Directory of access

AccBitmaps.exe    01/07/03   724K Copy to clipboard and edit MSAccess built-in pictures
AccessDenied340.ex 04/26/03   535K Keep your computer out to unwanted access.  09/02/04   548K recover passwords for MS Access    12/05/01  1.04M Buggit manages bugs/features. Multi-User.
CerberSetup.exe   05/01/01   818K Internet Cafe mangement program
ClubControl3Eng.zi 11/03/02  1.84M Internet cafe management/administration/billing system      10/27/01   483K Comic book database to easily manage collection and lists     07/24/02   267K Compact Access databases regularly or each time you close them        05/28/02    11K Scan Access databases
DIYCB.exe         03/30/02   175K Easy to use Bank Reconciliationprogram developed using Microsoft      12/24/03   816K Programa Facturacao e Recibos em Portugues para EURO.
FinCalc2kSet.exe  04/30/01   116K MSAccess 2000 utility to perform financial calculations   12/05/01   359K Compare table/field/index/relation/query's of 2 MDB's           05/13/04    26K THIS PROGRAMS PROTECT YOUR COMPUTER ! . . .AT STARTUP SYSTEM
MusicM375.exe     11/28/02  1.80M MIDI music editor with voice-to-note       11/04/01   579K Secures your PC from non-authorized access.    04/20/01  4.15M General purpose parts database and bill of materials     05/30/03  1.94M Pastoral information System, Ministry, Sermon Preparation, Bible
Syfonic.exe       12/27/02   706K Download ANY and ALL the files that you want!!!         03/04/03  3.57M TelecomGuru THE Simple Solution to RFPs           12/05/01  1.09M Organize test engineer's test cases
TableWiz.exe      10/14/98   124K Microsoft Access97  Table Create and Update    11/17/02  1005K Helpdesk system with advanced inventory features
TheFileAccess2000. 02/27/02   816K Access 2000 database for child / spousal support.
aar.exe           06/27/04   666K repair and recover corrupt Access databases      08/02/02  1.94M Bar code add-in for MS Access 2000
abarcd3a.ZIP      04/28/97   438K Bar code generator library for MS Access
abcode99.exe      10/26/01  1.73M ABarCode lets you to print bar codes in your Access reports
access            08/19/04   845K Professional software solution for your HDD data recovery needs!      04/04/99    17K Password Recovery for MS Access 95/97       04/22/00  1.45M Removes Password From Microsoft Access 95/97 Files     05/30/99    96K Rotate text in Microsoft Access  06/09/99    78K Access Rotate Text Enhanced Metafile      01/29/98   480K Access 8.0 forms and utilities for developers          10/16/99   497K Recover the password for MS Access database
afr.exe           08/05/04   181K Re-size MS Access forms to fit various screen resolutions.           12/01/99   758K Apartment Management Program (written in Access 97)    09/17/03  2.39M AE Lets you safely store and manage your sensitive digital data.
ape.exe           08/05/04   274K Edit an MS Access MDB's startup properties externally.   07/17/99   584K Excellent Program for Auto Shops.
blocker.exe       10/04/02   710K provides scheduling for access to All Applications
bm400f.exe        12/04/02  4.10M Fully multi threaded email server system
buttons97.exe     10/30/99   291K 4800+ Buttons for Access97           09/26/03 10.71M This program tracks a comic book collection
ccv1.5_9xsetup.exe 01/25/03  1.75M Full featured advanced security program for Windows 95/98/ME       07/22/03   764K Hide drives from viewing or lock access       07/16/02   479K MS Access 2000 report formatting wizard       07/16/02   583K MS Access 97 report formatting wizard    05/21/03    37K Control access for win98 children'users          01/03/03  2.61M Intuitive security and user account-management tool for MS-Access          01/07/01  1.33M Como monitors MS Access database connections
cr91d.exe         12/11/99   688K Expands capabilities of MS Access reports       05/24/03  1.64M This tool protects any type of data file from unauthorized view. 05/27/99   241K Data collection system using MS Access 10/08/03     3K Business Card Indexing, sorting, and mailing labels          02/10/03    42K Decodes user level passwords for Access databases.            06/30/04   954K It helps you keep your files protected       06/22/00   163K Easily publish your MSAcces database on the web.           07/22/03   795K Password-protect files and folders.
fldrlock.exe      09/16/02   564K Hide and password protect your personal files and folders.            07/22/03   922K Stop unwanted access to your data.        04/10/00  3.06M MSAccess97/2000 Family Tree application      08/22/03   826K Forget about Internet connectivity problems!
hrc.exe           09/12/02   606K remote control software to control on both PC        06/05/02   693K Soko Hunter is a very addictive strategy game    07/22/03   852K Customize and secure the Internet Explorer
install.exe       09/11/02  7.81M person identification system using fingerprints
ippro.exe         12/25/02  3.08M Internet filtering / parental control and network monitoring        07/16/02   350K MS Access app inactive shut down utility
iw6a00.exe        07/30/01  1.89M Import any text based file into Access tables
kpf2-win.exe      04/26/02  2.05M KPF protects connected PCs from threats through the Internet.          07/22/03  1.31M Lock your system with a password        07/16/02   776K MS Access mouse over effects Add-In
mpfsetup.exe      11/13/02 15.68M Protect, encrypt, and compress your documents to keep them safe.       07/22/03   510K Stop lowlevel access to your PC        07/01/04  2.20M Get large files from usenet easy!
of97.exe          01/22/99  2.90M Professional Accounting for MS Office          12/28/02  1.58M Passwords and Services storage - Multilingual          03/22/99   762K MS-Access 97 database for personal contacts
pcremoteaccess.exe 08/13/02  2.54M Remote Viewer is a pc remote control application         05/10/00  1.58M Access 97 or Access 2000 Personal Information Manager
pmchur97.exe      10/13/02   479K Church membership manager requiring MS Access 97.
pmsacm97.exe      10/13/02   189K Sacramental records manager using MS Access 97.
protect-folders.ex 06/07/04   669K Software to protect folders with a password.       06/14/00  1.63M Quality Control data collection system         06/19/02  1.35M Find and Replace 8.0 for Access 97
repl9.exe         06/29/02  1.62M Find and Replace 9.0 for Access 2000/2002
sdproeng.exe      08/29/02  1.06M Software for information security.      07/22/03   850K Protect your privacy and control access to PC          12/11/02   686K Personal computer protection.
srlh3_0setup.exe  08/19/04   845K Professional software solution for your HDD data recovery needs!      07/16/02   555K Rescales Access 2000 forms to fit screen res       12/18/99   148K Stockholder Accounting System, Requires Access 2000        03/22/99  2.89M MS-Access 97 database for telecom and PC technicians       04/03/03   119K Providing remote access to Win 95/98/Me with any telnet client
tilt11.exe        10/31/99   275K Rotated text in Access reports
usermanagerlte_eva 10/19/02  6.58M Advanaced Security for Small Business and Home Users
w4asetup.exe      03/22/02   857K PowerFull, MultiClient, yet easy to use web server. The best!      04/12/99 14.26M WinSell Express POS, invoicing, purchasing, inventory

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