Golf Scenes Screen Saver!  For the GOLF Lover!
abstetss.exe      01/19/01   385K Watch Intelligent Tetris ScreenSaver and play yourself!          11/25/02   292K Set up to six voice alarms
accnewfile.ZIP    11/12/03   191K Always needing more Accessories
aceclock.exe      11/16/00   846K Download this versatile transparent desktop clock
acezJukebox.exe   04/16/01  2.75M Play your favorite MP3's and CDs with a 10-band equalizer.
aclock11.exe      09/16/02    64K Tiny clock utility with miniature LCD-style watch display
active_wallpaper_c 12/23/02   162K Designer Active Desktop Wallpapers - The Calendar - design04
active_wallpaper_c 02/12/03   365K Designer Active Desktop Wallpapers - The Calendar - design05
active_wallpaper_c 12/23/02   188K Designer Active Desktop Wallpapers - The Clock - design04
active_wallpaper_c 02/12/03   385K Designer Active Desktop Wallpapers - The Clock - design05
activemultiwallpap 04/30/04  2.44M Vary your desktop with wallpapers
ad_Alpine_Lake.exe 04/19/04  1.80M 'Alpine Lake 1.0' Animated Wallpaper
ad_Amazing_Waterfa 09/09/04  3.69M Amazing Waterfall-Animated Desktop Wallpaper
ad_Autumn_Sunset.e 05/13/04  4.10M 'Autumn Sunset - Animated 3DWallpaper' 1.0
ad_Butterflies.exe 05/21/04  2.53M 'Butterflies - Animated Wallpaper' 1.0
ad_Dragon-Fly.exe 09/09/04  2.72M 'AD Dragon-Fly' Animated Desktop 3DWallpaper
ad_Fireplace.exe  05/29/04  5.44M 'Fireplace - Animated Wallpaper' 1.0
ad_Midnight_Fire.e 09/09/04  2.65M Midnight Fire - animated desktop wallpapers.
ad_Mystery_Forest. 09/09/04  3.55M Mystery Forest - animated desktop wallpapers.
ad_Silent_Lagoon.e 09/09/04  3.57M 'Silent Lagoon 2.0' Animated Wallpaper
ad_Three_Bears.exe 09/09/04  2.97M 'Three Bears 2.0' Animated Wallpaper
ad_Water_Lily.exe 09/09/04  2.97M 'Water Lily 2.0' - Animated Wallpaper         09/30/99   405K Romantic Humorus Screen Saver        09/30/99   391K Comfortable genealogy software for your family tree.
ahbsetup.exe      09/08/02 10.46M Donation Webbrowser Created for 911 but never published      01/28/99   391K A great selection of unique wallpapers      01/15/98  1.26M THE INTERNET SCREEN SAVERS PACK, 3 screen savers         02/16/04  1.10M Edit and find icons and manage icon libraries
aimsetup.exe      07/29/04  2.06M Add extra functionality to each window!         09/03/04  1.11M You can create, edit, import, export and find icons and manage ic
aishcool.ZIP      06/18/02   247K winamp skin for the lovers of aishwarya rai by parvesh singla      05/12/99  1.48M Freeware Alarm clock for windows
alarmclockdeluxe_s 12/04/02   520K A alarm clock program with a very cool interface and very easy   11/06/02   304K Start your applications with one-click!      09/16/02   332K Move your wallpaper wherever you want.
allair25.exe      10/07/02  5.46M Shows many different Air Force aircraft in action.
allnav25.exe      10/07/02  4.33M Images of Navy ships, planes, and submarines.
allsea25.exe      10/07/02  5.88M 36 beautiful images that reflect the four seasons.
allships.exe      11/04/99  1.39M All Ships of Babylon 5 Screensaver
allski25.exe      10/07/02  2.84M Shows lovely and exotic skyscapes.
allspa25.exe      10/07/02  4.49M Selection of 63 images in our other Space Screensavers.
allsun25.exe      10/07/02  3.54M Shows lovely and exotic sunsets.
allwat25.exe      10/07/02  4.67M Shows a variety of beautiful and stunning waterfalls.
almaladph.ZIP     11/12/03   192K Keep emails in a safe enviroment away from OutLook Exspress so no
alphafavo.ZIP     11/12/03   192K Keep w.w.w.
alphanot-dex.ZIP  11/12/03   192K It makes open files A-Z that you can drag your pic's, notes or wo
amadiv25.exe      10/07/02  3.96M Amazing images of divers and sites in the deep blue sea
amalig25.exe      10/07/02  4.59M Shows 35 beautiful and relaxing images of lighthouses.
amamou25.exe      10/07/02  4.58M Shows stunning images of beautiful mountain scenes
amaoce25.exe      10/07/02  5.34M Shows spectacular images of ocean vistas.
amark.exe         10/26/02   901K Launch programs and protect computer
amawat25.exe      10/07/02  5.42M Shows 33 beautiful images of freshwater scenes.
amawil25.exe      10/07/02  3.34M Shows 31 images of wildlife from around the world.
amepre25.exe      10/07/02  5.39M See images of every United States president and quotes.
amicrd02.exe      10/09/02  3.74M AMI Electronic Greeting Card Construction Set - with Card Wizard
amispi02.exe      10/11/02  3.93M AMI Spies: A Cold War Daybook - calendar and screen saver
amsaver201.exe    02/24/99  1.59M Plays most known media files/disks as screensaver
amspsh25.exe      10/07/02  4.48M Shows 44 images of NASA's Space Shuttle fleet.
an1scr10.exe      01/16/01  8.12M Images of angels, as visualized and painted by master artists
angart25.exe      10/07/02  3.72M Shows uplifting and inspiring images of angels.  02/27/04  5.66M A Heavenly Inspired Anti-Spam Methodology.       03/24/99   519K Screensaver...Cartoon angels fly.       02/09/98  1.30M Animal Safari Screensaver     01/04/02   555K A Theme for Age of Empires
aoer.exe          10/05/03   726K A powerful tool to recover Outlook Express emails from dbx files.
aok_theme.exe     12/21/01   979K An Age of Kings Theme
aom_theme.exe     12/21/01   990K An Age of Mythology Theme
aq_scr.exe        11/05/99  3.11M 3D animated tropical fish screen saver with messaging
aqua3d.exe        12/07/00   547K Watch an aquarium on your desktop
arches25.exe      10/07/02  3.81M Shows images from Arches National Park in Utah.
artimp25.exe      10/07/02  5.24M Shows beautiful paintings from Impressionist artists.
artleo25.exe      10/07/02  3.07M da Vinci sketches of people,buildings and other objects
artmon25.exe      10/07/02  4.45M Shows beautiful Impressionism art from Claude Monet.       02/27/04  1.96M Find out Local Time and Date Around the World    12/23/02   955K AtFinger is atimesaver
athene_setup.exe  08/16/02  1.69M An object-based operating system that works on multiple platforms
ausbeach.exe      02/26/00   698K Australian Beaches Screensaver      03/21/99  4.28M Australian Supermodels in Bikini's screensaver
autumn25.exe      10/07/02  4.06M Shows 23 beautiful images of fall scenes.  10/11/00   931K Falling autumn leaves on your desktop
aviarios.exe      11/07/02  3.09M Images of Costa Rica's Aviarios Reserve
avstdemo.exe      01/09/98  1.08M Alien Visitations  UFO-Alien-Conspiracy Screensaver
awpsetup.exe      09/02/04  1.18M Wallpaper management utility.      10/15/02   333K Shell replacement          12/28/97  1.99M Famous dancing baby boogies to 'YMCA'
babyasysteminst.zi 09/07/02  2.78M Shell replacements        09/04/00  1.37M Famous Baby Dances to your music and your background!
backstreet.exe    09/24/00  2.58M Backstreet Boys screen saver with wallpaper utility.        04/03/99  1.16M Having a bad day with you personal computer?
beagle30.exe      11/11/99  2.21M Beagle Screen Saver & Wallpaper      03/09/00   408K FreeWare Beauties Screensaver
bfly.exe          09/30/99   646K Colorful Butterflies are fluttering in the screen
bfly1and2.exe     11/07/02  5.50M Spectacular colorful close-ups of Butterflis
biblei25.exe      10/07/02  3.14M See bible verses on beautiful nature backgrounds.
biblii25.exe      10/07/02  3.82M Inspiring King James Bible verses with nature scenes.
bigbaby1.ZIP      11/22/98  1.34M Full Screen GiantSized Famous Dancing Baby Screen Saver
bigpla25.exe      10/07/02  4.13M Shows the latest and vintage big planes.       12/08/98  1.16M Screen Saver featuring Bionic Images
biplanes1.exe     12/09/02  3.26M 15 biplanes randomly fly across your screen       02/09/98  1.33M Bizarre Creatures Screensaver
black.ZIP         06/24/02    19K black winamp skin for the black of hearts by parvesh singla         01/11/04     9K The sharpest looking cursors at!       02/11/99  1.13M Free screen saver with photos of flowers
bomorm25.exe      10/07/02  3.57M Uplifting Book of Mormon verses with nature scenes.       03/08/03    18K Stay sane with this Rest Reminder
britney.ZIP       06/20/02   307K winamp skin for lovers of britney spears by parvesh singla
britney.exe       10/15/01  3.71M Britney Spears screen saver with wallpaper utility.
browser.exe       08/23/02  1.81M Mansel's Multimedia Web Browser        05/11/00   562K Britney Spears 23 Image Screen Saver
bsplay084.479.exe 02/20/02   918K Skinnable video player with lot of options          09/30/99   321K Screensaver        05/11/04  1.27M BuryBury: Hide
but_02a.exe       04/21/04    52K several sets of new control buttons for Windows 3.x windows
butflv25.exe      10/07/02  2.65M Shows 21 images of beautiful butterflies   03/28/99  1.03M A Relaxing screen saver featuring butterflies
c9853w.exe        05/30/02   493K Scientific Calculator
calendar.exe      08/21/03  1.36M Prints see-though calendar over the wallpaper        08/25/00   616K Scrolling Binary Numbers Screen Saver
cannabinatic.exe  09/14/00   588K Learn about the medicinal uses of the marijuana plant
carib_wallpaper.zi 06/07/99 10.25M An archive of Caribbean & tropical island wallpapers        03/20/99  1.21M A Zone 5 Imaging Screen saver    09/28/00   328K A cavy screen saver for your computer.  10/25/00  1.17M A screen saver of cavies romping through a village.
cbuddy_trial.exe  11/24/02  1.52M Compression Buddy
ccv212.exe        08/10/04  2.32M CallerID  email notification from your PC
celtcoll.ZIP      03/03/97   732K Irish cursors,icons,wallpaper,fonts,MIDI files,more      06/03/98   785K Change the icon for any shell folder if IE4 installed.
charliechan.exe   09/25/99  1.79M Charlie Chan screen saver with wallpaper utility.
chasaver.exe      11/26/02   639K Run your screensavers randomly!
chick.ZIP         10/06/94   101K A Chickens and Eggs Screen Saver      02/15/00    87K Demented poultry wreck your desktop          02/27/99   140K The city a free screen saver
civilss.exe       06/22/01  2.78M Civil War screen saver and wallpaper utility.
ckhi_100.exe      02/26/01   210K CKHide: compact system tray utility designed to conceal windows.
clikview.exe      08/28/02  1.27M A powerful file viewer.      04/02/04   445K Monitor Your Clipboard Usage        07/21/02   104K Multiple storage clipboard text utility
clokdmy1.exe      09/29/02  1.05M Atomic clock, speaks the time, enhance clock
cocacola.exe      01/27/98  1.00M Six Coca-Cola screen savers in one
col_02a.exe       04/21/04    67K several colour schemes for Windows 3.x windows
collection.exe    09/05/99    76K Animated and static cursors with cool effects      07/26/99   112K A screen saver for Windows 95/NT/98
converter.exe     01/20/03  9.57M MP3ToWav is a simple program that converts mp3 files to wav files
cows.ZIP          02/27/95    88K Windows SCR with animated cows and sound         06/19/00   327K Screen Saver that shows the CPU''s activity      04/16/03   502K Clipboard Storage System
creat10.exe       05/14/04  2.64M Edit layered icons with Microangelo Creation!       08/05/02   977K Create your own screensavers, then distribute them      12/02/96  2.84M 3D solar system screen saver and exploration program         03/07/00   903K 3-D Computer Art
cube3d.exe        09/12/97   213K DirectX 3D cube screensaver
cuckoo_big.exe    09/01/03  2.13M Desktop clock for visually impaired people.
cuckoo_en.exe     08/30/03  1.70M Make a refreshing change to your PC Clock.
cur_02a.exe       04/21/04    25K several cursors     04/06/02   640K CurSearch is a simple cursor isntaller for windows.
cursors.exe       07/11/02    85K Enhance your computer with USA Flag and USA State Flags Cursors 03/03/03   122K Free Cursors: elegant 2double-set: Left-/Right-handed red/blue
d3DNA_Loft_110.exe 06/27/03 21.09M 3D Desktop enhancer with 3D Worlds to explore
dachsh30.exe      11/11/99  2.09M Dachshund Screen Saver & Wallpaper
dalisaver.exe     06/05/00  3.14M Screen Saver featuring 50 paintings by Salvador Dali     07/30/99   117K Screensaver for Windows 95/NT/98 with great animation
dclock.exe        02/25/04  1.66M Skinnable wavy analog clock screensaver        08/09/02   231K A great looking desktop clock.
dday.exe          05/01/00  1.19M A D-Day Screensaver      09/25/02   305K Utility for searching on WEB!
deespa25.exe      10/07/02  3.06M Shows awe-inspiring images of deep space.
deskeval.exe      01/08/03   876K Desktop security, accesscontrol to desktop     02/06/04   833K Save, restore, manage and lock desktop layout
desktop-spy-agent. 02/27/04   420K Control users' activity by taking screenshots
desktop_notes.exe 08/22/03  1.49M Post notes on your Windows desktop!
digital.exe       03/18/04  1.31M 3D virtual journey through a digital world.
dinosh.ZIP        10/06/94    88K Dinosaur shredder screen saver
dirtydancing.exe  01/07/00  2.27M Dirty Dancing screenscreen saver with wallpaper utility
disney.exe        01/23/00  2.51M Screen Saver and wallpaper utility.
dkmsetup.exe      11/26/02  7.99M DKMessenger is a video messaging program.
dogs.exe          03/30/04  2.92M Dogs & Puppies screen savers with wallpaper utility.
dragoneffectssetup 06/07/00  1.62M a screen saver with my fav. dragons
drsuess.exe       03/10/00  2.69M Dr. Suess screensavers and wallpaper utility
dsklinst.exe      10/28/02   130K Runs shortcuts items from an icon on the Task bar
dtray101.exe      08/31/02  1.36M System Tray Date Display
duescrn.ZIP       10/21/97   136K Pregnancy Due Date Countdown Screen Saver
e-wall.exe        05/09/03   696K Wallpaper manager:cycle JPEG,BMP, GIF image
e-wild.exe        07/03/01  2.81M Beautiful images of wildlife from around the world.
easter.ZIP        02/15/97   214K FREE Easter Desktop Theme
easter1.exe       07/22/04  2.50M This Easter watch a funny bunny and colorful eggs
ebirds.exe        01/29/00  2.67M 30 full screen colorful images of parrots
ecsetup.exe       01/11/03  1.51M A Daily Inspirational Quote From Edgar Cayce         02/12/03    19K This program is a simple countdown timer.          02/24/00   688K Nice Luminous Eggs move on the screen. Screensaver.
eggz100.ZIP       03/21/98   314K Easter eggs screen saver for Win95/NT
elizabeth_hurley1. 06/21/02   149K winamp skin of elizabeth hurley the sexy by parvesh singla
eminem.exe        10/15/01  5.72M Eminem screensaver and wallpaper utility.         07/09/00    64K Watch up to 16 e-Survivors float around the screen.
exoticcars.exe    09/05/00  7.43M View 37 exotic cars' in hi res 800x600 detail
ezcal.exe         08/04/03   815K Skinnable Reminder in Calendar
fastfa10.exe      08/30/04  1.38M Your favorites one click away.      10/18/00   943K Send and Receive fax
fc_setup.exe      03/26/04   578K Access to a list of recently used folders.
fcsetup.exe       09/26/02  1.18M Analog clock with eight fighters skins
ff7.exe           04/20/98  2.25M Final Fantasy Screen Saver by Dave Whitelegg
fighii25.exe      10/07/02  4.59M Shows 43 images of Air Force fighters.
fighte25.exe      10/07/02  4.76M Shows many fighters in the Air Force arsenal.  12/25/02   570K Encrypt files and decrypt quickly and securly
finder.exe        01/05/04   427K WebShare Meta Finder–powerful search toolbar.
fload110.exe      03/05/02   496K free utility to load
flowers.exe       11/07/02  2.33M Enjoy incredible images of flowers
flownb25.exe      10/07/02  3.64M Enjoy 38 images of beautiful flowers.
flybirds.exe      08/10/99   408K ScreenSaver: Birds are flying in the sky.
flyers_n_nhl_theme 05/23/00   303K Includes three Brian Boucher wallpapers and twenty icon        12/20/01    62K The utility to help prevent eye strain among PC users.      01/08/00  2.42M Female Stars Screensaver includes 30+ models
fotana.exe        09/08/02  1.41M A lean and mean way to edit, organize, and share your photos.     05/04/00    53K Fractal screen saver      02/12/99  2.82M Bring the rare kind of Birds in the Desktop screen
frozeniconssetup.e 05/11/03   361K Save and restore coordinates of desktop icons
fullcandy.exe     03/08/00   252K Freeware screensaver, with 1001 Postcards' Full Candy!
fxplo122lite.exe  03/05/02   799K Easy to use and free font viewer program        02/03/99   267K Give your lover a kiss for Valentines Day      10/10/01   108K A Golden Retriever desktop wallpaper file.          09/04/02  3.47M Track your golf scores, handicap, statistics
golfnr21.ZIP      08/23/95  1018K GolfSave V.2.1 screen saver
grabbit2setup.exe 01/05/00  1.33M Screen Grabber utility       02/06/00   583K Valentines Day Desktop Wallpaper - two cats      01/06/98   710K A painted city comes to life with floating clouds      02/17/00  1.38M The famous Irish brew's screensaver
halloween.exe     01/26/00   443K A complete Halloween Theme for your windows desktop.
harley90.ZIP      04/30/98   368K Theme of Harley Davidson 90th Anniv. motorcycle
harry_potter.exe  01/16/03   943K Install this Harry Potter clock.      09/09/00   670K Harry Potter Theme for Windows
hawaii25.exe      10/07/02  4.04M Shows spectacular and breathtaking images of Hawaii.       05/06/03   361K Automatic Hard Drive Crash recovery after the crash         04/03/03  1.12M Instantly conceal your current PC or laptop activites.
hellfire2000.exe  04/05/00   414K Saver burns your screen with incredible fire effects.
hfscreenlock.exe  09/16/03   700K Lock the screen. Disable Task Manager.
hhssSETUP.exe     10/23/02  1.65M A creepy screensaver with all your halloween favorites!
hiddencameracontro 06/01/02  2.87M Control your own hidden (ie surveillance, spy) camera      05/07/99    35K Hides or redisplays application windows.
hqdsetup.exe      08/13/03   444K Download historical stock quotes
hubbii25.exe      10/07/02  2.58M Shows 24 beautiful images fromNASA's Hubble Telescope
hubble.exe        03/16/00  1.18M Hubble Screen saver
hubtel25.exe      10/07/02  3.81M Shows beautiful images of planets, galaxies, and nebula      08/31/02   130K Semi-psychedelic screensaver
iLEM.exe          10/20/02   532K A Ram, CPU & HDD space Desktop Meter. Also an encrypted Notebook!
iconmaker.exe     08/19/02   641K ICON Maker is a small icon maker software.      07/27/04   924K Total solution for small image management       02/28/00   203K Simpsons ScreenSaver
imspeak38_down.exe 12/05/02  4.99M Turns Instant Messages into Audio Conversations
injstar4.exe      04/06/03   614K Desktop wallpaper background video(,mpg,avi,..) files         08/16/01  2.52M Impressionist Art Nudes Screen Saver.
iranimg.exe       07/06/99  2.08M Nicely done slide show of Images from Iran.
isave.exe         10/24/02   193K Store your text info to your clipboard.      07/20/00   483K Fast freeware image image viewer/converter
jesus.exe         04/21/00   807K Screen Saver of Jesus with animated blood dropping!      03/08/00  2.76M A collection of desktop utilities for everyday use.
johncast.exe      12/13/99  1.31M Johnny Castaway screen saver      09/15/02   558K Replace your mouse with a Joystick!
jspin.exe         09/29/02  2.02M Automatically rotateyour favorite wallpapers every day!
klicklac_setup_eng 08/30/02  2.62M KlicKlac Studio - Internet wallpaper downloader
kskins.exe        06/21/04  1.81M A collection of 6 stylish skins.
lakegalleryle.exe 02/12/00  3.02M Beautiful 'Java Lake Effect' in a Windows Screen Saver
landscape.exe     11/07/02  4.02M Spectacular images of beautiful landscapes.
landscapes.exe    01/28/00  3.41M Landscapes & Scenic Views Screen Savers      11/10/98   151K A program launching tool          04/24/00   568K A Mathmos like lava lamp for your desktop      02/17/00    32K A leprechaun waltzes around your desktop
lighthouses.exe   09/25/01  2.19M Lighthouses screen saver with wallpaper.
ligtor25.exe      10/07/02  3.45M 28 images of massive tornadoes and powerful lightning
limp.exe          10/15/01  3.30M Limp Bizkit screen screen saver with wallpaper utility.         03/14/00  1.49M A free religious screen saver for the pc
lopez1.ZIP        06/19/02   216K winamp skin for the lovers of jennifer lopez the sexiest woman      09/19/01  2.69M A Cool Starfield Screen Saver with Interactive features      09/07/00   569K Olympic Marathon Race on the Screen. Screensaver.
marihuana.exe     02/26/00  5.06M Stunning images of the plant so despised and cherished.
marine25.exe      10/07/02  5.33M Equipment and vehicles of the U.S. Marines Corps.   02/14/00     1K A Desktop Theme inspired by 'The Matrix'            08/03/02  6.99M This program keeps track of a Movie Collection.
mcbsx.exe         07/20/04   348K Copy any of 1000s of fields to the Clipboard        01/13/03  1.77M MouseClock Mouse Enhancement -Info w/ Pointer
mcsetup.exe       07/16/02   325K MagicColor is a color picker utility
mdx115.exe        08/27/02   633K Create and manage up to nine virtual desktops
minibuginstaller.e 10/10/02   256K Live, local weather for your System Tray.
mitsdemo.exe      09/05/02  6.57M CMMS - Maintenance and Inventory Tracking System       11/10/96    24K Two Marijuana Leaf Screen Savers    01/23/00   192K A cute screensaver with aliens all over the screen
msmsgs.exe        05/01/02   764K malik farrukh mahmood      04/25/03   541K change the warning on msn messenger, make fake plugins
mwFC2.exe         02/03/04  2.63M The Ultimate Windows Desktop Manager!     08/09/02  1.66M nTerm is a command-based launcher application
nascar.exe        08/17/00  4.20M NASCAR Screensavers and wallpaper.      06/18/02  2.34M screensaver of nature for nature lovers by parvesh singla
navcar25.exe      10/07/02  5.00M Amazing images of naval aircraft carriers screensaver.
navsub25.exe      10/07/02  2.95M Shows incredible images of submarines
nepal-800x600-setu 06/06/99  3.99M Nepal wallpaper and screen saver software.   08/07/02   286K Multiple window browser supports IE and Mozilla
newstick.exe      12/03/02   420K View news headlines scroll across your screen   02/17/04  1.64M user friendly always on top note pad with auto save feature
npd109.exe        04/12/03  1.43M Download pictures from newsgroup      12/15/03  4.23M Skinnable menu and task management util.
nsync.exe         10/15/01  4.24M Nsync screensaver and wallpaper that recycles every day or hour .
oclife25.exe      10/07/02  4.49M 30 beautiful images from our planet's living seas.
odenfree.exe      11/04/02  6.47M Simplify information access, 3 clicks to anywhere!
odenmobile.exe    11/04/02  5.85M Carry your desktop on any removable drive!
p_homer.ZIP       05/18/98   148K Homer Simpson on your desktop!      05/18/04  2.02M Modify web pages using a standard text editor
pat_02a.exe       04/21/04    19K several dozens of background patterns for Windows 3.x
phomate.ZIP       11/12/03   192K It makes a file that you can 'drag or past' and name your Photos
photo2vcd_trial.ex 10/22/02  2.13M Create your own DVD orVCD picture show.     04/23/01   312K The Piggybank saver populates your desktop with walking pigs. 09/26/02   282K smart popup killer that integrates into Internet Explorer
potd.exe          09/01/03   908K Desktop Image Downloader and Changer
powerslave10.exe  02/17/00  2.31M Iron Maiden Screensaver
ppanther.ZIP      06/12/97    58K Pink Panther In A Fully Animated Screen Saver (.scr)
pps.exe           12/28/02   717K Pop Up Killer software stop popup.  08/10/02  1.66M Quickly change the default Printer.      01/08/03  2.35M An FTP Server for Windows9x/Me/NT/2000/XP
psetup.exe        08/15/04   357K 1. Create passwords at random.       02/07/03   719K Tool for system tray icons management.
purpose.exe       06/14/00  2.81M 26 image slide show spiritual screensaver    11/23/02   744K Easy to use 2-in-1 tool for file renaming and creating ID3 tags           07/27/03   436K multiple desktops
r1setup.exe       06/16/99  1.34M Rose Screen Saver - Beautiful Rose Close Up Images      07/07/01   405K A collection of 68 original wallpaper tiles.
resumewriter.exe  10/30/02 16.05M Free professional resume writing software
rgsetup5.exe      09/26/03  8.38M Full featured gedcom genealogy software!
ricky.exe         06/28/00  2.52M Ricky Martin screen saver with wallpaper utility.
rsetup.exe        08/14/04   373K Reminding you of having a rest.
sabbath11.exe     07/29/99   961K Animated Screensaver        10/15/98   619K UFO's fly across a serene landscape          09/17/02  2.35M Screen Bite is a screen capture program.     07/27/04  1.85M Smart Bro is a web browser with MDI support      02/05/04  4.28M SB lets you create custom Windows screens
scoast.ZIP        07/12/93    90K Supercoast Roller Coaster Screen Saver (scr) File
scooby.exe        08/08/01  2.69M Scooby Doo screensaver with wallpaper. 08/13/03   202K Utility captures entire screen
screenit.exe      07/24/04   100K Simplify Windows with Virtual Desktops
scribendi_screensa 01/19/00    54K Download the hilarious new screensaver Goofy Grammar I
scrmaker.exe      08/30/04  3.03M Easily Make your own Professional Screensaver
scrnlite.exe      12/12/98    23K Christmas lights for your desktop.
scs_11.exe        01/29/03  1.73M Keeps spam out. Effective, safe easy to use.
scsetup.exe       08/17/02   946K Desktop Analog Clock with 8 beautiful skins.
seaview.exe       06/18/00   863K An animated screen saver to view and enjoy.
seedesk-setup.exe 11/04/03   296K Make icon text background transparent!
setupdolph1.exe   06/09/99  1.25M 10 Beautiful dolphin images, Screen Saver & Backgrounds
setuplazerdisc.exe 12/04/00  1.69M Screensaver for the game Lazerdisk by Spectresoft
setupvwc.exe      10/13/02   654K Calendar,menstrual diary ovulation calculator for women
sgdemo.exe        10/06/02  1.49M SuperGoogie is an AOL-Yahoo-Hotmail-MSN-to-POP3 proxy.
shamrock.ZIP      03/21/98   401K Change your luck with this charming Irish screensaver        06/10/00   817K FreeWare Shania Twain Screensaver
shemar.exe        01/22/00  1.31M Screensaver of the hunky daytime tv actor Shemar Moore
sherlock.exe      08/09/01  2.12M Sherlock Holmes screen saver with wallpaper utility.      07/21/04   648K Desktop sticky notes and a communication tool
shllsrch.exe      01/10/03  1.01M Find misplaced shortcuts in Windows common shell locations.
shrek_by_ajay_dt.z 11/29/01   992K This is a desktop theme based on the Dreamworkds movie Shrek
siclock5.exe      10/05/02   437K Great looking digital alarm clock.      12/05/00  1.02M Simpsons Christmas Party Theme
slideshowinstall.e 09/27/02  3.82M Create wallpaper slideshows on your desktop.          01/13/03  2.18M Musical Alarmclock with reminder and calendar function,works....       05/12/01  1.43M Send free sms with full 160 chars and also search the web.
snowy_a.exe       10/18/00   937K Snow falling on a beautiful wintery landscape      01/02/99  1.55M Snow-Flakes Screen Saver - NEW FREE       12/10/96   903K Saver for Win95 with sound and 3D animations
solsys25.exe      10/07/02  3.02M Images of celestial bodies within our solar system.
soundmasker.exe   08/02/03  2.05M Mask unwanted noise quickly.
southpark.exe     10/26/00  2.10M Southpark screensaver and wallpaper.
sp.exe            12/08/03   759K Hides windows to protect your privacy
spacec25.exe      10/07/02  2.71M Images of satellites, space shuttles and stations.
spalarm.exe       03/24/04   525K Speed Up Alarm - Free PC Alarm Clock
spbpsetup.exe     08/27/02   926K Anti spam software, kill that spam today       02/16/04  6.33M A Complete Email Forensic Analysis Tool
speak.exe         07/26/01  7.30M Make your computer Speak
speakmail.exe     03/20/00  8.68M Speak and Mail
spklite.exe       09/02/99  6.71M Make your Computer Speak
spring25.exe      10/07/02  5.10M Shows beautiful images of springtime.      12/11/01   108K A Golden Lab dog and a cat in front of a fireplace       08/05/01  2.66M Editor especially made for developers     01/04/01    55K 3D Clock animated screensaver
ss_Autumn_Sunset.e 09/09/04  4.15M 'Autumn Sunset - Animated ScreenSaver' 1.0
ssm_setup_joy.exe 07/09/04  3.04M Screensaver Maker - Make Screensaver software
starcdsetup.exe   10/17/02   654K A full featured AudioCD player
stealt25.exe      10/07/02  2.94M Shows the latest in stealth technology.
stmenufile.ZIP    11/12/03   191K It makes a open file. and rename 'NEWFILE' to Name You like.
stnuPrfifl.ZIP    11/12/03   191K Place a Folder into Start
stwain.exe        10/15/01  2.99M Shania Twain screen saver with wallpaper utility.      08/19/98  1.00M JPG Screen Saver & Slide Player Very Sexy effects
summer25.exe      10/07/02  4.39M Shows beautiful images of summertime.
sweagle1.exe      01/18/00   800K American Bald Eagle Screen Saver - Shareware Version      08/15/99  2.89M 3D screen saver for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
tb11.exe          04/27/04  2.48M Stop users from modifying your web template
tbulbs5.exe       10/19/03  2.10M Flashing holiday lights for your desktop!        09/18/00  1.57M Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 perpetual tray calendar
tclock11.ZIP      06/26/97   463K Tray Clock: Spanish-spoken sound clock
technoanimal.exe  10/09/01   184K sound sequencing program      08/31/02   776K Screensaver with tentacles reaching in.
terminator_collect 02/19/04  2.69M Face the Judgement Day with Terminator Clock.       10/06/01  1.10M Create Fancy Text Images
thememanager2004.e 08/24/04  1.81M Control the look of your Windows computer.      10/10/01    70K Free desktop wallpaper file for Thanksgiving Day.      07/09/04  1.28M ThumbsUp: JPEG FIle ThumbNail Viewer      01/15/01  1.99M Thunderbirds DesktopTheme
tic23_sw.exe      03/21/02   946K Desktop and Time Zone Clocks, Scheduler, Time Synchronizer
timein3d.ZIP      06/25/98    22K Screensaver Shows Time in 3d      10/10/01   129K A Golden Retriever desktop wallpaper file.          08/25/04    62K keylogger stealth logfilestealth keylogger      09/12/02   515K Fully customizable desktop clock with skins  10/02/03  9.98M all the games featured on the website in one big programme
trains.exe        10/18/00  2.16M Trains screen savers with wallpaper utility.
trout.exe         03/21/00   504K Animated sport fishing screen saver featuring Trout
tx3setup.exe      09/04/02   280K Launch anything from a skinnable menu.
tzone_theme.exe   11/06/02  3.32M A desktop theme dedicated to the Twilight Zone and Rod Serling       02/28/99   940K Three UFO's circle an alien structure
undlif25.exe      10/07/02  5.34M Exotic and brilliantly colorful aquatic life.       08/08/02   836K Substitutes Windows logos...      09/24/01  5.04M The American Flag in various resolutions.
va1027s.exe       01/14/00  9.47M Romantic compliment generator and screen saver.
vgirl.exe         12/20/99  1.39M Virtuagirl, the nice girl living on the desktop.
vishbarf.exe      12/08/02  1.02M Use this Internet Content Managment Tool to Annotate Web Pages        03/30/00   125K Graphic  created based on 3dfx's Voodoo4 and 5 Cards       12/21/00  2.32M This is a high quality Star Trek Voyager Screensaver!
vs.exe            10/01/02  5.16M Internet Parental Contols     06/13/00    84K Laetitia casta twins desktop wallpaper
wallpaper4_0.exe  07/30/04  2.50M 18 high quality JPEG files
walserultra.exe   08/05/04  2.91M New, more powerful wallpaper manager.
wappizclient.exe  11/07/03   781K wappiz: flavour your desktop
waterfalls.exe    10/05/02  2.71M Animated Waterfall With sound       07/31/01   976K WAV File Player: Displays an image for every sound.
wdwarf2k.exe      12/31/02  4.91M A free drag-and-drop HTML and SVG editor.  05/16/00  6.52M Takes Webcam images and put's them on your desktop.   10/12/99    35K Learning HTML has never been easier
wfpsetup.exe      12/18/02  2.55M A web screen saver displays slideshow of web pages you select.
whack_a_duck.exe  06/16/00   906K whack a hundred ducks as they peek through holes
whales25.exe      10/07/02  4.10M Shows 28 images of beautiful aquatic mammals.
wildlifes.exe     01/28/00  3.74M Wildlife & Animals Screen Savers and wallpaper utility       10/05/01  2.81M winnie the pooh screen saver
winter25.exe      10/07/02  4.75M Shows 30 beautiful images of wintertime.
winus2.exe        04/14/00   397K WinAVI is able to play movie above wallpaper.
winwall_setup.exe 08/09/02   706K Change wallpapers at random or customized time intervals.      11/27/00    74K Wonderful Wizard of Oz wallpaper for your desktop      11/11/01   344K Show animated message you specified on your computer      04/23/00   261K 13 Wildflower .JPG tiles - use as wallpaper/backgrounds       04/10/00   516K Creates images and designs      10/21/01   644K Snapshot screen and chop any part to save
wmxp.exe          04/29/02   375K Shows running matrix on your desktop         01/25/00  3.88M Christian 3-D Screen Saver
wordsinspire.exe  03/26/00  3.30M Words to Inspire screensavers and wallpaper utility.         08/16/04   617K Picture slideshow on desktop wallpaper
wpd185.exe        07/13/04  1.76M Download pictures from web or internet
ws301pro.exe      02/07/03  3.38M Get more virtual desktop room with WinSpace!       05/09/01   763K Automatically Changes Wallpaper with 'surprise' option!
wssetup312.exe    01/23/00  4.23M Program w/support for multiple images, alignments
wthrinst.exe      08/19/02  1.10M Australian real time Weather Stats Software
xena.exe          07/24/01  2.09M Xena screen saver with wallpaper.        11/22/96   983K FREE Christmas 97 Desktop Theme       12/11/01    78K Free Christmas Kittens Desktop Wallpaper      09/09/02  1.07M Santa Claus pops up from Xmas trees
xonulus_frosty_gla 06/21/02  2.01M Xonulu's Frosty Glass Desktop Wallpapers. Pack of six wallpapers.
xonulus_seleccion_ 08/06/02  1.65M Xonulu's Seleccion de Elena - six pack      01/14/03   936K XPClock is a digital desktop clock
xpthemer.exe      10/28/02    69K Enhances Programs UI and themes in Win XP        01/20/03  1.87M Experimental screentiles for the Win9x/ME OS        01/30/00    36K Xtools makes your program look more interesting
yellow-800x600-set 07/24/99  1.85M Yellowstone wallpaper and screensaver
zlog.exe          05/24/04  1.41M Z-Log is a good web server log analyzer.
zoomopen.exe      03/15/03   694K Animated zoom effects when opening windows!
ztsetup.exe       08/13/04   197K Time zone clock replacing windows tray clock

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