Directory of desktop

MP3Dancer.EXE 01/31/01  1.57M MP3 Dancers are tiny video figures of real dancers who dance ! 11/09/96   167K Freeware. A nice clock with sounds and great graphics
aquarium.exe 03/15/99   356K Best Tropical Aquarium Screen Saver On The Net
ausscr1.ZIP  09/17/96  1.31M Photos, Info of Austria, Viewer and Screen Saver
az_ck.ZIP    08/18/96  1.31M A screen saver that tells time with great views
barteye2.ZIP 04/20/98    61K Bart Simpson Eyes Follow Your Mouse Pointer 05/17/99   213K A garden of fresh flowers fill your desktop.  07/27/99   629K 3D spinning diamond.    06/15/99   458K Displays the world's 30 timezones on analog clocks
pshowpro.exe 02/10/99   754K Build screensavers with gif/jpg/tga/avi/wav/fx and more  03/17/97  1.30M Powerful user friendly animation program 06/15/99   391K Freeware. A nice clock with sounds and great graphics
ttool23.exe  04/03/99   375K Win95 style taskbar and start menu for Windows 3.1 06/15/99   443K Displays 10 analog or digital clocks of world cities
wtrfal13.ZIP 02/11/96   920K Real flowing waterfalls screen saver

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