Directory of programr/bcpp         12/20/02  1.37M Software allows you to speed up your site.
AESetupb201.exe   12/20/01  1.56M Free programmers editor for any language
AxTools_VssRecursi 10/26/02   318K Search and purge all the SourceSafe logically deleted items.
BalmsoftWizard.exe 08/26/03   710K Create your own wizard with just few clicks.
BalmsoftWizardDotN 08/24/04  1.13M Create your own wizard with just few clicks!
CeCabMgr10.exe    06/11/02  5.23M Create, view and edit Windows CE CAB files quickly
CoffeeFreeFlashTex 03/26/04  2.27M Create flash text effects for your Website.      12/06/02  1.46M EasyCharts       09/11/02  3.32M Components for developers (for Biometrics applications)         06/26/02   532K Easy and fast translation of HTML files
IDAutomationLinear 10/01/02    61K Integrate barcoding with our Dotnet Barcode Windows Forms Controls
InternetStudio.exe 06/23/04 23.38M web authoring, ecommerce and Internet tools
MSGBOX.ZIP        01/13/03   221K Nice MessageBoxes in your programs
NCTAudioConvert.ex 01/08/03  5.26M Audio ActiveX DLLs
NCTAudioEditor.exe 04/21/03  6.98M Audio ActiveX DLLs
NCTAudioStudio.exe 09/05/02  8.38M Audio ActiveX DLLs
NCTPhotoStudio.exe 01/08/03   772K A pure .NET imaging processing class library.
OpenMods_20030923_ 09/26/03  6.37M Cross-platform open-source C  development libraries
OptiPerl-Trial.exe 07/18/01  3.90M Visual environment - editor to debug, test and run CGI scripts
PeSetup205.exe    06/14/03  2.59M Develop Perl programs in an IDE
ProjGenieIIsetup.e 08/27/04  1.37M A must-have for all Delphi programmers
RfcSetup.exe      09/10/02   811K Browse RFC files through section directory.
SEOToolkit.exe    06/23/04  6.60M Search Engine Optimization application
SPROCSetup.msi    10/07/02   520K Build functions to access stored procedures.
SQLSC2003_Evaluati 01/17/03  6.55M Source Safe integration for SQL Server,documentation,Intellisense
SimpleGridOCX_1.00 05/02/01  1.44M An easy to use Avtive X grid control        10/21/02 18.57M Team Developer is a 4GL development tool.
UPLCompress.exe   09/09/02 12.47M UPL Compression Activex COM OLE and static library.
XMLConverterDemo.z 11/21/02   233K XML data transformation software        04/11/03   681K Zeno Interpreter, ver 1.1 for MS Windows
Zhu_Zhq__stick_fig 01/15/03  1.71M stick figures fighting it out      08/06/04 14.78M Absolute Database - Delphi database system.  07/19/04   589K Delphi  Office COM Add-in          08/21/02    30K Emulation of one or more serial streams.
amTapiL100st.exe  11/07/01   319K amTapi Lite TAPI Voice\Data Telephony Control
anf.exe           11/17/02   715K Download picture and files from newsgroup.       06/24/04   669K Create professional DHTML menus in minutes!   06/21/04  2.02M Apex SQL edit is a SQL database editing tool
apexsqllog.exe    03/18/04  2.67M Passive SQL auditting tool for MS SQL server        04/15/04  1.59M Create professional web menus in minutes!
asfdemo.exe       12/14/02  1.59M Creating server side dynamic flash(swf).
asgsetup.exe      08/28/02   393K New generation submission tool.
aspcodeprint.exe  09/06/02  4.89M Print the source of web pages in color
athlant_delphi_prs 06/30/03  2.84M Source control expert for Delphi and BCB          11/12/03   736K Upload your web site project with one click
axeb11.exe        04/10/04  1.43M Add XP Taskbar functionality to your software     08/23/01   950K programmers editor with custom syntax highlighting     12/05/03  2.77M Code Edit Studio is a programmers text editor
codethatcalendarst 10/19/03    92K DHTML driven calendar form
dhtmlmenustudio.ex 05/20/04  3.21M DHTML drop down menu builder     10/27/03   282K Delphi Component for calculating in Run-Time    12/23/02   436K Controls for the Developer       12/23/02   547K Class Library for the Developer
dvdemo.exe        10/08/02  6.70M Oracle development tool           02/03/04  3.16M Compression library with strong encryption.           08/25/04   959K Own website search engine script software
fe121.exe         08/13/04  1.96M Experts for Delphi/C Builder           06/25/04   328K Add attractive menus to your web site!         04/25/03    44K Tool for searching string occurence with erro
graphosignature.zi 10/12/02   596K Graphology Signature Analysis Source Code Package      04/21/03   100K High efficient dynamic hash tabletree struc       09/18/03  1011K Tool for creating application Help System
httplook.exe      02/06/04  1.09M Penetrate into the mechanics of a website.       05/12/04   473K Web based bugtracking system      06/04/01   462K Reveal saved password and IP address. Source code available.
installaware_profe 06/19/04  4.89M Windows Installer Scripting, Web Deployment
ip2location-countr 11/17/02   270K Component to translate IP address to country.          10/27/01    54K IP/UDP/TCP Winsock tutorial program with VC6 C++ source       06/29/03   418K JADE Business Application Modelling Tool
javascripteditor30 02/03/03  1.69M Spice up your HTML pages with JavaScript.         02/18/04   982K Java Chat demo is simple server-client application in which you c      09/24/02   468K display current time on the page.      09/24/02   535K creating context menu on web pages.      09/13/02   526K Display and rotate the messages on the page.      10/08/02   591K Create Javascript menu on web pages.      09/16/02   567K Create Javascript menus with stretch effects!      05/21/02   568K Javascript Menu Create Tool
jsdropdownmenu10.z 04/30/02   517K Javascript Drop Down Menu Create Tool
jshorizontalmenuba 05/05/02   517K Javascript horizontal menu bar create tool      09/12/02   531K Creating slide menu on web pages.
jsosetup.exe      02/07/04   406K Stop theft of your JavaScript sources!
jsslidemenubar10.z 04/25/02   518K Javascript Slide Menu Bar Create Tool      09/24/02   525K make slide tooltip on web pages
jsverticalmenubar1 05/08/02   517K Javascript vertical menu bar create tool 08/09/02   445K Build A Database-Driven Website Using PHP
lginst.exe        01/06/03  4.19M Software license terms builder for the developer community    01/07/03  3.61M A powerful MySQL administration toolset
nsinstall.exe     03/07/01 21.13M Flexible and graphical neural network development tool with genet          10/12/02   678K Palmreadin Analysis Source Code
perle.exe         05/25/04  4.68M EngInSite Perl Editor-IDE for Perl developers
pgexplorer.exe    12/19/02  3.08M PGExplorer is a GUI development tool for Postgres Databases        06/17/03  2.39M Interactive SQL for PostgreSQL      04/25/03   384K High efficient Data Compression Library
pro_setup.exe     05/15/04   792K a tool securing products against cracker
profuis-v2.20_free 10/19/02   661K MFC extension library
qb71x.exe         08/04/02  5.40M advanced qbasic programming utility       12/05/02  4.23M e-Sales Tracking Software        04/25/03     2K True random generator
rpv22protreng.exe 11/06/02  3.48M Develop best reports using any prog language       10/30/02   663K Reporting and printing tool for java.
rv2.exe           03/12/01  6.20M RobotVisionCAD(RvCAD) is an Image Processing Environment      08/31/02  1.81M ActiveX Automation HMI Components can be used in HMI design      02/07/02   617K HTML, JavaScript and CSS editor     07/08/03   920K High-performance cross-platform object oriented database engine.
sqlct12.exe       04/28/04  3.43M Analyze, compare and document databases     05/19/00   341K Tank Fight 1.0 by Ari Asulin compiled in Borland C++ 5        06/19/02   161K Display thumbnails of image files.
tspell10.exe      08/23/02   670K Spell Checking ActiveX DLL
udbsetup.exe      11/30/02  4.41M Manage your software sales simply          05/20/01  1.91M Free, 32-bit, Win32 Assembler IDE for MASM, TASM, NASM
vbscodeprint.exe  09/06/02  5.01M Print the source code of VBScripts in color
vchm.exe          02/20/03  1.53M Create HTML Hel (CHM) files     12/09/02  1.74M A versatile, outlook styled navigation bar       04/26/02   851K Emulated wavetable engine for developers
vtapi.exe         06/23/03   293K Get al the voice TAPI functionality!       04/16/03   207K UDF with additional functions for working            02/23/04  5.78M Fast ZIP delphi component. No DLLs.

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