Directory of business

12/23/02          9.49M        Recruiting management software!       01/28/04  9.08M Canadian income tax program for all of Canada except Quebec
123PR16.ZIP       10/28/02  4.63M easily track multiple projects        04/23/03   762K Optimizer for Nesting and Cutting to Length bars or profiles
2.01.demo-en.exe  01/02/03  1.02M For automation of work of computer clubs.        11/30/01  4.52M Network calendar planner for the busy office!
2pps352.exe       03/05/03  1.01M Create personalized 3d promotional products.
3DlinegraphEval.zi 03/25/04   209K Solution for adding Line Graphs to Web Pages. 06/05/03   207K Add Pie Charts to web pages with our Client and Server solution.
3DshbargraphEval.z 07/04/03   258K Web Enabled solution for Charts
3Msetup.exe       05/10/02  1.64M Meta tag maker
A3DSClient1082.exe 09/05/03 13.15M A3D Scheduler System helps you to schedule outside appointments
AETP.exe          09/27/02  1.49M Track project tasks, expenses and invoices. 12/02/02  2.44M fills out, calculates, prints out any paper form easily on PC
AFax3.00.EXE      10/09/02  4.65M AFax Std is single modem solution with up to unlimited users supp
AFaxPro3.00.EXE   10/09/02  4.65M AFax Pro is multiple modem solution (up to 128) and unlim. users
AGASetup.exe      08/23/03  3.33M AGA performs orfifice calculations for gases and liquids
APdemo.exe        12/17/02  1.12M Converts stocks/emails to voice and calls you
AS2104.exe        04/22/01  2.52M General Ledger, Debtors/Creditors/Invoicing, Assets, Payroll
AbstractProLeaseMg 11/30/02   201K Abstract and manage commercial real estate leases.
AccXE.exe         01/22/03  9.67M An easy to use but professional accounting system for small busin
Access2MySQL_Pro.z 01/12/04  5.06M Access to MySQL Pro - Enhanced Converter
Access2MySQL_Sync. 01/12/04  4.98M Access to MySQL Sync - Converter/Synchronizer
AckerPack_setup.ex 01/14/04   587K The tool for building the most powerful self-extracting archives!       12/30/02  2.34M Contact Manager orInformation Manager
AddsForOutlookInst 08/30/04   451K Make an MP3 Alarm Clock from your Outlook!
AdminPro_DEMO.exe 04/18/01 18.10M Manage project information with ease with this program.
AdvDataGridEval.zi 04/24/03   158K Data Grid Control enables the display of data in java 10/13/03   209K Add Powerful reporting to your Web pages
Advanced_Card_Vali 05/31/01  3.16M This program will identify and validate credit cards.   07/15/04   569K This free ebook shows anyone how to become an affiliate champion!
AlarmMasterInst.ex 08/12/04   646K Alarm clock, scheduler, timer. Skinnable.     11/28/00   415K A complete windows inventory and cash register program.
Amort21.exe       06/05/01   783K FREE AMORTIZATION TABLE, LOAN CALCULATOR      01/14/04  7.55M Desktop document management system
Arkalys_WebSite_Wh 04/21/03   514K Whois for domain name list
AssetMng.exe      02/14/03 13.27M Keep track of your companies assets         06/27/03  1.63M Automatic nesting system for sheet materials.
AutoCenter42.exe  08/04/04  3.95M Automotive software
BPCalendar_1_12.zi 05/21/03   527K BPCalendar
BTXLLe.exe        09/13/02   832K Backtest your investment strategies in Excel.
BarCodeWiz_BC_Acti 08/23/04   777K Add barcodes to your programs and documents.
Barcode4Office_TRI 03/27/04   400K Utility that generates barcode images.      06/17/01  1.40M Free barcode printing program
BioChemDesktopTria 08/11/04   532K Germ/Chemical Warfare agent treatment info
CGSetup.exe       06/01/04  7.08M CG Invoicer creates professional invoices.     10/30/02  3.34M Toolset to manage change and defects if projects.
CONCPT10.exe      08/21/04  8.80M Restaurant Management Software
CR8setup.exe      09/01/04  1.35M Card Printing Software
CRUFLBizFonts.exe 06/25/04   845K Barcode UFL for Crystal Reports.
CSDemo.exe        01/20/03  3.00M Film scheduling software   08/12/04  2.11M Write flow charts/decision trees for handheld
CYPHER5.EXE       05/31/04  3.35M The easier and powerfull mail/file encrypter
CalcPac_RPN_V100_S 01/02/03  4.61M CalcPac RPN is a powerful business calculator
CapNSend.exe      09/28/02  2.99M Auto-attach screen capture to email
CardMaker33s.exe  11/16/03  4.18M Best tool to make business card or other Card 12/19/02  5.16M ID Badge/BusinessCard Maker Software
CardValTrial.exe  08/07/02   286K A Credit Card Validation DLL
CheckWriter.exe   10/01/02  1.46M A simple Check Writer uses Deluxe Checks 09/07/02   999K Internet cafe and game club management system
CoffeeCopyright.ex 06/11/04   417K Copyright your Website now!      08/08/04  1.10M An Excel add-in for formula construction and management.
Corporate.exe     12/20/02  3.36M One-click solution in creating presentations   04/12/02    19K Credit Card Validation Java Component for your projects.
CuCoSetup.exe     01/20/02  1.23M Convert between all of the major currencies           08/08/03  9.31M Construction Cost Estimating Tool and Budget Builder    10/19/03     1K Document conversion to any program
DCFACalc.exe      02/02/04  2.63M Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator
DPClient.exe      08/02/01  3.20M Multi-featured business chat client   04/04/03  1.30M Photorealistic Screensaver
DataAnalyzer%20V1. 02/23/02  3.30M GUI Report Building and Manipulation Tool
DataFV01.exe      05/05/04  2.86M A stunningly simple way to access databases
Debt_Minder_Instal 01/24/03 11.64M Debt Minder de-riddles debt FAST and EFFICIENTLY!
DupeWizardTrial.zi 10/03/02    19K Excel Duplication Manager
EBAYDIR.ZIP       06/02/03   321K Browse or search items on the eBay.
EBookConstructorDe 11/12/02  1.12M Create e-books, reports, or multimedia courses.           02/08/03   327K Helps add useful features to your website       01/06/04   415K Local time of any place in the world.
EasyBook2942.exe  08/09/02 11.56M For Hotels/Motels etc. Low Cost - Easy To Use - Free 30 Day Trial      01/13/03  4.18M Internal combustion engine compression ratio calculator
ExcelExplorer.exe 05/25/04  1.83M Browse your excel files easy
ExpressTimeSync30. 07/20/04   618K Keep your PC clock accurate with this utility
EzInfoFindSetup.ex 05/13/03   392K Venture capital          04/01/03  1.25M EZ DB allows you to create simple database files
FCalc201.exe      10/04/02  2.63M calculates and shows Fibonacci Levels
Faktura_shareware. 08/10/02    96K Write/print your invoiced with this software
FamilyBudget10.exe 05/02/03  3.71M Analyzing and planning your family budget.    08/13/04  1.57M Farmers: track equipment, maintenance, etc.
FinCalc.exe       09/17/02 46.26M New Lower Price! Save unlimited files, Interest only option etc.
FormulaRefChangerT 10/03/02    21K Excel Formulae changer and sheet index creator     06/07/04  1.37M Free On-Demand Application Delivery System
FreeRVBSetup.exe  04/11/04   760K A free real estate calculator
GCLedger_setup.exe 10/28/02   330K General Ledger accounting program
GuardianInstall.zi 03/17/03  3.63M Easily manage and distribute medical privilege information.
Gw1Setup.exe      08/05/02   365K W.D Gann's marster chart
HBCSuite.exe      09/08/03  1.47M Real estate calculator suite for home buyers.
HIGDEM20.exe      05/06/01  2.14M Multi-project management, tracking, reporting
HeadHunter_v1147.e 09/20/02  3.52M HeadHunter for jobseeckers   02/12/04  4.43M HIPAA Document Viewer 837 835 834 270/271...      01/07/01   410K Share charting program      03/24/04  8.12M Time clock hours converter and calculator.  08/15/04  1.74M Easy to use lawn sprinkler calculator.
IBISLabelMaker.exe 06/05/04  1.40M Create lists of business cards, attendance labels, addresses
IBP21.exe         04/08/03  2.91M Complete Web site promotion solution 07/30/02  9.41M This is an easy to use WYSIWYG barcode label printing software package...           09/16/03   302K LAN In/Out board with messaging.
ISOSetup.exe      08/23/03  3.45M ISO-5167 performs orifice calculations for gases and liquids
IV20.exe          01/13/03 16.92M Free single user bug tracking database
IfxSQL.exe        12/09/02  1.03M Informix native access tool     01/13/03  3.93M Imaging database system (jpg, dxf, gif, tif, bmp,        07/25/03   496K Create checks by fax, email, or phone
InstCitimap.EXE   11/30/01  3.30M Citimap is a complete Geographical Information Systems (GIS).
Install.exe       09/27/02  9.20M commercial prospecting software
InstallHH.EXE     01/05/03   706K Recruiters secret weapon, 'HeadHunter' candidate file
Install_FastSend_2 10/09/03   232K Send large files fast!
Installer.exe     04/09/03 37.58M Build custom databases, exchange them with others and lots more!
InstantDemoSetup.e 08/01/04  2.21M A new quick easy way to create Flash demos
Interspector_Setup 12/18/02  3.45M Interspector is a code-based HTML/XML editor.
InventoryManagemen 01/06/03  6.98M Freeware for Service technicians, fax and copier techs
Invoicer.exe      09/27/02  1.69M A program that creates and prints an invoice.
JobsTV2.exe       12/30/02   766K Let Us Show You .. Where the Jobs Are!
JournalMetrics_120 08/09/02  2.68M Manage your time and generate reports
Kiosk_advantage_li 11/08/02  5.34M Kiosk Advantage locks your website down.      11/18/02  2.05M Loan and mortgage amortization tracking tool suitable for busines      11/18/02  1.40M Loan      11/18/02  1.37M Loan amortization and payment schedule preparation application
LT100.msi         09/16/02  5.03M Store lease management software
LT105.exe         12/21/02 23.69M Store lease management software        10/18/03     2K Mailing list on labels for any industry
LectriCalcWinSetup 08/11/04  1.02M Calculate voltage drop, kilowatts, amps, etc.      10/25/01  1.35M Calculates loan payment amounts.  03/04/04    23K Help your co-workers find a place to eat.          03/24/02   553K Print Code 128 or Code 39 barcode labels.
MSS_Install.exe   08/29/02  2.41M My Success System Sales Productivity Software
MailFiler1.2.msi  01/02/03   455K Rapidly And Accurately Files Your Mails And Organizes Your Inbox
MailmateSetup.exe 09/04/02   707K Email notification tool for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express  04/05/03  4.39M Inventory and maintenance tracking for ship managers
Mobile_Navigator_v 10/27/03  2.44M Allows to work with your cellular via PC.
Morglemailtrial.ZI 03/08/04    18K No Spam No Virus Link E-Mail Protection
MultiErrorPro.exe 12/29/02  2.98M A message manager utility for making reminders and fake errors.
MyNotes.exe       01/24/04   344K My Notes is a Post-It! papers on the desktop.
MyPhotoCalendars.e 05/21/04 17.81M Creates Photo Calendars
MySidebarSetup.exe 01/28/03  1.37M Latest news with home delivery in My Sidebar.
N2.exe            01/02/03  2.18M N2 Digital Publishing and Broadcasting Wizard      08/09/02  8.80M Salon management system
New_contact_develo 03/03/03  2.05M Create New Contacts and email them with this special tool.   12/03/03  1.59M Morovia OcR Font has 6 true type fonts
OptionCrawlerinsta 08/12/02 11.59M Stock Option Quotes, Analysis and Strategizer
Orisetup.exe      04/15/02  3.21M Orifice v5.1 - size, flowrate or DP of gas/liquid orifices
OutlookInside.exe 06/16/04 10.26M Outlook can do much more for you...
OutlookMp3PlayerIn 07/12/04   347K It makes Microsoft Outlook to play Mp3 alarms
OutlookSpamFilterI 07/07/04   493K Multilevel spam filter for Microsoft Outlook
OzGridAdd-insTrial 10/03/02   118K 4 OzGrid Excel Add-ins
OzGridPlusTrial.zi 10/03/02    63K Eight Excel Add-ins in one.      03/22/04  1.63M Word count software for MS Office, HTML, PDF
PORGSGLE.EXE      01/06/03 19.67M Organisation Modelling Software         09/25/02  5.07M Software Tool for Statistical Process Control (SPC)
PSSetup.EXE       08/05/02 14.02M management tool for all aspects of an auto repair/service shop
PhoneWorksPro.exe 09/03/04 48.47M Voice mail and fax software with OCR  06/01/02 13.45M Inventory your photos
PickaCart-Demo01.z 06/16/03   719K PickaCart First - Mauve. Easy to build Carts 08/03/03   319K PinkCal: an easy to use Calendar/Day Planner   12/19/02  3.44M MultiValue Database Engine    01/09/03  1.94M Robot Web Scraper & Email client (eg for automated data transfer)
PlanningPME_GB.exe 06/24/04  9.10M Easy Resource Scheduling Software  12/14/03   648K Find PowerPoint Slides Build New Presentation
PolyFAX104.exe    04/20/01  2.46M Send receive email/faxes using any regular fax machine
PrintStudioProDemo 12/17/03 14.57M Professional Photo ID Card Software
Prodemo.exe       11/18/02  2.00M Fire Department database
ProposalWriter.exe 09/30/02  1.53M Create and Print a Professional Proposal
ProxyPro.exe      11/07/02  5.84M Share and secure your Internet connection 09/30/02  1.11M Appt Book, Patient Mgmnt, and Accounting
QBDT_Access_trl.ex 06/04/03 14.62M Export any or all of your QuickBooks data
QBDT_MYSQL_trl.exe 06/04/03 14.62M Export any or all of your QuickBooks data
QB_Time_Sheet_trl. 08/29/03  5.04M Input hours directly into QuickBooks.
QMS_Certification. 03/14/04   431K ISO-9000 Certification for Quality Management System
RBM_6.7.exe       12/17/01  2.74M Receipt and Invoice Management Software.
RECSetup.exe      08/14/04  1.65M Suite of 15 Real Estate Calculators for Windows
RP_LITE.EXE       12/30/03  4.25M Retail Point Of Sale Software - POS Solutions
RTFConv-1_0_setup. 05/22/04   451K Converts from RTF to HTML and Text.
Rank12.exe        09/28/02   766K Position Your Website as a TOP TEN Listing.
Regain            12/22/02  9.98M Your complete project management system.
RoyalMailFontware. 12/03/03     9K Free U.K. Royal Mail Font
SB11.ZIP          04/13/03  4.09M SQLBox - the SQL assignment processor.
SBar10.exe        09/06/03  2.53M Recording Studio Management
SCCG.exe          11/14/02  2.02M Secure shopping cart to existing website.
SDispatcherZipped. 09/30/02  2.00M Schedule Requests for Repair Service
SIPSetup.exe      10/06/02   908K Gets shipping rates, builds
SPman.exe         05/14/04  3.00M A 100% Free Small Business Database Manager
SQLDif01.exe      05/05/04  2.76M Data comparison tool
SQLPortal_Professi 07/25/03  2.52M Create documents with data from databases.        06/28/04  1.88M Downloads historical and recent stock/bond/index/currency quotes
SecureWallet.exe  04/03/04  1.64M The digital key chains for your computer
Setup-eMarkPro2-En 09/18/02  3.38M Send high impact communication e-mail to numerous users groups
Setup2000.exe     11/01/02   728K The General Accounting and Inventory Management System
Setup3000V7.exe   05/09/04  3.68M Accounting for Freelance Translators
SetupABudgetDemo.e 10/09/02  2.59M Learn how to become DEBT-FREE
SetupCAP.exe      06/06/04  8.42M Help desk software asset manamagement system
SetupLEAR.EXE     11/05/02  2.69M Not just an auto-responder, but a business workflow system!
SetupLERT.EXE     09/09/02  3.98M For realty pro's:Track properties, print flyers, create emails!  02/05/04 26.80M Time Attendance software with full featured functions and reports
SetupWP.EXE       09/09/02  1.22M Make money with your website and build a marketing plan as you go       10/22/01   251K Point of Sale Customer/Stock/Work, FULLY WORKING
Show3d11.exe      03/06/02  8.05M 3D PowerPoint Plug-In
Simple_install.exe 05/18/04 14.30M Panoramic view creator and virtual tour hosting   12/28/02  1.81M Optimal selection of units for covering or packing.            02/06/02    57K Quick, strong encryption for plain text.
SmartFaxPro.exe   08/31/04 37.15M OCR compatible fax software for MS Outlook
Smartworks2.0-Pers 08/14/02  8.63M Business productivity 11/02/02  3.25M Calculator with graphics according to the time of year   01/14/02  4.22M New Speedy Submitter Url Submission Software!Free Download!
SpreadCalc.exe    10/04/03  1.39M Simple and versatile worksheet like Excel
Srmsetup.exe      01/02/03  2.69M a powerful tool of making chm and pdf files     02/24/03   275K Stocks and shares calculator
StockBanks.EXE    07/25/04   909K Download of free stock data, currently for SGX and more later
SuperPro_Expense_R 08/13/02  3.82M Management tool for expense report and evaluation      09/12/02 14.88M Free Fundraising Software    12/15/03  2.19M Personal Timekeeping Solution
TEInstal.exe      03/31/04   928K TxtEdit, a editor for text or Rich text files
TMAF.exe          04/23/04  3.22M Personalized Coupon Maker      09/13/02  5.16M Komfortable Erstellung von Stundennachweisen.
TT3012.exe        12/21/02 33.88M Time and project management software
Tennis50.exe      10/29/02  7.93M Program to manageTenniscourt-or Squashreservations
TimeCounter20.exe 06/06/04   354K Time Counter for project billing
TimeSheetDemo.exe 10/03/02   236K Calculate and track employees hours worked and pay due
Time_Functionality 04/18/01  1.35M Time calculator
Time_Hunter.exe   09/11/02  1.61M Automatically track time spent by workgroup on app/docs         06/15/03 27.43M Day Care Office and Time Clock Programs
TriggerfishSetup.e 11/04/03  5.91M Manage your dive school using a PC  08/22/04  1.43M Track longdistance trucking pickup 2 delivery
UCTSetup.exe      09/23/02   698K UCTool can convert about 250 various types of measurement units.
UNICsetupENG.exe  11/07/02  1.79M Universal News Internet Collector
UTB.exe           04/29/04  5.83M UTB is a fully functioning Query Tool
VETcalcDemo.exe   09/22/02  1.36M VETcalc20 Minute Veterinary Practice Management Review - Demo
VIPOrganizerSetup. 08/04/04  3.34M VIP Organizer is an effective task manager.      12/05/02  5.26M Add-on or Plug-in barcode soft. for any graphic/text application
VgTapi_4.8.1.exe  11/28/02 16.19M IVR, Voicemail andAuto Dialer software
VirtuosoOrganizer. 05/05/04  1.46M Personal Information Manager
VisualProBooksLite 10/10/02  8.78M Complete ingegrated accounting for small to medium size business.
WB4MEfull.exe     12/14/02 10.19M Private/compressed Word processed documents in secure dataBase           06/03/04  5.05M Where Are You Client Server (WhereRU)
WebWhacker5Setup.e 07/12/02  5.01M Save entire Web sites to your computer.  01/21/02 13.94M Track your personal and business assets
_9viawin.exe      12/17/02  7.12M Easy-to-use Printing software.
aaj.exe           12/03/03  3.33M Search job from desktop and send resume.      01/26/04  8.60M AnyBook Pro 3: Small Publisher's Business Kit       01/02/03  4.05M AnyBook Adv: Small Publisher's Business Kit      02/17/04  1.13M Utility to convert MS Access to any format        01/05/04  1.23M Powerful utility to convert CSV to any format        01/13/04  1.19M Powerful utility to convert DBF to any format        08/05/03  1007K Useful DBX converter to DBF or CSV format      02/10/04  1.15M Powerful utility to convert XLS to any format      02/15/04  1.15M Utility to convert Lotus 1-2-3 to any format      08/14/03  1.02M Combine multiple documents into one document      10/10/03  1.04M Useful mails converter to any document format        06/16/03   846K Powerful PDF converter to any document format       12/11/03  1.24M Powerful PDF converter to any graphics file      11/05/03  1.06M Powerful tool to combine and split PDFs       01/31/04  1.36M Useful PocoMail mails converter to any format      12/15/03  1.20M PowerPoint converter to any document format.      02/12/04  1.15M Utility to convert QuattroPro to any format       07/25/03  1023K Document converter that supports many formats       02/28/04   982K Powerful utility to convert DOC to XLS files        06/22/03   946K Powerful XML converter to any document format        07/16/03  1.04M Flexible electronic catalogue shell
abk30sr1.exe      11/15/03  1.77M Handy multifunctional digital address book.      12/29/02   662K Calculator with great usability   03/19/02   353K Program to obtain information about your colleagues absence
absolute.exe      12/15/02 16.13M Everything Needed To Run Any Business
ac.exe            08/16/02  1.68M Data organizer with many applications within
acecalc.exe       04/02/04  1.14M 150 latest currency rates. Daily updates
acrecord.exe      10/09/02   971K Advanced Call Recorder is recording software
adconv.exe        11/23/03  1.09M Converts units of measurements.
addedpmt.exe      08/01/02  1.20M Reduce the term of your loan and interest paid    05/25/03   300K Basic Address Book. Keeps track of names, phone #'s, cities, etc.  06/15/03   429K Basic Address Book, Updated
adr.exe           07/04/04   651K A powerful tool to repair corrupt DBF files
adresbok.ZIP      11/10/02  5.15M Keep track of your contatcs cool and fancy address book
adv_setup.exe     10/22/03  1.76M Image files viewer and converter, morphing
advanced-excel-sel 11/28/02   598K An Excel add-in saves your time and nerves.
adviser.exe       04/12/03   659K Get advice on what to do next.
adxt2wd.exe       07/01/04   688K Adds the syntax highlighting to MS Word    07/25/03   541K Adds the syntax highlighting to MS Word    07/25/03   522K Adds several useful features to MS Excel
aeampV1.exe       06/02/01   488K An MS Office Excel Spreadsheet Workbook Estimating Add-On           06/14/03   778K Smart optimization of HTML files.
aifree.exe        09/27/02  5.12M Free supply room inventory software.
ajour-setup.exe   04/24/04   765K Ajour is a personal information manager.
amazon_shareware.z 06/30/04  2.34M Products Generator - EMS - Ecommerce
amiprs03.exe      10/11/02  4.95M AMI Presentation Wizard - interactive, multimedia presentations
amort.exe         09/21/02   244K Generate Amortization Schedules for MS Excel
angelwriter.exe   06/10/04  1.29M Angel Writer is a popular text editor.       01/20/02  2.37M AnyCard!Credit Card Authorization Program            08/19/02   729K Store all kinds of info in one place      01/26/04  8.59M AnyOrder Pro 3: Mail Order Business Kit       01/26/04  4.09M AnyOrder Basic: Mail Order Business Kit
apmPro40.exe      11/18/02  6.90M Asymmetric encrypting and signature (X.509)
appbar2.exe       12/03/02   374K Real-time stock ticker
appointment_setter 08/13/02  3.16M A daily calendar for appointments and to do tasks.
appschplus30s.exe 10/10/02   715K Appointment Schedule “Plus” for Microsoft Excel
aprcal40.exe      09/01/02  1.64M Feature-rich mortgage amortization program.
apserver.exe      07/09/03   690K Speaking answering machine         10/05/01  1.28M Financial Accounting and Inventory Freeware
ardemo.exe        03/30/04  1.09M AccessRecovery fixes corrupted databases.
askSam5.exe       08/11/03 23.10M The World's Most Popular Free-Form Database
asksetup.exe      08/20/02 22.67M The World's Most Popular Free-Form Database
assetdepreciation. 08/13/02  3.95M Management tool for Asset Depreciation
asutype-setup.exe 08/10/04  1.40M On the fly spell check, speed type, save time          12/03/02  7.06M ATAF database to ASP web application converte       12/03/02  6.40M Converts your MS-Access database to mySQL
atlant10n_en.exe  05/17/01  1.10M The fun companion to word processing
auscomp-itcommande 03/15/04  5.29M The Intranet Help Desk of the future!
autorunnerdemo.exe 06/25/04  2.65M Design interactive Autorun shells visually!
autosavexl09.exe  11/16/02   369K Save backups of Excel files while you work.
autosecretary.exe 11/12/02   477K State of the art electronic phone secretary
autotyping11.exe  07/29/04  1.92M Speed up Typing Avoid Spelling Error       07/16/02  1.05M GSM SMS messages by modem from your PC.
aysSETUP.EXE      12/30/02  2.84M metal machining parameters calculator       01/22/02 10.98M Bartender's Computerized drink recipe book. Instant lookup  05/23/02   395K Bar owners and managers can take inventory and lower pour costs.      08/27/02 26.95M Front-end application for database management
bbksetup.exe      12/06/01   713K Simple bookkeeping system for non-accountants
bcard.exe         11/21/02   717K Design Business Cards. 20000 templates.
bccSetup.exe      06/19/02  2.45M Print bar code (ean, upc and more) labels with desktop printer.
bcomsetup.exe     02/14/04   490K Bar Cut Optimizer and Manager
bcs32.exe         08/01/02  1.26M Design and Print your own professional looking Business Cards         04/27/02  2.52M Photo ID application plus other uses       12/20/02  1.90M Stress, deflection calculator for beams
bettinggenius20soc 01/21/04  5.29M Sports Management and Prediction Software    09/04/01  8.32M Bids, Quotes, Estimator Software for small businesses.
billc02.exe       10/11/02  8.50M Comprehensive Time Billing System
billpro5.exe      10/27/00  4.72M Professional POS software for all restaurant and hotel
birddogeis_1_4.EXE 01/20/04  3.97M Track the emails you send using Outlook.
biweekly.exe      07/29/02  1.18M Reduce the term of a loan and interest paid.      02/25/02  6.70M Run your video store on a computer with ease.
bookcat_setup.exe 10/14/03  4.31M Organize your book collection       08/01/04  6.07M Multi-functional personal budgeting software
brilliantdb.exe   12/12/02  2.72M Dendritic database based on your own forms.
brilliantdb_pro_4_ 09/02/04  5.03M Easy-to-use software for databases creation..
btb.exe           02/07/04  1.99M A program to document site inspections.
buscard.exe       01/13/03   158K Create Beautiful, Professional Business Cards        04/01/04    99K Bond Value Calculator
c10setup.exe      10/28/02   124K The quick and easy way to manage faxes, emails and voice messages
cafedemo.exe      01/24/01   898K CafeSuite is a full-featured internet cafe management software
callcorder.exe    12/16/02  1.63M Record telephone conversations to your PC
cashbk3.exe       05/06/04  3.60M Simple cash accounting for the small business         11/06/03  1.60M Business cash flow planner.         11/06/03  1.79M Business cash flow planner.      03/10/03  1016K Cool Barcode Maker       04/10/03   936K Manage your expenses and incomes.            06/02/01     7K Validates credit card numbers using LUHN algorithm
cc2001.exe        08/19/02  1.34M Cutting optimization of rectangular parts on sheets, panels,rolls           09/03/01  2.73M Submit your online credit card application quickly and easily!
ccpf1960.exe      05/05/04  7.33M Internet cafe software / Cyber cafe software.      04/24/03   185K DBF viewer and editor for DOS.      05/07/02  1.04M Very fast and small DBF viewer and editor.Very fast and small DBF viewer a
cdlabel.exe       01/13/03  1.16M Create Professional CD Jewel Cases and Labels
celles20.exe      12/11/02   904K Phone book organization, SMS messages, logos     04/10/03   916K A simple software to evaluate and estimate
cfolk140.exe      09/21/02   118K ClipForm for Microsoft Outlook
cfpro_setup.exe   01/29/03  4.29M Send and receive faxes over the Internet.
chart141.exe      02/24/04  4.09M Charting technical analysis.       07/11/03  2.05M Convert CHM into a set of HTML files      04/10/03   929K For business small and medium-size companies      04/10/03   939K A software simple for manage all of invoices. 02/10/04  1.65M Calculator PROGRAM that is dependable and out of your way.
clientmanagement.e 08/13/02  6.22M SuperPro Client Management for business to people sales.
cmdsetup.exe      02/07/02  1.98M Contact manager,auto dial,email/web link,remind,mp3 alarm,SQL        08/08/02 23.52M Full-featured Web authoring and publishing system
cmsetup.exe       12/09/03   912K 3200 contract templates and samples.
cngdemo.exe       09/06/04  7.46M Economic analysis for alternate fuel vehicles
codabarfontware.zi 12/03/03  1.64M Morovia Codabar Barcode Fontware has 10 fonts 12/03/03  1.59M Morovia Code11 Barcode Font contains 10 fonts
code128fontware.zi 12/03/03  1.60M Morovia Code128 Barcode Font has 30 fonts 12/03/03  1.59M Morovia Code25 Barcode Font contains 10 fonts
code39extfontware. 12/03/03  1.60M Morovia Code39 Barcode Font contains 10 fonts 12/03/03  1.60M Morovia Code39 Barcode Font contains 10 fonts 12/03/03  1.60M Morovia Code93 Barcode Font contains 10 fonts
consiner.exe      01/08/04  1.81M Consignment and Resale Business Management Software      09/21/03  1.84M Contact    07/29/02  1.15M Converts every ASCII file to MetaStock format       12/28/02  2.56M Perfect tool for people who pays their credit card bills online.
credit-card-verifi 09/06/04   291K Validate Credit Card Numbers with MOD-10
csolk200.exe      01/03/01  1.53M CyberSecretary for Microsoft Outlook 2000
cstrain.exe       11/26/02 15.47M A system to manage staff training
ct.exe            09/14/03   998K Control your finances      12/27/02   979K Mail list manager
cworks.exe        09/18/02   910K CWorks Computerized Maintenance Management System (CWorks CMMS)
cyclops.exe       01/11/03   629K Cyclops Markets Monitor
czp2ts.exe        06/18/02   726K pdf to text converter
daily_ev.exe      01/24/03   198K 'Flexible' Daily Interest Monitoring Tool       11/14/02  1.20M Cartografia urbana digital, mapas de mexico
dateplus1.5_instal 11/16/02  2.75M Calendar Biorhythm Astrology profiles
daytripper.exe    08/13/02  4.05M A business and personal information and contact manager
dbanalyst.exe     01/07/03  1.71M Single database administration solution
dbput_pro.exe     05/09/04  6.63M Converting data between different databases.          08/19/04  3.15M A tool for working with databases and objects
dcksetup.exe      11/30/02  1.41M Flexible addressbook with phone dialer.
dcset134.exe      12/13/02  6.94M Document management for home and business
ddolk100.exe      09/21/02    97K DupeDuster - Screen Duplicate Messages in Outlook   09/08/02    38K Exporting DERIVE Vectors and Matrices into EXCEL      05/28/04  1.31M Put Outlook data straight on your desktop.      06/22/04  9.17M Catalog your personal expenses and incomes         12/17/02  2.89M Planner . Reminder , Photo Collection , Create Screensavers
diaryone_setup.exe 05/27/04  5.32M A creative multimedia diary keeping software           03/01/04  2.50M Digital Indicators Generator
dimonx6.exe       10/09/02   965K Forex Automatic Day Trading System
disetup.exe       12/01/02  1.04M Calculate accumulated interest on a loan or deposit. Freeware      10/03/02 49.78M Timesheet and project tracking and management
dreamo.exe        11/11/02  2.90M An All-In-One powerful information organizer.          04/23/01    11K Calculates IV drip rates and other useful information
dtnotes30.exe     06/08/04  1.10M Place electronic sticky notes on your monitor
e-LAN%20Setup%20Fi 04/24/01 10.07M e-lan is a billing system for cyber cafes
e4chatsetup.exe   12/02/02  5.30M Realtime Voice Chat
eOrderingGold_2.0. 06/23/04  3.48M Shopping Cart and eCommerce app
eOrderingPro_Win.z 06/23/04  3.59M Shopping Cart and Online Store solution 06/23/04  3.55M Shopping Cart and Online Store solution
eansetup.exe      11/05/01  5.60M Barcode generator for EAN 128, EAN-UCC ,UPC-A ,UPC-E and ITF 14 .
easy137.exe       06/05/02 10.14M Resume and cover letter builder program.
easyPDF3.exe      05/24/04  3.82M Create PDF files
easyoffice.exe    10/07/01 28.04M Office suite, compatible with Word, Excel, PDF      08/24/01 13.52M Time and Billing, Payroll Software for small businesses. 06/20/03  6.79M e-magebank personal is an image database
ecomm208.exe      11/12/02  2.79M  a complete eCommerce solution designed to put your business on
edockdesk2.exe    11/10/03 13.40M Secure Personal Storage with Full-text Search
edsk301.exe       05/09/03  3.52M Email and file management integration         02/08/04  2.73M Expense tracking for business or personal use        11/06/03   641K Business plan eGuides
eldos-autosavexl.e 11/21/03   463K Saves backups of Excel files while you work.
encsetup.exe      07/23/03 12.61M Powerful and simple collaboration tool.
entdesktop.exe    09/05/04 54.17M IT Asset Discovery, Tracking and Helpdesk            02/04/04  5.22M Employee Planner - Event Planner
esABXC20.exe      01/09/04  4.19M ActiveX Control for shipping with Airborne
esetup.exe        06/14/01  4.15M e/pop is a complete, fast and secure instant messenger       12/05/03   376K Eye care utility for computer workers.
esnaptry.exe      11/14/02  1.17M eBookSnap creates professional ebooks in a few mouse clicks.
esrdemo.exe       06/05/04  1.49M ExchangeServerRecovery recovers .EDB files        07/29/04  9.26M Programa para control de stock y vencimientos de productos  08/08/02 18.05M Multi-language, browser-based, WYSIWYG Web content authoring tool      11/29/01 11.21M Gestion de horas y recursos humanos para empresas        11/06/03  1.39M Business plan projections.        11/06/03  1.67M Comprehensive business plan projections.        11/06/03  2.01M Comprehensive business plan projections.
ezachv4.exe       11/19/02  1.27M EZ-ACH - The Simple Solution
ezdbtrial.exe     08/08/02  3.41M Internet Auction Database With Advanced Search and File Sorting
ezdtcalc.exe      04/05/03   964K Easily calculate working days and hours between two dates.         01/16/03  5.16M Track your company's inventory and create bil of materials      01/01/04  2.77M Chose, manage your loan and save money with EZ Loan Manager
ezyloancalculator. 11/24/03  3.95M Download very user friendly loan amortizer.
faolv30s.exe      10/10/02   288K Financial Analysis of Life for Microsoft Excel        08/13/02  5.43M Complete vehicle maintenance and repair tracking system          09/22/03    55K Digital Indicators for technical analysis       11/28/02  3.13M Fax from text files 09/15/03  1.49M FastBarCode can create all kind of 1D barcode and PDF417.       10/26/03  3.64M Income, expense and saving tracker.
fileuploader.exe  01/27/04  1.42M Upload and store any PC files on Palm.
finastmt.exe      08/01/02  1.18M A standard financial statement form
findjob2.exe      09/28/02   732K Let Us Show You .. Where the Jobs Are!!!
fkey21.exe        12/28/02  7.24M Function Key Template Design Tool. v2.1 $40
fm204.exe         02/06/02  2.38M Turns scanner and modem into fax machine
fmaker.exe        11/19/03 11.80M pdc Form Maker
fmnfax.exe        03/19/04  1.34M Send/Receive fax - Single computer or Network
folder-password.ex 08/14/04   846K Software to password protect folders. 05/23/02   203K Restaurant owners can lower food costs and generate food orders 03/19/03   900K Neural network forecasting Excel add-in.      12/03/02   484K Ayuda en el llenado e impresión de formas preimpresas
formps41.exe      10/10/02   476K Form Print Spooler for Microsoft Excel
fpHBSetup.exe     06/19/04   958K fpHelp creates Helps in Microsoft FrontPage       08/03/02   446K Forecasters Ranker   08/29/03    31K PHP based online shopping cart software     05/26/01   193K Instant web database publishing tool for non-programmers     07/12/04   665K Free Notes is a easy to use reminder.      01/12/03  1.97M Electronic brochure creation tool
fw_setup.exe      10/16/02   568K Update content on your web site by sending an e-mail.      11/28/02  1.76M Produce Gantt charts from Access databases.      11/28/02  1.82M Produce Gantt charts from Microsoft Excel.
gimmefreedata141.z 06/01/04   897K Utility to download free stock price history         04/23/04  6.28M Create, manage and develop knowledge base
goat102.exe       12/06/02  2.90M GoatTender is a multi faceted goat farm management software tool       03/28/00   242K Gross Profit Margin Calculator
grafix.exe        06/03/04  8.63M Gráficos de ações na Bovespa
growmony.exe      08/01/02  1.18M A time-value-of-money invested schedule.
gs.exe            09/14/03   850K Manage your Stocks
hbk3.exe          05/13/04  2.57M Program which is to keep Your personal money
hdpro.exe         01/09/04  7.34M Lets you keep track of your tech support calls
healthmonitor15.zi 05/18/00  5.05M Chart your weight, blood pressure and regimen
housed.exe        10/30/03  6.98M Multidimensional household money management.
hq_setup.exe      06/01/04  1005K Downloads free historical stock prices
i2000.exe         10/28/02   125K The Swiss army knife of PC communications.   12/03/03  1.61M Morovia ITF25 barcode Font has 10 fonts       01/27/02 16.17M Internet cafe software for cyber cafe management.      08/28/02  1.96M Centralized on-the-fly Thesaurus
iesmv1.exe        08/17/02  8.79M Fully featured helpdesk software utility, web front end included
iinventory.exe    10/16/02 20.71M Tracks your Windows, Mac and Linux PCs and software inventory
iit_01w.exe       10/28/02   120K Connect and interact with your PC from anywhere over the Internet         11/01/02  7.10M Inquiry Management System
inexsy11.exe      10/13/02  1016K Itiscomplete inexpensive inventory system
infoangelpro.exe  03/23/04  2.36M Info Angel Pro is a popular organizer (pim).
infocompanies.exe 08/21/04  3.59M Romanian Yellow Pages       09/10/02   962K InfoPad is personal information manager
insprosetup.exe   04/22/03 10.00M InsurancePro - The Agency Management Software
install-commit-ser 03/17/04  9.43M Business Management for Computer Services       06/25/03  3.45M Beautiful, power and easy in use organizer
install_kxta.exe  10/15/02  1.00M Programmator for Panasonic KX-TA308/616/624
installa_mm.exe   02/04/04  1.73M ModuloM, magazzino e fatturazione
instinv3.exe      06/19/04  3.17M Create business invoices, quotes or proposals
inventorypower_ser 10/25/02 10.93M Inventory management software for small or medium sized company
itwtsetup.exe     08/20/03  1.68M ITW Toolbar© is an Internet Explorer browser        03/28/04    96K Estimate the value of your IDEA!!!           09/24/03   461K Telephone voicemail and info-line sysyem      08/26/04   465K Info tree PIM and personal organizer
jfmusic_lite.msi  11/18/02  2.95M Keeps track of your music collection.
jlplan3.exe       08/01/03   996K Top rated financial planning shareware.
jlplanl.exe       08/01/03   953K Top rated financial planning shareware.
jlplanr.exe       02/01/04  1.04M Top rated retirement planning shareware.
jltools.exe       08/01/03   642K A set of financial planning tools.       07/21/03   285K Full-Fledge Accounts Software With GUI       10/01/02  3.41M Jreminder reminds you of your appointments
k94.0.3patch1.exe 12/19/02  4.95M Fix Male and female bug in input screen of K9 Version 4.0.3
k9h1.0.exe        10/25/02  3.86M Help Manual (alpha version) for K9 Dog breeder program.
kaos.exe          12/26/02 16.84M Kaos Manager is an all-purpose small business management program
kazmin102.exe     11/21/02  5.00M KazMin - manage meeting minutes easily!
kennel.exe        01/21/03 10.49M Kennel Reservation Software.
kmisbe.ZIP        06/30/04    766 Knowledge Management - Java - Sarbanes Oxley
kntsetup.exe      11/30/02  1.58M Tabbed notebook, outliner, organizer with rich text, encryption.
lantalk-xp.exe    02/19/04   828K Effective communications for the office       04/30/04  2.85M Room
ledger101.exe     12/20/02  6.84M Accounting software for businesses
legal_ev.exe      01/24/03  1.04M Flexible monitoring of multiple client account activity.
lexaorganizer.exe 03/07/03  6.49M Lexa Organizer is a task manager      01/22/04  1.48M Project timer extended with log file. Many features.      08/25/04     3K Reciprocal link exchange management software
llSPESInst.exe    06/28/02   739K Application for creating PDF files
loanamor.exe      07/29/02  1.19M This is a standard loan amortization program.
lockspam.exe      06/07/04  5.25M Safe Anti Spam Software for Outlook users
logit12.exe       06/13/04  1016K Manage your contacts from one screen!      02/25/02  7.79M Run your restaurant efficiently on a PC.
mailst20.exe      03/03/04   786K Organize your inbox based on your contacts      02/23/02   497K track maintenance parts and supplies
marina.exe        04/09/03 10.48M Marina reservation software.
mash_full_setup.ex 09/06/04  7.50M MASH - Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper
maxamine_wa.exe   12/11/02 14.79M Scans, maps and analyzes web sites and log files
maxmtge.exe       08/01/02  1.18M Program shows you the maximum cost house you can afford      06/17/01  4.20M POS software for restaurants
mbcsetup.exe      06/15/04  2.77M Create catalogs with automatic web updates.          12/13/02  2.97M manage appointments, tasks, calendars        07/19/02  4.23M Movie Club Management software covering rental , sales and more..   07/22/03  5.73M Create intelligent documents for MS Word
merchant.exe      06/08/00   307K Learn all the tips on how to obtain a merchant account!            12/14/03   373K Fill out and print scanned forms on PC.
mf32.exe          07/07/03  1.80M Fax from any Windows program, including Word.
mfpro.exe         08/24/04   549K Fill out and print forms on your computer.      10/25/02   188K Alternative Windows Calculator with 2 views  12/03/03  1.64M Morovia MICR Font has 10 true type fonts  06/09/01    92K Easy to use shopping cart software.  06/09/01   159K Easy to use shopping cart in PHP and javascript with database
mlih.exe          12/18/03  3.70M Inventory tracking utility you can customize the way you want           06/02/04  1.64M Money Management Explorer
moysetup.exe      08/04/02  1018K Facility management
mpm.exe           04/02/04 37.11M To make and manage marketing and budget plans       08/13/02 15.01M Micro Register point-of-sale software.
mrtgages.exe      08/01/02  1.32M a collection of 8 mortgage type programs   12/03/03  1.60M Morovia MSI Barcode Font contains 10 fonts
msrdemo.exe       06/18/04   913K MSSQLRecovery repairs SQL Server databases.         09/06/02   530K MTA News Poster is a newsgroup posting tool.         09/17/02   579K MTA Press Release is a mail posting tool.
mwpsu.exe         05/27/03   927K US, Canadian and other mortgages/loans. Crush your mortgage. 01/20/02 20.80M this software is an address book   01/17/02  7.59M this software is an organizer
my_auction_search. 11/17/02  3.91M Auction Search Engine and Multi-Browser Tool for eBay,
myphonebook.exe   03/04/03  1.62M MyPhoneBook is a full-featured contact manager application.
mystuff.exe       05/24/01  2.35M Freeware Home and Personal Inventory Manager
napoleon.exe      01/10/03  2.39M Napoleon was created from an original idea.
ncrspsetup.exe    01/10/02 34.72M Point of Sale for Retail, Rental and Restaurant      10/15/03   155K Database mgt, survey taking, Presentations, and Direct mailing
nform.exe         01/13/04   610K Number Formats for Microsoft Excel for the professional look
nim30.exe         11/23/02   151K Helpdesk and Network Management Software
nm_apploader_cgi_n 07/17/03   691K Web-based Remote Administration of Windows PC  04/16/04  1.01M Easy to Use Sticky Notes Organizer.
nxlpsetup.exe     10/02/02    58K Monitor stocks and news on your desktop.
oins100d.exe      10/28/02  5.96M client for Microsoft Analysis/OLAP Services
olrdemo.exe       06/24/04  1.01M OutlookRecovery fixes corrupted .PST files.
openwebscope-curre 12/14/02   471K Generate HTML reports with details stats on your Web site with th
opeval40.exe      08/26/02 32.58M Organizational Chart Software
opsetup.exe       09/01/04  2.08M Off-line downloader (Web and FTP) and browser
otpsamples.exe    06/08/02   356K Indispensable collection of business an personal templates.      08/14/03    32K Appointment reminder by phone, Outlook add-ons
ov.ZIP            11/27/02   626K Step through and view MS Office files with one click
payroll.exe       01/15/02  1.15M Payroll Calculator easily calculates your pay            08/29/02 10.21M PiggyBank is a set of easy to use financial calculators.           07/26/01  2.73M Enables you 2 submit hundreds of credit card applications quickly      06/19/03   880K Powerful utility for rapid pie-chart creation    01/17/02  1.62M Accept and print online checks
pcscsetup.exe     08/17/04  1.09M preCharge is a free fraud prevention utility.
pdbmsetup.exe     03/10/03  1.23M PDF417 barcode maker
pdfserver.exe     08/07/04   620K Scripts to add text and pictures to pdf files      03/18/04  6.20M Form, Database, Draw, Desktop Publishing
pfsetup.exe       10/06/03  2.89M Credit card processing.No Setup / Monthly fee
phlst300.exe      10/28/02  1.93M Corporate phone list manager. 11/15/02  2.55M Allows user to make phone calls to any regular phone at low rates 09/02/04   942K search and download millions of pictures.
pimone_gold_setup. 11/28/03  5.35M A personal information management software.
pinsetup.exe      08/23/04   478K Create desktop note and send them to others.        01/04/03   896K Critical Path Project Management Planning        04/29/04   823K Multi-featured reminder and scheduler.
polff32.exe       08/03/02   487K Easy to use file folder label software. - Ideal for home and office.
porteval.exe      08/01/02  1.18M A portfolio evaluator for investments in stocks
pp-pe.exe         08/14/02  5.66M Plan
pp_gold.exe       04/02/04  3.16M New altanative to create 'n secure PDF files.     01/14/04   311K PresentPack series of PowerPoint Templates
pred20.exe        08/03/03  2.27M A syntax colouring programmer's text editor.
projectforum.exe  06/25/03  1.44M Professional and easy web/wiki collaboration      11/23/02  1.12M Scientific/Financial/Geometry Calculator
protect.exe       06/26/04   657K Protect your folders with a password.      09/04/02  1.06M Extract usable data from just about anything.
pscs206.exe       10/28/02  2.86M Professional appointment scheduler
purchman.exe      10/13/02  5.49M Auto create,cut print,track orders/expenses
pushbuttons.exe   07/21/04  1.40M Automatically Push My Buttons 2.1
qbautomation.exe  10/24/02  6.45M Email your Quickbooks Invoices      08/27/02   556K Oracle SQL Plus command interpretter
qtd_pro.exe       10/17/03  1.32M Quick To-Do Pro is a supercharged PIM.
qtrk24.exe        08/09/04  5.98M Track world-wide stocks
quick_keylogger.ex 06/06/04   481K Perfect Invisible Family Keystroke Logger!
rbsetup.exe       06/17/01  8.48M Resume writing and submission software, includes resume and cover letter s
rchecker.exe      12/19/02  3.79M ABA Bank Routing Number Validation - Bank Tracing Software
realestate101.exe 02/18/01   723K Real estate investing strategies 11/02/02   599K Get real-time exchange rate, calculate conversion.
relmgr.exe        08/02/02  4.55M db utility for storing web logon passwords
rembsetup.exe     12/09/03 10.78M Resume Builder for job-seekers.       11/03/01  1.01M Electronic Address Book, Personal Info Manager.         10/12/00   624K Payroll System with Excel (97/2000)
rentadvisor.exe   04/09/03  7.56M Calculate future profits from rental property    02/01/03  1.18M CSV-Based Report Writer
retail-setup.exe  01/08/04  1.08M Retail and Resale Business Management Software
retailstrata-gplan 07/25/03 16.57M Unique and very easy to use.
rm232full.exe     06/05/04 12.58M RentMaster is a rental management software      05/09/03  3.48M Free HP style RPN Engineering/Scientific Calculator w/HEX BIN OCT     08/25/04   601K Convert RTF to HTML and XHTML documents.     08/06/02  3.79M Personal Finance Manager
safe100.exe       11/25/02  1.12M Free Oracle backup and export utility
sasy.exe          01/24/01  4.34M Simple Accounting Software      03/09/04   172K New method to save filled-in PDF forms.
savpengr.exe      07/29/02  1.19M Presents a complete annuitization of monthly savings.
sbesetup.exe      02/02/04   985K in small business and MLM.
scheduler.exe     04/17/04   406K Multifunctional task scheduler       07/30/02  1.93M Print bar code 3 of 9 with easy to use fonts; TrueType, PostScript and PCL    11/28/02   403K Send Messages to Pagers and Mobiles
send2pager_free.zi 10/15/02   374K Send Messages to Pagers and Mobiles
send2pager_gold.zi 12/09/02   674K Deliver Corporate Messages to Pagers        05/08/03   846K A tool to automate search engine promotions.      09/29/02  1.36M Track how long a machine has been running.
sessetup.exe      08/04/03  3.51M Build ecommerce stores on your computer.
setup-mas1.6.5a.ex 11/04/02  2.95M stock and futures charting and technical analysis software      07/09/03  1.20M The CSS-Maker creates easy your CSS-Files.
setup15.exe       02/13/04 12.39M Using speech to control computer
setupbuzzfonp2p3.e 08/10/04   533K Make Free, Clear & Unlimited Calls Worldwide!
setupcutlogic.exe 01/03/03  8.51M 1D length nesting and cutting optimizer.
shareware-marketin 09/16/03   919K Shareware Marketing and promotions e-book  10/06/03   258K Easy to use, simple home budgeting program.
simplysms_setup.ex 08/08/03   552K Send/Receive SMS (serial port) Siemens, Nokia
sims_trial_version 11/10/02  2.08M The quick and easy way to manage your company invoices
sinsy12.exe       10/13/02  1008K complete inexpensive inventory system     03/09/03  1.18M Keep an eye on your Web sites and be alerted via E-Mail or ICQ
slsetup.exe       01/07/03  3.11M Staff rostering, employee scheduling and booking software tool.
sm_setup.exe      04/30/03   181K System for control work process of the staff       08/05/02   514K record phone calls into PC using voice modem
smpr2000.exe      05/05/00  5.16M Flow Charts, Process Diagrams / Models
sold.exe          12/03/02   161K Posting, and Processing on-line auctions
sp4demo.exe       11/23/02  4.63M doorway page software, web promotion software
spamoff1.exe      05/31/03  3.20M Advanced automatic spam remover
spamwd10.exe      04/01/03  1.45M Your once-for-all anti-spam solution!         12/29/02   108K Type a word and get an entire letter!    10/19/02   590K Spam Hunter – is tool used for battling SPAM.      08/27/02  1.85M Spell Check for all Windows applications   10/21/02 24.90M SQLBase is a zero-administration SQL database      05/08/02  1.25M Use SQLQuery as a quick SQL tool, to connect to any Database     04/19/04  3.68M Database migration software
sqpsetup.exe      08/13/03   444K Download historical stock quotes         02/06/03  2.62M Create, manage, and provide reports on user registration requests
sr_demo.exe       03/26/04   675K Create schema reports instantly; free trial.    01/13/03   568K Billing system for internet cafe, client/server method.
ss30.exe          11/07/02   151K Systems management software
sstg612.exe       09/11/02  4.34M Create slide presentations and screen savers
sstsetup.exe      04/03/03   185K A Windows Desktop Stock and Market Index Ticker
steadytrading-demo 07/01/02 14.39M SteadyTrading is a decision-making support software.
stitcherez.exe    10/28/03  5.15M Easy panoramas from photos. Plug-in to ACDSee 06/12/00  6.24M Stock  & Chart is a free online investing program   08/01/04  4.32M project/client/to do/hours tracking        01/25/03   326K Submit Your website to all the top search eninges
superprosoftware.e 08/13/02  6.27M A total solution for Customer Relationship Management
svkp_setup.exe    08/12/02   498K SVKP - marketing and distributing software.
sweetdiary.exe    09/25/02  6.26M recorded a sound on your pc with can export your sound to      09/20/02  1.44M Translates U.I. of Windows applications       11/10/02  1.07M Professional time tracking software.
syncdb-setup-demo. 04/08/04  1.30M Easy solution to sync mySQL database schema.
talkingslidetrial. 01/14/04  8.28M Make Talking Presentation
taskactions1_setup 05/31/04  1.53M Manage your business without leaving your PC!
tbill200.exe      06/14/03  4.14M This program will manage Rental Properties
tcc.exe           08/13/00  1.84M Payroll Time Card/Time Sheet Calculator
tcm_setup.exe     09/11/02 11.52M Contact Manager, Appointments, Calendar...       02/11/03  3.03M computerized maintenance management system
tempo25installer.z 10/24/02  3.83M Tempo makes it easy for you to keep track of your worked time and helps yo       02/26/04  1.78M Convert RTF and text documents to PDF          09/17/02    80K CoolTick - Stock Ticker
timec10.exe       05/20/00   926K Time Card Calculator
timeleft.exe      02/20/03  1.26M Clock, reminder, countdown using Winamp skins
timesage-setup.exe 04/22/04   834K TimeSage is a tool for general time tracking.
timezn23.exe      11/28/02   726K Find time overlap for intnl conference calls            04/21/04  1.36M Time and expense tracking for MS Outlook
tmapperv2eval.exe 12/06/02 29.58M Design, map and realign sales territories with ease
tmapperv2evalintl. 12/06/02 18.52M Map, design and realign sales territories      01/22/04  1.39M Project timer extended with log file.Print timesheets etc.
tmlss136.EXE      08/30/02  2.02M Timeless Time           01/06/03  4.41M Automated TIme Tracking Utility
tpp20.exe         09/20/02  4.98M Checkout the easiest to use PIM        12/07/03  2.61M High-security encryption Organizer/Editor        07/19/03  2.79M 12 Gb Organizer Editor Intuitive powerful   12/07/03  2.61M Organizer/Editor versatile intuitive powerful 01/25/04  4.95M TrendMedium is a Add-on for Equis MetaStock®       09/08/02  3.61M Useful database tool that works with BDE or ODBC   12/03/03  1.61M Morovia UPC/EAN Barcode Font has 5 fonts         05/03/04  1.20M File manager with utilities.
uswholesale.exe   10/22/02  1.54M Trade Directory of U.S. Wholesale Manufacturers and Suppliers
video.exe         11/19/03   924K Video rental store management software
vis_6e.exe        09/05/00  4.61M Creates business cards        11/18/02  5.50M Manage Keys and Locks for Facilities        11/18/02  5.86M Dispatch motorized equipment and vehicles       11/18/02  5.49M Equipment loss management.        11/18/02  5.56M Manage weapons and other equipment.        07/11/04  1.29M E-mail your voice to your friends!
vs_setup_l_ij.exe 10/31/02 23.37M Measure the efficiency of your ad campaigns.
vsueldos.exe      07/02/02  1.95M Payroll system / sistema de sueldos y jornales         02/27/04   372K MS Word docs conversion no Office needed         06/23/02   204K Automatic wage calculation with roster sheet
wcretail.exe      11/24/03  2.59M Retail Software
wcsgas.exe        11/24/03  1.00M Gas Station Software
wcspos.exe        11/24/03  2.68M Point of Sale software
wcssalon.exe      11/24/03  2.86M Salon and Spa Software
wcsvideo.exe      01/12/04  3.81M Video,rental,sale,gift certificate
webwizrd.exe      01/11/03 12.22M Try a WYSIWYG web page designer.
wfaxaut.exe       01/13/03   566K The One-Click Faxing Solution for WinFax
whldir68a.exe     11/28/02  1.81M International Wholesale Directory of Manufacturers and Suppliers   04/01/02  5.44M Software to Win football lottery
wirelessadminpro.e 08/24/01  1.51M WirelessAdmin is a wireless remote control application for Windows.
wmd.exe           10/30/02  7.55M Organize, publish, and maintain your documents to a web site
worktime.exe      02/20/03  2.67M WorkTime - Project
wrar290-rog.exe   10/25/01   674K AWESOME compression with a stunning graphical interface...
wrdemo.exe        06/17/04   855K WordRecovery fixes corrupted Word documents.      08/27/02  7.01M Spell check, thesaurus, for all programs      08/27/02  9.33M Spell check, word processing/text editor
wsa12.exe         09/15/02  2.32M Charting, system tester, portfolio management
wshSetup.exe      10/07/02  7.16M Frontend for Commerce.cgi shopping cart.  10/19/01  2.09M Get real-time stock quotes, financial news, and earnings reports.
wwcd.exe          01/13/03   542K Wordware CD Player:Complete CD Player in Word
x2net_smartaddress 07/26/04  4.08M Contact Management, Single or Multi User
xl-pivot-table-aut 07/21/04  2.92M Extends Excel’s built-in AutoFormat.
xl-pivot-table-hel 04/22/04   655K Extends the built-in Pivot Table toolbar.          06/24/04  1.07M Compare Excel files and Excel spreadsheets  01/29/04 20.59M XML Siter is Java based content manager
xrdemo.exe        03/30/04   944K ExcelRecovery fixes corrupted .XLS files.
xss.exe           12/03/03  1.37M Point-of-Sale system for table-service, fast food, restaurants.
ziplab.exe        01/13/03   384K Create Professional ZIP Disk Cases and Labels
zlog.exe          05/25/04  1.41M Z-Log is a good web server log analyzer.

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