Directory of audio

21713-Fx-Audio-Edi 07/07/04  7.76M Visually edit, convert. play and record Audio
21713-Fx-Audio-Too 07/13/04 13.73M CD Ripper, Audio Converter, Audio Recorder
21713-Fx-Joiner-an 06/27/04  6.57M Video Audio Joiner Splitter, Join AVI to MPEG
21713-Fx-Magic-Mus 07/15/04 14.61M Magic Music - Audio Format Converter
21713-Fx-Movie-Joi 06/22/04 14.11M Fx Movie Joiner, Movie Combine, Join AVI
21713-Fx-Movie-Spl 07/18/04 13.18M AVI, MPEG,Mov,Indio Video Splitter
4f-epiano1-i.exe  09/05/03 10.20M High quality small VSTi e-piano (dx7 typed)
4fbass1-i.exe     08/21/03  1.43M High quality small sized VSTi bass guitar
4fpiano1-i.exe    08/21/03  7.02M High quality small sized VSTi acoustic piano
4frhode1-i.exe    09/05/03   645K This is a vintage Rhodes/Wurly typed piano.
4musics.exe       08/02/04  1.69M Convert between WAV, MP3, WMA and OGG files!
A1AudioRipper10c.e 08/04/04  1.23M Extracting audio tracks from CD to MP3
A4AudioCDStudio.ex 04/12/04  9.66M CD Ripper, CD Burner and Audio Editor
A4DVDCopy.exe     04/12/04  1.86M Rip your DVDs and copy to VCD / SVCD in 1-2-3
ALLooper_1_01en.zi 07/03/03   359K ALLooper offers powerful functions for sound designers.
AVSVideoConverter2 09/26/03 13.33M AVSVideoConverter
All-MP3.exe       06/15/04  2.97M All Audio
Atools480.exe     07/05/04  5.00M Audio recorder with automatic track splitting
Audio-Mid-Recorder 09/08/04  5.93M Real-time sound recorder from any resource.
AudioCDBurner15.ex 12/19/03  1.56M Audio CD Burner - CD Burner,MP3 Cd Burner
AudioConverter.exe 11/27/03  8.27M WMA MP3 WAV OGG VOX CD to WMA MP3 WAV OGG VOX
AudioEdit-Deluxe.e 06/02/04  4.74M Visual audio editor and converter software.
AudioEdit.exe     12/19/03  2.95M Sound Recorder
AudioEditorPro.exe 04/22/04  8.47M Audio Editor, Converter,Grabber , Recorder.     06/13/04   509K Auto Azan Player 2 as name say it all
BRSOPlayer.exe    05/15/03  2.77M A excellent audio player for MP3/WAV with superb outlooking.          02/08/03   333K Creative winamp skin
CoffeeRipBurn25.ex 07/27/04  4.61M All-in-one ripper and burner for your music.
ContextConvert-Pro 06/12/04  7.29M Convert media formats from context menus.
CopyAudioCD.exe   07/01/04  1.42M Convert your CD collection into MP3 one.
DVDTOAVI.exe      05/14/04   826K DVD TO AVI Converter,DVD to Mpeg 4,DVD to AVI
DVDTODVDR.exe     05/16/04  2.20M DVD Copier,DVD Copy,DVD to SVCD, DVD to VCD
Ease-Jukebox.exe  08/25/04  4.53M Audio Converter Ripper Burner Recorder Cutter
Ease-MP3-CD-burner 08/17/04  4.81M burn WAV,MP3,OGG or WMA files to Audio CD
EasyWebSiteAudio-t 03/03/04  1.15M Tutorial with video on adding audio to your web page
EncoreDemo.exe    07/20/04  3.99M High precision instrument tuning and timing.
FUJILIVESvoice1.ex 03/28/03 22.54M A voice pack addon for Tribes 2, made by FUJILIVES
FairStars-Audio-Co 08/29/04  6.27M ram to mp3 , rm to mp3 , ra to mp3
FairStars-MP3-Reco 09/01/04  1.64M Audio to MP3 Recorder - Audio to MP3 WAV OGG
FairStars-Recorder 09/05/04  5.56M Audio to MP3 Converter - Audio to MP3 WAV OGG
FreeSoundEffectStu 05/09/03  1.03M A studio full of great sound effects
FreecorderSetup.ex 06/12/04   966K Free Sound Recorder for your PC.
FullAudioConverter 06/10/04  7.40M Full featured        03/29/04  1.01M A Media Player for OGG files
GoGo-CD-Ripper.exe 09/08/04  1.67M the most powerful audio CD (CD-DA) ripper        02/04/03   181K Beautiful Skin of an iceberg for winamp
Install_Zultrax.ex 07/25/04  3.19M Zultrax is a p2p file-sharing program          02/08/03   305K Cool leafy green winamp skin
MB-AudioConverter2 08/29/03  5.12M Convert mp3 WMA into wav files in easy way.
MIDIMaestro.exe   11/05/03 10.10M MIDI Maker,MIDI Creator,MIDI Editor
MP3_Chopper19.ZIP 04/30/03  3.07M Splits a large MP3 album files 01/02/04   711K Make calls from your PC via the Internet to anywhere in the world
MavenXP_Trial_Setu 01/08/04 13.39M Fast, powerful
MediaBox.exe      11/20/03  5.60M Mp3 Player, Encoder, Mixer Organiser And More
MediaMonkey_Setup. 07/02/04  3.95M Powerful, easy-to-use, music manager/jukebox
MetronomeDemo.exe 08/01/04  3.89M High precision interval timing.
MobileMusicPolypho 11/17/03  2.70M Polyphonic ringtone composition converter.
MoodAm10.exe      08/07/04   824K Downloads and plays your favorite songs
Mp3MusicExplorerIn 10/18/03   749K It helps manage your music files.
Mp3WorkSetup.exe  01/07/04   848K Mp3/WMA CD Burner with custom cd label maker      11/22/03   419K An easy to use MIDI music sequencer for piano
NGSetup.exe       03/09/03  2.57M NGWave is a fast Audio Editor for Windows.
OxyWaveZ_Live_1_1. 10/27/03  1.06M Live lnput sound processor/recorder. ASIO, VST, DirectX supported
PerfectDVDDuplicat 04/29/04  2.96M DVD Duplication,DVD Duplicate,DVD Burner
PlayaTraX1.0.0.143 08/12/04  1.19M Remote control, application associated Player   08/21/04   396K Download Lyrics to your iPod       02/12/04    53K Tonewheel organ: perc every drawbar/keyclick/reverb/leslie/more
Power_Audio_Editor 03/15/03  2.20M A wave editor ,sound recorder,audio convertor
ProPlayer_Plus2.ex 08/04/03   240K An vastly updated version from ProPlayer1 my very first program         07/20/03    17K Compact assembly language Wave File Player
RTLibrarian_1-03_D 08/16/03   123K Organize/view/play/download ringtones. FREE.
Raduga-3.8.2.U-dem 07/10/04  3.48M Music software for radio, clubs, pubs, shops   08/19/04   211K Voice Recording Applet SDK
ReplaySetup.exe   04/16/04  1.69M Receive Radiostations and save them as MP3!
RockN_WE.exe      11/28/03  6.90M 'RockN Wave Editor' is a WAV file editor
Rockn_Maker.exe   11/28/03  7.17M 'RockN Wave Maker' is a WAV file recorder
SIGVIEW_INSTALL.ZI 03/03/04  1.10M Analyzer for audio files or live input
SKAudoCollect_eng_ 10/07/03  4.30M The Software for every Musicproducer.          02/08/03   287K This is a great sandy winamp skin
SetupFreeMP3Player 06/22/03  3.19M Plays music files in a variety of formats.
SetupOneMX.exe    07/13/03  1.67M Search and download files with this P2P.
SetupReadbar.exe  05/06/04 17.93M Text-to-speech for Internet Explorer ®…     02/12/04    37K Makes your music sound like old vinyl records, movies, or radio
SmartWavtoMP3Conve 05/15/04  1.35M CD Ripper,cd to mp3,cd to wav,cd grabber  07/03/03 12.75M Soundtrack of Sonic Ze
Staffan_J_Linzatti 01/09/04 16.54M Echo Chamber Soundtrack
TPSetup.exe       07/25/03   677K Play your favorite media right from taskbar!
TS-AudioToMIDI.exe 08/30/04   669K Audio to MIDI,MP3 to MIDI,WAV to MIDI
TagRename31.exe   07/10/04  2.39M Mp3 wma mp4 ogg and lossless music organizer.
TextToSpeechMP3.ex 08/26/04 18.63M Text to speech. Batch converts text to MP3s.
Tonecast13.exe    05/25/04   313K High fidelity audio streaming for LAN
Tuner4.0.exe      07/20/04  3.67M High precision instrument tuning.       06/29/03  1.79M Mp3, WMA, OGG
VirtuosaTrial.exe 09/26/03 11.19M Virtuosa all-in-one mp3 and divx jukebox.
VoiceCloakTrial.ex 01/19/04  2.06M Disguise, morph, improve your online voice!
ac21.exe          04/10/04  9.49M Rip,convert,transform,record audio files!
acmrsetup.exe     03/01/04   747K Create MP3 files from Audio CDs
acstudio.exe      03/26/04  3.10M WMA, MP3, WAV Converter with CD ripper
acwizard.exe      11/30/03  5.72M All to All ( MP3, OGG, WMA 9, WAV) converter.
all2mp3.exe       09/03/04  5.28M Convert WMA,OGG and WAV to MP3 with ID3v2 Tag
allsoundrecorderxp 04/09/04  2.58M WMA RM OGG Flash Game to MP3 Sound Recorder
almixer29-demo.exe 05/27/04  1.39M Digital audio multitrack recorder, editor and mixer for the PC.
amcpro.exe        10/09/03  1.33M The ultimate mp3 files collection organizer
amp3inst.exe      08/10/03   298K Find and retrieve music MP3 and WAV files.
anvsoftcdburner.ex 03/07/03  1.89M burn Audio CD from MP3 collection or WAV file
apoadburner.exe   02/22/04  1.51M Burn Music CD ,Burn Data CD
arTrack_Compressor 12/01/03   565K Compressor/Limiter/Gate VST plug-in
aredit.exe        11/22/03  8.78M Wrold-Class visual audio file editor
arw3.exe          12/07/03  2.61M Record Music and Sounds from Any Source
as20.exe          04/10/04  3.79M Receive/record radio stations from the web!
ashampoo_cdrecordi 10/01/03  2.81M Ashampoo CD Recording Suite           11/10/03  2.13M Text to MP3/WMA/WAV
aucdrip.exe       08/06/04  3.20M Extract audio tracks to MP3 and WAV from CDS
aud2midi.exe      08/19/04   668K Polyphonic WAV, MP3 and CD to MIDI converter.
audiocapture_setup 07/04/04  1.68M audio capture to MP3, WMA, WAV, AVI or OGG
audiocdburner.exe 07/08/03  1.45M Create your audio CD so easy as 1-2-3!
audiocdripper_setu 04/28/04  1.76M Extract audio from CD to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG 04/18/04  4.16M Audio Converter, CD Ripping and Audio CD Burn
audioconverter_set 07/02/04  1.71M audio conversion to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, AVI
audioeditor.exe   09/04/04  5.79M Record, edit, add audio effects and mix
audiolabel.exe    12/26/03  3.28M Smart cd label software for audio enthusiasts
audiophilersetup.e 08/07/04  4.35M Audiophiler music organizer software.
awmasetup.exe     03/16/03  3.84M Active WMA Studio is audio conversion tool.
azamdown.exe      11/06/03  6.03M Voice recording and management solution.
blaze-media-pro.ex 06/07/04  8.62M All-in-one media player, converter and editor      05/30/04  2.30M Song arranger with automatic accompaniment
catraxx_setup.exe 06/22/04  7.55M Keep track of your music collection
cd-to-mp3-wav-make 06/22/04  2.96M cd ripper,convert audio cd to MP3,WAV,WMA,OGG
cdconv10.exe      06/06/04  2.49M Converts CD audio to WAV,MP3,WMA,OGG,APE,FLAC
cdripper.exe      06/29/04  5.60M CD to WMA,OGG,MP3,WAV,ID3Tag v2,CDDB.
cdripper284.exe   04/29/04  1.57M Copying tracks from audio CDs to WAV, FreeDDB.       05/21/04  3.75M Complete luxury audio recorder with OGG/MP3
cmc100e.ZIP       08/15/04    42K Composes classical music
converter.exe     08/23/04  1.61M Audio Converter and CD Ripper in one. Try it!        06/01/03  1.04M A full featured AudioCD player
cvrtmate.exe      08/23/04  1.21M MP3 converter for MP3 to WAV WMA OGG convert       03/06/03  4.30M Editor/librarian for Alesis DM5 drum module
drmsdemo.exe      04/20/04  8.73M The most realistic drums creation tool.         10/07/03  3.52M MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA music management utility
dssdj.exe         09/02/03  1.73M mp3 DJ beat-mixing software
dvdSanta.exe      09/06/04  1.65M DVD Creator,Converter,Copier,Burner
dvd_audio_ripper.e 02/01/04  2.00M Rip DVD audios to MP3,WAV,OGG, WMA
dxplayer.exe      10/07/03   544K Windows Media Player replacement program.
easeaudioconverter 08/16/04  4.48M Audio Converter Ripper Burner Recorder Cutter
easecdripper.exe  08/17/04  5.40M Rip CD to MP3,WAV,OGG,WMA
easecdtomp3.exe   08/22/04  6.00M Rip CD to MP3,WAV,OGG,WMA
easemp3converter.e 08/28/04  5.10M Convert mp3,ogg,wma to wav,wav to mp3 ogg,wma
easemp3recorder.ex 08/26/04  4.90M Record to MP3,WAV,OGG,WMA,PCM,RAW,VOX
easy-hi-q-converte 05/05/04  6.99M The easiest, time-saving audio file converter
easyhiqrec.exe    12/23/03  7.02M This is the easiest way to record any sound            10/27/03  1.34M powerful MP3 Organizer and ID3 Tagger
ezcddax510_mp3towa 09/13/03  2.14M CD-Ripper,Burner, Music File Format Converter
ezcdr_inst.exe    12/07/03  3.45M CD Ripper,CD Grabber,CDA Ripper
ezmp3recorder.exe 11/09/03   431K record sounds from any source as MP3,WAV.
fastac.exe        08/21/04  5.22M Fast Audio Converter for your music files.     05/23/03    23K Form Download-Groups: (everyone downloads for everybody)
headph1b-jaud-i.ex 08/21/03   447K Free JetAudio extension for headphone users.
headphones1b-i.exe 08/21/03  1017K Free extension for headphone users.
iPOPMusic.exe     05/12/04  8.52M Search the web for MP3s
iRadioSetup.exe   12/13/03  3.69M iRadio - Play and Record Internet radio onlie
iSoundWMAMP3Record 11/20/03  1.91M Record any sounds from sound card
iereader.msi      03/19/03  2.77M Read web pages and headlines for you.
image_extractor.ex 03/18/03   519K MP3 Tag Viewer and MP3 Image Extractor.
iradio1_2_build205 05/04/04  2.21M iRadio - Play
iradio_lite_setup. 06/01/04  1.71M iRadio Lite - play
ispd.exe          09/04/04  3.44M IntelliScore converts WAV to MIDI, MP3 to MID
kfdsetup.exe      11/03/03  1.60M Assure the success of your Kazaa download by finding more sources
ksr.exe           12/11/03  3.22M Record your computer's audio streaming.
listenlater.exe   06/23/04  1.65M Listen when you want!
litesetup.exe     12/19/03  9.40M Bring the sounds of nature to your desktop.      08/10/03   853K Info of your choice, format of your choice, appending, sorting...    12/11/03  1016K Record vinyl LPs to digital WAV files      07/17/03  1.06M Split vinyl LP WAV recordings into tracks           02/04/03   326K Find the lyrics to almost any song
lyrics_extractor.e 03/19/03   474K MP3 Tag Viewer and MP3 Lyrics Extractor
m2winstall.exe    06/02/04   376K MIDI to Wav and MIDI to MP3 Converter.
mbmidi11.exe      04/12/03  6.78M Use your voice/instrument as MIDI controller        04/13/03  5.46M A flexible tool to help you manage your music
media_catalog.exe 09/09/04  1.99M Catalog and classify your media files!
messageshield.exe 08/22/03  1.57M Block Popup Messenger Ads For Good      07/12/04  1.64M An easy to use program to create music (.mid) files.
microsingd.exe    09/03/04  3.29M MIDI Converter,Record Sound,Karaoke Recorder
midconverter.exe  04/09/04  1.63M MID TO MP3,MID TO WAV,MID TO OGG,MIDI TO MP3
midtomid.exe      06/11/04   533K Midi File Conversion Software. Free trial.
moderaljukebox.exe 11/09/03  2.74M MP3 Organizer,MP3 Management,Audio Management
mon10.exe         03/29/03  1.26M Use PC to Record Sound Card Traffic To .WAV or Detect and Record
mp3-cutter-joiner. 06/25/04  2.67M mp3 cutter joiner, wav,wma, ogg cutter joiner
mp3-rm-converter.e 06/29/04  6.68M convert between wav,mp3,wma and ogg, to rm
mp3-to-ogg.exe    08/06/04  1.69M One-way converting from MP3 to OGG format.
mp3-to-wav-convert 04/29/03   945K Convert MP3 to CD compatible WAV file format quickly and easily!
mp3-to-wav.exe    04/27/04  1.64M One-way converting from MP3 to WAV format.
mp3-to-wma.exe    08/16/04  1.69M One-way converting from MP3 to WMA format.
mp3cddoctor2004.ex 05/04/04  1.02M Frree MP3 Audio CD Burner.
mp3coder.exe      05/06/04  1.58M WAV to MP3 coder,FreeDB,ID3,multilanguage...
mp3collectorsetup. 09/28/03  1.85M MP3 file database, ID3 editor, file renamer
mp3or200.exe      12/19/03  1.59M MP3 manager with keyword search and sorting
mp3producer.exe   11/17/03  1.96M MP3Producer-powerful full-featured CD ripper
mp3producer236.exe 08/17/04  2.39M Converts CD to MP3/WAV, ID3v1/v2 Tag, FreeDB
mp3split.exe      03/23/04   531K Split your MP3 files into smaller segments.
mp3tag.exe        07/15/04  2.00M Music file tag editor with extended features.
mp3tageditor.exe  05/11/04  1.51M ID3v1/v2 tags editor
mp3wavc_268.exe   10/28/03  2.78M mp3 decoder,mp3 encoder,mp3 player
mrdjsetup.exe     04/13/03  7.18M An all in1 Mp3 Music Manager with Mp3 Encoder, CD Ripper.        11/14/03  1.62M Magnificent music notation software 03/11/04  2.12M Music notation software
musiccollectorsetu 09/28/03  2.99M CD Catalog Software, CD Database Software
musictagreporter.e 05/25/04  1.21M HTML reports from your any music files!
mwcsetup.exe      08/30/04   752K convert mp3 to wav, wav to mp3
mwtsetup.exe      12/22/03  3.24M Add voice buttons to your website and emails!
newmp3cd.exe      09/21/03  2.28M Burn your own audio CDs from MP3 and wav file
ocaconv30.exe     04/11/03  6.35M Easily converts WAV,MP3,WMA,OGG audio files
ogg-to-mp3.exe    08/16/04  1.69M One-way converting from OGG to MP3 format.
ogg-to-ogg.exe    08/16/04  1.69M Change OGG bitrate in one click!
ogg-to-wav.exe    08/16/04  1.69M One-way converting from OGG to WAV format.
ogg-to-wma.exe    08/16/04  1.69M One-way converting from OGG to WMA format.
palette2_8arc.exe 07/09/04   812K Use this program to compose own melodies.
pasetup.exe       07/04/04   641K MP3 PC alarm clock software for computer!
pmp3setup.exe     09/07/04   485K Create sticky notes with MP3 alarm on desktop
powervideokaraokes 08/18/04  5.19M Video karaoke creation tool
qr11.exe          06/26/04  3.70M Convert your AudioCD's to WAV/MP3/WMA/Ogg!
readesetup.exe    01/25/04   473K A talking, spell-checking browser, and more..
rgsetup.exe       08/21/04  3.72M The coolest text to Speech software for you!
sam281.exe        07/07/04 24.14M SAM2 - Internet broadcast DJ software
samPDJ80.exe      06/18/04 10.74M SAM2 Party DJ - Professional DJ software
scast251.exe      06/22/04  1.65M Broadcast music and voice over the internet!
sctrial.exe       08/17/04  3.31M Real-time acoustic measurements      03/27/04   598K Generates 'spam-bot safe' e-mail links
sep13.exe         04/10/04  9.95M SoundEdit Pro is a digital audio editor.
setup.exe         03/25/04 14.11M TextSpeech Pro - a professional text-to-speech software
setup_aa-mp3.exe  04/02/04  3.26M Quickly and easily convert all formats to MP3
setup_aa-wma.exe  04/02/04  3.25M Quickly and easily convert all formats to WMA
setup_amwr.exe    10/28/03  5.19M Record Music and Sounds from Any Source.
setup_bmc.exe     04/02/04 10.22M Powerful all-in-one multimedia converter.
setupmp3towav.exe 05/22/03  1.74M Convert MP3s to burnable WAV files.
setupneoaudio.exe 06/14/03  3.06M Rip CDs to WAV, MP3, OGG Vorbis, or WMA!
setupreadplease.ex 05/10/04 10.29M Software that lets your computer talk…
setupwavtomp3.exe 05/23/03  1.71M Encode WAV files to MP3 with many options        05/03/03   965K FTP based search engine for MIDI files.
smc100.ZIP        07/17/04   609K Composes 12-tone serial music
soundmasker.exe   08/22/03  2.05M Mask unwanted noise quickly.
spirit_of_forest_v 07/26/04 12.58M 'Spirit of forest'        07/31/04  1.62M Karaoke editor
talkative_setup.ex 04/27/04  1.56M Text-to-speech to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG or AVI
talkingnotepad.exe 06/05/04 12.70M Text to Speech and MP3
tdict.exe         10/18/03  8.12M Talking Dictionary and Thesaurus for Blind       07/23/03    59K TipKeys Plugin control Winamp via hotkeys
tmp3setup.exe     05/09/04  3.25M Convert Text to Real Speech, wave, MP3 or OGG.
toneThisPackage.ex 12/17/03  1.27M ToneThis converts MP3s to ringtones.
vcx20demo.exe     08/05/03  1007K Real-time audio streaming ActiveX components
video-to-audio-con 06/30/04  3.52M extract audio from avi,wmv,mpeg to mp3 wav
voiceprogram.exe  09/09/03   767K you type it talks      04/13/04  1.46M Convenient skinable control bar for WinAmp
wav-to-mp3.exe    08/16/04  1.69M One-way converting from WAV to MP3 format.
wav-to-ogg.exe    08/16/04  1.69M One-way converting from WAV to OGG format.
wav-to-wav.exe    08/16/04  1.69M Change WAV bitrate in one click!
wav-to-wma.exe    08/16/04  1.69M One-way converting from WAV to WMA format.
waveatmp3_setup.ex 03/08/04  1.48M audio conversion between WAV and MP3      03/01/04   993K Merge WAV files together
wavsetup.exe      08/23/04  1.65M Convert between WAV, MP3, WMA and OGG formats
wavsetup3_10.exe  11/12/03  1.32M Converting between WAV MP3 WMA OGG formats.
winamp295_full.exe 08/23/03  2.35M The latest famous mp3 player.
winterskin.exe    08/12/03   304K Winter theme skin for NT Jukebox Audio Player        03/12/03  2.23M LP - No.35 - Winamp Media Files - (Dreamflight)      03/13/03  3.95M Impulse Tracker 2.14 - a program used to create quality music      05/26/03  3.98M Winamp Full Version 2.91 - The next generation media player      12/18/03  6.66M Winamp 5.0 - ''' THE BEST MEDIA PLAYER WORLDWIDE '''
wma-to-mp3.exe    08/17/04  1.69M One-way converting from WMA to MP3 format.
wma-to-ogg.exe    08/17/04  1.69M One-way converting from WMA to OGG format.
wma-to-wav.exe    08/20/04  1.69M One-way converting from WMA to WAV format.
wma-to-wma.exe    08/17/04  1.69M Change WMA bitrate in one click!

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