Winsite Win3 program directories

access                 Microsoft Access Files
business               Business Applications
demo                   Demo Packages and Crippleware
desktop                Desktop Applications, Screen, Image, and BitMap Files
drivers/other          Misc. Win3 Drivers: SCSI, Disk, Ethernet, Scanner, etc.
drivers/printer        Printer Drivers
drivers/video          Video Drivers
dskutil                Disk utilities
education              Educational Software
excel                  Microsoft Excel Files
fonts                  Font Files
fonts/atm              ATM Font Files
fonts/truetype         TrueType Font Files
games                  Games, Educational Software, etc.
graphics               Graphics Software
icons                  Icons and Icon Related Files
misc                   Miscellaneous Files
miscutil               Miscellaneous Utility Files
netutil                Network Utility Files
pagemkr                Aldus PageMaker Files
patches                Application Patches, Program Updates and Misc Fixes
patches/symantec       Application Patches files for Symantec Programs
pdoxwin                Paradox Files
pim                    Personal Information Management Systems, Schedulers,
programr               Source Code, Programming Files, and Utilities
programr/bcpp          Borland C++ Programming Files
programr/listings      Program Listings from Publications
programr/tp            Turbo Pascal Programming Files
programr/vbasic        VisualBasic (VB) Files
programr/vbasic/vblib  Visual Basic Function Libraries
screensaver            Screensavers
sounds                 Sound Files, Utilities, and Drivers
sysutil                System Utilities
toolbook               Asymetrix ToolBook Applications
txtutil                Text Utilities
util                   Utilities
winmag                 Utilities featured in the Superior Shareware Column of WINDOWS
winsock                Winsock Compliant TCP/IP Networking Applications and Other
winword                Microsoft Word Files
wpwin                  WordPerfect Files

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