Directory of games

16chmp11.exe 02/22/99   548K Fast action full screen slot machine game.
BubbleGold.exe 02/01/01   439K Remake of popular classic game Bubble Bobble
WarMaps.exe  01/08/01   260K 5 Single- and Multiplayermaps for WarCraft II 09/26/99  2.54M A fun, fast and original word game for all ages.
babytoon.exe 07/08/98  1.61M Fun, educational software for babies & toddlers
bestpokr.ZIP 11/05/92    65K Video Draw Poker Challenge Game    02/03/99  2.01M Play BINGO against your computer with sounds  02/26/00   749K Create your own puzzles with your own BMP files  10/09/98  1.75M 3D action perspective game with funny cartoon graphics   05/27/00   834K Search for treasure on a dangerous Caribbean island. 01/18/01  1.11M A remake of the game pong.
cheatchannel.ZIP 02/03/01   974K CheatChannel v1.0 - Cheats for PC-Games   05/27/00   793K Save the people of Easter Island before volcano erupts
flop10.ZIP   07/24/95    72K Flop v1.00: a puzzle game  10/14/00  1.13M a space adventure/arcade game
goldhunt.ZIP 11/04/91     7K Gold Hunt Version 1.1 Treasure Hunt Game     05/27/00  1.80M Rescue the princess from the evil sorcerer.
hitme.exe    01/11/01   614K Help the dealer keep em honest!  04/09/00  1.81M The goal is very simple: kill as many elk as you can. 01/30/00   839K Remake of Invaders with very good graphics! 09/22/99    69K KillBall 2000- Lethal Pong- Paddle game with weapons
lanimals.ZIP 03/15/96   455K Click on animals to make them make sounds 06/15/99   443K Very realistic slot machine program with great effects 06/15/99   773K PRO version of slot machine with dazzeling effects
memgm10.ZIP  10/29/91    20K The Memory Game, Version 1.0
mjwin.ZIP    11/30/93   228K Mah Jongg for Windows    05/27/00   618K Rapid fire shoot-em-up, inspired by Inty 'Astrosmash' 11/20/98  1.25M Multimedia activities for Kids - Tell time, Music, Quiz   06/25/98   354K Napoleon Solitaire - 21 games!
nuke-20.exe  10/17/99   323K strategy game, play against the computer or a friend  08/16/99   378K Challenging game of pyramid solitaire. 03/28/99   755K Totally free multimedia tutor for children aged 3-6  04/26/99    89K Solitaire game that kids love and is easy to learn    05/27/00  1.82M Can you survive and grow to defeat the Shark? 03/15/00    95K FreeWare. Fly around and blast your enemy's ships.
slideins.exe 01/22/01   269K Sliding Piece Puzzle Solver  05/27/00  1.51M Solve the mysterious disappearance of your shipmates.
ssg10.ZIP    08/07/97   283K An oddly amusing and addictive side scroller 06/15/99   411K Nice slot machine with great graphics and sound effects
taipei.ZIP   06/13/90    27K Taipei Game    12/03/00   407K Adventure Game 12/19/97  1.32M Complete Tarot reading system for Windows 10/01/98    99K This is a well-known game for kids.  05/27/00  1.59M Find all sixteen gems and inherit a fortune.
towers20.ZIP 02/14/96    38K 4 Towers Solitare Game
tteach20.ZIP 01/04/96  1.38M Teaches letters and numbers to very young kids [1.4M]    06/01/00    12K Use ingenuity to solve puzzles and escape the pyramid. 08/16/98  2.47M Minigolf game   11/20/99   282K 3D game on very adventurous islands with UFOs.FREE demo 10/18/00   527K Pick-a-Winner from database, hot, cold or due ##s
wcana14.ZIP  08/19/95   293K WCanasta 1.4 Card game

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